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File: 1545074506968.jpg (210.17 KB, 673x1024, 1495803099649.jpg)

No. 103439

Old thread seems to have reached it's limit.

>Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.

No. 103440

I've been trying to style my hair into big loose curls with foam rollers (because I don't wanna use heat on my hair) but they're such a pain in the ass to sleep with, I always end up removing them during the night. Has anyone had success with foam rollers?

No. 103441

Does anyone know an affordable dupe for Olaplex? I bleached all the black dye out of my (natural dishwater blonde) hair and I'm now growing it out in my natural color and the ends are frieddddddddd. Coconut oil weekly helps but after my next trim I want something better to help with my puffy split ends!

No. 103443

File: 1545075112811.jpg (168 KB, 1136x1136, e8e9f5534ebf715e470026dfbf512d…)

So… I'm wondering if clarifying shampoo and crushed up vitamin C tablets would actually make permanent hair dye fade? Is it damaging?

I want to go lighter but don't want to go straight to bleaching.

Have you tried using a bandana or similar? That's sort of the only thing that comes to mind

No. 103444

File: 1545075764834.jpg (Spoiler Image,1022.58 KB, 1512x3052, PicsArt_12-17-01.39.24.jpg)

I also have a question about lightening. This is my current color. I dyed it very dark brown in June and haven't touched it up since. My natural color is an ash dark blonde. Would bleaching it right now get it to a light blonde in one go? I want an ombre/balayage/whatever where my roots are left alone so it can grow out healthier.

No. 103453

Yeah I think so, your hair is pretty light.

No. 103456

Not those dark spots, it's going to come out patchy even if you used a 40-50.

No. 103464

File: 1545087264389.jpeg (570.76 KB, 1125x1155, 438550C0-33FE-464A-B0FA-7FE2F5…)

Buy this, it should remove everything

No. 103465

I planned on going to a salon, so idk how they're going to deal with the patchiness. That's one of the things I was pretty worried about.

No. 103468

They can't unless you're in LA or NY or something and can afford an appointment with a renowned hair stylist. If it's just your local joe shmoe "fancy" salon, it's going to come out patchy until you can get it lightened completely and dyed with a light colour to make it even.

No. 103470

Has anyone had good results with olaplex? I haven't had natural hair for a good 10 years and my hair is getting pretty sad. $30 is pretty steep for something that seems too good to be true.

No. 103471

Yeah, I'm not near any major city like that. Shit. So, if I use the color remover like >>103464 mentioned before I go, would that help it come out more evenly?

No. 103475

I bleached my hair and a couple months later started having insane breakage. Now I’ve just got all these short frizzy hairs at the top of my head. I’m so depressed about it. If I could pull off a pixie cut I would start from fresh but I can’t.

Any tips for growing out damaged hair? Right now I’m sticking to 1 trim a month. Cut everything to my shoulders.

No. 103476

I've had bad breakage for a while now, even though I stopped bleaching and colouring my hair to try to prevent it. I don't have tips for growing it out (except wait? lol). But my hairdresser taught me a trick for the short frizzies. Spray a teasing comb with hairspray and lightly brush your roots down. Also, try not to wear hats if you can avoid it, especially wooly ones, because that will create static and make the hairs stand up.

No. 103514


When I destroyed my hair from bleaching and cutting wasn't an option, I focused on trying to create optimum conditions for it to grow out which worked:

1. If your hair is bad enough for it to be breaking off, it's probably hellfire dry so don't wash it for at a week. It made my hair look way better as it allowed my hair oils to get to the ends of my hair by brushing it from root to end daily. Also in general, don't wash it too much. Cornstarch is your best friend if the roots are too oily.

2. This Moroccan oil double pack was great: https://m.feelunique.com/p/Moroccanoil-Hair-and-Body-Duo-Special-Edition?url=Moroccanoil-Hair-and-Body-Duo-Special-Edition&slang=EN&gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=CjwKCAiA0uLgBRABEiwAecFnk4eub7QaHgwLu2t72SQIZsZzj_gwhIARNfkmW2OP_xID_aXzXq0QxBoCt3sQAvD_BwE

I've just included the first link I saw but it's cheapest at salon supply stores.

3. Deep treatments improve the look of the hair. L'oreal professionel absolut repair lipidum is a really good product but it is a tad pricey.

3. (a) I saw this hack on YouTube where you put your straightener on low heat, wrap aluminium foil around it and "straighten" your hair with a treatment mask on it and it had a visible effect on my ends especially. (Here's a video: https://youtu.be/TthHf4zIJWU)

4. As soon as your hair grows even if that shit is like 0.000000001cm CUT IT OFF otherwise the breakage will continue up the length of the hair.

No. 103526

I've heard that protein packs are almost the same thing as Olaplex. I've used the Palmer's brand before and it worked really well on my hair.

No. 103533

Farmers I need a lot of help with my hair. I’m so lost with what to do with it and it’s so ugly and unflattering. Any help is greatly appreciated.

It’s all one layer now essentially and I know I need some sort of cut to make it look decent instead of flat and limp. Any cut suggestions? I kind of want to grow it out but I’m not sure what long style to have since I feel like it always makes my hair limp.

It’s a few inches below my shoulders and a mix of black and brown. I meant to dye it a dark brown but it ended up black ugh. I’m trying to wash out the black with a head and shoulders shampoo I use everyday. I also condition every day (mostly the mid park and the ends).

I have eye length straight bangs and they are just so lifeless! I have super straight hair so they just kind of hang there. I need bangs though because I have an 8 head sadly. Is there any way to style them and give them some volume without calling too much attention to my big nose?

Last question , anyone else have flat, limp, super straight hair styling tips? I’ve noticed it looks nice wavy but I have 0 idea how to wave. I’ve tried to use a straightener to make waves but they look super crimped, and have never managed to use a curler. Should I just try harder to learn one of these hair stylers or is there an easy waver?

No. 103561

I am currently growing my hair out. Any tips for taking care of long hair and any idea of hairstyles I could use at work (Hair needs to be out of my face for health and safety reasons)

No. 103576

Sorry I can't really help you with texture, I have the opposite problem(won't lay flat how I want it to, a bit too thick).Perhaps switching away from sulfates and silicone-enhanced conditioners would help. The cones in most conditioners are probably really weighing down your hair. I would recommend nixing that.
BUT one good way to get waves is to braid your hair when it is a little damp(not wet, too damaging). I have also had success with making rag curls and then combing through them, it looks fancier to me. But YMMV.
For the texture, if I were you I would visit a salon or even just a mid range place if youre on a budget.
Personally, I didn't believe the stylist a month ago when she said she could getmy hair to settle down. She did, because that's what pros are paid to do.

No. 103592

File: 1545270323643.jpg (50.18 KB, 459x610, 06b702823c1454886888ece3c30b01…)


Every single damn natural color i've tried isn't as flattering as unnatural colors
I have pale neutral grey ish skin and very very dark brown eyes and havent be able to find a natural looking match since ive ditched unnatural hair colors, my natural ashy black makes me look diseased so do blondes a redhead copper looked the best but but i couldn't make it look natural with my bushy black brows

Ive stopped dying my hair since finishing school to ~blend in~ more since i was probably going to have to look for a job or something but i just feel less-attractive than what i could be and looking at old pictures makes me miss the old look and how good it made me look in general

No. 103595

I'd also recommend the generic advice of doing protein treatments and avoiding shampoos/conditioners with sulfates. Regular masks are designed to add in moisture, but super damaged hair from bleach is porous and needs structure. Don't do the protein on your non damaged hair though, it'll make your healthy hair dependent on the treatments. I gave up and dyed my hair as closely to my natural color as I could and just had to deal with nasty feeling hair for a long time. It's been about a year and a half and my hair is finally looking good.

No. 103597


Saw you on /fa/ anon !
I have dark brown eyes and is greyish pale as well, so blonde made me look dead without make up as well as black.

If you want to have a natural hair colour, I recommend a chocolate brown, it gave life to my face without makeup but it's boring. (Changing back to unnatural for the exact same reasons)

Have you tried lightening your eyebrows a bit? There are lightening kits for facial hair that I use for my eyebrows. Even if you do it too long, as long as you wear makeup you'll be able to make them a colour that works with your hair.

No. 103619

File: 1545283669590.jpeg (42.24 KB, 535x575, hair.jpeg)

is it possible for someone with super thick straight hair to have hair like this?

even with straightening a blunt cut, i get triangle hair or when i get layers, it gets too voluminous. and no, i'm not getting an undercut.

No. 103627

Japanese hair straightening

No. 103632

This will sound weird, but hypothetically can women pull off the caesar haircut? I've seen some photos of black women who look pretty good but I wonder if it would still work on typical white features. I haven't been able to find good reference photos of this cut on women and it's making me even more curious. I have long and boring hair and it's driving me towards extreme hair thoughts lol but I don't want to give up the growth so I can't take the plunge

No. 103635

Even Caesar couldn't pull off the Caesar haircut, or am I thinking of something completely different
Is be very curious to see some reference

No. 103651

Unless you've got a particularly striking face, I wouldn't go for the full structured Caesar cut, but maybe a softened more feminine version of it. Get it textured on top and have the fringe thinned a bit so if you get sick of it, you can sweep it to the side more easily.

No. 103660

If you want to look like Halsey go for it.

No. 103678

Coconut oil on the ends and after washing.

Use a silk cap or silk pillowcase when sleeping, it helps stop breakage and helps your natural oil to moisturise your hair shaft. I guarantee those frizzes will be smoothed down if you use one.

My damaged hair has grown out and improved so much since doing this.

No. 103686

File: 1545335487013.jpg (21.25 KB, 600x600, UK300051959_COLOR_WOW.jpg)

Get a Brazilian blowout. Lasts ages and your hair goes pin straight with just a hairdryer for months. Or for something cheaper get Colourwow Dream Coat.

No. 103700

File: 1545353790635.jpg (144.67 KB, 848x1200, DsCzIFZWoAAUGqn.jpg:large.jpg)

I've never dyed my hair before. I am really pale due to being hikiko with cool-ish undertones (erring on the side of neutral I guess) and I have dark brown hair. What colors would look good? I am totally new to this sort of thing, sorry for the far-reaching question.

No. 103701

Ah, I should add that I have blue eyes that are sort of grey-ish.

No. 103702

File: 1545354214738.png (114.68 KB, 750x652, Image-9.png)

does anyone know what kind of curling iron can give you this kind of curl?

No. 103703


1 1/2 inch curling wand. Wrap the hair flat against the barrel making sure it doesn’t twist. Finger comb then you’re good to go!

No. 103704

Curl where? It's barely wavey. Fast curl your hair with any sized wand and let it fall out throughout the day or make subtle waves with a straightener.

No. 103707

why are you dying your hair then? no one's gonna see it.

No. 103710

File: 1545360623743.png (206.16 KB, 968x733, 1533515717506.png)

i kekd

No. 103713

File: 1545361272929.jpg (49.67 KB, 607x675, DtWBjB5U4AAlfsR.jpg:large.jpg)

I don't understand. I would bleach it first.

No. 103714

don't waste someone else's money on changing your hair color if no one will see it.

No. 103719

File: 1545363324523.jpg (14.8 KB, 249x238, DZaFx1oVQAAu_zA.jpg:large.jpg)

What is this meme

No. 103729

Maybe don't self-identify as a hikkikomori and people won't tell you to fuck off.

No. 103733

What's wrong with not being able to go outside most of the time, I have hypochrondiasis/agoraphobia : (

No. 103735

File: 1545378251927.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1125x1425, AE900A62-3F49-4DD3-A790-D32BFC…)

Bc we all know you are a tumour retard with no willingness to move forward in life spending someone else’s money on internet so you can brag about being a tumor retard.

Using 4chan memes in lolcow & emojis when is frowned upon on the board, and bragging about being a shut in retard like half the cows displayed here doesn’t make you shpeshul UWU.

1)use the money for a doctor
2)Medicare yourself
3) get your own money instead of being a leach
4) die your hair the spesul OWO colours you want.

No. 103745

Any anons dealing with thinning hair? My hair has a little texture and is curly so I have some illusion of volume but my crown/part is getting kinda sparse. I got a PRP treatment done which sort of helped but it's too expensive to keep up with long term. Any advice? Might just shave my head and wear wigs if it keeps getting worse.

No. 103772

I bet there are "mature-hair" tutorials that are aimed at older people that focus on thinning hair that you could cherry-pick for yourself, since it's a big problem with getting older. Generally, I hear that darker roots makes hair look thicker close to the scalp. Also, have you tried changing the way you part your hair? A deep side-part would put more volume on top of your hair, or if you're already doing that, change the part to the other side. Probably want to see a specialist eventually though.

No. 103793


Ah nice tip on the mature hair vids, I've never thought of that before. Thanks! I might as well go to a specialist soon too, while my hair is still salvageable…

No. 103893

File: 1545574140589.jpeg (208.7 KB, 1140x932, C74480A3-2007-4ABC-9026-CC44DA…)

Yes, Olaplex is definitely the business anon (I assume you’re specifically asking about Step 3). For the best results, ignore the 10 minute suggestion on the back and saturate your dirty hair in it before bed. Then wrap it in plastic and a towel, and shampoo it out in the morning. It’s not a protein treatment so leaving on for an extended period isn’t going to cause harm.

Olaplex is what saved me a few years back when my hair was platinum (and for the subsequent following years when my hair was still super damaged and just covered up with brown dye).

This is my hair during both colors, using Olaplex every now and then, and investing in a high quality shampoo. Olaplex isn’t going to save your hair if your using shit shampoo/conditioner regularly btw.

Protein packs are absolutely NOT a the same. Olaplex helps remind the hair. This is not what protein does. Also, beware of over proteinizing your hair. If you leave it too long and it’s not what your hair needs, the protein will dry out and damage your hair and you’ll get a bunch of breakage.

First off, throw that head and shoulders into the trash. The amount of silicone in that shampoo is probably adding a crazy amount of weight to your (I’m assuming) fine and straight hair. It’ll be really hard to nicely style your hair until you strip the silicone out of your hair.

If you want something harsh to pull out the black dye in your hair, once a week wash your hair with Dawn dish soap and use a good (i.e. non-silicone) hair mask afterwards. The dawn will probably help strip the build up in your hair at the same time so it’s a win-win.

After you’ve switched to a sulfate free (your dyed hair needs the moisture) shampoo and silicone free conditioner, pick up a medium sized round blow dry brush and learn how to do a proper blow out. As long as the round brush isn’t too small, you should be able to use it on your bangs as well to give them a little shape without making them puffy and round. A little volumizing powder rubbed into your roots will go a LONG way to helping your hair appear more voluminous overall. They can be a little expensive, and there’s a slightly tacky/dry feeling on the scalp, but I find that a results override any temporary discomfort.

Sorry for hair sperging btw. I miss working at a salon lol.

No. 103894

Any recommendations for tick dry hair? I use Pantene but it's too greasy and my hair just feels dirty… Idk what to do or what to use, when i straighten my hair it gets so fuzzy and dull looking, also i get dandruff easily because it's so dry… Ugh

No. 103899

File: 1545582701386.jpg (10.54 KB, 187x270, download (1).jpg)

Actually, Jerome Russell does a dupe called JPlex if you're UK. It's decent!

No. 103905

Got any other tips for stripping black dye?

No. 103912

not the same anon, but I use shea moisture products. They have all-natural ingredients and don't contain sulphates or parabens which most normal shampoo's have that dry out your hair. Their conditioner also doesn't contain silicon (which adds a shit ton of weight and feels greasy like previous anon said) I have curly hair and I use the curl & shine range but they have other stuff for non-curly hair

No. 103913

forgot to mention, but I also get quite bad dandruff, it's reduced significantly since using their products but I still get it from time to time. Thinking of trying out their hair mask to see if that helps

No. 103920

My scalp has been flaky for a long ass time. I do not dye or heat style it. I tried dandruff shampoos which dried my skin out and caused more flakiness. I then thought it was fungal bc I was letting my hair air dry. So, I mixed a little tea tree oil in my shampoo and started to dry the roots with a blow dryer, which I thought worked, but alas, my scalp got flaky again a day or so later. I also use coconut oil once or twice per week to moisturize my hair and scalp.

I'm starting to think it's the minerals and whatever else in the water here. We have hard water in my region and I can feel the flakiness of the mineral deposits on my skin and scalp.
Has anyone dealt with this before? I will be buying a hard water filter for my shower head but that may take a few weeks. Please tell me my diagnosis is correct and it gets better anons!

Ty anon(s?) I'm in the USA but am happy to hear there are options!

No. 103923

could it be psoriasis? buy t-gel and a salicylic shampoo and use those interchangeably for a few weeks and see how that works.

No. 103943

The crushed vitamin C tablet thing does actually help too, although if you’ve used a box dye from the store you’re still going to have a tough time. The tablet trick works better with stained semi permanents in my experience.

Definitely stop using the Patene as soon as you’re able. Regardless of your hair type, that stuff is just gonna make your hair heavy and dry feeling from the silicone build up. Do you have a photo of your own hair, or at least someone with similar hair? “Thick” means so many different things to different people it’s hard for me to give you decent advice.

Although I agree with the other anon that replied to you. As some really basic/general advice, Shea Moisture is a pretty decent budget line for thicker hair types.

If you can find it, Giovanni’s 2chic line is another budget friendly option that’s fairly good. I live overseas and found some in a “western hair care” import store. It’s not my first choice, but it’s definitely good enough to tide me over until I can pick up my regular stuff on my next trip home.

No. 103945

File: 1545628332445.jpg (3.18 MB, 1761x2485, 67_d.jpg)

Thank you anons!
The shea moisture is available in my local Walmart, Will buy asap, i hate using Pantene kek but I got lazy searching for a shampoo…

I'll add a picture (my hair is dirty and curled cause i was working out wearing breads). I checked for that 2chic product and it's available in a kinda shifty website for my country so I'll search more, my hair is a total mess and gets split ends all the time,I started using that argain oil from OGX, but doesn't really work..
Thanks again!

Also I'm not the one for giving advice but when i get dandruff i use that vinegar with water trick, it works most of the time

No. 103946

Apple cider vinegar. Three or four times and it got rid of my flaky dry ass scalp.

No. 103947

Apple cider vinegar. Three or four times and it got rid of my flaky dry ass scalp.

No. 103948

My hair was very thin from my birth (think Dakota Rose level of thin) and very limp.
Is there anything I could do to promote heir growth?
By this point only hair transplants would probably help, but I'm too poor for that. I just have a buzzcut so nobody notices how thin my hair is. And I like buzzcuts, but I hope to pull off a pixie one day.

No. 103954

no, those are your genetics.

No. 103962

File: 1545666628336.jpg (76.33 KB, 1000x1000, SBS-140605.jpg)

Curse you, BTZ, for changing the formula of the Spike It Cement!

And I'm stuck with 3 because I bought 2 to get 1 free online. The last time I bought any was when I stocked up a year ago, so no chance of finding the old formula in a store to exchange.

The new formula dries dry, holds poorly, and doesn't add body.

I hate having to trial and error products, even if a lot of stores allow returns because ultimately it's wasteful.

No. 103995

It's probably been asked before but does anyone have issues/solutions for gray hair? I'm 26 and this year alone my gray hair has gotten ridiculous. I feel like a goddamn hag.

No. 104061

If you can't be bothered to keep dyeing all the time try l'oreal root coverup spray in any colour except the dark brown or black, because those transfer, the other lighter browns are fine. It lasts a couple of days and covers well.

I'm going through the same thing. The only way to reverse it is by getting a hair transplant like elon musk. You can derma roll and eat flavonoids for prevention. I've also heard people experiencing reversal of grays through intermittent fasting and keto diet.

No. 104208

File: 1546027488201.jpg (67.78 KB, 564x562, Hidden-Undercut-Glory.jpg)

Anybody have any experience with partial/hidden undercuts like in pic related?

I have medium length, curly/wavy hair that is super dense and thick. I love my natural hair texture but it is so thick and heavy that I have to tie it back 99% of the time so I don't overheat. It sucks because I look way cuter with my hair down but it's just so heavy and makes my neck so sweaty that I inevitably always give up and put it in a ponytail.
I feel like getting an undercut like this would help a lot - my hair wouldn't be so thick, heavy, and unmanageable, it'd be so much easier to wash and dry… plus the hairs there have a weird curl pattern and I wouldn't miss them at all if I were to shave them off. But I'm very anxious and not at all adventurous when it comes to doing anything to my hair so I'm hesitant. Any advice? Should I just bite the bullet?

No. 104209

I had one for years for the same reason and definitely recommend it. Just keep in mind that if you have a layered haircut, you will probably lose your longest layer.

No. 104263

File: 1546063002830.jpg (113.6 KB, 1080x1080, 19761872_1929000110652455_8566…)

I'm having my hair cut short in a few days but I'm clueless, idk what to pick

Can you guys recommend more cute short hairstyles like pic related?

No. 104264

i'm of no help because that is not a cute hairstyle

No. 104270

I got an undercut for the same reason, and it was great…until I decided to grow it out. It looks and feels so dumb rn. Hey, you'll never know until you do it, but I'm just sayin' that it's cool until you're over it. I can tell you that growing it out sucks because it gets poofy while being too short to tie.

No. 104271

This. I also had one for the same reason, but decided to grow it out because I'm pretty sure older me will appreciate not having to deal with that. It took about 4 years to grow out to something that blends nicely with the rest of my hair(lower back length)

No. 104272

Like the other anon said, sorry but that haircut looks awful! Specially the fringe…

No. 104290

i have a nap undercut like in your pic and i love it. it's great for keeping your neck cool in warm weather. like you, i have really thick and plentiful hair, though my hair is wavy and not curly. i got the undercut because i prefer shorter (bob/lob) styles but with thick hair you can end up with triangle head. it also lets you put your hair up without random pieces falling out. also my hair used to get tangled at the nape a lot

No. 104293

File: 1546101678735.jpg (28.01 KB, 405x607, Jenna-Coleman-25oct17-rexfeatu…)

This looks much less retarded

No. 104331

File: 1546132836504.jpg (75.57 KB, 564x846, cda090ee34aaf9c086afd3e4652e31…)

Does anyone know any good shampoos and conditioners that are $15 tops for type 2B/C hair? I've tried Maui Moisture but the coconut oil in the line I got from them broke me out. I'm considering trying the Fruit Fusion line from Shea Moisture. The only thing holding me back is the very mixed reviews.

No. 104335

Kevin Murphy shampoo

No. 104339

I have about the same curl type and I really like the Not Your Mother's Naturals line. I use the one with the pink and yellow bottle but I think they're all basically the same. Plus there's usually a BOGO 50% off coupon at Ulta/Walgreens etc. so you can get the shampoo and conditioner set for only $12 or so!

No. 104844

Every now and then I get this intense urge to shave all of my hair off.
It sucks, because I know I‘d look extremely ugly and growing it out is a huge pain in the ass. But I feel like I want to make this experience at least once in a lifetime.
I got a pixie cut once but regretted it so much that I immediately grew it out again and didn’t get my hair cut after this for years. Even though many people told me it looked so good on me, I didn’t feel comfortable at all.

But anyways… I just want to do it so badly. Closest to it was me giving mysef a sidecut the other night and it felt amazing. But I only like it because I can hide it fairly easily. But man, the thought of shaving it all off…
Does anyone else have this?

No. 104845

Ever since the first time I decided to cut my hair short, I've had this ongoing craving to do it again as soon as my hair has grown out. It's a vicious cycle, if you ask me.

The struggle for me is that while I look better with long hair, short hair (anything from a pixie to a buzzcut) is much more practical and comfortable. When I have long hair it's mostly in a ponytail anyway, and it's very fine and thin which means it gets oily and stringy within a day without proper washing.

Right now my hair has grown to just beneath my shoulders, and I'm having those intense shaving urges at least once a week, kek. I feel you, anon.

No. 104848


I love short hair too, mostly long bobs, but I’ve had to admit to myself that my hair type isn’t suited for anything shorter than shoulder length. I’m the polar opposite with thick, coarse, brown hair, so anything too blunt it tends to overpower my face. I want to cut my hair badly mainly because I want to grow out some of my dead ends, and because I don’t really like the attention long hair gets, even though I like the way it looks now that I’ve been taking care of it and conditioning/toning the blonde in it. I think my whole psychological complex around short hair stems from the fact that I hate how men think long hair is like some sort of sex signal. I love my hair for me, not because I’m in interested in other people or want to be bothered with idiot men.

No. 104849

Fuck, yeah I've wanted to do that sort of thing for years because I think girls with really short or buzzed hair look cool and cute, but I know it would look bad with my features. I also had a pixie once but it just made me look unbalanced, idk. I'm also growing my hair to braid it so I don't look so ethnically ambiguous lol.

What do you think specifically looked bad about super short on you? I don't think a dark buzz or even pixie would be "overpowering."

No. 104853

>When I have long hair it's mostly in a ponytail anyway, and it's very fine and thin which means it gets oily and stringy within a day without proper washing.

This is exactly the same for me.
The thing with short hair though is that it usually (imo at least) only looks good if you style it properly and you have to get it cut regularly or it gets to this this strange in-between length at which it looks terrible no matter what you do.

Funny thing: I‘m quite the opposite about the sex signal stuff.
Back when I cut my hair super short I was seeing a guy I was really into and we‘ve had this weird hot and cold relationship going on for a year (never officially dated or had sex, but we always would get super close and emotional and then not talk to each other for weeks). So after a long period of not talking to each other we finally were getting closer again but then when I got my hair cut he totally rejected me. Like, straight up told me he wasn’t attracted to me anymore because of it. Which is another huge reason why I‘m afraid to do it. I‘ll just think I won’t be attractive anymore. (I know I shouldn’t care.)

I don‘t and didn’t even think it looked genuinely bad. It just didn’t feel… right? Idk.

No. 104854

Are there any anons who actually work in a salon here?

No. 104866

File: 1546645220844.png (9.4 KB, 348x265, hair.png)

i made the mistake of getting my haircut a bit shorter than my shoulders and now i have to deal with my hair swooping to the left. it's like a giant cowlick. i don't know how to exactly describe it so it drew a interpretation of it. i'm not even trying to exaggerate it looks super nice on one side, and the other just flips outward. straightening my hair can only do so much too.

No. 104869

My hair used to do that at that length too, I found the only thing that kept it down was using a round brush and hair dryer to curl the ends inwards

No. 104878

File: 1546650229787.jpg (591.34 KB, 1112x1460, 12.jpg)

Hey anons, so I used to dye my hair black a lot (only the ends though), but recently it started to fade very quickly and I decided to bleach it, which made it orange.
I was going for a lighter brown to match my roots but bleaching dried off the hair, I'm taking care of split ends and all.
Do you guys think it is worth it to try to bleach again and dye or is this orange socially acceptable? I like it but I'm ashamed that the stains make me look like a 10 year old decided to play with bleach.

No. 104880

Use the colour remover kit listed in this thread, do weekly masks of coconut oil + raw egg for 3months minimum and then re dye it or deal with dead hair.
My hair used to look like that when I was 16 so I know how to fix this clusterfuck.

No. 104883

If you have the money for a stylist, I would recommend having them restore your hair to its original color over the course of the next several months. They'll be able to make your hair look presentable and won't destroy it in the process. That's how I went from black back to my original mousy blonde.

No. 104890

I bought umberto gianni or whatever caffeinated shampoo
Tfw I know it won't work but my new years resolution is to continue growing out my hair and I need it to grow faster and this makes me feel proactive at least

Tbh it smells really good and makes my hair soft so whatever

No. 104894

Nothing is gonna make your hair grow faster as it’s genetically determined at what speed your hair grows. You can make it grow healthier, but not faster.

