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File: 1544649867735.jpeg (76.11 KB, 462x791, 8FEA21A2-692F-4F12-BEDB-480F0F…)

No. 102943

No I am not a troll. I am 100% serious. I am tired of dating ugly shitty guys, and I want to date a perfect rich handsome guy. In this thread we discuss how to achieve said thingy. Whether it is improving yourself to climb up the league, or simply going to certain events/places. How does one acquire a rich handsome man?

No. 102946

Step 1: Be attractive
Step 2: Don't be unattractive.

Helping others may also help you in the long run.

Good look on your silly endeavor.

No. 102948

Hang out at cafes during lunch time in areas with a lot of office buildings and young professionals.

Also pretend to have hobbies and care about stuff

No. 102950

Helping others?
How does one get attractive? Thanks either way.
Holy shit thanks.

No. 102965

okay, so I hope you made this post due to some sort of hormonal surges in your body because the entire premise of this thread is rather ludicrous.

Here's some more "tips" on how to improve yourself:

1) stop the "chad"-mindset. Whatever you're reading in your pastime is toxic to your brain. Except for some funny virgin vs chad memes, making stereotypes about two types of men is stupid, vapid and sexist.

2) Use the time you spent on 4chan and whatever to do something productive. Get some real hobbies. That makes you a more valuable partner.

If you wanna be a sexy housewife/trophy wife fantasy, go learn how to cook, bake, clean, hold tea parties, socialize, toastmaster activities, wine tasting and exercise. Be a good socialite so your fantasy rich husband can show you off with pride.

3)Be attractive.
3a) Exercise 3-4 times a week -> Have good cardio & Have a good butt (squats) and bust.

3b) Be fashionable. Tune your tastes towards the type of man you want to attract.

3c) Keep up the maintenance. Regularly get your hair styled, keep exercising so your muscles don't disappear.

3d) Learn how to do classy makeup or makeup the type of men that you're targeting would like.

3e) Look at wives/girlfriends of the men you're interested in. Try to add this into your style.

3f) Dress sexy and "easy" if you really, really need someone right now.

4) Don't be unattractive
4a) Don't be fat. (Exercise it off)
4b) Don't slouch.
4c) Keep your hair maintained.
4d) Don't act bratty.

5) Don't talk too much about yourself. People like to talk about themselves, it's much more fun for them.

Here's how to find rich men:
1) Like the other poster said, downtown in busy metropolitan areas are good. Go to areas filled with banking, finance and tech companies.
2)Join rich people activities. Sailing, tennis, golfing etc
3) Might as well join an expensive luxurious gym. Ask a rich-looking guy for help with some equipment.

Here's how to find a "chad":
1) Join Tinder
2) Swipe right on hot guys, ignore their vapid personalities
3) Get laid

It's that easy. I have girl friends who are not the same level of attractiveness as the guy get laid that easily. Of course, it's a one night stand so, ehh…

1) Go to a club
2) Make eye contact with hot guy
3) Get laid

Now, if you actually have standards for yourself, then my original tip "Helping others may also help you in the long run" is probably just as useful to find an attractive, good man.

Try to be a better person. Do good to the world and people will do good to you. (Don't be a pushover though)
Doing charity work, helping classmates/coworkers with problems, helping out in the neighborhood makes you a more respectful person.

(I'm getting lazy now so I hope you can fill in the rest of what I was going to say)

But yeah, do good and do exercise. If that doesn't work, then consider moving to a bigger population.

No. 102968

Based as fuck. I will try to stop browsing this imageboard and work on improving myself.

No. 102974

yeah you might wanna stop saying "based as fuck" as well lol…

I think I'd add "go read a book" to the list. Internet speak will only impress other internet speakers. So unless you find a very rare hot+rich 4channer you're just gonna sound unintelligent to all the other hot+rich guys….

No. 102976

Basically, if you want a quality man be a quality woman

No. 103006

As a cynically romantic, non-ugly but with no financial stability, man, I feel disgust for people like OP.

I'd rather date an ex-sex-slave, who might be salvable than waste my time with such prospect partners.
Not being rich filters out so much garbage.

>Rich chads are of as much quality as the poor thots they're dating/fucking/laughing at.

No. 103016

File: 1544682389391.png (144.02 KB, 1305x892, CE1F9462-EA80-42B3-9B30-B4F1DA…)

Only incels believe on chads, we are not taking the bait.

Most girls in this site know that this is some larper incel.

No. 103027

I see no robot symbol on my posts.
I don‘t want chads anymore, I just want a rich handsome good man who will love me forever.
Ok! Thanks for the help.
Go away

No. 103049

The first thing you need to do before anything else is work hard for a hot, fit body. Since you've got time to waste on here you're probably not looking for physical best, so start with that. That'll keep you busy for a while.

No. 103061

ngl anon, I'm down for this

No. 103095

> 3b) Be fashionable. Tune your tastes towards the type of man you want to attract.

> 3d) Learn how to do classy makeup or makeup the type of men that you're targeting would like.

> 3e) Look at wives/girlfriends of the men you're interested in. Try to add this into your style.

This is very important. If you look at wives of pro athletes you'll see your usual instagram yoga pants massive ass girls. If you look at wives of investment bankers, you'll notice that they have a very different and very conservative style. Showing the maximum amount of a curvature of an ass is not always the winning move.

No. 103098

File: 1544739454566.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1125x1595, B048C4D3-07CF-4EF7-BF75-961768…)

Fine I’ll bite

Here are the basics, they are not pretty but that’s reality


“delicately emaciated, with just a hint of a well-managed eating disorder.”

“a more layered look for most occasions, and swept into a relaxed low chignon for formal occasions. Your hair also needs to be colored to add some lowlights or highlights, as this will soften your features overall.”

From now on, get used to nude nails or monochromatic tones of beige.

Overall social circle and appearance

Associate yourself with some mega church and play Virgin Mary dress modestly and classic but not prude boring.

Go to the fucking church often and pretend to enjoy it, his mom with more money than him will love you.

Google “Queen Rania of Jordan casual” for some examples, if your body doesn’t fit that standard then this life is not for you.

That is if you are aiming for rich sad wife not second wife with tit implants.

Only acceptable Accessories

•K. S. Sze single-strand champagne pearl necklace
• 3-carat pear-shaped diamond earrings (to be worn only with extremely casual sportswear—which creates a refreshingly unexpected juxtaposition and makes the size of the gemstones acceptable)
• L’Orient ruby ring on tension mounting
• Carnet orchid brooch
• Pomellato Madera quartz ring
• Edward Chiu diamond-and-jade tennis bracelet
• Vintage Cartier Tank Américaine wristwatch
• Graff 4.5-carat diamond solitaire ring
• Mikimoto pearl stud earrings
• Lynn Nakamura Tahitian black pearl drop.

find cheap dupes online or with a rep consultant for quality items.

Good luck I doubt you will actually find a rich boyfriend

No. 103099

File: 1544739732340.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1478, E8727107-72DF-49DA-B37C-3B8C6A…)

Forgot to add remember you are there in his arm to be seen and to be a cute flowerpot so you need to not be lazy with your looks

Learn to be a good conversationalist and read some books the following should be a good start:

Snobs by Julian Fellowes
The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee
People Like Us by Dominick Dunne
Pride and Avarice by Nicholas Coleridge
The Soong Dynasty by Sterling Seagrave
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
D. V. by Diana Vreeland
A Princess Remembers: The Memoirs of the Maharani of Jaipur by Gayatri Devi
Jane Austen—complete works beginning with Pride and Prejudice
Edith Wharton—The Custom of the Country

No. 103108

redpillwomen on reddit

No. 103112

File: 1544748513764.jpeg (326.98 KB, 1772x1132, 4CDC0544-4AA2-4276-928A-903EDE…)

Those are trad thots with r/imverysmart inclinations.

Literally free style as a high class sugar baby.

No. 103126

Fucking cringe. This thread reads like robot bait.

No. 103132

I think this is what incels larping looks like when they form their own thread, forming a bizarre feedback loop

No. 103138

I want to find a high-sex drive, all-natural sexbomb that isn't promiscuous, who has eyes only for me, loves children, is intelligent and is down to earth. One that doesn't have to repeat other people mistakes to learn, but can learn just by observing them and by reading biology/history/anthropology/sociology/psychology material with a critical mind. A person who respects and trusts me and can't stop thinking of me naked on her whenever we separate.

