These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Last updated: September 17th 2023

How to use

1. Anonymity is an anonymous imageboard. Enter your name only if your identity is vital to the information you're sharing. Leaving the name field empty will automatically label your post as "Anonymous". Don't use the email field either unless you're actively requesting emails.

2. Sageing a post

By writing "sage" in the email field, you keep your comment from bumping a thread to the top. Do this when your comment doesn't contribute any new information. You don't need to announce or mention your sage. Users will be able to tell by hovering over your Name ('Anonymous'). You can hide a thread's saged posts by clicking "Hide saged posts for this thread" in the top right of the thread. Note: Sageing a post doesn't make wildly off-topic comments okay. You still have to follow posting rules.

3. Embedding

Whenever you want other users to check something out, upload a screenshot. Posting a link is not enough. For example, don't post "she updated her IG" without including the actual post as a screenshot. This is why it's called an imageboard. You may also paste a link to images hosted on imgur. The official imgur extension is great for taking cropped screenshots and hosting them with one click. If you upload anything nsfw or gory, click the Spoiler option.

When discussing YouTube or TikTok videos, use the Video field to embed the video. TikTok videos must use the long form of the URL (with a 19 digit numbers-only ID), as the short URL is a unique tracking link tied to the user sharing the URL.
Supported URL formats (with or without "https://www.") are:

4. Deleting

You have 30 minutes to delete a comment you've made. You do not need to enter a password; one is automatically assigned and saved in your browser. If you've made a typo or want to correct any part of your comment, copy the text, delete it, and re-post it. Do not double-post to correct yourself. Do not ask mods to delete your post if you missed the 30 minute window.

5. Integration

Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users. This means avoiding:
  • emojis or emoticons
  • a lot of punctuation??????!!!!!
  • other obnoxiusoius typign sTYLES
  • this includes personalityfagging, or posting as a distinguishable personality on an otherwise anonymous board

    6. Lurking

    A summary of events and relevant links should be provided at the start of every thread. Don't ask to be spoonfed information that is already listed. Instead of asking other users, read the threads. Don't complain about not having the time or being too lazy. This also applies to needlessly rehashing old news.

    7. Reporting

    Report any posts you consider to be breaking board rules. Don't report a post simply because you disagree with it. Don't report your own posts to get them removed.

    8. Quoting & Linking

    To quote a post, click the number displayed on the top right. A quote marker will automatically appear in the comment field.
    To quote a specific part of a post, copy it and add a > in front.
    To quote a post from a different board on, simply copy and paste the url to a comment or thread and it will automatically be converted into a clickable link like >>>/meta/1706

    When sending a link to someone, instead of clicking the quote link, copy the address of the "No." before the post.

    Orange = linking / Pink = quoting

    9. Features, Tips & Info

  • You can change the board theme/style by selecting from the Style dropdown in the bottom right of each page.
  • Max file upload size is 20 MB.
  • If you're experiencing slow page loads, click [ Lite ] in the top left to use a slimmed-down version of the site. Many features will be disabled in lite mode, but threads should load more quickly. If you're still having issues, please make a post in the technical help thread in /meta/.
  • Post timestamps are converted to your timezone and made relative. To see the exact timestamp, hover over it, or tap it if you're using a mobile device.
  • Boards have unlimited pages and threads allow 1200 posts. All threads will "bump-lock" shortly before 1200 posts. This means further posts will no longer bump a thread. They will become hard-locked shortly after this, meaning you can no longer post in them.
  • Pages go from 1 to 10, but threads never get pruned or deleted. You can view any thread ever made by looking at the Catalog. Don't bump ancient threads unless you have new content or valuable info to add.
  • To hide a thread or webm, press the minus symbol "-" in the top left of the thread or webm.
  • To hide an image, press (hide) above the image, next to File.