No. 104904

I totally got you. I want to do an undercut and cut it much shorter. I have bleach damage and feel like just cutting it and letting it grow out while investing in one or two human hair wigs.

I think cutting it can be liberating, since it will grow back, after all.

No. 104922

File: 1546686164949.jpg (41.16 KB, 960x648, pik.jpg)

I got split bangs on a whim. I used to have bangs all the way through school but it's been quite a time and I forgot how much trouble they are. It's been a one day and I already regret getting them lol.

Are they too long to be styled like bardot bangs? Should I style them with a hairdryer or an iron flat or some product? As you can see on the pic, they have quite strong growing pattern to the sides. It's hard to get it to stay on my forehead.
Any advice appreciated

No. 104925

I kind have the same problem, comb them when wet onto the center(where you want them) and let them dry by themselves

No. 104934

You need to get a roller set and either let them air dry with the roller in or blow dry them with it in

No. 104958

File: 1546722557787.jpg (63.78 KB, 727x727, 13597574_1938560696370232_1158…)

Hey anons has anyone with super hyper oily hair noticed that your hair got better with bleaching?

My hair is just plain nasty, naturally so, went alot of times to the dermatologist, used expensive pharmacy shampoos, still have to wash it everyday or its impossible.
I tried not washing it as often to see if my scalp would calm down but still nothing.

I bleached it to a 9 to dye it soft pink and voilá, my hair was shiny, fluffy and i didn't have to wash it nearly as much. I guess since it was short my natural oils fixed the bleach damage very quick.

Now my hair is all natural again and planning on going for a platinum blonde this year.

No. 104960

eh, i just blow dry my hair and it fixes it.

No. 104961


Blow drying actually makes mine worse sadly, my dermatologist said to lay out All Styling tools

No. 104962

she's probably going to be more upset over bleaching it.

No. 104990

idk if this is more hair or skincare advice, but I seem to have a lot of dandruff or soap buildup (not sure which) and it is really annoying me. does anyone have something they find helps with this?
Also, for anons with long hair, do you have a routine to get big hair (e.g. 80s big) that isn't too intensive? I want to do it more but I have pretty long hair, don't like spending a ton of time on styling, and the buildup problem.

No. 105011

Do an apple cider vinegar rinse or use a clarifying shampoo

No. 105034

Hi, I'm that anon you replied to. After considering this for a while I finally looked up photos and symptoms of psoriasis to compare with what I'm dealing with. Holy shit I wasn't prepared. Those pics were fucking gross. I don't think that's what's going on with me bc there is no redness or pus(?). Also, I tried T-gel way in the beginning of this issue to no avail. It made my scalp very very dry and itchy. I'm fairly certain the calcium and magnesium in the hard water is the culprit, so I'll report back hopefully with good results whenever I acquire a filter for my showerhead! Ty for your reply

No. 105035

Ooo, I just saw this! I'm the hard water anon, will try this today! Tytyty

No. 105040

I'm >>104331 and I went out and bought the Not Your Mother's naturals shampoo & conditioner. I don't hate it, but I think it dries my hair out. The shampoo and conditioner I was using before (with coconut oil that broke me out) made my hair the softest it's ever been so I'm wondering if my hair is just trying to deal with the change in product?

No. 105126

I have incredibly frizzy Italian hair that I've never known how to tame as well as bangs I don't want to give up, I wondered what was the best way to care for and wash my hair

I.e, is it true conditioning bangs is a terrible idea, and how can I get my hair to look more together?

No. 105131

I have no idea about the bangs, but for the frizz, I know it's kind of a meme at this point but have you considered trying out the curly girl method? You don't have to follow every step to a T, like some people still use sulfates/silicones in their products and are fine. But it's a really good starting point to figure out how to tame hair with any kind of texture (I'm assuming your hair has some kind of curl/wave if it's super frizzy?). There's also a lot of good dirt cheap drugstore products available, at least if you're American. My conditioner is literally 78 cents and it works great, and my hair gel is like $3 for a huge bottle.

I'd definitely recommend not using terrycloth/regular towels to dry your hair, get a microfiber towel or just use an old cotton T shirt, and scrunch your hair to dry instead of rubbing it. One thing that also helped me a lot with my frizz was using a lot of conditioner, like WAY more than you think you'd need. My hair is super dry, though, so YMMV.

No. 105135

I just shaved my head to rid myself of all my incredibly dead hair. (Like bleached + dyed 20+ times)I don't necessarily regret it but are there any supplements that actually work to make hair grow back faster? I'm eager to have a pixie in my natural color. I haven't seen it in years. Would be thankful for advice :^)

No. 105137

Aside from meeting your normal micronutrient needs, supplements won’t make your hair grow faster or any better. Just being healthy is enough.

Kudos for doing the full shave, and enjoy the silky new growth!

No. 105166

i wish i had the courage to do that. i want to shave so bad and start all over, my hair is pretty damaged from a decade of dying but it's pretty long, and i have an ugly head shape and a double chin that i hide with my hair so i think i'd regret it.

No. 105175

yeast is amazing for hair growth. I'm using a mask for scalp, it's a Russian product so there's probably no point in recommending it to you, but really just use any good yeast mask (just google thoroughly if the ingredients are natural, try to find something the most "organic") OR yeast supplements. Girls drink it but honestly it's a pain to make it and the taste is fucking awful, so I'd go for the tablets.

My hair sped up with the growth so much that the hairdresser was so shook she searched for my last visit in her planner, coz she wouldn't believe me so little time had passed since my last visit. I have a lot of sudden baby hairs, too.

No. 105176

>it's a Russian product so there's probably no point in recommending it to you
tell us you selfish weeb

No. 105221

File: 1546976172401.jpg (157.27 KB, 271x256, masksksk.jpg)

lol anon why bully
it's called, idk, maybe Grandma Agafia (yeast mask). Sorry for being a knob if it's like widely avaiable in the US or wherever, I just don't know

No. 105222

Thanks anon! I have never heard of this brand but it seems to be available outside of Russia


No. 105274

Thanks I just ordered it on ebay (just search beer yeast hair mask and you can find it) for 14$! I hope it will works well. How long did it take to see results?

No. 105322

I think a month or two of regular usage. I have very long hair already so I didn't notice the faster growth, just realized at the hairdresser's when she told me (and it was 2 months since my last visit). But the growth of baby hair I've realized earlier by myself.

Some tips, I think the instructions say to use it for the full lenght of hair or something, but most girls use it for scalp only. This way it's more efficient. It's not anything special for hair but great for the scalp.
I use it every time I wash my hair (so around every 2-3 days), I damp my hair and scalp, massage the mask in, make a bun and leave it for like 5-10 mins, then just wash my hair like I normally would. So it doesn't require much effort and time which is great for lazy fucks like myself.

No. 105335

Thank you, anon!

btw does anyone have perhaps some tips for dry hair?
My hair is dry and stringy and I've never even dyed my hair nor do I expose myself to the sun.
My diet is sugarfree and I don't eat junk food. Sunflower oil and coconut oil didn't help.

No. 105343

im kinda skeptical about this since everyone shills siberica as natural~ but i thought agaf is meh
gotta try one day

No. 105355

it could be too much protein. try a clarifying shampoo.

No. 105368

Have had pretty bad symptoms of trichotillomania for over 10 years now, so i'm coming to terms with the fact i probably won't ever have cute natural hair and that regrowth won't happen. Was thinking of shaving my head and turning to wigs again but hesitant about it. Had pretty traumatic experiences wearing wigs/hats to school as a teen and i don't really wanna revisit that.

Is there hope for realistic wigs? Any company name drops? I'm aware of the variety of wigs but i'm not too trusting on the quality i'm finding. I don't care about price, so long as it's really, really realistic (being quoted 1-2k for a custom human hair wig really sucks, but i resigned myself to the high cost.)

No. 105379

Full lace wigs or 360 lace wigs. There’s tons of videos on bleaching the knots,tinting the lace, and customizing them to look more realistic on YouTube. There’s a bunch of companies everywhere you just have to research and look around.

No. 105398

File: 1547080903050.png (145.79 KB, 940x788, 116a3fcb0bbf9e1da6dccbaf4fdbcf…)

I know it's pretty divisive at this point, but has anyone tried following the Curly Girl Method?

My hair is currently a mix of 2b and 2c. It used to be 3a when I was a kid, before I went through an emo phase in my teens and religiously straightened my hair. Lately I've been trying to take better care of my waves by not using sulfates etc, but I find that my hair is either bone-dry or weighed down and oily. I'm considering switching to co-washing in place of shampoo, specifically the "As I Am Coconut Co-Wash".

If anyone has tried it and has product recs, please let me know!

No. 105399

i’ve followed the CGM for two months now and i really like it. what has helped me is joining a CGM group on facebook. as far as products, i’m a cheap ass so all my faves are USA drugstore stuff.
not your mother’s naturals yellow shampoo, conditioner (mix to make a DIY co-wash), and leave in spray
herbal essences totally twisted mousse
LA looks blue gel
black orchid diffuser
shea moisture manuka honey deep conditioner
i’m 2b/c, low porosity, fine

No. 105400

I have the Not Your Mother's shampoo and conditioner in the hot pink bottle and it's a line that's made my hair horribly dry, so I'm wary of their products. I have heard decent things about their Curl Talk line though. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Maui Moisture's Curl Quench shampoo + conditioner made me break out, possibly from the coconut. I haven't tried any other curly-approved lines yet, but I'm also cheap too. I've heard good things about Shea Moisture but I don't know if they've got any cleansing conditioners.

No. 105401

Samefag but do you mind telling me what CGM FB group you're in? I just looked and there's tons, it's a bit intimidating.

No. 105415

it’s called curly girl (method) support group international. it’s the one with 109k members.

i haven’t personally used it bc i’m too cheap to buy a real co-wash but the as i am that was mentioned up thread is the most universally loved curly girl product i’ve ever seen.

No. 105473

all my hair is falling out on the top of my head
i don't know if it's female pattern balding at 26 or if it's telogen effluvium
it'll either grow back or it won't and i don't think i can bear to go to the gp and find out which it's going to be
i'm really sad anons. is anyone else out there dealing with this?

No. 105496

me!! i may have posted this somewhere else but honestly, go to a doctor. hair loss could be due to anemia, thyroid issues, or some vitamin deficiencies. i'm going through it rn and ended up going to a dermatologist and found out its just genetics (kms). in the meantime, checkout the hair loss subreddit as well- there's one or two posts for females.

secondly, you'll find out that it's much more common than you think! we're in this together!

No. 105502

Me, not sure what type it is either. Over the last year my hair's been thinning all over, I know it's not in my head because a few people have commented on it. Recently it has stopped shedding so much which I'm grateful for, but I'm unsure if it'll ever grow back.

No. 105510

File: 1547162748262.jpg (421.3 KB, 1000x666, feelsgrossman.jpg)

i know this is similar to a question that an anon asked previously, but i need some advice specifically for eczema and dry climates. i have eczema that i think has spread to my scalp and the fact i live in a very dry and cold environment means that my scalp is super flaky/scabby/itchy and i even have patches of blood in some areas because i've scratched so hard. i'm thinking of making an appointment with a doctor to get some advice, though last time i went they just gave me a prescription serum that didn't really help that much. anyway, i know that it's super gross, but i'm hoping that maybe one of you has had a similar experience and could give me some advice on how to treat it? i'm thinking of maybe switching to a gentler shampoo or something, but i don't know what would be a good brand.

No. 105511

salicylic acid shampoo and t-gel. also, try to get a Betaderm 0.1% scalp lotion prescription with many refills if you can. go hard on that for a few months.

No. 105512

genuinely, thank you so much for responding. have felt so alone and shite over this. i'm sorry to hear you're both going through it, too. hope you're doing ok and wishing you both a happy and hairy 2019.
thanks for the reddit rec, i'll check it out. will try to pluck up the courage to see the doc too. just scared to have my fears confirmed.

No. 105589

I follow an altered version of it. Basically, I'm not no-poo.

But, the last time I got my hair cut at a salon, I went to one that specialized in curly hair and the stylist told me that I should avoid heavy oils, and I have 3b hair. Maybe for type 2 hair try finding something that's less oil-based.

What is your routine like? All these products shouldn't add hydration to your hair, but keep the moisture inside it. I really like the Love Ur Curls leave in conditioner because you're supposed to use it while your hair is soaking wet and it locks in that moisture. They're a Canadian brand (Toronto) and I think only available through their website https://lusbrands.ca/

I use:
OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Shampoo
OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Conditioner (dye/soft bleach damage)
LUS All-in-One Curly Leave in Conditioner
DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

I put all this shit in whilst my hair is wet, scrunch out the excess water, wrap it up in a microfiber towel to keep it out of the way while I do my morning routine, then let it down and let it air dry. Hasn't failed me yet.

No. 105597


what does your hair look like after you do this? i'm also interested in trying the CGM but i hate the look of like crunchy/ghetto curls

No. 105608

How do I style boy-like hair with putty? In the summer I just let it grow (imagine jbiebs hairstyle but longer) but recently had to cut it short because I fucked up my bangs. Basically I have no idea how to make my hair look "cool". My hair is typically East Asian – thick and straight. Any tips or videos?? Any time I use putty I just make my hair look oily or dumb because I use too much.

No. 105610

File: 1547244949247.png (Spoiler Image,867.25 KB, 877x1256, 2019-01-11 17.15.40.png)

Pic for reference ;-;

No. 105635

I cut my hair this short too, i reccomend investing in a mini straightener to make waves in your hair! it takes like 10 min and looks adorable

No. 105644

Hey anon what do you define as cool? like can you find any pics of what you want it to look like?

No. 105646


late, but yes anon! i was dealing with horrific grease with a grown out ombre. i wanted to grow out my natural hair for so long! then i found myself having to wash it so frequently. it tried 'no poo' but i hated how it looked styled, as my hair is naturally fine and loves to get stringy. i went back to platinum a couple months ago and now it takes about 7-10 days for my hair to get properly greasy like it did. the only downside is spending a bit more on revitalising products because your hair really does struggle being so dry, and most it really sucks every bit of moisture up quite quickly. but yeah, i'm happy i don't have to wash it all the time now. good luck!!

No. 105657

File: 1547290319218.jpg (16.38 KB, 450x682, 20-Pretty-Short-Asian-Hairstyl…)

anon, not to be mean but it's an awkward haircut. Either cut the sides for a "total" pixie or cut the sides a bit while letting the fringe grow out, so you can do a "messy" voluminous short style. Then you could style it just by tousling the hair with product covered fingers.

No. 105668

Uhh like normal curls? The gel is really light so it only holds my curls together and doesn't give off that "wet" type of gelled look.

No. 105701

File: 1547327279883.jpg (26.04 KB, 475x700, pixie-10[1].jpg)

Unfortunately my hair can't hold a curl to save a life… but perhaps when my hair is a bit longer, I will consider it.

Oh I know ;_; I think I'll have to live in a hat for a month until it grows out… It never used to look this awkward until my most recent haircut.

I might get flack for this, but I genuinely liked Emma Watson's hair – sleek, clean. However, I don't think our hair types are similar at all, and my hair at the moment is too short right now.
Something textured and wavy is something I would consider "cool", though I don't think I used the right adjective. Instead, I meant something that is a bit low-maintenance, still looks good and has texture. This is probably contradictory, but that's the gist of it.
Pic related

No. 105765

This is really embarrassing but I have psoriasis that’s spread to my scalp. It’s gotten to a point where I’m always shedding skin and can’t even wear my hair up anymore for fear of looking like a snowy mountainside. The problem is that most treatments for regular dry, flaky scalps don’t work on psoriasis and in some cases make it worse. Do any farmers have a solution for this problem? I used to be on medication that helped a lot, but I can’t afford it anymore. I’m just so sick of looking like a snake constantly shedding it’s skin.

No. 105770

solutions have been posted several times itt

No. 105795

late response, but have hope! i'm having some growth back after like a year lol
in the meantime, avoid really tight hairstyles. wishing you the best as well :)

No. 105816

what percent of people do you guys think have fine (not thin hair, i'm talking hair diameter) vs thicker hair diameter? (note: not talking about HOW MUCH hair, just hair diameter)

do you guys think more people have thicker hair strands or finer hair strands? i'm getting really depressed about how fine my hair strands are. i have so much hair but they're so fine and i can't keep any body in my hair, fml. any suggestions for more body/volume?

No. 105831

i noticed that most northern europeans have mad fine hair, and if you look around you see lots of celebs with it. emma stone for example.
but you don't really want coarse hair anon, my friend has mediterranean heritage and she's living in a land of frizz-eaze and straighteners 24/7. it's a case of grass is greener.

No. 105832

I think most people have something in between. Rarely do I see someone with super fine or super thick hair strands.

No. 105838

So damn many really thin strands.
I get best results using organiccare shampoo and conditioner (no parabens, sulfatea, etc etc) and coconut and Argan oils. Pantene makes a dry shampoo that gives a fair bit of body without much weight.

No. 105847

Is it possible to fuck up your hair with a hairbrush?

I recently changed my old hairbrush to a new one with sturdier, longer bristles and in a matter of a week my hair went to complete shit. It's incredibly frizzy but it feels like it lost half of the volume at the same time. It also feels weirdly shorter.


No. 105852


yes, hard bristles can really fuck up your hair. get a wet brush or boar bristle.

No. 105980

so wet brushes are not a meme and they DO work? I am considering getting one… Could you please tell me more?

No. 105982

would brushing your damp hair with a wide tooth comb work just as good in the meantime? i've heard that works.

No. 105991

Does anyone have recs for a good hairdyer? Preferably under $30. Is ion and ceramic and all that stuff bs or what? I've got thin/fine hair. Thanks in advance!

No. 105994


i just use this, it's the best hair dryer ive ever owned and dries my thick wavy hair really fast. use it with the nozzle.

No. 105997

Wet bamboo brushes are better than wet brushes

No. 106017


I don't have a hair dryer rec cause i've never been picky about hair dryers, but when i do dry my hair, i use the Wet brush brand "blowout professional" hair brush (i think that's what it's called.) i live in the US, so i found mine at TJmaxx. ive used this brush with my boyfriend's cheap hair dryer and my hair looked really nice. for reference my hair is mildly wavy and frizzy, and i have a lot of it. whenever i use this brush to dry my hair, it looks pretty damn good!

No. 106019

I'm going to the hairdresser in a couple days. I've cut my hair pixie short (think Rosemary's Baby short) in the past and now it's grown almost chin-lenght but it's so patchy and uneven. I'm gonna get that cut so it looks better but i'm sad it will be shorter because I've missed so much tying it up into a small bun.

Also for fine-hair people looking for a leightweight conditionner, i heavily reccomand Yes To Cucumbers Fine Hair conditionner. Love the shine.

No. 106029

File: 1547848762621.jpg (146.17 KB, 480x640, photo-17-copy-8[1].jpg)

Is heat styling that bad? I have frizzy, mousy hair and I want non-frizzy, nice-looking hair. I used to straighten it, which made it easier to wear down, but it was really flat and I think that might look a little dated now. I stopped a couple years ago because I lost my straightener and have just been wearing it air-dried out of the shower and it ends up looking like google-pic related, or like the Princess Diaries girl before the makeover, but with a Lord Farquad-length bob.

Should I just get a new straightener? Does blow-drying help? I'd just like to look less sloppy.

No. 106031

if you want volume but still want it to seem sleek and styled id recommend practicing blowouts! maybe switch to a shampoo and conditioner meant for "sleek" hair and using a sleek/straightening serum too and then blow dry with a nice round brush. you can get the styled look you want and it'll be smooth but you won't have it be so flat and limp like you would if you use a straightener. also i like those powders for volume you can get to put in your roots because they really make your hair look big and luxe.

No. 106205

How often should I get my hair styled at the salon? I just got my hair done last week (just a simple wash, blowout trim). How often should I go for just a simple wash and blowout?(I try doing this at home but I honestly can never get it as straight as they do and it never last as long..)

No. 106206

Thanks for the suggestion, my hair looks a lot more tame. I remember blow drying being more of a hassle when I was a teenager, so it's surprising how low-maintenance it is. It holds up relatively well after a night of sleeping too.

No. 106335

File: 1548248138776.jpg (211.02 KB, 820x820, 67XZIlX.jpg)

Anyone have experience with permanent hair straightening/keratin treatments/magic perms etc?

I just can't with my hair anymore, it's so time consuming because it's long, thick and curly. For a week with nice hair, it's a 3 day process with washing, drying(no heat) and styling

No. 106355

All those "perm" treatments do is slightly take away your frizz which I haven't even noticed it doing that. I've had keratin treatments and brazilian blowouts many times before I realized I was wasting my time and damaging my hair. I mean, once you hit the shower, your hair's going to be curly again. It's not even worth the money.

No. 106358

I got one yesterday, a friend works in a salon and so I got it for free as a stylist needed training. I have hagrid like hair, thick, frizzy and wavy. Myhair still has its wave and some thickness but the frizz is totally gone. I will keep you informed on how it turns out post wash. I think the they for preserving it is to not use sulphate shampoos

No. 106396

do you want permanent straightening results or just temporary so you can keep your hair curly? If you don't want any chemicals and just want it straight for temporary, look into a silk press. They do wonders and its just the technique of some oil products, blow drying and flat ironing. My hair comes out looking like I got it chemically straightened. it will revert to curly once it hits moisture or gets wet and wrapping it in a scarf is crucial to keeping it straighter for longer. Keratin treatments are temporary but they supposedly last a month or so. I hear they're very damaging though, so i think its better to just do silk presses. I did have my hair permanently straightened with a relaxer in the past. Its too drying and it doesn't get it bone straight. I stopped doing that and switched to thermal reconditioning/Japanese straightening which gets my hair permanently straight and its more healthy. it saves me a lot of time after washing it, and easier to keep from tangling. it still holds a curl if i use a curling iron.

No. 106398

Curly hair people who think they could never look beautiful if their hair isn't straight make me so sad.

No. 106403

No one said that. Do you know how hard it is to maintain nice curls?

No. 106404


I don't agree with what you said, but I definitely have a soft spot for girls with curly hair. I feel really sad they have to do so much maintenance.

No. 106456

I started the CG method again a month ago, and my hair becomes almost completely straight a few hours after washing. It was actually curlier when I didn't do CG.
I know there can be a transitional period, but I have done CG in the past for 3 years and my hair was always a 3a with bits of 2c, just more frizzy when i didn't do CG.
I mean I ain't mad, but, I still am? I just decided to go full curly again, and now i barely get a 2a.. I used to need a blowout and straightening to achieve that.
Did anyone else's curly hair almost completely straighten when you changed routines (not necessarily CG method)? It just feels so unnatural to me.

No. 106478

File: 1548394333737.png (320.35 KB, 689x649, 0101.png)

I'm not sure if this happens to everyone, but from experience, I get so much shit for having curly hair, and it is a ton of work just for it to not cooperate or be styled as versatile as straight hair. I get pat on the head "Its so poofy!!" like I'm a dog. I get told how dry it is and how I should try some crazy method that worked for their already perfectly straight manageable hair. I get told how I should straighten it more often because the one day I didn't have time and wore it natural, I get shitted on. That it "looks like pubes". I just want straight hair so i can style it in pretty, low maintenance ways and not be ridiculed for something I was born with :( I don't delay my straightening treatments anymore. Once I see my hair growing out, I try to get it managed before its noticable and people start pointing it out. Plus its much easier to comb than if i were to go full natural.

No. 106479

heat damage

No. 106493

Curly hair people don't need condescending compliments from a probably straight-haired girl who doesn't get how high-maintenance frizzy curls can be.

No. 106495

>inb4 straight hair needs a lot of care too u guize!!

No. 106582

Yeah so I have washed my hair and its still frizz free and actually straight. Only down side is the chemicals they used make my hair straight makes my hair smell like wet dog when wet. oof

No. 106607

No. 106620

File: 1548596613234.jpg (57.89 KB, 900x900, 900.jpg)

Just a PSA I bought this stuff for like 6 dollars at winners (tj max in america?) and it made my damaged ends feel amazing

No. 106826

I know it's not good to put hair oil on your scalp everyday, but if I apply coconut oil to the length of my hair, will it be okay? I stopped dying my hair last year nd there's a noticeable difference between the top and bottom. Kinda has a frizzy look compared to my crown.

No. 106831

Only okay if you don’t use heat tools on your hair, and wash out coconut oil completely if you plan on it. Otherwise you’re going to fry your hair.

No. 106873

There's a Korean salon near me offering Japanese straightening (Liscio brand).
I have thin, wavy almost curly hair with lots of frizz. It's never been dyed or processed.
I really want to do it, but at the same time I'm scared because of the couple of people out there who said Japanese straightening made their hair break off. I already have thin hair and that worries me.

Has anyone here had Japanese straightening? I need someone to either calm me down or slap some sense into me

No. 107112

Straightening it will make it look thinner. Try something to volumize and de-frizz. Any white person hair salon can help you with that

No. 107114

it's a lot of upkeep. it probably looks weird on girls with frizzy hair when it grows out.

No. 107143

I get it done every 6 months. Around 3 months is when my curly hair starts to become noticeable and I have to use a flat iron on the new growth for it to be tangle
Free and blend with the permanent straightened hair. I have not had issues with breakage and it’s one of the healthier permanent methods compared to a relaxer. It also gets much straighter than a relaxer would. It’s still important to keep the hair oiled though because in general curly hair needs it and you have breakage if you don’t keep the hair moisturized. The best thing about it is not having to flat iron it much or blow dry it at all because it stays straight. I just focus on the new growth in between touch ups.

No. 107158

I am finding more and more white hairs on my scalp. I have a shitload of thick hair, though, so they are probably not that visible to others. But it's so depressing. I don't feel old enough for this (not even 30) and I don't know when to start dying my hair.

I'm pulling them out but it'sbecoming an obsession

No. 107231

I have curly hair, and I love curly hair. I don't mind the maintenance because I love how it looks at the end.

I don't personally think straight hair is all that versatile since tutorials always use millions of Bobby pins and tons of hairspray, but if you like it, I love it.

No. 107257

sometimes it can be a genetic thing. i have a friend who started getting grey hairs since she was a freshman in high school. we always thought it was neat, never weird.

No. 107274

Anyone have experience rescuing seriously damaged hair? I'm talking fried as hell and gummy feeling. I don't want to chop off the damage but I had short hair for most of my life and I love my long hair now. I've made progress and improved it a lot but I'll probably have to get olaplex and a silk pillowcase to improve it any more.

No. 107289

This might sound like bad advice, but I'm being completely serious. What worked for me was buying the cheapest no brand shampoo/conditioner from the grocery store(I had given up lol). All that silicone in the products will coat your hair. Avoid heat if you can and air dry with rollers in.

My ends are fried af from bleaching + heat, so I hide it like that. Also a darker hair color really helps hiding damage

No. 107341

Don't pluck them. You'll eventually thin your hair out. You can trim them, or maybe get some highlights to conceal them.

No. 107484

help anons! i officially fried my bangs attempting to bleach them. i finally gave up and dyed them back to the normal color i have, but they're so short now and constantly stick up. is there anything i can do/use to kind of strengthen them and any tips on how to train them to go off to the sides like they're supposed to?

No. 107489

Olaplex treatment is as close to a gold standard as we can expect now. Its offered in salons and weaker versions are sold for home use. Protein treatments can also help but worth verifying with a hair stylist since in some cases it makes it worse. Avoid heat damage and overly hot water, look into leave in conditioners with UV protection for the hair (like Its a 10 brand).

