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File: 1674577104865.png (3.88 MB, 2016x1512, PhotoRoom-20230124_153956.png)

No. 1751458

newfags please read rules before posting


Welcome to Pro-Ana Scumbags #90.
What is everyone up to?

Well, Nikol is asking the age old question "Why were we Sperms" ? Whilst binging so much she looks as though she could be full of sperms herself. Anons continue to speculate on how much longer her intestines can hold themselves together.

Hxn as always is enjoying lots of "eat-with-mes" (even when delayed by meltdowns) with the camera conveniently angled at her badly tanned tummy. She's clearly been taking tanning notes from N2F who appears to be milkless, but very orange. Is this the start of an Anachan to Oompaloompa movement?

The delusions of Ham unravel to reveal overreactive Ham Mum has allowed the "super sick with anorexia" narrative to spiral out of control with screenshots of a Facebook support page being shared where Ham Mum spoke about the severe invasion of privacy, such as watching Ham in the bathroom.

Paris continues to cry us a river.

Hayden has more hissy fits.

Niamh shared her new-years resolutions and has begun her journey to become a fitness fanatic, never failing to post bait body-checks when she lurks and notices the attention isn't on her.

Speaking of fitness fanatics, Ganer plays more dress up in her bedroom showing the same collection of poses and sperg repetitive meals. No new additional egg whites, or raspberries in sight. But lot's of pineapple rice!

EC keeps shaking that bag o' bones like she's calling for a stray dog to come over. Flashing, "dancing" and having concerning coughing fits on livesteam leaves nonnas alogging on her heart health.

Laura continues to milk her IP admission, with self injurious behaviours only rearing their heads at the sound of a discharge plan. Not too much Ana milk, considering her antipsychotic moon face, but entertaining nonetheless.

Abby is back IP with a nose hose and disgusting bruising all over her face. Unsurprisingly this new development had lead to her being significantly more active across all social media accounts. Some anons have confessed to have spent time on wards with her, confirming her milky behaviours have STAFF snarking.

Zara hasn't shown herself online since before Christmas, so we clearly have n0 Id3A what she looks like and clearly can't know she's still emaciated. Claims to have struggled with binging, is getting her teeth "fixed"(leading nonnies to speculate on the potential binge/purge cycle) and as always is the walking contradiction we always know and love.

There's been a few one-off posts of potential new cows, and cows that are just too boring to post anyways. Many inspired by THE Fitness Fanatic herself, Ganer.

Irrelevant notes:
Penis = Pasture
Coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd = weirdo crackpot

> Social Media Links

[disclaimer: copied from last thread with few edits as thread creator does not have social media herself]



No. 1751471

>Whilst binging so much she looks as though she could be full of sperms herself.

Fucking kek. Thanks anon!

No. 1751545

ah brilliant thread picture, nonnie–you've outdone yourself, truly

No. 1751546

also. this isn't meant to sound sarcastic. I mean it genuinely!!

No. 1751548

Agree. Top tier pic and recap.

No. 1751606

Wonderful work, nonnie. Thank you!!

As to Zara, I lean towards believing her on the not purging via vomiting thing. Chewing and spitting can also cause dental issues, as can prolonged and severe malnutrition. I definitely don't believe that she's gained any significant weight. I don't know why but I actually think she's probably lost the minimal amount she had gained pre-Christmas.

No. 1751614

Samefag who made the thread. Thanks for the compliments! I really enjoyed making the picture kek

I agree, I find it hard to believe she purges with the emetophobia although I'd not consider a chew&spit a binge either !

No. 1751617

File: 1674596003757.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.61 KB, 1649x1080, starelongenoughintotheabyssand…)

Beautiful thread! I dare to sully it with EC's non-existent tit flash from her new Avril clothing haul on youtube and yes, it is still up.

No. 1751638

as fucked up as this sounds, fiona actualy does motivate me to recover but not in the way she thinks. no, it's not the constant pooh bear quotes on her story, monotonous food photo 'challenges', nor the oh so amazing benefits she seems to be reaping from recovery such as going to see the same old musical for the 500th time or getting out of the wheelcahir whoop whoop. no. the reason fi motivates me is because i see how much of a sad little freakshow her life has turned out to be and i would choose to not live over enduring one single day in her repetitive hopeless life every. single. time.

No. 1751647

The other threads not filled up yet? it was just the 1100 warning post, not the 1200.

No. 1751652

New milk can still be posted in the last thread for now if you're bothered. Better safe than sorry with threads though

No. 1751856

To be fair, her face looks a lot less dead compared to a couple of months ago when people were worried she’d drop dead any minute. That said, I doubt she’ll manage to keep it up long before her “chronic illness” gets in the way of her gaining weight aka she relapses

No. 1751877

File: 1674635244229.jpeg (1.11 MB, 828x1227, 8EF1F4FE-3FB0-4921-B4F6-2D5031…)

could this bitch even get any uglier?

No. 1751881

EC blessing us with more of her elegant dance moves in her latest Twitch stream. She's since taken it down which suggests there was some drama. Does anyone know what might have caused her to take it down?

No. 1751891

No. 1751893

you have to post an image or everyone will rip you a new one

No. 1751896

imageboard. also stop giving this bitch attention

No. 1751903

File: 1674639997434.jpg (150.11 KB, 982x839, reflagseverywhere.jpg)

Congrats, you finally learnt to sage, now learn the fuck what a imageboard is. Linking to her IG is retarded, but probably Laura B herself as she seems to alternate between desktop and phone, giving her more things to screenshot and justify her obsession with others. And suprise suprise she's unprivated her account again after the last, low on narc supply? At least we poke fun at cows and don't obviously touch the shit, we don't straight up create seethe accounts of them either and go over every single thing they did like a shrine. Which of her personality fuck ups would even be responsible for that? Granted i'm more wondering if one day she'll fly off the handle and off someone in a jealous fit of rage? She oozes the whole "if i can't have you then no one can" vibe. Wouldn't be the first cow who had deep issues with their therapist (who was the one that pushed theirs to suicide again?).

No. 1751913

This is a no colours zone

No. 1751915

Should have told that to OP when they made the thread, they included her in the list.

No. 1751918

Why is she in the thread with her handle?

No. 1751932

As an irrelevant note
As in, irrelevant to the thread

No. 1751934

Yet directly linked in the social media links? Relevant enough to mention though it seems. Normally I'd hate giving BPDers any form of attention, but there's something humourous about a supposed farmer going off the deep end and pretty much setting up a shrine account. There's been no mention of not discussing her in the OP if you were the OP author.

No. 1751941

kill it with fire

No. 1751948

Tbf, I think that was the result of a tiktok trend, applying make up under blue light and not make up she wore to go out - But styleing her brows like that is a regular thing, brushed upwards in an unnecessarily dramatic way, which looks awful.

No. 1751968

File: 1674652983826.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.19 KB, 430x597, theaudacity.jpg)

There was indeed drama. EC was addressing the recent flashing in chat and essentially brushed off all the incidents as people being "prudes". Said "maybe" she should wear shorts and pasties, then immediately got up to move her furniture around for Just Dance and did a bunch of pic related. Loads of "haturz" in the chat were howling mad, she came back to the desk for chat and someone directed her to a subreddit (I think) that had some less than savory comments about her. She started smashing her mouse against the desk looking pissed then cut the stream. There are a few clips floating around but she deleted the stream and juicy bits. Wish someone had recorded that bit kek

Deleted original post as I forgot to spoiler, apologies my dear nonnies.

No. 1751986

are there any photos of her?! where are you seeing them i swear she’s gone AWOL and hiding from cameras

No. 1751989

She posted one or two around Christmas, I believe, but I can't remember if it was on her story or her feed. She used them as comparison photos, of course. As far as I can remember, she was wearing a black hat or something like that, so if someone has screenshots, please share. It was literally just her face visible but it was noticeably… fuller?

No. 1752002

Admittedly I don't like the makeup but she's not actually ugly? At least she seems to be recovering and staying out of hospital

No. 1752003

File: 1674657834879.jpg (512.62 KB, 1069x1608, IMG_20230125_144129.jpg)

She posted this on Christmas Eve along with a couple of others. Definitely looks better in the face here but she hasn't posted any pictures of herself since so I lean towards believing she's lost the weight she had gained. Either that or she's not coping with it and is ashamed.

No. 1752072

Op here. Didn't catch her insta link, as I said I copy pasted and didn't make many changes, just skimmed to see if anyone was missing and added one link in.
If I make the next thread I'll make it clearer kek

No. 1752235

File: 1674678717102.jpeg (2.49 MB, 1170x2257, 45D4C256-0861-45B3-95EB-0CB213…)

she could be really pretty if she was healthy. even at her prom when she was still pretty emaciated , albeit much better than she is now (or was when we last saw pics), she looked nice. img related, on her personal ig stories
idk if we can show the friends so scored em out.

No. 1752266

Yeah, I actually think she used to be very beautiful. She has just absolutely ruined it. Really sad to see.

No. 1752290

File: 1674684993915.png (3.05 MB, 1170x2532, 7881EC30-7B4E-40E1-A002-C68A32…)

Nice diaper, Amy

No. 1752294

Oh jeez. I know we're all sick of EC around here, but I'm invested so appreciate the update. Thanks for the summary nonnie, and if anyone else can find more clips please post

No. 1752297

>>1752290 Woah, who is this?

No. 1752308

You're most welcome. Honestly if she hadn't just become so milky I'd give up chronicling her. Eugenia Cooney deserves to be documented and preserved on lolcow, no matter how grating it is for us. Still no clips popping up, unfortunately.

No. 1752314

"looks better in the face" but still it's dark like in a bear's ass

No. 1752315

a shit ton of makeup can fix a lot of blemishes

No. 1752386

Do we know for sure that Zara even has emetophobia? Could she be faking it so she has a convenient excuse when people accuse her of purging? I swear people have pointed out Russell's sign on her hands before, but I might be thinking of someone else.

No. 1752400

not milk whatsoever, but it's really nice to see Dora doing much better. As much as the behavior of some of the people discussed here infuriates me, it's nice to see people doing better

No. 1752404

Why don't skellies realize their skin looks disgusting because they're malnourished and underweight with no collagen or muscle to hold things up? Brain damaged.

No. 1752430

You never know, honestly. The Russell's sign could've been anything, I usually never think much of it when I see it. I'm quite clumsy and always somehow knick my knuckles, which ends up looking like Russell's sign but it's not, so who knows. Also, this might be completely un-medfag of me but wouldn't her skin weaken/thin out and become more prone to wounds and stuff? I'm not WKing, just speculating for fun

No. 1752431

It is indeed, good for her. The cows can learn a thing or two from her

No. 1752439

I might just be gullible, but I honestly believe Zara has emetophobia. It fits her prissy personality.

No. 1752448

File: 1674694278391.png (Spoiler Image, 6.42 MB, 1125x2436, 914DBC73-0C83-4A10-B1D3-0A5AEB…)

There’s not enough bleach for my eyes.

Also she went out like that in public for fucks sake.

No. 1752452

File: 1674694672706.jpeg (756.71 KB, 2048x2048, 77C517D7-D550-4EE6-B04C-B882F8…)

Not sure if it was posted in the other thread but N2f had a wonderful sloshed date night with the bf. As much as I wanted to make 4 separate posts, here’s a collage of stories. Her foundation is so off her shade it almost looks green. Bless her.

No. 1752455

frankly one of the most normal outfits she's ever worn. fingers crossed that n2f continues her upward arc in 2023

No. 1752522

it’s amyhtcb on instagram, someone posted her a few threads ago she doesn’t post very often and honestly isn’t that milky but sometimes posts funny embarrassing shit like that kek

No. 1752566

Why do her arms look like that?>>1752290

No. 1752621

File: 1674716898367.jpeg (247.58 KB, 1125x1672, 4045393D-0D2D-466C-9A0B-588EEB…)

Our lovely dear coffeecatsrecovery Ashley/tamzin or whatever she is called now blessing us with her daily act of purging. Not to mention making sure she is the skinniest in the vid. Oh, and did I mention the obvious body checking and toob show off! So cringe. 1/2

No. 1752623

File: 1674716950950.jpeg (256.01 KB, 1125x1652, 4C393F8B-76CB-44AA-9A32-F4181E…)

If you get a change go watch the whole thing - it is so cringe. 2/2

No. 1752628

Sorry - forgot to sage

No. 1752638

She still looks underweight imo. Could be she's take a harm reduction approach?

No. 1752639

No. 1752643

There's a ring on her finger, are they already engaged?

No. 1752646

File: 1674721913333.jpg (190.28 KB, 1080x1448, IMG_20230126_083106.jpg)

Gotta disagree with you there anon. She looks slim but definitely healthy. Good for her.

No. 1752647

Dehydration and maaaybe loose skin after losing weight?

No. 1752659

Oh I didn't see that photo. I reckon she's bmi 18.5-20. Just checked her Instagram. Seems she has a life and friends. Other cows who seemingly "recovered" should take notes lol

No. 1752660

Saging bc blog post but bless these threads. I don't want to ever relapse because I can't risk looking as ridiculous as these cows. Thank God I never acted like them, or at least I hope I didn't…

No. 1752677

Yeah I think it was mentioned a while ago that they were engaged. She got a tattoo of his name as well iirc. Happy to see they're still together!

No. 1752684

File: 1674728952771.jpg (108.64 KB, 595x946, someonesbitter.JPG)

Sorry to the anon that replied to the post i removed. I'm not sure if she was referring to icons on posts here or whether people are going to her account & interacting or popping up on the list of who viewed her stories. But i'll add the PSA back: if you view people's accounts on instagram, don't touch the poo, and use an anonymous extension or site to view the stories of public accounts etc.

No. 1752689

Lol it's all good, I figured you deleted because she's sort of a banned topic here, too bad cause her bpd antics are a little milky. Yeah I hope farmers aren't using their IG's to lurk her, she's definitely someone who would be vindictive enough to post profiles. I use a site called iganony and it lets me view everyone's IG posts and stories and download without notifying the person.

No. 1752731

toilet selfie included.
stay classy, queen..!

No. 1752765

I might be misremembering, but I think the ring is a promise ring from her bf, that he gave her after she had his name tattooed on her.

No. 1752782

I actually really kind of like the playsuit thing. (EC's). But really, really not appropriate for the winter. I don't know how she walks around outside like that. Or even inside her house unless it's turned up to tropical in there. And those crazy boots. I think she has a couple of pairs of really weird boots like that? I want to see them properly because they're covered in butterflies or something? (But without the other show she usually gives when'showing off her shoes').

No. 1752820

Came across this and can't help but think this is EC's and Ash's future as they have no plans on dying soon. Imagine waking up every day in this body, it must be agonizing

No. 1752822

Zara has no plans on recovering anons. It's all an act. And shell remain her size forever for her attention seeking tiktoks

No. 1752825

The ana fetish creeps are definitely happy with this you'd be surprised how many are out there

No. 1752830

Yeah EC is a complete fucking wreck. She has to be making preposterous amount from all this fetish content. That is the only reason I can come up with as to why she dresses like that in winter.

No. 1752851

I found a bit of it, nonna. Not a full blown melt down, but she was really struggling to keep it together when reading the comments about her leg spots (pic rel) kek.

No. 1752854

File: 1674756111181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.32 KB, 417x389, thedreadedlegspots.jpg)

Whoops here's the pic, I'm slightly retarded. The brain rot tells her that her legs look fine you guyyyyssaa

No. 1752889

what's the @?

No. 1752911

That could be a possibility, but she also just might run on the slimmer size. Or perhaps she’s not at a point where she’s 100% recovered yet? Either way, she definitely seems to be making positive progress. She was posting about her dad and his work with eating disorders in sports recently, and I’m inclined to believe she’s definitely on the up and up.

No. 1752912


How on earth is she still alive?? There’s almost nothing to her—how the hell is her heart still functioning?

No. 1752951

It's such a joy to see her doing so well and I still can't believe that she found herself a boyfriend who seems actually and truly nice

No. 1752957

Eh, she looks pretty healthy for her age, don't forget she's 20-ish. She looks like the lower end of the healthy bmi, or a very tiny bit lower, though I doubt it.

No. 1752961

File: 1674763320637.jpeg (612.85 KB, 828x1391, F697D27C-7037-4834-8BA2-1E5F4B…)

did the staff hide some candy in the closet or

No. 1752963

Oh. dear.

No. 1752967

Well she's still not stretching both legs…

No. 1752968

Don't repeat shit here that you posted to your insta colors

No. 1752983

She’s such a cunt.

No. 1752984

File: 1674764530339.jpg (56.44 KB, 570x624, spoiltmilkdotcom.JPG)

This is one thing that's spoiling the milk to me, everything that's shared about specific cows has a filmy aftertaste, and paranoia if a bpdfag has spat in it.

No. 1752992

Lol good description, yeah I was going to say sorry if I guessed wrong I just thought it was coincidental that colors posted a very similar comment about a few hours ago so I took a guess

No. 1753003

Just shitting all over people who are genuinely concerned. Livid that people aren't in love with her "perfect body". After this video, I stopped feeling any kind of sympathy or pity for her.

No. 1753024

I mean it’s always been obvious that she’s super toxic and nasty underneath all the shy timid uwu im a little skelly raccoon forest creature rawr xD facade.

No. 1753025

True, and I have to admit when the mask cracks I find it milky.

No. 1753026

kek nonna

No. 1753028

Remember when Eugenia had an arrhythmia/palpitations on camera, grabbed her chest and closed her eyes and said WOAHH while grinning, then started coughing/crying afterwards because she almost died. Nearly passed away from a heart attack on camera with a huge smile on her face. Creepy as fuck.

No. 1753029

Oh that happens like every couple months now, and she still smiles through it while maintaining eye contact with the camera while everyone freaks out in chat. So disturbing

No. 1753032

She pretended she was just having a coughing fit coming from her lungs but she puts her hand right over her heart and says woah so she obviously wasn’t coughing/choking initially. Coughing is a reflex to arrhythmia and sometimes doctors tell you to cough if you’re having palpitations.
I’m guessing she had some electrolyte imbalance, or its probable her heart muscle is weakened and not conducting properly either. Fucking scary but she still held up the fake act even while almost dying.

No. 1753036

I didn’t know that but not surprised, I haven’t been watching her recent streams much.

No. 1753037


No. 1753048

This was her most recent one from 3 weeks ago, the panic on her face is honestly horrifying.

No. 1753049

Absolutely disturbing. Her physical and mental health are deteriorating rapidly. I'd reckon she really ain't got much longer, you think she'll stream from her hospice bed?
Well they're starting to get milky fer sure.

No. 1753082

File: 1674769571029.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2022, AA5CF40B-6DA1-4BED-A16C-01C187…)

Every single birthday present photo is a body check I can’t

No. 1753314

>the slightly bent knee

No. 1753315

Visible panty line as well

No. 1753373

Do her eyes look really droopy now too? She looks stoned or half asleep.

No. 1753384

This woman was only 44 in this. She died at 45.

No. 1753393

yeah, it could be another result of muscle wastage

No. 1753403

File: 1674782849539.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1098x1922, 13D03506-9BAA-4384-A3CF-64BFC9…)

Are they just giving up on her at this point? (1/2)

No. 1753405

File: 1674782945080.jpeg (933.21 KB, 1125x1361, 24D3B965-6659-4F15-8543-75D069…)

(2/2) Full text and apparently the twins are going stateside.

No. 1753412

Where do they get all this money to travel, are they from a rich family?

No. 1753415

Had to go and look it up - her TikTok is @tamzin.ashleigh I don’t know what her Insta is

No. 1753416

after all the treatment the twins have had (and considering that they have medical degrees) it seems reasonable to decide they have the capacity to refuse further treatment, tbh

I've never seen them mention arfid before, though

No. 1753512

I think Laura only got attention/applause for her dance before because she was thin and vaguely “elegant” looking. It’s easier to fake dance skills when you look like a “typical” dancer. She looks pathetic now, she always did, but now it’s showing.

No. 1753513

Go to bed colors

No. 1753516

imagine how many canadian visas she could have by now if she put even like 5% as much effort into that as she does into talking shit about laura and han

No. 1753518

File: 1674790965618.jpg (109.35 KB, 640x1136, 327667103_127385566896727_1033…)

I just checked her insta and she's mad because I assumed a post was hers that wasn't earlier today, lol my bad but usually I guess right

No. 1753534

I’m not colours. I just think Laura is a rubbish dancer and it wasn’t so obvious before. Chill nonnie x

No. 1753535

File: 1674792193094.jpeg (618.47 KB, 828x1487, 68299BDD-2EFC-48A0-B583-520D49…)

Anyone see these?