My values certainly don't align with yours, but I'd lie if I said I'm not interest in what happens to you. Good luck to you I guess, it's definitely in your hands if you're smart enough (everything else can be faked, unless you are close to 40's - grandpas can't be chads even if they're really really rich).

No. 103144

That's because it is. Seems like several robots are trying to LARP here as women.

No. 103145

It’s nice to have dreams.

No. 103272

File: 1544870460401.png (408.24 KB, 464x641, 000330021.png)

if you want to attract high quality guys you need to be a high quality woman.

if you spend your time shitposting here chances are you're not so here are some tips to help you hopefully get a decent partner

>Read a book

Preferably things that will help you expand your knowledge but it won't hurt to read a few novels so you have something to talk about, plus reading makes you look smart and sophisticated unless you're reading harry potter tier books

>workout and diet

don't starve yourself but even switching from drinking starbucks sugary coffee to a latte from costa would help, workout maybe 3 or 4 times a week and avoid eating too much sugar, carbs, or grease.

>Find a hobby or a passion

Nothing more attractive than having goals or ambitions, no high class guy wants someone who's hobbies consist of watching Netflix and getting shitfaced at the club every weekend, don't be a trad thot but also don't be trashy, it's not that hard.

last tip, now this is a big one so prepare yourself.
>Be kind
Kindness goes a long way and quality doesn't only come in physical form, it might be very rare but there are guys out there who will see you for more than just your physical appearance and seeing a positive, kind hearted, and genuine person is a lot more appealing than seeing a pouty mouthed gossip girl who thinks being loud = funny.

This isn't only advice to you OP but anyone looking to find a high quality partner in the future, the secret to finding someone who will love and cherish you is to love and cherish yourself first, even if that means being a little harsh and putting down the pizza and picking up a salad instead, good luck anons

No. 103273

Anon omg your first sentence reminded me of last semester of when a rich guy from class saud his gf cooks really well, snd someone said girls rarely cook nowadays where to find one. And rich guy said if you want a want in a hundred girl you have to be one in a hundred. They had the same hobby, healthy living and going to the gym daily because they are two narcissists. She always wears sexy clothes and they both love having tattoos. But she cheated on him on his birthday and has a bf similar to him but with a more expensive car. They all went to the same personal trainer course, that's how she met the new guy.
Sorry for the blog, hope it helps you anon some way.

No. 103276

Yeah… no. How is your blogposting about several vain narcissists who cheat on each other going to help anyone?

This thread is a goldmine of stupidity.

No. 103277

Those aren't high quality people those are 2 rich idiots.
read the rest of my post, money isn't all it takes to be a high quality person.
if you're a shitty, vain, narcacist you will attract just that regardless of how many books you read or squats you do

No. 103278

This is pretty much in line with what everyone else said, but my parents are rich and if I look at my mom/her friends (also married to respectable high-earning men) it seems like the key is making sure you have a lot to offer as a person. Whether it's your career, passions, smarts, being cultured/well traveled, etc. Make sure you're always projecting your best qualities and that you're able to hold a good conversation with any type of person. If you're in this for the long haul, you have to remember that looks (both yours and his) will fade.
That being said, do make sure you're taking care of yourself. You don't have to look like a supermodel as long as you're immaculately well-kept.

No. 103286

ITT: trannies

No. 103287

Wrong. It is unfair how men are allowed to date women who are so much better looking than them (examples: look at the uggo partners Elizabeth Taylor had, Mariah Carey’s first husband, Leonardo diCaprio’s many lovers while looking like a potato himself etc…), it is time for us to rise and raise our standards.

No. 103289

lmao this is the most autistic shit i've ever heard.

No. 103290

Then leave imageboards if you hate autism
You hurt my feelings ;_;

No. 103299

I completely agree with these 2 posts, but it's kind of sad when someone has to explain to you how to be a quality woman. And while I do like virgin vs chad memes, I make sure to try not to use those stereotypes since it will not only fug up your thinking, but affect how you will interact with potential bfs.

My father always told me this when it comes to finding a bf is that "birds of a feather flock together". So again, if you want a quality man then you have to be the quality woman.

No. 103305

I seriously hope that this thread is made by 16 year old

Men are not really that difficult creatures. You just need some confidence. If you see a cute guy make a eye contact and smile. That guy will be happy that you notice him. Women always seem to think that men are as complicated as we are. They are not.

It’s not about looking like a supermodel. Most guys fell for girl next doors and can’t resist simple smile.

>tfw I’m basically male-hater and still there is so much dick available

No. 103328

read books and spend some time fixing you up before leaving the house

No. 103329

Just mentally I‘m 16 tbh.
I admit I made this thread when I was feeling super lonely, and I regret making this thread. Though if others are interested in getting a rich beautiful husbando, they can continue using this thread. I

No. 103334

>rich beautiful husbando

these guys are douchebags, anon.

No. 103342

all guys are douchebags, anon. might as well get a hot one.

No. 103345

No. 103349

I see your point anon

No. 103386

I'm both hot, smart and non-douchbag.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 103387

but are you rich?

No. 103388


Do you honestly think it's impossible for women to be bitter and angry loners?

No. 103396

Neither of those anons, but I'm a bitter and angry loner who can't get laid and even I think this thread is silly. OP even said she can get ween, she's not a "femcel" or anything.

No. 103398

I thought the purpose of this thread was that OP wanted a rich guy, not that she couldn't get a guy period, I'm not sure how that makes OP or anyone here an incel

No. 103399

That's what I was saying, >>103388 seemed to be implying otherwise but I could have been misreading it.

No. 103402

OP didn't claim to be bitter or angry, "she" just said that she's tired of fucking ugly guys. Learn to read.

No. 103427


No. You saw posters contradicting with your bias, and immediately assumed it must be because they're secret incel robots in disguise. I see that shit happen here all the time. Some people have incredibly hard time accepting that women too can behave like normal people, which includes terrible behavior.

No. 103473

Now you're just being fucking dense. The reason why it seems like bait is because it sounds like a robot's cringey stereotypical idea of what women desire in men, i.e. hot douchebaggy rich Chad. Like fr no one even mentioned OP being lonely or bitter, you just missed the point entirely.

No. 103477

This thread is quite cringy, you'd think a goldigger would have an easier time figuring out she needs to be a cute blowup doll that has amusing lines to their owner (since they will be basically paid to marry someone).

No. 103742

would never date one of these guys, firstly because I'm not attracted to them, and secondly I just have bad feelings about these types. But, I feel like working on your looks is a given, but it's also worth learning new things, a lot of these dudes are dumb as fuck, so if you can memorise some wikipedia bullshit he'll probably see you as a bit better than other pretty women? Idk

No. 104210

I was friends with one of them for a while.

His level of entitlement was absurd. He'd say women nowadays are are filthy sluts and unfit for marriage, but he had one night stands constantly. Every time he felt wronged by one of the girls he dated he'd rant about how they were gold diggers who never dated a guy with a fancy car and money like him. He'd make fun of his ex-girlfriends for dating average guys without money. He'd go on rants all the time about how his dad had so much more money than the families of the people he didn't like.

No. 104215

How to attract a chad boyfriend:
1) Be a super pretty and skinny Stacy

No. 104217

Have fun with woman constantly trying to fuck your bf and if he doesn't leave you (he will) he definitely will when you're both 50 when you look like shit and he looks like a silver fox. Go for the ugly rich ones or old men 55+ no one wants them and you'll be set for life. Have your chad on the side once you're married.

No. 104218

hello, male

No. 104227

File: 1546040683186.jpg (11.33 KB, 248x187, 1495621799791.jpg)

>he looks like a silver fox
>implying men are able to age better than women

No. 104230

They might not age better to you but it's proven that men prefer young women. If you're rich you can just buy one. It's just how they work in the world of the wealthy unfortunately. He'll look like a silver fox to that girl who wants her loans paid off. I'd rather secure a rich old/ ugly man now having a mid life crisis then I'll always look younger to him, rather than wasting my time on a rich handsome guy who will always have his pick.