If you think shampoo and conditioner might be an issue Indian hair washing herbs (shikakai, reetha, amla) are sold in powdered forms and might be an option to consider since they cleanse and condition without sulfates or silicones.

No. 107815

File: 1549752353251.jpg (89.34 KB, 1200x800, lyon.jpg)

I always wanted to have hair like pic related but my natural hair is completely straight and very fine (warm dark brown color). Do you guys believe I'll ever be able to achieve this kind of look? Maybe some sort of perm ?

No. 107819

same boat as you anon–a perm would definitely be your best bet but please do research on places before you pick one. nothing worse for your hair than a badly done perm.

No. 107824

I’ve never heard someone say they want this type of hair. My natural hair is exactly like this and I would always get made fun of for it. Sorry for the blogpost I’m just shocked someone actually wants this kind of hair.

No. 107842

digital perm.

No. 107847

>tfw ppl never stop petting your hair like a friggin dog

No. 107861

Not to mention the never ending frizz and 99% of the time it’s an uneven mess with both curlier locks and dead straight hairs.

Easier being born with straight hair and just curling it and frizzing it afterwards.

No. 107895

The grass is always greener on the other side I guess! I always wanted big curly red hair, like, even when I was 9 years old.


No. 108458

File: 1550395185451.jpeg (399.88 KB, 1229x1933, D5F65A00-63B3-4B4B-8D2A-BE6E64…)

I need help.
I’m really bored with my hair. The thing is, I don’t know what to do with it.

I don’t have super thin and flimsy hair but it’s still kinda thin. I have quite a long face/forehead (or at least on most pictures it usually looks very long), so haircuts with much volume probably would suit me best, I guess? (Pic related is me btw)

I’ve had very short hair once and everyone told me how great it looked but idk I really don’t know how to style short hair and I also love long hair.
But then again I’d like to see what it’s like again. But as I said; don’t know how to style it for the death of me. (Also growing it out is genuine hell.)
On top of all of this, I have a sidecut growing out, which I can hide quite well though.

But anyways… any suggestions? Doesn’t matter which length. I’m open to anything tbh. I just want change.

No. 108461

I have a similar hair texture but my hair is wavy/curly. Short cuts really help a lot by not weighing everything down but tbh you're never going to get a really nice look without styling. I'd say go for shoulder length or slightly shorter and try using curlers and mousse for volume. Curlers are my go-to for quick styling because you can wet your hair a bit, roll it and either blow dry or air dry while you get ready. Takes 10-20 minutes at most but makes a huge difference look-wise.

No. 108483

File: 1550429657013.jpg (18.81 KB, 540x349, 0211-NWS-BHR-L-MichelleCarteri…)

How do I get my hair to flip like this at the roots? Every time I try it just falls on my face

The worst person to post a pic of for an example, but seeing her in the news is giving me hair lust tbh

No. 108488

Hairspray and teasing it a bit

No. 108523

File: 1550464058440.jpg (25.07 KB, 570x570, HAIR.jpg)

planning to dye my already black hair half blonde soon, or get it dyed like that. what should i expect

No. 108524

>what should i expect
"Lady Gaga!"
"I didn't know scene was still a thing in 2019"

No. 108525

comb it and blow dry the opposite direction of how you want it then flip it and tease the roots.

No. 108539

Expect people to not take you seriously/treat you like you’re mentally unstable. My best friend, absolutely gorgeous, decided to do this and people avoid her as if she’s covered in ants. Honestly it’s embarrassing to be with her in public sometimes, and I can’t wait for her to fix that shit, but she’s probably stuck with it for a while because of the damage it’s caused to her hair. Oof.

No. 108540

Expect people to assume you don't have a job or a stable family background.

No. 108542

it depends on where you live. most places don’t care about colored hair anymore but if you live in rural bumfuck nowhere you might get stares.

No. 108560

My hair is soooo dry but thin and straight and it gets weighed down. I like to to in shower treatments so it doesn't feel heavy.
Any recommendations? I'm open to out of shower stuff but keep in mind my hair is very thin.

I don't use parabens or sulfates

No. 108597

Screw the haters, just go for it >>108523 anon! It'll be fun!

No. 108765

Really annoyed and sad at the state of my hair, it's eating into my existing anxiety/OCD-ish tendencies and knocking my already shit self esteem. My GP sucks ass, please be my internet doctor, lolcow
>started noticing this from 2017 and I'm barely 21 now
>I keep noticing my hair parting in the mirror but ignore it, then check after the following signs crop up and it's fucking BIG
>hair clumps from washing get bigger and bigger until I could root a 1/12 doll with it. Room mates comment on the shedding because it's hard to vacuum off a carpet.
>the hairs that fall out don't have big bulbs at the end, they're tiny (not telogen effluvium?)
>It's plain upsetting when I can compare the end of a hair (years old) to the root (recent growth) and it's so thin it's hard to see.
>My scalp seems more sensitive to pain when I comb and I wince every time I do and feel every hair that comes away -without- pain. Hairline is becoming fucked.
>Had 2 blood tests, hormone and iron levels were normal in both, no idea if it runs in family because lol, no fam
>Come late 2018/2019 and it feels like the amount of fallout is lessening but one new thing is shedding strange 'baby' hairs, really fine ones that are a couple of inches or less. It's like my scalp tried then went 'fuck it'.
I know this is an obnoxious long blogpost but I've got no one to vent to and I've been holding it in for months. Should I look for hair loss treatments, a wig, or ignore this? I heard about Rogaine but it's expensive and only lasts as long as you apply it and I can't afford that.

No. 108801

If you're using oil-based treatments, probably stop using those and find something more watery.

tbh I don't really understand what your question is…

No. 108804

Just get wigs from Amazon and have fun in those. Keep your actual hair healthy. Unless you're like 16, then go ahead, you gotta have that "the fuck did I do to my hair" phase to learn some lessons

No. 108814

Are your nails brittle or thin too? That could indicate an iron deficiency, you said your levels were normal, but some women lose more iron during their periods. If that’s not the case, you can also try taking biotin supplements and prenatal vitamins. I’d also recommend massaging jojoba, maracuja, or argan oil (research them all to see which would be the best fit for your hair type) to the scalp once a week for a month. Also if you’re using any chemical treatments like dyes or bleach, you should quit until your hair is in healthier state. I went through something similar and lost 1/4 of my hair about 4 months back, and I did a combination of all of this, including adding an iron supplement to my vitamin regimen. Since then, my shedding has been drastically reduced. Your best option is to see a doctor as excessive shedding is an indication of a number of health issues, but I have a shit gp too, so I hope this helps a little. When my hair was at its worst and thinnest, I also happened to be extremely stressed and a little malnourished, so remember that hair loss isn’t a stand-alone problem, it’s more likely a symptom, and you have to treat the root of the issue to see any real fix. Good luck anon!

No. 108816

Samefag, just wanted to add that you should absolutely do a deep dive into researching the suggestions I’ve made if you plan on doing them. My hair has a number of issues that could be completely different than yours, and I believe the only reason I turned my hair loss around was through tireless and obsessive research into my hairs issues and possible treatments.

No. 108944

My nails feel average. I've got multivitamins but they don't cover biotin so I'll try that out although the other month I read (from an NHS study no less) that supplements aren't proven to do much and you also risk taking too much of certain vitamins? Idk. I get nervous during appointments so I don't think I pushed hard enough when I talked about the shedding to that GP, she took a few seconds to look at my scalp just to confirm "yeah" then literally told me "it's a part of aging" (bitch, what, I bet my birthdate is right on your screen).

I guess I'll make another appointment with another doctor. It gave me chills when I was on /r/tressless and a woman was saying how her hair loss was the only symptom of a cancer she had.

No. 109165

Does a brazillian blowout or keratin treatment help with loose baby hair at all?

No. 109246


Only for a short while anon, and you'll end up with very damaged hair. Have you tried gel?

No. 109252

Oil doesn't always weigh down hair.
Anon clearly said they have dry, thin hair and asked for treatment recommendations.

No. 109332

>you'll end up with very damaged hair
Why? It's just treatment.

No. 109360

Nta I’m not 100% sure, because I’ve only had a keratin treatment done once. But from what I understand, those treatments require opening the shaft of the hair to be effective. Doing that can cause damage if your hair is in a poor state, if you have virgin or healthy hair, you typically won’t notice that damage. But in hair that is more porous and potentially damaged, it’s not worth it.

No. 109378

File: 1551297987250.png (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 1537x560, scraggle.png)

Please help me.

I have very dry/scraggly hair. I use a coconut oil shampoo/conditioner and rarely if ever do I straighten it, though I do blow dry 3x a week. It looks so damaged and brittle and feels coarse and thick like horse hair, lol.

I started taking fish oil pills this week. What else could I be doing?

No. 109379

Do not wash your hair 3 times a week, that's insane. You need to wash it once or twice a week and let the natural oils actually reach your hair. To keep greasiness at bay while your hair gets used to this new regime, apply talc.

I would also recommend using actual raw coconut oil to use as a leave in product. Shampoos that claim to have coconut oil in them will do nothing.

No. 109380

my hair has been a very very pale green for ages. i dont know how or why. every time i bleach it, it goes greener. i have washed it and washed it trying to get the colour out, my only control is to put a silver toner on it which sort of disguises it although not in a very flattering way.

i literally CANT bleach the green out, no matter how much i try.

No. 109381

File: 1551299004888.jpg (28.1 KB, 400x400, argan oil.jpg)

reminds me of my hair, this helped me a lot. I put it in when my hair is dry after washing.

No. 109382

Some of these things might help?

Check your diet, drink more water than you already do, no sulfate/silicone etc shampoo, use leave in conditioner (saved my dry ass hair) or deep condition, let your hair dry naturally

Could be issues with your water?

No. 109383

I'll be honest, I'd rather just have dark hair than pale green hair. That can't be very professional looking.

No. 109384

Don't try to bleach color out of your hair if it doesn't come out the first time. You're pushing the pigment farther into the core of your hair, where it can't be removed. you need a pink toner to relieve any green, i had the same issue going blonde after being an ashy brunette for years. Try spring blossom by ion or make your own pink toner with a pink direct dye and tons of white silicone free conditioner

No. 109385

Ok, I will attempt to cut down on washing. Is there anywhere to get talc in stores, or only amazon?

Thx, will try this!

Do you have a brand of leave-in you can recommend?

No. 109389

Idk where you're from but I just use Garniers leave in conditioner and Loreals nature box shampoo/conditioner

No. 109399

My hair should be fine then. please answer >>109165 if you can.

No. 109401

Advice like this is pretty useless unless you describe the actual biology of your hair (porosity, thickness, etc). No wonder curly gals are so confused and self hating.

No. 109444

God I wish I had your problem

No. 109445

nta but I'm also considering one and asked around about brazillian blowouts in my area and I've only found one salon that offers it. Is 2 months considered a long time? That's how long they said it'd last.

They also said keratin treatments last slightly longer, about 3 months. How different are the two?

No. 110670

File: 1551667651731.jpg (39.03 KB, 450x450, agave-retex-bio-ionic.jpg)

Has anyone used one of these at-home permanently straightening treatments? Keratin hardly lasts and it's a pain to not get your hair wet and Japanese-style costs 250 USD where I live.
The reviews I've seen of this product seem good but the people who reviewed it had frizzy straight hair, not curly.

No. 110750

Is there any fantasy hair color that doesn't look absolutely horrible on tanned skin?

No. 110788

File: 1551797237099.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1000.33 KB, 2576x1932, 56F4D8AF-0BF5-44BF-94DE-613792…)

>>109378 here.
Just wanted to post a quick update in case anyone else has the hair same issue(s) as me.

I used a hair mask (Herbal Essences bioRenew Moroccan oil) and have also been using two pumps of Argan Oil of Morocco every day. I’ve seen a pretty big difference in my hair already.

Thanks everyone for the pointers!

No. 110794

How is it ok that products can be labelled "alcohol-free" and still have cetyl, stearyl, etc. alcohols in them? I was looking at deep conditioners online last night and was so triggered.

No. 110797

Silver or white I guess

No. 110803

Is the ultrasonic ion hair treatment a meme? The top layers of my hair are super dry and I have a lot of breakage on my crown from residual bleach damage (I cut out all the bleach a couple years ago, the damage just travelled pretty far up the hair shaft).

No. 110804

Pastels, neon looks awful on everyone imo

No. 110819

File: 1551856057386.png (315.44 KB, 357x666, 3152355435.png)

How bad of an idea is it for me to dye my hair blonde if I have thin, fine hair? I'm scared of damaging it and making it look worse. Obviously I'd go to a real salon.

If you've ever dyed your hair blonde, would you say it was worth it? Do you feel like it made you look better?

No. 110822

File: 1551862279101.jpg (54.4 KB, 564x564, 9af94f751b646406f98e69478dc68a…)

I have thin, super fine dark hair and I actually like the effect bleaching had on it. It's much more voluminous and shapable and doesn't get oily as much.
You can photoshop it to see if it suits you.

On another note, I need some type of product to help my waves hold. I'm alcohol and silicone free so it's difficult to find a decent one.

No. 110833

>If you've ever dyed your hair blonde, would you say it was worth it? Do you feel like it made you look better?

This all depends on if it fits your skintone. I'm going from black to blonde currently and the lighter shades look better on me, which I personally find to be a huge surprise.

No. 110834

I went blonde for a year and the constant maintenance is expensive and annoying. Especially if you have dark brown hair, they have to tone it too which adds up. I remember every time I went it was like at least $60. I hate roots showing too so it was like $120 a month just to maintain my hair, lol.

No. 110835

I was blonde as a child and have blue eyes, so going blonde again suited me very well. My hair became more voluminous, straight (my natural hair is 2c-3a) and less oily. But when the roots showed up again, my scalp produced way more oil than before and my cowlicks/curls came back and made styling my hair harder. So it was either having my roots bleached every 4 weeks or looking like crap.
I kept the color for 4 years but the bad male attention (i couldn't go to a club without being hit on 5-10 times, no joke. Also a lot of those dudes were openly gross and creepy) and the upkeep made me go black again. It also ruined my hair completely to the point of having to cut it off entirely. It's been about 3 years and only now i have reached the length i had back then. I obviously don't regret anything, but it's a thing you have to keep in mind. Also olaplex didn't exist back then or it wasn't accessible/nobody knew about it.

No. 110836

Those are alcohols, but not "the" alcohol (ethanol)
They are used to give products a creamy texture. I've never seen a conditioner without it, unless it's liquid.

No. 110841


Those are conditioning and texture enhancing ingredients. Isopopryl or denatured alcohol is drying. It may be a good idea to research what each individual ingredient does in a cosmetic formula as there is a lot of confusion as to what is what.



No. 110869

I have wavy hair that I've never taken care of properly before. I'll be transitioning to curly girl products this week, but need to be able to brush or comb my hair throughout the day. What can I do to make this work? I think I have 2b hair, but don't know about the porosity.

No. 110875

How to be able to comb your hair throughout the day really depends on all of these other factors that you should know, like porosity. Before just buying whatever and wasting time and money, do some research into your hair type.

No. 110880

File: 1552000024007.jpg (105.47 KB, 592x888, Lady-Gaga.jpg)

Getting bangs with this head shape? Or will it make my nose look even bigger?

No. 110881

File: 1552000337114.png (1.36 MB, 1228x818, Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 9.11…)

I've had bangs forever cause i have a similar forehead/bony big nose combo. you can seriously rock it. look at zooey's upglow as soon as she got a restyle, made a huge difference. adds a lot of youth to your face if you pull it off right. if you're worried you can get the clip in/fringe or bangs extensions if you want to dabble before you make the commitment.

No. 110882

samefag but hope this helps!

No. 110898

Alright, /g/, I'll trust you on this one.

No. 110900

File: 1552033511464.jpg (53.13 KB, 650x1000, 059264d375d3995f3c48fb8fa9c9db…)

Well you posted Lady Gaga and she looked pretty good with bangs so yeah.

No. 110904

That pictures might have convinced me of the opposite, she looks a lot prettier without imo…

I look nothing like her from the front, so it wouldn't look like that on me.

No. 110908

let's have some fun this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick

No. 111016

nta but adding onto this…can I pull off bangs with a long/large nose and glasses? Is there something important to consider?

No. 111028

Lately I've been finding more and more white hairs on my head. Some are completely white, other are like… brown (my natural color), white, brown, then white again, it's weird. I'm not even 24 yet. Neither my mom or my dad went grey prematurely. Could it be stress?

No. 111032

Try a clip in? Much better to invest in one than waiting a year for the hair to grow if you don't like it.

No. 111057


they are so obvious w blonde hair. any way to make them less obvious?

No. 111153

File: 1552571635456.png (617.39 KB, 734x599, 1550346950063.png)

I have super thin hair but I really want straight, full bangs. Has anyone any tips about styling, cutting etc.?
My hairdresser always uses only like two strands and that's definitely not enough hair for my bangs. They're always separated and greasy :(
I mean if anorexic skeleton stormy can do it, there should be hope for me, right?

No. 111155

if you have thin hair you can't have thick bangs. just get a clip in.

No. 111189

Thank you anon for recommending this! I've been using it for a month now and can see a difference.

No. 111226

File: 1552714002595.png (1.71 MB, 1180x1658, 1561652654.png)

Has anyone tried this brand Function of Beauty? It's personalized hair care, and it sounds interesting, though it's kind of expensive just to get a one time delivery.

No. 111232

It’s bullshit

No. 111241


Beauty community memes and buzzwords don't align with actual cosmetic chemistry principles do they

No. 111316

File: 1552847028511.jpg (60.58 KB, 665x665, 86fdbb78e9604b3d2bd422da7f1405…)

I've been using avocado oil on my hair for a while now and my hair really likes it (probably because I'm going blonde so it's a bit dried out). Are there any other oils I should/can use to keep my hair nourished and as healthy as possible?

No. 111317

coconut oil is pretty good for your scalp! Just make sure you wash it out enough after massaging it in so you don't look greasy!

No. 111323

I use grapeseed oil and really like it. Also it's quite cheap compered to most types of oils

No. 111400

I like to make a weekly mask of an egg, some honey, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. But you've got me thinking I should add some avocado oil in, too. How are you using it?

No. 111459

Thanks anons!

I just put it on when my hair is damp, brush it out and then let it air dry

No. 111579

Are scrunchies just a meme or do they really work?

No. 111580

What do you mean "work"?

No. 111583

They're supposed to less likely cause breakage

No. 111585

I need help badly. I went natural in summer 2017. everything was fine until my scalp started to get sore. terribly so to the point that even just moving it hurt too much. it was hard to wash my hair because of the tenderness, my eyes would water. I'd endure it in order to thoroughly wash it (my natural hair is thick as shit) because washing would relieve the pain by about 30% I'd say. it never went away until I gave in and relaxed it. immediately the pain disappeared. it was as if I didn't just spend 6 months in agony.

ofc I get tired of relaxing my hair (which is why I went natural) and cut it all off a month or two ago. the soreness came back early as hell. it's getting more intense as my hair grows. I comb it/detangle it and wash it thoroughly but again, washing only lessens the pain slightly. I have my bf rub and massage my scalp from time to time already. is there anything I can do? I'm actually thinking about putting it in a protective style soon.

No. 111587

…you might want to talk to a doctor about this because it doesn't sound normal at all?

No. 111600

But why do you need a hair style if you don't have hair?

No. 111603

100%. Ive found scrunchies + hair sticks to be the best options for styling hair without breakage, followed by elastics with no metal or jagged bits on them.

No. 111672

I bleached my hair over a year ago to the point of significant breakage, I have a lot of natural length and have cut off most of the bleached stuff except for about maybe two inches.

But ever since then I have had really bad, brittle hair, even the "virgin" hair I am growing breaks off - especially around the hairline, there are tons of whispies where there haven't been before. And I am getting really have dandruff at the very front of my hairline and around it, but not really toward the back…

Anyone have any similar experiences and know how to restore their hair back to normal? This is really saddening for me

No. 111687

I mean I've seen posts about people having sore scalps when their hair is growing but not to the extent mine has gotten.

I'll look into a dermatologist for sure. there's gotta be something up with my scalp. when I was younger I had natural hair and never experienced soreness.

No. 111690

You have to cut all of the breakage and damaged virgin hair off. I dealt with the same. If you don't, it will travel further up your hair and the virgin hair will be a mess as well.

No. 111699

-change shampoos to reduce flakiness
-wash hair about twice a week, condition lengths and ends
-Use dry shampoo, or my preference of cornflour, within 12 hours after you wash your hair.
-Use leave in conditioner once a week
-avoid any chemicals on your scalp other than shampoo

No. 111741

Hate to say it, it's not the answer you want, but the best thing really is to chop it the fuck off. I did the exact same to my hair and made chewing gum out of it, spent ages trying to salvage it, and the best thing I ever did was just bite the bullet and get a pixie cut even though I HATED it. Hair grew out fine after that. No matter what you do or how you pamper your hair you cant get it back to normal, and if you just try to grow it out, the damage will travel up to your roots.

No. 111992

I'm terrible at styling my hair. It's dark and thick and I default to having it down or doing a bad ponytail. I live alone and don't know where or how to learn how to style my hair at all, so all I'm okay at is washing it. Where do I go to learn these things? I'm 24 and feel pathetic.

No. 111999

YouTube is full of tutorials, maybe there's also a community on Reddit

No. 112017

So I seem to saddest type of hair and I don't know what to do with it.

It is "thick" (when I pull it in a pony tail or bun it is huge and malformed, buns looking nice are impossible unless I pin it down with 40 bobby pins)

It is also super straight and sparce in the front. Although it is "thick" I have tons of bald spots on the sides of my hair and my hairline is horrible and receding looking.

Due to this I feel like I need to have bangs to hide the hairline (not to mention I have a 6 head) and shorten my face).

Bangs look like shit because it seems like I have a cowlick right in them so they look strange, also because my hair is sparce around my hairline my bangs look stringy and separated. They only way they seem to look "thicker" is when I use a straighter to curl them in a bit but that often times make them look straight retarded.

Any tips? am I just doomed to look ugly forever? drawing/painting in the bald spots in my hair is annoying but it seems like the only solution…

No. 112028

Hi anon, pretty sure we were separated at birth because I've got the exact problems you've listed. The only thing I've ever been able to do to make my hair look 'good' was buying medium-thick hair extensions (i've only ever fucked with clip-ins) and layering them into my hair with a side part. It's an expensive, annoying addition to a daily routine, but it's the only way I've managed to hide my bald spots, bang-cowlick, and 6-head all in one. You can also try some root cover-up spray to hide your uneven hairline for more freedom with hairstyles.

No. 112077

Some people's hair grows hard into keratin spikes, not sure if that's any help. Could you have a mild form of this? https://abcnews.go.com/Health/memphis-woman-world-fingernails-growing-hair/story?id=16974423

No. 112102

I'm 24 with near black italian hair and I started getting greys years ago, now the entire of the top of my head is covered in wiry sad greys, I hate it. Is it worth getting dye over?

No. 112112

Of course…? People dye their hair all the time just for fun or a change, obviously it's worth doing if it will fix something you're insecure about.

No. 112142

Overtone is coming out with both dark brown and black conditioning dye! You can definitely look into that when it releases.

No. 112144

>> 112102

Dye it, dark brown permanent dye covers grays very well.

No. 112172

File: 1554016873569.jpeg (450.37 KB, 1007x1800, 7C6B3C87-666D-4034-89D8-8D244C…)

Ok ignore the shitty quality of the collage, pic collage is dumb, but I’m seriously so confused what to do with my hair.

My natural color is standard dirty blonde. I dyed it black, then rose to a super light blonde which totally fucked my hair up, and my hair dresser dyed it orange (????) even though I said I just wanted my dirty blonde hair back.

I want to dye it blonde again but I’m thinking I should just return to my normal hair color and let it grow back. I’m very pale and have green eyes. I have literally 0 idea what I want to do with my hair. Does anyone have any advice as to what would look better :( maybe a darker color again?? I’m worried because I’m seriously destroying my hair.

No. 112176

Should've covered the face better, but you're pretty lol

I have the same colour as the second pic right now and I'm transitioning to blonde. You could go back to blonde, probably, in 1-2 sessions. If you want to go back to your natural colour I'm pretty sure she'll have to lighten it again anyway.

No. 112189

Your natural color is so nice, it complements your eyes and skin well. Definitely find a better hair dresser or just let the natural color grow back in it's own. You'd look fine with a super short hairstyle if anything too.

No. 112197

File: 1554052486932.png (763.64 KB, 593x747, mickey.png)


No. 112218

File: 1554075138674.gif (194.46 KB, 477x456, tumblr_mp5t0yXGKx1qzp9weo2_500…)

Just spent a while actually fucking crying because of the shitshow that is my hair, directly after a shower. My roots are always, literally always, permanently waxy and greasy as fuck. I wash them really well and have tried every shampoo under the sun, dont use conditioner much at all, dont use any heat or products ever. It doesn't matter how long or short of a time there is between washing my hair. I have tried tea tree oil, baby shampoo, apple cider vinegar, everything, multiple times. I want to just shave my damn retarded head but for once I have actually grown out my hair. It is so gross and horrible and really denting my confidence and I always feel horrible and greasy. I have had the problem before but never ever to this extent and never unfixable like this. It has coincidentally been like this since I started cerazette a few months ago.

Does anyone else have demon grease roots?? Sorry for the absolute a-log about my dumbass scalp but I'm honestly so pissed off at this dumb shit

No. 112219

Have you tried using dry shampoo before washing your hair?

No. 112222

Yeah, it does nothing though. The waxiness is just way too much and my hair ends up grimy if I add dry shampoo :(

No. 112227

Chemfag here.

First and foremost avoid products with the following ingredients.

Silicones(Dimethicone, Amodemithicone, etc.)
Stearamidopropyl Dimethalymine

These ingredients are film formers that will make your greasy roots worse. Now as for treatment, you want to use something with Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfate or Salycilic Acid. These ingredients altough rather harsh will clarify your hair and cut the grease. Note that when using a product with Salycilic Acid make sure Sodium Hydroxide is not in the ingredients. Sodium Hydroxide is ingredient used as a ph balancer, however when used in tandem with Salycilic Acid it can be too strong and denature the hair shaft(I.E. you will lose hair). Also note if you opt to use a shampoo with Salycilic Acid make sure it is not too high in the ingredients list.

One last ingredient that you may or may not want to look out for is Glycerin. Glycerin is a humecrant that better allows your hair to absorb moisture. However I've found it to be an ingredient that some people (uknowingly) don't react well to. In some cases I've seen it be the cause the phebomena of greasy roots but frizzy ends. I should note that whether your hair may like this ingredient or not, it's best to avoid using it if there is dry weather.

If you want to opt for a more natural remedy look for something with citrus or peppermjnt oil. However be careful as these ingredients can be very astringent to some people with sensitivities. Though I have seen people use them to great success, please use them at your own discretion.

If anyone has any particular questions or wants any product recommendations feel free to reply. Just beforehand please state your:

hair type (curly,striaght, kinky etc.)
density (thick, medium, fine)
Scalp type(dry, oily, sensitive)

and lastly please answer the following: "how long does it take for your hair to get fully wet?"

No. 112232

I know you said you tried "everything" but have you tried a clarifying shampoo? I don't see how that wouldn't work for you. It's a deep cleanser that strips even your natural oils.

No. 112237

Maybe you can try salicylic acid products meant for acne directly on dry scalp or hair? Paula's Choice makes a great salicylic acid liquid meant for the face as does The Ordinary. Though meant for acne perhaps they might work on your scalp.