No. 1753544

Lol I'm sorry I'll stop, it's fun to get it right when I do but since this is the second fuck up in a row I'll quit it

No. 1753640

I think it was posted in the last thread but I can't believe how much milk she gave us in her birthday post kek

No. 1753651

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ that's horrendous, like watching Smeagel die

I don't think she was coughing, I think she was gagging. Looks like she's about to throw up and trying to keep it in

No. 1753715

This wasn't colors, I just found the caption ironic

No. 1753717

The one thing that I'm still holding onto is that her rudeness towards these people doesn't seem 100% genuine. It always seems like deep down - VERY deep down - she is broken and appreciates the concern, for the lack of a better phrase, but she's too far gone and trying to "protect" her anorexia and keep it going as long as possible. Or I might just be too soft. But it sure is weird to me how she's managed to last so many years in such a miserable state and not once gotten the urge to say fuck it I can't do this anymore, I want to live normally. I know a lot of chronic anas are this way but she has all of resources in the world, thousands of people constantly acknowledging how dreadful she looks and always trying to assure her that she can get better, so it's weird

No. 1753718

Throw up what

No. 1753758

File: 1674832916324.jpg (464.65 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20230127_151946_Tik…)

Momsfavoritedisappointment is still in treatment

No. 1753764

It is very strange, makes no sense as it's pure delusion and mental illness. I wish I could still have your perspective on her but after this last display my concern is busted. Bottom line is she's an extremely ill person who is in love with said illness. Sad, she's going to die because of her stubbornness.

No. 1753867

Sage for lurker but can any nonas tell me what the endgame of anorexia is? Like I’m only familiar with anorexia as a medical condition where someone is actually scared to eat (not to do with fear of getting fat but the fear of the act itself), I don’t get the vanity type of ED. Is it like a form of OCD competitiveness with other women? Or is it trying to look smol and skinny to attract certain men? Or is it about not wanting to get older and trying to restain a prepubescent body? I’ve never had food issues so I genuinely can’t wrap my head around it, I can’t understand the mindset. Genuinely curious.

No. 1753884

She was never extremely skinny though ngl

No. 1753887

There's no single answer to this, go read a book about it if you're that fascinated, because no one here has the answer you want

No. 1753891

Sorry anon but that is just a dumb question.

No. 1753904

you answered your own question here

No. 1753909

>Like I’m only familiar with anorexia as a medical condition where someone is actually scared to eat
No you're not because that is not the definition of anorexia nor anorexia nervosa. Just fucking google it. Eating disorders are mental illnesses, what is there to get?

No. 1753913

Why do people commit suicide? As someone who enjoys living I can't wrap my head around it. Is it possible to be that sad? Are they doing it to get attention? Can anyone's life really be so bad as go to do think could off themselves? Do you ever want to do the thing that you want someone to do you so bad you could do anything? Maybe it's like that

No. 1753926

I'm late to this but like, how is that even real coughing. It's definitely her holding in throwing up, that doesn't even seem like real cough. And what even was her reaction to it, all those weird hand signs and face expressions on it.

"A tissue" , yeah that's usually people who are holding in throwing up, coughing saliva and stuff into a tissue.

No. 1754042

That's what I wondered and then I realised it was explained in >>1753032
>Coughing is a reflex to arrhythmia and sometimes doctors tell you to cough if you’re having palpitations.


No. 1754056

The one you’re thinking of is the lesser known ARFID (I believe is what is called, not sure), which only constitutes the irrational fear of food without the “vanity” aspect. Anorexia usually starts with the desire to lose weight and the fear of food develops as a consequence of the fear of gaining/not losing more weight. For an actually ill person, it’s not so much vanity as it is being scared of losing control over your body and your food intake when it feels like everything else in your life is chaos and beyond your control. It’s just manifested through an extreme hyper fixation on body image, which is almost always accompanied by body dysmorphia (not seeing your body as it is but rather larger, which has to do with the eye movement pattern and such often based on one’s physiological state). Many of the cows here don’t really present anorexia as it is (especially people like Porgie, kek) but if you’re interested, you can watch some documentaries or something. I’ve never had an eating disorder myself but a close friend of mine used to and I read a lot about it at the time and also spent a lot of time with her.

No. 1754058

I don’t think she’s ever been proper spoopy but I remember her being quite thin at the very beginning

No. 1754062

Sorry to any anons that get triggered by me explaining this, I was bored

No. 1754076

File: 1674853257264.png (15.44 KB, 708x65, arfidsmv.png)

ot but ARFID isn't a fear of food itself. That's like saying autists are literally afraid of different textures.

No. 1754090

>Are they doing it to get attention?
People don't off themselves entirely for attention, they wouldn't be around to receive it.
>Can anyone's life really be so bad as go to do think could off themselves?
Yes? Obviously or people who have killed themselves wouldn't exist? A lot of suicide victims are elderly and facing terminal illness, or debilitating illness/injury that would severely impact their quality of life. Abuse victims, trafficking victims, addicts, people with massive amounts of debt who have no way of paying it back, people who've lost their children or their family. People with psychiatric disorders that worsen over time. Just pubmed it don't ask stupid questions here.

No. 1754110

>Is if possible to be that sad?

Yeah plenty of people experience horrific adversity early in life. It’s only become more common. Glad you’ve had a life that you’ve enjoyed.

No. 1754115

Most people aren’t suicidal, being suicidal isn’t a normal state of mind and it goes against biology. Also most people don’t commit suicide so they can wear a certain pair of shorts lol. Dumb comparison.

No. 1754120

Calm down and have a piece of bread.

Anorexia is literally just a manifestation of narcissistic personality disorder. Imagine being so self absorbed you only think about whether your body looks thin all the time, you are a compulsive liar and you constantly think everyone is looking at you to the point you starve yourself for validation and attention.

It’s an absolutely pathetic ‘illness’ to have and it’s more of a personality disorder and toxic cluster b symptom than anything else. Why society has so much sympathy for these rabid dishonest gross attention whores i will never understand.

No. 1754129

Finally someone telling it like it is. They are the worst people and only get sympathy because they look so uwu fragile.

No. 1754135

Ntayrt but
>tells someone to calm down
>immediately sperges

No. 1754154

Damn who shit it ur cornflakes this morning … This is a sad perception of anorexia and doesn't apply to every case…get fucked for real. Wtf…

No. 1754156


>which is almost always accompanied by body dysmorphia (not seeing your body as it is but rather larger, which has to do with the eye movement pattern and such often based on one’s physiological state)

>the eye movement pattern

What eye movement pattern? Haven't heard that kind of thing at all.

No. 1754157

Wow you really don’t know how anorexia works do you? Some of these cows are just severely delusional, not narcissistic and not all bad people

No. 1754159

lost souls maybe

No. 1754161


No. 1754162

Nta but I looked it up and, supposedly, people with BDD do not look at their face in the mirror the typical way (eye to eye then down to mouth), the eye movements they make when looking at their faces are typically erratic. Look up "body dysmorphia eye pattern".

No. 1754169

You should leave lolcow and inform the scientific world of your amazing discovery. Why is this thread always full of tards

No. 1754201

Does leg lifting Laura have autism?

No. 1754212

No she’s just high on antipsychotics

No. 1754240

This is not true but ok

No. 1754247

Clinically incorrect. Anorexia is not the same thing as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. FFS

No. 1754322

No. 1754333

The top 3 aren't but keep being retarded I guess

No. 1754382

File: 1674875876361.jpeg (509.99 KB, 1170x2094, 9602C52B-CF38-4000-A278-69B61E…)

Does she look worse?

No. 1754383

File: 1674875902491.jpeg (274.2 KB, 1169x2084, FE7A9F44-E43D-4088-A102-CB0BDD…)

Also cow crossover

No. 1754398

Agreed. A lot of people use eating disorders to maintain some form of control in their lives and often it stems from traumatic experience or abuse. It's frequently comorbid with a while host of other disorders like OCD, PTSD and substance abuse. Not all cows are covert narcs kek

No. 1754422

Bile or the minimal fluid she may ingest

No. 1754490

shut the fuck up fatty

No. 1754503

Is there any benefit in this type of posts? Thanks for the psa I guess?

No. 1754560


if by worse you mean popping a collarbone out like you're trying to feed a dog with it, then yes Darcy you do look worse.

in B4 ~~iM nOt DaRcY~~. your submission fucking reeks of unsaged self-post.(hi cow)

No. 1754563

jesus this thread has gone to shit

No. 1754582

That anons post is dumb but so is yours, and sage your anachan sperges

No. 1754585

The milk is dry af, we should be grateful people are still at least trying to post something dairy related

It's funny that the spoop from her treatment group triggered her into a rage but zara doesn't.

No. 1754586

Nta but I've posted about Darcy before as well, just because you don't find her milky doesn't mean everyone else feels the same. And what happened to no "hi cow"ing

No. 1754589

wasn't she triggered by the spoop being nice? we all know zara isn't capable of being nice, kek

No. 1754590

I didn't mean anons post, but zaras infographic

No. 1754594

Oh shit sorry, my bad lol

No. 1754601

Exactly you’re welcome

at least I’m bringing pics to this IMAGEBOARD better than the rest of your fucking infighters

No. 1754602

No one was coming for you nonna calm down.

No. 1754603

To be fair almost every post is met with a barrage of complaints, she's probably a little defensive because of that

No. 1754607

Not really. What would you say was her lowest bmi? She always wore super baggy clothes so I can't tell

No. 1754610

Either way it's good to see someone doing better. She has friends, goes to uni and thriving. Love that for her. Elzani should take notes

No. 1754612

Elzani is back at uni isn't she? And she was with freinds and some guy in her latest video? It seems like she's doing really well

No. 1754614

What is she studying? I didn't see that

No. 1754624

So harsh. She also says having an ED means you don’t care about anything else. I happen to care very much about other things, I’m a carer for an elderly relative and my ED doesn’t come before that. Having an ED doesn’t make you self absorbed, maybe that’s just Zara’s overall personality.

No. 1754629

Nah, she was with her sister’s uni friends. But at least she’s getting out there.

No. 1754630

I don't know the specifics I just heard her mention being back at uni in one of her newest uploads

It's a start though, and it seems like she's got a bf or potential bf from her most recent vlog

No. 1754635

Samefag but I just realized I might be mixing up Fiona and Elzani, Fiona said she's back at uni but now I'm not so sure about Elzani. Sorry about that

No. 1754637

Someone check out grizzofit on Insta or YouTube and tell me if she’s milky enough to post here, or if I should save myself the embarrassment

No. 1754641

Then do research maybe? Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

No. 1754642

No. 1754643

No, she just never truly got better and it’s also an intentional pose

No. 1754645

File: 1674906068067.jpeg (477.47 KB, 880x1138, 72D07ED3-A491-4AAD-9456-9F8B8F…)

Another ausfag who claims to be ‘all in’ while eating tiny vegan portions and calling it ‘challenging fears’, also does that weird pose that makes sure everyone can see how ~skinny~ her arms are.

No. 1754646

I can’t imagine there is, people with severe eating disorders already know all of this, they’re just too preoccupied with the ed thoughts. She might be trying to appeal to people who aren’t too far down yet but most of them won’t just tell themselves “hey, zara says that we should get out of this mental illness i’m developing, so i’m just calling it quits from today on” because they’re still on a high from the ed

No. 1754647

I remember her posting more full body stuff at the beginning of recovery and she seemed around bmi 16 more or less, possibly less. She was no momsfav but she was definitely too underweight

No. 1754648

File: 1674906356649.jpeg (474.09 KB, 986x750, D053E281-8F57-41C6-82D5-1D8132…)

Cuts dry ass, unseasoned potato and tofu (no more than a 300 calorie meal) into tiny pieces while sooking about the potato.

No. 1754651

I see some potential but she has actually gained weight since she started her account in August. Despite the constant body checks and small meals, she must be having enough food to be gaining weight.

No. 1754658

Sigh … nekkid arms = bodycheck.

No. 1754663

She seems like a fitness anachan type, she's lost a lot of weight since the start of the account. Her profile makes me sad, has she done anything milky?

No. 1754678

anon, could you please start sageing your non-milk text posts?

No. 1754680

>Having an ED doesn’t make you self absorbed
….yet here you are blogposting. Shush.

No. 1754681

File: 1674910893666.png (846.24 KB, 1053x578, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 7.00…)

Hayden continues to whine about being oppressed by the Treatment Machine

No. 1754700

She’s somehow more annoying than other ED cows. Can someone tell us if she’s actually Aboriginal? And not in a “my great great grandma was 1/64 native” kinda way? I find it hard to believe anything she claims since she also larps as a man.

No. 1754702

File: 1674915374596.jpg (815.6 KB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20230128_141542_Ins…)

Such fear !! So brave for posting these bodychecks xox

No. 1754703

>Connecting to the land, the water and the ancestors through ceremony and being on sacred land
Hahahahahahaha my sides

No. 1754705

i think she's been posted here before and ive been following her for a while too. i don't think she's done anything explicitly milky but maybe she has potential.
also her ig comments are full of people telling her she's too skinny and unhealthy kek

No. 1754707

File: 1674915698942.jpg (678.81 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20230128_142129_Ins…)


No. 1754766

of course she has to show us that her clothes are still too big… much recovery

No. 1754781

God she’s offensive to look at. She’s literally just a woman with a beard and fuck ugly glasses.

No. 1754814

Hayden is the ugliest woman I've ever fucking seen please can we spoiler her pictures like we did n2f's food combos?

No. 1754840

File: 1674927260786.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1119x1898, 412F0C26-EBD3-4303-8D64-33312B…)

I know she’s an adult but the fact that her team is cool with this is just wild to me. If her heart gives out, are they just gonna wash their hands and pretend not to be culpable at all? I figure that’s why Ganer isn’t taking the chance to train her.

No. 1754946

File: 1674935180159.jpg (967.28 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20230128_090251_Ins…)

:( twelve whole tubes! So sick! Poor bubba

No. 1754953

File: 1674935747914.png (4.24 MB, 1170x2532, B4EFFEB7-8FAA-4240-9A48-00B9D9…)

Anything posted about this cow? Saged bc she’s probably been mentioned before

No. 1754960

Be fr right now

No. 1754969

how about lurk the farms before posting something so retarded

No. 1755035

No. 1755056

imagine asking if Ash has ever been discussed

No. 1755109

fuck off n00b

No. 1755199

From memory it’s Hayden’s grandfather who was part of the stolen generation (Aboriginal kids taken from their parents and raised in missions)

No. 1755213

File: 1674952031620.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1125x1906, B2286FAA-D25E-49B8-B96F-0CE6E6…)

The beef jerky in bikinis competition has begun again.

No. 1755277

with all the horror and infighting and bpdfag invasion in recent threads i’ve actually missed ganer kek

No. 1755335

Ganer is the most painful eyesore for me on this entire thread of nightmare gollums. She looks like a man with eyebrows he got tattooed on in prison.

No. 1755338

just found this girl can someone please check her out and see if she’s milky: twitch.tv/eugeniacooney

No. 1755347

File: 1674962666954.png (1.47 MB, 1910x956, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 10.2…)

sage for borderline not milk, but this cow grinds my gears. preaches recovery after her own eating disorder and owns a recovery centre but her entire instagram is half naked body checks.

No. 1755351

yah honestly posting her exposed ribs while in one of the most slimming poses for her midsection is really distasteful

No. 1755374

File: 1674965927454.jpeg (837.05 KB, 828x1665, 8AB4A31D-6748-487D-BF4E-A65119…)

I get this woman on my explore page all the time. She’s skinny as fuck and her page is obese/normal people dancing to her work out problem.

No. 1755396

File: 1674968583716.png (237.5 KB, 369x354, Screenshot_2027.png)

at least sister seems pretty done with her bs lmao

No. 1755483

No. 1755488

barely any followers, seems like a self post

No. 1755524

Stop talking about Zara, she’s so pathetic and you know she’s only getting off on us talking about her. It’s pathetic. Imagine her being your lawyer lmao you’d be so screwed.

No. 1755529

If her heart gives out, her team will evidence years and years and years of intervention, treatment and support offered. Of course they won’t be culpable. Even when people are very sick there still remains a degree of personal responsibility/autonomy/choice. Besides, I doubt the consultant said “great idea!!” this woman is mentally ill and hasn’t had a good meal since the turn of the century, take what she says with a pinch of salt.

No. 1755545

0 gains

No. 1755558

File: 1674982757309.png (531.52 KB, 580x697, Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 2.58…)

Ham, on the other hand, would like to tell you all about her gains.

No. 1755564

She's supposedly totally fine with all this weight gain yet tries to look smaller than she is. Very posed. Where's the real reality ham?

No. 1755625

I just checked her out and her account is completely fine? I don't see a single body check. She has text posts, photos of her kids and other people, random normal photos of herself in normal clothing, and the odd yoga pose photo because she's apparently into yoga. She also seems to be at a healthy weight. This photo is an odd pose but there are plenty of people posting photos like that without them trying to bodycheck. I don't see the milk here.

No. 1755628

Either that or she purposefully makes herself look bigger so that people know her sticking out belly fat is intentionally photographed

No. 1755632

File: 1674987473373.jpg (545.86 KB, 1079x1471, Screenshot_20230129_181701.jpg)

Why does she look like Porgie in this pic

No. 1755638

No. 1755644

If she gains more weight they'll be twins

No. 1755648

It's the drugs she was on I'm assuming giving that glossy facial expression, dead fishlike eyes. It'd be a sad state of affairs, if it wasn't for it being a case of BPDers that play stupid games, they win stupid prizes.

No. 1755650

Hayden is literally the ugliest troon I've seen in a minute. The tiny vole eyes peering out from behind those fucking awful glasses that makes her 5head ten times larger, the scraggly troon pube beard and the rat stache… Sorry for the sperg but holy shit. Maybe she should start a gofundme for facial reconstruction instead of private IP treatment this time?
>please can we spoiler her pictures like we did n2f's food combos?
I second this

No. 1755664

File: 1674991747623.png (863.63 KB, 769x592, 1673191206712.png)


No. 1755669

File: 1674992953947.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20230129-114543~2.p…)

ganer has switched up the way she takes photos of her slop …

No. 1755677

She’s so fucking ugly, but like, on purpose? She genuinely wants to look like that. fucking gross. Has she been posted on the ftm thread before?

No. 1755680

Sorry what? Hayden is a girl? O.o(O.o)

No. 1755681

And Ashley is still alive? O.o

No. 1755682

I just spent a good minute laughing at this thread on mpa. I just have to share:
People get offended so easily these days

No. 1755685

Yes Hayden is a girl, trying to pass as a man but failing and the result is she looks like a bug eyed, pube bearded troll
so yes can we please spoiler her face pictures in the next thread?

No. 1755686

I don't think she has but I'm sure they'd love her there

No. 1755687

No. 1755689

Why does she look like a dude? Why does she have a beard? I'm so confused. Is she the same person who used to post weird TikTok of stories when ip?

No. 1755694

She's a troon so testosterone has made her hairy and now she has moid brain she thinks she's entitled to everything and we must all listen and obey.
I don't watch the tiktoks so I can't answer that one

No. 1755695

What the hell is this giant bowl of misery?? She could be getting her carbs in much less disgusting ways, ew

No. 1755696

I almost don't know how to cope with the fact that her raspberries aren't in a dumbass line on top of the slop.

No. 1755698

You shouldn't have said that, now it's messing my my brain, too

No. 1755700

Jesus, that person that joined 21 hours ago just to trigger MPA'ers supposedly working with kids with MH issues? I call bullshit, but it's horrifying if true. But they do say that some of the sickest are in the professions, like a moth to a flame.

No. 1755701

this is something else. how they go from extremely fatphobic, giving tips on starving yourself, and asking for meanspo/fatspo to getting offended when someone calls out the excess weight gain in recovery is beyond me. how do they support and defend recovery while living by "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" kek?

No. 1755706

They never called out the excess weight gain in recovery. They said excess weight gain is wrong. Funny either way. Kek

No. 1755710

it's the same thing in this context

No. 1755729

Asians. Nuff said.

No. 1755766

File: 1675004511763.jpg (611.07 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230130_040149_Gal…)

Spends over $100,000 of mummy and daddy's money on treatment and a move to Australia… walks out of Wandi, decides to relapse and wonders why mummy and daddy won't have her home.

No. 1755775

I meant to say that person never defended excess weight gain, they said that excess weight gain is wrong

No. 1755780

File: 1675006321707.jpg (37.73 KB, 412x382, grandmashield_134734021550372.…)

KEK "Things online" as in people begging her to put some fucking pants on prior to shambling about and exposing her desiccated goods.
Is Ganer posing outside a local government building?? Wtf?? Man I've missed her milk. She looks exactly the same, so much for bUlKiNg.

