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No. 727610

This instagram "influencer" claims to be "19" meanwhile the girl literally looks 12. more than half of her comments are from little girls and grown men. she thinks she invented the "princess aesthetic", and dresses younger/childlike and then proceeds to complain about looking younger. Does anyone have any tea on her? She seems fishy.

www.instagram.com/Nimzies(OP is a faggot)

No. 727613

She looks like a 19 year old in claire's accessories and makeup. I dont see what's too milky, there are thousands like her. Not worth a /pt/ thread

No. 727615

Vendetta OP is a faggot indeed. Nuke.

No. 727623

Lol self post

No. 728591

hi, op here, no i didnt self post. i just hate her cuz she's always on my explore page and there are literally grown men sexualizing her in the comments when she can possibly be 12 :)(op is still a faggot)

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