Also maybe some sort of hormonal imbalance might be making you greasy. You could look into birth control or spirinolactone or spearmint tea/capsules.

No. 112247

Sorry haha I wasn’t paying attention to covering it more but I will next time (: I may go blonde again, I’m just scared I’ll ruin the ends? I think I’ll go back to natural. Thank you~
Thanks so much, I’m doing some research to find someone who’s good at blonde hair because most of the people I’ve seen literally have no idea what they’re doing. My hair was so damaged I had it armpit length for a while so I really want to grow it out again!
LMAO my friend and I were talking about her yesterday and how cute her make up is regardless of the insane shopping >.<(Coping with autism should include camouflaging, like imitating expressions and gestures to avoid inappropriate behaviour)

No. 112253

I'm gonna go blond too, definitely getting olaplex

No. 112254

File: 1554112929606.jpg (55.45 KB, 849x589, dcrd9xa-1cae8c2f-48b9-4d9d-99c…)

My hair is driving me mad. It used to be so nice and silky that I never even used conditioner. The ony problem I had was just a very sensitive scalp (it would get really itchy and dry even just by changing the water I used to wash from my house's to my grandma's house's), but I solved that by just using medicated shampoo for a while.
Now, my hair is a nice deep brown color but I decided to go blonde last summer, and this was the worst idea I've ever had. After going blonde my hair became dry af and every time i shampooed it it would just crumple up and tangle just like hay.I was mad af that I ruined my hair so i decided to go back to my natural color and slowly cut off the most damaged part of my hair. I also started using conditioner, hair masks and clarifying shampoo but I still find myself with super tangled hair (unmanageable without the conditioner). I try to let it dry naturally as many times as possible but once is dry my ends are still incredibly dry while my roots are oily af. WillI ever get my beautiful silky hair back or I damaged them fo life?
(I have thick and wavy hary and a crazy sensitive and dry scalp btw)

No. 112260

Going by how you described your hair I would recommend maybe try Dp Hue's Cool Blonde conditioner to mend your hair. It is a conditioner for blondes however it is a very gentle and lightest. It's free from heavy oils and silicones, and most common irritants. Although pricey it is available at Ulta, which has a very good return policy. By the way I understand you are no longer blonde, but from my experience I found this conditioner to help me when I was recovering from a bad hair job.

Another one I would highly recommend if you want to try to give your hair a truly deep condition would be, Clean Kids Bannana Conditioner by Gabriel Cosmetics. It is a natural and simple conditioner/detangler, one which I would recommend to anyone dealing with tangled or dry hair. Mind you though, it contains sea kelp which can be an irritant to those with VERY sensitive scalps. Depending on your level sensitivity you can decide whether or not to give it a try. Should you decide to try it out I'd suggest using it sparingly at first as it is VERY mousturizing. This conditioner I find so powerful you can even pair it with a a basic shampoo.

Now regarding shampoo's depending on the severity of the damage to your hair, I would recommend Klorane's Desert Date Shampoo. It's fairly gentle and moisturizing, it contains olive oil and wheat protein which should help with any damage your hair may have suffered. Be careful pairing this with the banana conditioner as it may cause your hair to frizz due to protein overload.

Another shampoo you can possibly try is Dp Hue's cool blonde shampoo. They seem to have recently reforomulated it to include silk extract and amino acids, which can help mend your hair. Before I wouldn't reccommend it as it tended to cause build up and frizz in my thick hair due to the acrylates copolymer it contained. However now it no longer contains the ingredient and from the looks of things it seems gentler. It is up to you if you want to take a gamble.

One last thing to note is that both Dp Hue products contian acid violet 43 which is considered to be a skin irritant(in high doses) by the FDA. I personally have a sensitive scalp and used the conditioner with no negative effects, but these things vary from person to person so just keep this in mind.

No. 112265

Whoa! thank you very much anon for the really in-depth answer, I will check if all these products are available here I live <3

No. 112281

Got no replies but I ended up buying it so I'll post my thoughts if anyone else with curly hair was interested.
The product did absolutely nothing for my hair being curly but it is slightly less frizzy now.

No. 112301

Not really. Those of us with curly hair don't give a shit about these products because it's just like straightening your hair regularly: once you get in the shower, shit's going back curly.

No. 112382

Okay please don't bully me, but I haven't brushed my hair in a while, over a month. Now it's pretty difficult to brush completely and parts of it are too tangled to even try. How can I fix this? Would I be able to go to a salon to have them fix it? i feel like they're gonna bully me

No. 112383

Don't bother going to a salon, just put a shitload of conditioner in it, leave it for a while and then use your fingers or a wide toothed combed to detangle it starting from the ends. Or google it, there are probably a million ways to do it.

No. 112391

Coconut oil / any oil

Bamboo brush

No. 112398

Why was this flagged lol

No. 112405

Emoji use and it was aprils fools day when it got flagged

No. 112413

File: 1554304180151.jpg (44.59 KB, 408x544, hair-with-flyaways.jpg)

What's a good product for giving weight to my hair without it looking clumpy (or like dried-hard)?

My hair is naturally very frizzy and curly, I straighten it, but I haven't found a product that doesn't make it look less fly-away at the ends. Pic related

No. 112414

Help me anons, I have tried everything.
I have no idea how to style my hair. I have very thick, coarse hair that is way too frizzy and poofy on the bottom but has no volume and always looks greasy on top. Drying it takes forever and makes me genuinely break a sweat, when it's freshly dried there's too much volume and later it just deflates into its shapeless original form, i can't curl it because it can't hold a curl anywhere other than around my face, and different shampoos and conditioners don't make a difference. At the back of my head there's always too much of it and it always looks like a triangular helmet that swallows me whole. Naturally it's lightly wavy, I don't dye it or use heat (sometimes I'll use a curler but it was the same even before I started using any heat).

I saw a hairdresser and she did a nice blowout on my hair, which lasted for a few hours and then deflated into a frizzy mess.

I don't know where I'm going wrong and don't know where to see examples, usually internet advice is extremely generic and vague and not meant for hair like mine.

No. 112415

hair mousse?

No. 112437

You're literally me before i started the curly girl method and got a haircut for curly hair. My classmates used to call me triangle hair

No. 112441

File: 1554333901440.jpg (82.24 KB, 800x800, 111184260.jpg)

I need help with this as well, because my hair's exactly the same. Once it gets past my shoulders, the back of it looks flat as hell.

I guess curly girl method is the way to go? My hair is like a 2A in terms of waviness. I didn't think it could get wavier.

If I let my hair air dry, it looks like pic attached, just a bit wavier, although I'm sure the woman in the picture got a perm to achieve this look.

No. 112503

Yep, looks the same as mine! Although my hair is now armpit length but it behaves more or less like a bob due to thickness - plaits fall apart in chunks, buns won't hold unless I give myself a North Dublin face lift, ponytails are okay but look bleh.

I'll try the CGM, I've halfheartedly attempted it before with not so good results but maybe I've been doing it wrong. Can you or any anons with the same hair tell me what has worked for you in the past (and now)? Since I'm a big noob tired of fighting against her hair.

No. 112508

CGM is a fucking meme.

No. 112516

File: 1554429257190.jpeg (20.7 KB, 200x300, A82D7E81-B405-4BEA-97C1-913014…)

Looking for simple hairstyles that would look good with this face shape. My hair is thin and fine. Any suggestions?

I look a lot like pic related but bigger nose, maybe plumper face.

No. 112523

What's the current length of your hair?

No. 112528

Sorry, should have added this. Well past my shoulders. Almost mid-back but not quite. So definitely some to work with.

No. 112539

I know this is gonna sound retarded but are styling products and heat tools necessary to have nice looking hair? I don't like using either but I feel like every hair tutorial in existence uses hair spray, mousse, curling wands, flat irons etc.
I sometimes use flexible curling rods but I have a hard time getting the curls to look the way I want even after doing a bunch of research and practicing. My hair holds the curls pretty well but it loses all it's volume within a couple hours.
Im just curious if anyone has any tips for styling without those things or maybe recommendations for stuff that doesn't make your hair feel really gross.

No. 112870

Hey anons. I'm 20 years old and I am growing out my natural hair color.

I was cutting of some dyed hair and discovered a white hair… Not light blonde. Plain paper white. At first I thought maybe there was only one. I check the other side of
my head where I saw the white hair and found more.

I honestly think I'll be white haired before I'm 30. Has anyone had this happen to them? I remember reading about people going prematurely grey/white. I just never thought it'd happen to me.

I know there's no way to stop it… But if you did have this happen to you, how did you feel about it and did you embrace it?

No. 112872

what kind of research have you done, what kind of curls are you aiming for, and what is you hair type like? its quite difficult to give advice without knowing these.

styling products arent really neccessary, but the hairstyle will last a lot longer with them, as you can see with the volume issues. however with these you should try using a more minimal amount if it makes your hair feel gross. if you havent tried it yet, what i could recommend is using setting lotion, ive personally found it could help with the volume problem, if you have more dry hair maybe you could also get a leave in conditioner for your hair type, ive personally found that well moisturised hair has more volume and hold the volume better too, but this is mainly because i have dry hair. try to figure out your exact hair type, and try to seek advice from people with a similar hair type to you, a forum dedicated to hair care would probably be the best for that.

as for the rollers themselves, i would look at advice and setting patterns from a few decades ago, e.g. from the 1940s-80, when using rollers was extremely common. but this depends on exactly what kind of hairstyle you want. this could help the curls look more uniform.

No. 112909


My mom have this. She was completely grey by her 30s, and completely white by her 40s. I honestly think it's pretty? Like Miranda, from the devil wears prada. And it's not like you can't color it, any color you want, really.

But white hair in yours 20s is more common than you think. Everyone I know have it, save from like a couple. People freak out about white hair too much, imo. Unless it's tied to hair loss, you're fine.

No. 112949

Found my first grey at 20 as well, just a few months ago. It happened to my grandma at the same age, so I can't say I was surprised. It really made me reevaluate how much stress I was under, though. Check both of those factors, sometimes it's interesting (and occasionally important!) to see where the changes in your body are coming from.

Personally, I think it'll be pretty to rock some salt and pepper in the future. It can look refined or kind of bold, awesome either way. I'm excited for us, yay for weird hair happenings!

No. 113078

Hi it's me from >>112218
First of all thank you to all you babes who replied. Also the one thing that saved me was legitimately the cheapest mens anti dandruff shampoo I could find. Turns out I have sebhorric dermatitis that never went beyond the ridiculously oily stage to become dandruff (this only developed after having a baby) and now my hair is great. Just in case anyone else faces the same issue

No. 113154

Just sharing some hair stupidity

So my hair was brown and I had two blue parts in the front that faded to green. Bleached it all but the green didn't come out and actually bled on some other parts of my hair.

Was told to counteract it with some red. Now my hair is part red, part blonde, part green. Might need to bite the bullet and see a stylist which I was hoping to avoid but this bit of green just became a damn nightmare for me.

Might just put the whole thing red instead though idk.

No. 113160

make 100% sure, from reviews, not from the stylist's word, that they know how to dye hair unnatural colors. you shouldn't have tried to bleach out the green, but whoever told you to use red is a fucking idiot.

No. 113212

File: 1555383507956.jpg (201.87 KB, 960x960, tumblr_pmwk25PdsM1wnn7kno2_128…)

I don't know anything about haircuts or hairstyles
I've been looking for tutorials on how to get my hair to look like pic related, but haven't found anything that looks so simple, the "waves" are usually messy or just straight up curls. If any anon could help me with this, I'd be very thankful

No. 113214

File: 1555383589083.jpg (191.04 KB, 560x802, tumblr_pmwlumP9iR1wnn7kno2_640…)

One more pic for reference

No. 113219

wear a loose ponyttail for a few hours and have straight hair

No. 113221

My hair looks like that naturally due to an extremely slight wave.
If you want your hair to look like that, put it dry, no heat, no product, over plastic curling rods (I use perm rods, or you can tie with rags, anything will do) for a couple of hours and then take it out. Wrap the hair over the curling rod from top to bottom, so you don't get tightly curled ends.
The curl should drop out into a slight wave like that after about 20 minutes. Don't brush through but you can separate the waves.

No. 113249

I've noticed my has started to thin idk if its my job causing it or what but I don't want to waste money on useless "regrowth" crap.

No. 113252

File: 1555416156502.jpeg (86.57 KB, 960x743, 0CCC7C10-F4DE-4CF0-8351-BC35A4…)

has anyone tried heat rollers? opinions?

No. 113253

My hais is very thin and I suffer from hairloss so I bit the bullet a few months ago and got a pixie cut that I'm keeping. Now it looks like I have more hair because of the volume, but I've recently struggled with feeling too boyish or masculine with this cut. Does anyone have any recommendaions of styling, acessories (be it hair acessories or earrings etc) to make a pixie cut look more feminine?

No. 113260

I managed to tangle my hair pretty badly with these. If you want curls, especially bouncy curls, I would suggest those bendy no-heat curlers. It's a little uncomfortable to sleep in, but you do them overnight and your hair stays curly until the next time you wash it.

No. 113262

I tried using cloth hair rollers once overnight and I woke up looking like Hermione Granger from the first Harry Potter movie. How do you use them? Is there a way to prevent the curls from becoming poofy and disshevelled?

No. 113294

I left the bottle at my boyfriend's so I can't remember the exact brand, but I use Moroccan Oil on damp (not wet) hair. Then, I wrap my hair around the curlers, bend the ends, and then twist the curlers up! I personally love the super curly look, so I might not see it as Hermione like, but the Moroccan Oil certainly helps keep it from getting frizzy.

No. 113296

Cute hair clips, headbands, and scarves help, but even dressing in a more feminine style makes a difference.

No. 113299

File: 1555465809851.jpeg (20.86 KB, 400x400, B0AC93CE-93DE-4D09-AA74-34F95A…)

Does anyone have any black dye recs? My hair is naturally a 2 / darkest natural brown but I found a grey hair the other day and I've always wanted to dye my hair black anyway. I should preface this by saying I've never dyed my hair.

I have a coworker who dyes their hair fun, unnatural colors and they swear by Overtone, which recently dropped a black "coloring conditioner." The only issue is it's $29 and I'd probably have to use the whole tub since I have a lot of hair.

No. 113300

Yeah, i say overtone is way too pricey. Maybe arctic fox. If you can find their black, it's probably one of the best ones i've used.

No. 113301

Do you want like a brown black or a jet blue or blue black? There are alot of variations it turns out.
I dyed my hair blue black and I love a shit ton of hair as well.

No. 113302

i'm gonna be the worse suggestion here but i've been box dying my hair black since i was a teenager and i've never looked back. if you're planning on ever going back to another color though, probably use something semi-permanent.

No. 113304

I'd prefer a jet black as my hair already looks kinda brown black as it is. I don't think I'd ever do blue-black.

I hadn't considered Arctic Fox just because the last I'd checked they only had a blue black. I just looked again and they have a true jet black now! I think I'll probably go with that one.

Have you tried Garnier Fructis box dye? I've heard it's good and doesn't make your hair brittle.

No. 113305

I usually use garnier! Also follow up with an argan leave-in oil afterwards, that way it helps coat your hair (makes it super soft to boot).

No. 113415

i'm having the hardest time finding some good drugstore shampoo + conditioners. i was using high end stuff for a while but i'm a student now and it's out of my budget. i just bought some shea moisture products bc i have naturally wavy/curly hair and it just makes my hair feel like straw. anyone have any recommendations for drugstore/marshalls or winners products?

No. 113417

the only drugstore shampoo i've ever been semi-okay with is OGX brand shampoos (they still aren't fantastic but they're fine) and even mixed in with my salon products i sometimes use the aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner and i know a lot of people swear by it and it's kind of a cult favorite product in general.

No. 113430

hi, fellow budgeting student here with wavy/curly hair (2b/c)! after a lot of trial and error, maui moisture's curl quench shampoo + conditioner have become my holy grail. they make my hair sooo soft and bouncy and never weigh it down.

i will say i occasionally suffer from dry/itchy scalp problems and then i use nizoral ($14 for 1 bottle…yikes) or trader joe's tea tree tingle shampoo + conditioner ($3.99 each for 16oz) followed by as i am's tea tree & olive oil leave-in conditioner. if i'm not having a bad time with dandruff, i just use as i am's usual coconut oil leave-in.

maui moisture:
shampoo - https://www.ulta.com/curl-quench-coconut-oil-shampoo?productId=xlsImpprod14071274
conditioner - https://www.ulta.com/curl-quench-coconut-oil-conditioner?productId=xlsImpprod14071276
NOTE: my corner rite aid/walgreen's has larger bottles of both on sale frequently, so i'd try there before ulta if i were you

No. 113475

I have a pixie cut and now I want to grow it out. Any tips or blogs I can check on how to style it while it grows? I want it a bit past shoulder-lenght. It's kind of curly so it starts looking messy really quickly… Thanks.

No. 113482

File: 1555719886752.jpeg (48.85 KB, 261x800, 2218075.jpeg)

not sure if it's technically drug store or any our price range but "it's a 10" products are miraculous. I use their hair mask weekly and their leave in treatment and my hair is so soft. i'm sure their shampoo and conditioner is great too

also here's a tip I learned today: if you have a rite aid near you sign up for a points card, they give you 25% off your entire purchase for your birthday which can be a pretty substantial discount. u can just lie about ur bday too.

No. 113484

I used to swear by itsa10 but honestly itsaripoff due to the bottles being so tiny (I have a shit ton of hair)

No. 113664


tysm. i live in canada but i will look into the maui and ogx lines. i've actually used ogx years ago and remember liking it! right now i'm using up my kristin ess shampoo and conditioner which i don't mind, but it's not quite the ~one~.

No. 114177

Has anyone tried The Ordinary Multi Peptide Hair Serum?

No. 114203

Apologies if this has been covered before but is dry shampoo actually bad for your hair? I have pretty thin hair to the point where it becomes greasy within 24 hours so I have to wash my hair every day. I know that's really bad for the health of it but I feel like my options are limited, I've tried prolonging wash times before for a period of time to see if it might reduce the greasiness but it hasn't. So: opinions on dry shampoo? If you like it are there any brands you'd recommend? And, if you do use it, how many days do you go in between washing your hair? I know a lot of this can come down to personal hair types and different things work for different people but I'd just love to hear some opinions about the topic before I make a decision one way or another.

No. 114206

batiste dry shampoo is pretty good, and there are also different types

also, baby powder works too in case of an emergency

No. 114213

i impulsively cut off all my hair when i was going through an episode, anyone have tips/advice on how to grow it a little faster? idk if this was discussed before sorry lol

No. 114222

>is dry shampoo actually bad for your hair?
I've never heard that and I hope it's not true, but I can't see how it would be worse than washing your hair every day.

Seconding Batiste, it's the only brand that really works for me. It's a life saver, I hate how flat my hair looks after washing but a few days of using dry shampoo gives me nice volume even if it's greasy. I try to only wash my hair once a week but twice is the usual.

No. 114239

The only things you can do are exercise, drink water, eat well, don't wash your hair everyday and don't use heat tools.

No. 114630

File: 1557555634757.jpeg (33.98 KB, 450x354, 67FA31CC-87F6-432C-AAB9-38A2E0…)

Getting rid of my hair today, ain’t gonna miss it

No. 114644


I'm very jealous anon - if my face wasn't so fucked I'd be shaving my head too

No. 114647

Do it anon! It grows back and your face might look so much better fully exposed, I thought my face would look fatter without any hair but it being in full view really helps all my good features stand out and are now the focus

No. 114703

File: 1557690582710.png (1.39 MB, 950x639, wavytypes.png)

Ok I don't know if everyone is familiar with the hair typing system that is used by various cosmetic companies where I live, but when I was younger, like, until the age of 15, my hairtype was 2A, had a vivid light brown color, and reached past my waist. I cut it past shoulders and little by little I noticed that the color was no longer that vivid anymore, and I dyed it black (kinda wanted for a long time to have black hair).
I don't know if it was the dye, but it started to become curlier, even more when I cut it again shoulder lenght. Now it is reaching my waist again, but became 2B hairtype. I still dye it black, and the most I take care of my hair, the curlier it gets (except in the roots, 2B characteristics), but even if I find it cute, I don't recognize myself in curly hair, I wish it could change back to 2A.
I think I can't use a dangerous chemical process to straighten it because of the dye. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the curls more open or to get it back to 2A?
Pic related: 2A left, 2B right

No. 114704

is there something that helps with split ends' appearance? i get them very quickly after a trim even with help because my hair is extremely curly/kinked. i don't want to go to the salon so much.

No. 114705

Well, here's a few tips to don't get them, because after they are there, it is very hard to get rid.
>avoid heat tools, if you need to use, use some product that is specifically for heat protection
>apply shampoo only in the roots of your hair
>use some product like a hair mask for a "pre-shampoo" in the ends to protect them from the shampoo
>don't tear the split ends apart when you're bored like I do
>when using hair mask, don't scrub your hair, but apply the product from top to bottom gently
>brush when it is wet (specially if yout hair is curly), from bottom to top, gently
>you can sleep with some hairdo that keeps the ends "inside" it to protect them from friction. But never sleep or tie your hair wet

Hope this helps.

No. 114719

Did it two years ago and I swear I'm never doing it again. I looked like a fourty year old in the middle of an age crisis and a divorce with two kids. I wish I was one of those pretty butch-y girls I find so beautiful

No. 114743

it sounds like your hair type just changed, which is normal and happens all the time. you can stretch the curls by twisting or braiding them.

No. 114758

File: 1557783238091.jpg (39.83 KB, 594x920, long.jpg)

At what point do you think hair is TOO long?
Pic related is about how long my hair is (not me) and I think I might finally get it cut.

No. 114759

When you look like cousin it which this picture definitely screams. Bottom of the back of the bra length would look a lot prettier and kempt in this pic.

No. 114760

Waist length or a little past waist length is usually a good limit for having "really long" hair without looking weird. If you're white it's harder because even waist length can make you look like a horse girl or "that girl with the huge binder who asks the teacher what about the homework when they forget" if you don't style yourself nicely.
I'm actually a big fan of the fantasy or old hippie lady style ridiculously long long hair but most people will think it's strange.

No. 114761

you'll look really weird or religious no matter what race. waist length is too long imo and will still give you that weird aura. what you see as elfy and pretty, majority of the population wont

No. 114765

The biggest issue with really long hair is when obviously nothing is done with it, so it’s has those wispy broken off ends at different lengths and looks extremely unhealthy. I think really long hair can look good as long as you actually have it cut often and style it in some way, even if it’s just braids or a feminine headband - you have so much hair to work with, why not make the most of it

No. 114767

Like another anon said, I think as long as you trim it regularly, it's fine. It looks weird when it's obviously just grown to its set point and kept uneven.

No. 114769

who the hell cares what the general population likes?

No. 114771

i think color really matters. mine was very near my butt but my hair is brown-black and i'm pale, and surprisingly i got compliments all of the time from women, and mention of the elf thing from men, surprisingly, about my hair. i think it really depends how you do it. i truly think most blonde or mousy hair colors will look bad at very long lengths 90% of the time. horsegirls and religious women ALWAYS have mousy colored hair. i think if you avoid the mousy religious hair color you can maybe make it, but it also i think depends on your background. some people also just look more fundamentalist christian whitebread, facially

No. 114775

File: 1557814786732.jpg (49.33 KB, 465x700, tumblr_lj9glvWlT11qiozmxo1_500…)

>waist length is too long imo
Nah, it's true waist length can get into horse girl territory but it's the point where long hair can still be stylish, hold curls, have a distinct shape from layers etc. It's ideal when taken care of and I'm mad as fuck my hair has reached terminal length at bra strap length.

No. 114777

Yeah but if you dont have perfectly wavy hair it's much more difficult. Naturally straight hair is hard to keep so long when it's not coarse, especially. Her hair texture is amazing, ugh.

No. 114807

lol there are like 7 different hair products in her hair, she def goes to the salon more than once a month, and she styled it. "natural" has nothing to do with it.

No. 114851

thank you, that does make me feel better, but i do meet people irl that do nothing to their hair and have similar hair but like naturally and i hate them

No. 114972

File: 1558027333700.jpeg (126.7 KB, 1080x1350, 5E942D6B-DFDB-4AEC-9416-758D93…)

Would a pixie cut (kinda like pic related) go well with a long/narrow face?

I‘m so sick of my hair atm and I‘ve been thinking about going short again for ages. I‘m kind of in the process of finding myself after years of mental illness so the thought of a big change like that feels nice. I’m still really unsure though.
(Would love to shave it all off but I have a gross mole on my head that I’d rather keep hidden lol)

Totally open for pictures with possible suggestions, too.

No. 114977

File: 1558030828507.jpg (39.86 KB, 500x808, 21c53ff0e2f7a225c2ecfa6bb9aa6e…)

That length is actually my goal lol. I'm Native American though so it's sort of like a "muh cultural pride" thing for me.

I think generally knee length is too far, but hip length is impressive and can be quite pretty if styled and maintained. I especially think women with red hair look lovely with it long.

Personal taste since I'm no hairdresser (and you may disagree with my opinion on horse girl hair so take this with a bigger grain of salt), but I think messy pixies definitely suit women with either more narrow or heart shaped faces best. If you have a decent jawline and/or visible cheekbones it looks cool.

t. had one because I was inspired by angular women but it looked horrid with my rounded features.

No. 115090

File: 1558183937944.jpg (32.4 KB, 442x514, babybangs.jpg)

Would baby bangs look ugly with curly hair? I've had bangs before but with my voluminous hair and kinda small face, it swallowed me up. I would need to straighten it to make them get in place

No. 115092

I have wavy/curly hair and had bangs like these a few years ago. I personally think it looked good but I had to straighten them daily, sometimes more than twice a day. I like the style.

No. 115096

File: 1558186149376.jpeg (43.67 KB, 474x574, 30AD6B8D-B4A7-4A6E-84CD-BF500F…)

I may be biased but personally to me it looks super cute and youthful, adds a very friendly feature to the face

No. 115108

Wow that woman is super hot. And I think a pixie cut can suit any face type as long as you're fairly good-looking. It looks cute on girly features and sexy/androgynous on more mature/masculine features.

No. 115137

Yeah, that's definitely too long for me. I prefer middle of the back. By that time, my ends really need cutting.

No. 115138

So ugly, I'm sorry. She looks like a Portuguese water dog or a Wayne's World extra

No. 115161

Disagree with the other anon, this looks absolutely lovely!

No. 115291

File: 1558493213566.jpg (87.96 KB, 998x666, curly.jpg)

i think baby bangs look less abrupt and more natural when they're curly instead of straight. so it can look flattering

IMO i just side part my bangs if i don't want the brows or my five-head entirely hidden

No. 115552

File: 1558844405787.jpg (133.47 KB, 1024x1024, 20190525_233622-COLLAGE.jpg)

Can anyone give me some advice to get something like this look?
Products to use to hold?
Curling method? Roller size?
Sherilyn's is my favorite.

No. 115553

I would say stand up pincurls. There are a number of pincurl tutorials on youtube, they're relatively easy once you get the hang of it. And then you just sleep on it and brush it out in the morning.

No. 115561

i think you can find some of the setting patterns marylin and elizabeth used for their hair online. but like >>115553 said, pin curls.

No. 115562

Thank you both! I'm near hair-illiterate.

No. 115622

Make sure you do a wet set, and use a strong sculpting foam. I like Paul Mitchell's. Use a decent amount, combed through wet hair.

The main thing is doing your curls off-base to get that big volume.