No. 1755816

Thoughts on this? Honestly feels like it's projection of her own ED. Eugenia isn't wearing a skimpy santa suit for weeks on end for no reason. She isn't being naive when she goes out in public recording peoples reaction to her body. She purposely makes her content childish when looking at her shit years ago, she acts more adult than she does now. Maybe some valid points are made about fetishists but other than that, this video just infantlizes her and I'm over it.

No. 1755840

How hard is she tensing Jesus that looks uncomfortable to do just for Ed clout

No. 1755851

they all just merge into one

No. 1755860

Thank god this is what she needs. Hopefully she stays off social media for a while, though she probably won’t be able to help it with her attention seeking

No. 1755863

That's what I'm saying, the youtuber acts like she has no agency at all.

No. 1755884

I don't recognise this one. Can someone point me to which # thread she's been in or debrief me on her milk-history?

No. 1755922

whose colours stalker? wtf

No. 1755972

File: 1675022482168.jpg (294.33 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2023-01-29-19-58-50…)

Can we just talk about how Han preaches recovery whilst posting pics like this. She is obviously still engaging in "workout" behaviour. She thinks she looks good but she actually looks like a decaying corpse right now. She still hasn't come off the liquid diet.

No. 1756009

eugenia is a completely different case. she's got a large following, and specifically panders to fetishists, and deliberately infantalizes herself. some of the things dorian said seem to be decent, but honestly, eugenia is doing weird stuff that doesn't belong on twitch (or… most of the internet)

No. 1756012

Imagine how long she stood there tensed like that, trying to make sure she gets the best angle showing her collarbones

No. 1756013

Yeah that’s what I said too

No. 1756015

That or she can’t physically handle the streams anymore

No. 1756016

She posted a video of herself eating porridge (I think) today. I only saw a few seconds of it so I don’t know the details but she was indeed eating solid food. She’s clearly eating very little though and she’s lowkey not hiding it which is even more fucked up

No. 1756035

She’s disgusting, taking thousands of dollars from people while they sit on waitlists for IP. Never seen anyone who didn’t work with her who didn’t end up almost dead and in debt.

No. 1756053

It was a joke you monogloid.

No. 1756058

By sounds he has a friend in a runners club in Kent, she keeps her account open, all public, yet cried about being stalked by her friend despite her shit talking on the account about her. It's like, girl, private your account just like your Facebook or quit whining. But she needs the narc/bpd fuel, so she won't keep it locked longer than a few days. Cries about people taking the piss out of her here, yet openly takes the piss out of others, can't handle what she dishes out. Such a shit show.

No. 1756059

Learn how to convey sarcasm autist

No. 1756063

Surprised Colours has any friends if she treats them all like that. If someone shit talks about you only human they are gona want to defend themselves. She stalks others so bit weird

No. 1756074

File: 1675032110211.jpeg (306.29 KB, 750x1214, ADAB1EB1-5ED7-4200-BC6F-128F5D…)

Yikes. Cow crossover. Katy commenting on Ganers post.
Funny she posted on her own IG that she was doing 30 mins gym a day but on Ganers it’s 45..
not sure Ganer should be encouraging ‘train hard’ to someone that would be blown away by a light breeze.
Cows be cow’ing.

No. 1756078

This is exactly why Ganer is so dangerous. Preaching her recover in a gym environment bullshit. That babybicep is in just as bad of a state as Katy (tho she isn't a cow) and it makes me furious how this girl is getting dragged into being influenced by Ganer. If one or both of them don't drop dead or lose even more weight trying to emulate her I'll be very surprised. Worst thing is that Ganer will take no accountability at all.

No. 1756115

File: 1675035288592.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1883, C22483D5-3C6A-43F5-ABEC-1671A9…)

how are people believing her bs preaching recovery while not gaining a single gram for so many months? (1/2)

No. 1756116

File: 1675035345012.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1170x1827, FAE41730-1468-4946-9101-719BBE…)

2/2 eating out of baby bowls and wow thats a huge meal to be in recovery

No. 1756169

God where do I start. She's a nurse. From 2018-2021 she has spent months in and out of medical wards, has had NINE admissions to the only ED unit in the south island of New Zealand which has extremely long wait lists and literally 6 beds. For half of the country. Most people are capped at 2 or 3 admits. She's developed a bit of a reputation shall we say. Then, a change of management put a stop to her revolving door antics, so now her parents have paid a shit tonne of money for her to spend 7 months in Wandi (over $70,000 for a 60 day stay.. she stayed 3x that length).. she's discharged.. and then within weeks back on the medical ward with a fucking toob. Her parents refuse to let her home now.

No. 1756173

What a great nurse kek.

No. 1756210

Other countries should do this so the same greedy revolving doors aren't just given endless treatment; literally 'cradle to grave'hand holding IP beds for life so others can't get anything at all.

No. 1756369

Thanks for the summary, nonna. What a cow…kek

No. 1756378

Other people got it, not sure who the autist is here

No. 1756379

6 times a week in the gym as a beginner is too much even for someone who is not a skeleton. This is insane. Ganer should ignore her.

No. 1756396

Literally yes. She must have an ACTUAL death wish

No. 1756397

God, this one is hitting a long forgotten nerve. She’s been posting on this account since July and hasn’t gained literally anything since then but of course she hasn’t when all she eats is chocolate milk and a tiny bowl of rice every day. And yet she posts all of that while preaching recovery and the idiots in the comments are seeing this and encouraging it. Actually insane

No. 1756478

File: 1675085862039.png (639.82 KB, 1080x1080, png_20230130_233717_0000.png)

Is healingthemosaic banned to talk about or is she on another thread?

No. 1756488

File: 1675086509153.jpg (814.79 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230130_234456.jpg)

6 years ago and now used to go by Mel/melissa?

No. 1756491

Is that melly.moo? i don't think she's banned but i might be wrong. Rarely anyone actually gets threadbanned. Wonder if she's taken down her facebook, can't seem to find it.

No. 1756534

Who the fuck is letting one of the twins in the gym? Let along 6 times a fucking week?

No. 1756537

She's not banned. I think she just doesn't get posted much because her shit is repetitive and really vague. It's hard to get any details on how she's being "gaslit" by the medical system in New Zealand or her weird blow-up with Ash or whatever. If anyone has more access to her actual goings-on, that might be interesting.

No. 1756568

Healing.the.mosaic / melly.moo:
Born as Melissa / Mel. Is apparently DX's with D.I.D due to growing up in a cult and normally goes by Amber atm.
They want a PEJ tube for gastro problems (widely believed to be caused by chronic&enduring anorexia but I don't think they've confirmed that)
In and out of hospitals for repetitive NJ placements as alters were pulling it out from pain/throwing it up unintentionally.
They don't get posted in here much, because they're not very pro-ana milky. Just emaciated and very mentally unstable.
The controversy around them Vs. That other NZ fag is there's discrepancies in fundraising for the PEJ. The ex friend claims that the money being raised is being spent elsewhere / unneeded.
So again, not very milky. Just a person with severe PTSD symptoms who happens to remain at a chronically low weight.
If they posted more body checks, numbers or made more effort to flex the tube then perhaps but generally they're not milky enough to be posted

No. 1756582

Idk, them running and then riding their feeding tube pole like a scooter when they were hospitalized is kind of milky
Along with the fact they DID doesn’t actually present itself like how she does..?

No. 1756583

And she ensures that people see how underweight her legs are

No. 1756653

i think she is not posted because she is so focused now on her DID rather than Anorexia

No. 1756680

Whys Colours stalking "her stalker" if she even has one, if shes blocked her course she won't be able to see anything. See even her therapist has given up on her, no surprise there, end of the day Colours doesn't wanna improve. She does realise you aren't meant to have a relationship with your therapist kek

No. 1756705

I mean, let's be real, she 100% does not have DID and is just LARPing on the internet. I think the reason she's not posted here for the most part is just because her milk is centered around the DID LARPing and not so much the ED.

No. 1756724

Colours doesn't have a stalker, if she did how come the messages weren't sent on the platform and now today she complains that the so called stalker has blocked her. All in her head and I feel sorry for the innocent person involved who is just trying to defend themselves by the look of it and it being twisted by Colours typical narcissist behaviour. NHS won't touch her with a barge pole and no way will any employer in Canada give her a visa.

No. 1756742

Laura Bestow seems to be a therapist's worst nightmare. "I can't cope because i can't attach to this therapist!!11", it's healthy to have distance you numpty, the attachment you formed with your last must have been ridiculously unhealthy, and the fall out shows it - how many years has it been? since 2019? It's not normal to text your therapist multiple times a day. Probably why she's not having face to face appointments with this current therapist. The sheer amount of stuff she's shared, she seems like a risk to others - not just herself. And the way she talks about her friends in posts, i wonder if they ever see them. "My male friend is so toxic with his weight loss culture shit" next post "buh i lost weight teehee". Hypocritical, whether she's talking about the mean ole boolies and stalker who should "go away", when she stalks and posts harassing things about others. Saying people are wasting services time, yet she wastes services time. Calls others toxic, when she's a literal pool of sludge herself. I do worry about that therapist Renee though, hope she has a restraining order, not that it'll stop a psycho.

No. 1756743

File: 1675111905446.png (1.18 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20230130-204605.png)

grizzofit has been hospitalised.

No. 1756748

Good luck to the lass, hope the recovery attempt sticks and she grows out of this. Did she admit to having an ED before this out of curiousity? Just wondered because I didn't remember anything being mentioned in the OP, and the account just looked like a trim woman trying to bulk but losing weight instead.

No. 1756753

i don't think she ever has admitted to being disordered before, people in her comments always say she looks unhealthy etc but she never replies. although she's always posted about 'low calorie high protein' and getting lean

No. 1756830

Laura doesn't want friends but wants friends. She had Sophie who seemed to care but pissed her off somehow. Reckon it would all kick off if they knew, the way shes treated Sophie, Laura seems scared to bump into her when it seems Sophie has done nothing wrong, who posts up voice messages especially when it shows Sophie has done nothing but laura still calls her a stalker. Guessing thats who Laura thinks it is. No therapist will take Laura on, she wants inpatient but would have to share a therapist with everyone else, hows that gonna work. She is evil and dangerous, grateful shes not ever going to be back in Canada. Renee wants nothing to do with her.

No. 1756840

Since herbs relapsed, she has started going back on everything she said about Eugenia in the past couple of years. Even excusing her behavior. It seems that starving yourself really fries your brain lol

No. 1756845

the one thing i'd say in response to her acting more adult in the past is maybe her brain wasn't so much a slurry then. same for ashley tbh. i wonder what their mental processes are like when so severely and persistently underweight

No. 1756846

Girl it's been days, no one cares about your dumb jokes let it go already

No. 1756863

File: 1675120028618.jpg (158.97 KB, 640x1136, 327976148_729307872157899_5462…)

Omg nona colours is having an absolute world class meltdown over your comment lol

No. 1756866

File: 1675120257813.jpg (189.03 KB, 640x1136, 328233881_903268977514842_3199…)

Samefag she's apparently going to report our "accounts" to the police, does she still not understand how this site works? There are no accounts colors lol

No. 1756870

Just watch and wait

No. 1756875

File: 1675120844933.png (507.94 KB, 726x899, ijuhygtfdsedrtfgyhuji.png)

She's posting screenshots of every account that's interacted with her ig lol, as if there's any way to tell if those people are from here or just found her through ig. She's delusional if she thinks every single farmer has a public ig and has interacted with her profile while using it lol

No. 1756881

You like bullying people to death don't you? Congratulations. You're all disgusting and evil and pathetic. Well done. You've pushed me too far now.

No. 1756882

I've heard this one before lol, no one is telling you to kill yourself colors. And we're giving you the same treatment you give han and laura. You did this to yourself.

No. 1756883

No. YOU did this. So think about THAT tonight. And at least the police are going to have a way of tracking some of you bullies. Pity they won't get you all but they'll find some of you, guaranteed.

No. 1756884

Now it's ending. YOU evil people do this to people. Ruin their lives, invade their privacy. You have this on your conscience now. Just think about that.

No. 1756887

You are not. You all turned on me for NO good reason. And this is way too far. Do I see you giving out personal information on anyone else? Their name, where they live? No. You can't do this. And you have pushed an unstable person with zero help WAY to far. I'm gone. ANd YOU did this. ALong with some others but this site and all of you are evil and cruel and beyond terrible people. You have killed me and there are going to be consequences.

No. 1756889

Get a grip, none of us told you to harm yourself, the police aren't going to do anything about it because it's not illegal to be mean online. If it is then you'd be getting charged too for the shit you fling at the anachans on your ig. It's the same thing, you just can't cope when your the target. Why you made your identity known to us in the first place is a complete fucking mystery to me lol
>Do I see you giving out personal information on anyone else? Their name, where they live?
Different anons, and no one posted your address you dramaqueen

No. 1756890

the farms are famous for doxing. And nobody "turned on you" - we've thought you were laughable all along. If you don't see why, go discuss it with a professional while working on your raging bpd. Now fuck off.

No. 1756892

frankly, we're more polite to colours than she is to Han and Laura

No. 1756894

No. 1756898

I did not make my identity known to you at all. I don't know how you creeps found me and then started going through my whole life like psychos, my fb, my IGs, everything. I never said anything about who I was. But you have done this. Live with consequences. As I die with what you evil people have done to me.(global rule #4)

No. 1756900

File: 1675122912903.jpg (22.24 KB, 300x250, 4239559-af5e6286f6e7c37baf9c94…)

No. 1756902

this threat is more effective if you don't make it over and over. Remember last time you said we'd driven you to suicide and then you were quiet for like two days and resumed your bullshit stalking of Laura and Han?

No. 1756903

I feel bad for any casual viewers who are getting put on blast during her tantrum.

No. 1756909

I feel bad for the mental health services that have to deal with her

by the way, laura, if you wanted to go to canada so badly you'd just wwoof. or are you not allowed to visit as a tourist? hmmmm?

No. 1756913

You posted lolcow comments to your ig, and posted your own comments and replies along with screenshots of cows. You made it very clear that you were posting here, that's on you.

Yeah she posted a bunch, some of them look young too. And they probably found her through her interacting with eating disorder and mental health content on ig, and tagging the nhs and other random peoples accounts.

No. 1756917

I'd never thought about it before, but I wonder if her ig account violates the terms of service because she just uses it to bully other users

No. 1756921

Surprised she isn’t banned for all the SH shit she posts. Now threatening suicide again but will probably call herself an ambulance.

No. 1756925

File: 1675124264389.png (197.24 KB, 210x424, Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 6.17…)

Hi colours

No. 1756927

When she posts in her clubs running gear, it’s pretty easy to find her. She outed herself. They wouldn’t be pleased associating with her if they found out what she is like…

No. 1756929

Finally got around to watching the docu with Laura in it and holy kek, the difference is astounding. Pretty sad

No. 1756930

Colours sweetie calm down and get of your not so high horse. This is an anonymous website that you have publicly displayed you have posted on, you have also publicly bullied and slandered people with your name attached to those insults. Technicallyyyyyy you're worse than us KEK. You're also not the first person to go all uwu I'm telling the police, guess what? Nothing will happen.

No. 1756931

"mr. policeman, people told me i'm CRAZY on the INTERNET"

No. 1756932

Don't mind me but whats her ig again

No. 1756940

Yeah and she wears underwear to each run so she's pretty easy to spot lol

No. 1756941


No. 1756942

I know it's off topic, but why does she do that?? lmao. get some running shorts, colours.

No. 1756947

File: 1675125924662.webm (6.87 MB, 720x1278, Untitled.webm)

Maybe it's some weird way of showing off? She claimed she just "forgot" them this past run but she wears them every run lol, it looks awkward as hell in comparison to everyone else

No. 1756949

File: 1675126101793.jpg (104.1 KB, 640x1136, 327155646_160984936698220_1957…)

She also not so subtly threatened to kill her past therapist, so I can see why people want nothing to do with her.

No. 1756983

Does she not get that…. that you have to actually DIE to have had people “kill” you??

No. 1757002

Oh man, the therapist attachment reminds me of Jonesie ( i forgot how to spell her name) ahhh man those were the days of full fat cream milk

No. 1757004

Her entire personality is ana and being a 'real' Goth and I did it first and I'm an OG. As if she doesn't use all the girls as a trigger and losing weight in sure she's gained more followers which only keeps her on that place
Kek to her w the EC shit. She's 'one of them' again

No. 1757011

Kek remember when Porgie threatened the same

No. 1757014

Can someone tell me which thread we talked about Ash and Mel's blow up?? Or just what it was about? Sorry.. I hate being spoon fed but..

No. 1757015

someone with porgie access needs to update us

No. 1757031

Lol I miss the jonesie milk, the pseudo mother daughter relationship she made up about her dr was so strange, and all the stories about "mama bear."

No. 1757034

exactly kek, if our “accounts” here were going to be targeted by police imagine what would happen to colours’ insta

No. 1757114

just quaking over here in the us at the thought of the british police being maaaad at me

No. 1757118

recently read thru a lot of the old pro ana threads and haven't seen anything, i'd bet it's in ash's threads (bury.wingless.crows)

No. 1757163

She was her own dairy farm kek
I realllllllly wanna know what she's doing these days

No. 1757164

she's dead.

No. 1757166

No. 1757170


Nothing new from Porgie. Out of the farms post recent ECT. Working with children. Still fat. No more tube after admitting her gut problems were FND and not actual gastroparesis, who saw that coming. Moved apartments. Still stuffing her face with junk. Literally nothing new to see unfortunately. New farm drama queen Leah has been all uptight and extra bratty recently though although I have a self confessed hate boner for her and her stupid antics

No. 1757177

Nta but holy shit I don't know how I missed that, anyone know how she died so young? I remember her being arrested for heroin at one point.

No. 1757178

Course colours gotta have multi attacks posting same shit cus she gets getting banned from attacking peeps.

No. 1757187

evil person, that yourself Colours trolling vulnerable ppl like Han Laura, even your own friends putting their contacts details for the public to access and everything about them. Its easy to find who you are being so milky, stand out a mile. Constant threatening others. She's banned from Canada thats why shes never coming back cus her reputation precedes her.

No. 1757189

File: 1675151276026.jpeg (16.08 KB, 439x407, 7BCFEB5D-8FB8-459A-ADBC-8A7C0D…)

Is she posting from a fucking iPod kek

No. 1757191

Maybe those were her intentions at the very start, but all of her meals looked disordered and insufficient even for someone whose sedentary, let alone a gym junkie like her.

No. 1757192

You care enough to reply, clearly

No. 1757199

You literally put your full name in posts because you can’t scribble them out properly kek

No. 1757208

Oh shit is that from the car crash? I totally forgot about it!

No. 1757210

Not a car crash, as far as I can tell. Details never ended up online so my guess is that it was an overdose - as the other anon mentioned, she got into hard drugs and had an arrest record, convictions, had served time, etc by the time she died. It seems telling that although they say she "struggled with health issues" they don't say that she died from them. Most really vague obituaries like that are because the person either committed suicide or accidentally overdosed.

No. 1757213

Yeah I remember when she went on Drugs and got arrested, that may have been the crash. I have such shit memory. As much as she was a top cow, it's v sad
Does Mumma Bear still have a license?
I really should go back to her last thread

No. 1757217

Kek, what a groundbreaking discovery! Props for at least being (finally) honest I guess…?

No. 1757218

They're putting down their cups of tea to do a world wide bust on us any moment now thanks to colours

No. 1757237

You are so easily traceable its unreal kek. Go get a job, do something useful instead of stalking others and playing the victim card when all you do is bully others. Trying to fuck up other ppls lives well done, won't get far cus we all have careers. Renee wants nothing to do with you as does MVMTLab, get it in your head you are blacklisted whether you go because you are vile. Stop with the personality disorder excuse it isn't acceptable in a court of law.

No. 1757240

Can we talk about em_fitx ? @sofiasrecovery on TikTok has called her out for body checks but it seems Emma has just exchanged her anorexia for orthorexia and calls it "recovery". Giving of ganer_gains vibes - what do you guys think?

No. 1757256

I think this is a image board so post a fucking pic and integrate

No. 1757257

File: 1675164589251.jpg (621.83 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20230131_192652.jpg)

What's the bet if she gets D/c that she'll be back on the word within 24hrs-3days at most
I don't get how she's been in sterile PICU ward/room still on 2on1 or 1on1 and suddenly has a d/c meeting? Kek they really want her out of there

No. 1757259

File: 1675164916735.jpeg (359.72 KB, 750x1102, B30D0107-E41E-43EA-AE4E-B1B6CE…)

She’s conveniently in anti-lig clothing the night before her discharge meeting… so predictable. I hope they see through her antics and discharge her for good

No. 1757262

She sometimes posts "I'm so proud of how far I've come" like where? All you've done these past 2 years is gain weight and sabotage your own recovery attempts. God, I want to shake some damn sense into her.

