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Global rules are effective at all times but you are also expected to follow board specific rules. Check pinned threads or this page for clarification. You can contact the administrator at for any questions, suggestions, or comments. Requests to take moderative action should go through the report system, not email. Furthermore, do not report or email me about a thread or post with the expectation of it being deleted unless it violates one of the rules.
Note: Talking shit about you, calling you names, or screenshotting your social media pages is not stalking, is not against the rules, and is not illegal.

Global Rules

  1. Do not say, do or threaten to do anything illegal under United States law.
  2. You must be over the age of 18 to post here.
  3. Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16.
    • Do not post identifiable information on minors such as full names, addresses and schools.
    • Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy.
  4. Adhere to board culture and the culture of this board.
    • Stay anonymous at all times.
    • All users are expected to contribute in a constructive way and are discouraged from posting low quality comments and images.
    • Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
  5. Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging)
  6. Do not derail or disrupt discussion.
  7. Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting)
  8. Do not attempt to use for attention or profit.
  9. Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.
  10. Do not advertise.
  11. Do not spam.
  12. Do not ban evade unless you want a longer ban sentence.
  13. Do not try to harass, threaten, or intimidate staff.

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