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No. 1545896

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No. 1545904

File: 1654094003684.png (1.48 MB, 1080x4979, FD368C66-2632-485C-AFD0-C68E48…)

Thanks for the thread nona. Reposting this from the last one so everyone can feel good about themselves for a moment.

No. 1545908

>Tbh I find cis women scarier than men, being laughed at by women is so much worse than men.
“Men fear women will laugh at them, women fear that men will kill them”.

No. 1545911

Kek good we need to laugh at these gross men more openly to make them realize they will never be women

No. 1545912

>i feel like you can’t really be a woman if other woman don’t accept you as one
you bottom-dwelling ass eating fart sniffing pantie stealing piece of SHIT, of course no SANE cis woman you hadn’t threatened would NEVER accept you, you hulking mass of garbage. Continue clumsily painting your face with makeup and acting like us, eventually reality will force down your throats that you will never be a fucking woman you ape. Death simply can’t come soon enough.

No. 1545915

File: 1654095302124.png (485.99 KB, 795x765, 76543456.png)

God tier threadpic, thanks OP

No. 1545917

Kek like with his dick or what?

No. 1545918

“hard femme”? your dick being hard isn’t hard femme, joe gatto

No. 1545921

He looks like a villain from an 80's action movie.

No. 1545922

File: 1654095934005.png (357.02 KB, 795x776, Screenshot 2022-06-01 11.53.54…)

r/mtfbutch should be added to the list of links next thread because it's a goldmine.

No. 1545923

…him as well.

No. 1545927

File: 1654096265977.png (511.38 KB, 737x786, 4543432321.png)

>The Punis-her

No. 1545934

File: 1654096946148.jpeg (839.91 KB, 3795x1445, 275A77EF-2959-4769-BE55-5FB35A…)

this retard is mass peaking so many women, i feel like i should thank him kek

No. 1545937

that fucking psychotic stare I swear these men are all insane violent pieces of shit

No. 1545938

oh god, i hope the save women sports stuff that happened when he won that competition a while back and he gets bullied out of the idea. doubt it though. it is so fucked and unfair!!!!

No. 1545942

File: 1654097596551.jpg (816.7 KB, 383x84, catearsuwu.jpg)

Found in the wild. This was posted in the twitch chat of a streamer as a comment on a female character in the game they're playing, kek.

No. 1545947

File: 1654097960592.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x1692, 554DE2C3-F461-4995-8C33-E8F38A…)

I don’t think having short hair is the reason those subreddits view you as a male invader bruh.

No. 1545958

Women with short hair, small breasts and muscular bodies still get read as women. Does he not understand this? It's nothing to do with looking like a "Barbie" because frankly, most women DON'T. All you have to do is go outside to see that.

No. 1545962

File: 1654099287343.png (356.86 KB, 591x504, AliceRoseAnew.png)

what the fuck is this lmao

No. 1545965

File: 1654099889486.webm (14.14 MB, 576x1024, transing away the gay.webm)

This fucker's voice immediately gets my hackles up. Can't stand him.
I'm not even American but California (socal and the bay area) is a solid contender for the most neoliberal place on earth. I think that's what she meant by "lib".

No. 1545967

File: 1654099906864.jpeg (1008.79 KB, 1170x1995, AC18533E-2138-40E4-BFF8-E16E9A…)

I’m so tired. They’re never fucking happy and anyone trying to pander to or support these assholes will always come up short.

No. 1545968

File: 1654099941210.jpg (57.12 KB, 885x292, i wish i didnt live in a socie…)

something something pot something something kettle

No. 1545969

so i noticed that in the last thread that weirdo tik tok guy who tries desperately to dress like a bimbo calls vaginas Barbie pockets or whatever and I was like “lol okay what a fucking fag” and then today in my mom group someone started a chat on how we’re gonna educate our babies on sex ed and someone mentioned the term Barbie pocket and I almost flipped out. is this really catching on now? I hate this shit.

No. 1545970

They should teach their children proper anatomy terms anything short of that and you’re putting your child at an elevated risk of pedos for fuck sake. Dylan and his “Barbie pocket” pedo bs can fuck off.

No. 1545971

File: 1654100359435.jpg (16.25 KB, 474x353, 41a2qv.jpg)

>pronouns are it/its

No. 1545972

File: 1654100448030.png (1.37 MB, 822x1631, AreRosesBlue.png)

serial killer vibes

No. 1545974

They should be thankful they get anything at all. No other letter is treated as well as they are. Can’t even post a lesbian flag without being called a terf by someone.

No. 1545975

wtf i hate this artist

No. 1545978

this enrages me to my core. literal fucking males have no concept clue or idea what being butch even fucking IS and what our lives are fucking like and how much FUCKING WORSE life used to be for us and how much i respect old butches

No. 1545979


No. 1545982

i think it's that prepper/qanon/conspiracy makeup to stop face recognition software from pinging you

No. 1545992

Barbie pocket sounds like they'd put the barbies in there kek, creepy

No. 1545994

i got confused in the first place because like…. Barbie doesn’t HAVE a pocket. like it doesn’t even make sense. but you’re right! you teach kids the right names and then you ask them what they’re comfy saying to you and teachers and such. if you don’t, pedos can get away with touching them bc they can get confused with what they’re doing. idk, I just hate how trannies and drag queens and such are trying to push sex and gross stuff like this into normal everyday convo. it’s icky.

No. 1545995

Normie women probably love him for the same reason they love gay men and drag queens so that makes sense.

I wouldn’t put it against them. Was there some kind of dildo that is shaped like an infant so they can pretend to give birth via asshole? I know. It does sound terrible and pedophilic yes.

No. 1545996

If women are so scary why do they want to share our bathrooms?

No. 1545998

my country has legal transition but not any kind of gay marriage, civil unions, or joint adoption. pride month started today and troon larpers are already crying and screaming because gay people are talking about gay marriage and normalizing same-sex relationships instead of their 'life saving healthcare' that they can get legally in this country, and basically imply that gay people are out of touch urbanites whose problems are made up, meanwhile troons are who really is disenfranchised.
these people hate and resent gay people so much, i don’t understand why we are still part of one 'movement'

No. 1545999

File: 1654102203688.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.58 KB, 702x756, 3EB45713-1DE2-4E88-BD8A-145665…)

Here’s what I was thinking of. Spoilering for obvious reasons and sorry names are blurred out. I just saved what I found.

No. 1546007

“people are just weird, let them be weird”

uh no??? not if “weird” includes seeking out and purchasing an “anatomically correct” life sized fucking silicone baby to insert into your dirty asshole

No. 1546009

especially when men orgasm from that shit???

No. 1546011

>Butt Baby "Big Brother"
>Male baby for men to shove up their ass and "birth" out to experience "male pregnancy"
Holy fuck, kill me now. Nothing is sacred anymore. And yeah, comparing dildos to these "butt babys" is absolutely the same. So they admit, that it's just a fetish then? Disgusting.

No. 1546018

File: 1654103328847.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1672, 5725863E-F9A9-45FF-8BB9-6945DD…)

the irony of trans rep being a cute animu girl is so detached from reality

No. 1546020

They should name it transgender flag before a child thinks the colors are pretty and sets it as his or her icon and gets a bunch of unwanted attention from creeps.

No. 1546025

Yeah even though bad dragon and other companies like that have some degenerate shit, most of the dildos are based on fictional creatures, not human babies. Even the ones that are wolf dildos or whatever are made to be fantastical. So no, it is not, as that guy implied, the same. And anyway, it’s mostly gay man and troons who buy those too.

No. 1546026

they really seem to pile it on after they get bottom surgery

No. 1546029

A long time ago when I first heard about this game I thought it sounded cozy and was intrigued since the protagonist was supposedly female. The minute I found out the main character was a canonical TiM it made me recoil.

No. 1546037

File: 1654104462880.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1524x1198, DFC22AB8-357A-43D4-A7EF-0E783C…)

Oli London has gone full transracial and is trying to turn himself into a Korean woman.
>>They have had a total of 30 surgical procedures and have spent a total of £230,000 on surgeries, fillers and Botox over the last eight years.
>>’Maybe all the confusion I have felt over the years and all the surgeries I have wanted was because I felt trapped in the wrong body, so I finally feel like I have become the person I was born to be.'
>>Oli, who recently appeared on Channel 4 documentaries titled Would You Rather?, said they have 'never felt happier' after claiming they identify as a Korean woman.

No. 1546042

I have to give it to him in a way because I don’t see how anyone can criticize him for the race thing but not the sex one. It’s the same sort of shit.

No. 1546045

Just once I’d love to hear from a TRA exactly why being transracial isn’t a thing but being transgender is totally legit and not a mental illness. I have never gotten a clear answer on that, kek

No. 1546050

File: 1654105691614.png (59.12 KB, 760x303, Screenshot_20220601-104009.png)

Missed the new thread reposting

No. 1546052

>i actually think it’s pretty cool when men threaten women with violence. i think it’s awesome and should happen more. i like it.
Yeah we know you’re like every other scrote on the planet.

No. 1546060

File: 1654106161886.jpeg (349.52 KB, 1170x936, C3B61FE3-BEAF-4DE2-A2BA-537077…)

This was going in the bad art thread but it seemed more thematic here.

No. 1546061

Damn trans people love to deny the existence of homophobia and gay people. Trans people are literally oppressing gay people at this point. They refuse to let them talk about their same-sex attractions, because it makes them uncomfortable. Much like straights wanted gays to "keep it to yourself, don't be gay publicly". Then they deny gay people's struggles, and tell them to shut up, and tell them "that deosn't happen". Trans people have taken over all gay spaces despite it not being a sexuality. If gay people don't accept homosexual attraction as well they're evil bigots. They're not allowed to have their own spaces or events. In fact they need to "relearn their genital preference", becasue being gay isn't even real to them. They're doing to gay people everything they claim cis people are doing to trans people.

No. 1546063


No. 1546064

This is why I’ve started to feel politically homeless, so to speak. Both sides want to step on LGB and women in particular, it feels like both are just run by rich white men who are obsessed with strict gender roles and putting women in their place. It’s awful.

No. 1546069

There’s also evidence it turns pedos off if children tell them to stop touching them with the correct anatomy. Hint why pedos call things like “princess parts”.

No. 1546071

Poland, Taiwan has legal gay marriage

No. 1546082

nta but nobody can convince me that males like him aren't doing it for oppression points so that he could just bully females into submission in some way because females didn't give him what he wanted before

No. 1546084


i just want to be able to marry a woman in poland, but ofc all the anti-lgbt discourse in our country circles around them damn trannies. it's so tiring.

No. 1546096

File: 1654109875347.jpeg (346.32 KB, 750x501, C3949779-5259-481C-8BE3-79B7E3…)

Handmaidens grow the fuck up challenge.

No. 1546098

Her patronus is another person??? That doesn't even make sense

No. 1546108

what they don't see is that most women will be very cool to answer with violence when they ignore boundaries or attack us. They still think that women are those fragile things that won't answer an act of violence with the right measure? I don't have any problem with kicking their girl dicks and seeing them crying and rolling on the floor. Yes, most females are less violent, but we fought so long for our freedom and rights, they really think that all of us will be put down by some troon?

No. 1546111

21, so yeah compared to 97 kek

No. 1546112

Well, guess it’s time to unsubscribe. I liked some of her vids but I’m tired of this shit and losing my patience for it.

No. 1546113

Translation: ”I think it’s great when men threaten women.”

No. 1546133

File: 1654113086203.png (190.23 KB, 599x449, rape is ok!.png)

>Despite all of the media outcry, they're really a small group and have almost no impact on our lives besides being lolcow fodder.

I'd hardly call changing how data is collected and reported, who you can share a space with in a hospital, prison etc.

The few controversies this last year or two have featured the same themes: staff at spas where women are naked in a communal area & hospital staff IGNORED women's concerns over the presence of a male sex offender among them b/c the male identified as a woman.

People working at the wi spa and the hospital IGNORED the women being victimized and lied to the media/reporters until the end because the knew that they were in deep doo doo for following "Trans inclusive" laws.









if you're from murrica:



So it's just a matter of cheating women out of their sports or being forced to call a knuckle dragging misogynist "she", women are losing all of their rights.

No. 1546140

File: 1654113274550.jpeg (272.98 KB, 1024x2048, 1C61EE39-F471-4A83-A72F-127D12…)

yuck why are they always in polycules too. disgusting

No. 1546144

File: 1654113398581.jpeg (65.28 KB, 827x449, 00BF3FC6-FE76-4F0A-A688-F79476…)

Lia can’t keep his narc mouth shut and just did a sit down interview. He’s literally damaging his own movement because he wants to be given narc supply and attention. Even ESPN libs don’t buy this.


No. 1546149

this looks like a still from an A24 movie

No. 1546152

none of them are attracted to each other but they know no woman would ever go near them so they give up and join troon polycules to enact scenes they saw in hentai. it happens regularly. I can say I have never seen a single transbian date a real woman

No. 1546161

File: 1654113993195.png (260.33 KB, 704x288, zoolanderlipstick.png)

when you're wearing comical levels of lipstick to the point where you look the end scene from Zoolander

No. 1546164

OT blogpost but my bf isn’t gnc he’s pretty masculine but just has long hair and a tranny at work called him an egg. he just laughed it off but if one of them insisted I was trans I would get the fucking pepper spray out that should be considered harassment.

No. 1546165

File: 1654114170726.jpg (285.59 KB, 589x1416, 1580917500411.jpg)


you don't think bisexuals exist? half of all Gen Zers ID as "not straight" now, vs 1/3rd in 2017.

why would they talk about the group sex they have so much if they weren't into that?

it's still gross knowing they're men who're probably spreading STDs and infections around.

No. 1546167

No. 1546168

i'd bring a lawsuit so fucking fast if someone at work tried to tell me i'm a man

No. 1546170

moids aren’t bisexual, you’re misunderstanding their psychology. most Moids will fuck whatever they can and if they’re dysgenic garbage they will fuck dysgenic garbage. they are only having sex with one another because they can’t have sex with women. Prison gay is a real thing.

No. 1546173

Just posted in the detrans thread but think its relevant here too. Seems like a lot of mtfs suffer sexual violence as a child. What do you girls think? Also are detrans mtfs redeemable?

No. 1546176

no. they are largely predators. AGP comes from a place of entitlement not trauma. FTMs are the ones who had that study about childhood abuse:

No. 1546178

File: 1654114876412.gif (789.97 KB, 360x268, ily.gif)


>most Moids will fuck whatever they can and if they’re dysgenic garbage

No. 1546179

I play Overwatch. Apparently people are using this flag to support an esports team that uses blue and pink as their team color and trannies are mad about it kek

No. 1546183

Good, leave women, especially lesbians, alone. They better be mean to you, you deserve it for living a lie that hurts and alienates both women and the LGB community.

No. 1546185

i feel the same nona. it seems that western countries have pivoted to trans stuff after gay rights became pretty entrenched, meanwhile Poland has just imported the worst and most aggressive troon discourse from the USA/western Europe except we never got gay equality, so now LGBT activism revolves around troons, het-partnered nonbinaries, female penises, xenogenders et cetera, while gay marriage, joint adoption and inheritance rights are now seen as cringe fake lib shit that nobody cares about because zoomers and millenials are immersed in gay-accepting American media (while living in a country where politicians face little backlash for calling gay people child rapists). i think the insanity started with the 'Stop Bzdurom'/'Margot Szutowicz' histrionic bullshit in 2020, before that LGBT activism was pretty level headed

No. 1546186

transracial is more unbelievable than "i have a woman's spirit uwu"

we haven't progressed much as a society so there's idiots claiming that you can be a woman if you want to even if you weren't born one. It's a shitty, regressive cope.

No. 1546187

That’s awesome do you have any caps?

No. 1546191

A very small minority of tims were sexually abused. The straight ones are just perverts that hate women, idk how many detrans men you've seen but they always blame feminism and their mothers

No. 1546195

Oh my goodness I cannot stand this redditor pickme, of course she's jumped on the troon defense train. None of the info in her videos is worth putting up with her for

No. 1546197

File: 1654115755491.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1954, 91099EB9-6E25-487B-A0AE-65487C…)

I used to be a swimmer, so my shoulders are pretty wide for a girl. I think I would've kms if I was built like THIS. No idea how handmaidens support men like this competing against us in sports.

No. 1546199

No. The ones I met are entitled pigs that still blame women for their life choices or stuff that happened to them. They just jump from a flavor of misogyny to another

No. 1546202

Belief in nonexistent (gendered) souls is a valid reasoning for law in the US is fucking terrifying and is the exact argument used for overturning Roe. Imagine if someone said they had a black soul and should receive affirmative action.

No. 1546203

I don't always get read as a woman and do regularly get shit for it. The difference is that when it comes down to it if just using my voice doesn't work, I can prove I'm an actual woman in a very drastic way, but it hasn't come to that yet.

No. 1546209

File: 1654116076111.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1780, 56AE685E-5D74-40BA-A592-C00AFA…)

cackling at this mood sucking in his beer belly and shoving his 42AA "tits" into that poor sports bra

No. 1546210

everything about that pic is hilarious

No. 1546214

Can't stand this youtuber, her videos are mildly interesting but she comes across as unintelligent and doesn't miss a chance to virtue signal. I remember her bringing up JKR several times for no reason at all and a lot of "of course, sex work is work"

No. 1546217

File: 1654116713426.png (3.14 MB, 2033x1393, 42436BF1-2ED4-409D-BD7F-9C5380…)

Sorry for spamming, I just keep hitting gold posts on reddit lol.

Why can't moids understand that women are socialized to be friendly and give compliments, even if they're false? They are so socially inept. Idg how they think they will ever be women when they don't understand us at all.

This dumbass tranny got a pity compliment in being compared to Sarah Paulson, and then goes off and brags about it in four different subreddits, TWO of which are lesbian exclusive. I smelled cap and checked his post history.. Sure enough, he's an ugly, balding AGP. The poorly done braids desperately clinging onto his remaining four hairs are a nice touch kek

Also- as a bi woman, I've heard time and time again from lesbians wanting their own lesbian only spaces. I used to be frustrated by this, but at least I respected their needs. Now I understand why lesbians need their own spaces - because everyone insists on intruding into them. I am so sorry to all the lesbians who have to deal with these straight men. May all AGPs be painfully castrated and 41%.

No. 1546222

File: 1654116995764.png (710.16 KB, 592x946, .png)

>if you only knew how bad things really are

No. 1546239

I don’t understand why they try so hard to look feminine when they can’t pull it off. >>1546197 looks way less like an actual woman than >>1545927 just because the first so obviously looks like a dude in a dress. It’s insane to me that they think dresses will make them look feminine instead of just highlighting their masculinity.

No. 1546241

Linus Tech Tips looking kinda rough

No. 1546243

File: 1654118601870.jpeg (341.12 KB, 1170x1180, C48874CF-9490-47E8-841E-F39139…)

sage for not a MtF post but is somewhat adjacent, made me kek at how literally retarded these woketards are

No. 1546251

She should have her own thread tbh

No. 1546256

her videos are dumb asf, made for zoomers that don't have the attention span to read a wikipedia page

No. 1546270

At this point, I'll always distrust anything men say, because I've seen for years how they lie to get your guard down:
"You're scared of men? I'm scared of men and women! But I still want to be in the toilet with women, and have sex with women."
"Women are nervous about marriage? Well I'm double nervous about marriage! But plz still move in and clean my toilet."
"Women are nervous about having children? I'm actually double nervous and worry every second of the day that you're really a golddigger even though we've been dating for years. But plz let me stick my pp in with no condom."
"People are scared of pedos? Well, I double love kids more than any cishet and I'm double worried about kids getting groomed by evil xtians!"
It just goes on and fucking on, a wall of constant unnecessary sound and lies.

No. 1546272

God he is so huge & broad … he probably won cause his limbs are literally almost the length of the pool

No. 1546276

File: 1654119760736.jpeg (240.28 KB, 1170x1944, 6460E575-E259-4895-96CF-2556DD…)

Pretty sure it’s 99% a troll but whatever

No. 1546279

File: 1654119917408.jpeg (779.73 KB, 2268x2048, C82DE44C-53E8-478E-87E6-B3BDE8…)

skinwalking the goth girl who rejected you huh

No. 1546280

File: 1654119931041.jpeg (453.53 KB, 1284x2220, 5BA29181-99E4-4306-A4B2-7EC7DE…)

Why they gotta make everything about being trans…. Women get clowned online for bad lip fillers every day

No. 1546283

Off topic but men are hideous, they have awful bodies like sacks of potatoes 99.9% of the time and this is coming from a hetero.

No. 1546286

>This fucker's voice immediately gets my hackles up. Can't stand him.
Same. He sounds like an out of breath sexist parody of a real woman's voice. The fact that he's an "egg_irl" mod with a Reddit tattoo tells me everything I need to know about this coomer/groomer piece of shit.

No. 1546289


what's up w the weird belt placement? is he a ygo cosplayer?

at least he's not fat?

No. 1546292

troons who go for alt looks are so pathetic. one makeup wipe from everyone realizing your a man.

No. 1546301

What do the symbols on his arms mean. They look astrological and remind me of cabbalah

No. 1546305

they're the mercury and jupiter symbols

No. 1546306

kek I’ve never seen one more blatantly obvious. Looks like every nerdy reddit autist from high school band class who was obsessed with some darkly inclined NLOG chick.

No. 1546309

i said it last thread but the underlying logic behind troonism is that everyone is secretly a troon. If you’re a woman who doesn’t shave your legs? You’re a man. If you press them on this long enough they will start talking about how every cis person is an egg. It’s a fucking cult and they will try to recruit you at every opportunity. It’s how these things succeed.

No. 1546313

Does she have skeletons in her closet like the death industry chick?

No. 1546316

Ok I've seen this a couple times but why tf are they calling themselves dolls now

No. 1546320

because women are dolls and sex objects to them. Reply to any troon with this irl and they shut down like the beta failmales they are

No. 1546326

I don’t understand this shit. They’re so adamant that they go against gender roles but bring them up every five seconds. I don’t understand the reasoning. Why the fuck would not shaving make me male? Do they know there are many women the world over who don’t do that shit and are still female? How does it make sense for every person to be an egg? How did humanity get anything accomplished if that’s the case? I imagine if every person on earth was trans we’d all be huddling in our rooms with eyes glued to twitter afraid to go outside and masturbating in front of mirrors all day or whatever. I feel like it has to be a misery loves company thing too. They can’t bear to see people who are GNC and comfortable with their body.

No. 1546332

The only difference between the parties is if they consider women public property, or private property.

No. 1546334

The overwhelming confidence of mediocre moids never ceases to astound me. Any woman who looked like these specimens would be bullied to the point of having zero self-esteem, yet these dudes 100% believe they resemble hot anime bimbos.