For a beginner, it's my opinion this would be much easier and less time consuming to achieve through roller wet-sets than stand-up pin-curls - it's not easy to get good results with pin-curls for beginners, esp. when they're still getting the hang of rolling up a whole style.

Here's a really useful tutorial!

I would also add - a lot of these looks are more about how you sculpt the hair once it's set, than about using a specific rolling method. The main thing is that it's wet-set.

No. 115717

I guess this is more scalp/skincare than hair but I've been dealing with a really itchy scalp lately and I don't know how to fix it. It gets so itchy to the point where I get scabs on my scalp from scratching too much. The itchiness is pretty much only on my hairline on my temples and behind my ears, and it's the worst right before I wash my hair when it's greasy, and also right after I've washed it. It's definitely not lice as I've had lice in the past and there's no nits/lice in my hair.

I'm guessing it might be some kind of reaction to my shampoo, especially since I get itchy right after showering, and no other hair product I use touches my roots. In the past I used all kinds of random cheap shampoo with no issue but I recently switched to sulfate and silicone free shampoo for my curly hair. I've used multiple different brands but I still get itchy. Is there some kind of ingredient in these 'natural'/curly girl friendly/sulfate and silicone free shampoos that could be giving me a reaction? Should I go back to using shampoos with sulfate in it?

No. 115806

File: 1559173934015.jpg (59.63 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-190524093448-1024-…)

Just 2 days ago I decided that I'm finally "brave" enough to get weeb bangs (straight across, a la Kota) and now I saw this…
How can I know that I won't turn out looking like a middle aged aunt too?

No. 115807

>How can I know that I won't turn out looking like a middle aged aunt too?
simple deduction. don't have the face of a middle aged aunt.

No. 115818

Asian bang vs free botox

No. 115834

Ask these kind of questions your irl friends as they can see you.

No. 115888


Sounds like seb. dermatitis

Fuck the natural shit for a while. Get nizoral, sud it up and leave on for a little while then rinse out. It you have a removable shower head, run the water cold on your final rinse to soothe the itching.

No. 115903

Sounds a lot like my sebhorric dermatitis, if you search the term in this thread you can find a few posts about it!

No. 115907

Shampoo for horribly oily hair?
Tips on resetting your oil production?

I have incredibly sensitive scalp and most shampoos make my skin itch/flake. I've been using the same medical shampoo for seborrhoea for months and while it helps with my skin, it strips way too much of my natural hair oils which made my hair super thin and also produce oil like crazy. I don't want to wash my hair every day, it's shit as it is.

Also would like to know your opinion on clay hair products. Heard they're great for oily roots/dry ends combination.

No. 115908

I used some Bleach London semi-permanent pink/purple dyes on my hair in January, and because I'm a dumbass who wanted a bright colour without bleaching (my hair is naturally a lightish neutral blonde) I left it in for three hours. It looked great at first, but it's fading out badly - the lengths are a nice rose gold, but I have this big ring of dark magenta around where my roots were five months ago, and it's making my current roots look super mousy.

I was hoping to avoid permanent dyes, but I'm not sure I can get any more of the pink out. Should I bleach over it all (and hope the pink completely lifts out), or should I just wait and see if shower #99999 does the trick? I can't afford to go to a salon, and I've had bad experiences with things like ColourB4.

No. 115926

File: 1559334359137.jpeg (75.24 KB, 1280x720, D19BBA76-D199-458F-992A-ABAC6E…)

Ok so I’m in the process of getting out horribly done/patchy light purple hair and I’m stuck between staying blonde or going light pink. My only issue with staying blonde is I haven’t found the right toner for perfect platinum hair that doesn’t turn my shit silver or mousey silver like old lady hair, purple shampoo has not worked for me. I think pink is my best option for now bc I need a quick fix but does anyone have suggestions for a blonde toner? I want perfect lady Gaga blonde

No. 115930

Goldwell toner

No. 115968

Tbh, that's a bleach blonde that hasn't been toned at all. It's likely that your hair simply isn't light enough. Platinum is a different shade than your pic - it's a white blonde that you can achieve with Wella T18.

No. 115970

File: 1559366357207.jpg (822.19 KB, 2784x3872, brassy.jpg)

anon, this IS an old lady color. like, literally pic related. it's, imo, too brassy and a flat color. you definitely need some dimension in there if you're going to go for what appears to be an artificial blonde, or else it looks very hookery. no offense but this is a near impossible color to pull off and looks very artificial.

seconding the vote for the wella t18 though for actual platinum hair. it's really good at eliminating brassiness, but you probably won't be happy with how ashy it is since you prefer a brassier blonde.

No. 115973

File: 1559369105200.jpg (106.86 KB, 580x836, natural-make-up-tips-how-to-ge…)

Not old lady's hair at all, gaga is just ugly and so is the girl you posted. Isn't it strange her is light enough to be dyed light pink but too dark to be brassy? It's almost as if she doesn't need to dye it with any generic hair dye kit that brands itself light blonde to add some brass.

No. 115974

File: 1559370258841.jpg (29.47 KB, 660x381, 2NE1-Falling-in-Love-MV-7-660x…)

as if she just needs to*
but just wanted to add that this is not necessarily a bad look because look at pic related. to me it seems if you're cute it could be pulled off.

No. 115976

File: 1559371397780.jpg (929.13 KB, 2448x3264, d5f0ca20aa4a2ea138d265394083ac…)

That's the worst color so far. She looks like a goddamn highlighter. Are you guys colorblind?

Christina's haircolor here is nothing like Gaga's, but Christina has always worn notoriously ugly shades of blonde because her taste has always been trashy and cheap. Gaga's hair color is the blonde old ladies can only achieve because their silver hair won't pick up anything else. It's ugly and it has nothing to do with Gaga's jacked face, honestly. Nice blonde hair, unless platinum, needs dimension, imo. One color blonde hair is usually trashy looking, imo. I know you guys will complain, but imo, if you're going blonde, lowlights and highlights are a must, or even just slight variance in tones throughout is a must. It doesn't look right otherwise unless you're going platinum.

No. 115980

I wanted to be offended but then I realized: if her first dye job was badly done wtf is she even doing, why isn't she doing it at a professional?!

No. 115982

That's a really ugly colour. Also, gaga is not ugly.

No. 115984

How you gonna find the hair ugly but gaga not though? I mean I find the hair trash too but gaga is uggo.

No. 115989

I don't think so. These things are subjective, more news at 9

No. 115993

File: 1559399066971.jpg (198.33 KB, 700x700, 12-anna-wintour.w700.h700.jpg)

Make sure that your bangs start in the middle of your head, so your bangs will create an illusion of a bigger forehead which is neonetic and makes you look younger. If you already have a big forehead, you have to be careful because it can make you look out of proportion, so it would be better to start your bangs more forward. Anna Wintour has also ugly auntie bangs. Look where her bangs start! She has a small forehead, so she would benefit from longer bangs which start in the middle of her head.

No. 115994

File: 1559399395971.jpg (132.95 KB, 780x1040, c8fa581576df21327977d467ce4358…)


I meant neotenic. Oh and here is a good example of longer bangs which create a bigger forehead

No. 115998

I have a relatively big forehead and I'm ashamed of it. My hair is also pretty thin so I avoid bangs because they steal the little volume I have. What can I do? Any haircut suggestions?

No. 116005

File: 1559411434261.jpg (32.32 KB, 500x525, thin hair.jpg)

I wouldn't recommend extensions since you can see them through thin hair very well. Also no long hair because your hair will look stringy.

Now it depends on your face shape and style which length suits you best. If you have an oval face and a cool style, then short hair à la Ruby Rose would be great for you. Otherwise try shoulder-length hair with side-swept bangs since they don't need too much hair like full straight bangs. You should always give your hair some texture and volume. Backcomb your hair at the roots and use some dry shampoo because fine hair tends to look stringy and some hairspray to fix everything. You could either use a curling iron or braid your hair when it's still moist before you go to bed.

No. 116006

File: 1559411545603.jpg (93 KB, 684x1024, thin hair2.jpg)

No. 116100

File: 1559523408667.jpg (47.54 KB, 564x791, ca182ce293efdcef17423e108f9ea1…)

Hi all, I currently have hair like the pic attached. My hair is really fine and flat.

I want to keep it short but want to try bangs. I have a longer (oblong) face with defined cheekbones, big eyes and my face is very proportionate imo. My nose is has a dorsal hump from the side but looks fine from the front. My closest celebrity look alike is Emma Roberts with brown hair.

When I posted a picture of myself on reddit, I got told that bangs would be overwhelming for my "pretty features." Someone else suggested baby bangs, which no way in hell am I going to do. Now I'm kind of lost with what I should do.

With all of the info I've given, could I go for bangs or would I be better off avoiding them?

No. 116170

File: 1559621629952.jpg (34.47 KB, 480x480, 57258359_1407642622711904_8865…)

Whats a good short haircut for someone whose face shape is kinda like kota unshooped? I look like eggnot kinda but i'm darker/ non white

I'm 20 and Latina with frizzy medium hair if that helps.. my hair is not thin like dakotas tho i wish it was

No. 116171

Same anon but i meant short as in butchy/chin lenght hair. Mine is already medium lenght

No. 116176

File: 1559628611610.png (491.3 KB, 468x792, Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 4.10…)

I started going grey in my early-20s, I'm not even 30 yet and even my eyebrows/eyelashes are going grey. I've been really stressed/have chronic anxiety so I'm not surprised, my parents and brother also went grey before 30. this is the year I've decided to finally grow it out and rock salt and pepper.
apparently it takes a full year to grow most of it out, has any more silver fox anons gone through actually embracing greys? how did you style it in the meantime? anywhere I looked says use like powder touch-up for roots but I'm thinking I might just say fuck it and look like full blown aids for 12 months.
pic attached related, she looks fuckin SMOKING pray for me anons

No. 116188

She looks awesome, doesn't Stacy London have a grey streak in the front?

No. 116190

Be glad you don't have thin limp hair like Kooters has! I think voluminous hair is the best thing you could have with a face shape like Dakota. She has a bit of a chubby face that looks unbalanced with thin hair. I have a similar face shape (in particular a wider, kind of meaty jaw) and I've found that bangs swept to the side and thick "side pieces" of hair framing the face and reaching shoulder length look the best. I have long, very thick hair that's a little wavy. Updos work for me but only if I keep some hair hanging down the sides of my face.

Tried to find example pics but couldn't find any good ones and not sure if I feel comfortable posting myself on here.

No. 116203

Stacy London is in her upper 50's though, isn't she? So it's not like she's making a huge fashion statement by embracing grey.

No. 116207

No but she's been wearing it since yonks ago. And she looks cool.

No. 116248

Anon, that's amazing. I think grey hair is beautiful and I admire a lot of older ladies and their beauty. I'm not sure if I have any grey, would have to inspect

No. 116358

she has poliosis. the grey streak has been with her since she was in her pre-teens

No. 116432

does anybody have any recommendations for a dry shampoo that really absorbs up oil? most of the drugstore ones i’ve tried don’t really do much for my hair that gets pretty greasy by day 3/4. i have fine hair too, so the oil is more noticeable.

No. 116434

File: 1560077576543.png (385.9 KB, 982x972, shamps.png)

definitely this brand, it's miles better than batiste. I usually use the root-lifting version of this but this one is for oily hair, it's the one brand I can find that actually smells good and is relatively weightless. it's hard to go overboard with it, maybe try the clay one (pic related) or the root lifting one. Brad Mondo did a dry shampoo comparison video recently which actually was pretty helpful (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPa-IoZhTRU), shame he didn't showcase the loreal brand because it's pretty underrated imo. everyone just puts up with batiste but there's better shit out there.
if you're an aussie anon woolies sometimes even has better shit than priceline when it comes to dry shampoo so maybe keep an eye out and try the travel sizes (usually $4-$5 instead of $12-$16) until you find one you like. took me forever.
I have super oily thin hair but a shitload of it so I live for dry shampoo. keep us updated if you find a good one!

No. 116435

File: 1560084595423.jpeg (20.89 KB, 576x576, 024e03a5adc7e84c9929801c2375ce…)

I use this because it smells so good. I have pretty thick hair (lots of it, not necessarily thick individual strands,) so idk how it would work for you.

No. 116447

thank you! i'll def try out the l'oreal, i was considering buying the living proof dry shampoo but it's just too expensive for me to justify it. batiste dry shampoo just makes my hair look white, heavy and gross so i end up washing my hair more. super oily hair sucks : (

No. 116452

This is the only brand dry shampoo that smells good. They have a lot of good scents.

No. 116461

are you guys crazy? this shit smells awful.

No. 116462

File: 1560120338665.jpg (29.49 KB, 550x550, DP0418201717533092M.jpg)

I like hair goals by tarte. I have similar hair to yours and I have tried a lot of dry shampoo and this one works best imo. It is a bit expensive though.

No. 116463

mm i bet your hair smells good….

No. 116464

It’s me again, the other week I had a really good hair day, wish I took a picture of it. I basically had a hime cut with beach waves at the ends of my hair at the back from twisting it in a bun after washing to air dry, and by some luck my bangs and sides fell perfectly when many times it won’t frame my face when one side bends the wrong way or whatever.

But I think I know what’s causing my hair loss, it has to be the antidepressants I’m taking (sertraline). It’s listed as a rare side effect on the leaflet but since every antidepressant comes with such a long list of things that I wrote it off as them trying to cover their bases and forgot about it. I thought it was directly because of the event that led me to asking for my meds back but now I’m sure it’s the sertraline itself because I stopped taking them for a while last year. Inoticed the shedding stopped several months afterwards, then I went back on the meds this year. Now after 2 months I’m slowly shedding more again.

So if there’s any anons who take medication and notice problems with hair loss/texture but your hormone/iron levels/family history are fine, consider this. It feels like a choice between my mental health and my hair (though I’m doing better these days) but it’s actually a relief to pinpoint a cause instead of dealing with it, thinking it’s something wrong with you for unlucky genetics or ‘aging’ (I’m 21 fffs).

Anyway, on a lighter note:

> No poo is working for me, I went from washing every day to every 4-5 days and my hair seems less oily.

And how does anyone deal with frizz that’s from the hair texture itself? Mine is undamaged but it’s like 80% is razor straight or with a very slight wave and the other 20% is wiry and curly like my mother’s.

No. 116473

that's so fuckin' creepy, anon

No. 116479

Can anyone reccomend me ways to style really long hair? My hair is 124cm long and it's very difficult to manage it because it's also thick and my country is very humid so it looks like a disheveled broom most of the time. I usually use a bun or a simple braid but I'm getting really bored of them since I have worn them since I was 4.

No. 116481

File: 1560142355282.jpg (270.23 KB, 736x950, braid.jpg)

maybe braid it and then do an updo? at least thats what people used to do back in the old victorian days when most women had very long hair.

something like pic related could work, but i dont know if it would work for your hair specifically.

No. 116506

File: 1560191707344.jpg (23.15 KB, 343x450, 81LlIOsrySL._SY450_.jpg)

Need some advice for dry thick wavy/curly hair. I don't wash my hair everyday I wash it 2-3 a week. I don't know what shampoo/conditioner I should use. Currently i'm using the ones in the pic shown.

No. 116507

I meant 2-3 times a week* my bad but if anyone could recommend me something or tips to keep my hair tamed and less dry I would appreciate it.

No. 116509

I also have thick wavy hair that's super dry. My trick is using a leave-in conditioner in addition to my regular conditioner. Once I'm done showering and my hair is still dripping wet I coat it in a fuck ton of leave-in conditioner (and then put gel to help define my waves). I really like the Shea Moisture Jamaican castor oil conditioner but there are a lot of good options on the market.

No. 116510

I'd give you some recs but we have different hair types. Personally, I'm really digging OGX stuff right now, it's drugstore and it's not super crazy expensive. Also, try using a shampoo like Neutrogena Anti-Residue once a week to prevent product build up. Basically, you might want to try sulfate and silicone free shampoos and conditioners. A lot of people with curly hair like Shea Moisture. Some good hair masks are Neutrogina Triple Moisture hair mask and Carol's Daughter Almond Milk mask,

V05 is good and cheap.
Jojoba oil is great in hair too.
Jojoba/rosehip/sweet almond > coconut

No. 116551

i have kinda thin but curly hair and i've been using a fuckton of products for pretty much all my life so that my curls always look defined and there's no frizz.

but recently i decided to fuck it lmao. i went no-poo (water only) for three weeks straight and since then i use a shampoo-bar on my head like once or twice a week.

and it's the best thing i've ever done to my hair. it's curly, fluffly, volumious since there's no conditioner or gel that weighs the roots down. plus i feel like my scalp can actually breathe?

the only thing i stil do use is a bit of argain oil for my ends since they're a bit dry but im so glad that i've gottn rid of my x-gazillion products that cost a lot and used up a lot of my time. ugh. never again

No. 116556

Youre not supposed to put gel or conditioner on ur scalp. You were doing it wrong and your curls desperstely need conditioner at thr ends to lock in moisture.

No. 116590

nah gurl i didnt put it on my scalp but it still weighed it down, my hair is very fine so no matter what i did it'd just look flat.

and nope, hair's healthy, the oil's enough. but i guess it's v different for each curl type. don't think i'd skip on conditionier if i had thick af curls lol

No. 116664

I‘m 26 now and my hair is really sparse in the front. I kinda feel it’s always been this way but then again I‘m really worried it’s just me getting old.
It’s not as visible because I have bangs anyway but if I wear my hair back or something it’s really bad.

Is there something I can do? Afaik all those hair supplements only make your hair grow stronger/healthier, not necessarily thicker?

No. 116672

I also started to have thinning hair problems at 26. I tried a lot of things but what worked best for me was Nioxin. Use the shampoo and the leave in treatment and it works pretty well. It's not perfect but I definitely have more hair than I used to. I also use Hair Skin and Nails vitamins and they unironically help with my hair. I thought it was bullshit until I stopped taking them and my hair noticeably thinned again.

No. 116675

I have pretty thin hair and a big forehead but I hate bangs, I had them most of my life and was so happy without them, they would never stay in place and my hair gets oily fast so they always looked thin/wet/gross. What should I do with my hair?

No. 116686

what shampoo bar do you use?

No. 116707

I'm in the same situation, anon. I like bangs but I don't cut them because I already have so little volume… How long is your hair? I heard keeping it on the shorter or medium side helps since there's less hair weighing down and making it look even thinner.

No. 116772

Any advice on what to do from someone who's grown out a pixie cut before? I've gotten pretty bored of having short hair and want to grow it long again, but my hair is really thick and it grows back quickly whenever I thin it out so I keep looking like coconut head lol
The back is starting to look mullet-y too which is annoying, but thankfully the sides are starting to reach the bottom of my jaw. Do you just tough it out and let it keep growing, or is there anything else I can do to make it look less shit like keeping the back short while letting the sides grow out etc

No. 116785

You could try to style it, something asymmetrical could help. Aside from that, yeah just tough it out baby.

No. 116803

I have a fivehead and thin, fine hair. My bangs were always "piecey." I've finally decided medium to short length hair as >>116707 mentions and a side part. I've also come to not gaf about my big forehead.

No. 116810

I have like three cowlicks right on my hairline. Anyone know how to tame them? I fucking hate it. Of course they have to be right on my hairline

No. 116823

which area of your hairline? do you have a hairdresser you usually go to? usually they'll be able to help you style your hair to hide them pretty well. i can't wear a middle part cause of one that i have.

No. 116844

like you i have one on my middle part, one slightly to the right of my middle, and another to the left. i'm pretty sure i'm fucked to have three like right in the middle of my stupid face

No. 116872

File: 1560609932422.jpg (33.87 KB, 356x533, d3575a4c8e0f77d7819cff2a5a9b0b…)

I really love mine, I think it helps with volume of your hair if you style it right. I think the most important thing about having a cow's lick is to keep your hair long, as if it gets too short the follicles don't have any weight to stop it flipping straight up like an anime character's. If you're careful/inventive with parting the hair (around the directions of the licks) and part it loosely while wet and allow for it to air dry with some volume, the natural height can help to give your hair body. Don't try to comb them down but accept that's how your hair grows.

No. 116875

Doesn't long hair make your face look slimmer though? I have a big/wide head/jawline as well..

No. 116881

I mean the hair being thin, not the face.

No. 116982

File: 1560822217091.png (301.55 KB, 468x287, 2019-06-18 11_32_50-401e3a67ae…)

I've been box dyeing (I know) my hair red for years, but I'm getting pretty tired of the maintenance and want to go back to my natural mousy blonde without cutting my hair off. How difficult would it to be to go back, is it impossible without frying my hair to fuck? I want to get it professionally done but I'm worried it's not doable, esp with so much box dye in my hair. Shitty edit related, approximately my current color vs my natural (models aren't me, of course).

No. 116988

Color oops and color correcting with toner fixed my mess. You may have to bleach yours a little if it's darker now. Depends on how remover takes for you. I dyed my hair a dark blue green but had dyed with demi and like one permanent times under that, and I went back to a light mahogany in a few hours. Some hairdresser that was stopping into sallys saw my mess while get some supplies and told me I'd never be able to fix it and gave me her card. I did it super easily, and it looked really good when done and it wasn't much more damaged at all. You can get olaplex or something for the damage you'll do in trying to fix it but it's doable imo. Biggest part is dying/toning out the read. Maybe invest in a purple or blue depositing conditioner and shampoo too.

No. 117166

I want to shave my head but I know it'll look ugly af because I don't have a nice headshape (otherwise I'd do it instantly lol)

So I'm wondering if anyone has any small sidecut/undercut inspo or tips for it to not look extremely bad?

No. 117172

Try vitamin C lightening (youtube it!) It's not as damaging as a lot of options and ma y help you at least get the bulk of the color out

No. 117174

do it anyway! I thought I didn't have the face shape for it but I wasn't doing it for aesthetics so I did it but it ended up looking amazing. really brought out all my features and I think it does for pretty much anyone. it really changed my attitude toward myself, I stopped giving so much of a fuck and felt like a badass tbh. especially if it's summer where you are you won't regret it. if you're worried get it done professionally and they can shape it and give you a fade to make sure it suits you

No. 117175

As someone who had a number 0 all over shaved head for 5 years - don't do it. I'm currently growing it out and it has been an absolute nightmare. I'd say unless you are absolutely committed to it, go for it. If you can deal with looking like a mess every few weeks while your hair decides what it's doing, then try it. Otherwise, I'd not bother. It feels amazing, easy to care for and getting ready takes minutes, but ehhh… Go for a little undercut or something. Look on instagram for some of the short hair accounts on there. There are loads with lots of cool and cute hairstyles. I will suggest that if you do get any part shaved, do it to a number 2 grade unless you're ready to go severe at a 0. 2 is a nice balance between edgy and feminine, in my experience. Maybe go for a fade from a 2. At the end of the day, it's up to you, but that's all I can suggest. Sorry if it's rambly.

No. 117315

Yeah but I'm talking about my own face. I don't want to make my face look even wider and bigger than it already is.

No. 117316

File: 1561110093492.jpg (70.57 KB, 620x929, 16505-bangs-fake-em-knowing-yo…)

What do you guys think about faking bangs with your own hair? Like pic related or like making straight bangs by folding the hair. I won't do the knot thing because I don't have the face for that at all and I hate actual bangs so I'm wondering if this is an option for when I want to cover my big and bumpy forehead

No. 117321

Looks very outdated like it’s from 2008, reminds me of scene girls.

No. 117322

File: 1561121248304.jpg (141.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

What about this?

No. 117326

i feel like it wouldn't look as good irl. like you won'be stationary and will move eventually, or there will be a wind and it'll go through your hair and expose all those pins and everything. idk.

No. 117331

I think it looks fine, seems like a pretty normal hairstyle to me, and a lot better than cutting actual bangs and perhaps regretting it later. Go for it.

No. 117335

My thoughts exactly. Pic related is some mid 2000s ugly teen shit

No. 117362

File: 1561183684442.jpg (481.09 KB, 865x1075, Screenshot_20190621-123314_You…)

How can I tell if this hair color will be as flattering on my skintone as her's??

No. 117364

It's not flattering on her skin tone at all… If you don't have a cool skin tone you can't do a warm blonde

No. 117365

she would look much better as a dark brunette. that blonde really ages her.

No. 117371

wtf is that on her forehead?

No. 117375

File: 1561214338760.jpg (267.01 KB, 749x1101, Screenshot_20190621-024943_Sam…)

… is this still acceptable then?

No. 117384

Lmao please do not strive to look like this ugly bitch

No. 117387

i know you're joking, but wow, what an ugly color. i don't know why she chooses colors that never flatter her skintone. she's swimming in money…

No. 117401

She's in denial about being a brunette because her racist fanbase would like her less

No. 117402

Men are so dumb if they think that warm ass skin tone and brown eyebrows = natural blond hair. Literally retard tier

No. 117436

I recently chopped all my hair off into a pixie cut. I've got stupidly thick and wiry hair and I can't deal with having my hair even at shoulder length. About once a year I chop all my hair off, but I hate having long hair so much that I might end up cutting my hair myself every once in a while (I have serious hair anxiety because my parents used to threaten me every time I cut my hair as a young teen, later I learned it was because they were scared I was "turning into a dyke", I shit you not; as a result going to hairdressers is an anxiety inducing experience for me).

What's the best way to deal with the hairs that stick up at the back of my head after lying down for a while? Right now my hair isn't heavy enough to weigh itself down back there, so I gotta deal with those hairs sticking up the moment I rest my head against something.

I've thought about using gel, right now I use water and comb my hair out and that seems to do the trick, but I'd like an option that keeps my hair down for good even after I lie down for a bit.

My only issue with gel is that because of how thick my hair is, it's going to make my hair look greasy as the day goes on, even if I gel my hair properly. I have to carry a comb around with me to brush out my hair every few hours, I'm worried gel would make my hair look worse/greasier.

No. 117437

Hair spray and mousse perhaps?

No. 117439

People with warm skin can be blond though?

No. 117451

I've had an extremely stressful year so far and recently got some brain problems to boot so I've been losing hair like crazy. My hair is already very thin/sparce and it's making me wonder. Should I just chop it all off? Like, not a pixie, I have a pixie currently, but a buzzcut?

I think I pretty much decided by this point, there's nothing I could really do for myself beyond investing in a wig (and I fucking hate wigs) so I guess I would just like some encouragement? Maybe pics of cute girls with buzzcuts?

No. 117487

I take prozac (fluoxitine) and have for a long ass time, and I think it might be why my hair is thinning. I went up on my dosage recently, and I noticed increased hair fall. I fucking hate it, because I had a massive mental breakdown back in February, and I'm honestly scared to go off meds. I feel like I'm fucked. Gonna go to the doctor soon and maybe see if I can can get some insight as to whether it's the meds, or other factors, or all of the above.

Sage for blogpost blah blah.

No. 117656

File: 1561656930819.jpg (38.06 KB, 800x800, Maui_Moisture_Hib_Water_Shmp_1…)

Aight so I'm looking for a sulfate, coconut, and silicone free shampoo. I have fine hair that has a little bit of bend to it. Volume isn't a natural issue for me bc I have a lot of hair despite the fine-ness. I do get some shitty waxy buildup that I have to use clarifying shampoo on sometimes but not sure if that's my current shampoo or the water.

Currently using pic-related and I like it well enough but it seems to trigger fungal acne so looking for a new alternative. The coconut in it is the culprit I guess.

None of that literal soap with essential oil shit please, I'm not about to have to rinse my hair with vinegar after shampooing lmao.


No. 117659

File: 1561657813179.jpg (218.29 KB, 1242x1600, Nature box 1.jpg)

Idk where you're from but I think NatureBox could possibly interest you.

