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No. 100016

What do you think of mgtow?

No. 100019

Would be perfectly fine if they actually went their own way, but it's just a community for misogynists to pretend feminism ruined their lives and women.

I would consider myself a WGTOW, the idea of not needing a relationship and focusing on yourself works for me and I couldn't blame a man if it worked for them. I just dont blame my choice on men not being good enough.

No. 101103

Agree with the other anon, would be nice if they actually shut the fuck up and went their own way, but they're too immensely bitter about women to leave us alone without making "clever" comments like the pic posted.

"h-haha w-women are NPC sluts!! I was too good for her anyway!! I-im too good for all women!" we get it buddy you're bitter over your break up learn how to cope with emotions lol

No. 101105

Whyd u bump this smelly thread it doesnt even belong in g

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