No. 1546338

1. they’re narcissists and have a deep male desire to dominate others and for others to mirror them.
2. cults work by recruiting, if no new members are coming in they fall apart. They need to constantly expand what it means to be trans to cast a wider net. It went from “I’m different than you and want to be left alone” to “If you identify as cis you’re lying to yourself and are a fascist.” I saw a group of scrotes in hs turn trans one by one because it rubs off on people, especially impressionable young people with low self esteem. This is also why they’re so obsessed with pushing it to children, as kids are more easily coerced than adults.

The contradiction though is that 95% of people who tolerate them or are TRAs don’t actually think it’s real, they see them as pitiful victims that need to be protected and because Americans think in black and white those unprotected populations can do no wrong. When that wears its welcome off like it’s doing now and especially when the mainstream media floodgates open about MTF sex crimes (something I think will happen soon) they’re going to find themselves backed in a corner having scared away support.

No. 1546341

if they believed it they wouldn’t post it, moids lie until others reinforce their lie

No. 1546357

File: 1654123256195.png (97.8 KB, 736x844, transquestion4reddit.png)

one more reason NOT to use their precious tranny pronouns. i refuse to believe they're all this retarded. they KNOW it's a fetish that they're forcing the rest of society to engage in.

No. 1546359

So the 19 year old autist I know got his dick chopped off in thailand, countdown to 41%

No. 1546360

Forcing women to acknowledge it is part of the fetish. Unlike most nonnas I don’t think it’s delusion, very few of them actually believe they are literally women

No. 1546365

File: 1654123988568.jpeg (177.52 KB, 1106x1128, 62F8B263-08F2-4780-8388-619292…)

the BBC changed the testimony of a rape victim because the rapist was MTF. The victim referred to the rapist with male pronouns, but the BBC decided to change his pronouns to be more "inclusive".

No. 1546372

They sure do tell on themselves a lot. I’m never calling one by his “preferred pronouns” again. From now on, I sex them correctly.

No. 1546409

Legitimate question, could she sue the BBC for this? I don’t know much about legality but if a news outlet did this to me I would never shut up about it or let my rapist get that satisfaction.

No. 1546415

I was so sad to see this today because tbh I find her content oddly comforting. I fall asleep to it because there's just so much of it and heavy research.

Oh well. I was going to make a comment but why even bother…

No. 1546426

Maybe troonism is simply pathological lying with a hyper focus on a certain topic of "gender". It makes so much sense that way, always constantly lying and making others believe or do things based on the lies.

No. 1546461

File: 1654130032425.jpeg (465.05 KB, 750x1099, EC4D4911-E014-4551-92AD-28F171…)

I have a new favorite subreddit.

No. 1546467

File: 1654130469590.jpeg (233.29 KB, 750x1019, 39296632-62B5-4D26-94CA-7F18C1…)

Same anon. So, the article is from a troll site, but everyone in the comments is just realizing neovaginas can smell like nasty colon and peaking kek


No. 1546477

Something about him really rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1546480

He looks more like jeff bezos IN DRAG TO ME

No. 1546484

File: 1654131183928.jpg (13.52 KB, 554x554, 51pnrv.jpg)

Sarah Paulson, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that a ugly ass bitch like this would even say that. Oh my god.

No. 1546488

Because they're men, nonna. They're all sexual degenerates. Look at how gay men carry on. The only reason straight men don't openly act this way is because women find it gross.

No. 1546494

Kek anon

No. 1546500

trannies are literally straight men

No. 1546502

File: 1654132347475.png (126.1 KB, 1280x222, Skärmavbild 2022-06-02 kl. 03.…)

KEK but also please don't give troons any ideas

No. 1546515

what's with the skid mark on his shoulder?

No. 1546522

His ribcage is almost as wide as his shoulders, how is this even possible

No. 1546532

Another reminder to not have a son

No. 1546535

File: 1654135673174.jpeg (658.98 KB, 1536x2048, DBD28BFF-B341-437E-A620-0CD68B…)

kek trannies protesting amazon for selling JKR books

No. 1546543

Are they laying down with the tranny flag covering them because they're acting like they're dead bodies or something? Like Amazon personally murdered them for selling JKR's books? The fucking melodrama kek. Narcissists.

No. 1546547

Amazon still sells Mien Kampf. Men's priority is to hate women who say no.

No. 1546548

Hold onto him, there's not enough masculine long hair dudes in this world anymore

No. 1546550

File: 1654137072567.jpeg (342.51 KB, 750x1050, 430271AD-FF59-4E5E-BBCA-82EAB5…)

No. 1546552

I mean she’s kinda right if she didn’t defend tras it would be a good argument.

No. 1546553

All of those manly legs, why not wear some fetish affirming clothes for such an important protest in the name of their cult? Aren’t they proud? During pride semester? How not tru-trans of them.

No. 1546556

It seems like she’s deleting negative comments anyways

No. 1546559

Is she a retard? Troons choose to be women, same as the second group she doesn't like saying everything is a choice with no external reason it might be chosen. It has no teeth because it does not benefit men, so if it become popular it will be co-opted by corporations/governments to maintain the status quo, as they have done with men saying they are women allowing them to remove spaces where women can plan without men and run to escape them.

No. 1546562

I've never understood why men hate when women gather together and do anything.

Reminds me when white people used to walk up to my group of friends and ask us weird and intrusive questions. what's so hard about privacy?

No. 1546565

it's the autism and sense of grandeur, plus the fact he's so drug fucked i bet he can't really tell the difference between real memory and made up drug-fuelled ones anymore

No. 1546569

what happens if we make an account to tell the truth to these troglodytes? how quick does the ban hammer get put down? you could even word it in a very female way like "I notice here that posts by AMABs are not of the same quality or taste as AFAB women but they somehow get more compliments."
i hate that women coddle these men, i want to make a bot that just comments on all of their posts that all the compliments are lies and niceties to prevent these fuckers from going on a raping/shooting rampage.

No. 1546573

File: 1654138621984.jpeg (117.58 KB, 828x722, 76CC627B-63D8-489B-B2C7-0136D4…)


No. 1546574

When does the steamroller come in?

No. 1546575

troonism and pro-prostitution bullshit are the main reasons why third wave feminism is worthless, everything gets derailed by gender ideology and handmaiden behavior. what is this person on?

No. 1546577

A (probably gay) autistic kid was groomed by society into permanantly mutilating himself before his brain has even finished developing and I'm supposed to cackle and look forward to his probably future suicide attempts? This shit makes me so sad it's unbelievable. Obviously fuck the lesbian fetishizing coomer freaks who send rape threats to jkr whenever they take a break from their 12 hours of daily trap hentai usage but a lot of these people are just depressed homosexual who's minds were poisoned with gender rhetoric as teens. I don't want to laugh, I want to scream. If I had been born any earlier this easily could have happened to me, I was an autistic tomboy who had intense internalized misogyny and a need to attention.

No. 1546579

I think it's because men deep down know that if women talk to each other for too long then they will realize a common experience among themselves and realize the true enemy (all moids). That's why you have so many moids trying to distract women of the same ethnic group to divide women from realizing that moids all have the same behaviors regardless of how much money/power they have or what they look like. Troons do this, black moids do this, it's just moid behavior because they know deep down that they are the actual danger/threats.

No. 1546580

I'm only saying this bc the only ones I've known personally who actually chopped their dicks off were the depressed gay guys not the sexual predators/coomer trans "lesbians". Theyre too addicted to jerking off to want bottom surgery I'd assume

No. 1546581

Fucking copycat.

No. 1546582

Califag here, I guarantee you the second you get out of LA and SF, this shit disappears REAL quick. Nobody in the central valley tolerates this shit, kek

No. 1546587

>the creases on the flags
bet they bought them on amazon

No. 1546598

Ooooh BOY I can't WAIT for the resulting lawsuit, sue them for all they're worth!!!

No. 1546602

I went on tiktok in poland and was shocked to see trannies on there, I thought it would take longer for it to catch on here, but the comments were full of praise and women tripping over themselves to fellate him. I didn't take a screenshot but it was a hideous weeb in cat ears dancing around in a skirt surrounded by his anime shit.

No. 1546603

Nice fucking boots, Vincent Valentine

No. 1546618

How on earth could any feminist think that terfs act as the brain and dominate the discourse and leadership of feminism.

No. 1546620

nooo… i thought this artist was a woman.

No. 1546623

If this has already been posted my apologies nonnies, the troon thread moves so fast. But did anyone else see the tranny sperging out at Pierres Morgan? I'm not a fan of Pierre's but I searched it up on YouTube and practically all the comments across different uploads are normies peaking kek

No. 1546626

Jesus Christ, I thought that was fucking Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory for a second.

No. 1546632

same anon as >>1496397 lmfao told you. honestly pretty ironic he’s mutuals with anatola howard who’s pretty crypto-terfy. i could go on but this isn’t artist salt.

No. 1546637

File: 1654142276343.jpeg (265.7 KB, 1170x1049, 666D2B54-B719-43C6-843B-FF1C5C…)

She’s a woman you faggots. Just because she has doesn’t have plucked eyebrows and huge tits doesn’t mean she’s a troon (though she’s one hell of a handmaiden).

No. 1546642

I’m not saying you’re wrong but trannies lie all the time about being cis on the internet as a take-that to Terfs. Last thread had a screenshot of one I believe.

No. 1546643

I’m aware of that. Either way she doesn’t even look male and it’s not uncommon for lurkers to post women on here as a gotcha to people who don’t believe troons can genuinely pass.

No. 1546649

Sorry if this sounds autistic but when troons say women like them or they have sex regularly it has to be lying right? Nonna’s I can’t find a single woman on the internet who is attracted to an agp and that’s saying something considering women in real life will be unafraid to fetishize serial killers. It freaks me out and has to be gaslighting on their part. I feel like I’m going crazy when I read their made up erotica about sexual exploits on Twitter or in this thread.

No. 1546652

one of the ayrt, thank you for clearing this up

No. 1546653

Anon I have no idea but I’ve seen older gay drag queens use this term in reference to one another. It’s caught on with mtfs on Twitter and they claimed it as ~only theirs~.

No. 1546657

lying? on the internet? no there’s no way

No. 1546659

Only women who’ve been with trannies have already been in a relationship with them before they’ve trooned out. Never actually seen a woman attracted to an uncloseted tranny.

No. 1546660

File: 1654143745896.png (413.33 KB, 675x542, 293847472.png)


No. 1546661

File: 1654143913916.png (619.53 KB, 679x704, prettyprincesstoes.png)

lost this in an old thread but the troon in question

No. 1546662

unfortunately some of them do have girlfriends or wives they've forced into relationships with them, either from being married before he transitioned or because of peer pressure from their sjw circles. i've been in a gaming discord and saw a tranny who took advantage of a fat girl (younger than him), moved into her house and leeched off of her

No. 1546663

File: 1654144092558.jpeg (642.41 KB, 1170x1150, CA55E4F2-8D30-4502-B3F3-EE5289…)

voice of the communist revolution, everybody

No. 1546664

File: 1654144271638.jpeg (336.37 KB, 1170x666, 5954C5BC-A19A-4284-8148-D3AD0C…)

do people go on the internet just to tell lies?

No. 1546665


No. 1546668

love how you think that women who are also gross, desperate and who have low standards don't exist.

unfortunately for me I have seen far too many twans wiminz with much more attractive "gfs" and it always leaves me dumbfounded.

No. 1546671

To men, that's how they view it. The vagina is not a fully functioning organ but instead a pocket, and women are not full human beings but instead simply barbies. The terms men use are telling. Even the slang words for vagina more commonly used, even by women, are at their core just simply words; they are (debatably) not inherently dehumanizing by name, only so given the context of their use. To these men, they do not just view the vagina alone as a barbie pocket but women in their whole as such and by extension, themselves. They are barbie and the vagina they crave is nothing more than a "pocket". Despite yearning for womanhood, they truly do not know what women are.

No. 1546681

do liberals even know what a woman is?
identifying as a woman, but what is a woman to them lmao

reading this has been very cathartic.

No. 1546686

It’s been an issue since the 1930s. Here is what George Orwell wrote in it -

>there is the horrible–the really disquieting–prevalence of cranks wherever Socialists are gathered together. One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words 'Socialism' and 'Communism' draw towards

them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, 'Nature Cure' quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.

No. 1546688

So true, and I’m married to a man lmao

No. 1546689

Anon this is a woman

No. 1546690

Wasn’t this guy all of those things?

No. 1546692

Yeah she's a huge annoying ass handmaiden but she's a woman lol …

No. 1546695

this image is fake. it's not in the game. i wasted 6 whole years of my life playing this shitty game, i would know.

No. 1546696

I feel physically ill

No. 1546697

i hope he keeps going so he makes trannies seethe harder lmaooooooooooo

No. 1546698

File: 1654147494831.jpeg (588.65 KB, 750x1288, 621C7DD8-1687-4876-BF8F-664D19…)

Not another Lia Thomas, please.

No. 1546701

File: 1654147906181.png (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 750x1624, FB0CC7C4-56AE-4D53-8D95-A6DCFC…)

New bottom surgery just dropped. It’s a big pee hole under the balls.

No. 1546703

Couldnt even commit to chopping his dick off. Now this freak can still sexually assault women where he should be banned.

No. 1546704

is he missing the head on his dick?? tf eww

No. 1546709

he just isnt snipped

No. 1546710

File: 1654148647718.png (133.92 KB, 1888x168, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 12.4…)

it's a fetish (it always is)

No. 1546711

Celeste was weird. Originally she was supposed to be a girl but then months after the game came out the lead artist went "oh btw madeline is actually a tranner XD!!" despite there being nothing of the sort mentioned in the base game whatsoever

The DLC added a tiny trans flag in its ending too, but they went all out on their twitter

No. 1546715

File: 1654149770835.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1736, 5C25548D-C76A-49E0-B290-F58B49…)

literal skinwalker.. down syndrome volturi vampire looking trannies leave asian women alone challenge !!

No. 1546717

I swear at least 1/4th of troons look like Vicente Valtieri

No. 1546718

File: 1654150187414.jpeg (879.95 KB, 1170x1634, C57A9676-3838-4C27-8BB2-8FB238…)

Why do they insist on ripping children into their fetishes

No. 1546722

Men are SO dramatic Jesus christ kek and they say women are the emotional gender

No. 1546725

>SHE TOUCHED my hair, jewelry, nails
>treated me like a little girl
>I held her tight
>tiny little human being, so full of innocence
pedo shit

No. 1546726

File: 1654150801493.jpeg (549.71 KB, 828x1022, F94965AD-A69D-4DA4-95BB-A9964D…)

It’s June, happy trans pride month! Even corporations trying to pander to LGBT audiences can’t even be assed to market to anyone other than troons since they know who has the sway these days.

No. 1546728

sounds like a sick fantasy of his. can't imagine what kind of woman would let an obvious deviant take care of her child

No. 1546736

Reminds me of that Salon article about "totally non offending" pedo's.

No. 1546740

of course. troons are the ultimate consoomers even though they all claim to be communists kek

..i have no words. this is just plain retarded

No. 1546747

it's hilarious how they draw the aidens "pretty", with the feminine faces they have, but they don't even attempt to draw the male troons with their masculine faces because it would probably be deemed transphobic to draw the truth, even by one of their allies

No. 1546752

Makes zero sense. Why waste your money on something so stupid. I've known men who regularly pee sitting down with their regular penis.

Could've at least spent that money on drugs or food or education or fucking anything else.

No. 1546756

File: 1654154107817.jpg (87.75 KB, 1000x563, intro-1614701051.jpg)

More like Liz Taylor from American Horror Story: Hotel

No. 1546758

Why? Is he trying to be a kawaii trap hermaphrodite? You know he will attempt to use it as a fuck hole.

No. 1546759

File: 1654154721096.jpg (25 KB, 337x319, 102454.jpg)

kek you're not wrong nona

No. 1546760

Why do they make characters which have an obvious AGP backstory, act like a HSTS?

No. 1546768

this is a woman deliberately going for the tranny look

No. 1546782

i was on a certain real female only app and saw someone post about some agp freak with rule 34 on his phone snapping at her and telling her that he was more of a woman than she was because she has pcos… is this something agp have been known to do? because unfortunately i can totally see it

No. 1546786

File: 1654157657433.png (366.41 KB, 1170x814, 16541517948.png)

perfect thread pic cause some troon replied to me with this pic, its fascinating how triggered they get with just mentioning their nature as men, they think people obsess over them as much as they obsess over themselves

No. 1546788

oh yes, they constantly talk about how they actually somehow understand womanhood more than real women and real women are salivating for them. Ignore it, it’s moid cope they say before they hang themselves because they lost the ability to coom

No. 1546789

most internet AGPs are literal /pol/tards and incels so this picture doesn’t make sense

No. 1546791

/pol/ raided them once and now their obesseded with the image of the meem of the "chinlet" and spam it constantly along with their porn

No. 1546794

Chudjak literally looks like multiple trannies posted here though. They’re two sides of the same coin. So many Twitter trannies post extremely racist and vile hate shit and thank Vaush for Deradicalizing them

No. 1546802

File: 1654158367514.jpg (441.71 KB, 1819x1181, 1652155781497.jpg)

True, I mean this from one of the previous threads, the capitalists are shaking in their boots

No. 1546805

Oli London is a great clown example, I kinda respect him for it. It's just so obvious that all of this comes from him being mentally ill with some kind of body dysmorphia and plastic surgery addiction, and that is the direct reason he is korean and trans. He's making some TRAs realize that not everyone who says they are trans actually is trans, and once the seed has been planted that they can be wrong the peaking slowly begins as they see how male all tims act.

No. 1546808

Oli is using his mental illness for the greater good, maybe he has urges to troon out but at least he's taking advantage of it to peak people and force them to see their hypocrisy

No. 1546819

There are some pornsick weeb girls who are into futas. Just yesterday I was browsing tiqtter and someone who follows a friend of mine is clearly a female and retweets futaxgirl hentai on her Twitter.. not saying these are normal though, probably abused with a Stockholm syndrome for males.

No. 1546823

File: 1654162209908.png (4.34 MB, 2256x1504, 0A600A3F-8BDF-498F-B6B5-A73E63…)

Wtf is going on with Contra’s face

No. 1546825

alcoholism bloat

No. 1546826

he's always had wonky features but this is a new kind of freaky. probably those based anti-capitalist fillers paid for by his pay-piggies

No. 1546833

His house must be filled up seeing how much useless trash he buys for every video

No. 1546839

what the fuck is wrong with trannies?? i know i shouldn't even ask. they're fucking sick and keep proving it themselves time and time again.

No. 1546841

if someone makes a thread for her please link it

No. 1546843

obvious pedo vibes aside, why does he act like he was /denied/ the experience of being a 6 year old child?

do 6 year old boys not play with stuffed animals and eat cheerios? what exactly did he miss out on?

No. 1546846

I don't know if you can call is a big controversy. but she's basically a grifter, she used to be part of a right wing comedy group making fun of liberals and feminists during the gamergate era, her current persona came as a result of her MLM busting vids, so she created this new identity more palatable to a liberal female audience, her current thing is she tries to delete any videos mentioning her and her past

No. 1546847

Because their pedo-view idea of a girl childhood is all spinny skirts, tea parties, being told how beautiful and special you are. Then puberty: tits! sexy sleepovers! pillowfights! daily sexual harassment! (uwu validation)

No. 1546877

I kinda like the artstyle but it sure does feel like they checked off all the boxes to make sure it was diverse enough

No. 1546886

File: 1654172454466.png (27.78 KB, 739x276, LeoBug1234.png)

this whole "pwease validate me and call me a good girl!" thing must look really creepy and cultlike to outsiders, right? also OP admits to being an incel in another post kek.

No. 1546887

Pls someone make a thread on her

Interesting. You've heard of the alt right incel to troon pipeline, now get ready for tradthot to handmaiden

No. 1546888

>pride month
>trannies, muslims, disabled people and pocs
>no homos

No. 1546890

I'd say it's a mix of them lying to cope, but it's also them having a male ego and brain. It's like all the "nice guys" who think a female starbucks barista smiling at him means she wants to fuck him. They're just "nice troons". The only time they actually sleep with "women" (unless they had a previous relationship) is other transwomen, you can see the ones bragging about how "every cis woman wants me" still only post pics of other transwomen get-together orgies, never with real women kek

No. 1546891

The fact that he specifies the age makes it obvious that this is a fantasy of his, pedos love to talk about the ages they’re attracted to.

No. 1546892

y chromosome

No. 1546893

Nonnas, what does gnc mean? I swear I'm not new here, I've been following the threads for at least the past 5 or 6 ones, but I just can't seem figure it out

No. 1546895

Gender nonconforming

No. 1546904

File: 1654174179881.png (30.37 KB, 739x267, valedix.png)

have you ever tried just, oh i dunno, NOT watching gender swap porn? that might help.

No. 1546907

AGPs getting more visibility is good for peaking kek i want to see how the rest of the community handles it, are they going to be transphobic to AGPs and say they're not valid as trans people, or will they go "oops beeing trans actually is sexual and a fetish despite us denying it for years"

No. 1546908

Do they not realize their brain does not just instantly change because they call themselves her/she? Like no you still have a males? So still a disgusting dangerous monster.

No. 1546911

She was in a discord with me years and years ago with the name queen on bantz and the entire server was just a bunch of kiwis trolling some fat bitch.

No. 1546912

I saw on tiktok that they’re trying to ban women from calling themselves “dolls”

No. 1546916

File: 1654175584114.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2187, 45C1B33A-8B15-490D-9050-D11ED4…)

Today on r/actuallesbians, a troonsbian is actually receiving some backlash from lesbians. I recommend going to read the comments for the real fun.

No. 1546919

File: 1654175867012.png (1.16 MB, 1284x3143, 684027CB-649E-49F2-96C7-97A149…)

It’s nice to see takes like this getting downvoted.

No. 1546920

Idk nonna, I recently overheard my own damn sister defending transracialism because she thinks transgenderism is valid. I thought this argument would save us but now I think we're underestimating how fucking stupid handmaidens are. My sister is black btw.

No. 1546921

They can call themselves dolls and real women can be just called women.

No. 1546924

someone please make a thread!

No. 1546926

File: 1654176188876.jpeg (527.43 KB, 1062x1034, 36E42094-D633-499E-BFD8-896303…)

They’re always such narcissists. At least this one is starting to get it. Yeah, the solidarity you get is fake. Very good.

No. 1546928

They are other, they're men pushing their way into spaces not meant for them and women reluctantly go along with it to avoid being harassed for saying no. Is autism the reason they don't understand this? Do they not realise that all 'acceptance' they receive is thin and fake at best? That's why lesbians won't date them, they know they're a man in a dress, best they can get is a straight or bi woman willing to larp as a lesbian/attracted to them because they're women to fuel the mans ego and appear woke for clout.