No. 1757270

Go make yourself useful and get a job. look after yourself instead of messing up other peoples lives when you can't even look after yourself. You are privileged and lucky you have a place to live, eat, do whatever you want. You admit to being banned, having no friends, they block you because you turn on them, you even turned on someone trying to help you.

No. 1757291

If she claims to be suicidal and has plans etc can they still DC her still? I'm not sure how the hospitals or long stay residential works. But here if you mention you have intention to hurt yourself then they have to keep you in (as far as I know)
The other places must be getting fucking over her and her shit. Find a spot in an assisted living place (or where ever the hell she was supposed to go before) and then ooop nope scratch that. "Wait I'm better I'm so strong can't wait to get out and live life!!11"
Continues to sabotage any attempt to get her out. But like a human form of herpes she just keeps coming back
Any Britfags that can explain your acute wards/IP, and the residential long stay places? You seem to be able to stay IP for months or years?

No. 1757295

Yh they will keep her at least for another week just to cover their backsides.

No. 1757302

its why colours wants inpatient so much, likes the constant attention, everything done for her, no responsibilities, can spend all her money

No. 1757306

And then another week and another week, oh and guess what… another week
She will 'work hard' to get out of PICU and then continue her BS on the open ward
They've drugged her to the gills, so I'm guessing if she stays longer she will refuse to eat and get a toob

No. 1757320

She died of COVID. I’ll post caps later if anyone cares. You can also search her on Facebook and see her family posted about it.

No. 1757321

Britfag here. From what I’ve gathered over the years, they (the NHS especially) discourage and try to prevent those with BPD from being admitted at all, or it’s usually a very short crisis admission (hard to believe I know, given the amount of current and previous cows in this exact situation - Laura, Legohead, and Fi with her 2-year-long admissions for example) because of this very cycle of never getting them back out again. All they have to do is act up and make any attempt of threat of harm to themselves, or be discharged and end up being carted to A&E by police the same night for a public ‘attempt’, and they’ve won themselves a longer stay, despite the dire bed crisis. I think it’s a lot to do with the fact if they were discharged and anything happened, the NHS (and also private companies if relevant e.g Priory) would be absolutely slated, and there would be an inquest and likely be a legal case on their arses. It’s more about covering themselves, as you can imagine.

No. 1757322

Wtf really. Yeah I'd like to see

No. 1757325

I had thought about need availability. If they're staying for months or years how is it possible for others to get to be admitted?

No. 1757327

If she doesn't self harm for a week they will let her go to supported place. Personality disorders aren't good for inpatient environment

No. 1757335

File: 1675176522433.png (723.24 KB, 1102x1120, Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 9.41.…)

This is her mom's FB account - https://www.facebook.com/monica.mckay.100

You'll see tons of pictures of Jonzie and around the time of her death there were some fuck COVID comments. If you poke around the internet and look at her brothers they posted about it as well but can't be assed to do that much spoon feeding. The mom recently posted this image. I also have a personal cow who was good friends with her IRL who said it was COVID, but I don't want to cow tip by sharing. She was a fucking train wreck but definitely died of COVID.

No. 1757336

Unfortunately a lot, albeit not all, of the time it’s the quiet ones who are in need of the beds the most that end up slipping through the net. In a lot of areas (from what I’ve seen and from people I know personally) the louder they shout and scream and make a scene, frequent visitor to hospitals and back of police cars, the more help tends to get thrown at them. Unfair but true. It’s why supported living, PD-specific units etc. are a thing, that’s still not good enough for some of the cows though.

No. 1757347

where did you find it? what is it called?

No. 1757359

I also want to know

No. 1757365

If it's the one I'm thinking of it's: Stacey Dooley: On the psych ward

No. 1757456

Girl it’s you who went too far, and this anon >>1756742 helped karmic retribution speed up a little by giving you a taste of your own medicine. Hard to swallow, I’m sure.

No. 1757460

File: 1675187995458.jpg (64.47 KB, 714x418, colours_of_the_wind_bpd.jpg)

Imagining colours in any sort of therapy role, albeit massage, is terrifying to me.

No. 1757468

File: 1675189142349.jpeg (103.59 KB, 750x487, 6F95118C-6E6D-4B8B-92A2-F4843C…)

I recall seeing one of colours’ posts bragging about her “achievements”
which included a degree with honours and of course it’s a massage therapy college

No. 1757470

late but too funny to not post…..


No. 1757476

by "leah" do you mean littlestlee(whatevernumbers)? She's such an insufferable whiner that I can barely even bring myself to watch her stories anymore. Just droning on and on about dumb shit.

No. 1757477

could you be any more of a new fag? attach your images, sage, and read the rules

No. 1757483


please, go get off of the internet, and get yourself some therapy. you seem angry at the world, and I hope you'll be able to find happiness in something that doesn't revolve around tearing other people down online.

that, or please just leave this thread alone. we're here to talk about milk, not the personal psychosis of random nonnies or otherwise mentally ill individuals that aren't cows

No. 1757522

Problem is she is getting therapy and therapist said shes first one person that hasn't improved ever despite having been with her for a year kek!

No. 1757524

just add a period in-between imgur and com
idk how to upload more than one image at once……(blatant newfaggotry)

No. 1757535

Now her account is disabled, typical. I really don't see what the problem was here. She talked a bunch of stalker-ass shit about strangers on the internet, full-on forced herself into the thread, then got pissed when she got the attention she wanted. I get that your brain is all fucked up Laura but c'mon this is basic, even for you.

No. 1757557


1. This is an imageboard
2. Sage your fucking shit

No. 1757560



No. 1757570

KEK, I forgot this bitch has the maple leaf vag tattoo. Thanks for the reminder nona, made me giggle

No. 1757585

Also helps if they have family to scream for them as well. Laura just needs to be discharged and left in the community with like a lot of BPD patients a clause stating short admissions only. She loves getting attention in hospital and the only way for her to have some form of life again is to not be mollycoddled. Can't see it happening as she is too good at playing the system right now.

No. 1757589

I'm a Britfag who's been in psych wards before (not for an ED, before any nonnies start crowing kek), and the short answer is yes. Many people stay IP for long periods of time. Most loony bins in the UK are privately run (Priory, Cygnet, Huntercombe are the main three companies you'll come across), but the NHS pays for the person to stay there. Private companies often like to make lots of money, and the NHS will pay them lots of money (I can't remember the exact figure per week, but I'm pretty sure its upwards of 30K, but it also depends on the level of care received). So when histrionic cows scream and smash their head on the wall when they're about to get discharged, the company will often just say 'okay you still need treatment' regardless. I've seen it happen many, many times. It's a sad and corrupt system, and one of the many reasons the NHS is so fucked right now.

No. 1757605

“privacy” she says, while running a public hate account

No. 1757607

File: 1675197477926.jpg (434.36 KB, 960x1440, ceremonyandsacredland.jpg)

No. 1757618

File: 1675197840147.jpg (471.82 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20230131_204247.jpg)

Fucking KEK !
This is my work in progress so far but I prefer yours. Are you writing the next recap too? :) /gen

No. 1757636


Yeah littlestlee2.0, she is absolutely insufferable, spoiled whiny brat who needs to get out of the revolving farm door and actually live some life. It’s been 7 weeks since her last admission so she’s fanging for some clinic attention for her totally real problems aka wants to sit around with a tube whilst getting unlimited leave for all her social gatherings. Jokes on her, word on the street is the new EDP psych isn’t tolerating that bullshit anymore and anyone with a tube has to do EDP you can’t just decide you need one and then not put in the psychological work so we’ll see how that unravels. Last time she was busted vaping in her room like a classy fucker and posting numerous stories after people dobbed her into the hospital that were all fuck you guys, because rules have never applied to her

No. 1757638

Scot over here and there is so few beds because the revolving door patients take priority. Eg; someone found unconscious from a hanging attempt can be sent home with no supports in place for "not being in a crisis" worthy of inpatient, but the regular schizo can say they heard a single voice telling them to hurt other people so they're put in for several med trials that easily could've been managed in the community with home treatment. Tinfoiling here, but if the person is only a risk to themselves then they will likely not get a bed. If they pose a risk to anyone else they become institutionalised, yawn.

No. 1757656

File: 1675198638212.jpg (729.79 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_20230131_205559_Ins…)

Don't forget I had a tube nonnas x
I still find it bizarre that we need to be reminded exactly how many days she had it in for

No. 1757659

Yours is also amazing! I love that we both used so many of the same pictures, glorious kek
I've never written a recap before, I'm sure I could but I think whoever did this thread should… I laugh every time I see the title.

No. 1757663

Yikes what an unfortunate face. Did she really need the tube at some point or is this another Porgie situation?

No. 1757671

I'm begging you to integrate

No. 1757702

Thank you nonnie :) I'm the OP of this thread too. I keep recaps drafted and update as the thread progresses to make it easier to write up.
Let's get the opinions of other anons, which work of art they prefer (kek)

No. 1757707

She's got crohns which idk much about or how it could lead to the need for a nose hose but whenever she mentions it, it's always in relation to anorexia

No. 1757719

Usually they don’t keep you even if you’re suicidal with a plan, especially if you’ve been in hospital a lot already

No. 1757721

File: 1675199917749.jpeg (556.02 KB, 750x871, 70D74EEE-F0FA-411A-9066-739C13…)

sorry for dumbfag but what is locked rehab also I thought laura was about to get discharged into a recovery community or something..?

No. 1757745

this one has my vote, the top one used a less-milky / cringe pics. and hayden’s face makes me laugh

No. 1757805

Yours is the better one, imho.

No. 1757818

Why did you make fugly Hayden so big and at the front I’m dying kekkkk

No. 1757840

Not trying to reply to the cow. But damn is it great when a cow comes and visits the farm to… what was this… defend themselves? Threaten farmer with their death…? i dont know but its always the milkiest. Kek colors really showed us. The burn still hurts and i am still hiding from police rn. So scared.

No. 1757848

nightngale too and with the 1:1 care is an average 1K per night and thats the lowest

No. 1757897

I don't see it. Does anyone have access?

No. 1757904

File: 1675211691533.jpeg (154.74 KB, 750x594, 714E9455-0597-4831-91E3-23392B…)

I dont have access either but damn if this isn’t one of the most disturbed bios I’ve ever seen

No. 1757906

more like tryhard. lmao at that edgelord pfp

No. 1757908

File: 1675211891018.png (435.64 KB, 954x740, annoyeddeanna.png)

I'm sorry don't hate me :(
i put it in one image

No. 1757909

13.4k posts?? also colours has renee on every account profile and still wonders why no therapist wants to deal with her kek

No. 1757912

holy shit, that post count. was that her original/main?

No. 1757915

Why does her hair look so crispy and dry?

No. 1757942

I used to pity her kind of but seeing her responses to lolcow posts and continuing to see her obsession with being institutionalized, I now think she’s one of the biggest cows out there. Somebody take this bitch’s phone away.

No. 1758018

Lol love me some SkinnyGossip, they’re all so deranged and milky over there kek

No. 1758049

rehab for what? food?

No. 1758051

for the pathological need for attention that leads her to head bang, try to hurt herself with toilet paper, etc, I assume

No. 1758061

You’ve been blocked.
She’s now posting pics of a cannula and ECG tag. Big eyeroll

No. 1758091

how are you too dumb to even post a link properly when this is a goddamn imageboard in the first place

No. 1758096

Omg this is amazing lol

No. 1758110

so did she attempt?

No. 1758114

she probably took like ten tylneol and then ran to the hospital

No. 1758115

No. 1758134

File: 1675234001306.png (673.24 KB, 942x896, jhgfdfghjk.png)

She posted these pills after her tantrum yesterday, the green and yellow are prozac, an SSRI that has a very low fatality risk even at high doses. Acetaminophen, also holds a very low fatality risk with damage to the liver being the most dangerous affect, also easily reversible if the overdoser gets treatment within 1 to 3 days. What looks to be T3's maybe? Also difficult to kill yourself with as the codeine content is fairly low. Not sure what those little blue/green pills are but they look a bit like benzos, also not usually fatal unless taken in massive amounts and paired with another respiratory depressor like alcohol or opioids. So essentially a teenage attention seeking cocktail and then she admitted herself to the hospital for treatment. Sorry for the medfag autism and feel free to correct anything I said that was wrong. This bitch pisses me off with the amount of medical care she wastes for her pathetic attempts at living some Girl, Interrupted lifestyle.

No. 1758141

I give her a week before she's back in IP.

No. 1758147

I know I shouldn’t feel bad for her at this hideous point but fuckin jinkies. This is so bleak

No. 1758153

graphic design is my passion vibes. the other one is so much better.

No. 1758169

Fact she wants to "prove" she tried to take her own life shows its more attention seeking and that she called for an ambulance, she wants it and gets her own way. I think it is done in a fit of rage, she likes to be in control and have the last say. Can't believe anything what comes out of her as shes forever bigging herself up and telling lies which maybe in her mind she believes are true. Who in their right mind as an adult takes pictures of going in an ambulance?! Hates the NHS yet goes with them, if she didn't go willing and she was that bad she would be sectioned and get her wish. Gotta feel for her dad for putting up with it, he wants her to go but she won't yet complains constantly. Im sure she will off for a run before the end of the day kek

No. 1758170

Sorry but who is this? There's no username

No. 1758180

It's the other Laura, colours (coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd).

No. 1758194

Absolute kek at you thinking the police are gonna knock down farmer's doors because you have a raging vase of bpd. Your delusions would be hilarious if not so sad. Hope you had a nice wee time-wasting trip to the hospital after taking a couple of extra happy pills. Staff must have been gutted when they saw you. Now please fuck off from this board once and for all

No. 1758197

File: 1675249682282.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-02-01-11-05-04…)

I didn't realise colours actually did have a decent job and a normal life not all too long ago. Was this the job she got booted from because of her mental behaviour? Fuck me, imagine getting a massage from this psycho. Terrifying.

No. 1758208

Yh, shes like a little child who throws their toys out the pram when things don't go her way. She constantly attacks those who try to help her and won't help herself. Shes a drain to any hospital system demanding IP and taking beds who actually want help and will change. In Canada she would go to the bridge knowing she would get taken to hospital then they would discharge her. Her therapist had to put a restraining order on her as she feared for her life. Laura's job weren't prepared to keep her on when she was always in and out of hospital and had a restraining order against her, not a good image. She will never get back to Canada cus of her track record.

No. 1758222

No. 1758223

Is this a new video she recorded or an old one?

No. 1758246

This one is my favorite. The touch of colours’ iPod Wi-Fi made me actually lol.

No. 1758255

Thanks Nonnie, I knew it was one of the Laura's

No. 1758256

I hate asking for spoon feeds but is there a thread where I can catch up with the psych thing? Cos that sounds so unhinged

No. 1758267

lmao colours blurs out her arms but they weren’t on her other account…is anyone else wondering if she’s just blurring them out so she can pretend she has scars

No. 1758270

Sorry but I can't stand this dumpy cow, when literal addicts get barely any help in this country but chubby "anorexics'" can just pick n mix which rehabs they can larp at.

No. 1758284

No wk and I completely get your point, but she isn't in hospital for anything to do with her fake anorexia. It's all for her raging BPD. If she didn't keep clattering her fat fucking head off things and tying toilet roll round her neck then she very likely would be getting no/minimal support. It's shameful what they have done to her in an effort to placate her attention seeking. I don't see her ever being fully discharged and living anything resembling a normal life at this point. Stupid bitch has ruined her entire existence with this bullshit.

No. 1758285

Thank you anon. Do we have any other information on what went on with the therapist? Can imagine it was pretty extreme if she felt the need to get a restraining order. This bitch really is crazy.

No. 1758302

File: 1675266255182.jpeg (367.53 KB, 1170x2532, FA5F7DF5-CEE8-4F38-BB9F-9877D0…)

Someone asked in the comments why her eyebrows are always raised and she responded that they’re naturally like that… and I can’t stop thinking about how weird it looks now

No. 1758309

wait till you notice how she tilts her head at exactly the same angle in every video

No. 1758315

I can’t tell if she looks like an alien because of her anorexia or because she’s just naturally ugly

No. 1758338

I wish you hadn't said that!

No. 1758396

File: 1675272903976.jpg (20.8 KB, 488x483, woeisme.JPG)

>>I feel like hell
Woe is me posts really sound daft when it's consequences of your own doing. Darwinism in action.

Kind of wish you screenshotted it, unsagedchan. The accounts private and would have been interesting to see, but i don't think she larps cutting?

No. 1758401

There's been a few photos where she forgets to blur it and she does cut, but it's all very shallow like cat scratches. I think she blurs to make people think it's more extreme than it really is lol. She also posted a photo with fresh cuts on her arm and tagged the nhs in it during one of her tantrums, not sure if it's against the rules to post it though, it's not too graphic just don't want any nonas to accidentally click the spoiler without checking first lol

No. 1758435

But then there have been pics posted by her run club and her arms are clean…she might cut but it’s superficial if she does.

No. 1758630

File: 1675292138446.jpg (196.95 KB, 1224x1374, imgonline-com-ua-convertB2JMMb…)


the owners are pretty milky too..
he has a blowjob fetish
his tumblr is sickening

No. 1758634

green and yellows are Vyvanse

No. 1758639

All untrue. left job because of breakdown. No restraining order. No immigration issues.

No. 1758645

Make up

No. 1758655

a man that owns a ana site being a pervert….are we surprised?

No. 1758663

seems like that'd be an impractical and unreliable solution with, y'know, exercising and sweating

No. 1758679

Clearly you don't have experience or know what you're talking about. Never worked out with make up on your face? Never heard of tattoo covering make up? And my old account you psycho stalkers dragged up I was cutting in different places where I could hide it and my patterns have changed and evolved in the multiple years since then. That was before my biggest breakdown. Also I left my job because I was ill. Then it was covid. Then my visa ended and I couldn't go back to work for just a month because there was a whole new permanent team. I was still ill so I could not work anyway. I don't know why I'm explaining myself. Go away. Stop talking about me. Why are you dragging up my whole life? What the fuck have I done to you to deserve this. Oh and no restraining orders, not banned from anywhere. If I don't die first I can go back to Canada when I finally get treatment so I am able to work. Now I'm done. You're done. Leave me alone. You don't get to use my life as entertainment anymore. You should all be ashamed.

No. 1758680

No and you evil bitches are not helping. Look at the title of your own thread. Take me off. Go away. Get out of my life.

No. 1758684

is "liking blowjobs" really a fetish? he's gross, but that seems like a pretty fucking tame thing to find sexy

No. 1758685

wah wah wah

No. 1758688

I mean, you fucked around and found out. A natural consequence of bringing yourself up in a mock thread is getting mocked.

No. 1758690

I did not. I posted some pictures and then you all stalked my whole life for some reason. I've not done that to any of the cows. I don't know their names or where they live or anything like what you've done to me. YOU dragged me into it. Now leave me alone.

No. 1758696

You clearly don’t know shit about this guy.

No. 1758697

the way you act like you're talking to a single person is fucking hilarious. Here's some advice: if you stop posting here, people will get bored of you and go back to mocking other people. You're encouraging people to pay attention to you by making it funny.

No. 1758702

File: 1675297221857.jpg (439.62 KB, 1920x1508, creeeeeepppp.jpg)


i don't know man, some of the stuff on the tumblr is disturbing. i clipped a few things… the girl in the middle was topless and imo, she looks realllllly young. i'll look more later tonight.
does any other site discuss SG? i'm surprised their isn't more drama from the ana-chans about this…

No. 1758706

I used to be decently actively on MPA/eatingdisorder whatever it is now, and we talked about skinny gossip sometimes. (Sorry if that is blogpost esque–just figured context was important to answer the above anon)

SG has always just seemed really unhinged. I'm not sure, but I think that site requires you to provide your BMI and proof before you can even make an account? Could be completely wrong on that one tho

all of those girls depicted either look like they are really young, or ARE really young. it's weird.

No. 1758707

File: 1675297534389.jpg (226.45 KB, 940x1256, 14.jpg)


sorry for the double post…

yeah, really young…

No. 1758712

Kek so she was trying to "OD" on uppers and downers?