I also have fine hair and have been using the shampoo and conditioner without any buildup or causing it to grease up fast. There are also different types.

No. 117681

File: 1561680950920.jpg (7.21 KB, 224x348, B00AFCOVEO_Pantene_04242013_2_…)

My hair is thin so oil shows up easily, but it seems like I only get oily at my roots and the rest of my hair is a bit dry. I'm prone to split ends too. I'm thinking of trying using this keratin treatment regularly on my ends, but was wondering if anyone has recommendations for split end care/prevention and this combo of hair. I just got it trimmed.

No. 117777

This is exactly my problem too. I like argon oil on my ends but I'd also like more suggestions

No. 117813

I'm >>117681 and I'm trying deep conditioning hair masks, I did one last night and I haven't brushed my hair out but so far it doesn't seem to have been too greasy for my hair. I just used this without regular conditioner. I don't think I'll be able to take that keratin stuff with me since I'm traveling though lol so I may be experimenting and can check back if I find any solutions.
I think the reality is you can't really help split ends once they start but you can help breakage by conditioning/nourishing the hair with moisture and vitamins and minerals and proteins it needs. I've heard oral supplements could help, besides treating the hair.

No. 117832

File: 1561853440107.png (128.6 KB, 515x560, download.png)

Have you tried any Noughty stuff? No sulfates or silicones. Fairly sure there's no coconut in the one I'm using at least. I get it from boots.

No. 117923

File: 1561959434891.jpg (82.45 KB, 900x900, caae82aca1fd9fb186addc439446e7…)

FINALLY found a curling method that works for lazy bitches like me who suck at styling with curling irons, straighteners, rollers, etc and has spent years struggling with them. Takes 5 minutes, zero skill, no heat, comfy to sleep in, and the curls turn out quite decent. 10/10 would recommend.

No. 117943

how the fuck can you not use a curling iron? not trying to be mean, this is a real question.

No. 117945

Anon, that's so cool. Do you have a link?

No. 117950

I usually curl my hair by sleeping with braids and taking them out in the morning. How would you say something like your pic compares?

No. 117952

i'm >>117943 and i have a follow up to this. it's totally fake because step 2 is clearly already curled.

No. 117999

Nta, but never in my life have I used a curling iron, and I have long hair. Not sure whether I'd be able to make curls with one.

No. 118016

My hair just doesn't hold curls for them, I dunno why. And I struggle with my non dominant curling direction, so one side looks worse than the other.
Just google headband curls
Braids give you wavy hair ime, this is actual curls
Huh…? There are a million tutorials out there and I've done it myself several times, that's just how it looks. I twist the hair as I put it into the braid so of course it will naturally curl overnight.

No. 118018

Settle down, betsy. People with straight hair be like…

No. 118036

>write completely harmless post about curling my hair
>get weirdly suspicious response accusing it of being fake
>somehow I'm the one who needs to settle down

Tf? I'm settled but very confused

No. 118043


you high bb?

No. 118130

File: 1562115165773.png (5.39 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_07-02-07.50.46.png)

Does anyone here have brand recommendations for peach hair dye? Almost every tutorial I see for this color, it turns out too neon, bright, too orange, or too pink. I really want something that's equally pink and orange and lighter. Idk, maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing by calling it "peach."

No. 118131

I think with most hair dyes, it really depends on your base. I have blonde virgin hair that I have dyed with Manic Panic dyes before and it turned out quite neutral back when I was in highschool.
Best tips I could give you, make sure your base isnt an orange or yellow blonde. Use purple shampoo religiously, make sure that the orange/peach isnt being oversaturated by being on top of a yellow base. Then secondly, especially the third image, looks like it has been washed out alreaday. Sixth image looks like freshly dyed with pink roots?
Only person I know that has hair like this is Marzia, PewDiePies girlfriend.

No. 118134

Thanks for all the advice, anon! Half of my hair is currently that gross, brassy brown from being dyed dark brown a long time ago and not touched since, and the other half is my natural ash, light mousey blonde. I definitely don't want peach with pink roots, but I thought the peach color on the ends was pretty nice. Maybe I just like it in comparison with how bright and pink those roots are? Anyway, do you think I could buy two dyes, a pink and an orange, and mix them with conditioner to get the result I want?

Shit, this is going to turn into a huge paragraph. I should probably explain that I want to bleach my hair and then tone it back to something close to my natural root color. THEN put peach dye on top of that so I can keep my upkeep minimal (just some colored dye on my roots instead of having to bleach first.)

No. 118140

Alright I think a huge point with this will be, since you have two toned hair right now, to balance it out. Take your time with the bleaching, make sure that your hair is one solid (or at least very uniform) color before proceeding. I think mixing two colors isn't a bad idea at all, implying you have long-ish hair though.. once you're ready to dye it all peach, take a hair strand and dye it. see if it's too pink or too orange, or leave it for a few days and see if it fades down to what you want.

No. 118143

Yeah, I'm sure the bleaching will be difficult. I do have long hair, a bit longer than halfway down my back. I'm considering a chop up to my collarbones, though. It's not particularly damaged or anything, I just want a new look since it's been about two years of leaving it in it's current, hellish state.

No. 118151

I mean I always tell all my friends to never chop below shoulder length if they go from really long, regret can set in very fast. Maybe do a chop after the bleaching, to evaluate the damage to the ends.

No. 118479

If you have a yellow base you can just put pink over it (mixed with conditioner to sheer out) and it will turn peach. Don't fry your hair getting it silver just to put orange and pink on. Add pink on top of yellow and youll already get a salmon…

No. 118525

File: 1562482031703.jpg (231.94 KB, 1080x1349, 60745571_2387040534694229_4743…)

I've been growing my stupid hair for like 3 years and now that it reached my waist I miss having a bob.

No. 118927

have any of you tried the rice water treatment? basically you ferment rice and apply the water to your hair. some use it as a mask while others leave it in after they have washed their hair. i did a "rinse" after i washed my hair yesterday (after rinsing out my conditioner i applied rice water to my hair and left it). i'm very surprised by the result. my hair is very soft and sleek, almost silky? apparently these treatments depend on your hair type, but it seems to work for most people. lots of youtubers claim this can make your hair grow very quick. i think i'll try using rice water every time i wash my hair and see if there's a noticeable difference in two months. thoughts?

No. 119026

Rice water is lovely for both skincare and haircare, it's not going to make your hair grow faster though, no matter what idiot youtubers say. Just try and buy it instead of making it yourself, rice water is a great medium for bacteria and fungi to thrive in. Have you tried ACV rinses?

No. 120540

I'm so annoyed that my hair has started shedding massive amounts again, you can see the line of my scalp down the back of my head now and I hate how my forehead ghosts through my bangs. If it's not my medication then idk wtf it is and the stress of finding a GP who cares enough to look into it isn't worth it. Everything I've read tells me products for hair growth are all pretty much snake oil, they either only keep what's remaining or artificially mask bald spots and I'm gonna go patchy eventually, might as well stop giving a fuck and save my money.

No. 120619

File: 1564697679555.jpg (18.36 KB, 304x304, 21b421d63bf3ee1d5e3d1d39452fb2…)

>have great hair and usually wear it up
>spend years wondering why headscarves and cute bands wont ever, ever stay on no matter what tricks I use
>back of hair always looks stupid

I've just recently realised it's because the back of my head is fucking flat bc I was left alone in the crib almost constantly as a baby and toddler. There is no changing my damn head structure lads I'm done

No. 120621

you could bundle your hair in a way so that it adds the roundness back to your head? I'm asian and my head is naturally like that (those pics in the kpop thread make me cringe) and that's how I keep my berets on.

No. 120626

>bundle your hair in a way so that it adds the roundness back to your head
How are you supposed to do that? Link pics from the kpop thread please.

No. 120645

File: 1564720909444.jpg (88.63 KB, 599x1007, How To Tease And Fluff Your Ha…)

I think anon meant that you should tease your hair?

No. 120888

File: 1564940393053.jpeg (91.02 KB, 720x960, A369F886-E12F-4A65-8DAB-36BBC1…)

I have a pear shaped face shape like Anisa’s and a tiny cave man forehead like Kelly Osborne’s. My current hair goes up to my waist and takes attention away from my unfortunate face shape but I want to get a bob cut around chin/shoulder level with no bangs. I feel like that’ll be a bad idea with the type of head shape I have. But those 1940s/50s vintage waves really fit my aesthetic (pic related). Any advice on how to get those waves? Should I go for the bob or keep growing my hair to my tail bone?

No. 120892

This hair is usually shoulder length or a bit longer, then set in big barrel curlers for those huge waves, and pinned back in a certain way with hairspray. Look up vintage hair tutorials on YouTube

No. 120932

File: 1564975900387.jpg (45.54 KB, 471x588, 1521063184938.jpg)

I have this awkward small lego head on a large tall body combination. My hair now is at the bra strap length, sandy color. What haircut/hairstyle would help me?
(photo from the confetti club thread) I would greatly appreciate examples of people with similar face shape for future reference.

No. 121072

File: 1565149458220.jpg (76.48 KB, 639x792, 0094cb9a26686750c6ca2c9e45e1fa…)

how long does hair color typically last on your brows when you dye them to match your hair? i'm planning to go red similar to pic related but i have very black hair naturally, and unfortunately also the eyebrows to go with it. i'm not worried about bleaching and then dyeing my brows, more so about whether or not it'll look ridiculous when the black hair shows through. will it be something i'll have to touch up constantly?

No. 121076

Lol it's not gonna look good or right. Going from dark to light always looks uncanny.

No. 121085

i kind of get what you mean but dark hair doesn't do me any favors. when i had my hair super light my skin looked more alive, less washed out, and i looked good in clothing that looked like shit on me when my hair was still black. as much as i would like to not have to damage my hair and possibly get bleach in my eyes, leaving it dark isn't an option

No. 121086

File: 1565162610149.jpg (255.99 KB, 1440x1440, Redbalayage01.jpg)

I'm thinking maybe go to a hairdresser for this anon. Home hair lightening is not advised for black hair. What I think looks good, and will not look jarring with dark eyebrows (yes they do grow back super quick) is if you leave the roots and brows dark, and only lighten the lengths and ends. Then also go for a more obviously ruby red rather than a natural auburn.

I just searched "red balayage" on Insta and got results for exactly what I'm thinking of.

No. 121087

File: 1565162641352.jpg (917.28 KB, 1080x1080, Redbalayage02.jpg)

No. 121088

The way you describe it, it sounds more like cool/warm issue instead of light/dark. You should look into darker dyes that are warm or cool toned, maybe you'll find some better options.

No. 121118

i didn't think much about balayage, that could actually be a good solution that's a little bit less high maintenance. thank you anon!
that could be it, another problem is that my natural color lacks any dimension. it's just a very dark black and it makes me look sickly, since i'm very fair skinned

No. 121122

Go for a down-to-earth brown on your brows instead of matching the light hair color. Your dark hairs will look like shit poking through the bleached ones but brown will blend more gracefully.

For actual head-hair color I'd actually recommend a warm brown that is lighter than your natural color but isn't gonna require your hair to be lifted all the way to blonde.

No. 121198

Depression had me in a stump for years and as a result my hygiene took a huge nose dive. Therapy and self evaluation made me get back on the path to becoming healthy, mentally and physically, but my hair has suffered from my mistreatment and neglect.

I have curly, but fine hair that's really frizzy because I just tied it tight in a bun and never let it down for days. It created bald spots where the hair was pulled tight and I was wondering if there was anything special to help it grow back or did I fuck myself over beyond repair?

At the moment I'm using the Maui hair products for helping the frizz and curls and it had been working nicely. I just really want to style my hair again without having to worry about the bald parts showing. It's most prominent around my hairline and the sides; basically the whole middle part around my head is thinned and damaged with frizz. Would deep fortifying conditioners help that frizz die down a little?

No. 121263

File: 1565461213985.jpeg (55.67 KB, 636x711, 01DC9113-73CC-4A49-9CD6-0A8A93…)

I mean strategically bun your hair or just stuff the majority of its mass into whatever you’re trying to wear. Like my berets will always slip off if I only put it on my head so I tuck in some hair to fill it up.

There’s no way I can find the specific pictures but I’m talking about pic related. It sounds racist but the flat head thing seems kind of true… one day I saw my profile in the mirror and it mortified me learning the back of my head was like that, wondered if I was deformed but I looked at my family and they had the same sort of shape. Sometimes I think "would this bother me" if I didn’t live in a world where I’m surrounded by pictures of pretty people/models/celebs/etc who happen to all be Euro or American (i.e white) but I doubt the feature would be attractive regardless of race, but what if a race happens to have features no one finds attractive? It’s impossible to tell. I sure as fuck wouldn’t go as far as to get surgery to ‘fix’ my skull though. Sage’d.

No. 121565

File: 1565828226484.png (2.87 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_08-14-07.14.41.png)

Is this color hard to maintain? My natural color is a mousy ash blonde.

No. 121573

Seconding this, I too have a pretty similar face shape and body as this girl and also no idea what to do with my hair. Any advice?

No. 121580

File: 1565842983483.jpg (296.69 KB, 599x844, CanCam_201906_p56_a-2019042417…)

I posted earlier about having thick, coarse, slightly wavy hair with a lot of frizz that was impossible to style and asked for advice. All my life people were advising mousses and gels and they always made my hair gunky, limp and greasy. I always used products for fine hair, wondering why they worked.

Well… I seem to just have low porosity hair. I heard about it from a hairdresser before but didn't know what it actually means. She would always advise me to wash my hair twice and clarify it and I just thought she didn't know what she was talking about because everyone on the internet keeps saying sulfates are bad and washing once is plenty.

Nope, it was I who was the dumbass all along. I just did it yesterday and my hair is so soft and completely frizz-free. Just letting any anons know if they're struggling with the same problems, check your hair porosity. It matters a lot, hair thickness matters less than you think.

No. 121583

I'm pretty sure that skill shape thing is only based on how you were allowed to sleep as a baby as well as how long you were left in the crib. My mom says she tried hard to get me to put my head sideways when I slept and limited my non-sleep crib time to avoid it. I'm eurasian ethnically, not sure if there's a racial factor.

No. 121586

No. 121587

How do you clarify your hair? I've never heard of this before

No. 121591

Basically strong shampoo, or a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos aren't that common where I live, so what I did was use a shampoo bar from Lush (they give you that "squeaky clean" hair, which isn't good every day but once or twice every 2 weeks is fine) and then my usual scalp care shampoo.


No. 121614

Is it harmful to do an apple cider vinegar rinse regularly? I'm talking like once or twice a week. I love how clean my hair and scalp feels for a long time after I do it

No. 121621

File: 1565881428287.jpg (50.1 KB, 500x689, 6bd0737da800a9c8ee20166cfb2165…)

Is a non-drastic ombre still outdated? I really want to do my hair this way but a bit unsure.

No. 121628

It's dated but hairstyles are more about whether they look good on you. Get it if it's gonna improve your looks.

No. 121636

Thanks! It seems I have low porosity as well (and an ever-lasting struggle with frizzy hair) so I'm gonna give this a go.

No. 122194

File: 1566791000234.png (1.66 MB, 1064x1020, Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 11.4…)

was a tomboy my whole life so i need help
how do i get dasha curls/waves whatever

No. 122195

File: 1566791065349.png (799.9 KB, 934x734, Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.5…)

No. 122196

File: 1566791258300.jpg (75.62 KB, 827x827, 71ee9b78990da13e783b8224ffd3be…)

No. 122198

should i just shave all my hair :( bc im shedding ALOT sometimes i think i have some kind of undiagnosed illness bc how of much hair im losing RIP

No. 122201

Way ot, I hate Dasha but I think she's pretty and I do like her hair.
A lot of women are shaving their heads for neat reasons (protesting beauty standards, way easier to take care of) so whenever I see a woman with a shaved head I think she's so cool.

No. 122207

Someone is putting thallium powder in your glasses of water

No. 122221

Get a curling iron (large barrel for loose waves) and brush your hair after curling it to loosen up the curls. You can also use a flat iron if you happen to have one, but it's a little more tricky.

No. 122223

what inch size?

No. 122285

File: 1566938620587.jpg (225.13 KB, 1210x1280, 23424114.jpg)

Is it possible to look good blonde if you have pale cool-toned (pinky) skin and very dark eyes?

No. 122288

Its a neat contrast, the girl in the pic proves it too!

No. 122294

yeah thats the prettiest combo imo. i like it better than dark hair and light eyes

No. 122312

File: 1566975812295.jpeg (183.69 KB, 1242x1479, 5DB3721A-05AE-4F22-BF3E-3C72B1…)

Anyone know a wig that is styled like this???

No. 122314

I dyed my hair black several months ago but now I want to get rid of the black and bleach it. It is a mix between brown and dark brown on some areas right now. Is it worth it to buy a pigment remover then visit the salon to bleach when it is all black pigments are gone? I should mention that my hair is very long (around 80cm) and I have a lot of it, making hairdresser trips extremely expensive. Also, if anyone here has used pigment removers or whatever they are called, I am open for suggestions.

No. 122339

What brands (Instagram shops, physical stores, websites) would you recommend as far as clip-in extensions go? My hair is nearly waist-length, but I would like to increase the thickness. Are there any specific beginner's tutorials that I would benefit from watching?

No. 122344

You should just go to a salon. I have long black hair and if I ever try to change it I just go to the salon. You’ll end up frying your hair or it’ll just look shitty

No. 122345

same anon, i've been thinking about doing it too but i'm too much of a coward because i know i dont have the face for it. I cut my hair close to chin length though and it helped a bit to make it feel more thick again because of all the split ends i had. I'm also gonna try if biotin and MSM will make any difference to my hair growth

No. 122350

Funny Valentine lookin ass.

No. 122352

>have thin, frizzy, dry, curly hair
>it's just fucking ugly ass hair
>after years of bullshit finally get it past my shoulders bc the shit never grows out
>but it's very thin at the ends from severe split ends
>go to hairdresser for a trim
>she admits she'd have to lob off 4 inches to realistically get rid of all the damage
>reluctantly agree
>hair is now at shoulder length
>damage still present in the back slightly because of how I sleep on it

I just want pretty hair…

No. 122372

>frizzy, dry
so you even take care of it… you have curly hair, it's gonna take more than a haircut.

No. 122444

I know your pain, Anon! I've been using love, beauty, and planet lavender shampoo and conditioner and it worked wonders for my hair. I recommend you try that, but put the shampoo on before you get your hair wet then rinse it off. Also with curly hair you never want to brush it, as it ruins the natural curl and makes your hair look like a frizzy mess, so to untangle your hair just run your fingers through it in the shower with light conditioner. You could also put in curlers or braids while you sleep. Best of luck taming your mane!

No. 122452

File: 1567159569240.jpg (128.79 KB, 715x757, IMG_20190830_220632.jpg)

opinion on shag cuts?

No. 122455

File: 1567163890632.jpeg (72.95 KB, 486x648, E280365B-E88D-4BF7-86DF-658AC9…)

Can look ok depending on the person’s overall aesthetic, but def not for everyone. That pic is mullet tier imo and extremely unprofessional looking. Lol. Just get a textured layered haircut like pic attached

No. 122460

This is an odd length. I'm trying to find a good example, but they always make the ends flip out. I don't mind shaggy cuts, longest I like them is just above the shoulders.

No. 122465

Can be a monumentally terrible idea if you can’t pull it off. Tinyalgae on ig recently got one and they already look mentally challenged so now it’s just really sad because it doesn’t look intentional, it looks like she was squirming too much for her handler. If you’re relatively cute/clean it may work.

No. 122466

I would kill for that amount of volume.

No. 122480

I have that volume naturally and it looks dumb. If I'm not careful my hair looks like it just exploded.

No. 122692

File: 1567500199930.jpg (126 KB, 1440x797, 0450c01ab50e67fd18d0058bef1f28…)

I want to cut my hair at home bc poorfag and my hair is super thick and wavy/curly so I'm not worried about small imperfections since you probably won't be able to tell. I'm considering trying the method in pic related but I'm a little nervous, anybody tried it? Are the results actually good? I'm not expecting salon-tier perfection of course but I just don't want to fuck my shit up.

No. 122693

Go to an African/natural hair place or Dominican if you speak Spanish it’s like 30$

No. 122694

For DIY cuts for curly hair never wet it it always makes it uneven and odd, but the graphic does make sense from a technical standpoint.A key thing to remember is to under cut, give your self an inch or more extra than you want off so that way when your hair springs back its at the length you want.

No. 122710

when i did the first unicorn cut it looked good, but the double one didn't look so hot. i had to correct it and then it looked alright, but i would probably stop at the first one. look up unicorn cut/diy curly cut videos on youtube!

No. 122771

File: 1567633595910.jpg (1.5 MB, 2560x1920, deco.jpg)

I've always loved bangs, but full bangs are such a pain to maintain, so I've been thinking of getting them like pic on left.
Are there any other types of bangs that can be moved around easily?

Also would a layered cut like pic right be ok for thick wavyish hair?

No. 122774

layered hair of any kind is great for thick hair but it will need styling to look like that. i got my hair cut similarly to this and bought one of those round blow dry brushes for mine. if i'm too lazy to do that i just use some mousse to make it look fluffy.

No. 122776

File: 1567642551090.jpg (43.93 KB, 564x783, 20180625-104411-81d275f3554859…)

How can I get my hair to do this? Middle parts for me never have any volume. In general, k-haircare info/thread link? they always have such volume in a way a lot of western 'tutorials' just ignore.

No. 122778

>>122776 just search korean youtubers that do hair.

No. 122789

Anyone dealing with hair loss here and taking things for it? I’m feeling bummed about getting patchier and patchier, I wanna know what my choices are without disguising it with stuff that washes out after a day.

No. 122799

Have you had the cause of your hairloss investigated by a doctor yet? Could be hormonal.

No. 122841

Only a couple and they didn’t look into it at all, they just told me ‘it’s a normal part of aging’ and ‘there’s products out there you can buy’ without first investigating anything or talking with me over my supposed options. I’m looking into female pattern baldness and that’s one depressing rabbit hole. I’m a 22 year old girl, I thought I was safe, why me? This is so unfair.

No. 122846

losing hair is not part of aging at 22, wtf? were these male doctors? you should really pursue testing if you can. don't let an overworked gp ignore your problems just so they can play catch-up.

No. 122848

Nah, one was a woman and she was the worse of the two, the other one was only new and here on training. Ngl I got a bit starry eyed around him for some reason, he was really warm, while the first doctor is on salary here and my parents complained about her arrogant attitude before I even met her. Yeah, I don’t know how an older woman can look at me, see my birth date on her screen and tell me it’s aging, wtf.

So I’m still down this rabbit hole, pattern balding for both sexes works by follicles being more sensitive to DHT (something testosterone is converted into) and that makes your hairs smaller and finer until it stops growing entirely. Minoxodil (rogaine) only stimulates growth so I want to take it with a DHT blocker, but those all come with their own side effects, which are manageable but are apparently a bitch to get a hold of if you’re a woman because they’re not safe for pregnancy and they’re mostly for male related problems (less data on if it’s safe for women so they’re wary about giving it). As for why I’m even losing hair anyway, I looked that up and realised I might have a very stealthy PCOS and I’m not just unlucky. Fun times ahead.

No. 122850

Have you had a blood (+ thyroid panel) test taken? It could be due to something being out of whack. Agree with other anon, you deffo need to see another doctor. Hope all is resolved soon

No. 122857

You definitely need a blood workup done and I'm shocked that neither doctor you saw didn't suggest that first thing. Ask specifically for it. If you have PCOS you can easily get on medication that will stop the hair loss.

No. 122942

Ntayrt but I'm suffering from hair loss myself for a long time, although I'm about your age.

My thick, shiny hair is now gone and what's left is only a tiny, frizzy bundle.
In my case it's most likely genetic; it's quite rare but it can happen (when you're extra lucky like me).
Like the others said, you should definitely get some tests done but sadly not all doctors know much about pcos so look for a good one.
Whether it's pcos related or not, there's still not much you can do about androgentic alopecia sadly. Therefore, I really really hope yours is only temporary and that you don't have to go through what I've been going through so far.

No. 123065

Had one done almost a year ago now (Oct 2018). I just got back from seeing that same doctor and I think I hate her.

Every time I mentioned something she shut me down, this is how the appointment went:
>repeatedly told me "there is no cause for your hair loss"
>every time I bring a concern up like PCOS in relation to the hair, "oh yes, that was tested for in your blood test. Your results are normal and you don't have _". Every problem was shut down using my results even though you can't rule it out on normal numbers alone.
>talked about acanthosis nigricans (as a sign of insulin resistance from PCOS), she told me, "yours is very light, do you shave?" (yes but only the past couple of years) "its due to shaving making the skin thicker".
>repeatedly told me "minoxodil is not right for your type of hair loss" (how can she know this, if it's not been diagnosed?) and "minoxodil is not licensed" and something about a prescription. Then how can I walk into fucking Boots and buy some Rogaine or order it online without one?
>I bring up hair miniaturisation, my hairs are definitely coming out shorter and thinner every time. She tells me "that's regeneration, a sign it's growing back". Yeah I know it's growing back, the problem is it's growing back worse and will eventually stop, ffs
>"there is no point in referring you to a specialist because they will tell you the same thing, there is no cause for your hair loss"
I was so mad yet anxious to avoid confrontation so my mind went fucking blank and I wasn't able to challenge her shitty points. Am I being crazy or something?

No. 123066

She is a bad fucking doctor. I can't wait for these retarded cunts to be swapped for AI that will actually entertain your concerns and test you for whatever you might actually have.

No. 123075

Is this a dermatologist or your primary care physician? There's a reason why those who score low on boards become general / primary care physicians because they're too stupid to become anything else.

No. 123077

She’s a primary care phys, she refused to refer me to a dermatologist on both occasions. I had no idea about that by the way, I feel like I’m at the whim of whoever I see.

No. 123078

where do you live/what type of plan do you have? people who don't understand insurance sometimes have a plan that doesn't require referrals. if you live in USA and have a PPO, you don't need one, check with your insurance.

No. 123079

Just look up dermatologists in the area and make a appointment, that's what I would do at this point.

Also switch your primary and ask your friends for recommendation for a better one. If your primary isn't helping you with something they see as "minor," then they will not help you with something that is serious down the line.

No. 123084

UK, low income, it's typical NHS fair. Luckily I was able to book to see another GP in my practice this week, this doctor isn't actually my designated one but she was the only one available at the time (can you believe this clinic is planning to expand to even more patients? Bloody hell). rn I'm telling myself just because hair loss is 'cosmetic' doesn't mean it's not as serious as other dermal problems, I deserve to be treated. I'll try and contact another place that has a dermatology unit but it's also run by the NHS and I'll bet it's gated behind a GP referral.

No. 123085

Good luck UK anon, I assumed you were in the US but I guess I was wrong.

No. 123238

File: 1568259419623.jpeg (195.77 KB, 2048x1228, katebush.jpeg)

This may be a weird desire to have, but I'm really into 80s big hair. However, I hate the work for it and feel like my hair goes flat easily even when I do it. I absolutely adore Kate Bush's hair in pics like pic related and I actually look quite a bit like her, so I think it would suit me, what would I need to do to get hair like this? Especially something that is lower effort so I could do it daily or at least often. ||please don't tell me it's getting a perm…||

No. 123243

you could curl your hair before bed and brush the curls out in morning for volume. perms aren't bad, anon. there are thio-free perms that are less damaging, i have done them on my hair and it looked pretty. i would recommend adding olaplex to your waving lotion and regularly using no 2 or doing water/olaplex treatments to keep it really really nice though

No. 123248

What I do is make two or more tight braids in the shower after putting in conditioner. Then sleep on it and take them out the next morning. After brushing through it gets incredibly poofy and 80s-tier big.
Make sure to be gentle while braiding though, since your hair is more vulnerable to breakage when it's wet.