No. 1546931

You can tell so many women in there want to be able to say what they actually think but have to tiptoe on eggshells and include validation for trans women just so their comment will stay. Tell me again how MtFs are oppressed? They can walk all over spaces that women made and are just expected to be worshipped. They came into a lesbian space. Why would they expect anything other than women talking about women and making jokes/comments/stories that relate to their experiences with female anatomy? I like seeing the downvotes but I hate that women have to censor themselves so much just to appease pushy scrotes.

No. 1546933

Hope her defense bites her in the ass one day

No. 1546935

It's weird how much they have a problem with cis people existing with the body parts they were born with. If someone is gonna be offended that you 1. exist 2. have a vagina, pandering to them is absolutely pointless.

No. 1546936

File: 1654176937071.png (3.69 MB, 1284x2760, 6404DCBB-088A-41B1-B724-574BAD…)

This one is funny because he’s trying so hard to get a good angle but the mirror behind him shows all.

No. 1546939

File: 1654177144819.png (563.57 KB, 1344x988, Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 14.39…)

No. 1546940

File: 1654177156305.jpeg (97.01 KB, 1274x288, 413D56A8-3CA7-4318-81F5-DDBCDE…)

A phone case? Really?

No. 1546943

they really sexualize literally everything and anything kek

No. 1546944


No. 1546945

newsflash you freaks: being your gender shouldn't make you horny. it's like they think women walk around turned on, rubbing our breasts and biting our lips just because we're women. these weirdos are sick

No. 1546946

if a lesbian liked dick, why would she be a lesbian? then she would be bi

No. 1546951

He's gaining weight I see

No. 1546952

File: 1654177563069.png (785.83 KB, 1040x1222, Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 14.46…)

No. 1546958

Not to mention, genitals aren’t just a trait in the same way other features are wrt dating. I mean, people can have a preference for redheads or whatever but it doesn’t usually discount someone else who has brown hair that they get along with well. But genitals are pretty fucking important when it comes to sexuality, especially for homosexuals and heteros. I don’t know what they don’t get about this. I think lesbians should talk about how much they hate dick more often, because they’re attached to some of the most entitled and gross people on the planet as we see from that exchange. How do MtFs not see that lesbians have been consistently pressured to “try dick” by men who thought they could turn them straight? How do they not see how little representation and spaces lesbians already get without males coming in to dictate their sexuality? I hope more start to push back against them because no one wants to entertain their musty dicks.

No. 1546959

Reminds me of a genderswap ero-anime game someone I use to watch commented on where the moid writer characterised women as always being turned on by the friction of our nipples against the fabric of our shirt. They don't think beyond coom.

No. 1546960

Lmao what? If anything that shit hurts and they get chafed. Men are stupid as hell.

No. 1546961

gay men seem to get away with saying shit like 'pussy is disgusting' and i've never seen a girl throw a hissy fit because a gay guy "turned" her down, i don't think any girl expects a gay to fall for her because duh he is into men, men who have penises and p-p is an entire different bedroom sexuality and dynamic than p-v

No. 1546963

It’s just pure male entitlement. I’ve seen TiFs try to do this same kind of thing in the gay subreddits and get shot down immediately like you basically said. Then the TiF retreats with her tail between her legs because it’s culturally okay for men to be entitled to what they want or don’t want. But heaven forbid that women EVER try to tell a male the word “no” about anything, especially when it comes to sex. There needs to be major pushback to get these men out and if it doesn’t work and the subs get banned, then there need to be new spaces made that are on complete lockdown. They will follow women to any new space we make, handmaidens need to stop giving them what they want.

No. 1546964

If a tranny beats up someone just because they ask "what is a woman" I hope they'll get locked to a mental asylum forever. That kind of rage towards such a small question is insane and unhinged. Trannies are a danger to society.

No. 1546968

File: 1654178575303.jpeg (273.45 KB, 1284x1021, 57564860-DC8B-4926-9BCA-7606B8…)

Saving bc Robert already has his own thread but it’s kind of dead. I wanted to post this here because I’m really shocked at how Alex Jones doubled down on his tranny porn allegations and features Robert fairly regularly now. For a man who freaked out over social programming and water turning frogs gay, it’s weird how receptive he is to ~Ms. Blaire White~. Not that I ever liked Alex, just that I’ve noticed a lot of old, 60+Yo men suddenly openly want to fuck these freaks.

No. 1546969


No. 1546971

Late but I have the link for you nonna,

No. 1546981

Holy shit. Scrolled down and there’s another one he finishes with “you are your father’s son, that’s how you will die” next level kek

No. 1546983

lmfao why are 4scrotes so stupid. the second post is insulting Y chromies and incels, which they are. Do they just automatically assume anyone who hates trannies is a gigachad or something

No. 1546984

>You have gone beyond incel. You have entered into thievery and barbarism. Pastiche. Fraud. Imitation. Ersatz.

this kills the moid.
it’s so funny to see all the troons seething in the thread too

No. 1546986

Do we really think a scrote wrote those posts? So much of them feel like something a woman would write about them, especially when talking about their bodies and how they tend to dress. I can dream that it was a based woman poster.

No. 1546988

nonna i was going to say the same thing, it’s almost like poetry kek. I feel like that passion on this subject can only come from a women, but who knows. (I’m choosing to believe it’s a woman though.)

No. 1546989

It wouldn’t be too wild of a speculation anyway since it’s /vg/. It’s easy enough to be a woman blending in as a scrote on that board.

No. 1546990

if so, it's crazy how much praise and respect a woman can get for people assuming she's male when she speaks her mind.

No. 1546998

There was one troon many threads ago that actually said the quiet part out loud as to why they fetishize sleepovers so much. He said in a reddit post that "everyone knows all girls have their first sexual experiences at sleepovers" which is just…what the fuck man. These guys really think literal children are having sex with each other and they think they missed out on this. And are JEALOUS of this idea.
Newsflash trannies we just ate pizza and watched movies like you fucking did at your sleepovers you actual pedos. I'm sure they wouldn't take kindly to anyone suggesting that their sleepovers were secretly gay little boy orgies either.

No. 1546999

Yeah. It’s the same kind of thing when male or female celebrities say anything about this. Dave Chapelle and Ricky Gervais got some backlash, sure, but it’s nothing compared to the onslaught of posts directed towards JKR that are filled with ridicule and death and rape threats, and all that was originally for posting a joke about the word women followed by an essay that quite honestly, was incredibly kind towards trans people as a whole while also still relaying her own experiences. Maybe people are used to men being outspoken but can’t handle it when a woman is. If a woman made that 4chan post, I commend her for making something well-written that you just know gets under their skin more than a moid being like “hurr durr rope tranny”, the same kind of stuff people give every day as generic insults that people just get used to.

No. 1547001

That is so fucked up. I hate AGPs with the most fiery passion.

No. 1547003

> if you don't want us around say so
but as soon as you say that you're banned lmao. Their constant whining and demands are so tiresome, I don't know how the few lesbians left there haven't left already, you have to stroke their ego constantly and every comment you make must include trans women and your love for dick and how valid they are.

No. 1547011

I just reread this again, and I have to laugh about them calling their dick a “condition”. I’ve seen them do this before where they call it a “birth defect” they were born with and are just like every other women!!! except for you know, that little “condition”, that little “birth defect”. Fuck off males. Your penis is not a birth defect and lesbians don’t want to touch or hear about it.

No. 1547014

The lesbians tearing them to shreds in such a polite yet firm manner have all my love. Great way to start off pride month. I hope the needless centering of troons being pushed down our throats causes everyone to peak kek

No. 1547018

File: 1654181950238.jpg (560.95 KB, 941x720, terfgalileo.jpg)

Sage for autism but I can't wait when in 50 years this cult will be seen for what it is:
>botched children and TIFs aren't stunning and brave anymore but seen as martyrs
>AGPs 41% en masse, the rest quietly detroon and return to their original incel state, still harassing women to sleep w them
>Then-edgy "totes gay"/genderspeshul zoomers and handmaidens, now old, act senile like they don't know what lesbian/gay mean and tell their grandkids that back in the day they were super cool and controversial radfems/GCs, kinda like everyone invented themselves a Resistant past post WW2
>Rightoid scrotes ala Matt Walsh try (and mostly succeed ?) to claim terfs accomplishments as theirs and demonize actual LGBs to become the new heroes, perpetuating patriarchy
>Overall men get an easy way out and women are still harassed but in a more ""acceptable"" way now aka good ol misoginy
>Burger guilt/shame is even worse than today and they try to reinvent themselves/find a new phase for the world to cringe at, yet again

I do hope women get a better fate but I don't see moids respecting us anytime soon. It'll just be like changing aesthetics for them.

No. 1547022

File: 1654182276184.jpeg (374.7 KB, 1170x1018, 6EC5542E-6E22-4778-BCCA-D9E635…)

This is the same degen moid… fucking freaks someone needs to put skin soluble poison in all of these trans socks

No. 1547024

File: 1654182374143.png (1.62 MB, 1274x2048, 1630563536082.png)

Nonas is this a real woman or a troon, looks familiar but sus(Belle Delphine is not a tranny)

No. 1547026

50 years nona? Please. I need more optimism than that. I hope it’s under ten.

No. 1547027

Please don’t take the bait nonas. Report.

No. 1547033

Looks like Belle

No. 1547034

File: 1654182764050.png (1.75 MB, 1284x4793, 3AF4770D-E334-4E2C-9D54-523300…)

Advocating lying to medical professionals. I’m sorry, but if you do this you get what you ask for. If you’re somehow harmed, I don’t think you have any right to complain or sue because of what you tell a medical team to record in your history.

No. 1547035

File: 1654182908365.jpeg (719.61 KB, 1284x2006, B12F8568-BD4B-4A81-AD9C-2B29DF…)

fucking kek

No. 1547039

File: 1654183054641.png (898.01 KB, 1602x640, EC6A6026-DDF8-4922-9639-53897B…)

No. 1547043

That supergirl skinwalk KEK

No. 1547053

>being male is a birth defect
Finally I can agree with a troon

No. 1547059

kek at this man thinking he looks feminine

No. 1547061

You have mental health issue. Case closed.

No. 1547064

Possible nag, but why are they always so bad at taking selfies? You know you can wait until your eye is unfucked before taking a selfie, right? I'd get it if he just wanted to show off his eye being funky, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

No. 1547066

> please excuse the right eye being turned in

No. 1547069

Sir your body was completely healthy before you fucked it up with HRT and surgery. It's your brain that's got the disorder.

No. 1547072

Nona you don’t understand he looked so feminine in that very moment, he just couldn’t wait!

No. 1547077

>Newsflash trannies we just ate pizza and watched movies like you fucking did at your sleepovers you actual pedos. I'm sure they wouldn't take kindly to anyone suggesting that their sleepovers were secretly gay little boy orgies either.
Sorry but like, a lot of men did actually do gay shit at sleepovers. If you're ever close to a scrote and he feels comfortable around you sexually, 99% of them will admit to doing some sus shit as a kid. They've been projecting the sleepover shit the whole time, in typical tranny fashion

No. 1547080

That's true. Men are so fucking horny they'll fuck each other if there's no women around who'll sleep with them. Source: my former friend who I'd never thought would do something like that. He's not even a troon.

No. 1547099

a scrote once told me he jerked off in a group as a kid when they got some porn. He acted like it was totally normal and was offended i didn't think so. It was probably really common to do that before porn was so easy to access so I bet they would get up to some gay shit at their sleepovers.

No. 1547103

straight males all have gay sleepover tales but they are all ademant that it wasn't "gay" at all. like jerking off to porn at the same time. i remember my friend's brother and his chad friends would watch this crap and then all go to the toilet after one another

No. 1547105

Any turned troon?

No. 1547108

The brain is a body part just like our genitals. If you believe your brain is magical and that you'd exist without your body then it's basically a religion

No. 1547131

contra is going dworkin mode after being aggressively skin-walked by philosophytroon

No. 1547146

yeah almost every guy i know has done shit like that as a kid. but then again so did i with other girls cuz kids are retarded

No. 1547149

He is a coomer lesbian fetishist and is in a realtionship with a girl he manipulates and exhausts because she had to cater to his every whim. I'm not cackling, I'm just realistic.

No. 1547151

That seems uncommon for girls though nona. The most my friends and I did at sleepovers that was sexual in any form was talk about what celebrities we wanted to bang or write fanfics about random video game and movie characters. Even then, the sex aspects were treated more taboo and like haha funny rather than it being serious. As far as experimentation with other girls, didn’t do that until I was a bit older and alone with close friends. Meanwhile a group of guys at my high school confessed to touching all their dicks together just to “see what it was like”. I can’t imagine doing the same thing with a group of girls at that age. Maybe I’m sheltered or sex ed here just sucks. I didn’t know what an erection was til 16 or so and thought the dude had something metal in his pants.

No. 1547152

the truth of men's sexuality is that they will fuck anything young-looking enough

No. 1547156

eye problems, autisim every time

No. 1547157

I know one of his friends ended up a troon that tried to hit on him but idk about the others, not in contact with the moid that told me this.
I don't know any girls that engaged in group masturbation, teen girls do kiss each mostly just kiss.

No. 1547158

they need the instant gratification. they would all fail the marshmallow test.

No. 1547161

Seconded. I was even surrounded by bi and lesbian women. We still didn’t. The men I know were absolutely doing gay shit like wanking back to back though and claiming it’s not gay if they don’t see each other. (While they were touching backs)

No. 1547162

what do you mean?

No. 1547167

>i feel like you can’t really be a woman if other woman don’t accept you as one
it's true, in fact all the nonnies on here who got accused of being scrotes were instantly disowned from womanhood and transformed into actual men kek

sir the denial is not where you think it is

No. 1547172

I'm genuinely glad no moid has ever felt comfortable to share this with me because I'm actually pretty horrified to learn this lol. Disgusting degenerate behavior

No. 1547177

I'm so fucking tired of men trying to lie, weasel, wheedle, manipulate, and DARVO their way into sex with women.

No. 1547178

File: 1654192021689.webm (15.36 MB, 576x1024, erin.webm)

Here's another one for you guys.
haha yeah, that's why I felt the need to specify. I mean, it's the state that gave us Reagan ffs. And isn't there that separatist movement in the north? Truly a land of contrasts.

No. 1547181

sorry i’m late to this but i actually know a couple where the woman calls herself a lesbian and she’s dating a TIM. a fugly one, too. i also know a couple wherein the woman calls herself a lesbian even tho her partner is a man and uses they/them pronouns lmfao. he’s got long hair but that’s the most feminine thing about him. got facial hair a lumberjack would be jealous of

No. 1547182

I think the handmaidens are starting to catch on that no matter how much "uwu validation" they offer, troons will still hate them. Hell, troons constantly post on Reddit how much they hate and wish violence on women for merely EXISTING in the female bodies they wish they could possess. If making fingering jokes in a lesbian space is enough to trigger them into meltdowns, what point is there in dealing with these people at all? The mass peaking continues.

No. 1547185

I've also seen quite a few "straight with extra steps" couples like >>1531013
from a couple threads ago. Who usually troons out first in these situations, the man or the woman?

No. 1547189

For real I’ve had to hear moids make rape jokes my entire life but lesbians joking about consensually fingering another woman triggers them? Yet we are always the ones told to get a sense of humor and take a joke. Men are weak af.

No. 1547191

Ayrt, what the hell?? What was her argument if you don’t mind me asking?

No. 1547195

Usually it’s the male that troons out if it’s an established straight couple. The woman then either leaves the relationship, becomes a “lesbian”, “bisexual”, or “pansexual” for his sake, or becomes an themby or fakeboi. I’ve rarely seen women become FTM when they are already in a long-term relationship (maybe with the exception of Pixielocks).
Usually the FTM troons are single. Eventually, a straight male (usually incel or fuckboy) dates them and puts up with their delusions because they want someone to sleep with.

No. 1547196

>Maybe people are used to men being outspoken but can’t handle it when a woman is.
This + the fact that women are expected to coddle ALL males from ALL the different groups/cultures/beliefs/whateverthefuck simultaneously while also magically avoiding to upset any of them

No. 1547198

I feel legit sorry for younger handmaidens. They were raised with widespread libfem propaganda saying troons were uwu oppressed minorities who just wanted to pee in peace, and any dissenting voices were silenced as evil TERFs. And now that they're waking up and realizing they were lied to, it's too late and angry men are already infesting their spaces and literally swinging their dicks around.

No. 1547200

I’ve seen a couple of posts on r/mypartneristrans where the boyfriend or husband is with a girl who is grooming out, but it seems like usually they end up leaving. If only more women were brave enough to do the same thing and put their feelings first when their husbands come out as AGPs

No. 1547202

samefag, I meant trooning not grooming but well, I guess they go hand in hand kek

No. 1547208

Kek George knew what was up.

No. 1547212

Leave him alone, if anything they all look like the fucking annoying adoring fan

No. 1547215

File: 1654194545813.jpeg (287.85 KB, 1170x1235, 971A15CB-BBDE-44AC-8D1B-694BE9…)

blogpost but it’s relevant

i had an acquaintance who recently trooned out. there’s so much backstory to how psycho he is and how unaware of that i was until recently, but i’ll spare you all that

hes a scrawny little white boy who grew up in a household with a damagingly controlling mother and a severely autistic (i’m talking doesn’t even live at home because they sent her off to be someone else’s problem) older sister. for like three years he’s been dating another tranny, his boyfriend (TIF).

even before he “came out,” he would refer to his partner as a “disgusting tranny,” and no matter how gross i think TIMs are, i always just feel sad for TIFs. especially when they’re actually decent people that have just clearly been poisoned by their terminally online-ness. anyway. this troon is a different breed. he thinks he’s better than every other trans person ever. probably has to do with his narcissism, but honestly it’s quite the sight to see. literally tweets shit like “local tattoo guy loves he-she’s like me, but having a bf means i cannot reveal my penis for free products and discounts.”

attached is a screenshot of their coming out to me and being fucking nasty, and was the exact moment in time i realized that yeah, there are no exceptions to the rule of TIMs being fucking awful. and this is just the tip of the iceberg y’all

how the fuck am i supposed to stay a crypto-terf when everyday these fuckers test my real life patience more and more

No. 1547216

They have autism with zero self awareness

No. 1547218

File: 1654194806259.jpeg (84.78 KB, 828x525, C0D7F2E9-9FA8-488E-B967-25EC72…)

entitled scrote suspended. kek. reading the comments he only ever replied to anyone validating him, which he swore he didn’t want uwu

No. 1547223

Lol one of the bottom-most comments from a troon: "I didn't transition to get a girlfriend and no one owes me attraction." OKAY LIAR

No. 1547224

File: 1654195028404.jpeg (25.41 KB, 275x275, 6284F505-FC5F-4E07-8C9C-043DC1…)

>the all caps LOL
as if it makes the statements before any less horrifying. why do troons make it all about a sexual revenge fantasy. i’m sorry this is happening to you, nonna.

No. 1547225

This message is incredibly fucking creepy nonna, please tell me you blocked this skinwalking weirdo on every platform and he has no access to you anymore

No. 1547229

File: 1654195345471.png (69.91 KB, 910x317, reddit.png)

This is delusional.

No. 1547232

Didn't you guys ever hear about Alex Jones getting caught watching tranny porn on his phone?? https://nypost.com/2018/08/28/alex-jones-apparently-spotted-with-trans-porn-on-his-phone/

No. 1547236

For any anons going into public womens' restrooms, print these out and clear-duct-tape 'em to the walls, please.

No. 1547238

Oh my god I hope it doesn’t get reinstated. Nice to see a troon getting the ban hammer for once. You could tell by his attitude he was just looking for fights.

No. 1547239

This happened to me once or twice on /pol/, right alongside all the "haha women get fucked" posts. This was on a regularly occurring thread, too.

No. 1547242

He doesn't just want your attention, he wants your VISIBLE attention, meaning he'll expect and eventually demand that you validate him in public, in front of and to other people. Also, saying "I want to look and be like you" 100% means he's going to skinwalk you if he decides to transition.

No. 1547243

Sounds like it's off to the police station for a restraining order!

No. 1547244

File: 1654196258731.png (1.23 MB, 1078x1119, Screenshot_2022-06-02-13-52-19…)

Did anyone see this sticker on instagram I'm dying

No. 1547248

It’s really fucked up how they expect women to guide them through this shit. Sometimes I blame it on how they think women should provide emotional labor to men every waking second, sometimes I blame it on their sissification fetishes where the girl they want to be turns them into it and they can effectively skinwalk her. I’m so sorry anon.

No. 1547255

File: 1654197469011.jpg (667.98 KB, 1000x2392, s1ndnr.jpg)

feminization/sissification fetishes always have these absurd scenarios of women spending so much time and effort to "feminize" a dude, like picrel

No. 1547260

As a woman who is into the Goth scene, MAJORLY GROSS. This shit doesn't ever happen, at least not like that… I remember one of my exes who was "normie" asked me on how he could dress a little more alternative and I gave him some tips but not like this shit, this is just straight up fetish.

I'm torn because I don't think it's wrong if men want to dress more femininely if they like it but AGPs have definitely tainted my view of men doing this because it makes me wonder if they're doing it because they like it or they're doing it because they're an AGP commer.

No. 1547263

Kek wth. Tranny, gay, and themby flags. And they all have gigantic man chins kek. At first glance I thought they were meant to be drag queens but maybe they’re actually mtf trannies? Also is it offensive that they are all shades of black/brown? idk TRAs always equate black women to trannies, so this sort of plays into that.

No. 1547268

Troons have honestly made me feel iffy about gnc and "feminine" men in general. It's not about the possibility of them being closet troons 'cause not even hypermasculine gymbros are safe in that regard. I just can't help making an unfortunate association between gnc men and troons.

No. 1547271

Not sure if related, but I’ve sort of begun to question the more feminine goth men in the scene. Or any feminine men really…so many eventually troon out because of pressure or getting into fetish shit.
I think the well-adjusted men look different than the troons that are wearing makeup as well though. I’ve noticed that the trannies have the worst makeup and more greasy and ugly hair. And an AGP smile. You can kind of just tell when a male is an AGP creep.

No. 1547272

Troons are obsessed with "forced feminization/sissification" (because being moids, they see femininity as inherently degrading) and they can't understand that real women don't view our own bodies & clothing as humiliating coomer fetish objects. They literally can't resist peaking the handmaidens by making every interaction about their dicks and I love to see it kek

No. 1547274

I love GNC people, fuck gender norms. One of the saddest things about troon ideology is how it pressures femme guys and butch girls into trooning out and mutilating their bodies instead of accepting themselves.

