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No. 101362

My new hobby is reporting thots to the IRS. You can help too. For every substantial tip, you can be financially rewarded.
Tumblr and Instagram are especially profitable hunting grounds.
Do your part to stop cyber prostitution.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101364

Not your personal army

No. 101365

Is the reward taxable income?

No. 101388

Hah that's fucking hilarious. I'd do it but I'm not in America so no money for me probably

No. 101389

i'm actually going to start doing this

No. 101390

wu-chan, you need to find a better hobby

No. 101392

You have proof sniper nyan is thot patrolling now?

No. 101409

File: 1543128184002.jpg (246.55 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20181124_224126.jpg)

There are really people who are this autistic?

No. 101410

Why bother? They're a drop in an ocean of actual fraud.

No. 101419

Why isn't this thread locked? Doesn't this fall under the "cowtipping" rule?

No. 101425

Incels and femcels hate sex workers.

No. 101426

File: 1543169036191.jpg (59.82 KB, 960x960, 46825096_2103977036290367_8777…)

No. 101430

So transparent, lots of these guys are going to argue that they are reporting SW to protect the economy or something but they aren't going to join in putting pressure on Amazon or Starbucks or whatever other companies literally embezzle millions from counties.

I don't even care about that "sex work is empowering uwu" bullshit, but I hate this thinly veiled excuse. They should just admit that they hate women, especially attractive nonvirgin women and make honest campaigns for a male incel nation.

No. 101431

that's true. we don't hate sex workers, just sex work.

No. 101436

>lots of these guys are going to argue that they are reporting SW to protect the economy
They are very open about doing this because they don't like sex workers, anybody saying that they only do this to help the economy or give the government more money for them programs only says that with their tongue firmly in their cheek.

>they aren't going to join in putting pressure on Amazon or Starbucks

Some don't care about that, some do, but in either case it's a lot easier to rat an e-girl off to the IRS than to bring down Bezos' evil empire.

No. 101494

Nicely said.

No. 101498


nta but while cyber sex workers are mostly pathetic, actual prostituted women are mostly vitcims and i dont see why you should "hate" them.

No. 101500

Yeah this, I've had a lot of cyber SW friends, and they all start acting catty with me. My best friend was a heroin addict SW… I simply can't respect cyber SWs, they're basically not even working, sorry.

No. 101506

You do know most SW pay taxes, right? Lmao

No. 101508

No I don't know. Still must suck to be audited anyway.

No. 101511

>ITT farmers are so autistic they're siding with losers like Roosh V
Why am I not even surprised

No. 101512

This is just a natural consequence of what sex workers are doing. You're a retard if you think I support Roosh V just because I understand the natural progression of interacting and flirting to the lowest losers of humanity, get a grip and a better job.

No. 101519

File: 1543289985782.jpg (247.41 KB, 720x834, 20181126_193841.jpg)

>You're a retard if you think I support Roosh V
If you, not unlike some of the replies ITT, are so enthusiastic about random women being reported to the IRS by the likes of Roosh V because
>muh high school rejection revenge fantasy
Then yes, I can only assume that you're siding with these absolute mouth breathers.
>get a grip and a better job
You are heavily mistaken if you're under the impression that the only people who think this behavior is pathetic are the ones spreading their pussy for quick cash. Like I was saying, the sheer autism…

No. 101520

all they had to do was pay taxes lmao its not that hard. they deserve it. file under self employment or some shit and you too can claim illegally gained money to the irs

No. 101522

The men reporting them do not give a single shit about tax evasion and you know that. Stop being obtuse.

No. 101546

They may not care but if you had paid your taxes you wouldn't be in this mess, do I think it's messed up that men are doing this? yes, do I care? not really, I pay my taxes so if you're tax evading and it comes back to bite you in the ass then that's on you boo

No. 101645

They do care, it's just that they hate women. While I don't support misogynists and these dicks are obviously doing it because no woman wants to be with their deeply mentally disturbed asses, I guess it's a wake up call for sex-positive libfems: these men truly, deeply hate women, just like their customers.

No. 101682

Eh idk about that…I think they're just jealous nobody wants to pay to see their dick

No. 101758

if they make over $10k a year there's no reason they shouldn't pay income tax. especially if they're the type always ranting about how it's a legitimate career and should be respected. your standard unsexy e-begger has to file their patreon income too.

still, this is sad and pathetic and i would never do it because who gives a fuck.

No. 103528

Its not something that should be romanticized or seen as empowering. f you want to suck dick for money so be it but dont expect to be seen as a person every again.
No shit. What of it?
Then they have nothing to worry about.

No. 103530

I hate seeing the “well if you are paying your taxes then who cares that we’re going to actively harass you?”

Like No shit, I pay taxes, most people I know do but it’s just annoying to see self important people treat you shitty under the guise of them disliking you for a fake ass lie. They should just say I hate sex workers/cam girls or I hate women and be honest with themselves.

No. 103548

I think they should be reported but it clearly started for misogynistic reasons. Start reporting esport players, youtubers, and twitch streamers male or female. I guarantee a bunch of them don't file taxes. Not to mention patreon and PayPal leeches. If they want to bitch and moan about it being a difficult real job let's see if they're getting fucked by Uncle Sam like the rest of us.

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