No. 104232

ok but most people aren't rich, retard

No. 104233

This thread is about getting rich men

No. 104234


No. 104242

>The golddigger/chad hunter thread
>a perfect rich handsome guy

No. 104409

this, it's each the guy is old but rich or young and hot but not rich. if he is young, hot, and rich, he has every girl fighting over him and will just pump and dump you

No. 104412

I don't care about getting myself a rich handsome gorgeous guy, I wish I could just fuck one no strings attached without people I know finding it out

Like just an ons in a place no one knows, with an stranger who's not a psychopath that's all I wish for

No. 104415


No. 104425

If you hang out in a wealthy area of town at a bar on a Friday you're bound to bump into rich handsome guys who are looking for girls to bring back to their house parties and fuck. It's fun but I'd suggest bringing a trustworthy friend, it can get wild if you're alone. Also there are events for girls looking for nsa rich guys in every city.

No. 104432

dating a rich conventionally attractive man was a solid 3/10, wouldn't do again. even money or looks isn't enough to suspend a vapid personality after a while. love yourself, farmers.

No. 104434

yeah megan markle was in a club to meet rich elite guys, that's how she met prince harry

No. 104439

The key to finding a decent looking rich guy is to be rich yourself. You don’t need to be hot or anything but you need to have a similar background. Most young rich men don’t wanna date outside of their socioeconomic group.

No. 104447

It depends how rich, millionare, billionare? I dated a guy whose parents were both doctors and in total earned $500k a year. His sisters were traveling constantly, the latest iPhone, house looked like a castle, but I'd consider him upper middle class.

No. 104457

Guys with rich parents usually dont get much money from them, i met some guys off tinder when i was on vacation to copenhagen/amsterdam/london who lived in the city centre, they had rich dads and vacationed a lot but their allowance wasnt that big and they still went to uni. I have no idea where to find a young handsome rich guy, i downloaded seeking arrangement before but they were all yucky old wrinkly guys that want a part time hooker and have other sugar babies

No. 104460

Is there any way to get into those clubs tho

No. 104497

be hot

No. 104668

Not interested in "chads" but this thread has some of the best self improvement tips I've ever seen. I have unrealistically high standards for a man and have accepted I'll happily die alone dreaming of it but I'll follow some of these tips to improve myself anyway.

No. 104671

Same with me too. I have very specific high standards. I met one guy that matched them and I instantly fell in love but he started dating a giga Stacy.

No. 104676

File: 1546486914361.jpg (122.9 KB, 1200x659, DLGPwWBVwAAH3-w.jpg)

half of the shit posted here on how to "act" or "seem" rich is bullshit, and I hate to break it to you all, but actual rich people can tell when someone is poor and trying to act rich cough >>103098 cough so if you're trying to land an actual rich guy and not some tech weeb who recently got hired at facebook and makes a decent salary here's some tips (source: my family is rich)

most important is being hot, but not in a bimbo-y way. bimbos are strictly for fucking and forgetting. natural makeup, modest but not matronly clothes, staple jewelry but "fun" jewelry is fine on occasion too. also, avoid "3-carat pear-shaped diamond earrings" (anon, where tf did you hear this?), so tacky and way too big for a young unmarried woman. being flashy is a huge no-go, and on that note avoid all logos (gucci, louis vuitton, hermes is sometimes acceptable but i'd avoid it). low-key jewelry pieces from VCA, cartier, tiffany are good, go for subtle handbags like a chanel 2.55 (NO birkins unless you're over 40). also wear persol sunglasses, rich people love those lol

remember that rich guys, no matter how ugly they are, could have basically any girl so just being hot isn't enough. if you're relying solely on being hot, you'll probably be dumped once he gets bored of you and your shit personality or if you're lucky enough to marry him, he'll cheat on you with office bimbos or straight up dump you once you've stopped going to the gym

keep in mind that these men have gone to elite private school their whole lives and subsequently have gone to elite colleges (HYP, preferably) and now have elite jobs; you have to be able to not sound like a fucking dumbass who browses image boards. you need to know at least a moderate amount about literature, art, philanthropical endeavors, politics, the stock market, sports (polo, crew, tennis, lacrosse, etc. whatever he did in college) and other topics and you also need to know when the appropriate time to talk about these things is. you also need to be able to fit in with their friends and talk to colleagues at work functions, so you better know your shit and not sound like an idiot. don't forget rich peoples' favorite topic to talk about: being rich. this is where many outsiders can never fit in imo, you gotta accomplish being able to casually mention anecdotes about your nannies growing up and riding horses and summering on the vineyard and shit

even if you have your rich bf fooled his mom will be able to sniff out a former/current poor person from miles away, and she will do whatever she can to get you to fuck off. and your rich bf will proooobably put his inheritance before his poorfag gf. also, rich people who intend to stay rich won't be spending all of their $$$ on you (their parents probably taught them to be frugal) unless you're a sugar baby

tbh no one I know has dated anyone outside of our socioeconomic class, like >>104439 said most guys don't want to date lower, unless they're old and fat and having money is all they have going for them. if you want to know who to emulate, look at the wedding announcements in the new york times https://www.nytimes.com/spotlight/wedding-announcements

No. 104686

>look at the wedding announcements
They all look like siblings. I know it's a thing but it's almost creepy how so many of them look like their partners.

Find a rich guy who looks like me, got it

No. 104690

Nice try Chad. We make our own money, we don't need you, retard.

No. 104694

most of this is pretty good styling advice anyway

No. 104695

>tfw no qt chad bf to love me and take care of me and is totally normal but supports my geeky interests
Life is suffering

No. 104699


So far you're the only person here that's been speaking sense, so thank you. Going back to >>104439 is extremely true but it's not impossible.

I'm a poorfag(at least when it comes to my rich friends and former boyfriends) and I was monitoring this thread mainly for laughs.

However I'm not going to sit here and say it's impossible to have a serious relationship or casually date a wealthy person because I've done it.

My "in" however was attending a private Middle/HighSchool and currently a prestigous University, on top of being able to hold conversation on a good chunk of topics. (Which I think an anon above mentioned) I'm good at talking, opening people up, having a good time when need be.

I'm surrounded by wealthy people, and if you're not in the same tax bracket as them than at the very least be an interesting person. Have a personality that draws people in, and keep them in with charm.
I didn't get turned away from my ex boyfriend's parents because I was poor, they loved me and the fact that i was going places. I owe 2 jobs and one internship that looks really nice on my resume to them.Networking is much easier because I know _____. Now I'm upper middle class at a young age, from money I earned through chances given to me.

My advice to fellow poorfags is to make rich friends first person you even think about dating. Be real as cheesy at it sounds. "I'm not from old money but hey I'm fun to be around" because at the very least if you don't get the rich guy you were pinning for at the fucking least you made some powerful/wealthy good friends. They want to fly to Malibu and just decided 30 mins ago? Than convince them out of it. Talk about this cool place in your budget that you know they've never gone to, that you know in n' out. I've had trips with some of my rich friends where my 200 dollar planned vacation was apparently more fun than their luxury trips.

And I feel this goes without saying, they will not pay for everything for you just cause they have the money. Am I in a place now where if I need a couple thousands and I was desperate I have a few people who would give it to me, sure but that took a like 2 years of earning trust (like any friendship, and romantic relationship)

Yes my boyfriends eventually got tired of me saving up for stuff and wanted to do stuff now, and their parents didn't bat an eye because they knew I wasn't in it for the money.

So avoid new money, be real, and like the anon's above said before me fucking have a personality worth wanting to lug your ass around.

No. 104729

I'm a guy and I don't understand why would you want to date Chad. Fucking disgusting girls kys.

You won't keep a conversation with a braindead Chad
Chad will fuck you and then date Stacy
Chad will cum and he won't care if you are satisfied or not
It is most likely that Chad will beat the living shit out of you

Just get a fucking job lazy hoes, I bet you are the same femishits complaining on Twitter about inequality but all you want is to be like a fucking little leech.(incel)

No. 104730

A non-chad isnt going to be much different. They cant discuss anything other than computers or gaming and they will eventually leave for an asian or a costhot.