No. 1758715

wtf that's a bmi of 13.9 which is well into the range when you're at risk of spontaneous heart failure, girl should be hospitalized and the fact that he's just asking for pics…very fucking fucked on a multitude of levels

No. 1758722


Yeah, that is what I heard too. You have to give your social media and selfies. RN they are not open to new members.

They have "VIP members" who claim to be models working in the industry and that is who apparently leaked the owners dox

No. 1758723

So your ex-therapist hasn't and never has got a restraining order against you? You don't think thats a pretty big red flag when employing people?

No. 1758725

then why do you keep crying about not being able to go back to canada

No. 1758727

Ruining my life is funny to you? YOU bitches are the ones posting me on here. Not me! Just go away. You've done enough damage. Stop posting me.

No. 1758728

You screenshot others, post their public info for the world to see, bully others what do you expect? A pat on the back kek?!

No. 1758730

ah, you're a paragon of virtue who… obsessively reposts pictures of two young adults with mean comments over a long period of time. Maybe you're getting a taste of how Han and Laura would feel about that.

No. 1758731

You ever thought about the ppl you've publicly bullied feel, you contributed to driving them to spiralling by mocking, being abusive and revealing their private details.

No. 1758733

dude, how the fuck is your life being ruined by mean words on the internet? Turn off your computer and go outside.

No. 1758734

No restraining order. You made that up. Like you make up all this shit. I can't go back because I need to be able to work to go back and I cannot work because I am mentally ill and I am denied treatment by the nhs while people like fat Fairy sit in there for years and use all the resources that others of us want so we can get our lives back. Now do you see why I hate those resource hogs?! I need treatment to be able to work again and go back to Canada, out of this godforsaken country. People like Fairy get everything. I get no help.

No. 1758735

You've been posting them for longer than I have you idiots.

No. 1758736

I don't reveal any details. I just repost what they posted. I don't know their last names, where they are, any personal details. I don't want to know, it would make me even more mad. Yet you did all of that to me; invaded my life and dug to get my name and all my details. I have not done that to any of them. YOU are the ones doing it to me and driving me down into spirals. You are so hypocritical. I am sick and get no help AND get my life picked apart and thrown all over the public by you who had to dig for it. They g get it all. And I have never once looked for any more details of them than is in what they post. Frankly I don't want it. YOU are the obsessive stalkers here. YOU are in the wrong.

No. 1758737

You've posted yourself Renee got a restraining order against you kek. You have just been treated by NHS so not really denied are you? Back to bullying already Laura, you've had so much help but its not what YOU want. You don't accept any help that is given to you.

No. 1758739

You dug up my name, where I live, my personal information like my places of work. I have done none of that to anyone. YOU have done it to me and that is private information that I don't want being thrown around. You invaded my life . Why? For what?

No. 1758741

So you've never taken photos showing anyone elses phone number or name, played their voice messages and not scrubbed out?

No. 1758743

> I just repost what they posted.
We only have access to information that you've posted, you dipshit. Nobody drove to your house and wet through your trash or whatever.

No. 1758746

I didn't. Because she did not. I have never posted that because it is not true. Police reports are not restraining orders. And the nhs do not give me treatment. Also fuck off Sophie. I know it's you and you're going to get what's coming as well.

No. 1758747

Well someone got all those details because they are not on my IG accounts. Someone was really digging. You're the real stalkers. You should be ashamed of what you've done to me. You have no idea the damage you've caused.

No. 1758748

who the fuck is sophie

No. 1758751

Sophie yes because she's harrassing me. Remember alll those constant blcoked calls and messages? I don't dig for information on anyone posted on here. I'm just reposting what they put up in the public domain. And I worked hard to keep my name and my employment and where I live etc private on IG. Somebody dug really hard for all that and you have fucked my life. You ever think about that?

No. 1758752

> you have fucked my life
How, exactly? By making you feel sad?

No. 1758754

Its all on your accounts for anyone with a brain to see, you've just been in hospital posting up pics of yourself. Threatening

No. 1758755

Also just fuck off. I'm not pro ana. Get out of my life. I'm just a person trying to get trreatment and being denied while fat sows like Fairy sit around and get it all. So yea I hate her but do I know where she lives> No. Do know her last name? Only because it's on her profile. Do I know where she worked or what she did or where she is now? No. Because I haven't stalked through her life and ripped it apart like you have to mine. Have I accused her of things that aren't true? No. You make up all this shit about me. Just go away.

No. 1758756

So she took a random load of meds and immediately ran to the ER to announce that she had OD'd so had no intention of harming herself and then spent the night in hospital but is still trying to claim that the NHS refuse her treatment? kek

No. 1758759

No it's not. Not my name, where I live and certainly not my job, my education, my life history. YOU dug that up. Someone found my fb and threatened me. You showed all my private information and you have really fucked up my life even more.

No. 1758761

You literally have no idea of anything. You make shit up. So stop. Fuck off out of my life NOW>

No. 1758762

File: 1675301051883.png (717.39 KB, 1049x561, Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 7.24…)

You posted your bib number right here, you idiot.

No. 1758763

I'm not allowed to have an IG without being stalked? How many people post race photos of themselves? Millions. How many get stalked for it?

No. 1758766

The person who told you the truth that you didn't like who you constantly bullied for the world to see? Shes not retaliated on her social medias you have. You have all your data online for everyone to see races, job, the works kek

No. 1758767

my point is that anyone could look up your bib number and quickly identify you. No stalking or inside information like you claim, just using information you posted.

No. 1758768

I don't. You dug that up and you fucked me over. You are evil. It's illegal. Fuck off out of my life. ANd there are going to be consequences.

No. 1758770

yeah, interpol is gonna come get me for telling you that you're crazy

No. 1758771

And why do you feel the need to do this to me so I can't even post a picture of myself in a race like millions of others do? I don't see you doing that to anyone else on here? hey?

No. 1758773

No, for stalking, harrassment and cyber bullying.

No. 1758774

Guess you'll be joining me kek

No. 1758775

you really think you're going to get people extricated from other countries for being mean? get over yourself

No. 1758776

Just go the fuck away from my life. GO AWAY

No. 1758778

U talking about urself Colours

No. 1758779

I'm pretty sure interpol has more important things to be dealing with. Plus–interpol doesn't even have its own law enforcement agents, and they mostly just manage databases and offer investigative support.. but… go off, I guess

No. 1758780

I'm not entertainment for you. I'm a person. With sertious illnesses that are not being treated. And I have to sit here and watch cows like Fairy get given everything for years and years while I get nothing. And it hurts. Because I want to get help and get back to my life. She just wants to sit on her ass in there for years. Which she already has. I get no chance at treatment. No help. And now I have you stalking and harrassing and spreading lies which could ruin my life if \i ever get treatment and the chance to get my life back. Have a scrap of compassion and realise what you are doing to people?!

No. 1758785

Sage nonce. Stop bullying others whether its Han, Laura, Sophie you ever think of what your actions do to others?

No. 1758786

Well guess what? No more access to my life for you cunts. Get out. You'll get your karma and also you'll get whatever the hell is coming to you that I sort out as soon as I can. So stop posting me. Go away. Get a life. If you can work and you're not sick and being denied treatment and having to watch others greeedily take it all evrryday while your life goes down the drain then think about how lucky you are, instead of attacking and destroying the lives of people like me who get no treatment and have to watch others get it all so we cannot get our lives back. And that's why we hurt ourselves and make suicide attempts that you seem to find so funny and entertaining. Well guess what? They're not. So fuck off, leave me alone and wait for your karma because you bitches are the real fucking evil in this world and this site needs to be burned to the ground.

No. 1758789

just turn off your computer, goddamn

No. 1758790

You ever think of what YOUR actions do to me? Oh yea; you're the ones who have bullying these people for YEARS! But youre not finding out their names and where they live and posting all their private stuff up? No you just donthat to ME. The level of hypocrisy! YOU have been bullying these people for YEARS before I even knew who they were! So what about YOUR actions?! Fuck you are so stupid.

No. 1758791

you were really excite to join in when we were making fun of laura and han, you hypocrite

No. 1758792

Suicide bait, threaten to call the cyber police, talk shit about other cows while calling us “evil” for talking shit about cows, lather rinse repeat. Don’t you ever get bored? Just log the fuck off and people will stop talking about you. But you won’t, because you’re desperate for the attention.

No. 1758793

And you continue to do that. You continue to hate on them and then lecture me for hating them. YOU have done it for years! So why are you lecturing me?! And turning on me? You make No sense

No. 1758795

one rule for u eh Colours you can bully whoever you like destroying their life but don't like when it happens to u suddenly its not so fun for u. Social media ain't place for u

No. 1758796

yeah, we've literally told you that people only talk about you because your reaction is funny. If you stopped reacting, nobody would give a shit

No. 1758797

I odn't want your attention. I have to check to seer what damage you are doing to m y life by putting my private information everywhere. So fuck you. Go fuck yourself. Youve been bullying for years and years. I on;y hate them because they get help and I get nothing. You don't even have a reason. If I ever get help I won't give a fuck about them.

No. 1758798

Apply that to yourself. You're allowed to bully and I'm not?

No. 1758799

OK so you didn't take pills yesterday and spend the night in hospital? You just posted old hospital photos of cannulas etc. to imply you did? Either you spent time in hospital last night , which means the NHS Aren't denying you treatment or you didn't go to hospital and posted a bunch of old photos to pretend you OD'd for attention.

No. 1758801

You have dug through my life and exposed my private information. You could legitimately have destroyed my entire future. I don't weven knownyet. You all turned on me and went way too far.

No. 1758803

I need TREATMENT> PD IP treatment. And I don't get it becayuse of people that sit on their ass in there for YEARS after faking their way in.

No. 1758804

I would love t go back to making fun of other people, but unfortunately colours won't shut the fuck up. She needs to be IP banned, honestly.

No. 1758805

All made public by urself so look inwardly. U daily bullied Han and Laura making them worse thats y still in there

No. 1758806

"I gEt NotHiNg!" But you spent last night being treated in hospital by the neglient NHS who refuse you the treatment you believe that you deserve because you are better than EVeRyOnE.

No. 1758807

ANYway fuck off. Just fuck off. And grow a conscience you vile pieces of shit

No. 1758808

I did not make them worse. But YOU made me worse. And you fucking bully people all the time for years so why are you lecturing?! MAKES NO SENSE. One rule for you and another for me?

No. 1758809

anyone have any popcorn? guess we don't need external cows when there's infighting on the thread…

No. 1758810

You are all evil and you need to just fuck off. You are disgusting. The damage you do

No. 1758813

How the fuck would u know u constantly are abusive to Laura about her weight

No. 1758815

yeah, she's clearly really sensitive about it and all you do is post pictures of her and call her a fatty. By your logic, doesn't she have a right to post selfies like anyone else?

No. 1758819

Do you realise that the IP treatment you think you need and the general hospital are all NHS funded? You cant say that the NHS deny you help and refuse to treat you while sharing photos taken from a NHS hospital ward.Being refused the admission that YOU want isnt the same as the NHs denying you all treatment and all your posts from hospital show that isn't the case. you want IP treatment that the NHS don't think will help you, pay for it yourself. that's how it works. You can't just demand to be admitted to whatever ward you want and the NHS to oblige and you don't see that your desperateon to be hospitalized and your sense of entitlement just works against you. kek.

No. 1758820

as are all of you. That's the point of your stupid thread. So why are you telling me it's wrong to do when that's EXACTLY what you do here?!

No. 1758821

Why are you all defending her and taking her side? You've been hating on her for years?! Why do you now love her? You going to apologise to her now and stop posting her?!"

No. 1758822

you're missing the point that everyone is making: that you're telling people they're horrible for doing something that you are actively also doing. And therefore are being a hypocrite.

No. 1758825

File: 1675303221013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.01 KB, 640x1136, 323801728_830836024883332_1302…)

Yeah it's all very superficial, when they heal the marks are probably minimal and hard to see from far back. Sorry to be dramatic about the warning I just want it to be seen before anyone clicks something they don't want to see. It's very tame though, there's no open wounds or anything. forgot the fucking spoiler the first time jfc sorry for my stupidity lol

No. 1758826

WEll they aren't helping me are they? I need actual treatment. But you're all so stupid now you're actually saying what you do on this thread is wrong? So all of you posting for all these years you now admit is wrong? So you're going to stop now then?

No. 1758831

Nta but get a job and put yourself in outpatient therapy, like any one else. If you truly need IP your therapist will get you the proper treatment you need. You're able to function, go on long runs, take care of dogs, you can get a job and get a therapist.

No. 1758834

Samefag but no one has ever tried to claim what we do here isn't bitchy, why do you think none of us post these screencaps to our public profiles? Yeah it's mean but there's worst things out there, and if the cows really didn't want to be discussed they would private their accounts like Cece or N2F. And what you do here and on your IG is much worse

No. 1758836

I can't work. I'm sick. My therpist can't get me IP because she doesn't work in the fucking NHS obviously. Fuck off. Leave me alone. Leave me the fuck alone. All of you. You have fucking ruined whatever was left of my life. Oh that blood not good enough for you? What's wrong with it? Wtf is wrong with you all?

No. 1758838

what you WANT and what you NEED are not necessarily the same thing.

Also, why are you so fucking stupid that you can't read what people are trying to tell you? Nobody here is saying that it's NOT ALLOWED to make fun of people online. What we're saying is that it's hypocritical to say it's FUCKING UP YOUR LIFE AND RUINING EVERYTHING when people make fun of you if you are ALSO making fun of other people. Learn to read.

No. 1758839

what's going on with the left side of her torso in this, it makes it look like she's a zombie with exposed ribs

No. 1758840

No it is not. You are fucking evil. Get out of my life. Get out.

No. 1758845

What do you mean it's minimal? How much fucking blood do you want?! What the fuck is wrong with you people?!

No. 1758847

Maybe we should start a thread just for colours so we can go back to mocking pro-ana disphits here

No. 1758849

You cunts are going to pay

No. 1758853

I'm quaking in my boots.

No. 1758854

No. Leave me the fuck alone you evil pieces of shit. Do you just not stop until people are dead/ You know how many times I've fucking tried because of you? You are fucking disgusting and evil

No. 1758855

YOu are evil and I am going to kill myself. So fuck off.

No. 1758856

Then get a new therapist that does work in the NHS, are you fucking retarded? And you can work, why wouldn't you be able too when you can go on these runs? Your physical health isn't an issue, your a headcase but you can do factory work or something of the like. And if you have a therapist why don't you work on your issues with her, what do you expect IP to be able to do with you? You just want to be doted on and taken care of and no responsibilities.
>Get out of my life. Get out.
Then get off this fucking thread and stop posting here, your not helping yourself by being a public spectacle. Grow the fuck up you overgrown teenager.

No. 1758857

You are fucking evil. Evil.

No. 1758859

Stop wasting posts with these elementary school insults, no one cares if a bpd nutjob cunt thinks we are evil. Go back to threatening the life of your former therapist and wonder why no one wants to help you

No. 1758860

you realize with each time you say this, the less weight it carries to anyone

No. 1758861


No. 1758863

stop fucking posting me

No. 1758864

if everyone you meet is the problem, maybe it is in fact YOU that is the problem.

Frankly, the IP care you want has been shown to be bad for people with BPD anyway.

No. 1758865

Is it my fault I don't die? Is that what would make you happy? You mad because I havent managed to actually die yet? YOU are driving me to this again and again and again. Just GO AWAY

No. 1758867

Well then give up on being IP and do normal therapy, what the fuck do you think your going to gain from IP that you won't from regular treatment you dumbass?

No. 1758868

The problem is that in this country I get no treatment. But faking fat cunts do. and get it all.. For life.

No. 1758870

You need treatment for that massive victim complex

No. 1758871

Go away . I'm done. You don't get to do this to me anymore. You gloing to be fucking happy when I'm dead or you stilll going to hate on me?

No. 1758872

mission statement of the nhs: drive colours to suicide

because it's all about her

No. 1758873

No I'm just saying that if you want people to take your issues seriously you shouldn't make empty threats all the time, eventually people stop listening. I'm sorry that that's the case, but it is what it is

No. 1758875

motherfucker, you're in OUR house. You go away.

No. 1758876

I'm reporting this site and all of you>>1758873 It;s not empty. I just haven;t died yet but I will

No. 1758877

I've never seen this thread move so fast

No. 1758878

So stop posting me and then I won't be here will I?!

No. 1758879

you are literally that joke about a guy going to the doctor, saying "it hurts when I press my finger against my side", and the doctor replying "so stop doing it, then"

No. 1758880


No. 1758881

YOU keep posting me. And now I'm fuvking trying to die AGAIN. SO fcking go away. YOU're so evil

No. 1758883

There's no maybe about this situation kek

No. 1758886

File: 1675304567324.png (31.05 KB, 475x131, Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 8.22…)

Why don't you follow through and private your IG?

No. 1758888

File: 1675304650945.jpg (91.45 KB, 640x1136, 325476400_739971310857118_3189…)

It doesn't matter what we say you guys, she's just better than us kek

No. 1758890

File: 1675304672273.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe-1733966382.jpg)

Please review this image.

No. 1758894

She's trying to make put like not having access to her life is going to upset us.
Colours you're not that special we will move on and forget about you just stop use your brain. Private your accounts and stop posting here oh lmao

No. 1758896

this is legit one of the funniest posts ive seen in these threads. im superior, and im gonna prove it by posting an awkward picture of my bum in a messy room on the internet

No. 1758902

No you are not, you are clearly making half assed attempts as some sort of cry for attention or a way of stomping your feet and holding your breathe like a child. No one is encouraging you to hurt yourself but if you truly wanted to die you would be gone. And the funny thing is that bpdchans with a history of dozens of suicide attempts that always fail have much lower suicidality risk than bpdchans who have never attempted or only attempted once or twice. So with each botched attempt on your part the less the nhs will see you as a true danger to yourself, just an attention seeker. Stop the nonsense, stop the teenage cutting antics, stop taking pathetic overdoses of pills that won't kill you, stop coddling yourself.

No. 1758905

FUCK OFF. THIS IS YOUR FAULT. You like to fucking bully people to death you evil pieces of shit?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1758907

Oh my god this is all so hilarious. Please keep going Colours.

No. 1758908

how are you going to kill yourself if you're so busy typing these top-tier insults

No. 1758911

Tbf anons ITT are probably all desensitized former / active self harmers or farmers who have seen coldnessinmyheart and Kelly and have a really high standard for what counts as disturbing now. Still seems a little irresponsible to call someone's self harm not bad enough but this is also a gossip thread.

No. 1758912

you can tell all that vyvanse she took is still working, girl's on a roll!

No. 1758913

You have to check here to see what damage is being done in your life? Wouldnt just living in your life show you these supposed damages? This is a pretty low key site, aside from your own public directing of people here, none of this really affects your public life. No more so than you publicly posting your own self harm.

No. 1758915

I think this picture is more damaging to your reputation than anything posted here, honestly

No. 1758917

Y’all she has to keep coming back here to check up on the damages we’re doing to her oh so public life! Otherwise she would never know! Better keep refreshing the page so she can keep up with what’s going on in her life or she might be out of the loop!

No. 1758922

Pack it up gals, we’ve ruined her already ruined life. Mission accomplished.

No. 1758926

made her lose her job and go back to england and everything … oh wait, she did that to herself

No. 1758929

It’s been 4 minutes since her last post, do we suspect she finally stopped posting long enough to down the rest of her vyvanse prescrition? In the current global shortage of adhd medication, who’s wasting resources now?

No. 1758930

>Police reports are not restraining orders.
Do you think that's better? Terrifying your former therapist so bad she has to seek help from the police? That's awful, you are a terrible person for doing that to someone. Making them fear for their safety, and someone you knew personally enough to care for. The fact you think that it's somehow better that it's just a police report and not a formal restraining order is fucked. So not only do you look like a troon you act like one too? Get your shit together you spastic cunt, what the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1758932

if she's getting nothing from the nhs, how does she have prescription drugs? oh wait…

No. 1758934

So it scared her enough to back off before her therapist had to resort to a restraining order, got it. I bet her life was shaken up for a bit. You think you haven’t caused others distress with your out of control behaviour? Grow up.

No. 1758936

Good luck getting that refilled! No one is able to get their meds currently. What a selfish hog!

No. 1758937

I still want her to explain how she can be well enough to train for all of her running but ~*~too ill~*~ to be a cashier or something like that

No. 1758940

File: 1675306219525.jpg (457.25 KB, 2088x1444, mpa.jpg)

Wow, wtf did I miss? I don't mean to interrupt but I checked MPA/ed whatever and they still have threads up about the doxxing.
A SG member pretty much confirms it is real lmao. They also shut the site down right after. Idiots

No. 1758941

This isn’t a public Instagram making fun of those other girls like you’ve made Colours, it’s a rather private website making fun of lunatics, now including you. Maybe now you’ll know what those girls feel when you make posts of them. None of this is particularly public, most people come across this site pretty randomly but youve now highlighted it and brought it to the attention of the people in your life, once again, YOUR own doing. Well done. Learn and grow up.