No. 123549

Maybe this is a dumb question, but can blonde hair be coarse? I would assume it can, but it seems like I heard somewhere blond hair strands are always thinner

No. 123657

It can be coarse, it's just uncommon.

No. 123679

File: 1568776589228.jpeg (310.22 KB, 1125x1125, 17ECE6D5-E78D-497B-A86B-987176…)

Has anyone here ever gotten a weave? Did it look natural and where did you get your hair bundles from? Does it feel comfortable in hot weather and can you style it in up dos? Can you have a fringe/thick bangs?

No. 123701

Go to a black hair salon that also does caucasian weave, get a net and an elastic band installed

Does it feel comfortable in hot weather?
Lol no
and can you style it in up dos?
If you have leave out yes

Can you have a fringe/thick bangs?
Yes but it has its cons

No. 123717

I have the chance to buy the garnier fructis hair food hair mask (either coconut or avocado) 400ml + the argan oil of morocco 100ml, together for $25.
Afaik the real value of these products is much cheaper.
I have heard good things about both, but idk if they are actually good, or only "good for the (original) price". Like are they worth it as to pay so much extra for them?
(I don't live in the us)

No. 123718

File: 1568830638144.jpg (40.31 KB, 479x583, 588t78.JPG)

I had a weave for a long time while growing out my own hair after a buzzcut. It was a glue in weave though, not sewn in. They use a silicone based glue.

It looked very natural. Much more natural than clip ins, because it lays flat on your head. It can get a little sweaty in the summer, but mostly just because your hair will be very thick - it's no different than real thick hair.

A lot of up dos are possible, just takes some practice to get right.

No. 123721

Also i purchased wellaplex because i have no way of getting the original olaplex from a trustworthy source in this country.
It's a different type of bond builder than olaplex. If anyone is interested i'll come back to let you know how that goes.

No. 123739

make sure your moroccan argan oil is just argan oil. a lot of those products are diluted with dimenthicone or cyclopentasiloxane and/or other cheaper oils

No. 123993

So I have type 2B hair (I literally just found out I didn't know they had classifications like this) and I have no clue how to handle it. My mother had really thin hair so I never grew up knowing what to do. My hair is about shoulder length now, it gets frizzy really easy (especially in any humidity or inclement weather.) I do not heat style, or use chemical dyes (I henndigo though) I wash every other day and I brush everyday. If its not too much trouble can someone give me advice on my hair. Am I washing too much? Brushing too much? Help.

No. 123998

Look up the curly girl method, you might benefit from some of that advice even if you don't follow it 100%

My frizzy, wavy hair is much nicer without any brushing/combing. Lots of conditioning and switching to mild shampoos helped, too.

No. 124032

Anyone have experience using chamomile to lighten hair?

No. 124037

I do!

Chamomile doesn't really lighten hair, but it does give it sort of a golden sheen if your hair is light enough to show it. Honey on the other hand does lighten hair, especially combined with certain spices like cinnamon. What's lightening hair in the honey method is literally hydrogen peroxide (aka bleach) except its an extremely ineffective garbage amount that will have you redoing the sticky shit over and over with barely a result.

Just get vol10 developer and bleach, lightly work some oil into your hair beforehand, and keep it on for a few minutes and you'll lift your hair better than 15 applications of honey and it won't really fuck up your hair. Honey is bullshit in comparison and it's messy.

Also people claim vol10 developer "doesn't lift hair and is only to deposit color" but they're incorrect.

No. 124068

File: 1569341302884.jpg (140.21 KB, 640x640, 34743554_1849304771853457_8014…)

how the fuck do i get my hair long? my hair has been shoulder length since 2014 and i cannot get it any longer. i would leave it uncut for months and months and it seems to break off /by itself/ making it the same length once more. what do i do?

No. 124069

I know you don’t want to hear this but you’ve got to get a trim, no more than half an inch will do. If you go too long without cutting then the lower half of your hair becomes very thin. Once you do this you should see some results. Also be sure to keep a good diet because hair growth starts in your food, make sure you’re getting all your vitamins. I’m a hairdresser btw

No. 124070

Some people can grow hair this long - others are genetically predisposed to hair loss when their strands have reached a certain length.

No. 124080

as >>124070 says, it is genetically determined. your hair bulb will spend a certain amount of time (wiki says 2-7 years) in the growth phase before bye-byeing and letting the hair fall out and restart the entire thing. that's why not everyone can be a weird chinese lady with 2m long hair. definitely do get regular trims however as if you dont, your split ends will just travel up the shaft and "trim" your ends naturally as you have observed yourself.

No. 124095

Anyone know good tutorials for trimming ends of hair? My boyfriend has really long hair which I adore but the ends need trimming badly. He doesn't want to go to the salon because he doesn't like people touching him which I understand and he seems okay with the idea of me doing it for him.

No. 124102

For OP's information, it's called terminal length.

No. 124103

>He doesn't want to go to the salon because he doesn't like people touching him which I understand
That's some peak manchild autism, what is understandable about it? They don't even touch his skin, just his hair. Would he use the same excuse for not going to the doctor or dentist?

No. 124105

anon don't cut his hair like you're his mommy, he should man up and go see a hairdresser. There's nothing reasonable about not going to the hairdresser because he "doesn't want to be touched"

No. 124106


Trimming long hair at home is super easy, I wouldn't waste money on getting your hair done unless you want a specific style. There are tons of videos on youtube that will show you the same technique. Just cut straight across where most of the damage/thinning ends are and then go back and cut the ends in upwards motions to blend it in.

No. 124107


Every time you wash your hair absolutely slather the ends with leave-in conditioner and a light hold gel. I try to not wash my hair as long as I can stand it, as the oils help disguise the frizz. It's going to feel disgusting but such is life with frizzy hair. Usually, people will advise you against brushing your hair when it's wet but this actually helps form the curls as long as you're not yanking on it. Yeah, but with the gel+leave in you should be able to get away with just air drying it.

Protips: Never sleep with your hair wet, there's no way to tame the frizz then without the aid of hot tools.

No. 124121

He probably doesn't go not because of that but because the trimmers/clippers are used on everyone's wet hair so there's actually some chance of getting infection.

No. 124122

Clippers and scissors are cleaned between each customer though

No. 124133

infection? I must be misunderstanding this or something, but hair's dead material so where's the risk of infection?

No. 124153

i think i'm getting a bald patch where my parting is and it seems i lose a lot of hair showering. or maybe it's coming out due to stress? i don't purposely pull it either but i usually wear high ponytails, could that be a factor? also is there any products that might hide a potential bald spot? i tried eyebrow pencil but that didn't work and it looked stupid. i'm a brunette.

No. 124160

DAE have trouble committing to a hair color? Every time I think I like my hair I have the urge to dye it.

I hate going to hair salons. Having people mess with my hair triggers migraines for me. Besides, if it's just a trim it's cheaper and more convenient to do it at home.

No. 124175

now that's peak manchild autism

No. 124194

How can I fix my hair color? A stylist dyed it chocolate brown with red tones even though I showed her pictures and told her a few times ASH brown. Can I get a toner or something to put on it?

No. 124196

Don't put anything on it. Let it fade otherwise you're going to push the red tones deeper into your hair and it's going to be extremely difficult to come out.

No. 124205

How do I corcksrew curls on my hair without damaging it? Or how do I make straight hair waivy

No. 124228

File: 1569562735765.jpg (90.92 KB, 970x600, ab990aab-5665-485f-8270-edc40d…)

These things are good for ringlet type curls. Cheap af on ebay or whatever and you just sleep in them overnight while the hair is damp, no heat necessary.

No. 124231

you can try toner, will probably have to bleach to get rid of the red undertones.
I've had ok results with using purple shampoo meant for bleach blonde hair, it won't do a ton but it gives a little bit of an ash tone.

No. 124332

Anyone have success with a perm? I have 2A waves and want 2b waves. Is a perm a good way to go? I'm white and my hair has some natural waves when air dried.

No. 124459

What are y’all’s thoughts on bangs? Are they cute? Do they make women look too childish? Are they mature? Am I actually just a sperg? I’ve been considering whether or not I should get rid of mine.

No. 124462

100% depends on your face shape

No. 124463

They can be flattering if you have the right face. Otherwise you risk looking twelve, matronly, or possibly like a weeb depending on styling.

No. 124467

get a digital perm or "air wave" perm instead of the wet perm.

No. 124468

what do you guys mean by bangs? fringe? there are many different types of fringe and your face shape can determine which one looks good on you. fringe isn't one thing.

No. 124469

i love my fringe and i've grown it out and cut it back many times and i just don't feel myself without it. honestly don't even care if i look like a kid, i've always been complimented on it.

No. 124475

I was referring to straight across the forehead fringe and the variations (curtain bangs, etc). Different styling can make a difference but not everyone looks good with less forehead visible.

No. 124482

well how do you know that's what OP was talking about? lol.

No. 124489

Are you vegan or vegetarian?

No. 124569

I have straightish hair that's really too voluminous. I look best with straight hair, do you anons think I'm a good candidate for some sort of permanent straightening?

No. 124690

Is there a way to lighten hair without dyeing it? I don't mind if it's slow and gradual. My blonde hair has darkened to much, I just want to get it a few shades lighter away from this borderline brown shade. I just don't want to chemically dye it.

No. 124691

Years ago I used a product called Sun-In spray, you'd spray it on and use the heat of a hairdryer to activate it to lighten your hair, it was a pretty gradual lightening process

No. 124706

File: 1570287384816.jpg (84.76 KB, 800x800, d9750350e4a4691062dac1f2a83244…)

I've tried everything for my hair for years. (For reference, it looks like the before picture, often worse) It looks dry, but when I pull a strand it stretches and bounces without breaking, so I'm not even sure if it's even lacking moisture. Recently I went to a hairdresser that basically told me that's just the texture of my hair and I can't really do anything about it. At best I can smooth it out a little with something oily. (whenever I do that it works for a little bit but returns to a frizzy mess gradually over minutes)

Is that possible? I've never read this or had a hairdresser tell me before (granted they're always selling me leave in masks and shampoo's and crap for dry hair that do jackshit) so I need to know if I'm just doomed with straw hair or not.

No. 124707

Curly girl method anon

No. 124715

Seconding the Curly Girl method.

A bunch of ppl just like you have just figured out they actually have wavy to curly hair and they've figured out a good system for taking care of it. Google it!

There's also a curly haired subreddit at /r/curlyhair

The before pics all look like your example pic, and the after pics are gorgeous! Best of luck to you anon

No. 124716

Fair warning– I used the John Freida version of this product and it made my mousey blonde hair brassy. I even shampoo with purple shampoo and it still was gross and orange/reddish.

No. 124721

This method seems kind of complicated but it sounds good and I'm going to try it. Thanks!

No. 124723

Is there really something wrong with the before picture? The ends look dry ofc but it looks better to me because imo volume >>>> texture. I have pretty naturally straight hair but I'm always curling and braiding it so it becomes wavy and fluffy because I hate flat hair no matter how silky it is.

No. 124759

i'm this anon and i'm starting to get a bald patch on the other side of my head and i'm really anxious about it. when i had bangs i could at least hide them but they're getting worse now that i'm growing my hair out and i have a side fringe. i don't know what to do. any time i bring it up to people they tell me i'm not balding but that is bullshit i can see it!!! why are they lying to me? i even tell them please just be honest so i can fix it but they stick to their guns. i feel like i'm being made out to be paranoid but i swear to god i'm balding. i lose far too much hair in the shower and on my hairbrushes to be sperging about it. i've tried eyebrow pencil and gel and eyeshadow but they look so dumb.

No. 124762

As long as I keep attracting comments that tell me my hair looks dry, it's "wrong" to me.

Admittedly the volume and waves are the one thing about my hair I actually like and the flat hair in the after picture is not at all what I'm after. I just want it to stop looking dry! Volumenous hair that does not look dry has to be a thing right?

No. 124784

I have a dilemma, anons.

My hair feels gross after a few rounds of highlights. I asked for olaplex each time and was prepared to lose some length, but to my surprise my hairdresser said my hair was in OK condition. I went to a different hairdresser for a second opinion, she said my hair was fine. But even with olaplex and keratase and the rest of it, my definitely feels nasty. Really coarse and stiff and tangly. I wonder if it's just dry, but I can't seem to get moisture into it no matter how many expensive products I throw at it. Worse, the texture is different in different parts of my hair - roots are ok ish but mid lengths and ends are rough.
I don't know if it's just that my expectations are off-base - my hair was so silky before in comparison.
What are my options here? I like being blonde, I like having longish hair (still only APL), but I can't tolerate the texture.

My question to you guys is -
Do I henna my hair to make it feel more like hair and still enjoy a striking look with long red hair? I'm leaning towards it since my blonde doesn't even suit me that well, even though it's pretty. I've done this in the past and while henna looks a little better with my skin I'd mainly be doing it for the insane conditioning.
Or do I chop it off into a bob and hope the texture improves eventually? I'd love silky blonde hair that suits my skintone but even paying a premium hairdresser and getting olaplex hasn't achieved this yet. I think it might be a myth.

No. 124785

I'm 100% rooting for red hair lol

No. 124789

Yeah, for sure you can have voluminous hair that is also hydrated!

It's interesting bc I personally prefer sleek ends and "flat" hair. Maybe not pin-straight, but the before pic posted above would be unacceptable to me. Different strokes!

No. 124792

Oh to clarify, I think sleek hair ('flat hair') like pictured in the after pic is beautiful (and enviable for it's silkiness), it just doesn't flatter my faceshape like volumeous hair does! Hence why I said I'm not after sleek hair

No. 124793

File: 1570379765835.jpg (309.94 KB, 1920x812, Amelie-0560.jpg)

My hair always curls outwards at the ends and it looks so stupid. I had hoped it would stop doing this once it got longer but no. Why does it do this?

No. 124816

just your natural curl / wave pattern. my hair tends to flip out on one side and under on the other side. this seems to happen more frequently to people who have cowlicks or whirls.

No. 124818

I have been hennaing my hair for years now and honestly it is the best decision I have made. (I kinda wish I would have left it red though I started doing two step with henna and indigo to get black and I am stuck with it now) If you don't want the red though you can just do cassia and keep the blonde. I would recommend checking out nightblooming's etsy. Her henna blends are amazing, nourishing, and gorgeous

No. 124861

If I’m doing weightlifting can I wear pony extensions to gym?

No. 124893

I don't see why not if you're careful not to yank it out or it doesn't get in the way

No. 124903

I lost a ton of hair too a few months ago. I have pcos and it made my hair fall out. I started treatment (a certain type of birth control pill) and that stopped the hair loss.

Then i started taking hair vitamins and now my hair is growing back noticeably, like, even other people point out the change. Also i don't use brushes anymore. I discovered that as long a my hair is hydrated and conditioned, combing it with my fingers is more than enough.

The hair loss could also be caused by your thyroid, you should definitely get a check up.

Don't stress out, as opposed to men, hair loss in women is almost always 100% reversible.

No. 124905

File: 1570571082462.png (420.85 KB, 750x400, witness.png)

so my face shape looks like this girl's (pic related). its flat and wide - i guess its circular or square? what hairstyles would suit this face shape? Ive been meaning to get bangs because they look cool and it's something different. but id rather not maintain them and deal with the fact they get greasier than the rest of your scalp. I've tried dry shampoo before and it doesn't work, it just makes my hair look dusty and dry.

No. 124918

ffs that image startled the crap out of me when I thought I had already scrolled over it in the relationship thread and it shifted it's eyes

No. 125040

I'm looking for a small straightener for my bangs but I can't find one that has temperature settings. I don't need 200 degrees and it will fry my hair. Someone please tell me where to find one. (needs to work in EU)

No. 125044

I have that face shape and for me baby bangs parted in the middle looks best on me or no bangs parted to the side, as for hair length I think a long bob looks good with our face shape but longer layer hair looks good too

No. 125049

How much are you willing to spend? I know of two but they're very expensive:

ghd V Gold Series Mini hair straightener (set at 185 degrees)
CHI escape cordless styling iron (170, 190, 200 degrees)

No. 125062

My budget is less than half of that lol
My income doesn't really allow me to spend more atm

No. 125064

I got a babyliss pro mini straightner recently for $50 aud, it doesn't have adjustable temp but that seems like it'd be a pricey special feature. It might be better to get heat protector for your hair instead, and use it before it fully heats up.

No. 125083

Is it reasonable to buy a quality wig (that looks like real hair) and shave all my hair in order to be able to easily wear it everyday?
I'm sick of dyeing my hair, how the color disappears before a month is gone and how damaged my hair are…
On the other hand, I'm manually retarded so I am worried that everyone will realize that I am wearing a wig. Any natural looking and easy to wear wig recs?
I want to have black or dark blue hair and sometimes switch to pastel pink (if pink wigs that look like dyed hair exist, of course).

No. 125084

File: 1570806907581.jpeg (76.73 KB, 683x1024, 45E3078F-942E-4C89-A82C-4FFC41…)

Weave if you want to grow your hair.

Are you willing to invest 800+ on a wig?
Do you have the income to do that + repairs?

No. 125086

Heatless solutions may be your only choice until you can afford something better, otherwise a hairdryer + a brush will be a better alternative

No. 125090

Ideally I would rely 100% on wigs and would be bald all of the time. I don't see the point of having any hair if I'm gonna wear wigs and I can't grow the kind of hair that I want.
Of course if this is doable and less hassle than dealing with normal hair. As you can probably guess, I am a total wig noob. I would like to be able to wear the kind of hair that I want constantly and not worry about cutting or dyeing it.

ATM I cannot buy such an expensive wig, but I am planning long term tbh. I will not be making this change today or tomorrow. Any recs?

No. 125098

Research well before making a choice, you've got to think about the downside too.
Wigs require a fair bit of maintenance, the procedures for cleaning, untangling and storage seem like a pain.
Also i would probably get a headache from wearing it all day, stress out about the posibility of it falling off, and have an itchy scalp from the sweat/glue.
It's not as simple as putting it on like a hat and automatically having all of your hair dreams come true.
Maybe try on a cheap wig first and wear it around the house everyday to see how you like it, before making a big investment.

No. 125099

5 fucking words

Got 2 b glue residue.

Being bold isn’t easier than normal hair

No. 125100

File: 1570813348884.jpeg (290.97 KB, 1080x1350, BB27086A-8207-4A0D-8B1F-5E4899…)

I fucked up and cut my hair too short

Is weave a mess if you exercise every day?

No. 125178

File: 1570975677006.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1686, CD4982E8-6C39-4B2B-8754-C24176…)

Has anyone shaved their head?

No. 125179

My sister did, she looked great I think if you have a good head shape you can pull it off

No. 125181

I have a few times! I think it's so cute. I think I look kind of silly fully shaved unless it's like almost to my skull cause it kind of like?? sticks straight out of my head because my hair is thick?? (it also looks like that until it's a few inches long so it's a long awkward phase…) So I usually end up going for a longer pixie rather than keep it that short all the time.

No. 125182

I've been really tempted to do it since I hate how much upkeep my hair needs. Too bad my head shape is kind of ugly to pull it off.

No. 125186

One thing to be aware of is strangers (men in my experience) touch your head without asking, apart from some unwanted attention it's pretty freeing, I used to shave it in the summer and grow it out slightly when the weather got cold

No. 125190

I did when I stopped perming my hair and when my hair dried out after not washing it for awhile. It has been growing out, but that's because I'm using vitamins cause I'm fasting. The pills have like 1000 mg of biotin in it and I've been taking them almost every day.

No. 125198

I've been using CGM for over a year and a half now, and I was starting to get beautiful ringlets - Then i bleached it and it's just wavy now. It's slowly getting back to how it was, but do you all know any way to speed up the process? I like my bleached hair and want to keep it, but I don't want to sacrifice my curls to do it

No. 125199

File: 1570986157011.jpeg (53.77 KB, 1080x720, 874FFD89-E35B-4E25-99CB-A26880…)

Update on this
Shaved my hair off

My boyfriend was against it but he ended up helping me shave the back and rubbing my head laughing (in a omg this feels cool way)

It’s weird I feel more like myself now

No. 125200

Olaplex and prayers

No. 125221

if this is you then it looks really cute on you, anon!

No. 125228

The most beautiful woman I've ever seen had a shaved head (maybe 2 MM of hair). It was 9-8 years ago, and I still feel like an idiot. I should have talked to her dammit! I stood in the tramway like an idiot staring at her. If this pic is you, then you're gorgeous, and the hair is perfect on you.

No. 125235

I’ve been thinking about it for some time now but I’m unsure if it would fit me. All the women I’ve seen pulling it off well have very feminine features. My face is a bit on the harsher side and I’m afraid it would look too boyish.

No. 125237

File: 1571032557580.jpg (643.36 KB, 1600x2405, GettyImages-649393018.jpg)

or it could look great in a more cool and edgy way! like there isn't one way to pull off shaved head, while it is true that most girls that do it have very feminine features, imo girls with harsher features can look just as good with it too! it's mostly down to the actual shape of the head I think
t. flat headlet

No. 125247

Bless you anon, I’ll soon be shaving my head too because I’ll start losing the hair due to cancer treatment. :( In a way, this is the inspiration I needed.

I plan on going bald out sometimes when it’s not cold, these days I’m looking how to style my future with earrings and makeup. I wouldn’t mind going for the edgier look too, if anyone has good inspiration, please post.

On the other hand, any good advice on the wig? Is it possible to find a decent one for 100 euros/dollars?

No. 125249

File: 1571050938899.jpeg (462.79 KB, 1536x2046, 964573AC-CE80-4104-A363-93ADAB…)


26” full lace black
24” lacefront brown/blonde

It’s for everyday wear

No. 125253

I like the blonde one visually much better but idk shit about lace wigs

No. 125254

how do I figure out if bangs look good on me? Should I get one of those cheapo fake bangs from ebay to try it out?

No. 125263

My mom had cancer and bought an expensive wig which she got very little wear out of. You sweat and itch in them and can get headaches after a while (sucks when you're already feeling off) so finding hats that you like can be a better investment for some

I shaved my head at the same time as her in support and I ended up only wearing hats too

No. 125266

What hats did you wear in summer?

No. 125283

go to a good salon and ask them what style bangs would look good. they're not going to lie because they'll get paid the same.

No. 125292

isn't curly girl method kinda bullshit? i mean i get it it could work for people who have curly hair, but i just think it's hilarious when people who have straight hair are like "i didn't realize i actually had a curly hair, i only had to use all these products to make my hair curly!!" like… you're styling your hair, your hair isn't actually naturally curly then if you gotta style it to be that way…

No. 125296

it's a huge meme and anons who shill it are just as stupid as any other no-poo anons.

No. 125320

Cg isn't styling, people with straight hair would still have straight hair after doing all the steps. Tons of people with curly hair think they have "straight, but frizzy/dry" hair when their curls are actually dry, damaged and brushed out.

2a and 2b hair will almost always look straight when brushed out, for example.

> no poo
I do cg and use shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask now and then, just like most people in the world.

No. 125323

yeah, they have curly hair and only keep the curls after they put styling products in their hair… i mean i would get it if they were only using the shampoos and that made the curls come out but people put styling products in their hair to actually keep the curls? how is that hair being naturally curly?

No. 125328

I've seen what you're talking about before and those people don't really get "curly" results, they get more waves and yeah they just fall right out I'd imagine after washing out all of the gel and product.

But you can still have naturally curly hair and only really be able to see the curls with the products because you're defining the curls (not really "creating" them) and avoiding stretching them out with brushes. Just because they're undefined and stretched or straightened doesn't mean they're not there.

No. 125332

I kind of thought it was bs too and I don't do the whole routine still but I tried some parts of the method and pretty much within two washes I knew my hair-type was different than I thought. I don't have like glorious ringlet curls (just not fizzy defined waves/slight curls) but now I barely style and my hair looks a hell of a lot better than when I was doing twice the work with a frizzy mess.

I think the whole entire routine is probably bs/repackaged advice for curly hair but yeah if you are on that edge of not knowing you should be able to find out pretty fast if you have any curl to work with or not

No. 125337

>as any other no-poo anons

CG isn't exclusively no-poo, most co-wash

They have curly hair before CG. Curls aren't solid, they can stretch and loosen. Brushing curly hair when dry disrupts the curl pattern. This doesn't mean the hair isn't naturally curly. Healthy curly hair will 'remember' it's natural curl pattern, but the drying and harsh ingredients in most generic hair products leaves curly hair anything but healthy.

Enter the CG method where all the drying ingredients of generic hair products are removed, add proper hydration (rather than coating the strands in siliconen) and proper hair styling so the curl doesn't loosen before it dries and there's naturally curly hair.

Naturally sleek hair can't be made curly with the CG method, just that should proof to you that any girl with curly hair using the CG method has naturally curly hair.

No. 125804

i want to lighten/colour strip my hair naturally before dyeing it but every method i've looked up seems to be catered towards stripping the dye from your hair and not your natural colour. i've never dyed my hair before but it's a brown and i don't want to bleach it before dyeing it, so i thought i could try stripping the colour but i'm wondering if anyone has done that for their natural hair colour? and if they had any advice before i try a bunch of different methods.

No. 125811

Color works differently whether it's a dye or your natural hair color.

A dye is a pigment that's on top of your hair, so just a surface pigment.

Afaik melanine is in the hair, even deep inside, not just on the surface.

There are natural methods for bleaching your hair but there's always some form of bleach involved. Check out >>124037

I'd rather tell you to deep condition your hair a ton before bleaching it, instead of trying methods that might damage your hair and that might not even work for you.

No. 125814

Don't use a colour stripper. Coat your hair in coconut oil and apply a low volume bleach over that. The other anon is right, if you want to lighten natural hair colour significantly, it requires some kind of bleach.

No. 125835

A bit of a stupid yet genius question, I wish it existed. I'd dye my hair in all the problematic colors of the rainbow unironically.

No. 125840

When i watch cg videos their hair always looks crunchy and stiff. The pictures look nice though, but in the videos you can tell their hair is full of product and that's not a cute look.
I implemented cg products and practices into my routine (no harmful ingredients, no heat, only combing with my fingers, only cotton or microfiber towels, silk sleep cap), but i can't stand the look of the styling products, it looks awful imo.

No. 125868

I used my fingers for a long time but I use a wide toothed comb now.

I can imagine that in real life it looks even worse than on the video, most of the "gurus" who used to do cg seem to no longer doing it, especially if they lured in enough subscribers/stupid people who subscribed to them because they thought the cg method is gonna turn e.g. straight hair with flips into lush curly shakira hair. My hair and skin has never looked better ever since I've quit doing shitty fads.

No. 125938

File: 1571878365014.png (23.27 KB, 387x691, hair.png)

i have past tailbone length hair, its wavy in the ends but straight down from the root to my shoulders. i had bangs but theyre growing now bc im tired of them so its in an awkward stage and swooped to the side and looks terrible (pic related, excuse the mouse drawing)
i need a change it rly bad but not cut much, what should i do? :(
would dyeing be a good idea? (virgin hair btw)

No. 125945

Past tailbone length is religious weirdo tier. Small of your back is the ideal length.

No. 125947

Any kind of gel is too much for non-black hair, IMO. Also, those gurus are paid to maximize the amount of products they can jam in there. I do silicone-free conditioner, "squish to condish" method, a bit of Shea style milk, and diffuse. It's turned my hair from frizzy into curls again.