No. 104733

File: 1546546154811.jpg (90.88 KB, 1152x862, ''Normal''_Spongebob4.jpg)

What about an average guy?

No. 104735

and what about guys who marry braindead hot girls? they're ok, right?

No. 104767

Hit the nail on the head anon. This thread is full of bs. Anyone who's even moderately wealthy knows you don't wear anything with logos or over the top obvious designer clothes. The only time I've ever worn anything with a logo was when I got a balenciaga dad hat I wanted for some time, and even then, it was because I was eyeing it for a while.

Your other best bet is probably trying to find a dude who you can tell is going somewhere with his career and date him while he's around your level. A tech nerd in a dev company that's near the ceo or just did a start up that you can sniff is going extremely well, or an artist that's just starting to get popular. Though that's all luck and less on aiming for the guy who's already on the top of his game to notice you and stick with you. Plus, in the end, if you're not working out and working on yourself (your body, keeping up with your own knowledge and hobbies etc) won't mean shit if he ends up leaving you for that bimbo later.

Also, please do yourself a favour and learn about money. Saving money, making money, fintech, stocks, bonds, forex trading, cryptocurrency, gold, not just your 401k's, and work on building equity yourself. It will go MILES for when you end up trying to date that type of guy. It will make you more of an asset than some hot girl who's always around him.

No. 104776

this happened with me. it's a pretty funny story actually i'll greentext important bits

>looking for fwb/casual hookup as a rebound

>find a pretty attractive guy and we hit it off
>he and i end up falling for eachother start dating
>he's still in school for science
>from a different country so leaves for summer break
>invites me out all expenses paid for a 2 week vacation
>turns out he's wealthy
>parents own a high paying business
>live in fancy flat
>his mom pays my rent for the month
>go on expensive adventures
>visit fancy yacht club that only has 10 families as members
>has a private driver
>has live in maids
>he tells me he didn't realize he was wealthy
>his tuition is being paid out of pocket
>end up moving in together and his parents pay for an expensive flat
>his mom says i should get a part time job or quit all together to pursue my small business
>livin the dream
>he'll be making 80k base pay once he graduates already getting a paper published

it's all about luck anons. it's been 3 years and we're engaged and errything is great!

No. 104777

I agreed with other anons that this sounds like troll bait. But I'll give it a serious shot and share my wisdom.

I live in NYC and I've observed different types of "high quality" men that live here. I've dated 2 ivy league guys, 1 model tier guy and everyone else was normal. Obviously some of these observations might not apply or make sense in other locations, but this what I've learned.

You can choose two of the three: Wealth, Looks or Intelligence/Personalty. You cannot have all three.

if you find someone rich and good looking they will not be interesting, they will be a bro who has a foosball table in their living room, or some vapid hipster who will talk down to you for not drinking the "right" type of wine.

If you find someone rich and interesting/smart, they will be not be attractive. The best you will get is Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban level. Most likely it will be much, much lower.

if you find someone who is good-looking and interesting, chances are you found an writer, or junior industrial designer, or a personal trainer, or someone else who doesn't generally make a ton of money.

Figure out which one of these two you really want, and plan according. Ugly guys will obviously be more dazzled by beautiful woman, rich guys will be more willing to pay for dinner, interesting guys with artistic social groups don't need you to entertain them with stories about how you did band camp in tenth grade, ect.

With that being said, a few things that seem universal:

-keep makeup tasteful/minimal; natural eyebrows, no hair extensions or fake nails, no obviously lip fillers

-reading any kind of serious literature (not YA, Fantasy/Scifi, Dan Brown or Harry Potter) goes a long, long way.

-Holding out with sex with the hopes of being seen as "classy" doesn't work here from my experience, the guy just gets bored and gives up. This is probably different in other cities.

- Have your own opinions, just don't use those opinions to be bitchy or judgmental. The number one complaint I here from smart/successful guys here is that they don't want to date boring women who they can't have ANY kind of conversation with.

-Never ever talk about girl shit like your korean skincare regiment.

A special note on male models: they really, really suck. they have nothing to offer but their looks and they know it, so they mostly stick to their own kind (other models/fashion people) where they won't be judged. When they phase out of modeling at late 20s, they're fucked because they generally have no assets because unlike female models even successful male models don't make that much money. I think they are great targets during their phase one point if you are obsessed with looks, are a careerist with a good job and don't mind being the breadwinner.

No. 104793

this sounds more like bait tbh. men and people in general are not shitty rpg characters.

No. 104802

started out shitty, but it's an interesting thread. Even though all the advice is basically "become Kate Middleton" kek. In my country it's enough to either be a plastic bimbo or a long-legged model. But I've known rich guys paired up with average "unkempt" women, too. Usually it's like a friend from childhood or a girl they've met at uni. Those perfect intelligent opinionated well-read women you guys describe? Not in my experience, no. Never seen such a couple lol. But maybe it's cultural difference.

No. 104809

How to find and seduce ugly, dumb, poor boys? Not too ugly, maybe ugly-cute and very small.

No. 104810

Try anime cons?

No. 104815

How do you get a model tier looking guy, while being an average girl? Care zero about the money or intelligence part.

No. 104816

Be a sugar mama or lick out and find a nice model.

No. 104817

>luck out
Licking out is his job, sorry.

No. 104850


I mean yeah there are men who are wealthy, successful, good looking and have a great personalities, just like there is a 20 year trad swedish virgin somewhere out there for every 40+ dude that posts on theredpill.

No. 109480

This thread is kind of retarded but wouldn't an obvious strategy be moving to areas where there's a surplus of men who are therefore more willing to lower their standards? Seattle comes to mind.

No. 110620

Good luck, even in China where millions of men are single and seeking a wife have a list of standards (be young, slim, pale, etc)

They're begging choosers really
Try moving to an area where you for beauty standards, if you're fat go to the South because literally all fat girls there have men oggling them

No. 110636

That's just because the male surplus in China is basically a myth: https://twitter.com/jburnmurdoch/status/852405553653465090

No. 110642

My point still stands, men are begging choosers when it comes to dating, millions of men could be single but all begging for specific women whole refusing to put in effort (t.incels)

Even rich Chad's don't have as high standards as most average men or incels

No. 110644

I work in therapy specifically with relationships. The types of men that these guys want are completely loyal to them, need you to make your lives about them, move with them if they go somewhere else, have their kids while they see other girls, and they are controlling af
They don’t tend to see their partners as people. They want something molded to their tastes/something they can show off. You also need to not have a messy past, and come off as a pure virgin waifu. Some of the earlier posts are completely on point on how one should dress, socialize and etc because they want to show you off like a show dog. These dudes also tend to be crazy, and will harass you if you’re not exactly the way you want them to be.

It’s a great arrangement if you’re a skinny, beautiful, and extremely submissive girl.

No. 110652

I live in seattle and work downtown near amazon's campus and honestly there are so few single women here, and an absolute surplus of young guys getting paid out the ass for tech work. If you're decently attractive and not a total ham beast you'd probably have luck getting a not totally unfortunate looking guy whose payed quite well.

No. 110654

I want to add this strategy isn't going to get you an uber rich harvard chad. But it will most certainly get you a decent guy who will be able to more than comfortably support you long term. I'm in that sort of relationship one of these guys. I work and get to spend whatever I make on myself. I never get asked to help with bills or rent etc. I'm not being spoiled by him but he pays for that stuff that allows me to spoil myself.

No. 110738


Second this. Nerds make the best husbands. You don’t really want uber rich chad scumbag. There is a great selection of guys who use their time to programming instead of tinder. They are hard to find and first impression might be awkward but it’s worth it.

I consider myself lucky that I find nerdy guys attractive. I’m married to one and couldn’t be happier.

