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No. 829495

A 21 year old woman called Ana who romantizes lolita/acting like a child for insta likes: http://instagram.com/peachybabydoll
Don‘t know much about her besides her obvious photos and her being in a relationship with a man who clearly doesn‘t mind :)(shit thread)

No. 829585

Theres one girl called Diary of a Lo on insta (or some shit like that) and she organized a Lolita photoshoot with an older Jeremy Irons looking dude. Her shit is way funnier because shes some very obviously privileged girl who captions her posts like she is the people princess.

To be honest, Lolita aesthetic girls are mostly just boring skin walkers of eachother. They do the same looks and follow the nymphet style… while usually being in their mid 20s. To me it just screams Lana fan who couldn't move on or fear of losing their looks with age

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