No. 1758943

File: 1675306277073.jpeg (9.23 KB, 180x279, kek.jpeg)

>ANd there are going to be consequences.
Same energy

No. 1758948

How old is this Deanna gal? She doesn’t appear to be very old at all.

No. 1758950

Fucking finally

No. 1758951

Stay away from me! Go away….
Says the cow that keeps coming back here. No one is chasing after you colours. You're creating your own drama. If you didn't engage so much and werent so hypocritical when it comes to 'abusing' then you wouldn't be mentioned. Fuck off with your insane ramblings

No. 1758953

>her therapist
Don't pretend to be a farmer defending you lol, it's very obvious.
>So it scared her enough to back off before her therapist had to resort to a restraining order
Your therapist was not the aggressor if she was the one willing to go to the cops, you were.
>You think you haven’t caused others distress with your out of control behavior?
I haven't? Do you think it's normal behavior to frighten women into seeking police help? I'd fucking kill myself if I did that to my therapist lol, or any therapist for that matter. And you're still addressing anons like we are all one person, you have no idea what I've posted but I can promise the meanest I've ever been on here is directed at those who deserve it, like you.

No. 1758955

"DON'T LOOK AT ME" says the person throwing a temper tantrum in a public place

No. 1758956

Omg are you referring to the Kelly that intentionally picked her legs to the point they had to be amputated?! I forgot about her. That was some fucked up shit. This thread really has nothing compared to her.

No. 1758957

You don’t have to read/be on this site. YOU go away.

No. 1758958

Right? How hard is it to stop replying?

No. 1758961

honestly, colours, you should show your instagram to your therapist

No. 1758963


Anon, I think you misinterpreted that post. I think it’s the other way around.

No. 1758967

I think anon is trying to say Colours has caused distress to the people in her life with her incessant, attention demanding antics.

And that Colours was deterred enough by a police report enough to it make any more psychotic advances to warrant a restraining order, although I would bet the therapist was on the verge (probably felt sorry for her)

No. 1758969

Someone just make a damn Colours thread already, while this is all quite an entertaining spectacle, it’s flooding out the other milk.

Oh and if she’s finally fucking killed herself already, it can be a goddamn obituary thread.

No. 1758971

It's not an insult, no one wants to be a cutter. It's minimal because those cuts are not life threatening or dangerous to your physical health.

No. 1758972

Or maybe we should start up a public Instagram page and insult her cat scratches, squandering of resources, and inability to lose more weight…you know, likes she’s done to Laura and Han. Then she won’t have to check here.

No. 1758975

Shit my bad, pardon my autism

No. 1758977

What wrong with YOU? Nothing more attention demanding than cutting yourself, letting it bleed, photographing it, and then uploading it to your own public profile where likely your family, friends, and definitely potential employers can easily see. Pathetic.

No. 1758978

Wasn't saying "not bad enough" as if I want her to do worse. It's just an objective fact that those cuts aren't going to do any longterm damage.

No. 1758980

Autism pardoned Nona. That post kinda reminds me of those optical illusion pictures of a cube that you can see two different ways.

No. 1758982

I understood your point, anon - IP isn't necessary for s elf harm that doesn't pose a genuine threat to life/limb. It can be treated outpatient.

No. 1758983

ironically, colours makes us all see a single color - red

No. 1758985

I've reread it like 10 times now, it's trippy

No. 1758986

Can we please get some actual milk instead of arguing with this fucktard?

No. 1758987

Is Colours "stalker" even real?

No. 1758988

Now she's posting her bloodied cut up arm to her IG and tagging the nhs again. No one told you do that colours and you can blame us all you want but you yourself said this is a daily ritual for you. And like that other anon said we are desensitized to this from previous cows and gore spam.

No. 1758989

Feel free to post milk then, but this whole exchange has been pretty milky imo

No. 1758995

She alleges her "friend" turned rogue and started calling her though from what I can tell her friend just told her some home truth and Colours turned. Colours came to have blocked her yet she constantly messaged her and it shows the messages didn't go through so the friend blocked her so God knows what happened if even real.

No. 1758996

And no one would know about any of it if she hadn’t posted about it on social media. Play stupid games…

No. 1758997

Christ what an attention whore.

No. 1758998

Drama just follows Colours around "not her fault" everyone else is to blame of course

No. 1759006

I mean why would you give a shit about some random therapist kek? This isn’t therapist scumbags

No. 1759007

All that face and he’s the most sensitive faggot of all time. literally a little tiny weakchinned incel hunched over his PC fapping to anorexics

No. 1759009

File: 1675309884969.jpeg (299 KB, 1170x1477, 20C047B7-AF72-46BA-8DDF-4D5F24…)

Posted this in the wrong thread earlier but here’s Nikol complaining about being a battered wife to some enby (1/2)

No. 1759010

File: 1675309919254.jpeg (311.18 KB, 1170x1467, 273525D8-78D4-4378-A44B-4B7B5F…)

(2/2) Next time say something

No. 1759023

Cause she doesn't deserve to be stalked and threatened by this weirdo? Why does me caring matter to you?

No. 1759029

File: 1675312256245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 434.2 KB, 1920x1080, skinnygurl.jpg)


I tried to find more about Skinnygurl by using a facial recognition website and I don't know, is this her?
She looks to be in her 30-40's to me.


No. 1759078

nah she just looks super generic it's a incredibly common porn star look
i can't pinpoint where the similarities would be

No. 1759088

this is unrelated but i saw halva at a store for the first time and tried it because i thought of nikol's insane binging on it (i only remember it because i hadn't heard of it before), on second thought that really should have put me off of it but i got it and it was so good that i almost understood why she fell down such a dark path…

No. 1759096

Forgot I had this thread open in a tab all day and thought I must be mistaken when it said there were 100 new posts at the top. Nope. Just another public Colours tantrum.

"Go away and leave me alone!" bitch, you came here first. Insane.

No. 1759100

Stop lying. There was a restraining order. And the reason you get "no help" is because you're a horrid, piece of shit person who doesn't deserve it. Now fuck off

No. 1759104

I actually do find it funny. Your reactions are gold. Although the "get out of my life" thing is pretty boring at this point. Shake it up colours! Oh and here's a tip; don't post things publicly online if you don't want people to know that information. Simple

No. 1759111

No. 1759117

Lol same here, I always keep a few tabs open of threads I lurk and when I woke up a few hours ago I saw around 75 new posts and thought EC had some public health emergency or some huge tub of milk spilled

No. 1759133

Here we go girlie's, just what she's always wanted. Her very own thread!

Colours future posts here please, let's keep this for the actual anachans:

No. 1759134

Me too. The disappointment when I saw it was just cunt of the darkness

No. 1759137

What was the name of it? I can't find it

No. 1759142

No. 1759144

She's around half an hour in, its before she got fat so she looks different

No. 1759147

File: 1675331638079.jpeg (435.34 KB, 1170x2138, 45AF86A8-E065-4AAD-9B1C-25AEA1…)

For those bored of the infighting and desert dry lack of milk, here’s some water - body check in kmart (Aussie store) by getting her mum to film her. There was also one of her jumping on a giant teddy

No. 1759151

File: 1675332482470.jpg (594.46 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230202_100804_Gal…)

No caption. Just ganer being ganer.

No. 1759152

File: 1675332612663.jpg (976.52 KB, 1080x2124, Screenshot_20230202_100948_Tik…)

In case you forgot jaydie is still tubed, IP and so malnourished she's fainting

No. 1759157

Oh God i just saw this on my fyp and it's soooo cringe
'Let me spread my legs as far apart'

No. 1759163

File: 1675334641339.jpg (204.35 KB, 968x788, 1675332482470.jpg)

Nothing unusual. Just her daily bowl of stale slop. Carry on, citizen.

No. 1759170

File: 1675336814431.jpg (333.93 KB, 720x1058, IMG_20230202_111928.jpg)

Even the comments are calling her out.

No. 1759178

wow, the one in the back must have the WORST ANOREXIA EVAH

No. 1759179

man, she's lost a lot of weight. really thriving on that one spoonful of oatmeal.

No. 1759193

I agree

No. 1759202

File: 1675344383492.jpeg (553.69 KB, 828x1419, 6FC23117-F459-45DD-AAED-8FEC2F…)

I didn’t realise there were two new threads, so I popped this in the old one before someone kindly guided me here—apologies.

This girl was discussed briefly in the last thread and was in denial of her clear ED. She just posted yesterday that she received an ana diagnosis and is in the hospital.

No. 1759204

she somehow simultaneously looks thirty and also eighty I guess that’s the result of taking shit care of yourself

No. 1759221

File: 1675347908270.jpeg (516.9 KB, 828x1218, 7490FCAC-2059-4245-9CE8-1C3297…)


Dora may be somewhat weight-restored, but she still can’t escape that unhealthy mindset of body checking. Her latest Instagram post is 4 separate screenshots of a TikTok post of hers, all showing off her hip bones and slim stomach.

No. 1759224

Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen that picture of Laura before, she was actually really pretty? It’s a shame she doesn’t have any aspirations other than lifting her legs and being coddled in inpatient for the rest of her life.

No. 1759303

Everything is vile about this girl from her rude attitude to her fake tan to her blatant lies wow. She truly deserves being put on here as a cow

No. 1759304

File: 1675355451087.jpeg (444.25 KB, 1170x2199, C20A76C9-775C-4109-BD07-73DD2C…)

Found another anachan that went from having “chronic illness” to suddenly being in an Ed relapse in the span of like a week. People in her comments are constantly fighting her for her lies and body checks

No. 1759314

File: 1675356597029.png (702.94 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20230202-164856.png)

new ganer spoop pic dropped

No. 1759321

File: 1675356830444.jpg (932.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230202_165340_Gal…)

Subtle !

No. 1759322

File: 1675356861507.jpg (863.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230202_165335_Gal…)


No. 1759328

File: 1675357288912.jpg (3.01 MB, 2740x3000, info.jpg)


i went throu the rest of his tumblr and collected everything relating to the VIPs and doxxing drama

No. 1759330

File: 1675357366123.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1484, vip.jpg)

No. 1759343

These pics are so creepy, wish her parents would take her phone away and delete her social medias. Tiktok and the ~coquette~ aesthetic is rotting her brain.

No. 1759352

Why are you putting so much effort into digging for stale milk? This is old news.

No. 1759421

File: 1675365623745.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230202_192007_Gal…)

It's NOT a body check! Because other people do it!! Duh!

No. 1759426

>>1759352 >>1759330 >>1759328

new to me so i dont mind. does the farms document SG? maybe you can put it there anon….

No. 1759436


No. 1759443

Woah wait, she has a job???? Like outside? I honestly just thought her days were binging and like repeated ocd showers/cleaning.

No. 1759446

Maybe even she was bored of posting the same 3 spoop checks over and over.

No. 1759449

File: 1675368184397.png (1.37 MB, 1168x558, spittingimage.png)

>They have "VIP members" who claim to be models working in the industry and that is who apparently leaked the owners dox
a girl on MPA was trying to buy access to a skinnygossip account on MPA. then the deal fell through and the girl went batshit and said her boyfriend was a hacker and was going to hack SG. i don't think that actually happened but i believe the girl ended up doing a who.is search on skinnygossip and eventually found out deanna was SG (and apparently not skinny enough for her site!) and anthony citrano was bullcock. apparently they even found out the identity of a VIP but i was too late to find out if that was legit or not, most of it was scrubbed from the internet.
it was pretty funny at the time because anthony (anonbullcock at the time then changed to alphabullcock after) claimed that the most famous people he photographed was maybe obama? eventually someone found that he had taken some papshots for getty images of some famous people. he was really pretending to be someone like terry richardson but he was just some trust fund retard with a camera.
another funny thing was that bullcock said that SG looked a little like anne hathaway. yeah if there was a dollar tree version of anne hathaway, maybe.
the spirit of VIP members was legit as far as i could tell. i believe you have to be signed with a not complete scam agency to get the tag. i don't know if they distinguish between booked sitting ducks or models who actually get work but there are at least some % of legit ones. maybe mostly pedos now that the site has changed hands.
as a VIP you would have access to a VIP forum and the ability to post anonymously. some VIPs would give the equivalent of 'blind items' which was sometimes fun to read.
some fun lore for anyone who likes catfights, hailee lautenbach had an account on there and she was open about her identity. she was just as catty as most of the girls there (anyone thicker than vlada is a cow and should water fast immediately, the site needs a skinny purge etc.) but people eventually started tearing her down on her own thread since she's fat by their standards and eventually hailee ended up pissing everyone there so the thread just exists to call her fat.

No. 1759471

Oh wow. Much spoop. So very recovery.

Another set of before/after pics incoming in three, two, one…

No. 1759474

She doesn't look too spoopy to me.

No. 1759475

File: 1675369655555.jpg (195.06 KB, 1354x900, bbganer.jpg)


No. 1759504

it’s so odd how she dedicates so much time to posing and body-shots like she’s in some adult magazine, but she’s mentally retarded and speaks / acts like a twelve year old. And she’s so defensive about being called out for it but continues to do exactly the same shit. i suppose the only good point is she’s looking pretty well physically like a teenage girl. even if she’s acting like a toddler.

No. 1759515

It's not the level of spoop, but the unbridled bodychecking.

No. 1759521

Is it actually body-checking though? i thought disordered body checks happen in private more than anything because they're embarrassing? People wearing skimpy clothes aren't necessarily body checks, rather emulating an aesthetic. But who knows anymore.

No. 1759526

ffs, shes not even eighteen years old. whats your permanent problem with her? or is it about yourself?

No. 1759544

a lot of the more narcissistic anorexics like to do public body checks to show off, eugenia cooney being the most egregious example of this. niamh has a history of this sort of behavior so i think it makes sense in this case

No. 1759555

File: 1675376229748.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2041, CE748659-70EF-4296-8A33-9E10B9…)

can someone explain to me 1. what kind of drugs is she on? 2. what the hell is she saying cause i dont understand a word

No. 1759574

She's saying she struggles with food "for the same reason as everyone else with anorexia but amplified by 100 in comparison to them", and also that "gaining weight doesn't phase" her and she "actually finds it quite funny". She's basically talking a load of fucking shite as always. Stupid cow

No. 1759575

what kinda language was that? and ofc she is the sickest of all anorexics

No. 1759582

sigh Just cut her some slack already. She might be whoring for attention but she's not a real pro-ana cow.

No. 1759583

Kek, the drugs are fucking with her ability to speak so much that it isn't even recognisable as English at this point. Yes anon, of course her anorexia is the WORST CASE EVER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. She's such a piece of shit person

No. 1759591

File: 1675379479308.jpg (459.26 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20230202_230654_com…)

just Hxn, still desperate to prove she is the sickest anorexic EvEr answering questions with the usual "I don't get cravings" and "I never feel hungry" etc, and also like the claim that if she was on death row, the last thing she would want to do is eat a final meal - wouldn't be a true Ana if you didn't plan to die totally empty and pure.

No. 1759592

Struggles with food for the same reason any other anorexic struggles with food, yet for her it's a thousand times worse - while simultaneously claiming she doesn't have anorexia. Okay Han.

No. 1759593

schrodinger's anorexia - she doesn't have it, but if she DID then it would be way worse than all those fatty normal anorexics

No. 1759614

Vendetta chan that's all just ignore them

No. 1759641

File: 1675383992038.jpeg (640.71 KB, 1125x1372, 2F3320A2-FABF-42D6-83F8-16D6DB…)

Katy’s new hobby/possibly cod is going well. Guess she’s going hard as per Ganer’s advice.

No. 1759694

Are they really so stupid as to think they’re lower heart rate is a good thing? Bitch your body is literally slowing down

No. 1759696

she means that her heart rate isn't getting as high with exercise - like, spiking to 180 instead of 230 or whatever. Very high heart rate with exertion is actually not a good sign.

No. 1759707

File: 1675388615376.png (955.07 KB, 1338x1680, BDA5229B-59C0-4C8D-938B-8D7BBE…)

Everytime someone says she’s ~just 16/too young for here, people have been saying that for like 2years now. She, regardless of whether she’s like 18/19 at this point, is just another vain teen on the internet posting herself for attention. She’s boring. Let the anons that care have their keks and scroll past.

No. 1759712

the frequency niamh posts pictures showing the same slim/borderline spoop parts of her body over and over is what makes it obviously disordered bodychecking. weight restoration–only partial in her case, meaning she's still definitely undereating–doesn't mean she has recovered from a self-obsessive, insecure, disordered mindset. Which she obviously has. That said, she's so fucking repetitive and boring that I have a hard time believing it's not a vendetta-chan posting about her

No. 1759746

Honestly, I hope her parents take her phone away and that she can fully recover. She's only 16 and has so much of life ahead of her.
>marks from my hot water bottle
Interesting development.

No. 1759787

sage for dumbass questions but how/why do anas end up with skin discolorations from using hot water bottles on their stomach so long? what sort of digestive problems is it supposed to help with, or is it some weird thing where they think it will flatten their stomach or whatever

No. 1759796

It's because blood's rushing to the skin because of the heat. It's the same thing as for why you can't use a super hot laptop on your thighs because they'll eventually get permanent discoloration. It's interesting to me because of the position, it's where her uterus is and it makes me wonder if she got her period. (not a medfag)

No. 1759798

people use heat packs for pain or bloating. if you restrict or purge enough, you end up with painful digestive symptoms

No. 1759829

File: 1675394390569.jpeg (654.08 KB, 750x959, 2277CB91-9301-4F44-9211-910252…)

still can’t believe she never gets any negative/concerned comments, only people calling her “goals” and “shredded”

No. 1759862

File: 1675397310955.jpeg (488.96 KB, 828x1529, 945C97C5-638B-40B0-957C-C7E155…)

What the absolute fuck? She’s starved herself so ugly

No. 1759870

why do none of these emaciated zero body fat "fitness" influencers seem to understand that some amount of body fat is necessary for optimal physiological functioning, it's so ridiculous to paint yourself as a fitness/nutrition expert while implicitly messaging that body fat serves absolutely no function (something you learn isn't true in any basic biology/anatomy/physiology/nutritional science course). I just don't get why this isn't more widely understood, and i'm not counting healthy at any size shit because they get everything wrong and take it way too far to actually be considered promoting health in any way

No. 1759921

File: 1675404665696.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 673.08 KB, 1170x1028, ED946B93-D743-4475-B5C4-A1B1C0…)

Fresh nikol

No. 1759937

Part of this is a bodybuilding thing. They dehydrate themselves and put on layers of spray tan and oil to show as much muscle definition as possible. Hardcore female bodybuilders are all kind of horrifying looking, even when they don't have an ED on top of it.

No. 1759960

losing weight is spiritual enligtenment. Earth's magnetic poles are about to reverse.

No. 1759962

you vill eat ze crickets and ze grasshoppers and ze mealworms

No. 1759963

Most normal bodybuilder in Ohio

No. 1759964

Why'd you all arrive to this thread at the same time and why does one of you have schizophrenia?

No. 1759965

Hav no muney and you vill like it

Yours sincerely

Clause Shwab

No. 1759995

Integrate or leave

No. 1760004

Yeah nona!! Don't you know this is a super serious super strict thread!! No joking allowed!

No. 1760016

need 2 get back on track, making a new strict thread xoxo

No. 1760023

hadn’t checked this thread in a few days and had a good laugh scrolling through that colours exchange kek

No. 1760024

File: 1675424046650.jpeg (199.56 KB, 750x591, 03B0E943-DB7B-487B-B44A-B119DC…)

The nikol to megan fox pipeline grows stronger with each passing day

No. 1760025

KEK she looks like a troon.

No. 1760027

File: 1675424694729.jpg (25.71 KB, 477x750, grinch.jpg)

Grinch-ass looking bitch stole Christmas and ate it too.

No. 1760035

No. 1760048

File: 1675427519791.jpeg (250.08 KB, 1170x879, 1BE6E2FC-2222-4D9D-A97A-2DAF3B…)

Grotesque thoughts from Nikol, again

No. 1760051

I thought she was asexual.