No. 113743

If you are still young enough, going to a high tier university is the best way for sure. Tons of easy socialization and thousands of young men at those types of places who either come from money or are on a career path like medicine that will set them up for money, and with those lifestyles/work ethic usually come decent fitness levels and better than average looks as wealth/intelligence/attractiveness are all positively correlated. Pretty much everyone I know who went to a school like that is now in a long-term relationship in which both people are good looking, successful, mentally sound and stable. Obviously if you're shit/average tier in all aspects of life yourself you will get passed over or dumped for someone objectively better though (e.g. wealth, appearance, accomplishments, intellect, and good personality). Top tier men aren't going to want to settle for some lazy, unkempt/immature-looking, stupid, boring, selfish and rude woman so as other anons have said you also have to make sure you're genuinely the type of person a "perfect rich handsome guy" would want to spend his life with. Going into fields in which you can meet men like that can also work, basically you have to have some way to be on their level and in their social circles as probably few of them will be looking for their dream girl on hookup apps.

No. 114030

>get a job
>implying there's any point in tolerating a scrot if you have your own money


t. middle class. What men say they want and what they actually want are two different things.
A man is most attached to the woman he gives most of his resources to and whose level of commitment he's uncertain of.

This anon gets it kinda.

The key is have your own resources (so you don't have to be too committed) and compartmentalize. Fuck hot poorfags, marry rich and ugly, proceed to cheat with hot poorfags. There is no bloke that's both hot and rich unless he's Jordan Barrett or your definition of "hot" is someone actually average like George Clooney and such. Dating men for personality or intellect is full retard because they're all fundamentally the same.

If you want the best outcome, be pragmatic and screen as many candidates as possible without investing anything. If something's going wrong, or taking too long, waste no time and move on. Only look at them in terms of what they can do for you.

No. 114409

I want all 3. :3
I am OP (yeah i know i said i dumped this bread but i saw it suddenly pretty active and was surprised) after 4 months I lost all my sexuality and realized I'll be nothing more than a fat femcel in its broad definition. When I said I have no trouble getting men I meant:
- One Night stand type of guys
- unloyal beta orbiter types who just lie to me so i can give them attention
- creepy mentally ill men (who will kill me if I leave them - i am not exaggerating)
-abusive men who will cheat etc
-rapist necrophiles probs
-men in wheelchair, limp penis and no arms with no vision to see my mug and he must be deaf to not hear my stupidity
Most of the posts have been bollocks but
If you're not lying about being from a rich family you were spot on. It kinda made me depressed. Honestly deep inside i do wanna be girlfriend material and i do wanna have a rich handsome interesting boyfriend but I guess I'll just never will. I am not poorfag in broad definition, strict definition. And since you all saw how strict my definition for being considered femcel officially is you know i am really poorfag. My facial features are not super ugly I guess, also not very beautiful, but I'm obese and hairy and acne ridden and have some handicaps here and there plus mental/cognitive problems. I say cognitive because honestly I really couldn't sound smart and cultured for my life. I wasn't trolling when I made this thread and funny thing is, I have never truly dated, I only was taken hostage by a stalker who forced me to date him and then there were offers of one night stands i rejected. I know men think I am ungrateful and a whore for rejecting one night stands but I'm sorry I guess.
For now it is me just fapping at pics of fun men while I'm dying as a virgin alone.

No. 114418

> but I'm obese and hairy and acne ridden and have some handicaps here and there plus mental/cognitive problems.

Wait a minute, I don't follow your logic. You asked how to get a rich, smart and handsome man, but all the while you're like that. How would that work, ever? That's some some incel tier shit: "I want a model that also takes care of me financially, and she's also really interesting (read: into anime just like me), but loves me for who I am. I'm a basement dwelling nerd btw… so how do I get one?"

No. 114423

I mean, at least the obesity can be solved. Acne can be treated and hair can be shaved. She should take care of the things she can change instead of whining about it - that's incel tier shit.

No. 114436

No I was asking tips. I am busy losing weight and I lost a lot but that was for myself. I do take care of my hair problems just not my vegene hair and leg hair because i wear long sleeves 24/7. Acne just is too much because I should apply this cream every fucking day from top to bottom, on my entire fucking body every fucking day and I cannot miss a single day or it comes back, and showering does not help and I already do shower.
You're jumping at me with assumptions. Even if I didn't do all of that, I just wondered what I should do in general, hence why I didn't mention I was ugly and autistic, because I wanted to see the points of what you all are assuming is a girl who is normal.

In all honesty I can still wish for it you know? I mean I am fully aware I cannot get a normal guy either but you seemed to miss that, just like you assumed I don't take care of myself as much as I can.
Another assumption. And no acne is too much work lol, I don't even have a lot on my face. Just my chin/jaws and wherever hair grows.
My personality is apparently set according to some sources and I'm weird/shy so I cannot change it, sorry. But I do have the right to ask as I said, knowing I'll die as a virgin, loveless.

No. 114480

just go on a sugar baby site. you'll probably get an ugly/old dude but they have much lower standards (you should still be skinny/wear makeup and do your hair though) and some of them don't even want to fuck you, they just want younger arm candy to take places.

No. 114482

They arent handsome chads though.

No. 115626

I'm covered in tattoos and 24, is finding a rich chad bf off the table for me? not the end of the world bc i have my own career and im only attracted to alt guys anyway, im just wondering if it's even an option for me. Chads never seem look me over

No. 115651

No. Some guys dig more alternative girls. Are the tattoos trashy or well done?

No. 117649

I realized I hate working, customer service makes me want to kms and I dont have a degree yet. How do I find a rich bf/husband that will support me? Where do I even find one? I live in a dead end druggie town but Im near Boston. I cant afford uni. I dont want a crusty 60 year old that treats me as a hooker from Seeking Arrangement and from reading Tumblr blogs a lot of rich guys are really cheap, executives, doctors etc will try to pay you like $500 a month.

No. 117660

>whose level of commitment he's uncertain of.

so playing hard to get is a viable tactic after all? Don't meme me I genuinely dont know

No. 117662

Something I remember from upthread was to frequent those 'exclusive rich guy clubs' (which in your case would be in Boston.) Be hot.

No. 117665

just hit up the new casino. seems like the best place to hustle a rich guy.

No. 117667


Maybe this is just my experiance with my shitty family, but real rich people don't hang out in casnios. It's most likley someone who wants to look rich, but in reality is mindlessly throwing thier money away in hopes of winning big. You're better off looking in areas of bussiness/ marketing. Please don't find someone who gambles all the time.

No. 117670

rich men do not "hang out" at casinos, lol. it's mainly poor/middleclass and retirees who don't have shit. unless you go to a very nice one on a saturday night or something but then you are probably going to be competing with the woman they brought along lol

>>117667 is completely right.

No. 117675

we don't have any casinos in boston area and this is a really high profile one. there are a lot of celebrities traveling to it. it's not like boston is vegas, guys.

No. 117677

NTA but looking it up, it looks like anon is talking about a luxury resort casino.

No. 117867

Well OP, how much weight did you lose since making this thread half a year ago? Any?

No. 117869

Or pull a "Taylor-R" where, if you're thin, white and conventionally attractive, you move to somewhere in Asia and get yourself a rich guy. She did have to settle for a hideous troll but hey if money's what you're after

No. 117894

This is unironically my dream lol
Nowadays there are so many young and rich asians and even if they're older, they're a lot less likely to get fat like their western counterparts.

No. 117987

Check out School of Affluence on YouTube. It's basically a channel dedicated to teaching women how to get a rich man and enter high society, run by a lady who didn't come from money and is with a banker now.

No. 117990

Jesus that trout pout

No. 117997

I wonder where that chick is from originally? She claims to be Swedish, but her accent is Eastern Euro, not Swedish at all.

No. 117998

Is there something like this but more on the business/career woman side?

No. 122154

Serious answer for anyone interested.

None of the below needs to be done to the absolute perfection. Start with 80/20 and then gradually progress, but do not glaringly lack any of the qualities. Focus on areas that have the best value-for-effort ratio first.

Starting with the simple stuff:

>Be attractive (or rather do not be unnecessarily unattractive)

Get your body in shape. Enough fitness and healthy eating resources out there, even low budget ones. (Personal recommendation: I find general fitness exercise super boring because my brain cannot deal with being idle, so I use a rowing machine and watch Netflix / listen to Audible. I do not continue a series / movie / audio book until I am rowing again. Obviously works best if you find something interesting.)