No. 1547279

he’s already started to “transition” which just means wearing dresses and putting on shitty makeup LMFAO. he (obviously) doesn’t pass and would never even get close, not even from a hundred yards away. i am definitely going to block him but he has a few things i borrowed him before he trooned out and i am fucking determined to get them back (and then sanitize them) before i never speak to him again. transparently, while i never found this message to be acceptable and thought it was weird as fuck, i have to spend too much time irl around “trans women are women too!!1!” crowd and i didnt really understand just how fucking disturbing it is until i read it back again to post here

No. 1547280

Yeah, TiMs and incels have unironically made me more suspicious of every man I meet. I was already cautious but now that I know how many of them think in terms of degrading fetishes, it has honestly really made me hate men as a whole. Sometimes I don’t like who I’ve become because of that, mainly because I notice so much more scary and objectifying shit now and then they get mad if you don’t play along with it. I don’t think I realized the depths of male depravity fully before. I guess ignorance was truly bliss.

No. 1547292

So sorry this happened to you nonna, hope you get your stuff back and he fucks off out of your life for good

No. 1547295

File: 1654200585864.jpeg (640.49 KB, 1284x2475, A3F3DE84-F929-4DCE-89F1-339A6B…)

Why are they always big into sonic ??

No. 1547298

I'm in the exact same boat nonna

No. 1547300

Autism. However I think the shoddy makeup is due to drugs.

No. 1547301

File: 1654200816188.jpeg (3.09 MB, 1000x2826, FI2poWdWYAQVnd5.jpeg)

I decided to look this guy up after seeing this comic posted so many times and uhhh he's sure something. (I found MUCH grosser stuff than this, I was originally going to post this one about sex robot maids before deciding it was too much lol)
You know why.

No. 1547302

You remind me of all the gay guys my age saying that when they were in high school the straight guys in locker rooms would do the gayest things possible to each other, then they would tease or even bully the gay guys for being a bit too effeminate. And given some videos I've seen on my TL I can believe them kek.

No. 1547306

what's worse is that this text isn't even the whole truth, because he doesn't want to just be on your level, he wants to be better than you. the internet and our porn-soaked, male supremacy culture makes them believe that an attractive, youthful girl is the highest status there is to attain which is a lie men prorogate to ensure they always have access and control over bodies they deem desirable. the lie is so pernicious and pervasive that even young men fall for it.

No. 1547311

>Spends so much money on hormones, clothes, surgeries
>Not on some braces
I hate this particular tranny so much it's unreal. The mockery of women he shows. Drag queens are based on mocking women, but trannies take the fucking cake in female mockery jesus fucking christ. That diastema is bigger than his '''''clitty'''''

T. Dental student

No. 1547316

Are there actually any women on earth who are into shit like this? I've never seen a woman bring it up, just the men who want to be humiliated. I find zero appeal in forcing a male partner to wear women's clothes, especially my own.

No. 1547318

I agree, he's insufferable and always talks over women. Comes off as incredibly patronizing and like he knows better than thou or whatever. He's ugly as sin to boot so seeing him gets on my nerves.

No. 1547319

Because they’re autistic men.

No. 1547326

File: 1654202631265.jpg (140.55 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_20220602-224206_Ins…)

This is the type of shit he posts

He also pisses himself in front of his female friends

No. 1547330

>He also pisses himself in front of his female friends

Where and how?! Does he just wet himself sometimes or are they also "kinky" people so they're cool with it and expect it? I just can't imagine why they'd continue to be friends with a bizarre sicko who sometimes pees himself around other people because it's his fetish unless they're also sickos.

No. 1547342

I used to, until i realized it was basically a form of troon conversion therapy, thats when i weaned myself off it

No. 1547343

it’s crazy because that’s so true, i just didn’t even think of it that way before. he came to my birthday party and anytime someone gave me attention - which was often, because it was my fucking birthday party - he’d be like “okay anyway let’s talk about me now,” and he exchanged numbers with my friends and started trying to hang out with them all immediately after the party

needless to say that was the last time i saw him in person and immediately told all my friends the weird shit he did/said and nobody wanted to even speak to him again lmfao

No. 1547344

A hetero troon once told me to my face women like it and have a humiliation fetish when I was trying to have a casual conversation with a group at a party. Like, telling a group of 4 girls that women like it. I had no idea what to say and just looked around and the other girls didn’t react to what he said and when I later asked about it they said I was making a big deal. I want to say it’s just autism cluelessness from males but I think troons are trying to gaslight women into normalizing and accepting kink shit. It’s darvo tactics

No. 1547345

That’s interesting though, I really wasn’t sure if it was a thing without men suggesting it. Was there a reason? Like you thought of it yourself or did someone else ask you to? The only reason I can come up with other than that is that plenty of women are into feminine men. Did it play into that some how?

No. 1547360

The vocal fry at the end of every sentence makes my head hurt

No. 1547366

He really loves that 3/4 angle, doesn’t he? Guess you’re not one of the tranners that love their body huh?

No. 1547373

File: 1654206026964.png (800.06 KB, 738x818, 63456e68c5707615c9e1633a04f72a…)

No. 1547378


No. 1547391

While looking for fanfics I came across this user on ao3 called "onlyanegg" that writes straight up pedo fanfics about Skyrim. Egg reference and pedophilia, it has to be a tranny. Can these sick fucking texts be reported?? (sorry idk if linking this is ok or not, it's not real cp but you have been very warned, could someone with an account report him wtf)


No. 1547392


No. 1547393

I don't get it either, even though I do like men in stereotypically feminine artifice, the reason it's attractive is because it's their choice that they put their own effort into. Delusional trannies and kinksters who need you to put their clothes and make-up on for them really don't have the same vibe.

Overall I think many women like gnc/feminine dudes, but said dudes are ridiculously rare, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was one particularly frustrated woman settling for a feminization kink haver to cope. There's probably a few women who engaged in sex with troons because although it's miles away it's the closest they can get.

No. 1547396

rat face matches the rat's nest

No. 1547397

Nona…it’s ao3. The whole point of that site is so people could basically post anything they want wrt fanfiction. I’m not saying I condone it but it’s sort of a waste of time to report things there. Not to mention a lot of volunteers for the site were recently sent actual cp like what gets posted here during raids.


No. 1547398

File: 1654207396830.png (829.05 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20220602-175555.png)

baby you are the dystopia

No. 1547401

Ao3 let some degenerate's explicit fanfiction involving an underage minecraft youtuber stay on yheir website. They don't give a shit. Entire point of their website is that you get to write anything you want, no matter how gross it is.

No. 1547423

Trannies think they are extremely charismatic and look like David Bowie

No. 1547425

If I heard that in an argument, I'd call them out on their "internalized misandry"

No. 1547430

Lain is ruined forever thanks to troons

No. 1547437

Is his urethra not still in his penis??? What does he mean sit to pee, pee doesn't come from the vaginal opening?????

No. 1547440

I’m guessing the rerouted his urethra to go to that giant hole. And oh nona don’t be silly. You know no man understands that women don’t urinate from our vaginas. I am sure this one had zero to a vague understanding of female genitalia.

No. 1547441

Maybe he’s from the fronthole saga of trans rights.

No. 1547442


No. 1547445

what is it that makes their torsos look so wrong? i’ve never seen a bra or bikini look right on a tim.

No. 1547457

Of course it’s a Target dressing room.
Males have very boxy torsos with no shape. Their bodies can look good if they work out enough to have muscles and wear clothing that flatters their shape. However, trannies try so hard to fit into women’s clothing that is more shapely. When they do this, it looks especially uncanny and weird.

No. 1547458

File: 1654212045977.png (2.15 MB, 1089x1447, lol.png)

I wish my female friends had 1/10th of the confidence that horrendous trannies have.

No. 1547462

Lain is canonly a terf why do they keep appropriating her

No. 1547480

File: 1654213449662.jpg (344.43 KB, 1247x2048, FTI-sLLVUAIJGte.jpg)

No. 1547487

the stench …

No. 1547493

File: 1654214269812.png (419.82 KB, 600x724, 69b.png)

No. 1547497

No. 1547499

these are the people that are supposed to be sexier and more desirable than us? the delusion is such pure schadenfreude. it fuels me.

No. 1547502

I wonder if he'll have to dilate his neo-pee-hole.
Over the past few years, the types of men I find attractive have done a complete 180. I no longer have any attraction to "alternative" men, I don't believe geeky, "sensitive", or feminine men are anything but narcissists and sexual predators in waiting. Even worse than a regular brainless bro. I wish it didn't have to be that way.
How feminine, elastic waist gym shorts. And a face like Dennis Nedry.

No. 1547503

what in tarnation

No. 1547512

File: 1654215407184.jpeg (727.21 KB, 1170x1169, B0931591-A658-4AD5-A0C3-4EF65C…)

that one is edited. the original is actually based

No. 1547514

this is genuinely disturbing good god

No. 1547517

Dental-chan why are his teeth so fucked up? Surely you can't be born with horrible teeth like that.

No. 1547518

Nona, I need some context for this pic. Where did you find it? Did he say anything about the outfit?

No. 1547519

Maybe stop “liking” this deranged pedo’s serial killer fan art?

No. 1547522

Ntayrt, but he just has an overbite with spaced out teeth.

No. 1547526

I’ve never thought I’d become that person, but I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’d like I want somebody who is predictable and safe

No. 1547527

File: 1654217078694.png (1.37 MB, 880x1762, 0.png)

@thetabbylamb on twitter, typical tranny narcissist.

No. 1547540

Is there even a predictable and safe type of man anymore? Nowadays it seems like all kinds of men troon out, often at the drop of a hat.

No. 1547569

File: 1654220288995.jpeg (624.39 KB, 828x1166, 93DB659E-B8AC-4223-A97E-EC2432…)

i’m probably just nitpicking but these men just throw on dresses and have the audacity to poll other approval-starved strangers about if it looks like they’re a girl. with no other effort, not even a comb in the hair.

No. 1547570

File: 1654220476754.jpeg (108.15 KB, 1600x898, l-intro-1647986470.jpeg)

No. 1547571

File: 1654220517285.jpeg (841.48 KB, 828x1252, F79E5CE0-C083-4094-A5FF-2052A3…)

i’ve seen women who look like this. i’ve seen women who look worse. it’s the obsession with performing their sexualized idea of femininity and their desperate desire to control others perception of them that is absolutely what makes their efforts so disingenuous that you can feel it seeping out of them.

No. 1547572

File: 1654220605370.png (71.93 KB, 600x213, scrote.png)

This is from a video about feminist thinking the same or some shit, apparently this "jojo" is a twitch streaming scrote..

No. 1547577

Twitch streamers are the absolute LAST group of men on earth who would know the first thing about women.

No. 1547581

File: 1654221336142.jpg (170.18 KB, 1930x738, 1642626724595.jpg)

No. 1547584

Okay, but it doesn't matter if we're infertile or unable to menstruate - our female biology is still innate, impossible to separate from our bodies and impossible to opt into. Dressing up and wearing make up is not.

No. 1547586

lmao is this the "on all levels except physical i am a wolf" guy from like 2012? tims are so fucked in the head

No. 1547588

Men who don’t watch porn or partake in online communities? Terminally online, porn addicted men seem more susceptible to troonism than the average moid.

No. 1547590

It wouldn't surprise me if some Amish moid out there is about to troon out lmao

No. 1547591

jacking off to teenage animals from an indie game is just part of trooning out

No. 1547593

Next TLC show

No. 1547594

"Something's A-mish"

No. 1547595

Honestly, straight black men seem the less likely to troon out but at the same time, the self indentifying "Straight" black man is more likely to fuck a troon on the low.

No. 1547605

File: 1654224034213.jpeg (101.86 KB, 1216x412, A4DD41DF-97D7-467A-808B-F4F307…)


The trancels view us as subhuman and yet the handmaidens still gush about how stunning and brave these hons are

(Sorry for the quotations idk how to green text) lol)

No. 1547607

kek stupid but I love you

No. 1547610

put one carrot nonna > then type

i hope this freak lands on a sex offender registry somewhere

No. 1547613

File: 1654224711905.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 734.93 KB, 750x1273, 23166915-FB99-43A8-A629-475607…)

The fake labia shaped like a tiny peen KEK

No. 1547617

why are they always threatening violence? no other marginalized group does this. not people affected by racism, homophobia, misogyny, classism. they might make mean comments publicly but thats it. its always "transphobia" that needs to be violently punished and silenced with death threats and theyre not even ashamed of saying it.

No. 1547619

If he’s gay and feeling like he was supposed to have been born a girl due to internalized homophobia, then absolutely.

No. 1547620

No. 1547624

I wish women would be more blunt and honest. Being a woman is being forced to make sacrifices for the sake of future procreation, and take responsibility for yourself and other people, from the time you're still just a little girl. Girls learn to hide and deny their problems in elementary school. Men have no idea, most of them get to keep thinking like little kids indefinitely. They go through life assuming women have no problems, as oblivious as little children are.

No. 1547625

File: 1654225170792.jpeg (689.5 KB, 828x1117, 2A1BFB08-2539-4536-813A-1F1291…)

>I hated those icky gays! and then I could make their whole month about ME!

No. 1547628

Don’t you dare compare him

No. 1547629

I have to say… this troon passes as a 40 year old mother of 4 who hasn't had a good night's sleep since her first child was born 12 years ago

No. 1547634

I knew there’d be at least one.

No. 1547635

Funny how first it was Antifa, then BLM, and now troons that all threatened violence. Wonder if there's a pattern there somewhere…

No. 1547636

He looks like he took a few blows to the cheeks with a lead pipe.

No. 1547647

File: 1654227654040.jpeg (848.14 KB, 828x1439, F77FC0F7-3D7B-4210-AF39-3480FB…)

looks suspiciously like faceapp, though the skin doesn’t seem smooth enough. picrel, not the same person but a classic faceapp butchering. too bad it can’t feminize their hands.

No. 1547668

These larping betas are so pathetic in real life they can't even speak to girls while looking them in the eyes, so don't be afraid. Dogs that bark etc

No. 1547674

I've noticed fat people tend to pass better in terms of appearance, for both mtfs and also ftms. Of course though, voice/height/hands/etc outs them immediately.

No. 1547678

What's this retarded copefic? kek. Notice how male they act when no women are watching?

No. 1547687

Who would have imagined that progressive ideology would lead to more autistic people getting surgically and chemically sterilised that nazism

No. 1547690

File: 1654234038627.jpg (225.86 KB, 720x1235, 20220603_011801.jpg)

This whole thread is truly a gem

No. 1547694

I saw a troon out with his girlfriend today. 40-50 year old man with his hair in pigtails holding hands with a normal looking 20-30 year old woman. His hair was short and curly enough that from far away I actually thought it was an eccentric dad with his daughter until I got close enough to spot the hormone man boobs.

No. 1547695

This made me rage. I was happy to see all the women telling him (and other troons) to shut up. Call me naive, but I really feel as if the tide is turning, albeit incrementally. Sure, the thread's locked now, but saying what those women in the comments were saying used to get one instantly banned.

What are you waiting for, men? Have you ever seen such fine females?

might still have been his daughter. Unfortunately.

No. 1547697

I saw one recently walking with a cute gnc woman and I'm still seething

No. 1547703

no shit.

No. 1547704

File: 1654237298278.jpeg (859.81 KB, 750x1357, 28595F2F-B687-49F8-BBD3-FC6BC9…)

I simply cannot

No. 1547705

File: 1654237443952.webm (2.77 MB, 960x540, Wolfman.webm)

No. 1547708

File: 1654238006189.jpg (566.17 KB, 810x2163, Screenshot_20220603-023138_Chr…)

I don't even want to ask what's going on with his moobage.

No. 1547709

File: 1654238104034.jpeg (367.99 KB, 750x1102, F3E94425-4BB9-48F7-A810-037D51…)

so inclusive

No. 1547711

>no i'm not comfortable doing so
says it all really doesn't it kek

No. 1547716

Late but I think this guy is doing it right and many nonas didn’t finish his interview. He seems very at peace with himself and doesn’t make his trans past a personality trait. I teared up a bit listening to him speak. I hope he continues to dwell in peace. We should be so lucky to have any self aware moids like this among us at all. CSA needs to be taken more seriously in the states.

No. 1547719

File: 1654239360891.jpg (8.91 KB, 300x250, b5fda3173f07c79577ba05d04724cc…)

…letting the straights, especially future AGPs, "participate" more and more to LGB matters was a mistake

No. 1547726

Troons biggest defense is “trAnS kIDs eXiSt ToO!1” but the only trans kids I’ve seen have been victims of abuse against their parents who were forcing them into troonism. The massive majority of MtF’s is turning out to be predatory, middle aged men who’s whole lives revolve around sexual consumption.

No. 1547729

Don’t forget gay marriage and trans shit is banned in Ukraine too

No. 1547730

is this a new post? I remember him typing something similar some time ago. He needs a wake up call, a smack in the face… these weird psycho episodes he has are fucking cringe.

No. 1547731

Christ almighty. That cleavage is non-euclidean.

The updated flag (not this one, which looks like a strange pair of gay Ukrainian pants and a feathered apron) is so hideous. The whole chevron is a travesty, but the worst part is the black; not for what it represents, though I do think the inclusion of race in a flag about sexuality is silly, but aesthetically. It's just so jarring to slap a black stripe on rainbow, and the brown is so dark it makes the black look even bolder. Crimes against my eyes.

No. 1547737

File: 1654241245837.jpeg (230.72 KB, 750x670, C39DA0E9-37BF-466D-8710-5F5731…)

Sorry, I deleted picrel and posted it to the detrans cows thread (I just realized there is one). He always writes stuff like this when he’s high. “I’m better and smarter than anyone else, all of you are stupid”. It’s so odd. I’m starting to think he really means it. I feel bad for him, but I don’t have a lot of patience for drug induced tantrums and constant suicide threats.

No. 1547740

That flag is the worst. It’s ugly and they keep adding shit to it. The OG flag is a fucking rainbow! It’s already inclusive FFS!

No. 1547743

Trans kids exist and they’re all victims of abuse, grooming, and homophobia from their parents and the troon cult.

No. 1547760

I mean this is the same unhinged narc BPD who was obsessed with Cosmo/Narcissa Wright after spending a weekend with him a few years ago. I wish people would stop platforming him. He's always been an insufferable attention whore. The God complex is nothing new. After all, he worshipped Cosmo kek.

No. 1547772

do men like this one actually walk in the open in the us? if i saw one in my city i'd sell all i own and move out

No. 1547779

Still nice to have a detrans man who is visibly mentally ill and having him state it as the reason he used to think he was a woman. It's good peaking material! This is what they're all like, mentally ill men with delusions. It's easy to point out that it would be harmful to both him and people around him to play along and enable this god complex… just like with his delusion about being a woman.

No. 1547781

Kek he is so fucking cringy

No. 1547782

i can not wrap my head around his moob anatomy, wtf is going on

No. 1547784

File: 1654246962948.png (597.66 KB, 704x675, 45.png)


No. 1547787

The "extremes" are generally read as more androgynous. Really skinny women and men start to look the same, the lack of muscles of the man and lack of fat on the woman makes them both look like nothing but skin and bones. And then really fat people lose their defining features and just look like big genderless blobs.

No. 1547792

No, if this fucker commits 41%, we’ll hear a resounding “estrogen would have saved her!” from the troons.

No. 1547809

I went to this degenerate's profile out of curiosity and another thing I noticed is that there are feminasations of dark skinned people into tanned/white bimbos. I know this is a dumb nitpick but why the whitewashing kek

No. 1547812

he's a hispanic moid and associates that 'blonde bimbo' look with femininity

No. 1547813

File: 1654249456600.jpeg (75.54 KB, 636x382, 1637046440514.jpeg)

This reminds of Walt Heyer, a MTF detransitioner, his case was really one in a million, see he didn't have the usual AGP TIM story nor was was he an HST, he had crossdressing forced upon him when he was a kid by his grandmother, he was beaten by his abusive father and was throughout this was being sexually abused by his uncle, he lived with this trauma for years and never talked about it

>I started my transgender journey as a 4-year-old boy when my grandmother repeatedly, over several years, cross-dressed me in a full-length purple dress she made especially for me and told me how pretty I was as a girl. This planted the seed of gender confusion and led to my transitioning at age 42 to transgender female.

>Eventually, my parents found out, and my unsupervised visits to Grandma’s house ended. I thought my secret was safe, but my teenage uncle heard about it and felt I was fair game for taunting and sexual abuse. I wasn’t even 10 years old.
>I lived as “Laura” for eight years, but, as I now know, transitioning doesn’t fix the underlying ailments.
>Studies show that most people who want to live as the opposite sex have other psychological issues, such as depression or anxiety. In my case, I was diagnosed at age 40 with gender dysphoria and at age 50 with psychological issues due to childhood trauma.

He probably passed better then 99% of TIMs cause he didn't try to look like a sexist depiction of a woman and genuinely seemed to believe that being a woman would cure him of his untreated trauma

No. 1547825

They really love to flip flop around whether trannyism is a medical condition or not. One moment they say it's just about the journey to your true self, but then the next they want the government to pay for their hormones and elective procedures. Which is it, troons?

No. 1547827

what makes you think he doesn't have agp? trauma my ass. he blames his problems on his grandma dressing him once for a joke and then deals with his half life crisis by playing a woman. he isn't different from current mtfs nonna

No. 1547829

she did it multiple times to him and used to tell him to not to tell his parents, it's fucking weird thing to do with your grandson, he also mentions the abuse he suffered from his uncle and father and how that fucked him way more

No. 1547830

Lol of course the mods locked it. Redditors are so predictable.

No. 1547832

How can they claim to be real women when they need women's help to live like a "true woman"?

No. 1547836

Yeah he passes better because he's dressed as a normal woman instead of a prostitute like most mtfs do. His story is sad and although I don't know if the dress affected his choice, getting sexually abused and having his crossdressing brought up by his rapist most definitely did.
He was sexually abused by his uncle and beaten by his father. Especially sexual abuse can make someone hate their body or want to change it. A lot of anorexic women for example have a past of child sex abuse. Victims of child sexist abuse usually hate their bodies and try to change it along with their identities, which the tranny agenda really promises to fulfill, only they won't be satisfied afterwards because the underlying mental problem still persists and they'll grow to hate their new identity even more.

No. 1547842

some moids mentioned here had the same sad sappy stories and you dont feel so sad for them, what makes him different other than he lived before reddit? since when does trauma excuse creepy fetishist behaviour? being abused by family members is not that uncommon and he had access to psychologists help, he was simply an old moid looking for an outlet for his fetishes, stop with that handmaiden talk

No. 1547844

Gaydens sometimes do the same shit on gay subs, but their retort is more along the lines of histrionics rather than entitlement. They get mad, but obviously it's nowhere near the shitstorm that transbians do.

