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File: 1541966718488.jpg (470.41 KB, 1200x853, home.jpg)

No. 100579

A thread for all things Home, Living spaces, Happy Places, Comfort Zones, etc.

>Where's your "Happy Place"? If it's your home, what makes it that?
>What's your living space like? Do you like it? Pros & Cons?
>City? Suburb? Middle of nowhere? (Specific city, if you want)
>Do you think the rent is reasonable for the location?
>How do you unwind in your space?
>How long after you get home for the day do you keep your bra on? Pants?
>Do you live alone? Partner? Roommates? Parents? Pets?
>If you live alone, do you feel safe?
>Is decoration important to you? Organization? Tidiness?
>If so, what's your decoration inspo?
>Do you prefer isolation? Or do you always have friends over? Are you comfortable with people in your space?
>What's important to you in a home? What do you wish you had?
>Do you talk to your neighbors?
>How many fairy lights does it take to fill the void in your heart?
>Whatever else you can think of.

No. 100582

File: 1541968730497.png (207.36 KB, 536x395, 1517777250522.png)

I live alone in a 1 bedroom in Minneapolis/St Paul. It's more than I would like to pay, but it's in a "safer" neighborhood. I don't really know my neighbors all that well, but I know they're close enough/nice enough to probably check in if they heard something. I live in an area that's residential, but with a ton of restaurants and shops in walking distance, which I love.

The biggest cons are no pets, no garage, and it's an older apartment style. Don't get me wrong, I love a good old brick building, but all the walls are concrete inside, (which is cold and impossible to hang anything on) and old radiators are terrible. There's no heat control at all, which really fucking sucks in such a cold state, because it's either dead freezing, or all the radiators turn on at once and it's suddenly hell. (Not to mention the clinking and clanking and hissing). Also the washer/dryer is in the basement, but the only stairway to it is outside, so trying to wrestle a heavy basket of laundry down icy/snow covered stairs is a nightmare. I'm on the first floor at least, I don't know how my upper neighbors put up with it.

Same goes for not having a garage in MN. We just got our first snowfall that actually stuck for the year, and it's just a reminder of how many days of trying to dig my car out are to come.

If it wasn't for the A+ location, it probably wouldn't be worth it.
>tfw there's so many cool areas and things to see within walking distance, but no doggo to walk with

No. 100592

>How many fairy lights does it take to fill the void in your heart?

I recently acquired a string of 730 fairy lights: So 730

No. 100593

And the room I'm in looks a little like your OP pic.
My bra is permanently on, don't ask why it's just more comfy for me that way.
Other questions are too revealing for my anon self

No. 100600


I wanna see your room!

No. 100601

File: 1541988783687.jpg (370.59 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_owaahohRGI1s0tlk6o4_128…)

Seconded. Struggling to achieve that perfect balance of quirky/kitschy clutter and art and 90's anime girl clutter and "cozy magical space" and mpdg and nerd shit to combat my ACTUAL clutter. So, basically that requires a lot of fairy lights, and slowly adding fake plants in.

How do I find the perfectly random combo for a a gallery wall that screams "oh, this old thing? I just put them wherever haha I don't care about anything"?

Pic not mine, but from my "apartment inspo" folder. Happy to dump some more if anyone wants some.

No. 100602

That pic so cute. I have an empty second bedroom right now. All it has is a tv stand and a wardrobe where i keep all my games. it serves as a guest room, but i would love a loft like OP for my buddies when they sleep over.

No. 100610

File: 1542026555379.jpg (72.79 KB, 500x695, 3627634a4cb6fc89145dbd8365266a…)


Please do post more! I'm in love with this decor! While I'm here I'll contribute

My happy place is being surrounded by comforts and things I enjoy, I'm an illustrator so many apartment is a tiny studio flat that's a mishmash of cute home decor and sketchbooks and paints everywhere, I kind of am a clutterbitch

It's in the UK and every other apartment I've seen for this price is either really run down or awkwardly shaped, I've got a lace curtain that seperates the kitchen from my bedroom and while the bathroom and wardrobe are tiny, I have grown to really love my tiny little space.

My ideal unwind is a cup of tea and getting some artwork done, if I've been at work and am too tired I'll pop Netflix on and lay in bed, the bed folds down from the wall and is fixed but it's a double bed, I've got my tv table set up opposite with my games!