Get some decent make up skills. Enough infos on this out there, too. You should generally aim for a natural / "no make up" look as a baseline. Serious acne? Dermatologist. If you feel a strong need for plastic surgery due to e.g. absolutely no boobs, disfiguring nose, severe tooth damage: No plastic surgery until you can afford really good ones! Otherwise chance of awful results and being scarred for life, sometimes quite literally.

Fashion style was already discussed in this thread and I simply agree. Research and adapt to your target audience and try to be
stylish but not flashy
womanly but not revealing
fashionable but not gaudy (as previously mentioned, only low key or no logos)

Also: No luxury brand fakes. Be stylish with "cheap" alternatives. Shallow rich stacys will still hate you for it but they will hate you less than trying to pretend you can afford luxury brands.

Yes, nailing fashion is not an easy task.

>Be kind

You copy the posts in this thread you find helpful into a text file and then you leave your time as an imageboard regular behind you. Obviously, do not replace it with similar or slightly less niche nerdy communities like the depths of reddit.

Be nice. Be respectful. Be patient.
No bitching. No slandering. No screaming.

Signs that you are doing something wrong:
Otherwise social animals, e.g. cats, dogs, etc. do not like or even worse fear you
You struggle to be consistently nice to service staff, homeless people, and other people you have power over even if they are having a bad day and might therefore be rude (Obviously has its limits, but staying calm is still smart.)
You do not look for opportunities to give back (charity, mentoring, and the small things in life: help old people across the road, help a mom struggling with her baby stroller, etc.)

Other things:
Others are better than you, have better genes, richer parents, etc. pp. -> Doesn't matter, you cannot change that and bitching about it does not improve your situation. What can improve your situation is what you can also change, namely yourself. So be a better person and work harder.
Absolutely no blaming others for your mistakes.
No denying failures of your own during group efforts because others are clearly more at fault. Look for what you could have done better to achieve better results in the future.

>Be polite

During conversations with people more important than you:
Be attentive.
Let them talk. People love to talk and you cannot make any mistakes as long as they talk and you are attentive.
No interrupting other people. If you have to, you apologize first.
There are stupid questions. Do not ask stupid questions. (Bonus points for smart questions though.) [During written correspondence: Answer is on the first page of Google results => definitely a stupid question.]
Generally avoid challenging anybody and / or implying their taste or opinion is wrong. (Might be appropriate based on conversation, you be the judge.)

Whenever you attend an event that is unfamiliar to you, google etiquette / manners for it (and judge what sounds realistic and what is made up).
Avoid potentially messy foods for which you lack experience in eating it without a mess such as lobster and oysters. Also true for gourmet (or non-gourmet) versions of less fancy foods such as hamburgers and spaghetti.
If you are a poorfag (even if you only used to be a poorfag) => Nobody cares. Do not mention it unless it comes up naturally or someone else mentions to you that they were also poorfag.
Never be the most wasted person around. Or the second most wasted person. Try to stay around the average drunkenness of the group.
Especially if you want to have a career of your own: Stay away from illegal drugs. a) Possibility to do really stupid things and to become addicted, b) mandatory drug tests by employers are common in certain jurisdictions / regulated professions (lawyers and lots of finance positions are regulated professions in many countries).

>Be interesting

Possibility 1: Have a non-business career passion that you follow 100% from this day on, e.g. arts, medicine, public service leadership position
Possibility 2: Classy hobbies which are not too expensive: Tennis, running, arts (college classes, student clubs, art galleries, museums), charity work, cooking / baking (the latter may be perceived as very romantic, charmingly poorfag, or just too poorfag)

Books for self-improvement to get you started:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Principles by Ray Dalio
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything by Chris Hadfield

Read books so you can hold a conversation:

General knowledge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulitzer_Prize_for_General_Nonfiction (Reduced priority for US-centric books if you are not in the US. Personal recommendation: Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond)

YouTube channels because you cannot kill the nerd in you:
Thoughts of more or less famous people:
Talks at GS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbyrCC07X_Y&list=PLIyiGQywEp655v2qh-3mxm2AT12EKkr6h
Talks at Google: https://www.youtube.com/user/AtGoogleTalks
Council on Foreign Relations: https://www.youtube.com/user/cfr

Food for thought, youtuber edition:
Rare Earth: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtGG8ucQgEJPeUPhJZ4M4jA
CGP Grey: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2C_jShtL725hvbm1arSV9w
exurb1a: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCimiUgDLbi6P17BdaCZpVbg

If you will never give up video games:
Learn to articulate your feelings about games in a well-thought and eloquent way:
Matthewmatosis: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb_sF2m3-2azOqeNEdMwQPw
Joseph Anderson: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhnYIvIKK_--PiJXCMKxQQ
MrBtongue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI3GAJaOTL1BoipG41OmfyA

Topics to be careful about (cliché but nonetheless true): Sex, money, religion, contemporary politics, nerd stuff. You obviously need to bring them up at some point, but none of these are particularly great conversation starters unless they come up naturally or fit the environment, e.g. a political fund raiser.

>Be educated / be around affluent people

Your new #1 habit is: You come across something that you have not heard before, you google it, especially if it is relevant to your (potential) partner and / or preferred career.

Attending a tier 1 (T1) university is the easiest way to achieve both, get educated and be around affluent people
Not yet in university? Good grades? Great. If not, can you still fix your high school grades / entry test scores? That is your new number one goal then.
Become an interesting person, learn to channel this into great essays, apply to T1 schools.
No money? Scholarships. Also, many top schools are need blind, i.e. you get accepted first, financing later, with some very generous financing packages from the school; some even for international students, e.g. Harvard & MIT. Need more money? T1 school is easily the best reason to take on a reasonable amount of debt ever.
Already in college / university but not T1? Look into transferring to a T1 school if you have the grades.

Already finished college / university? T1 graduate school for professional skills might be worth looking into: MBA, MFin, MPP/MPA, JD, MD, etc. You might need to get something interesting on your CV first, though. (Pro tip: Charity leadership position in a non-developed nation.)
Basically the same benefits as T1 undergraduate, but usually no financing aid from the school, so scholarships and debt need to cover the costs.

Too late for college / university? Become an interesting person and as mentioned by others, go where affluent people gather in your city. Might be hard and expensive to get in, so might need to be creative. (Don't break laws, obviously!)

>What kind of rich guy do you want to marry? (Cynical part first.)

>Trust fund chad

Forget it. Trust fund chads marry trust fund stacys and are then awful to each other and everybody too close to them.
On the off-chance that you find the rare affluent, nice, handsome trust fund kid that likes and loves you, he will acclimate you to the "rich world", but you need to make sure you are attractive, interesting, and kind yourself. The business stuff below might still be useful. (Nearly everybody who has money, has something to do with business, so you need to be able to understand them. Do not be wise ass because you read some books though.)

>Artist, actor, musician, pro athlete, etc.

Due to their often meteoric rise, hard to predict who will make it. High chance to be taken, arsehole / chad or risky in terms of actually making it

>Startup founder, tech engineer, management consultant, banker, lawyer, asset manager (from upper middle class / upper class family / old money)

Should at least be in pipeline for T1 firm, i.e. summer / off-cycle internship or full-time (offer), (or be funded by T1 VC in case of start-up).

Business stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_Times_and_McKinsey_Business_Book_of_the_Year_Award (Personal recommendation: Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson)

Stay up to date on global events: (Nearly everybody who has money is either involved in politics or disproportionately affected by them, so if they bring up something newsworthy, you should generally know what is going on.)

The general idea for the below is definitely not that you read absolutely everything, but that you are informed. Also, shift focus as you see fit.

General News: (Some of them free / reduced subscription with university email.)
Reuters (free)
The best newspaper in your country for national coverage (e.g. Washington Post, New York Times)
Business News:
Reuters (again, free)
Bloomberg (cheap) [If you intend to anything related to finance: Subscribe to the Money Stuff newsletter from Matt Levine (free)]
Financial Times (expensive)
Wall Street Journal (expensive)
Tech News: (If you are into tech.)
TechCrunch (partially free)

Global politics: (The higher up you move, the less national coverage and the more international politics becomes relevant. At some point, Reuters / BB / FT / WSJ will suffice for national coverage.)
Foreign Policy magazine (cheap)
Foreign Affairs magazine (cheap)

Further reading:
Aeon (free, mixed quality)
The Economist (not cheap, not expensive)
The Atlantic (not cheap, not expensive)

>Career of your own (in business) [Also, the less cynical part]

All of the above but also:
You get to make money, potentially a lot of money.
If at T1 firm, you have the same environment as T1 university.
Additional time to gauge how ambitious potential partners really are.
The gap between you and your dream partner naturally becomes smaller as you make money and are around powerful and wealthy people.