I think reddit's tranny mods are more concerned with the feels of TIMs (cause they are TIMs). Weird how TIMs and TIFs retain the same social dynamic as their birth sex.

No. 1547858

That’s fucked, with my comment about any women who were into it though, I meant purely partners who have it as a fetish, not as some weird family abuse dynamics.

No. 1547868

File: 1654258508459.png (53.67 KB, 739x397, AGP.png)

yeah sure, there are TONS of studies proving that "cis" women are AGP. if i remember correctly there's one study and it had really misleading questions, so…

No. 1547873

the questions for that study were all like 'do you feel sexy when you dress up?' like that's equivalent to jerking off into your mother's underwear drawer

No. 1547876

File: 1654259499089.png (1.42 MB, 974x3899, 1EB25B61-BD9A-42B0-9C61-A6C69E…)

I don’t even get what that person is trying to say. AGP is used describe a very particular type of fetishist, though their focus may be different one from another. It doesn’t always have to do with genitals, some of them focus on the clothing or the humiliation/submissive gender roles, or specific body functions (lactation or menstruation). It’s been observed over and over with a very obvious type of man, it absolutely is real and it makes them seethe. Of course it doesn’t account for enbies and TiFs because it has nothing to do with them unless the NBs are also male (although I am not fully convinced that AAP doesn’t exist too for some TiFs). Anyway, all of that post is stupid and like you said, the study didn’t actually prove anything about women viewing their bodies/roles like AGPs do. If a woman puts on lingerie for sexual purposes, she’s almost always looking at herself through the gaze of her partner (particularly male partners though), thinking if she looks sexy for someone ELSE, not herself. It’s fine to see your body and think you look attractive, but masturbating to the IDEA of being a woman is not something women do because we just ARE women. Does touching myself at ALL mean I’m AGP because I’m touching a woman’s body that belongs to me and am going to get off from the action? No. That sounds stupid because I don’t get off to myself being female. I’m just doing it AS a female.

I’m posting this comic from the Reddit hate thread because I know if an AGP saw this, he would think it was about him or a gotcha for how women are totally AGP too!! when it’s really about how women are taught to perform for men and view themselves through a male gaze. How it’s just torture and these AGPs will never fucking get it.

No. 1547889

Male behavior.

No. 1547890

File: 1654261492343.png (2.67 MB, 1274x3295, 55800709-82A6-4C92-9A6E-79AB85…)

Women are jealous cope, as always.

No. 1547894

File: 1654261810165.png (956.74 KB, 1148x2124, F586ADFE-FCEC-490A-A665-D94D5D…)

For those who don’t know, “eww-phoria” is the name they’ve given to their euphoria boners when it comes from a misogynistic interaction or an event that would scare or threaten an actual woman (like some of them have referred to getting “eww-phoria” from being cat-called). They enjoy this because in their minds it means they are passing as women. Imagine replying to a random dick pick like this though and then posting about it in a way with anything other than disgust/annoyance/rage. Only trannies.

No. 1547895

>women mistook a grown ass man for a biowoman
>women made a scene because man wasn't texting back fast enough
>women are jealous of freaks in dresses

Reminds me of that one fucker who constantly has to repeat to everybody that he is trans. Yeah, we have eyes and ears, no need to point it out. You will never be (perceived as) a woman.

No. 1547896

File: 1654261953713.png (6.8 MB, 3166x1691, 3D525D21-0D30-418E-A5C3-09C29D…)

In case you were curious. These were both posted on the same day btw, one with the caption “me irl” and the second with “faceapp me”.

No. 1547899

Irl, women can always tell when something is off. We’ve been training since birth to be wary of men in order to protect ourselves. There is always something about troons that isn’t right, be it their mannerisms, voice, body structure, etc. Even the ones who get credit for passing well are still clockable and I’ve never heard of a woman being fully bamboozled by a male troon. It’s called being polite so they don’t go apeshit.

No. 1547909

>I really feel as if the tide is turning, albeit incrementally
I think you're right. A lot of people are peaking, including (previously) aggressive TRAs.

No. 1547918

That makes the most sense

No. 1547921

File: 1654264040131.jpeg (580.26 KB, 1284x1126, 81B371FF-2E16-4848-BBA2-B135D4…)

This is so fucking funny to me you just know these are the same dudes who would judge women for not looking like they naturally have a full face of makeup at any given moment, the guys who advocate to take your new gf swimming so you can see what she “really” looks like. I love watching them suffer through stereotypes they’ve enforced on women.

No. 1547927

File: 1654264469564.png (24.86 KB, 584x119, fuckingew.png)

i regret choosing today as my biannual twitter visit

No. 1547928

Imagining the poorly applied makeup running down some hulking man's face after biking is both hilarious and horrifying.

No. 1547929

Then maybe she should have been named Wonder Queer.

No. 1547930

as long as none can see the "bulge" they're happy. b/c the risk of losing the ability to orgasm and the guarantee of lost sensation is worth not having to tuck anymore for some.

No. 1547936

God forbid there are any role models for girls in media.

No. 1547937

a man wrote that. it's a male fetish and i hope every single one of these fetishizing freaks croaks.

No. 1547942

File: 1654265039581.jpg (116.73 KB, 632x697, 1628892949991.jpg)

he looks like a drag queen

No. 1547947

Oh I know. I just mean ARE there any women who actually are into it? I couldn’t imagine so but someone ITT proved me wrong. I can’t imagine it’s common at least. But the scrotes make it seem like this is a common fantasy for women too. It’s gross.

No. 1547950

…sounds like one of the moids into this shit fishing. fuck off.

No. 1547951

kek that man bod my sides

No. 1547953

I’m legitimately not. I’m the anon you were talking to and trying to wrap my head around this shit. Sage too if you want to accuse me of anything like that.

No. 1547958

That huge torso, trying to hide his big ass shoulders behind his hands, making a weird pose to look less of a plank and simulate curves he doesn't have, that huge male skull… kek, why do they do this to themselves?

No. 1547960

File: 1654265875272.jpeg (206.16 KB, 750x1198, 3E20A3A4-5F3E-489B-B6B3-C0829A…)

Personal cow- constantly posting hospital updates. Finally today- ‘lost my vagina’
So….. they sewed up your open wound. I’d personally be thrilled

No. 1547962

>I sadly lost my vagina
Can’t lose something you never had.

No. 1547963

>DEVASTATED to report I won't have to shove dilators in my giant open wound 3x a day and writhe in the worst agony I've ever felt in my life!
Trangenderism really is a mental illness, wow.

No. 1547964

File: 1654266191448.jpeg (71.54 KB, 596x398, 51BEBDF8-1992-4357-9914-1818B9…)

They are so fucking melodramatic. Is it also genocide when diabetics are unable to get their insulin? Is it genocide when cancer patients are on waitlists for treatment or surgery? I’m so tired of seeing them call it this. It’s an insult to people who’ve actually experienced true genocide.

No. 1547965

>wondering why the universe hates me so much

the universe doesn't hate you, you do. why else would you do this to yourself?

No. 1547966

If there is good in the universe, trans people will be effectively exterminated!

No. 1547969

One thing that boggles me about this is they’re supposedly sort of suicide baiting when they post these things right? I don’t know how else to read it other than “if we don’t get our hormones we will kill ourselves”. Any therapist worth their salt will tell you that you should never feel guilty in a case of someone threatening suicide to you and then following through with it. What a person does concerning their life in that way is not on anyone else because it is a conscious decision THEY make. So in a sense this is like grand-scale suicide baiting. Wouldn’t the best option be to increase the quality of mental health care of the country and address underlying issues instead of playing pretend with them and following their delusions? I don’t understand why I should feel bad about this. I don’t do guilt trips.

No. 1547977

File: 1654267324987.png (316.25 KB, 620x552, stickysituation.png)

at least someone in Austin knows what's up

No. 1547978

No words. Disgusting.

No. 1547979

Why don't they make their own queer icons from scratch? Why change existing characters to be their idols and something to look up to?

No. 1547983

Damn I need to start going around spreading some stickers kek

No. 1547986

File: 1654268174906.jpeg (287.52 KB, 815x1623, 569BD7CC-570B-4561-AC3B-63F137…)

why are the most degenerate trannies always Lain fans

No. 1547987

how easy the sticker came off, i think the tranny put it there in the first place just for some internet points

No. 1547988

I’m not even gonna lie, the lives of these fags sound incredibly overwhelming? Like imagine shooting up every single day. You can’t be mentally stable if you’re doing that unprovoked and of your own free will just because “UwU tranny women are women!!”

No. 1547995

Oh my god. In what world, what country, what region is being a mentally ill troon that people are too afraid to say no to because they don’t want you to shoot up a school considered “culture”. These men need to be put to sleep.

No. 1547999

Man I must have just misclicked I didn't even notice lol

No. 1548000

He uses the most blown out lighting to obfuscate the ugly bits and it still doesn't work. Why the fuck should anybody buy into the authenticity of his identity when he has to spend a dozen videos being defensive of it, all under heavy make-up and oversaturated lights?

No. 1548003

They watched the show, missed all the parts about the online world being an escapist fantasy people use to replace reality and probably got into the fandom cause they have a creepy fixation for anime 14 year olds.

No. 1548022

Imagine a normal human chest with two hot water bottles, half-full, draped over it.

No. 1548026

File: 1654271243141.jpeg (643.83 KB, 828x1346, 092DAB6B-F23A-40CC-9590-B26954…)

Holy shit, Lord Farquaad is looking rough.

No. 1548030

'Cause that would require creativity which is something they'll NEVER have.

No. 1548032

This is giving me flashbacks to every "Cops" episode featuring a tranny. They're ALWAYS doing drugs, always.

No. 1548035

File: 1654271814130.jpeg (290.24 KB, 1170x1940, EC54D7B0-F61B-4B2E-8AE5-AEE668…)

these men are fucking insane

No. 1548036

File: 1654271839794.jpeg (340.08 KB, 1170x1751, 1547F65E-E0FE-474B-A621-EA3AE8…)

No. 1548041

Yeah just look at how they steal slogans from every other movement. “Black TRANS lives matter”, “TRANS rights are human rights” (the og was “Women’s rights are human rights”), etc. Not to mention they can’t ever stay in their own spaces or lanes, they get to have theirs AND invade everyone else’s.

No. 1548052

(Anon you replied to)
I totally get your questioning. Two feminine goth men that I knew in passing trooned out though one of them is just calling themselves nonbinary but to me, they're both the same thing which are people not living in reality. And you're right, they do dress like AGPs, super short skirts with the fishnet stockings and poorly done eye makeup… The "enby" one does his makeup better but he's gay so not surprised about that tbh.
It's just sad because I remember a few years back before the troon fad exploded, you could see feminine looking goth and metalhead guys and them just owning it with no pretense, it was attractive (imo lol) but in recent times, this seems to be slowly going away and it's depressing to see.

>Over the past few years, the types of men I find attractive have done a complete 180. I no longer have any attraction to "alternative" men, I don't believe geeky, "sensitive", or feminine men are anything but narcissists and sexual predators in waiting. Even worse than a regular brainless bro. I wish it didn't have to be that way.

I can somewhat relate. There's still a part of me that finds alternative men attractive, it's the shared camaraderie because I have dated "normies" in the past and each one tried to change me so there's the belief in the back of my head that alternative men won't do that to me. But there's no question that what you said is true about how a lot of alternative men do tend to have a bit of narcissism and with the rise of troon-ism and how these guys have no shame showing their commer misogyny, there's just not as much safety/comfort with these kinda guys anymore. Now you have to worry about this shit lest you become a "trans widow" or stuck with a mentally abusive narc.

No. 1548054

surprised more people aren't reacting to this, this is easily among the top 10 most horrifying AGP faces I have seen

No. 1548055

It's funny in a way because a lot of these "popular" troons have their quirks to their deception.


Way overdone lightning that drown out his features
>Blaire White
Face altering recording apps
>Kat Blaque
Big glasses
>Katy Montgomerie
Face altering apps
>Samantha Lux
Face altering apps + badly matched foundation (kek)

Like the only troon who doesn't seem to alter themselves are Rose Of Dawn and Jesse Gender

No. 1548057

>The Boots

You laugh but hose are actually quite popular in the goth scene, they're called "winklepickers" and they are a staple when it comes to the trad look and I unironically like them. Pretty sure he's not actually interested in Goth music though so he's more than likely a poser trying to skinwalk an E-Girl he likes.

No. 1548072


No. 1548091

men are literally retarded

No. 1548098

File: 1654277273486.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1841, 79D0381A-E6A3-4305-BF95-B52AE6…)

I thought lying was bad

No. 1548105

I hate to admit but this one kind of does pass, at least from the profile pic and this angle. But why even clock yourself by wearing the diaper stripe glasses? I don't understand why they out themselves.

No. 1548107

Why does this moid have a giant lump on his moob?

No. 1548108

The thing is people with diabetes literally die without insulin. Cancer patients slowly decline and wither away without chemo or rads. Not getting treatment for these conditions LITERALLY kills them, not because they 41%, but because their body lacks a medicine that they need and is available freely in most first world nations. I'm so tired of troons using suicide as a weapon, like thousands of Floridians don't qualify for Medicaid and real people die all the time be because desantis refuses to expand it, even though the federal government has offered him billions in support of the program. The people dying of health issues in these red states would've lived if they were anywhere else, and that's the true tragedy. But let's focus on a group that kills themselves when they are misgendered at the grocery store. Forgive my a-log, I have so many feelings about healthcare in this country.

No. 1548110

>beyond dry hair
>weird lumpy boobs
>giant neck muscles
get your eyes checked nona

No. 1548112

I had to wait 2 years for a cancer surgery whilst everyone kept yelling about top and bottom surgeries being moved due to covid, waiting for that shit doesn’t kill anyone but waiting for a cancer treatment or insulin surely fucking does yet it’s never on their troon agenda

No. 1548113

Anyone passes in extremely angled and edited photos. Idk what the point of saying that is

No. 1548124

Homie is straight up clockable by his elbows. It’s okay anon. They aren’t in the room with us, you don’t have to lie.

No. 1548129

it's clearly a filter, pay attention to the face shape and skin texture

No. 1548132

Wonder Person with a Uterus

No. 1548133

i like her content i was so disappointed to see this fucking post

No. 1548142

kek anon

No. 1548152

File: 1654281232223.jpeg (785.37 KB, 1170x1207, A181B4DB-9267-4964-8BEE-C55E58…)

Moid lost weight and now he thinks he’s a real woman. Very telling how he doesn’t show his face.
>Pick up the gundam boxes from the floor faggot

No. 1548153

This is hilarious, what's this from?

No. 1548155

File: 1654281513932.png (198.4 KB, 1094x376, r4fre.png)

Sorry, accidentally sent before saging and now the harm's already done. Luckily someone bumped the thread before me anyways. Idiocy for tax. They're never satisfied.

No. 1548156

That's what peaked me in Contra's autogynephilia video kek

No. 1548158

It's like a triangle next to an upside down triangle (I'm ESL and I have no idea how else to say this). He has pretty much her opposite body shape.

No. 1548160

finally a city for terfs

No. 1548161

File: 1654282137159.png (49.75 KB, 748x347, b4bb9d1f38a3085c2fbbc4f35d82f4…)

truthfully, I find this so confusing I'm not sure it even belongs here but…
if you can't be a femboy fox then becoming a girl is the next best thing?

No. 1548163

i think injecting heroin and estrogen is part of a fetish for these uwu weak and tortured bottoms. it's bpd (male)waif behavior, learned helplessness, self-injury for attention from "rescuers," with female mimicry being apart of signaling helplessness

No. 1548168

the fried hair does not pass

No. 1548169

>"When and how did you discover this inner wolfness?"
>"UUUhm probably around age ten or eleven. I was watching an anime about wolves…"
R.I.P. satire

No. 1548170

I’m ayrt I hope I got my point across. I wanted to say what you did. It’s just stupid to focus on their hormones when there are people with much more urgent medical issues and legitimate health problems.

I’m so sorry nona. I hope you are doing better.

No. 1548172

I can’t remember the exact source, but someone a few threads back was talking about AAP and cited some study where they deemed AGP to be the standard motivation for TIMs, but TIFs were actually fetishizing gay men/adopting the idea of being male to protect themselves from the danger and fear their perceived as intrinsic with womanhood. Moreso the former than the latter, and I think the person who brought it up cited a case where an early like, 70s or 80s TIF went out and purposefully contracted AIDS in order to achieve “gender euphoria”
Of course, that isn’t the case for the TIFs who continue to date women, but I feel like AAP is less common than AGP. Like a lot of nonas I feel pity for TIFs that aren’t total narc basket cases, but mostly just contempt for AGPS/TIMs, especially in the way they do elevate their problems above TIFs, subconsciously retaining their birth gender role expectations as >>1547844 said.

No. 1548173

I think it’s from Matt Walsh’s new documentary. I saw some of it, didn’t have time for the whole thing. Bunch of stupid conservative shit but watching the gender people trip over themselves was fun.

No. 1548174

File: 1654282580322.png (642.36 KB, 616x468, awful.png)

>I can say I have never seen a single transbian date a real woman
BOO ! and a cute woman at that. though those two aren't really on the internet anymore, wonder what happened if anyone has any info.

No. 1548180

File: 1654282889615.jpg (123.77 KB, 632x696, 1654265039581.jpg)

This was exactly what I thought when I saw it. It's amazing how different the sexes are and yet troons think they can look like us

No. 1548182

File: 1654283049386.jpeg (51.71 KB, 622x457, D02C693F-7FE4-4DA9-9208-EB7F9E…)

He’s still on twitter.

No. 1548189

File: 1654283179561.png (189 KB, 354x544, awful.png)

samefag, they seem to still be together euuuurgh

No. 1548190

File: 1654283283799.jpg (73.46 KB, 925x948, b97.jpg)


No. 1548191

This woman has to be mental. Imagine meeting her and thinking she's normal and she introduces you to that thing, her totally valid transbian wife. I'd have to get the fuck out of the vicinity, that's mental illness right there.

No. 1548193

No I got what you were dropping nonna! I just wanted to soapbox because I have such disdain for troons attitudes and selfishness towards healthcare lmao. Makes my blood boil

No. 1548195

File: 1654283501596.png (47.6 KB, 760x266, Screenshot_20220603-120952.png)

You are one and the same

Also to that point why aren't they fighting the conservatives in power instead of random women online lol

No. 1548196

>he is a drag queen
There, fixed it.

No. 1548200

If troons are not men in power how can they change so many laws

No. 1548202

>as if their whole lives consist of more than playing dressup and jerking off
>as if they don’t benefit from laws punishing actual women
>as if they don’t pick fights with women on the internet constantly
>as if they don’t cry genocide when someone doesn’t like their AGP LARP
yeah. troons definitely should be telling feminist what to do. they pull the “why are you picking on lil’ ‘ole me?” card when convenient but seem to know what’s right for women across the board.

No. 1548204

Is this thing actually retarded or just very unfortunate looking?

No. 1548205

Progressive ideology also being harmful to women, black people, immigrants, disabled, etc

I'm noticing a pattern

No. 1548210

At one point Matt conflates roe v Wade with gender special retards. He’s an idiot sadly

No. 1548211

how is progressive ideology harmful to immigrants? are you a /pol/ moid?

No. 1548219

I hate how this idiot gets attention when it's feminists who have been talking about this for years

No. 1548227

progressives treat immigrants like retards while conservatives want to kill us for "stealing their jobs"

No. 1548228

people love to listen to men over women, on any topic

No. 1548230

Trannies are usually into transhumanism which is the plot of Lain.

No. 1548236

Or maybe it’s because Lain is a little girl and AGPs are all pedophiles.

No. 1548241

Matt Walsh is a dumbass but he really did give us a great comedy. I only got to the Marci Bowers interview before I fell asleep and it was hilarious. I could't stop laughing at how none of it makes sense. Matt Walsh is also very cringe during the whole thing and you can sense that he likes to smell his own farts. There's the therapist lady who doesn't know what a woman is because she is a gender special so she can't know, the dumbass sociology professor that almost ragequit, Marci Bowers the evil troon surgeon (one of Jazz's butcher) who doesn't understand Matt Walsh's analogy with mentally ill people that want to cut off limbs because they feel like amputees. I can't believe this is actually not some satiric comedy.

No. 1548244

True, it's both. HSTs are really into transhumanism though, at least it's really pronounced on VRCHAT.

As a side note, I love going on there and terrorising them with pronouns since half of the users seem to be troons. They get extremely pissed by female voices to begin with. Can recommend.

No. 1548247

File: 1654286314764.png (2.49 MB, 968x2171, screencapture-twitter-AliceAvi…)

No. 1548249

I hate him

No. 1548252

Incels will say “Scott pilgrim ruined a generation of women” then troon out and name themselves Ramona flowers.

No. 1548254

Ayrt yeah I know I can’t stand him. And like another nona said he gets attention for shit we’ve been trying to bring up for forever but he puts it under a conservative lense instead of from a feminist perspective. At least some of the interviews were entertaining I guess.

No. 1548257

>a cute woman too
No offense anon, I think we have different opinions on what “cute” is. Regardless, why is she still with that weirdo? Does she get something out of it?

No. 1548258

I just realized that this troon is Polish, and in Polish slang 'Maja' means morphine. So this degen probably actually named himself after morphine.

No. 1548259

I actually think Bowers got the analogy, but was trying to not acknowledge it because that would make the whole movement look bad.

No. 1548264

File: 1654287465091.png (852.24 KB, 1284x1677, 6CC31D67-8295-4CB6-B27D-BEF326…)

No. 1548268

two words: womb envy

No. 1548278

Good ending, its a cute femboy

No. 1548279

and he tried so hard to hide his shoulders! Like a pro, one huge delt basically out of the frame and the other one being covered while only super slightly standing with posture sideways and backwards. A+ for effort but reality can never be completely altered kek

No. 1548281

File: 1654288634582.jpg (98.84 KB, 783x914, IMG_20220603_215420_067.jpg)


No. 1548301

too bad they can't transition out of their neckbeard writing style

No. 1548306

I lost my vagina and have no spare! Can someone help me find it? Last time I saw it was on my bedside table, but it’s not there anymore.

No. 1548308

Literally how would they define their womanhood without "cis" women these men are such losers

No. 1548309

We need to drop the T from LGBT NOW or were screwed

No. 1548316

Ah, thank you nona. I was about to ree over trannies using machine girl iconography.

No. 1548330

“femboys” don’t exist outside of moid porn

No. 1548340

File: 1654293292678.jpeg (162.99 KB, 1284x692, 90B660B1-EEBD-41C0-8935-7D8234…)

No. 1548349

File: 1654293904202.png (Spoiler Image, 3.5 MB, 1277x3644, 5D4A2791-F639-4EBF-9026-B4DD89…)

Spoilered for moobs but them trying to figure out bra sizes always makes me laugh because of their massive male ribcages. With ones like this you just know they’re wanting to brag about how HUGE their boobs are like guiz there is MAJOR spillage in a 50 C bra his giant bimbo honkers are just ENORMOUS. It is so fetishistic and sad, I know a lot of women are uneducated about bra sizes but at least women don’t make it out to be so weirdly sexual when they’re trying to figure out their real size.