I live alone but my neighbour is very friendly and I am top floor so as a girl on her own I feel safer up here.

The only downside is I rent and there's not really many shelves and it's an old building but I've done my best to make it as cute as possible- always open for tips though! I am always looking for new ways to utilize such a small space

I have too many fairy lights, but in my heart I always want more, they are so cute, also the carpet is really old and thin so it looks a bit sad

I love Pinterest for inspiration!

pic not my apartment but my sort of decor love

No. 100767

I wish I cared enough to put this much effort into my apartment. I've been living here for 4 years and still can't be bothered to do what this girl is doing for 1 year in her apartment!

No. 101548

File: 1543324236915.jpg (30.04 KB, 540x408, neon-lights-for-bedroom-neon-i…)

I love everything that reminds me of the outrun aesthetic. Dark, neons,checkerboard patterns, 80s inspiration, with dashes of color.
I can't wait to move out .

No. 101549

File: 1543324273267.jpg (359.82 KB, 960x643, Lightbulb fullbleed.jpg)

No. 101550

File: 1543324322104.jpg (32.65 KB, 320x426, 54c0ec9835514_-_06-hbx-neon-li…)

No. 101551

File: 1543324392079.jpg (42.72 KB, 640x464, u5lc1bfhr6k01.jpg)

my aesthetic is very tumblr-ey, but I'd like to see if other anons here love it too ?

No. 101556

File: 1543330314716.jpg (340.91 KB, 1280x1138, b474f64e-0ebd-4e1d-bccd-49ea10…)

>Outrun aesthetic
TFW the actual game doesn't even look like this
I'm more into more dramatic lighting that makes you feel like you're trapped in a warm mist. More pastel, but also lots of dark, deep colors.
I feel like you'd really like this blog if you haven't checked it out already! http://palmandlaser.tumblr.com/

No. 103924

File: 1545598683495.jpg (103.72 KB, 600x600, botanical style.jpg)

So I just moved into my own place and is it weird if I put a dresser in the living room for clothes?

I don't want my bedroom to be too crammed and it would look kinda perfect with the dresser doubling as a TV stand but I just have this weird mental hang up about storing clothes in the living room lol

No. 103925

use it for off season clothes. personally i'd feel weird about having guests over and needing to get something out of the dresser in common areas. but if it's off season stuff then you won't have that issue.

No. 112213

File: 1554069839026.jpg (69.97 KB, 563x651, example.jpg)

just like what >>103925 said, if it's clothes you won't need to be getting out more than once a week then sure. You don't need to clutter up your room with dressers etc if you take advantage of other spaces, like under the bed storage is something overlooked which is super useful, if you have other shelves in your room (like a bookcase) you could get those little woven square boxes that slide right in that don't take up much space but can hold your clothes, and maybe you can use your clothing as decoration with those standing clothing racks that you can get for like $10 at ikea that make it easier to pick out your clothes/outfits for the week. I'd suggest doing a big spring clean for your clothing and deciding what you want to keep. That will make it easier to decide what type of storage you will need. You can use things like suitcases, and if you've got a built in wardrobe you can use those fold out hanging shelves and you could even put a simple dresser in your wardrobe. Godspeed anon!!

No. 112221

Yes, this is my favorite aesthetic. My apartment is filled with this kind of lighting.

No. 112327

File: 1554205076056.jpg (184.26 KB, 2016x1508, flet2.jpg)

this direction

No. 112328

File: 1554205345781.jpg (68.66 KB, 712x534, flet.jpg)

No. 112404


I really want to cover our place in plants and greenery but my cat, an indoor cat, is OBSESSED with greens of any kind, salad, sprouts, spinach, the tops of strawberries, and especially flowers and plants and chews them up and devours them until she gets sick. Also I dont want my house full of bugs

No. 114024

>Where's your "Happy Place"? If it's your home, what makes it that?
I was in a generally shitty relationship until about a year ago, and ever since moving out and living on my own, my home has definitely become my happy space. I can keep it clean, it’s not messy or cluttered, I choose the colors and furnitures. So nice.

>What's your living space like? Do you like it? Pros & Cons?

Medium-sized house in a suburb. I love it, i have space to garden and space inside for crafting and painting, and a nice sized kitchen

>City? Suburb? Middle of nowhere? (Specific city, if you want)


>Do you think the rent is reasonable for the location?