No. 1760053

She was ugly before the starving kek
Also does she have breast implants? If she does they look so horrible , especially in the black and white photo

No. 1760057

Lick my hole nonna I've been on here since the start (no1curr ik)
If you're too autistic to realise satire (but also real) then gtfo here and touch grass

No. 1760059

Shit nonna thank you for reminding me. Life = pain and spilling milk on cows is a serious thread with serious business to discuss
forgive me /s
I swear newbies write these things to feel like they're contributing without bringing anything to the board

No. 1760067

File: 1675431184058.jpeg (371.39 KB, 750x983, 4C8DBEC7-91FC-43B5-8159-CAF025…)

And then she posted a picture of three slices of cake, what a train wreck

No. 1760068

Use your noggin anon, of course they’re implants. With body fat that low there would only be breast tissue when breasts are largely fat, hence she needed a pair of bolt-ons because her body ate her natural ones.

No. 1760126

Mentioned a couple threads ago is _youve_got_this_ on tiktok. She eats so much from "extreme hunger" and says its not binging. In her most recent video she literally describes binging.She says "I ate a lot in a short period of time, but it was not a binge" https://www.tiktok.com/@_youve_got_this_/video/7195336100846570758

No. 1760127

She literally has BED. When will people realize extreme hunger is still binging even if you are "present in the moment" kek

No. 1760151

I love halvah but it's incredibly sweet, rich and dense. I can't imagine using it as a binge food, you'd feel insanely sick.

No. 1760158

Literally looks like a dehydrated skeleton

No. 1760171

Image. Board.

No. 1760176

Sage your samefag rattling faggot

No. 1760183

When’s the last time you saw a hydrated skeleton

No. 1760194

don't behave like a fucking idiot

No. 1760196

File: 1675445336644.jpg (129.2 KB, 750x1125, DSC04743.jpg)

And of course her udders are pErFeCtLy nAtUrAl, eh?

No. 1760198

It really depends. A binge is defined by consuming LARGE amounts of food in one sitting (2000-3000 calories, as far as I can remember). A large portion of anorexics - whether as part of their disorder or when they start recovery - experience binging as a response to extreme mental and/or physical hunger. The two are connected. Also, many cows can’t tell if they’re experiencing normal hunger or if it’s extreme and they call eating more than 1000 calories in a day a binge, which it isn’t, unless they literally sat there and stuffed their mouths with everything in the fridge while losing track of time and everything. A lot of them are just literally starved and when they know they have to gain weight and have no other choice, they’re so tired of fighting against their bodies and refusing them food that they just give in and let their bodies’ survival mechanisms take over (aka collecting as much food as possible to prepare for a rainy day, kind of the way squirrels and other animals do). All that said, most people equate the act of occasional binging as an (recovering) anorexic to having BED, which is usually incorrect.

No. 1760199

She surprisingly has a lot of hair for all she’s put her body through

No. 1760204

This made me laugh more than it should’ve.
Ty nonnie.

No. 1760213


Kek at her filming herself eating every single bite

No. 1760214

File: 1675447129479.jpg (742.67 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20230203_175137.jpg)

Is anyone going to tell her?

No. 1760217


Her hair always looks well put together, I just assumed it was extensions.

No. 1760218


Oh no… my sweet summer child, why…

I know orange foundation is a British thing but my god. She is just proving the Dunning-Kruger effect

No. 1760220

File: 1675447504664.jpg (890.44 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20230203_180415.jpg)


So she has a new makeup page for anyone interested in looking like an Oompa Lumpa

No. 1760233

Uncanny Valley

No. 1760240

File: 1675449123442.png (2.23 MB, 1902x927, dumbfuck.png)


No. 1760293

File: 1675452972229.jpeg (916.95 KB, 1170x1499, FEB7AB91-FBF8-4C3D-8A5F-3E68A0…)

Fi made a whole video explaining to us how difficult it has been being undiagnosed autistic and blamed all her other behaviors on that

No. 1760296


all the trans and red light people are going to be her clients

No. 1760311

Not watching that (nothing can top her tumblr ‘psychosis’ saga imo) but she’s been under services for years, right? With all the teams/units she’s frequented her “aUtiSm” would’ve been noticed waaaay before just a few months ago. ofc masking is a thing but so many BPDcows claim misdiagnosis & ~neurodiversity~ to excuse their shitty behaviour now, it’s gross

No. 1760312

She’s got something else to larp and blame everything else on now. Once the novelty of her ED recovery wears off this will be the new thing. Similar to her days of blaming all her behaviour and acting out on her BPD and “psychosis”, kek.

No. 1760314

File: 1675456059427.jpeg (418.17 KB, 1008x738, DD3D3670-173B-4FF4-9EA1-D3C353…)

nonna omg

No. 1760373

Great minds, nonnie!

No. 1760398

File: 1675461247335.jpg (154.24 KB, 1140x784, anon.jpg)


do u know if the anonbullcock changing his name to alphabullcock is factual?
I thought it was their tech person when going thru the tumblr as he mentions having tech "elves" and alpha/Skinnygurl can't read DMs. Also, I found the bullcock twitter account tweeting at anonbullcock which is now a deleted account.

No. 1760430


or you misunderstand how twitter works kek.

interesting about the techguy though. i wouldn't doubt there is a 3rd person involved because SG is huge.

No. 1760459

Someone needs to! It’s the worst make up I’ve ever seen. Paying to have someone do that to me, I can’t even(emoji)

No. 1760474

File: 1675467004275.jpeg (82.8 KB, 1170x726, 115CF7B8-8A16-4C0A-B94B-DC0DA8…)

interesting… but if its not private, then anyone can find it. kinda defeats the purpose

No. 1760511

niamh got her period ages ago, and posted about it

No. 1760530


No. 1760548

For real, there’s absolutely none chance that’s her real hair

No. 1760622

Ayrt – did she really? I don't remember seeing it capped on the farms.

No. 1760641

Wew, that's a lot of makeup. Interesting choices too, like the frosted pink lipstick with the bright pink lip liner. And sis, we don't do our brows like that anymore, unless you're a chav.

No. 1760644

dear god, thinking this looks good has got to be brain damage from when she was a spoop

No. 1760675

whenever i see severely mentally ill women (almost always cluster B and/or bipolar) who do makeup it always ends up looking really bizarre and cartoonish like this, like there's no nuance to it but they always seem to think it looks really hot. i think it's a testament to how distorted their self-image and view of the world is

No. 1760692

Why does it look like she’s had a giant sausage implanted where her bicep should be..?

Saged because my brain is weird like that

No. 1760694

you shouldn't be so mean to someone suffering from progeria

No. 1760708

File: 1675483903821.png (3.15 MB, 828x1792, 65CD2F64-5A37-4E39-A964-F31024…)

For being in a PICU Jaydie’s having the time of her life

No. 1760755

Did she get lip filler or are they just really overlined?
Also can't wait for the brushed up brows trend to die already

No. 1760772

File: 1675492263403.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1008.09 KB, 1170x2031, 6CFA01A2-AD00-416A-BF7B-626CAE…)

What’s this? A crossover episode

No. 1760773

Forgot to post but amy did a live of herself binging and purging that I think is too long for me to post here? Should I upload it to a drive and then post the link or

No. 1760776

honestly i don't think anyone here has anything to gain from seeing that shit lol

No. 1760802

Do you guys seriously have nothing better to do with your time than to shit talk people who are clearly very sick? lmao, grow up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1760816

File: 1675500382323.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20230204-084533.png)

spoilered for self harm (just in case)

No. 1760818

File: 1675500477483.png (468.96 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20230204-084655.png)

and this reply lol

No. 1760819

Everyone wastes a little time online, the thread moves slow it's not like we spend all day here lol. Save your moral outrage for shit that actually matters

No. 1760822

Honestly Edtwitter is another world. Not know the other chick (not nikol) before and her feed is just bleak, shocked twitter hasn’t banned her but I guess that’s why edtwitter is a thing

No. 1760823

You must be new here

No. 1760824

people might not spend all day here, but it sure seems like people spend a lot of time stalking these ill people. also, you speaking for the ppl who make the thread colleges too? lame

No. 1760825

Yeah, not planning on staying tho. Bye

No. 1760827

I don't think you know what stalking means, checking a few cows ig's once a day hardly qualifies as stalking.
>you speaking for the ppl who make the thread colleges too?
No I'm speaking for myself obviously, and it's collages not colleges. But I have made a few memes here and there for different threads and it really isn't all that time consuming.

No. 1760842

she looks like she has progeria

No. 1760854

Pardon the autism but pretty sure she doesn't have progeria, not too sure where you're getting that from, unless you're the same anon mixing something up? Too adequatly formed for the condition, they're normally rapidly aged but child like bodies due to lack of growth.

No. 1760855

People with progeria generally die very young. She just looks aged because of dehydration and poor nutrition, it's not a genetic disorder

No. 1760856

nobody is posted here solely because they're sick - it's because of their other behavior, which is often horrible to people around them.

if you don't like it, log off. nobody is making you read.

No. 1760864

i said she looks like it not that she has it lmao
look up how people with progeria look like she fits the bill

No. 1760866

Understood I’m leaving. I do believe some of the people posted here are problematic, but you are giving them more clout by talking about them. They have successfully got so under your skin that you have dedicated threads to them…oh well keep obsessing over them I guess

No. 1760870

Nta but these threads are the internet equivalent of break room gossip, it's not that deep lol

No. 1760872

Nobody understands jokes or indirect comparisons anymore. I understood what you meant. She totally has a face that resembles those with that condition. Ironic that the other anon said pardon the autism and then took everything literally. Like yes, you are autistic (and no I don't mean I'm actually diagnosing that lol).

No. 1760916


ugh, I thought we had all left this back in 2014 tumblr ed central… there is no reason to do this other than for attention. t

No. 1760946

She also explained signs of autism and now everyone in the comments and all her followers are autistic

No. 1760952

Thread OP here. This thread took less than half an hour to make, from screenshotting milk in the previous thread to posting it.
Probably less time than it took you to work out how to navigate the site.

No. 1760953

File: 1675523228788.jpeg (808.99 KB, 1125x2065, 4F0159BA-9E12-4EBD-AB2A-5459D2…)

I’m just shocked she hasn’t realized lip fillers are a thing.

No. 1760954

File: 1675523739134.png (6.78 MB, 1125x2436, 0446D150-B989-4EA2-A11C-0BC7F8…)

Here’s a weekly n2f update to brighten up the thread. I think she might need to change her lashes considering the nature of that eyeball, but otherwise she seems to be doing good!

No. 1760991

Oh my. Well I guess she's at least doing something with her life (as ridiculous as that thing is) instead of laying on her parents' couch and wallowing all day every day

No. 1760992

How does one just diagnose themselves with fucking AUTISM??

No. 1761024


I agree with you. Her makeup taste may be… questionable, but at least she's doing something. I'm all for poking fun at ridiculous antics (and believe me, I would not pay her to do my makeup in the way she's doing it now), but I'm an advocate for cows making positive changes. That being said, frosted lipstick?

No. 1761049

Looking cute as always, love her.

No. 1761058

Not WKing for her, but she could very well be autistic… a lot of autistic women have control comorbidilties like anorexia and even women who aren’t good at “masking” and are very openly autistic would go under the radar for years and years. Women are so underrepresented and ignored and misdiagnosed. Just putting that out there, I’m all for women and girls self diagnosing if it helps them and sees that they get real support.

Maybe she’s a cow; but don’t shit on the state of the system on neurodivergent women in the world right now.

No. 1761062

I think she said she saw a psychiatrist that asked her questions based off the diagnostic criteria of autism, and that she told her she is indeed autistic. But she could of overexaggerated her symptoms who knows.

No. 1761068

Those bolt-ons highlight the fact she has ZERO body fat. Her heart ain't gonna make it.

No. 1761100

No. 1761102

it was just meant to be a dark joke

No. 1761105

she seems like the type of ana to not want them because they make your lips "fat"

No. 1761113

But how could she make those check bones push out if she had fillers, duck face for those ~sKinY vIBeS~

No. 1761136

File: 1675542517025.jpg (987.18 KB, 1079x1916, Screenshot_20230204_202753_Ins…)

Sage as not milk. But IP elephant Abby appears to be home

No. 1761159

She did mention she was on the NHS waitlist for a proper evaluation for years which is entirely believable

No. 1761167

Why change some lashes if you're just feeling good on the inside..?

No. 1761171

Relapse in three, two, one…

No. 1761214

File: 1675551712593.jpg (381.28 KB, 1170x1963, IMG_9817.jpg)


You piqued my interest… Most of "the Bullcocks" tweets have been deleted but tweettunnel archived one tweet that mentions @alphabullcock. I checked out "that one guy."s feed and they retweeted "masterbullB1" whose kik is suspiciously "masteralphabull". I think Anthony is "longoneB" and a cuck, kek

No. 1761227

Oh so he’s just a gay guy? Gross

No. 1761228


She’s not home. She always posts photos of her cats from home. Presumably photos sent to her by family.

No. 1761231

File: 1675554950863.jpeg (155.41 KB, 1170x786, 785B334C-BF89-4881-B1E7-529C04…)

Nikol tranny enabler confirmed for the 50th time

No. 1761243

Scrote mental illness and neuroses summed up in one image. Why are moids like this?

No. 1761249

File: 1675556586208.jpeg (972.47 KB, 1242x1401, 655C1BEB-E5C6-42CD-B1A3-516BAD…)

Slightly OT but I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Male models and celebrities used to browse lookism. A lot of the people on there were just good looking trolls who would get uglier users to post their faces and then try to bully them to suicide. Honestly makes me shudder because that site was full of glowies and honeypots who would constantly pedobait and talk about ‘jailbaits’ and ‘prime teen pussy’ and encourage users to start relationships with minors, disappointing but not surprising as all these industry people are creeps.

The site has been shut down now, but the owner was a total creep and a pedo. He would hire female models to lure in incels from there, get them to start e-dating these moids to get names addresses and dirt on them, and then blackmail/extort them for money. There was an extremely mentally ill 15 year old girl who lived in his town and used lookism too, he tried to groom her and take her virginity and then ended up doxxing her and encouraging everyone to bully her to the point she became suicidal and endlessly call her ugly and fat.

One of the mods was also a moderator on a suicide encouragement board. It was a very weird dark rabbithole.

I’ve also heard some extremely gross things about the moid from SG and there’s also said a number of celebrities who used skinnygossip including Grimes, Olsen twins, and Lily Rose Depp. Sage for rant.

No. 1761250

>website full of anorexic femcels and BDD scrotes behave like toxic freaks
Imagine my shock

No. 1761257

Looks like a trooned out Bryan Kohberger.

No. 1761261

File: 1675557498082.jpeg (797.21 KB, 956x1689, 10483EFA-918C-4068-B909-A5AAF6…)

Her facial fur is like 1cm long lol

No. 1761262


not necessarily, it is a humiliation kink:

"The male partner who loves watching is a “cuck,” while the alpha who comes in to do the work is the “bull.” Of course, the wife or girlfriend also has her name — “hotwife.” It’s pretty easy to understand why the third person is the “bull,” considering the strength and intensity of the real animal. But being a “hotwife” doesn’t mean she’s, well, hot and attractive in the usual sense — she’s hot because she’s free to enjoy other guys, not only her sexually weak hubby."

No. 1761265

You’re right it’s mostly about humiliation but there is usually a gay undertone though. A lot of the time the cuck has to fellate the bull, get fucked in the ass by him, or lick up his cum when he’s done. You forget a lot of moids who identity as straight are fine with fucking another man in the ass or being fucked in the ass by a man because scrotes view sex as an inherently power based, submissive or dominant act. I genuinely can’t see how any genuinely straight male would jerk off to another man fucking his wife and lick up his cum when he’s done.

No. 1761292

tbh if it weren’t for her old photos of when she was younger i’d believe it considering how she looks now

No. 1761294

File: 1675560041369.jpeg (917.46 KB, 828x1350, 359B4BDB-9D0D-4EA1-AD55-50244F…)

This girl’s whole page is body checks

No. 1761308

Lmao sorry anon but Kmart started in Michigan

No. 1761321

Are you fucking dense? They’re two separate stores.

No. 1761339

>not necessarily
Everything you described sounds gay as hell, why can’t it be both? If a moid’s entire “humiliation kink” is based around being sexually submissive to other men, the woman is just a prop and it’s really about punishing himself for his desires toward men.

No. 1761348

the lanugo on her forearm…

No. 1761349

I can’t believe what a change she has made!

No. 1761359

That's normal arm hair, she's just hairy.

No. 1761363

Excuse my autism but if Nikol is trans, then why was she attacking trans people before? Nikol is so backward and confusing.

No. 1761366

I don’t think she’s trans, just an attention whore

No. 1761377

I think the recommendation comes when yours eyes (especially just one eye) look red and traumatized. You need to clean your lashes same as anything else and I feel like this isn’t the first time it’s looked like she has a little eye infection. Love her though, she just needs to clean up a little.

No. 1761422

There's so way she's trans, she's taken full on panty shots before and there was no dick bulge or surgery scars. And if she had gotten the snip I feel like that would be another health problem she overshares about online. I think she's either memeing, trying to stop getting called "transphobic," or just weird.

No. 1761428

File: 1675580952468.jpg (1002.89 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20230205_200852_Gal…)

She's literally lived in and out of hospitals for the last 4 years, spent 7 months in fucking Wandi and yet still expects NZs very scarce public treatment facilities to welcome her with open arms now that she's relapsed for the 10 billionth time? Jesus. Anyway, good to know that NZs health system has more sense than Australia's.

No. 1761432

This this this. Wish on everything in me Aus was way stricter

No. 1761518

File: 1675603509364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 663.35 KB, 1920x1920, C0yfu9d6.jpg)

Unsure if this cow has been mentioned pardon my milk autism if so
@neffer_tity_food on IG
I haven't seen anyone this blatant pro-ness in a while
Her whole page is filled with body checks, weird videos where it seems she stops in stages almost as if she's giving people the chance to screen shot. The diaper shorts are a must it seems

No. 1761519

File: 1675603634951.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.65 KB, 1920x1920, Uvu0v9y.jpg)

That's not the worst part (imho)
She actually giving followers 'diet and nutrition' advice and not just "eat this and drink water" shit but like full on lecture style

No. 1761521

File: 1675603964642.jpg (499.86 KB, 1080x1994, Dafuq.jpg)


I don't know how to post multiple pics in one comment so I'll just post 2 saged ones of her captions

No. 1761522

File: 1675604007069.jpg (538.7 KB, 1080x1897, Righto.jpg)

No. 1761523

File: 1675604194668.jpg (813.31 KB, 1079x1972, Andioop.jpg)

Ok I lied..imma do 3

Her brain must be slurry if she thinks this is good health. And spewing her pseudo diet tips to her audience of most likely wannarexics (throwback for that one) and fetishists

No. 1761524

File: 1675604326813.jpg (579.99 KB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230205_133817_Ins…)

Confirmation from the cow herself

No. 1761526

How tf is that possible?
Was it all in one place or was she a hopper?

And the Aus system is the same way

No. 1761529

Oh good, another headbanger
And ofc you must leave it visible OR put a nappy on it for 'subtlety'

No. 1761538

Kek she's had a 'headbanger' for ages like months and goes out and gets pics like this w friends? She's gonna regret that when she's older

No. 1761611

File: 1675615884271.jpeg (609.12 KB, 1170x1871, 4DD29E9E-0E96-46A9-ADD8-6E2584…)

Looks like someone told Amy she’s on here kek

No. 1761615

File: 1675616043140.jpeg (299.2 KB, 1170x1656, 790B87AB-B9DF-4A77-B748-384FC6…)

Ew and she’s been going over to her friends houses to eat their food and then vomit it in the bathrooms…pretty disrespectful but I guess this post spawned some argument with some racebaiting skelly

No. 1761618

File: 1675616206508.jpeg (41.14 KB, 275x267, 1652082785933.jpeg)


No. 1761623

mmmm hello kitty cake

No. 1761630

Who would even be friends with this retard

No. 1761642

File: 1675620123588.jpg (2.24 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)


No. 1761645

File: 1675620594750.jpg (208.4 KB, 1500x1500, 81ul96JjP-L._AC_UL1500_.jpg)

No. 1761646

File: 1675620751896.png (3.78 MB, 1179x2556, 5369B54B-A3FE-4FC6-A064-4740C0…)


No. 1761657

File: 1675621723369.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1220x2208, A73AC342-736D-4F72-9313-0A5F68…)

Damn u can just ask if u want thinspo xx

No. 1761660

Can you stop self posting and shitting up the thread? We get that you're sooo attention deprived but posting links to twitter really won't do shit to us, other than out yourself as someone that goes on a TERF website kek. get a hobby retard

No. 1761662

THANK FUCK k mind ya business then xxx(emoji)

No. 1761665

how embarrassing kek

No. 1761667

Who let the retards in. Kek

No. 1761684

you chose a pic that doesn't show off the grotesque dull bulging pug-like eyes that pop out of your skull and your horseface but wanna act like you're totally in on the joke too guyss!
i hope you get cancelled on twitter for posting on a terf website kek

No. 1761757

ok, bye! don’t let the door hit ya

No. 1761771

Does anyone know what’s happened to Dasha the dp.trendsetter girl? That insta has been deleted and I can’t find other info, jw if she’s recovering or.. gone?