Resources for business careers:
Startup: Local and university startup scene / meetings
Tech: Learn to code, e.g. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-python/ Code more. Don't stop coding. Find open source projects that interest you. Learn. Contribute. Code more!
Lawyers: Too dependent on country
Management consultant: https://managementconsulted.com/articles/
Finance: https://www.mergersandinquisitions.com/recent-posts/

>Be responsive

If you want something from people and they entertain your request, you answer within 24 hours. No exceptions.
If you ask people for advice, you adhere to it whenever you interact with them in the future even if you do not agree with that advice. No need to adhere to it if they are not around.

Source: 4chan ultra-poorfag > being poor sucks > HYP > T1 BB > T1 PE > richfag surrounded by ultra-richfags

If you either make it into a T1 university, law firm, management consultancy, bank, or PE/HF and want further advice, post here once you can prove your position with an institutional email. (Don't post your email obviously.) I will check this thread annually around June / August for a few years, so during summer internships and shortly before college starts and will think of a way to confidentially exchange email addresses if the need should arise.

Last but not least: If you are about to break mentally from the pressure and stress, abort and get professional help if needed.

No. 122184


I just realized that I got some subscription price levels very wrong because I was working from memory and some were on student level, introductory offers, or special prices only offered to customers of other services from the same company. Therefore updated below.

Furthermore, I came to the conclusion that news should really be in general reading. A lot of these offer free articles per month (+Google and incognito mode sometimes helps), so use those if you do not have the surplus funds.

General news: (Some of them free / reduced subscription with university email.)
Reuters (free)
The best newspaper in your country for national coverage (e.g. Washington Post, New York Times)

Business news:
Reuters (again, free)
Bloomberg (expensive) [If you intend to do anything related to finance: Subscribe to the Money Stuff newsletter from Matt Levine (free)]
Financial Times (expensive)
Wall Street Journal (expensive)

Tech news: (If you are into tech.)
TechCrunch (partially free)

Global politics: (The higher up you move, the less national coverage and the more international politics becomes relevant. At some point, Reuters / BB / FT / WSJ will suffice for national coverage.)
Foreign Policy magazine (not cheap, not expensive, cheap during sales)
Foreign Affairs magazine (cheap)

Further reading:
Aeon (free, mixed quality)
The Economist (expensive)
The Atlantic (cheap)

No. 122283

ok but how to get a rich asian man like Taylor r did lol

No. 122306


Everything ITT, plus be in Asia.

No. 122411

Taylor r legitimately doesn't have any brains (Remember world war three? me neither) So I don't think it's the same

No. 122416

or class

No. 122419

become lucky

No. 122441

Are guys like this actually good at sex or is it just like a mixed bag like most guys?

No. 123921

>Otherwise social animals, e.g. cats, dogs, etc. do not like or even worse fear you
Uh? This is extremely random, and what are you even supposed to do about it? You should be kind to animals but if they don't like you, don't force it.

>You do not look for opportunities to give back (charity, mentoring, and the small things in life: help old people across the road, help a mom struggling with her baby stroller, etc.)

This sounds like a "just be nice" meme. If you want to do good deeds, by all means knock yourself out, but they're not a necessity for coming into money. A pleasant facade is necessary, sure, but compare the return on investment for these good acts. Charity and related philanthropy networking can be good because you can work your way into high, or at least higher, society, but it depends on the cause you choose. A lot of moneyed people like to pursue philanthropy as a hobby. Small acts may be helpful for you if powerful or otherwise worthwhile people are watching, but "helping old people cross the road" or baby stroller stuff will not realistically yield a good return in day-to-day. You can spend years doing good in a community, but unless you calculate what's actually worthwhile, the best you'll get is "thank you" with a smile. Nice but it doesn't pay rent.

No. 126361

Do you want to be a trophy wife someday?

No. 126515

File: 1572672120415.png (1.05 MB, 7100x4999, procrastination.png)

this, the entire way the post is worded just makes it sound like some socially inept robot.

Like if you're going to post on a girl board then at least make it sound believable, lol.

"I want to date a rich handsome guy, how do I climb up the league?" lmao

No. 126516

This is the same robot/group of robots samefagging the thread, you can tell by the brief, confrontational tone and vague schemas with lack of details.

No. 126948


Be sure to look in China, Hong Kong, or Singapore for this instead of weeb places like Japan or Korea. There are loads more rich men and they're more likely to marry Westerners.

No. 128395

I own my own business, am fit and take care of myself. I'd love to meet a similar guy, doesn't have to be rich, just someone that is a bit more independent and took a different path than the typical university wage slave. However I don't meet any where I live.

No. 128433

Join a lacrosse club

No. 128663


Why would a guy with a business look for women with the same wealth when he's swarmed by stacies from all age groups and ultimately doesn't care about money?

No. 128805


The real answer is here

No. 129716


She is Russian 100%. I think she came from Sweden > England but clearly grew up in Russia.

Her blinding white shark smile scares me so much. Did the dentist actually put in her veneers… crooked?

No. 129753

Literally all I want is to date a rich older man. He could be like 50 and I wouldn't care as long as he's hot. I'm sick and tired of being a broke loser and I feel like shit watching rich peoples lifestyles. You're not supposed to say it as a women but want to be rich and glamouros. The only thing going against me is that I don't have sugar baby looks at all. I'm fat and gross looking so all I can do is live vicariously through watching reality tv about rich women.

Any non-comventionally attractive sugar babies here?

No. 129789

Do you know what you're doing when you're watching rich people on reality tv? You're spending your most valuable rescources, namely your time and energy, on someone else's success. On top of that you're harming your mental wellbeing and breaking down your sense of self-worth.

So turn off the tv, get your fat ass off the couch and start spending that time and energy on your own succes and wellbeing. Being fat, "gross looking" and even broke doesn't have to be a permanent state of being: it's only if you let it be.

No. 129799

Are you saying this for the anon's good or to feel superior? Whenever I see people here giving advice I get the vibe they have bad intentions.

No. 129804

I legitimately fail to see how there could be any bad intentions behind advice that, if followed up, will improve anon's wellbeing. Or do you believe that telling someone to stop watching shitty reality tv because it isn't beneficial for you and telling them that they don't have to keep being what they dislike about themselves, could somehow have negative consequences? Because if there are, I sure couldn't think of them.

If I had wanted to feel superior and had bad intentions I would've told her "Lazy fucks like you will never be capable of change, you'll always remain an unhappy fat pig", no?

short answer to your question: no, I did not have bad intentions.

No. 129819

not that anon, I read your post earlier and thought it was really kind and helpful. Imagine being so jaded you read kind advice as ill-intended somehow. There are assholes on here of course, but that was all excellent advice imo.

No. 135491

Whoever told you that being a female entrepreuneur was attractive lied to you. Maybe go for a guy that works as a freelancer?

No. 135604

I just want to find a hot guy who's kind and hard working. He doesn't necessarily have to be rich.

I can't find hot people in real life, they're either taken or hidden somewhere lol. Dating apps are a mess, the Chads on there just want one night stands.

No. 135606

>Whoever told you that being a female entrepreuneur was attractive lied to you. Maybe go for a guy that works as a freelancer?
I'm not doing it to get men lol. Am I supposed to go back to being a wage slave just so a man finds me attractive? I hate men that think women should be below them career wise.

No. 135630

due to extreme adhd, i've resigned to the fact that i'll have to eventually work for myself. any tips on working for yourself? i'm engaged but fortunately he's supportive.

No. 135775

I started out as a web developer then moved on to UI design, all self taught. I found a remote job at first, but now I freelance because of the freedom it gives you.

My advice is find out what you most like doing out of the possible remote jobs: web dev, design, writing, video editing, or any other skills you can do remote. Then take an online course from Udemy or wherever. Make a few "fake" portfolio projects, set up a portfolio. Get started on Upwork (despite what people say, if you play it right Upwork is brilliant). Apply for jobs with a lower rate and then raise it.