No. 1548359

File: 1654294626015.jpeg (198.02 KB, 1139x1037, DFAEF1C3-0B9A-480E-9DDD-7F041D…)

I’m so tired of these circular definitions. At this rate it wouldn’t surprise me if our first “woman” president actually was a male troon.

No. 1548360

Wonder if he selected AMAB on that calculator or….

No. 1548372

If Biden declared himself a butch transbian, there you have it, the first murican female president.

No. 1548373

These troids make fun of women’s natural breasts, yet their “boobs” look like this? The delusion.

No. 1548376

Trannies have completely thrown out AMAB and AFAB after “da terves” started using it (against them) kek. It was based when those girls put up an “AFAB only” sign on their locker room. Troons claim to be born women regardless of biology now. AMAB and AFAB was just a soft talking point to get the population to accept the cult ideology, just like how at the beginning of the trans movement it was “they just want to pee!”.

No. 1548377

Eh, I'll take the chance that this isn't some kind of bait. I'm into some of the comics/stories about guys being feminized to look like women. I blame this brainrot on consooming too much BL/fujo shit when I was younger; I was reeeally into the whole concept of feminine boys who look "just like girls". Turned out I was just a lesbian.

This is just a fantasy of course, because IRL guys don't magically turn into women when you put dresses on them. And a lot of the comics about this fetish are revoltingly misogynistic, which grosses me out. (I'm mostly into it because I like transformation stuff and I like women, and in fiction the guys always turn out perfectly feminine.)

I've never talked to another woman who's into the same thing, though I do know one guy who claims that his female cousin dressed him up in her clothes (he was 13 and she was 15, I think). Said cousin also turned out to be into women later on.

No. 1548388

Just watched it all, I wish this wasn't made by an obnoxious conservative man, there are some parts that are just annoying and unnecessary (why talk to a social scientist then get mad when he answers questions in regards to social settings? That whole segment was unbearable on both sides) but the parts where he talked to the older TIF and the scientists about puberty blockers were great and they should have elaborated on them more. Googling "lupron" vs "lupron puberty blocker" gives interesting results. More people need to talk about the names of the drugs given to trans patients.

>I blame this brainrot on consooming too much BL/fujo shit when I was younger; I was reeeally into the whole concept of feminine boys who look "just like girls". Turned out I was just a lesbian.
Are you me? After being around troons irl I lost this fetish because seeing real men mimic women was really gross. I still am a fujo but the difference between fiction and reality is strong for me.

No. 1548393

Ayrt, thank you for taking me seriously. When you put it from that angle (this sort of thing coming from manga and other stories), it does make a little more sense. There were many anime like that too I guess, with things like genderswaps or male characters who were thought to be females (I guess now we call them traps) because of how they acted or dressed. I can see how it might appeal to fujos or female weebs in a sense. I guess outside of that I just don’t know how this would develop because I can’t see normie women being into it. I think the reason it got to me so much with the comics in these threads and some posts I’ve seen TiMs make is because they seem to really think it can be reality in a sense. When I was younger, before this shit really took off, there was this very religious man I knew in college who came out to me as transsexual. I was very naive and told him I would help him with finding clothes and makeup, but I realized last minute I felt super sketchy about it when he showed up to my apartment and knocked on the door. I hid and never answered, but apparently he found some other woman to “show him the ropes” so to speak. There’s just something so creepy and objectifying about it and now I see how he was trying to involve me in his fetish. But a lot of these men really think they can mask it as having fun girl time or something or think this is a thing women are naturally inclined to do. It’s just weird.

No. 1548396

I'm also done with it. The TIF broke my heart. I loved the woman psychiatrist, I hope she won't be harassed. I wished he'd spend more time with the women from the african tribe. I loved the reaction of the men when Matt was trying to explain what being trans means.
I can see this documentary peaking people that are not aware of what is going on. It is very surface level but shows the insanity of professionals pushing this ideology.

No. 1548399

Nayrt but it really annoyed me at the end where his wife used the “a woman is an adult human female” thing, not even just because of the pickle jar (though that was stupid as hell), but because Posie Parker was the one who made that phrase become a thing in radfem communities and of course some stupid right-wing scrote has decided to pick it up for this. I don’t agree with everything Posie Parker does and even though it was a dictionary definition, she’s the one who gave it popularity wrt this issue.

No. 1548403

That whole part was so fucking cringe. I hate that it ended like that. I wish the documentary was produced and conducted by neutral people, just because it is Matt Walsh people will just see this a conservative propaganda.

No. 1548408

I don’t understand why people tell radfems that we’re basically far-right because we agree with people like Matt Walsh on this one thing (that sex is immutable and trans ideology is bullshit). If two completely opposite sides of a political spectrum can agree on something, doesn’t that mean that thing is basic reality? I would probably agree with the fucking ghost of Mussolini that grass is green, and that doesn’t mean I’m a fascist, it means grass is green.

No. 1548416

It’s because they don’t care and they’re trying to turn people against us. They misconstrue every single talking point radfems (and others with common sense) make because if they don’t, it will make them look bad. They also tell a lot of their own not even to look at “terf” spaces because what is said in them “isn’t worth reading and it’s just nazi bs”. They lie about everything we say constantly, like I think earlier ITT or the last where a TiM said terfs want every woman to be a feminine princess. It’s just blatant lying.

No. 1548418

File: 1654299865389.jpeg (57.94 KB, 693x665, 1ED20A86-A781-4449-A0E9-CF7274…)

Guess what scrote, people can date anyone they want for any reason and decline a date from anyone they want for any reason.

No. 1548419

Probably because they can find actual women with those same interests or don't want to date a man. Just a thought. Crazy I know.

No. 1548425

this is such a classic tim take
>not like other girls because uhh video games, metal, and anime (true, you aren't like other girls you're a man)
>acts as if attraction, especially physical attraction, doesn't exist or matter
>attempts to guilt trip people into dating creepy mentally ill and delusional scrotes

No. 1548432

I wonder if a gamer girl nlog hurt him in the past and now he is attempting to skinwalk her somehow.

No. 1548435

I’ve never seen anyone as obsessed or educated about cup/bra sizes than moids. It’s never a discussion for me or amongst my girl friends but they always jump on any opportunity to give their exact size.

No. 1548436

I mean he knows the answer but he rather have the bubble that is twitter to feed his ego than face his delusions. It's incel to tranny pipeline just like Thread OP picture illustraties. "I like thing nerd men like so obviously you should like me!" actual 1 brain cell thinking.

Everyone does these things. If a gorgeous women is into these things (which on twitters shows plenty of girls into all of these things or a combination) than a man is going to pick her everytime. Heck men will literally pick a girl the exact opposite of their interests if she's pretty and try to get her into his hobbies even if it's just tolerance for the sake of having a gorgeous girl. Why would they pick an ugly tranny in general over that, let alone just cause they watch anime too? I wish women didn't take the handmaiden pill because men are very adamant with their boundaries with he comes to TIMS. The minute they deviate from "I just want to live my life" to guilt tripping they kill them at worst of firmly say something transphobic without hesitation at least.

No. 1548438

YW nonna. For me, being obsessed with fictional femboys (or those shooped/filtered IRL 'femboys' who are pretty much fictional also, lol) came from being in denial about being a lesbian, along with internalized misogyny that made me feel like pretty boys were somehow "better" than pretty girls.

I did hang out with some TiMs in college (this was ages ago, I feel like they weren't so bold back then), like you this also helped me to see that the fantasy isn't grounded in reality. In a weird way I think meeting these guys might have stopped me from trooning out myself; I had this mindset that being a (pretty) guy was infinitely better, but these guys were so desperately envious of real lesbians that it helped me get rid of that idea.

No. 1548443

Yeah plus I feel like there can be such discrepancies with different bra-makers sometimes you just have to go on straight up measurements. I know they think adolescent girls just sit around all day talking about how big their boobs are getting or whatever but that was never a thing most girls I knew did unless they were just trying to get attention from a guy they liked since men are idiots and don’t understand bra sizes in any capacity. They just hear that a girl wears a C or D cup bra and lose their minds. I just know troons see a high number or letter and think they must be extremely womanly and have massive mommy milkers without actually putting stock into how you arrive at those things or how breasts can look bigger or smaller depending on band size/cup size, etc.

No. 1548444

Im into making my masculine but pretty faced boyfriends wear pigtails and my skirts and thigh highs, but I don't want them to become "the girl". I'm not into trannies at all

No. 1548445

File: 1654303260991.png (2.34 MB, 865x1641, trannyrage.png)

Trannies smash up restaurant after they hosted a fundraiser with JK Rowling

No. 1548446

I'm a woman who does those things and my biggest worshippers have always been turbo autist moids who have stalked me. These guys are the most sexist of all because before they meet a woman who proves them wrong (and subsequently stalk the fuck out of her), they assume "girls are too stupid to like the same music/movies/games as me" and will tell you that you're actually "not like the other girls". Tbh NLOGs wouldn't exist if men weren't the ones spreading that shit as much as they do. I guess it inevitably makes sense that these turbo autist guys troon out and just repeat the same sexist garbage as before.
I'm really greatful for no skinwalkers bc that sounds terrifying and exactly like something these guys would do to women that he describes. Ik plenty of anons here have told stories about their own skinwalk experiences. Why the fuck are these moids so obsessed with women who are alt or a bit nerdy? I assume it's just because the stereotypical hot girl is too intimidating for them tbh.

No. 1548450

NTA but let's be real, real men (particularly white ones) do not look as cute-faced as manga/anime characters. Not even guys who are relatively feminine. Whenever you put feminine clothes or makeup on them it's like their male features start to jump out at you.

No. 1548456

AYRT, you're totally right. The only ones I've seen IRL who looked even remotely passable were underage. Kek, even some of the kink comics seem to know this. Rather than drawing the "pre-feminization" dude as looking like a girl w/short hair, in some of the stories he looks like a regular moid at first, but once he puts on the dress suddenly in the next panel he's lost five inches of height and like fifty pounds and his entire bone structure is different.

No. 1548461

File: 1654304993496.jpeg (382 KB, 1284x934, 819DDC59-8AC9-439A-8EEE-FE5C54…)

I saw that the fundraiser was for JKR’s childrens charity which is focused on efforts in Ukraine right now, specifically helping orphaned children. They also reviewbombed that man’s restaurants, one of which that’s apparently been there for six fucking decades. He hasn’t even come out and accused TRAs of the vandalism but has alluded to it being a a very interesting coincidence, good on him for protecting his ass tbh. This kind of shit makes my hatred flare nonas I can’t lie. It reminds me of the rat they stapled to the Vancouver Rape Crisis Center. How you can attack these places and say you’re on the right side of history I have no fucking clue. Fuck them. I hope JKR can help repair the business.

No. 1548462

File: 1654305199898.png (1.28 MB, 1284x3178, 0E651A73-FBA3-49BD-8E72-F424F0…)

Here’s the rest of the owner’s tweets about it. These TRAs who do this are fucking unhinged over the most mild shit.

No. 1548465

>Why the fuck are these moids so obsessed with women who are alt or a bit nerdy? I assume it's just because the stereotypical hot girl is too intimidating for them tbh.
This. It's not a compliment, they would go for the hot brainless bimbo in a second if they could get her. Which is why it's so extra delicious when they cry about other men judging them for their bodies instead of "what's inside", like they themselves don't do that to actual women every day. Sorry that the Hollywood guilt trip only works on women, you literal men. I think the "alternative" girl is just eye catching enough that they remember her alongside the hot girls they couldn't touch.

No. 1548466

I wish every white person who larped as a Muslim was sent to United Arab Emirates, without any time to change their clothes. I'd love to see them pull this crossdressing hijab shit there.

No. 1548467

'Cause these same people are trying to do this divide and conquer bullshit that wiped out the Occupy Wall Street movement.

No. 1548469

Hope they got these faggots on film. The day of the rope is coming.

No. 1548471

Do we have a mirror for Walsh? I was halfway through and the feed cut out.

No. 1548474

So much for caring about the working class

No. 1548479

You can torrent it, it is on pirate bay.

No. 1548482

Alt girls are the "stacies" of the nerd sphere. Attractive but attainable (well, more attainable than the popular girls)

No. 1548485

Someone posted several mirrors on KF. Some have been taken down but not all. Sorry for linking there but I figure more people might want to watch.

No. 1548486

most attractive white moid with dreads

No. 1548488

thank you anon i was just about to ask here. i dont want to give him any money but a lot of his gendershit talking points are so good. too bad the left will never question it.

No. 1548489

File: 1654308130586.jpeg (570.55 KB, 750x1027, 300582F7-ED8D-4CAF-A9BB-E4E5CD…)

This checks out. Troons are pedos.

No. 1548490

File: 1654308175164.jpeg (327.69 KB, 1000x1000, 1595384189060.jpeg)

>2 minutes in
>matt walsh goes on some tangent about how women are such a MyStErY
this is fucking insufferable and why i hate rightards but ill watch anyway for troon tears

No. 1548493

I work in the game industry and even the ones who claim to be "male allies" are guilty of this shit. Even if they put in a stronk female YASSS QUEEN character, it's just to pat themselves on the back for NOT having sexualized her.

No. 1548494

>Women are such a mystery
Fucker has two sons, though!! Okay he's either purposefully being this retarded or his wife fucking HATES him. I can't picture any sane, rational woman putting up with a man who acts like that.

No. 1548496

I'd also throw all their BFFs, the westernized apostates who play disingenuous "not all Muslims" games, on the plane as well. The ones in Afghanistan threw a fit when they found out that western media corporations weren't going to send in a special ops team to evacuate a bunch of bloggers. They were always there to defend the shitty status quo for ordinary women and girls, all that mattered is their social climbing and virtue signaling. I'd love to have seen all their faces when they realized that the men they caped for were back in charge.

No. 1548503

Call me crazy, but sometimes I think the liberal defense of Islam and their authoritarian silencing of ex-muslims lead into censorship of GC thought and other unorthodoxy.

Different topics, but same censorship

No. 1548520

File: 1654311546562.jpeg (685.14 KB, 750x1183, 8848759C-1030-4BE0-96FC-BAB335…)

It’s embarrassing how makeup subs worship troons. This a genderfluid hon, or in other words, a boymoder.

No. 1548531

File: 1654312017596.png (124.43 KB, 616x515, iwac.png)

No. 1548534

i took a gender studies class in college kek and one day our professor asked why comparing the two is wrong and one student said it’s because transracialism, unlike transgenderism, relies on stereotypes. so stupid.

No. 1548540

This sucks. I hope JK helps out the business owner with the damages.
They stop caring about the working class, racial minorities, and poor people when they don't support troons. TRAs virtue signal for "the cause", but will throw anyone under the bus for having a different opinion.

No. 1548564

It showed me that wealthy men can pay off the "news" and enforce a new reality before most women even notice that a game is being played. 20 years ago people would have thought you were crazy if you told them that news outlets were going to defend child molesters, rapists, or "refugee" men with multiple slave wives in tow. Men are very good at playing the victim, and women are too quick to believe them.
This is what makes the ride or die position the left has with troons so stupid. They're only aligned with the left for their own benefit. If somebody on the right offered to subsidize a Troonstown, they would all flip in an instant.

No. 1548569

Anons, it's really obvious he is playing the part of dumbass in the first half of the doc to emphasize how stupid the fuckers he interviews are.

No. 1548570

That may be true but he is also a dumbass in a different way. I am not on his side either.

No. 1548578

thing about this is the complete irrational idea that as long as they have male hormones in the normal female range that all their maladjustment, self-hatred and psych issues will be gone. This one is irrational enough to want ALL """testosterone""" gone?? Yeah, there is evidence that hrt may improve functioning but results take YEARS to see and in the meantime these men will be suffering from hormonal imbalance and health issues like a complete lack of libido die to the high dose cross sex hormones they're pumping into their body. He'll never be happy. Hrt & surgery makes them temporarily high abd once that high wears off they will seek more and more shit to feminize themselves because their current situation is unsatisfactory.

when you get on hrt @ <18 you are absolutely going to ruin your quality of life. there is also very real possibility that you won't live very long. but instead of focusing on something other than how many milligrams of estrogen you need to grow big boobs these fuckers spend all day in toxic ass group chats/imageboards/discords with other mentally ill moids and refuse to be brought back to reality. They have serious comorbidities that need to be addressed but they're all deluded and focused only on their GenDeR. It's painfully obvious how internalized homophobia & fetishizing straight men & "het relationships" is virtually every HSTS' motivation for transing.

No. 1548585

File: 1654317068867.png (1.11 MB, 750x1624, 4119C7A8-2962-4B43-9282-DD8892…)

Their memes are so self-aware in a way. Before: misogynistic men who oppress women.
After: misogynistic men on estrogen who oppress women and groom children.

No. 1548586

it's not "really obvious" if someone like me, who is watching with the intent of agreeing with him, doesn't see it
that being said his fundamental questions are extremely important

No. 1548587

also the right only exists due to coomer delulu

No. 1548589

Considering the Bowsette phenomenon was just a whole bunch of porn, I think this is pretty telling.

No. 1548593

when is it not "a lot of porn"
i hate mtfs with a passion. before the edgy idiots sent death threats to women en masse I felt mild pity for them. never again. they're all insufferable trash.

No. 1548612

just disfigured. else it'd be on par with zoophilia for me
>Bunch of stupid conservative shit
not even really even at all ! he mostly asks questions and the answers are either funny and nonexistant or truthful and horrible.

No. 1548633

File: 1654323965257.png (781.4 KB, 768x1024, FourtyOne.png)

Well, girls? You feeling gender envy yet?

No. 1548640

File: 1654324655561.jpeg (683.21 KB, 750x1217, BBF3111B-119C-4068-8149-93886E…)

If a time traveler from the 20th century time randomly appeared in my house, this pic would be the first thing I’d show them.

No. 1548643

I hope he at least neutered himself before he had a chance to reproduce.

No. 1548650

File: 1654325872061.jpg (3.01 MB, 810x9018, Screenshot_20220604-012959_Red…)

I just encountered this degenerate's sob story wall of text on trans reddit. Small world kek:

No. 1548654

File: 1654326780497.jpg (29.78 KB, 500x563, ugh 2.jpg)

>she was wearing mine lab coat and thigh highs

I get that he is going through shit bu why do we need to know this? go find a hotline, psychologist or friend to talk about this to.

No. 1548656

something about this delusion and specifically male lack of self awareness makes me wanna a-log. on the other hand, it's so fucking funny.

No. 1548657



That is astronomic levels of pic-me, though. Nothing more pathetic than a deluded moid begging for the validation of other pornsick abuser moids. dude, you can have it. enjoy.

No. 1548664

File: 1654328573529.jpeg (694.27 KB, 750x1192, FD6FA316-C68D-4CC6-9134-CF4386…)

Is this a 40 year old man trying to copy the e-girl trend from two years ago? kek

No. 1548665

>guys will be like "I want a nerdy girlfriend" and still won't date men
fify, faggot.

No. 1548667

When will these faggots understand that Rin is a "cis" man and just a gay crossdresser? There's literally another TIM in Catherine and Catherine Fullbody who's actually an important and popular character. And isn't that red head character a child? Jesus…

No. 1548670

File: 1654329047439.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 312.83 KB, 750x2172, 9B0CBF7F-4402-46CC-9BD6-1D5332…)

His reddit post history is exactly what you’d expect.

No. 1548671

File: 1654329275201.jpg (19.33 KB, 500x375, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.jpg)

"could i trap you"

No. 1548674

>i don't know many cis girls, being an IT student
the jokes write themselves LMAO

No. 1548677

I don't share all of his beliefs but Matt Walsh is probably more in alignment with most posters here than they realize. It's really a shame that people choose to ignore any media that doesn't 100% match with themselves. That mindset is exactly what is fueling this tranny agenda. Choosing to ignore people who share your beliefs but have a different political party is not going to get us anywhere.
Also consider that this might actually get through to regular people. Who will most of the population listen to and trust? A droning, boring conservative moid, or someone like Exculansic? He may not be the ideal messenger but he will get more eyes and ears than any openly feminist woman making the same video. That's just the harsh truth. The more people openly talking about this, the better.

No. 1548678

A diet of chicken nuggies, mountain dew and dysgenic genetics will do that to you.

No. 1548680

dysgenics is fine by itself. adding "genetics" is redundant.

No. 1548683

Where did you come from, right wing boomer?

No. 1548684

JFC I hope his girlfriend wises up and leaves him before his nuts are functional again. Men like this shouldn't breed, he's an addict with every mental disorder a doctor can diagnose. He takes no responsibility for himself, 100% has HPV, he wants to flee his home country, he expects his girlfriend and some cursed baby to fix him. He is going to destroy that woman's life, and since he's young-ish, she's probably even younger, like 18-22, and has no idea how shitty and self-absorbed pity-whoring men can be.

No. 1548691

File: 1654333008228.png (130.85 KB, 1176x600, tranny at the airport.png)

No. 1548693

File: 1654333313801.jpg (265.98 KB, 977x1618, image.jpg)

No. 1548695

File: 1654333938324.png (906.94 KB, 1189x717, Screenshot 2022-06-04.png)

he is a white weeb incel coomer with an asian tranny as a gf and they go around as a "lesbian couple" and he posts a bunch of anime girls thinking he looks like them.

No. 1548701

File: 1654334679862.jpeg (482.32 KB, 2400x795, 4E575D58-E4BA-4368-8662-AB216D…)

this is why you should never give into their demands, these men will never be happy. no matter what you do it won’t be enough so you might as well choose honesty. don’t ever feed the beast.

No. 1548710

File: 1654336890371.png (42.21 KB, 736x358, fuck these guys seriously.png)

i hate these men so goddamn much. they really think misogyny is a fun little game.

No. 1548711

kek wtf i thought that was Jerma on the left

No. 1548715

can these nasty fucks just fuck off with their humiliation fetish and leave women alone?

No. 1548722

File: 1654339384911.png (366.08 KB, 638x568, Sik_Facadian.png)

do these hulking y chromosoids really think estrogen is gonna do anything other than give them a limp wiener and a sad pair of saggy moobs?