No. 1761825

File: 1675641445490.jpg (103.87 KB, 1472x870, tumblrbullcock.jpg)



some things from his tumblr would fit this theory. i just thought Anthony was racist at first…
So Alphabullcock is a Black man? Are they in a throuple?

No. 1761870

Lol I’m all against proana shit but asking her to get a hobby while u spend ur time on a site hating on the mentally ill…. Eh but in all seriousness at least Amy’s fking hilarious and still has a goddamn personality unlike other cows. Tbf imo the attention seeking behaviour is all just her trying not to be depressed over her ED

No. 1761874

hi Amy(hi cow)

No. 1761886

Nahh wish I was a brit

No. 1761891

Amy posted a link to this thread on her twitter, it's fangirl sperging kek

No. 1761999

post some of her most hilarious moments (with images)

No. 1762090

I’m pretty sure dancing around a bathroom in tiktok videos isn’t really prime personality or humor, but you’re also only 17 so it would be absurd if you did have a sense of humor that wasn’t completely aspergian and influenced by the asiatic technology that is tiktok kek

No. 1762093

File: 1675664351658.jpeg (288.8 KB, 1170x2149, BC58BC52-878A-4912-B2E5-82DC61…)

Nikol recently claimed that now she qualifies as obese and she’s likely just on the lower end of overweight based off her thigh in this pic

No. 1762094

File: 1675664622239.jpeg (709.64 KB, 1170x1387, 1830F34F-7AA2-4C9E-9252-5F0A08…)

saged no milk but this interaction just made me laugh really fucking loud lmfao “what point are u making”

No. 1762112

Can we get past this narrative that each user spends all their time on here. Do you watch any reality tv shows? True crime docs? Celebrity gossip? Youtube tea channels? Do you spend any time whatsoever throughout the day gossiping about people you know? It's essentially the same thing, the thread moves slow no one is spending all day here.
>still has a goddamn personality unlike other cows.
BPD isn't a personality.

No. 1762193

can you fuck off? it's very obvious you came from twitter

No. 1762194

having bpd & main character syndrome isn’t fking hilarious and a goddamn personality you're both just terminally online retards

The thread she posted and her whole twitter is so cringe, completely devoid of personality and she obviously thinks being vaguely skinny makes up for being fuck ugly and boring. Every edtwt “famous” girlie is a K-pop/coquette wannabe clone (except Lucinda she’s a unique little unicorn)

No. 1762220

Leave anachan, she's NOWHERE near overweight, she's just average right now

No. 1762250

Probably not even average yet. She is probably just incredibly bloated from binging.

No. 1762252

>she’s likely just on the lower end of overweight based off her thigh in this pic
Could this anon be an anachan? A teenager? Or an ana fetishist? Who knows, bonus points for all three.

No. 1762260

Learn to read, that anon was saying that it’s Nikol who states she herself was overweight.

No. 1762263

Lol you learn to read, the anon was saying they think she's overweight based off her thigh size. Such confidence for someone suffering with illiteracy.

No. 1762316

File: 1675698701690.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.68 KB, 1170x1323, kek.jpg)



No. 1762317

File: 1675698836213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 269.66 KB, 1218x1324, B.longone.jpg)


Retweet from Anthony's twitter

No. 1762333

What the fuk is this shit??? Jesus….that needs a spoiler over a spoiler!!

No. 1762337


Skinnygossips admins/owners

looks like Alphabullcock is a Black dude, Anthony is a cuck and Skinnygurl is getting fucked kek

No. 1762340

This is completely fucked. Spoiler or not that does not fucking belong here, use your fucking head.

No. 1762343


Anthony, that you? Kek

No. 1762351

Literally no one cares about this, learn to sage and stop reddit spacing.

No. 1762356

What the fuck sort of proana milk is this nonna. Explain yourself

No. 1762370


Learn to read



No. 1762373

I read it, newfag. But this is an imageboard, and that was not an image of proana milk and thus doesn't belong in this thread you absolute retard. Piss off kek

No. 1762440

File: 1675716772644.jpg (809.3 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230206_205158_Gal…)

Don't forget! She had a tube x

No. 1762441

File: 1675716806236.jpg (Spoiler Image, 689.48 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230206_205147_Gal…)


No. 1762448

I would rather see >>1762316 than this face ever again.

No. 1762498

EC has been a bit quiet since the whole "flashing" controversy and her grandma's health declining. Her grandpa is now ill, prompting the whole family to fly out to LA and… do Cooney things? EC ended up at Amouranth's birthday party (whut) and was painfully awkward, as evidenced in this clip with her and codemiko. You'll notice her staring at the bowl of food as if it may become sentient and force its way down her esophagus at any moment.

No. 1762508

File: 1675723723526.jpg (125.2 KB, 540x1049, maybesomedaysoooooon.jpg)

As a follow up to >>1762498 it does appear that Sloan and EC will eventually making that podcast. Deleted original post as I left out the image.

No. 1762530

File: 1675726294225.jpeg (291.52 KB, 1170x1126, 6796529E-B1CD-4D2A-A06D-068517…)

My apologies for not putting quotation marks around it but yeah that actually is what Nikol herself was claiming. I should’ve made it more obvious I was just referring to her tweets

This tweet is kinda depressing

No. 1762560

Oh Sl0an no, don't do it. You sold your soul. Anything for up doots I guess

No. 1762582

File: 1675733677580.jpg (87.44 KB, 584x655, gettincozy.jpg)

They got very close, he even had his hand on her boney hip.

No. 1762587

kek from the thumbnail i thought the dude on the left was danny gonzalez and i was like how the fuck did he end up in that mess

No. 1762588

Ew wtf, of all the people Eugenia could buddy up too why this faggot? He made videos calling EC her brothers "digital sex slave" and made up weird molestation tinfoils about her.

No. 1762591

You take that back right now!!

No. 1762618

Fucking kek
I honestly think she did this to show the reddit "haturz" that she can in fact go out and have a life. I also hope this produces a whole new milky arc that involves EC making friends… which could end in many different ways. Truthfully, I still hope for recovery even though the chances of that happening are practically non-existent.

No. 1762627

bro, don't cut yourself on that hipbone…

No. 1762628

That photo op is 75 percent homosexual and 25 percent pro-ana.

No. 1762631

I’ve never seen edtwt until I had a look at that girl’s account and damn it’s so much more toxic than I expected kek I prefer nikol’s unhinged content

No. 1762648

File: 1675739710021.png (439.64 KB, 897x772, hoverhand.png)

He seems to be that kind of guy who doesn't touch women easily.

No. 1762651

File: 1675740617435.jpg (100.06 KB, 735x500, 7a85i6.jpg)

No. 1762656

yeah lol he's had hover hands over her in every photo where they're together

No. 1762661

So I bet he won't be doing anymore vids on EC then. Feels like a big ol publicity stunt. I'm disappointed but not surprised
And why put your hand on her hip bone? When you could have put it on her back like a normal person…. that's a little creepy, almost as if he wanted to feel what it's like

No. 1762663

Kek! Thanks for the laughs Nonnie

No. 1762667

One guess what their tag line will be
This is so slimey of Sloan. I hope they address his videos he made of EC. ("But that was before I knew her irl, she's the sweetest") urrgh choke on a dick

No. 1762669

I mean he’s gay so…

No. 1762674

File: 1675742981823.jpg (632.95 KB, 1079x1301, Liesssss.jpg)

Laura posted this today
'No filter needed'
Your pic from 2 days ago begs to differ

No. 1762675

File: 1675743041968.jpg (489.66 KB, 1080x1255, Nowthatisnofilter.jpg)


No. 1762676

I don't even care about her milk I just want her to use some goddamn conditioner on her fried ass hair

No. 1762729

File: 1675747902523.jpeg (40.47 KB, 1206x854, Web capture_7-2-2023_53037_www…)

momsfav is private. Anyone follow her and can tell us if she's posted?

No. 1762732

I've always thought Laura was pretty tbh. Would look better if she slept more and took better care of herself. Weight gain suits her. You can tell this thread is entirely anachans because the second a cow hits even slightly overweight (conveniently ignoring that being overweight for a bit during recovery is a good thing) nonas start acting like their appearance is an affront to god.

No. 1762750

A lot of her weight is because of the shit tonne of meds they have her on. And if she's almost always on 1:1 or 2:1 isolated, not much you can do I'm there except lifting your leg like a dog that's trying to piss on a tree

No. 1762752

Yeah I follow but nothing since 29th December
(For some reason I am having huge difficulty uploading a screenshot so you'll have to take my word forit)

No. 1762778

you saw the pictures of her trying to lift her leg over her head, she's not a little overweight. girl looks obese. it's not her fault and i'm mad for her.

No. 1762785

maybe she's trying to get around erc's social media policy?

No. 1762792

>You can tell this thread is entirely anachans because the second a cow hits even slightly overweight nonas start acting like their appearance is an affront to god.
This thread is undoubtedly full of anachans but I think the farmers that aren't just don't comment on lauras weight at all. I always ignore the weight sperges about lauras cause like yeah she's heavier than she used to be but who cares, it's not milk. And it's better that she's overweight as opposed to being underweight.

No. 1762817

Why does she do this weird goofy ass smile sometimes, we know she can smile normally?

No. 1762820

File: 1675757931860.jpg (864.05 KB, 1079x1767, Screenshot_20230207_105636.jpg)

Pale milk usually but Sophie is tensing every muscle and tendon in her head and neck to announce she's nervous about an upcoming admission. My guess is we'll get photos of the same pose we always see…boring af

No. 1762826

Yeah I'm p sure she said in a comment that she'd have her phone taken off her otherwise

No. 1762862

The weight gain is ultimately down to her choosing to pretend to be mentally ill due to the attention it gave her. She didn't have to keep acting out until she got admitted and had to take strong meds. Before you say she isn't in control she totally is hence being able to go home and have no issues yet as soon as she's back on the ward she has an incident. Same as always ends up back on close obs when her discharge date is mentioned.

No. 1762880

100% I swear she doesn't even have anorexia, it's just her eupd masquerading as one for attention

No. 1762904

File: 1675771378003.jpg (748.82 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-02-07-11-56-40…)

Ok Zara. We totally believe you have gotten to a BMI of 25 since those mid December ice skating photos where it looked like you had maybe only just escaped the single figures. She thinks everyone is fucking stupid

No. 1762907

File: 1675772664167.png (2.03 MB, 1170x2532, 76FB6B7D-2CF9-42ED-8CD2-378E8D…)


No. 1762909

File: 1675772803483.png (499.13 KB, 1170x2532, 3246262F-AEBA-4ECC-8D1B-9D30FE…)

2/2 her brain rotted so much she doesn’t even remember posting a new selfie a week ago… “wHeNs dID u LasT seE my fACe?!” What a moron. Of course she didn’t answer my tell

No. 1762910

Case is clear: If you BMI would have been around twenty-five, your face wouldn't look like the one of an emaciated baby monkey, Zara…

No. 1762911

File: 1675772934029.jpeg (290.55 KB, 1170x2532, BEF7195D-7322-4C6A-8BEE-4FD313…)

She has to cover up all the new jaw/chin fat with her hand.

No. 1762912

Oh how I love seeing Zara's lies catch up to her…

No. 1762916

File: 1675773953956.jpeg (42.17 KB, 505x514, sub-buzz-17917-1544073517-13~2…)

No. 1762934

She recently responded to a comment asking if she's okay and said that she can't post anything or else she'll get kicked out of treatment

No. 1762944

Good for her.

No. 1762970

File: 1675780878355.jpg (500.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230207_144025_Gal…)

Saged for tinfoiling but I take this to be aimed at the thread kek

No. 1762988

>she didn't answer my tell
Don't fucking cowtip you absolute retard.

No. 1763000

relax dumbass

No. 1763018


No. 1763023

File: 1675787046159.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3222x3222, 8E936EE6-506B-434E-B60F-BD7FB0…)

It’s hilarious to see her called out

No. 1763034

I don't know why she doesn't get more shit for that scammy go fund me she done. Thousands and thousands of pounds given to her for nothing. She's a fucking insufferable little gremlin.

No. 1763132

newfag, we don't cowtip you utter mongrell. Granted zara probably reads here, wasn't she outed for posting here, but for christ sake learn the rules and integrate. Sites like this have no cowtipping rules for a reason, whether it's due to spoiling the milk, or because it is directly harassing someone as opposed to simply talking about them. Probably a cow yourself, just like colours.

No. 1763224

Ntayrt but bloody hell, calm down nonnie. Tell is anonymous and anon never said anything about this site or gave any hint that they visit it. This shouldn't even be classed as cowtipping. Why are people getting so fucking salty for nothing.

No. 1763235

That’s not cow tipping you moron.

No. 1763278

Contacting a cow by texting is always cowtipping. Learn to integrate.

No. 1763282

File: 1675805213731.png (1.89 MB, 828x1419, Capture.PNG)

we almost lost our beloved n2f last night…

or at least ended up with a maimed & scarred n2f. i wonder what she did to herself to end up in A&E?

heres hoping her depression sorts itself out and leaves her tf alone, she has come too far for this shit.

No. 1763292

I really do feel badly for her but posting about a suicide attempt with the photo of a gregg's sausage roll is the most northern english thing i've ever seen

No. 1763296

zara deffo reads here as she’s posted slandering us all “bullies” before, but she’s never been outed for posting, and tbh i doubt it’s her style. shes also completely stopped mentioning it, i remember her replying to a question box scoring out what i assume was the word “lolcow” and saying something along the lines of “the more you talk abur it the more attention it gets”. she’s now adopted a “denial” approach

No. 1763304

File: 1675806958227.png (7.18 MB, 1170x2532, E4749E9F-6E3C-4FEA-AB8E-7593E3…)

why can none of these headbanging borderline cows do makeup properly?! are they so brain damaged they don’t see how dreadful they look??

No. 1763315

File: 1675807712301.png (10.73 MB, 1170x2532, D36DE76F-BB44-4013-AD1F-311F29…)

well this is the ugliest granny dress i’ve ever seen…

No. 1763331

comments like this give exactly the pro-ana vibes that discourage people from recovering. don’t be a scumbag yourself

No. 1763339

It's clearly a joke about the fact that she hasn't gained much weight and is "covering" nothing. Chill anon.

No. 1763411

It’s clearly sarcasm.

No. 1763424

File: 1675818917667.jpeg (218.31 KB, 982x1000, 8107E2C6-C2D9-4318-A19C-F43371…)

I found her twin. She gunning to be in the books…..the science books.

Thanks, I’m here all week. Remember to tip your waitresses.

No. 1763428

That’s such a bummer. I really hope she’ll at least see a therapist after this if she isn’t. I feel like she doesn’t even have friends outside her boyfriend.

No. 1763456

It didn't have to be a suicide attempt. Stop making up rumors and stay with the known facts.

No. 1763459

It't gotta be some kind of tea cosy.

No. 1763479

You have so few chromosomes. Contacting a cow in any way is always cowtipping.

No. 1763550

I think it's pretty

No. 1763552

File: 1675834847136.png (862.06 KB, 1054x662, Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 11.3…)

What kind of school lets you write an entire thesis about yourself?

Also, I know dance in general is shitty about weight (particularly in ballet), but is it actually a big deal in Irish dancing to the point where a teacher would body shame a hobbyist?

No. 1763566

They said they’re a professional apparently but it is a big deal to them, yeah. They’ll always say you have to be “light” to be able to do the moves properly which is true to an extent but it’s often taken way too far. It’s no Russian ballet type of pressure but it’s still messed up. That said, I don’t believe a thing that Hayden says so who knows if that’s their experience at all

No. 1763577

Okay mini mod. What a cringey response. Now why don't you fuck off and enjoy your many chromosomes.

No. 1763583

No. 1763585

File: 1675842095082.jpg (555.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230208_073959_Gal…)

Everyone loves a crossover

No. 1763586

For PROM? Oh fuck niamh that's a new low

No. 1763602

One anon compiled similarities between a certain anon who would wk her constantly and post about others & Zara's captions, it's not solid evidence (or evidence at all), but I believe it. She's so arrogant to everyone, my personal tinfoil is she's the unhinged niamh poster because she's jealous Niamh got to recover while staying underweight.

No. 1763612

I genuinely hope she's ok and that her pastie was delicious.

No. 1763617

File: 1675849960193.jpeg (658.91 KB, 828x1334, FA00E9EB-DAB8-4C0F-AD3A-48E615…)

grizzofit has been in the hospital for 10 days according to her story and has already transitioned into a ‘record myself while I eat and look sad’ account

No. 1763618

File: 1675850035602.jpeg (866.99 KB, 828x1340, 0D84F352-DF82-4F68-BB8F-A3F08E…)


Kek the random man staring at her in the back of this video she recorded of herself in the gym

No. 1763623

She did on the first day of the admission. I hope she can recover successfully but it's not looking good with the phone addiction and constant posting to social media.

No. 1763630

it's kinda funny that she still has photos and videos up of her looking lean and skinny when trying to be a 'recovery' account now

No. 1763637

File: 1675853648910.jpg (591.55 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230208_184825193.jpg)

Kinda off topic but it's good to see people calling Sl0an out
Hope he addresses it in the podcast (I won't be listening tho) about his hypocrisy and not just "I judged her before I knew her"
Clout chaser

No. 1763638

File: 1675853706064.jpg (531.56 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230208_185103101.jpg)


No. 1763639

Ummm that's the whole fucking point
'What if I gain weight' Then you can get tf outta hospital

No. 1763644

Maybe off topic,but Sloan's slimmed and toned up a lot in a short time
Ya think he's taking the juice? His nappies are starting to head south beginning to look like cow teets
I think his weight loss/transformation has made him sympathetic towards EC. 'He's one of the beautiful influencer crowd
I'd like to hear what he has done (food + exercise wise) to justify his weight change without jabbing himself or Disordered eating
I'm almost cynical enough to think he will ask questions of her in an interviewing way but use them as tips

No. 1763645

File: 1675854786120.jpg (1.07 MB, 1079x1712, Letsgetintoit.jpg)

Oops samefag as above, forgot the picture

No. 1763651

Calling her a "child predator" is a little overdramatic considering she's essentially doing the same thing as any other twitch "thot." Except instead of pandering to millennial coomers she's pandering to ana fetishists.

No. 1763656

File: 1675858455352.jpg (26.61 KB, 596x117, donotcowtip.JPG)

They're not wrong though, newfags and cows don't read the rules. If you feel like you have to goad a cow, even anonymously, you're probably a cow yourself. Rules 4, and 5.3 specifically in this case.

No. 1763688


I think that’s what makes a lot of these people cows to be honest. They want to get the positive attention for being a recovery account, but can’t let go of their skinny ed bodies. It’s all a competition for them; they need to be the skinniest skelly on the internet.

This cow doesn’t seem as bad as most of the others, so I’m hoping she’s able to recover and stop posting constant updates online. It’s not healthy. Sadly she’s probably just being forced to recover and doesn’t actually want to recover herself.

No. 1763730

Irish dancer here - ew I wish I didn’t know Hayden danced. I have NEVER heard of a studio that body shames; it’s not like ballet where there’s a “look” associated with it. Wah wah Hayden everything is about your disorder and super special issues

No. 1763750

I reckon he was playing nice to get her comfortable with an interview. She's quite flighty and in order to secure those sweet, sweet clicks he needs to be sure he can rope her into that podcast.

No. 1763760

Kek. I've been on these threads since the days of Italian Aly so definitely not a newfag. As to being a cow, that would be tough given that I don't even have an ED (pretend or otherwise). Just don't think it's necessary to shit up the thread by chasing someone down for something as stupid as sending a tell.

No. 1763765

Kek this made me snort laugh thanks nona

No. 1763771

Probably had to clear it with the Mom first who seems to be her pimp/manager/abuser/enabler

No. 1763772

Of course the two scummy recovery queens talk to each other

No. 1763774

The baby monkey and the crack whore with an orange spray tan

No. 1763777

Nta but don't worry about it, I haven't even heard the term cowtipping in so long because this site isn't unknown to the cows anymore, all the anachans know about it now so it's not like there's any cows left that haven't been tipped on these threads lol