Eventually you can set up your own agency separate from any platforms.

No. 135781

You're still going to be a gross fat loser even if you get a rich man. Everyone will know you're rich only because you secured his favor and you will never get the respect you think you deserve.

No. 135783

Gym membership makes her a gross skinny loser

No. 135813

Whatever. A loser is still a loser. She's no better than the loser men who want muh mommy gf. Obviously, any valuable man/woman/person will smell the loserness from a mile away. She will be looked down on by nearly everyone on his social circle, if she even makes it there.

"Feel like shit" watching rich people's lifestyles? Lol. Imagine actually being there pretending to be one of them and getting disrespected every turn. At the favor of a man which can be rescinded at a moment's notice.

No. 135814

Thanks anon!

No. 135837

you'll be miserable. my ex's family was full of trophy wives/sugar babies. i didn't even have a good relationship with these people and they'd call me crying, telling me how miserable they were around these men, how horribly they treat them, how worthless they feel, how they wish they just had normal lives. rich men are very abusive. my ex's mom killed herself because of the pressure, misery and emotional abuse. ultimately, even though they wanted to leave, these women still chose the materialism and mansions over their sanity. you don't want to be like them, around coked up abusive men all of the time, being humiliated all of the time in front of their business partners because you're a glorified prop. just horrible.

No. 135853

This so much. And those women subjected themselves to this willingly. They could have left at any time but they simply wanted the comfort of unearned riches and the illusion of status. They got into this thinking they'd be queens but became glorified pets instead. Very dehumanizing

These men aren't stupid. They know you're gold diggers. They will put you through this because they know you have little leverage over them. Why would they give a shit? Almost every one in this thread would jump at the chance to replace a "bad" trophy woman from the looks of it. That's if they don't already have several babies at their beck and call

No. 135894

> I feel like shit watching rich peoples lifestyles
>I'm fat
>all I can do is live vicariously through watching reality tv about rich women

No. 137474

for years now i've been working the late night shift at an upper middle class cornerstore and there's been this one super hot guy who only shows up rly late at night to buy some goods. i've never seen any1 like him. he's definitely an ultra rare (pls excuse the autism) exotic chad with the perfect face/body etc. it's been years now and i still haven't worked up the courage to manage anything more than a 'hello' or 'goodbye'. furthermore one time, he bought rubbing alcohol so i used it as an excuse to check his id. i now know his full name, looked him up and couldnt find any social media to stalk. so can some1 also explain why a guy as attractive as him doesnt have any social media? and how can i even approach him!?!

No. 137864

>so can some1 also explain why a guy as attractive as him doesnt have any social media?
god, I love it when men don't have social media.

No. 137892

some people have their social media under fake or slightly altered names for privacy reasons.

No. 143518

Just be hot. Also $500 is a lot for me.

No. 150406

"Chads" will fuck anything with a pulse and they suck at long-term relationships. You don't have to be a 10 to fuck a Chad, and even 10s can't keep one.

No. 263150

I’m convinced a man posted this.

No. 277618

Yet some interesting conversation. Or at least one: >>122154

No. 277626

This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Women settle for low value scrotes all the time. Pretty much all the women I know are out of their husbands league. There is a reason "fat funny husband and gorgeous wife" is such a trope in tv shows. Women will settle for men who are funny/treat them well even if they are short, fat or bald. It's men who are shallow.

No. 277633

This. Although I believe almost all moids will fuck anything with a pulse unless they're autistic in the way that they prefer masturbation if they can't get the manic pixie dream girl of their dreams (which does not exist).

No. 361297

This thread was a ride. I wonder what became of the OP and other posters?

No. 361299

Oh great you necro'ed the ultimate bait and infight thread for no reason, thanks for your contribution to the atmosphere on this board.

No. 361441

I suppose it didn't occur to you that scrolling by was an option? Not sure what you get out of being combative online but more power to you ig.

No. 361473

tickles your prostate

No. 361476

If one should've scrolled past it should've been you. Necroing a thread without contribution isn't allowed dumbass.

No. 361487

>putting scare quotes around incels
incel spotted

No. 361499

>you will never be a man
good. how is this an insult? why would i want to be a smelly rape ape? lol

No. 361504

Lol mods ban this assblasted moid

No. 361517

incel has nothing to do with whatever retarded ideas you come up with. it just means: involuntarily celibate
>the truth about women
keep your cuckold fantasies to yourself

No. 361519

tbh how is this different than the stacy thread

No. 361893

Yet there you were contributing nothing. Gfy and get a job if you're that miserable.

No. 363417

File: 1701980553656.jpg (257.03 KB, 800x600, dYnY1wQ.jpg)

The easiest way to get a rich man is to target weird ugly incels in med school or elite universities. Ugly guys will worship the ground you walk on if you give them even the slightest bit of attention, particularly if you are pretty.

>Bug I don't want to have sex with an uggo!!!

These guys are often so beta they will wear whatever you ask them to. Just take him on gym dates and teach him how to groom himself and there you go, now your guy isn't ugly anymore. But keep in mind that keeping him ugly has the advantage of keeping other women away.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 363418

I'd rather just become a weird incel in med school myself. Grow a spine.

No. 363419

File: 1701980963923.gif (1.68 MB, 520x293, Tumblr_l_12430617440203.gif)

No. 363420

moidpilling anons here into having a fixer-upper is so embarrassing

No. 363421

File: 1701981249771.jpeg (165.91 KB, 1486x961, download.jpeg)

>grow a spine
I'm saying you should date spineless guys with money, lol. It gets you all the benefits of having a rich boyfriend without having to deal with this shit:


Beta guys don't have enough confidence to push their wives around. Picture related, a nerd marriage.

No. 363427

You become a prostitute for ugly fat retards and I fuck hot Supermodels and make my own money. What a deal!

No. 363429

Kek why do I feel like these posts were made by an incel moid? Everyone knows that if you give the uggo beta male any attention, he'll immediately get an unwarranted ego boost and think that automatically deserves better, cuz he totally got the girl cuz he's actually a Chad, and absolutely not because the girl is pity-fucking him.

No. 363430

By the way, rich men only marry other rich women. And marrying pre-wealth men just means he'll dump you for a younger whore when he has the money. Low IQ is unattractive and sadly for you there's no fix.

No. 363432

>No I am not a troll. I am 100% serious. I am tired of dating ugly shitty guys, and I want to date a perfect rich handsome guy. In this thread we discuss how to achieve said thingy. Whether it is improving yourself to climb up the league, or simply going to certain events/places. How does one acquire a rich handsome man?

I'm not even interested but ugly guys who drool over women clearly aren't what this thread was made for, you sound like someone who is desperate for a woman yourself

No. 363450

If someone has to even ask how to marry a rich guy, it's safe to say they likely won't. But for the thread's sake, here is some common sense advice:

1) If you're not in their location, be it that you live or hang around their neighbourhood, visit the same spots they do, work/attend school in the same places as them, holiday where they do or attend the events they do, you're not going to even have the chance to "show your personality".

2) How they spend their time throughout each day will tell you where to meet them. It will also tell you what they care about or are interested in. Your second biggest barrier will be commonalities. If you can't relate to their upbringing and experiences, speak their language and understand their jargon or speak intelligibly about subjects they care about, you won't connect with each other emotionally nor will you have opportunities to spend time with and bond together.

3) Your third biggest barrier will be his family, social circle and culture. If he depends on his family in any way or is particularly close with them, if they hate you, you're out. Likewise with the other two. You have to know how to integrate yourself into his social sphere, otherwise you'll stand out like a sore thumb and the constant critics up in his ear will turn him against you.

4) There are moids in every financial bracket, but if you're going to compromise your standards for the hope that you'll have access to your partner's funds simply off of the basis that they have a lot of it, you'll find yourself sorely mistaken and taken advantaged of. Rich people in general are stingy unless they hold "traditional values" in high regard. The downside, however, is that they'll also value traditional gender roles as well, and much of the thinking that comes along with it. His money doesn't suddenly become your money no matter how much of it he has.

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