No. 1548724


wow that's a $20 cab ride from his eyebrows to his hairline
It really looks like his hair is trying to run away from his ugly drooping face.

should start a business renting out parking spaces on that massive dome

billboard brow looking ass, the disgusting awkward moid smile really sells it

No. 1548726

His face has serial killer vibes

No. 1548732

File: 1654340834311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 715.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220604-130638_Red…)

Wow these moobs look terrible

No. 1548735

File: 1654341436627.jpg (561.4 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20220604-064727_Chr…)

Every transbian stereotype

No. 1548737

File: 1654341494189.jpg (684.01 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20220604-071221_Chr…)

No. 1548739

Hips don't lie, as they say.

No. 1548740

File: 1654341605876.jpg (372.55 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20220604-071327_Chr…)

No. 1548742

This is what they take horse piss pills for? kekkkk
> accept you will never be a woman

No. 1548744

Men age like milk, this dude is 30 and looks 10-15 years older than that

No. 1548760

Trannies are funny. Thinking they're supporting the working class while lobbying to waste their tax dollars on their fetish. They scream genocide at the thought of having to pay for their transition. Like it's life-saving. Like this is in any way comparable to not getting insulin or chemo. Maybe they should try pimozide? It's covered by Medicare.

I know their use of leftist labels is just a social identifier with no real meaning, but the state of every movement is so pozzed right now.

No. 1548761

9 is kind of early to be growing pit hair isn't it? I imagine the distress was because none of the other boys had hair there then. does he not realise women grown hair on their pits too? why would having hair in the same place women grow hair be an egg moment? or am I misunderstanding the tweet.

No. 1548763

> they don't deserve that kind of power
this will be cringe but the whole "the hate us because they aint us" fits perfectly here.

No. 1548764

I mean I don’t ignore him. I watched it and have watched some of his videos before (this goes for other people who speak on this issue from the same and different angles too). But I’m not going to trust a scrote with right wing motives. I’ll accept the fact that this will peak more normies and some of them might be more willing to listen to our arguments as a result of it, but this is one of the reasons TRAs call us bigots because these people share this one view on something with us. I don’t want to be associated with that any more than I have to be. And in truth, it isn’t going to bring people who already dislike us to our side. Just because a conservative woman watches this and agrees with him doesn’t mean she will be my ally on things like abortion or other womens rights. Like I guess it’s great we can both shit on trannies together but it doesn’t really do much when she’s still going to be voting and lobbying for things I don’t agree with on the other side. I don’t know what the clear answer is to be honest. I think using their voices can work short term but it’s not really helpful in the end if it just puts us back at square one with a lot of other things. I understand what you’re saying, I just don’t know if it’s that simple.

No. 1548766

The jokes write themselves. We don’t even have to do it for them.

No. 1548767

The red head one is from Celeste, unfortunately the creator said the character is canonically a TIM.

No. 1548769

Oh, well. You’re still a creepy guy.

>they don’t deserve that kind of power
Yes male, we are aware you hate women. Too bad there are no thought police in the world just yet, so we will always have the power to think about how much of a moid you are.

No. 1548770

This one is like vomit-inducingly ugly to me. His face and hair made me recoil.

Well thank god women don’t get armpit hair and puberty and we just remain naturally hairless our entire lives. Jesus idk how he did it.

No. 1548772

I hate how they all have that shark. I like sharks, I kind of want to take it back from them and make it a terf thing. I wonder if that would upset them?

No. 1548779

thank you anon for your sensible post. it's important to keep yourself from narrowing your horizons to tunnel vision, as rightful as the anti-troon anger we all feel is. matt walsh is definitely useful even if he's a grating boomer.

No. 1548780

Anon, Matt Walsh is 35. He’s grating but kek

No. 1548781

Nah, it's a correct assumption. They can spend whole days posting on Twitter about how trannies are more female than women, how their womanhood is superior and how they have better sex lives, but all of this is a cope.

They know they're not women and will never be. If they were secure in this identity at all, misgendering wouldn't be a thing they care about, they wouldn't need to seethe about women for no reason and they wouldn't need to justify all the reasons why and repeat all the post structuralist arguments about how they are actually true and honest women. They wouldn't need this external validation in the form of gaslighting everybody.

They seethe at women because even they know they're a fraud.

No. 1548783

File: 1654346614296.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1150x2030, 21B36735-9972-40F2-8DB5-9E0DF6…)

Two males won a women’s biking race in London. There were apparently two categories for the race. The “thunder” and “lightening” races. Thunder was for “cis” men and NB/trans people who’s physical performance most closely aligns with men, and lightening was that but in reverse (for “cis” women and genderspecials who’s ability aligns most closely with women). Now how in the fuck does it seem like these scrotes have athletic ability closer to a woman’s than a man’s? Here’s the reduxx article if anyone wants to read more.

No. 1548784

Samefagging but the two AGPs kissing while the real winner tends to her child really encapsulates so much.

No. 1548785

File: 1654346803190.jpeg (353.33 KB, 1262x898, 245A1C92-E9F5-44C2-9FE5-D22B61…)

Ah okay. So it’s just based on self-ID. No need to even prove shit when they just “trust” any male to come up and say they want to compete against the women.

No. 1548790

Anon, stop trying to make rightoid scrotes happen. It's too bad people are so pathetic they won't listen to the feminists who've been saying all this and more for decades, but will snap to attention when some lunkheaded male says the same thing but with more misogyny. Women don't need more of that shit or to give it a chance.

No. 1548798

File: 1654347829839.png (1.78 MB, 2504x1125, 977F98C8-E250-455A-AE57-49A44C…)

The way they attempt to Frankenstein themselves to try and mimic us is beyond creepy. It’s just unsettling how they talk about it. Imagine having to do all of this shit instead of just waking up female every day. Not going to address the HRT hips, or lack thereof.

No. 1548800

File: 1654348242920.png (353.51 KB, 933x576, 75AA1710-3F82-41AD-AA0A-7CF0E6…)

This dude is an idiot….

No. 1548804

lmaooo anon i didn't know that.
>they won't listen to the feminists who've been saying all this and more for decades, but will snap to attention when some lunkheaded male says the same thing
you said it yourself. that's the first step in peaking normies.

No. 1548805

This is a fucking horror movie.
Oh, you know, this is just what girls do. We get our hair done at the salon, we get manis and pedis, and then we surgically open up our entire back to chisel away at every rib so that metal plates can be inserted

No. 1548806

What even is he talking about? Altering his anatomy for birth or women's sports?

Hormones aren't gonna do shit for a giant part of your established skeleton. And you'd think having to have so many elective surgeries (undoubtedly with side effects and mechanical/physiological damage) to get a tiny bit closer to impersonating the opposite sex, should tell them all of this is bullshit?

No. 1548807

At this point I'm grateful for anyone who doesn't bend the knee. I don't think he has scrote qualities either. He's anti-porn and doesn't tip-toe around degeneracy. Why does it matter who the message is coming from as long as it's the same message we want? That men aren't women, they're just sick fetishists. Just be happy someone is saying it and not "Omg we said it first tho!!1!"

No. 1548808

Alter it all you want, you can’t have kids, mate, With all the massive shit you’d be doing to your body, on top of organ rejection and potentially infection and death from immunosuppressants, your brain not knowing what to do with a damn uterus, the lack of an ability to create a placenta, unregulated hormones; you’d die. Not to mention women who have uterus implants only have them during the time they carry their babies, and remove them. They don’t keep them. They also don’t deliver vaginally. Dumbass. I’m really sick of seeing this.

No. 1548811

It’s just so evil and perverse, I love this thread but whenever it pops up it never fails to make me absolutely sick.

No. 1548813

Same nona but; all I’m saying is, go pick up an actual anatomy book and read. Males and females are built differently, there is nothing similar about their hips at all. You have child-birthing nothing, except delusions.

No. 1548816

Yeah, femninists have been saying it for years behind closed door and on anonymous websites. Why is nobody listening???

No. 1548817

Well, when they try to say it anywhere else on mainstream sites they are banned or shut down immediately. So we should just keep quiet and let moids talk for us instead of trying to get louder?

No. 1548819

No. 1548821


No, we should get louder. We have to stop being scared of hurting feelings or being cancelled. We're going down on a sinking ship without even fighting.

Look at Lia Thomas, none of those women wanted to compete against him but instead of refusing to compete and possibly lose their athletic career, they went along with it instead. They shut up and drank the kool aid.

No. 1548823

chris chan facies

No. 1548824

lizard eye tumors and a linea nigra lmao

No. 1548827

File: 1654351546554.jpg (132.63 KB, 750x1000, raf,750x1000,075,t,FFFFFF_97ab…)

One thing that amazes me about men is that most never stop having childish daydreams and then presenting them as an actual life plans. Most women get that worked out of them around 20 at the latest. Nobody is going to saw on this guy's bones just for shits and giggles. That's a ton of physical trauma all at once, it's not magically not an injury just because it's surgery. And even well established implants like dental, hip, and knees still have high complication and failure rates. At least if your knee replacement gets infected and you have to spend a month in the hospital, it served an actual purpose.

No. 1548830

it's funny because the shark outs them as being terminally online /tttt/ posters and casualties of porn-sickness

No. 1548831

The shark doesn’t deserve that. It deserves to be a mean radfem icon.

No. 1548833

File: 1654352073034.png (1.31 MB, 600x1200, 58F1CB97-AF46-433B-A0B4-95B1C0…)

Some vintage cringe

No. 1548834

because for these guys the next step in removing degeneracy after the tranny problem is putting women back in the kitchen. did you forget that abortion has already been banned? this shit already happened to women's movements against porn in the 70's, the right co-ops women's narrative on porn to push their version of nuclear family values, the left has a reactionary term, we never make progress because we fluctuate between these two extremes. rightoids should be ignored and discouraged from using radfem talking points, even if it takes longer to peak people.

No. 1548836

File: 1654352107414.jpeg (17.79 KB, 400x298, 9C54DE2F-667E-4D83-AC26-81118A…)

Pic related

No. 1548838

Oh my bad nona. Yeah I agree with you. I feel really bad for some of those swimmers who did attempt to speak up only to be told their lives would be ruined if they did. It’s fucking incredible. Sometimes it really feels like these anonymous or private spaces are the modern equivalent of secret meetings women had back in the day. Even now we still aren’t allowed to speak over men, we have to discuss things between ourselves in hidden spots (obviously this one isn’t so hidden, but private discords and the like). It’s just ridiculous. I was a teen in the 2000s and remember being annoyed at how misogynistic and pornified things were but I never could have predicted that men would start trying to wear our skin in large droves and calling us bigots if we got upset over it. Sometimes I really do wonder if violence is the only answer. I am reminded of that village in Kenya called Umoja where the women left to make a safe space away from the men who raped and threatened them and a million other shitty things men do. Even though they are occasionally confronted or attacked by men from neighboring villages they have the numbers and skills to deal with it and aren’t afraid of making noise. I wish more women WOULD be loud. If all of us ganged up on a bathroom AGP for instance it would be much easier to deal with these creeps.

No. 1548840

File: 1654352212435.png (563.73 KB, 705x767, 44BAAC06-EA86-4965-8CCD-903505…)

No. 1548842

God they’re so socially inept. They really can’t distinguish between people being genuine and people taking the piss.

No. 1548844

File: 1654352764783.jpeg (176.49 KB, 1080x1658, 48519535-7395-4589-AF21-517135…)

No. 1548845

Not really a joke when it’s the literal truth, and a fucked up and disgusting truth at that. It’s so funny how the moment they get any backlash for something they get extremely defensive and start crying oppression.

No. 1548846

File: 1654352919651.png (365.36 KB, 1280x853, 6E0333D8-2C2A-4E3D-831D-ED794F…)

This just in its misogynistic to talk about your period.

No. 1548848

File: 1654352966813.png (1.2 MB, 680x1148, 3A0798D9-1FCF-44DD-B998-52A0D5…)

It’s because they’ve spent so long hug boxed like picrel that they have the thinnest skin

No. 1548851

File: 1654353014824.jpg (61.05 KB, 800x450, agp.jpg)

No. 1548853

Lmao this is so backwards it feels like satire (assuming the first poster is a TiF). Anyway the way that TiMs get so upset whenever women talk about periods and the like just makes me want to talk about it more. The only thing that keeps me from doing so is the fact that some of them are going to masturbate to it. Also like, that dude says to be considerate of women who can’t menstruate, I know he just means troons, but no actual woman I’ve met who doesn’t have a period get this upset over hearing other women talk about it.

No. 1548856

File: 1654353474100.png (47.13 KB, 659x406, working for womanhood.png)

I can't believe they expect us to watch them talk about women like this and never think, feel, or express any disagreement with it. I can't believe I ever defended these people or identified as one of them. They truly think they are more female than females because they 'work' to imitate us. These fragile yet inflated egos are the core of this movement, it's the purest narcissism I've ever encountered. Actual fucking clowns.

No. 1548857

Notice that first the male troon attacks a person he thought was a “cis” woman before immediately changing his song to be about misogyny when the FTM gets upset over misgendering. I just find it funny his post probably said some misogynistic shit itself but the tables are turned after he thinks HE is the woman in the situation. So fucking stupid everyone knows who is male and who is female and this interaction just makes it more blatant.

No. 1548858

I read that part with a german accent lmao

God. I know it was just a trend, but that look was kind of creepy on teen girls let alone grown men. I wish dudes understood that the male equivalent of pigtails and fake freckles is a bowl cut and a little sailor suit, and if they were embarrassed to wear the latter then women would be embarrassed to wear the former.

I read recently that extreme misogyny is intrinsic to AGP. It's a kind of avoidant roleplaying that requires a target that is completely alien to them, and the escapism gives them relief from whatever they can't handle. For that target to be a woman, they have to already believe that women don't think as they do, that women are inhuman. I think that might be why so many troons are autistic; autistic people sometimes struggle with empathy or considering the circumstances or thoughts of others. I'm just bringing it up because I've seen many of us here lamenting, as I just did, men's terrible understanding of what women are like, and doing so again reminded me that their lack of understanding is inherent to the condition.

No. 1548861

This is one of the most male copes imo, that thinking because they put more work in it makes them “better” at whatever they do. This may be true for actual activities and hobbies, but they don’t realize it doesn’t apply to something like sex. They can have every surgery in the world, they could even someday actually implant a uterus into a troon or whatever but they’ll never be female. And besides, no woman is “more woman” than any other. We are just women, plain and simple. This is the same shit they spout with one man being “more of a man” than another because they think stereotypes and gender roles mean literally anything when it comes to how one member of a sex performs them as compared to another. I would never say a woman who wears dresses all the time is more of a woman than a butch who likes wearing more traditionally masculine attire. What is even the point? Womanhood isn’t a competition. It’s just existence and you either are a female or you aren’t (including those with DSDs - btw does anyone have the intersex chart that shows which disorders go with males and which with females? I was looking for it earlier to show someone).

No. 1548864

>I'm a woman because I say I am

Well that convinced me, I don't know why anybody is doubting them.

Also lol@ the agp rebuttal being "it was made up by a transphobe". Really reminds you that these freaks think everything is transphobic because they're living a delusion. They love to tout that "um science supports the existence of trans ppl" line but ignore all the obvious ways they keep distorting reality. Believing in sex is transphobic. Sex chromosomes are transphobic. Pelvises are transphobic. Reality is transphobic.

No. 1548866

File: 1654354653149.png (1.38 MB, 1284x3216, 4DE3FD4C-8AD3-4B5B-AA72-36116F…)

Another one who has committed rape by deception. Goes on a few dates with a guy, they have sex a couple times, eventually tells the guy he is trans and the guy has a reasonable response to someone lying by omission.

>He didn’t seem like an ultraconservative

They have got to stop with this. Someone getting upset that you didn’t tell them about this doesn’t make them “ultraconservative”. It makes them a normal human being who was lied to. I will be honest, I don’t care about the scrote this happened to (and idk how he didn’t realize it before, I guess men really are faceblind and they had sex in the dark or something), but it’s more the principle of the entire thing. They wonder why people don’t like them or want to date them and then make themselves out to be the victim when they pull shit like this.

No. 1548867

File: 1654354730066.jpg (1.89 MB, 2848x2380, 1537990566575.jpg)

Can some clever anons do this for normie/terf logic of defining a woman vs TRA's mental gymnastics of classifying who can be a woman.

No. 1548872

File: 1654355049664.jpeg (436.53 KB, 1284x911, 5B7DD560-FEC0-4A6B-9CBB-0D7606…)

This is getting creepy. Why would he link to the girl’s picture? It’s weird too bc it was just a normal looking girl being happy at a pride event/gay bar, I expected a super model or something from the jealousy (not shitting on her just saying it’s amazing how upset they get seeing a regular girl going about her day).

No. 1548873

File: 1654355148494.png (644.06 KB, 1080x1183, Screenshot_2022-06-04-10-02-02…)

"People in the 9th century used to drink horse pee to transition, I'm a sane human being."

No. 1548874

File: 1654355307888.png (873.42 KB, 726x773, B99CECA7-9ABE-460B-9763-3126BE…)


No. 1548875

Is this why they call them horse piss pills? And I mean people in the 9th century probably did a lot of shit we wouldn’t suggest doing today. I’m not saying people in the past were all idiots, but I am judging them for drinking horse pee.

No. 1548876

Why do trannies love mentioning Magnus Hirschfeld so much when the modern definition of autogynephilia was interpreted from his writings?

No. 1548877

Synthetic estrogen is derived from horse urine

No. 1548878

File: 1654355507436.jpeg (78.1 KB, 812x824, E401EBC2-932B-443C-A506-341C4D…)


No. 1548879

i'm nosy so i looked up the picture, then i checked out her profile and she seems really depressed and talks about suicide etc, it's really sad. just made the whole thing even worse, this gross moid is jealous and creepy over a harmless lesbian who is suffering. he's linking her photo and using her to pity jerk himself off, it makes my skin crawl

No. 1548880

That’s incredibly fucked up. He deserves the reports he is getting.

No. 1548882

how young are you that you don't know
1. who that is
2. that she's a woman lmao

No. 1548883

File: 1654356020343.jpeg (178.95 KB, 750x558, EA3D2E5D-B855-4819-B88F-822FEE…)


No. 1548884

because premarin (literally shortened for Pregnant Mare Urine) is still prescribed to supplement estrogen, even in actual women

No. 1548885

File: 1654356112275.jpeg (166.04 KB, 640x646, EACB7D34-3971-4959-9A39-720E61…)

Hehe! It’s so fun being a grill!!

No. 1548886

File: 1654356228680.jpeg (280.59 KB, 1284x753, 704DC9CC-0358-4538-A009-177784…)

Kek new source of dysphoria just dropped.

No. 1548887

File: 1654356241627.jpeg (196.34 KB, 640x780, 24FFC896-9367-4B8C-AF34-D83A68…)

I fucking hate them all

No. 1548889

Gross. So, so gross. They think being a woman is just fun and games for them.

No. 1548890

No. 1548891

i swear they all are debilitatingly autistic. the one with the brother was just being insulted of in a way that wouldn't cause a meltdown and a twitter thread about abusive families.
they don't get people just humour them because they are afraid of violence from them or at least being called a bigot, and laugh at their delusion and ugliness the second they turn their backs.

No. 1548895

File: 1654356811799.jpg (149.33 KB, 1258x1236, Screenshot 2022-06-04 112638.j…)

I love it when I go to any mtf tranny's profile and see the most gamer weeb coomer shit. Every single time, they are so predictable. He was also venting about his childhood circumcision and wanting to restore his foreskin.

No. 1548898

Cackling at the juxtaposition between the cross on the wall and the coomer figure. I wonder if he was raised really conservative and religious.

No. 1548901

good news everyone, the hormones that are used in trannyshit will most likely give them all cancer in ~10 years

No. 1548902

All over tiktok the freaks have been arguing that gender cant reliably determined from a skeleton… so why they shaving down their jawbones and trying to widen their hips then?

No. 1548903

I'm reluctant to watch because looking at smug men raises my blood pressure, but I might read a transcript or watch some of the interviews.
Rejecting information because of the source, as you suggested, leads to indoctrination. Things get branded as poisonous and corrupting so people will stay away and not find out inconvenient truths. I'm pretty damn far from being a conservative, but whenever left wing or liberal news refuses to report on something or is being cagey about the facts, I hold my nose and look to conservative and right wing news to get the rest of the story. I ignore the snarling piggishness the same way I ignore colorful-flag-waving hysteria. All I care about is the truth, which is rarely packaged tastefully.

At the same time, I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to watch this. As other anons have pointed out, Walsh is a bit of a dickhole, and from what I've read, he's regurgitating radfem talking points without giving credit and sans the whole ~men are the problem~ angle. I'm mostly curious about the content because of the reach this might have. It's good to know from where people are getting their ideas.

No. 1548905

Live with his mom. Probably got thrown into the guest room. The most feminine aspect of the room is some cheap, old picture of flowers next to the cross, but this moid probably thinks that it's his cat ear headphones.

No. 1548906

i scrolled his posts and it's all about "being old" but still applying to entry level retail jobs, self harm scars that customers make fun of, etc

too funny

No. 1548908

Is there a source for that? I want to read about it

No. 1548909

LOL so did I

>they don't deserve that kind of power
Tell us how you really feel

No. 1548910

Is that Kelsey?

No. 1548911

there was a doctor in the matt walsh doc who was talking about it pretty blatantly, forgot her name, i'll look it up later

No. 1548917

>I don't think he has scrote qualities either. He's anti-porn
Anon have you heard of religious men? I swear some of you are terminally online

No. 1548918

I was on a female only “glow up” type Reddit and women were discussing taking estrogen for better skin/curves Etc and there were loads of people saying it could lead to uterine cancer so not to risk it… but idk how it could give cancer to a man

No. 1548921

Yeah every man has scrote qualities, some are just better at hiding it.

No. 1548922

just pissing myself imagining someone saying that to him irl. tysm

that's weird. I'm as woman as they come, and when I first grew hair, I was too busy being a kid to give a shit. Is an egg moment just a fit of neurosis?

No. 1548928

I don't know why they don't realize people don't like being lied to. If you don't disclose you're trans then you're lying and that's incredibly rude and won't be well received, obviously

No. 1548930

I feel so bad for his wife and his daughters. Imagine your own father being so willfully retarded for a documentary lmfao

No. 1548933

I mean his wife also participated in it and her line at the end was pretty retarded. I feel worse for his kids for having extreme gender roles ingrained into their minds that boys are one way and girls are another tbh. That’s why as much as I agree with him that trans is stupid I can’t agree with him from the other side, that men and women are here because God put us on earth to have strict gender roles. That’s equally stupid imo.

No. 1548934

Samefag but I hope it goes without saying I’m talking about the pickle thing she said. Not the definition of woman.

No. 1548937

File: 1654358725171.jpg (347.13 KB, 720x966, Welp.jpg)

Completely unrelated events I'm sure.
Yes I know more women are on HRT now but even one troon on hrt takes away from a real woman who could've used it.

No. 1548940

Why do they hate women so fucking much?

