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No. 101926

I always wanted to be the type of woman who takes sexy selfies and knows she’s hot as fuck regardless of what anyone says but instead I’m a shy adult woman who is uncomfortable in her own body. I heard faking it until you make it works…but how do I fake it?

It doesn’t matter how hot you are if you don’t have confidence you’ll come off as weird…so let’s discuss that here.

No. 101929


Faking it until you make it really is all you can do if you didn't grow up confident. In the beginning you obviously won't feel confident like whatever you're saying, it'll feel weird and maybe even wrong, but repeating compliments to yourself and taking note of little things you like in your appearance (usually during mornings when you see yourself in the mirror and are about to start the day) can build up. It worked for me and some of my friends so I can say that it absolutely does have results.

Also, practice taking photos that utilize flattering angles. Insta models wouldn't be nearly as sexy/pretty if they didn't have their angles and filters, so just try and do that and DON'T get discouraged if you feel ugly in the first few tries. Doesn't happen overnight. Best of luck.



No. 101930

What about all those really loud and ugly women who go around acting like hot shit?or fat women who wear really sluttt clothes despite their fat spilling out?

No. 101931

Build confidence in something other than your hotness. Take care of yourself, but people who only care about how hot they are have nothing to envy.

No. 101969

Why do you associate taking sexy selfies with confidence? I think it's rather the opposite. I think most of social media hoes seek validation desperately and despite great bodies they're insecure af
It's not self-confidence to show yourself off
Self-confidence would be not giving a fuck and not feeling the need to flash your body for the approval of random people, because what matters is your own acceptance.
I know some may have a completely different take on this. I just don't agree with this "you do you queen! She does this for herself!" sentiment.

So yeah, I think you could improve if you'd sort your views and opinions out… And there's no magical way to become more self-confident, it's a long ass tough process of working on yourself. No one on lolcow can help you, really. You know yourself the best. Do some introspection and try working on your weak points.

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