Yeah, it’s very good

>How do you unwind in your space?

Lay in bed reading with candles lit or a diffuser, cook nice meals, lounge in front of the tv, drink tea and look out the window to my garden

>How long after you get home for the day do you keep your bra on? Pants?

Literally bra comes off first thing unless I have company

>Do you live alone? Partner? Roommates? Parents? Pets?

Alone with a dog

>If you live alone, do you feel safe?

Yes! I have a big dog, a good security system, and live in a low crime area.

>Is decoration important to you? Organization? Tidiness?

It is. The place I shared with my ex was filthy, cluttered, tiny, disorganized, and just unpleasant to be in. Now I really value all of the above

>If so, what's your decoration inspiration?

I have Pinterest boards and also subscribe to some high end lifestyle-porn type magazines like Veranda and Bliss Victoria. I like feminine mid century modern and 1920s style interior decor.

>Do you prefer isolation? Or do you always have friends over? Are you comfortable with people in your space?

I like being isolated and alone, but do have friends over fairly often because I love my home and think it’s a pretty welcoming space for others. I’m not someone who would invite a person to my home if I wasn’t comfortable with them yet, I just have close friends over

>What's important to you in a home? What do you wish you had?

Beauty, comfort, good natural light, tranquility, coziness, serenity

>Do you talk to your neighbors?

Yeah! We’re not super close but we all keep an eye on the neighborhood and will help out with snow shoveling etc.

>How many fairy lights does it take to fill the void in your heart?

I actually don’t own any fairy lights but I feel like my void is fairly endless

No. 114025

What kind of bulbs/lamps are you using to get these effects? It’s such a cool look

No. 114095

I‘m severely pms-ing but I just need to vent.

I just finished a 5-day clean/tidy/declutter marathon and somehow I still hate every single square inch of my apartment.

I adore a really clean, minimalistic look. Lots of white combined with dark tones and gold/silver details.
Like this: https://pin.it/tpdeyyo34tznl6

I just don’t know how to achieve a look that I genuinely like and coming home to. There’s a bunch of things I despise about my living situation:

- The apartment itself is shit. Really orange-y oak wood doors but ashy brown oak pvc and the general architecture is just awful, so I can’t really fit any quality furniture in it.

- My furniture is all mixed together, because I’m broke af. I think my sofa is probably one of the ugliest parts in my apartment. It’s a really old ikea beddinge and the worst part is: you can’t even sit on it! I genuinely just have it because I can’t afford a new one and it works as a guest bed. But it’s so hideous and I hate it with a burning passion. But also my other furniture just never looks right? I guess I just suck really bad at furnishing…

- I have so. much. stuff. But then again, especially those minimalistic living space pictures make me really question how authentic they are but also myself. I always thought it’s just because I have so many small things lying around but even now that I have all my stuff in boxes it still looks nowhere near as pleasing as other living or work spaces.

I’m genuinely about to have a full blown mental breakdown because I don’t think I can ever put together furniture and stuff that looks aesthetically pleasing but even if I could do that, I couldn’t afford furniture that looks good. I don’t even have friends I could ask for help. I just… really don’t want to live like this anymore. When I finished cleaning today I even went out and bought flowers but they look so incredibly out of place. Like putting lipstick on a pig.

I’m sorry for all this negativity but I just don’t know how to deal with the frustration right now.

No. 114104


most of those rooms from the pictures you link look staged, and not like actual homes people live in tbh.

It's very possible to get your home to this point, but you're going to have to get rid of A LOT.

I moved states with only a suitcase and a carry on bag, and not even my room looks that bare.

as for making your furniture match, you could try getting a can of paint and a day off to just paint over everything you can. Invest in sofa covers and temporary wallpapers too.

No. 114110

Actual homes that look like that either have a massive fucking junk room, or the person who lives there is sufficiently wealthy that they don't need to hang onto random crap because they might need it later.

Also, these are two-dimensional images and these rooms almost certainly do not look so nice from every angle.

Personally, I stopped hating my stupid house when I focused on making its crappy layout as functional as I could. After living with that for a while, something shifted and I could identify minor upgrades that resulted in major aesthetic improvements.

Best of luck. Even if you never figure out how to like your apartment, it's not like you have to live there forever.

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