No. 1548941

god i am trying so hard not to seethe and cry after everything my mum is and has gone through because of the menopause. i want to strangle all trannies that think they need hrt more than her. i literally wan t to cry. sorry for being dramatic anons

No. 1548942

Not saying you were suggesting this exactly, but I don't think he was bragging that he would be able to give birth vaginally, just that hormones had ostensibly made his skeleton womanly lmao
Lately, I've been really shocked by how little cross-sex hormones does to male bone structure, even when administered before the end of puberty. It does seem to have an effect, but not nearly as much as I would have thought. I'd like to find more information about why that is, but according to google, bimbo pills turn seventy year old men into kawaii teeny boppers, so it's tricky.

No. 1548949

I’m kind of curious too, mostly about how even the ones who take blockers and go on HRT young still end up developing masculine characteristics once they get old enough (like Jazz and Kim Petras). Why is that exactly?

No. 1548951

Just perpetually selfish. They see what women have and can't accept that they can't have it too. Same as how white men who are rejected for a job claim it's because some unqualified minority stole it from them. This competitive moid insanity is in their bones where they believe if they transition they will become the most beautiful ideal women and then realize how matter how hard they try, they always get clocked. It's why they have this fragile state that needs constant validation. They don't care who it hurts in the process. Women's spaces, things and safety are all things they are entitled to. They found a loop hole with this trans thing so they can become more vulnerable to women and trample over them with the help of government and handmaidens.

No. 1548952

Because the Y chromosome is baked into literally every fiber of their being and no amount of horse piss is going to change that

No. 1548953

we know now that in literal infancy (more accurately, within hours of birth) male and female infants are flooded with testosterone and estrogen respectively, likely as a way to prep them for puberty once they hit their pre-teens. with this "roadmap" installed you can't do too terribly much to deviate from it.

No. 1548954

Those women are based af.

No. 1548955

>when I first grew hair, I was too busy being a kid to give a shit
Same, and I'm pale with thick dark hair. I didn't care until I started getting bullied for it. Moids literally start watching porn at 8 and think women are naturally hairless

No. 1548961

Not sure what exactly you mean by that? Religious men consume just as much porn as non religious men.

No. 1548969

But many of them claim to be anti porn. Matt Walsh probably watches porn too idk why you think he's so special

No. 1548970

I think that was her point.

No. 1548972

honestly I think a lot of conservative religious men probably consume MORE porn than non religious men

No. 1548973

Sorry it’s not in our best interest to align ourselves with conservative misogynist men who oppose basic things like women’s right to abortion/reproductive freedom/feminism in general who act like it’s the 2014 SJW destroyed by facts and logic era

No. 1548975

What the fuck is that shit on his sword? Rust and cum? Why are men incapable of taking care of their belongings.

No. 1548980

Idk but just look at the rest of his living area and his general appearance. He clearly can’t take care of a space or himself either.

No. 1548984

He's truly living like a caveman.

No. 1548992

smh i can't believe cis women are giving babies hormones in utero

No. 1549000

Give me a female who has a large audience and is saying the same messages he is. Oh right, there's none. So until then I'm not going to bitch about it and say "He probably watches porn idk whatever fuck him."

No. 1549001

Men can't be feminists. Why are you like this?

No. 1549006

Rowling and her entourage?

No. 1549011

Rowling has barely said anything controversial. She basically confines all her activism to sugar-coated tweets and nothing else.

No. 1549012

She could very well have funded a documentary but she just tweets and donates

No. 1549028

Ugh, a literal basement dweller. And it must be his parents' basement, because it's just so fucking outdated, dirty, decayed, and gross. That's how slumlords in the 1960's turned unfinished basements in old houses into barely liveable "apartments". That wooden paneling has been soaking up moisture for 60 years.

No. 1549041

Wish she would. I love the idea of a documentary where a group of women go around and talk to women who have been screwed by gender shit around the world. Not just about troons; about everything women go through. I'm sure docs like that have been made before, but no one seems to want to look at women suffering outside of pornography. This might be the perfect time in history to make it, and JKR being behind it would give it notoriety.

No. 1549046

“I WANT it so I can get cancer in ten years and die! Ifidontneckmyselfirst—!”

I hate that they’re taking that away from women in need, but they’ll pay for it soon enough.

No. 1549047

ewwwww not the ballsack lips in the X-ray photo, gag!

No. 1549058

File: 1654367150845.jpeg (194.16 KB, 750x566, A5DEC43B-981E-4204-8830-FF2A5E…)

No coom, just doom.

No. 1549061

File: 1654367380674.jpeg (464.4 KB, 750x1179, 7D420116-5B01-4074-880F-1DD9CD…)

karma is a bitch.

No. 1549067

Men treating their trans "girlfriends" like shit, the same way men treat actual women. You love to see it.

No. 1549072

File: 1654368451143.jpeg (344.25 KB, 750x1106, 82A3A1A5-BC1E-4A06-A208-CCC8C3…)

where is the lie?

No. 1549075

I wasn't insecure about my body hair until some gross moid down the street stopped me while I was riding my bike and degraded me for having leg hair and said he'd never have a girlfriend with such hairy legs. I couldn't have been older than ten and this creep was a teenager. Funny how I only became embarrassed because of a man.
I thought casual misogyny was uwu validating for these troons. They like being treated like a stupid woman until it hurts their precious ego. They think sexist jokes make them feel like a woman but as soon as it's not a joke to them anymore it's personal.

No. 1549082

File: 1654369161773.jpeg (875.5 KB, 750x1182, D13A7F0A-CA3E-4CBD-BCEA-8A39D0…)

His profile says “poly transgender lesbian” kek

No. 1549088

Probably the most female experience they’ll ever actually have kek. Too bad those men are chasers who aren’t into actual women and thus, the validation will never equate to actually being seen as female.

No. 1549090

B-but anon, that flag has black and brown stripes on it! That means racial minorities are totally being represented! It also includes the rainbow flag, and we all know troons would never co-opt the LGB movement. GCs OWNED.
It always shocks me when people like this are able to find not one but multiple people to date them. I know they just date each other, but still.

No. 1549091

File: 1654369542938.jpg (5.55 KB, 297x170, silence-of-the-lambs-buffalo-b…)

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 1549096

This is just them roasting themselves without realizing it. I want to know why they think all of this isn’t true.

No. 1549097

File: 1654369921561.jpeg (827.38 KB, 828x1021, 69D01B3C-23E7-47E4-BCA5-8A4355…)

sorry but its so funny to me when troons do shit like this

No. 1549102

Ntayrt but I was shamed for my leg hair by a 6 year old boy in my first grade class and then later on by an 8 year old boy in my third grade class. Of course those experiences were so humiliating for a young girl that I started shaving everyday when I turned 10 years old. Any adult would agree that it’s alarming that young girls are being shamed by young boys and feeling deep loathing of their bodies before they’ve even graduated elementary school.
Yet these things can’t be critically discussed without being labeled a white feminist or a terf because men are incapable of empathy and can’t comprehend being shamed into performing for the male gaze when they’re opting into it to coom and getting boners from picking up a hairbrush.
Keep in mind that THIS is what they call TERF island. Troids are seriously the most narcissistic disgusting freaks alive.

No. 1549113

File: 1654371150520.jpg (89.4 KB, 1080x596, D6pcMqxVUAAVAPJ.jpg)

Stop moving goalposts, he's not going to pick your fat ass.

No. 1549114

He’s not pretending Matt has written things on how lesbians need to go to conversion camp and meet young Christian men.

No. 1549117

Thank you anon. It’s getting old hearing people defending him. It’s fine to find some hope in him releasing the doc and hoping it wakes up some normies or people who don’t know much about the matter, but acting like he’s on our side or cares about anything other than putting women in their place is fucking stupid. If people aren’t listening to us then we have to make them. I don’t get why anon was like “welp there’s no powerful women who can do this guess we should just let the conservative scrote do it” when it’s not even the truth and in the end makes US look bad too. The best thing to do right now is use the doc as an in to bring up the other points we want to make about women’s rights that have nothing to do with him.

No. 1549120

I’m legit starting to think some girls ITT just find him attractive or something like the Tucker stans.

No. 1549121

File: 1654371754478.jpeg (113.53 KB, 1125x1394, 071A800F-BB98-42CC-A1D9-09856D…)

Hunter literally just looks like a guy

No. 1549128

OT but I’m so sorry anon, what a deranged freak. Policing little girls’ leg hair is just pedo. If he himself was at all lovable, he wouldn’t’ve been out on the street harassing children.

No. 1549131

That Piggly Wiggly shirt matches his jowls a bit too much.
It's like he wilfully doesn't understand that a ziplock bag and a freeze exist.

No. 1549134

Yeah it must be that. Must just be that we dumb women are so shallow we listen to men who hate us because we are attracted to them. It's not surprising that you use this scrote logic and also refuse new ideas. Incredible how myopic and self serving we can still be when our rights are being eroded. Just keep crying about a conservative who you agree with, as men in dresses take everything away from you. Your hesitation is absolutely understandable, but it's not a wise choice. There is middle ground between being stuck in the kitchen, and being stuck in a jail cell with a 6'5 400 lb rapist male. People need to learn to compromise and meet half way. That's how things work.

No. 1549148

because that worked so well in the fritzl case for example. moids are devoid of any logic

No. 1549151

File: 1654373877892.png (2.95 MB, 1284x5022, B4A0294D-EF23-4739-AE1A-4E660B…)

He shouldn’t be in a woman’s space at all, let alone one for women who are ND. And as for the ending, he IS a predatory man and I’m glad he feels like he’s being treated as such.

No. 1549152

Are you kidding? All the feminist books, magazines, consciousness raising, protesting, intellectual work, and support groups are just chicks gossiping behind closed doors and anonymous websites? Read a book etc.

And I'll restate - let the woman-hating general public fawn over this man but stop trying to make him and others like him happen here. Why would you go along with this over supporting feminists? "No one will listen otherwise so let's support men and conservatives instead" yeah, like that's never come back to bite us in the ass. Stop being dumb and stop trying to make us over-value yet another conservative male's perspective

No. 1549154

We don't agree with a man just because he hates trannies for a different reason. You're naive as fuck you'll understand when you're older

No. 1549155

what else is he supposed to look like? he’s a guy.

No. 1549157

>I do not feel safe nor welcome in women’s spaces

No. 1549159

Not at all what I'm saying. You know as well as I do that those feminist books, videos and websites are treated as radioactive by 99% of the population. Yes they are there. No one who isn't already totally with us seeks that out. They are discouraged from looking at it. We've been screaming about these things for years, and no one cares. Get realistic and think about the average MSNBC viewer. We need to reach them. The people who will be reached with actual feminist ideas, already have been.

No. 1549164

Does this retard think molesting boys would be a fool-proof crime since there's no potential for a pregnancy?

No. 1549173

Married to the Sea fuckin called it all those years ago

No. 1549174

What's the point of "reaching them", if it's only through an ideology that hates us and is opposed to ours on every level?

No. 1549175

Tuckanon here. He's been a guest on Tucker's show a few times and I'll admit he's pretty funny in those 3-minute bursts. Dunks on Kamala sleeping her way into politics, Biden being a pedo, etc. etc. When he's not being a scrote about women, he's alright.

No. 1549178

>has a "Logic Lover's" puzzle book on nightstand
>logic lover
The pure irony.

No. 1549180

Me too holy shit that scared me

No. 1549185

It's times like these that make me so happy I pursued a career as an artist. All those years of studying human anatomy and skeletal structures… it's so easy to shred these troon's plans and "arguments" apart.

No. 1549187

I usually always thought he looked like a cute long haired guy (sans boobs), but something just looks so wrong here. I'm disturbed, he looks ill.

No. 1549190

he’s emaciated.

No. 1549191

Why is his face like that in the first, pic, is he inbred?

No. 1549192

The Scythians were geniuses at pulling pranks. Imagine telling a tranny if he drank horse piss he'd become a woman.

No. 1549198

he's just ugly and looks like a school shooter who took a different route same as 99% of white trannies

No. 1549199

this actually makes me so pissed off. this freak of nature will never understand how autistic women get treated and most likely would not even want to because he has 0 sympathy for women

No. 1549201

Stealing Italian and French classical art? Seems pretty racist to me, "goddess".

No. 1549205

File: 1654377306214.png (120.16 KB, 662x832, 1000000.png)


No. 1549208

Exactly and because he’s male he experiences autism in a completely different way than how it affects females. He shouldn’t be there regardless of HRT or whatever because he will never get it. He just wants to be validated but the space is not for him.

No. 1549209

File: 1654377549151.jpeg (402.44 KB, 750x1046, C2E615A6-5713-4B90-A1B6-838ED4…)

Why is this so funny to me? A closeted troon marries a highly religious woman for some reason, she’s more based than him despite both being delusional, and he thinks she’s the lunatic who needs therapy kek

No. 1549212

so can’t talk about women’s issues without being accused of killing troons. great.

No. 1549216

holy moly this nigga wants to get a lung chunk removed. i hope he does and tweets all the complications fanny traggot style

No. 1549218

kek this is so funny to me, the troon gender woo logic is so similar to super religious logic yet he thinks his delusional nonsensical babble is somehow more "correct" than hers

No. 1549224

Makes sense, considering simply existing as a woman at all is transphobic to them and hurts their feefees.

No. 1549226

Tuckanon here again. I just realized I got him mixed up with Jesse Kelly. I don't remember Matt Walsh being a great guest on Tucker's show, kek

No. 1549229

go back

No. 1549235

Why would you marry a religious woman if you're a TIM. He probably lied to her about his beliefs to get her into the marriage.

No. 1549240

People with Hogwarts houses in their tumblr bios are dangerous and directly contribute to trans suicides

No. 1549244

No. I also noticed, after reading some of Matt's older articles, that he has a real problem with women working outside the home and not being around their kids 24/7. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/youre-a-stay-at-home-mom-_b_4086126
I can't find any early life info about him, but I bet you all 50 bucks he also had some childhood trauma.(imageboard)

No. 1549248

File: 1654379569237.png (4.29 MB, 750x1624, 284FC5CC-49EB-49E1-8D4D-D48480…)

No. 1549258

kek the way he keeps staring at himself. You know he thinks he’s so hot. I would laugh irl if I saw him.

No. 1549287

Stop derailing tuckerfag

No. 1549291

File: 1654381683785.jpg (32.54 KB, 667x171, 12345.JPG)

(little late, just reading up on this thread)
I went to the google page of the restaurant and had a nice laugh at this review, thought I might share it with you all

No. 1549317

Terf dogwhistles are when you are against misogyny in any way.

That textpost is giving off high schizo vibes.

No. 1549320

Oh my god good for that reviewer. I love when people do manage to have a sense of humor about shit like this.

No. 1549326

>usually I let them know
Reminds me of former tumblr friends/mutuals sending me private messages in my inbox to tell me to stop reblogging from so and so because they said Chihiro from Dangan Ronpa is a guy…

No. 1549347

I always hated that, it felt stalkery and like why would I even care.

No. 1549366

These people are such insane control freaks.

No. 1549396


jesus christ they don't even put this much emphasis on blocking pedophiles, rapists, white supremacists, etc etc. why the fuck is this?

No. 1549409

File: 1654385928694.jpg (112.56 KB, 777x633, soweakuwu.JPG)

Based mom giving her son dysphoria by asking him to help her move furniture.

No. 1549414

Didn’t you know? Women are worse than all of those things combined.

No. 1549418

Oh no. This poor frail maiden who probably can’t even open a pickle jar has been asked to lift items. What horrors.

No. 1549420

File: 1654386329447.jpeg (39.31 KB, 400x400, 98A46F36-088C-4DBB-8064-B8184D…)

why did i have to see this on the tl

No. 1549429

What's the point of having a moid for a kid if he can't even lift shit for you

No. 1549430

They always search TiMs at airports, it’s just a rule. Appearance doesn’t match the ID so security always does this. He’s gonna have to get used to it.

No. 1549436

Ah yes, heavier = stronger. Way to be a dick, you bratty moid.

No. 1549449

Because deep down they're afraid they might actually agree with the terfs. Most progressively inclined people do have at least some deeply held feminist beliefs. Maintaining that alongside belief in gender ideology takes a lot of cognitive dissonance. In the case of MtFs, they often resolve this by denouncing feminism altogether and basically becoming MRAs (just replace men with "transgirls" and women with "transmascs" and "cissies").This is obviously much less likely to happen for TIFs and female allies, so their solution is to ignore the issue entirely.

No. 1549453

File: 1654388573368.jpeg (84.76 KB, 828x366, 83D6A673-FD5E-49EF-A409-10DDA9…)

read the comments on any of his uploads questioning what a woman is and tell me these people would be any better for us. Matt’s audience are violent and angry right wing zoomers

No. 1549457

It just kind of dawned on me that troons and Matt Walsh and his ilk are two sides of the same coin. And women are caught in the middle of this bullshit. It's just pure luck that one side hates the other side enough to want to see them purged, so for a brief moment, their beliefs align with women's.

No. 1549465

Matt Walsh and 4chan conservatives not only want to see women robbed of basic rights they blame women for troonism and believe in things like race and IQ statistics. I will regularly see “this is what we get for giving women the right to vote” under pictures of queer cringe that women have nothing to do with. They hate you and want you to suffer.

No. 1549474

the Nazi to troon pipeline is very real, check comments on Contrapoints videos where they thank CP for “deradicalizing them” from being angry young men who hate sjws

No. 1549483

I honestly wonder how Matt's wife and his daughters think of him. If my dad was writing this stuff, I'd distance myself from him as soon as I was old enough. This is the kind of stuff that child abuse survivors had to listen to, I swear.

No. 1549490

File: 1654390608124.jpeg (51.77 KB, 699x249, 2432192E-F5AA-4FEE-93BB-31F756…)

I mean yeah. This is the entire issue with regards to this and neither side is good for women. I saw this comment on ovarit the other day and thought it summed it up pretty well. Sorry to get a little OT.

No. 1549492

They’re probably just brainwashed as I find a lot of conservative women tend to be, and of course the children that young usually just go along with their parents. I see with women who were raised religious and the like often really believe the man is supposed to be the leader and ruler of the house and they don’t question it because they’ve never been taught to or think they’ll be punished for it.

No. 1549501

File: 1654391564607.jpg (563.23 KB, 1080x1925, IMG_20220605_030650.jpg)

"no terfs at our pride" some french AGPs who look like they escaped from a circus are okay tho

No. 1549504

The alphabet club is just a big circus.

No. 1549507

The worst I ever saw was a sign at Portland Pride that had a drawn woman’s head getting taken off by a chainsaw that said “fuck terfs”. Unfortunately I can’t find the pic of it I saved because it was several years back and I guess it wouldn’t matter for this thread since a TiF made it but it was incredibly disturbing and it’s weird to me that they can advocate violence like that with no backlash. Some people were rightfully disgusted by it but the girl was incredibly smug about it.

No. 1549509

File: 1654392190883.png (37.53 KB, 748x560, REDUXX on Twitter.png)

another day another tranny pedo

No. 1549512

The fact that that number even exists and someone had that much, let alone even one.

No. 1549515

it's funny that trannies think this is evidence enough for trans people in the past and not evidence that men have been degenerates with womb envy since forever, so much so that it must be biological.

No. 1549518

abigail shrier, megan murphy

No. 1549520

File: 1654392653559.jpg (35.81 KB, 720x284, Oyris__-1533150631787216898-im…)

No. 1549528

File: 1654393272374.jpg (65.11 KB, 768x1024, KatyMontgomerie-15331840471905…)

>bullet belt

No. 1549529

>women have dog brains, except dogs are obedient
Remember, moids’ accusations are always confessions. They project their own inferiority on women.

No. 1549530

I hope he gets doxxed and that someone finds him to break some of his bones.

No. 1549531

File: 1654393488086.png (39.18 KB, 751x437, dreaming like a crash test man…)

>terfs will start killing trannies
>have nothing to back this up
source: his arse

No. 1549537

Women don’t go on killing sprees because we’re not retarded moids.

No. 1549539

Screenshot this for the eventual AGP mass shooter who will target a womens clinic

No. 1549541

Progressives suddenly pretending serial killers and shooters aren’t a dominantly male thing to do has been one of the most insane takes of the last decade

No. 1549542

File: 1654393861102.png (15.39 KB, 1116x834, KatysCartoons-1533076757863141…)

how's reducing the amount of trannies a bad thing?

No. 1549543

>terfs will begin killing trans folks
Except trannies are the ones that are already killing random people? Seriously, i just can’t believe they’re allowed to mutilate themselves when they’re schizo levels of delusional.

No. 1549554

They’re doing the job themselves by getting surgically and chemically sterilized. And then, when they realize they can’t coom anymore, they 41%. They don’t need us to do anything, we’re just their favorite scapegoat.

No. 1549557

This shit makes me wish Richilieu would come back from the dead and persecute these fuckers

No. 1549559

I remember back in the early 90's The Daily Mail or someone had a "Burn down the house of your local pedo" campaign. And people got offended by it, kek

No. 1549560

trannies are what like 1% of the population yet so many of them have raped women. not a SINGLE woman has ever raped a tranny

No. 1549562

File: 1654395662392.png (17.04 KB, 1116x187, Kind of freaking out bc I can’…)

dumb fucker paying for her tranny boyfriends horse piss

No. 1549564

That's depressing. I imagine they'll probably never meet any women like the rest of us, which is even more depressing.

No. 1549565

File: 1654395722336.jpeg (823.39 KB, 750x1199, A7FC252F-70FF-4EFC-B95D-D096C7…)

why is he wearing a pantyhose on his head?

No. 1549566

After the abduction and murder of Sarah Payne (aged 8) in 2000, the tabloids had similar campaigns. Such tabloids have a reading age of around 7-8 years old so are popular with morons. Ergo:


No. 1549567

File: 1654395753957.png (28.56 KB, 1095x330, Stupid joke but kinda cute in …)

misogyny is funny haha

No. 1549569

My bad, it was News of the World, and it was their "campaign to "name and shame" alleged sex offenders."

No. 1549570

File: 1654395855307.jpg (Spoiler Image, 895.27 KB, 1440x1916, 279970459_133095102645468_5265…)

No. 1549572

W-why does he have two belly buttons?

No. 1549573

why does it look like he has two belly buttons fucking kek this is horrendous and somehow the bows really make this image. like hes trying so hard to be cute. help

No. 1549579

isn’t feminism great? now you get to work two jobs so you can buy your troon bf his titty skittles while he sits on his ass playing video games all day and contributes nothing to society.

No. 1549586

This is too cursed

No. 1549589

that man has two belly buttons

No. 1549590

But i thought there was an epidemic of trans murders

No. 1549591

The hair bows and ruffly little girl socks on a 40+ year old man, nonnies this is it, I am officially dead from laughter