No. 125950

I don't use gel because I don't see the point but the cg method does work. My hair has never looked this good since starting it. I don't follow every step religiously but just washing it without the "bad" ingredients and scrunching curlcream in has made a world of a difference.

No. 125968

ugh, i wish i could remember the hair product i was using for my hair. i'm not naturally curly anymore (years of bleaching, straightening, chemical straightening, etc… have ruined my hair) but i like using those bendy noodle curlers.

the stuff i bought was in a blue-ish teal bottle with gold lettering. it's got argan oil of morocco in it (or something like that). it felt so nice! i could use a shitton of it and my hair never felt heavy or greasy and once i slept a night with that and the curlers, my hair would be super bouncy and curly for however long it was until i washed my hair again.

so uh, yeah. sorry i babbled there, but try to find it with that description! (ARGAN OIL OF MOROCCO, TEAL/BLUE PUSH PUMP BOTTLE). i haven't been able to find it again but was buying it for about a year and a half.

No. 125969

SA, it's NOT the ogx brand!

No. 125985

File: 1571942864481.jpg (91.29 KB, 500x500, moroccanoil_light_pump__80914.…)

was it this?

No. 125988

nope, i've dug through their entire selection and wasn't able to find it. super similar packaging though!

No. 126038

File: 1572000539177.jpg (71.8 KB, 720x453, kr.jpg)

Argania Spinosa

No. 126041

nope, i appreciate you nonnys looking though! it's an entirely teal bottle, not see-through at all.

i think it might actually be moroccanoil but possibly a different look for the bottles. it's the same colors and everything, just looks totally different in with the bottle.

No. 126128

i need help for dandruff. what dandruff shampoos are good for your hair? please don't say head & shoulders, that stuff dries my face and scalp out like a dessert

No. 126129


have you tried doing an apple cider vinegar rinse?

No. 126130

Agree with the anon that said AVC. I mix a small amount with two cups of water, get my head wet in the shower and then cover my hair in the AVD mix. I leave it a few minutes and then wash and condition like normal. Makes a huge difference. Another tip is to change your shower head to one that filters the water. Chlorine can fuck up your scalp. As far as products go I don't use dandruff shampoo because it's brutal. I use Nioxin 1 or 2 for shampoo and it keeps my hair totally clear (when combined with apple cider vinegar rinse first). Then I use a good conditioner to balance it out. Nioxin is for hair fall but it works a lot like dandruff shampoo because it clears the scalp of excess crap. For more background I have seborrheic dermatitis that gives me dandruff flares. I don't know what the cause is of yours but this worked for my flakes. Another plus is I can skip washing for a few days with this routine because my hair stays clean longer.

No. 126154

File: 1572181957872.jpg (92 KB, 1487x1104, f92189bdd3cac245ec2f15168d56e1…)

My Chi has been working like a charm for 12 years. Recently now when I straighten my hair, it feels a whole lot drier when I'm done. Is that a sign my straightener needs to be lain to rest? I don't know if I can do it, it was my first straightener, it's like my best soldier.

No. 126293

does dyeing brown hair blonde lighten it? i'm naturally brunette but i want lighter hair, without having to bleach it.

No. 126317

using box dye will have the same effect as a mild bleaching since its just the same process but with pigment depositation

you could try chamomile but its very very faint hair lightening

No. 126318

Are there any dyes that are removeable in one or so washings? I'd like to "test" a hair color before commiting to it.

No. 126320

Why don't you use a wig? Temporary coloration are shit imo, but I didn't try every single one.

No. 126347

I hadn't thought if that to be fair but I think I'd rather judge the color on my own hair texture if that makes sense?

No. 126375

I work out every morning and get sweaty. Therefore I have to wash my hair or at least get my scalp wet to wash away some of the sweat. I don't want to wash my hair w shampoo every day but when I do just a water rinse I get mad flakes from the hard water and also from the oil+sweat. What do I do if I don't want to shampoo every day then?

No. 126377

dry shampoo

No. 126379

I forgot to add in >>126375 that dry shampoo makes my scalp feel gross and itchy, too. And like there's a lot of …stuff on my scalp (hard water minerals, skin flakes/oil, sweat, and dry shampoo). Any other alterneatives? Sounds like I'll have to suck it up and have gross dried sweat workout hair on some days, or shampoo too often and remedy the dryness with another product. Good thing I hardly leave my house kek

No. 126386

acv rinse got suggested up thread for something else but it'd also work for getting rid of just a bit of grease and calming flakes

No. 126389

co-washing would prevent some dryness if you wanna wash it daily

No. 126392

File: 1572468656768.jpeg (72.75 KB, 700x700, 70C9C831-2C6F-4D59-A189-83C3F4…)

There's no hair channels left that don't focus on """""""""curly""""""""""" or kinky hair innit?
There was a Chinese channel (?) and it showed a woman with mad hair styling skills but that was ages ago and I can't find it. Pls suggest me some good hair styling youtube channels, I know how to shampoo my hair so no worries about EvErYdAy HaIr tuts.

No. 126393

Wait nvm. This is why I shouldn't watch shit videos with my normal youtube acc. There are still plenty channels that aren't doing the cg fad.

No. 126401

I'm allergic to aerosol dry shampoo for whatever reason, I've had a lot of luck replacing it with arrowroot powder. I apply it with a powder brush and comb it through.

No. 126413

Thanks for the recs anons! This is exactly along the lines of what I was looking for but didn't know where to begin. I'll report back if anything works out for me!

Edit: Come to think of it I tried co-washing and unfortunately I was left with greasy roots. My hair is super fine so I think I may be SOL as far as that method goes. I even tried co-washing but with a teeny amount of shampoo too but the results were meh

No. 126414

Samefag but my hair is like Kooter level thin/fine

No. 126417


Was the channel Emma Cheng's, by any chance ? I like her, everything is well explained, and the hairstyles are pretty without being overly complicated.

No. 126452

a million fanks anon, yes i meant her.

No. 126469

My guy friend (18) is balding severely; his hair is really coarse and it would be thick if it wasn’t for the balding, which is genetic. Any advice on products or something that may help???

No. 126470

File: 1572583578319.jpeg (240.07 KB, 1125x631, 81880420-E6DE-4853-A19F-4C9059…)

No. 126471

File: 1572583614877.jpeg (336.67 KB, 1125x1394, B03EB9DD-AD59-4B3A-9428-497CF6…)

Also tell him to start weightlifting so testosterone helps

No. 126556

a previous anon here asking about hair lightening/colour strip.

i used a blonde dye to lighten my hair (i'm a dark brunette) before dyeing it again the colour i wanted and it came out really well!! so i'm very pleased.

i'm still a dye noob so was wondering if i stop using shampoo and use the conditioner i got with the box dyes to wash my hair, or if i can use both shampoo and conditioner? i'm worried about the colour fading really quickly if i wash it like i would my normal hair.

No. 126582

use a shampoo that is sulfate-free, use as cold water as you can tolerate, and avoid shampooing on days you don't need to (i.e. only your body needs a wash). Depending on the color there are shampoos and conditioners that contain a bit of dye to remedy the fade.

No. 126595

File: 1572782503437.jpeg (Spoiler Image,25.71 KB, 215x320, 13C59859-E64F-407F-842E-335D27…)

Do my bangs look like shit without styling? What can I do to make them cuter? Pic behind spoiler

No. 126607

It's hard to tell without seeing the rest of your face, but from what I can see, side-swept bangs might look better for you.

No. 126616

you will need to style them. it's the luck of the draw, you either have a natural texture that creates cute bangs or you have a texture that needs help.

No. 126629

They look fine if you aren’t self conscious or worried about looking “polished” at all times. My bangs look similar when I don’t style them, you can get away with it

No. 126637

please style them

No. 126674

Best way?

No. 126692

I think they look cute

No. 126722

You could probably make your hair look a lot better just by brushing through the top layers and ends of your hair with a boar bristle brush once it's dried. It'll make it look smoother and less piece-y. They have brushes specifically designed for smoothing, but I just bought the cheapest one I could find at the drugstore and it works for me.

No. 126799

I want to buy a hair straightening brush but not sure if I should get a regular or rotating one.
My hair is mid-back, thick, wavy with a course texture, prone to fluffying up in humidity.

Usually CGM, looking for an alternatives to blow-outs for when I want my hair sleek.

Does anybody have experiences with a similar hair type?

No. 127030

people who use only conditioner to wash your hair, how do you get it to spread into your hair and through it? my hair is really coarse and thick and when i try to spread conditioner in it i find it difficult to get it well spread through to my scalp and hair? are you supposed to use shit ton of it or what am i doing wrong

No. 127036

You use it the same way you would shampoo, so just enough to spread all over the scalp. Your ends are cleansed with the runoff. The only real difference with co-washing in my experience is that you have to massage your scalp a lot more.

No. 127040

But the problem is that i have difficulties to spread the conditioner to my scalp because it doesn't spread well and i can't get it through my hair to the scalp

No. 127045


try finding a conditioner that's more liquid in consistency, or mix it with a bit of water (maybe even to the point that you can just pout it onto your head). i don't have problems spreading the conditioner to begin with, but whenever i use leftovers from toning my hair and a bit of water gets into my bowl in the shower, i can tell a huge difference in how quickly and easily it spreads (it also tends to lather a bit that way, which helps).
if you find you still just have to use a lot, consider looking for a cheap liquid-y conditioner to do your initial wash with and then use something more nourishing for the ends if you feel you need it.

No. 127056

Does anyone have reccs for a good and affordable heat prottectant? Something that I can easily get in Europe. Something that wouldn't make my hair "heavy" as a I have rather thin and completely straight hair.

No. 127063

tresemme one (purple, haven't tried the red) is decent. v05 one too, I just buy whichever is on sale when I run out. def avoid the got2b guardian angel one, made my hair look greasy and limp.

No. 127660

File: 1574121096781.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 3264x2448, 582D8316-C1F3-4C36-BE7E-DC1E82…)

So, my hair has been falling out for the last month. I’m 23 years old. I have reason to believe it’s telogen effluvium induced by significant emotional and financial stress about 2-3+ months ago + an unhealthy diet. I went to my GP for an unrelated issue 2 weeks ago, mentioned the hair, and they just said it’s probably stress.
I went on a vacation, had a very nice and relaxing time. I’m starting an ashwaganda supplement, hair skin & nails vitamin, and tumeric. I’m getting my diet back into healthy routine, and I bought a hair regrowth oil.
Is there anything else I can do besides just wait? How long is this supposed to last? I feel like the hair loss is making me more stressed, which is just prolonging how long it’ll be falling out for.
Pic related is gross but that’s how much hair came out after just brushing through the layers with a boar bristle brush. Losing that much (plus about that much when I shampoo) daily has me paranoid that I’m going to be bald soon. Any recommendations or words of encouragement would be really appreciated lol

No. 127661

Go to another doctor. Don't wait.

No. 127671

I’ve had my hair fall out from stress before, just not this bad. To be fair I was under A LOT went through a breakup and a month of financial insecurity plus no antidepressants or therapyof stress a few months ago, and hair loss from stress usually starts a few months after the stress has begun. I don’t have health insurance so I’m not ready to run to the dr again (paid $200 for my last visit). I don’t have any other obvious symptoms that would indicate a thyroid problem or another illness

No. 127678

There are so many causes for hair loss like this, and there's definitely no one size fits all diagnosis sadly. I really can't give advice except the generic "go to doctor lol," but I did deal with this myself and it got so much better when I quit bc pills and got over some particularly stressful life/financial events. Had my thyroid checked as well and that wasn't the cause. It was never diagnosed for me, but I do feel like stress was a major cause. If it makes you feel better, after months of washing out clumps of hair in the shower, I (somehow) didn't go bald.

It sounds like you're being proactive in taking care of your health, so that's a great step. Hair skin & nails vitamins with a good diet are helpful and also made my nails less brittle. I hope things get better and you're able to get back to the doctor soon for a proper diagnosis!

No. 127701

round brush, hairdryer

No. 127704

i used to use got2b but it's not as good as it once was.
i have the same kind of hair and the best one i've used recently that's cheapish is the l'oreal elnett heat protectant. my best friend swears by VO5 however.

No. 127705

>lolcow advice
~ not gonna sage since it's been recently bumped anyways ~
I think her bangs are fine, it's the rest of the hair that's a mess (it looks wet or greasy, I can't tell tbh). I think everyone's hair would look so much better, even afro texture, if one would just wash their hair every other day without making up excuses that their hair is too alien to be cleansed.

No. 127711

Thoughts on the no poo method?

No. 127717

It‘s wet

No. 127746

Any anons who shaved their sides and are growing them out? Any advice for that?

No. 127749

What do you want to know other than having to grit your teeth and get on with it? I am 3 months into growing mine out and it looks like shit, but in another 3, it'll look a lot better. Best thing to do is wear hairbands/bandanas or wear your hair down. That's all I can suggest.

No. 127765

I don't think there are any real shortcuts to making it grow out more gracefully. I have friends who just toughed out looking bad while growing it out and then I opted for a short haircut to help get all my hair to one length quicker

No. 128161

How long does it take to retrain bangs? I am considering getting bangs at my next hair appointment, but I haven't had bangs since I was a kid, so I have no idea how long I'll have to blow dry them or pin them for. Wondering if they're too much of a pain since I'll be graduating soon and don't want to look like a mess in pictures.

No. 128194

If you blow dry them when they're wet in a cross motion, they should sit nice and smooth. I love the look of a fringe but I'm currently in the middle of growing mine out because it doesn't do me any favours at all!

No. 128310

Thanks for the reply! I got curtain bangs and I love how they look. So far they're not giving me any problems lol

No. 128360

You're very welcome. Amazing! Good luck with them, I am sure they will look great. I had baby bangs put in and I have managed to grow the to the tip of my nose. I will get there eventually.

No. 128441

anybody used l'oreal preference stockholm 10.21? i'm thinking of using it on my roots (level 7/8) to top up my hair between salon visits but i'm a lil nervous.
alternative suggestions welcome for blonde hair home maintenance.

No. 128534

coming back to say this was a horrible idea, nobody else do this. my roots are baby chicken yellow and i've had to book an emergency hair appointment for friday. wish i didn't do this right before i had to give a presentation but you live and you learn

No. 128539

These two posts being next to each other made me lol. You poor thing. I hope they can fix it

No. 128546

thank you very much anon! it is my own idiot fault and i am very sad but my hairdresser is that rare and holy trifecta of inexpensive, great, and usually available. i'm sure it will be ok, i'm hoping i will look nice and fresh for my viva, christmas and nye!

No. 128570

File: 1575524215419.jpeg (65.64 KB, 500x500, 560075F3-8568-4845-ADF6-EB1D43…)

I’ve been growing my hair out ever since I chopped off like 8 inches of bleach damage about a year and a half ago. Now it’s at the length I wanted but recently I’ve really been wanting some big, curly 80’s hair like Winona Ryder. It wouldn’t be the biggest change, a few inches off, but I get really anxious over my hair. Also I’m not sure if this would be more of a cool vintage look or just super dated.

No. 128584

I love big curly 80s hair, volume is always flattering and apparently perms are back in style? Anyway you should go for it, being even 1% as stunning as Winona is a win.

No. 128585

I love this kind of hair. It's super cute ! Go for it anon ! Of course it depends if it suits your face,but it's an effortless style imo.

No. 128586

Get a shag! They look so cute and suit most face shapes. You can wear them poofy or flat too.

No. 128588

File: 1575545209039.jpeg (46.1 KB, 640x340, 4C24CCA5-2DDB-48C7-9C5D-F41D2B…)

Any recommendations on a good toner to achieve a cool-toned rose blond color?
Currently I’m mixing my hair mask with a pea-sized dollop of this https://m.hagel-shop.de/alter-ego-passion-color-mask-amarena-50-ml.html and 1-2 drops of gentian violet and I really like the results but it washes out fast, so I’m looking for something more long-lasting.

For reference, I have level 9 neutral blonde hair.

No. 128634

File: 1575592953886.jpg (49.12 KB, 750x908, 67814167_935050483497799_32174…)

I love this haircut so much but dont know what its called? I think its a layering type of haircut so im thinking about getting one cuz my face is small and i'd balance out my features a lot more~~

No. 128656


I really like Pravana Metallics rose gold toner.

It has a very strong warm pull, though, so you may want to mix some of the beige from the same line in. They also have a great no lift developer.

No. 128708

My hair is all one length, very long, really fine/silky, and fairly thin. Would it be impossible for me to achieve loose waves? If not, what method should I use? I’m sick of this bone-straight/flat/lifeless look.

No. 128711

Prep hair, use any method of curling you want, fix with hairspray, touch up during the day.

No. 128884

i've had black hair for i don't even know how many years now and i'd like to go back to my natural color–thing is, growing it out is jarring because my natural color is super light. what would you guys recommend to speed up the fading process of the color?

No. 128885

color oops! works really well

No. 128920

I want to buy a ponytail extension and halo wig or other type of half wig. Does anyone have a suggestion for either in terms of stores or brands? Some sell such trash. I'm happy to spend good money on it as long as they sell blonde hair. Thanks!

No. 128921

You can buy color removers that try and strip most of the color out. Black is the hardest dye to remove especially after years of reapplying it.

I've seen it fail but have also seen it work miracles so hair type (and condition) seems to be a factor in whether it'll work

No. 128949

Tip: if your hair looks like a broom try putting nivea cream in it, my hair is horrible but if I put a ton of nivea cream on it, it looks nice and shiny and it doesn't fly everywhere.
I tried using various oils which my mom bought for me over the years but nothing helped, I think oils just keep the moisture you already have in, they don't really moisturize your hair. But nivea cream is made for moistuirizing so it works well, at least in my experience. Anyway I recommend

No. 128971


I did it and my hair looks so cute! My hair is super fine so just length just doesn’t do all that much. My stylist didn’t have time to curl it but even straightened it looks so nice which is a good sign. It’s a mini shag and I just love the texture. I showed her a picture of young Winona Ryder and she asked if that was me and totally inflated my ego too

No. 129001

Soo I heard you can buy a cheap blueblack or purple hairdye and use the hairdye without developer for a few minutes on your hair to tone it. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?

No. 129002

Amazing! Well done anon I am so jealous. I can't wait for my hair to get to that length. You could try using a diffuser nozzle on your hairdryer or finger dry your hair if you want a bit more texture in your shag. Ahhhh. Good luck with it!

No. 129016

Nivea…like body lotion?

and yes, oils lock in moisture not add it. the method is to use a moisturizer/hydrator then use oil. there's leave in conditioner you can use to moisturize your hair.

No. 129022

Yeah like the body cream in a blue tin. Tbh I didn't know about leave in conditioner, that probably would have helped me but I'll stick to this now, it's probably cheaper

No. 129068

File: 1576225795117.png (361.16 KB, 347x485, 987654.PNG)

I have a thinning hairline and it is worst at the crown it could be visible from the back sometimes if I don't style it, it is not severe because it is at the beginning still, my hair's condition is bad in general even though I do nothing to it, it is long, frizzy, and sad. i tried everything for the frizz including the curly girl method but it makes me end up just looking waxy so dont even bother… I follow a plant-based diet and I don't take any supplements, I do oil treatments often and I almost never use heat, I've been using toxins/paraben/sulphate free shampoos for years.
Is there any way to fix it? either by fixing the thinning problem or just a hairstyle that could make it look denser?

No. 129069

I forgot to add, I have been plant-based for at least six years now.

No. 129071

This looks like dyed hair, the roots look sparse because when blondes dye their hair they look like they're balding.
If this is you, I suggest going back to your natural colour and not touching your hair with dye, removing sulfates from your routine and getting supplements.

No. 129072

Samefag, I meant when blondes dye their hair to a darker color and the roots start showing

No. 129084

If you only eat plants, your hair is gonna suffer. Chicken and eggs is the best way to maintain healthy strong hair. Supplements aren’t as effective. I’d recommend the hair force pill if your country sells it. It’s a multivitamin with biotin in it and omega fatty acids. Your hair and nails will visibly get stronger and thicker but you may get acne if you have oily acne prone sensitive skin.

No. 129086

that's the thing though, my nails are strong and shiny and grow fast, my skin is alright as well, it is just my hair so i doubt that it has to do with my diet but i cant name any other reasons.

No. 129090

You should get your thyroid and hormones checked and also get checked for pcos, those can cause hair loss and hair thinning.
Also I agree with the other anon that you should get supplements.
Also i think the reason why it's frizzy might be because your hair might be too thin and prone to breakage. When a hair fibre breaks it becomes crazy frizzy.
So you know the drill, comb it only with your fingers or a wide tooth comb, dry it with a cotton t shirt instead of a towel, use a silk cap or silk pillowcase at night, etc. Try to protect it from anything that could be causing breakage.

No. 129096

I suffer from androgenetic alopecia and my hair is a small step away from looking like that.
I would definitely suggest following the advice of the previous anon and getting those things checked.
Hopefully it's something temporary.

No. 129164

This isn't even close to true. Spinach is one of the best things you can eat for your hair. As are berries and avocado. Eggs are good but I've never seen any proof chicken helps hair growth. It's not fatty enough to help.

No. 129243

The thinning is likely a symptom of a larger health issue. It might not be related to your diet. You should absolutely see a gp and talk about what's been going on with hair, energy, diet, and any other factors. In the meantime, take a prenatal multivitamin. There are vegan and vegetarian options. The prenatal aspect is because it will have extra iron.

No. 129591

could dying you hair darker help with frizzy hair? my hair is currently light brown/dark blonde.

i have a lot of frizzy hair at the top of my head, some people have said that it looks like an unkempt messy halo. its there no matter what i do, i have tried using gel or hairspray to smooth it down or straightening it to get rid of it, but it just commes back after half an hour no matter what. ive noticed that some people with darker hair have it too, but their hair usually looks better with the frizz.

No. 129602

Are there any CG method anons from Europe here? I have a hard time finding products that I can get offline and don't break the bank. Most of the products mentioned online seem to be catered to what is available for Americans, and most of it I can't find here. I'm especially still looking for a leave in conditioner and curling cream. What do you use?

No. 129603

You could try to look up NatureBox products? My hair is wavy but it sur did wonders for it.

No. 129606

Le Petit Olivier, Syoss, Love Beauty & Planet, Urtekram, all cone-free. LB&P even has a cleansing conditioner.

No. 129618

Anybody have any tips for like, deodorizing a flat iron? I bought one recently and I hate the way it makes my hair smell. I tried looking up solutions but they all talk about the flat iron leaving a burnt smell which isn't the problem I have. The best way I could describe the smell is like a greasy, somewhat plasticy smell. I know it's not my hair or products because the iron itself smells when I turn it on, even new out of the box. I've tried cleaning it with water and a cloth and also letting it stay heated up for a while to try and maybe burn off anything from the factory but it still smells.

No. 129634


thanks anons, I'm gonna look into those brands!

No. 129655

File: 1577132475195.png (685.62 KB, 390x747, Marion Ruby.png)

I have a stupid question but go easy on me because I don't know the in and outs of coloring hair.

I have virgin (level 6) hair and on a whim I decided to try Marion Color Shampoo which is just direct hair color without ammonia or peroxide. It should last 4-8 washes. I was hoping to make my hair auburn for a couple of days but all it did was make my color a little deeper and warmer since this was a red dye.

Now my question is - is my hair still considered virgin and untreated since there was no color lifting or color penetration? Because I've been fantasizing about getting pink hair soon which would require me to bleach my hair. If there's still residue of this color shampoo will it make the bleaching process more troublesome or does in not matter since it's just a surface color? It should be long gone by the time I get around to fulfilling my plans but I just want to know if I accidentally my whole hair for nothing.

No. 129661

there's no such thing as surface color. these coloring shampoos just have dye in them that break down more easily, but it still penetrates the hair. you'll need to wait till it's all the way out before you try to get your hair lightened.

No. 130151

I have this problem too. I just a scented heat protectant (Aussie Miracle) so that my hair smells good after.

No. 130157

File: 1577854799370.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3466x1924, 3BE96E35-9FD1-4F15-BE77-74DC68…)

I fucked up and dyed my virgin hair black back in early Nov and immediately regretted it. I used Ion and it came with 20 volume developer that I feel like straightened out my curl pattern and now I have to put in work to get it like the first pic when I'd just rolled out of bed like that before. Not only that, but I miss the depth my natural hair had.

Should I just go get the color stripped? I just don't know if it'll damage my hair and I've gotten mixed yes or nos from friends. One of them is a hairdresser and he said he'd strip it for me at his house because it's cheaper than me going to his salon.

No. 130168

stripping your hair will damage it and probably ruin your curl pattern even more.

No. 130171

That's what my gut was telling me. I wash my hair every 3-4 days, but I alternate between a sulfate-free shampoo and just Head & Shoulders, so I'm also wondering if that's why it's staying so well… aside from my absolute dumbass using a permanent dye.

I just Googled and I think I'm gonna try the vitamin C method since you just mix it with an anti-dandruff shampoo and I've already got one ingredient on hand.

No. 130178

You look really cute with the black wavy hair. I would just leave it and let it grow out if you want to get your natural texture back, any more color treatments will only damage it more.

No. 130733

I’m sorry to hear about this, anon. I’m going through the same unexplained thinning. I don’t have any advice unfortunately but I’m in the process of getting it investigated - I was referred to a dermatologist who scheduled to take samples of my scalp (minor surgery) and I’m waiting for the results. She said if I’m lucky and it’s not androgenic (pattern balding) it could just be down to lifestyle (like your body has lower threshold for bad diet/exercise for it goes "nah cba to grow anything"). I had blood tests done and while my iron levels were normal she said some people need an even higher amount to grow healthy hair so supplements are getting prescribed for me. I hope you get the right attention for your hair loss too.

No. 130807

You could also buy some regaine (minoxidil), no prescription needed, it should be available in drugstores

No. 130811

File: 1578843954439.jpg (608.63 KB, 2950x2949, 5b5d5b1b80eb0bbb75504a3a7bf139…)

So my hair is collarbone length and naturally wavy (maybe somewhere between a 2A/B if it matters) and I stopped straightening it daily a while back, but recently I've been getting back into wearing it straight since it suits me much more and is so much easier to manage than my natural texture. I don't own a straightener anymore and decided to buy one of these Revlon brush blow dryers instead.
So far I'm really pleased with it, I normally would never touch a blow dryer with a 10 ft pole since they make my hair so frizzy but this makes my hair so nice and smooth.

My only problem is that I can never get the ends of my hair to behave. They ALWAYS flip either in or outwards and it looks ridiculously stupid especially when the rest of my hair is so straight. No matter how many times I go over my ends with the blow dryer they always curl out, and not in a nice soft salon blowout way. I've tried a bunch of different techniques and ways of moving/holding the blow dryer, but all it does is curl the ends in a different direction. It's really frustrating especially since I've watched a million YouTube videos of people using the same blow dryer and even girls with way curlier hair than mine can get their ends much straighter using just this blow dryer. I'm not great at using hair tools so can any anons please help my clueless ass. What is this witchcraft that I'm not understanding?

No. 130815

Curly hair that's thick/dense tends to do this. The ends get dry and more prone to curling/frizzing, which will give you that dreaded "flip" appearance at the ends. You might need your ends trimmed or your cut altered slightly on the bottom so it's more manageable.

No. 130816

Ugh yeah my hair is super dense. My hair has been recently trimmed but it was just a quick touch up I did at home myself. I'm planning on going to the salon to get it cut by a professional in a month or two, what exactly should I tell my hairdresser to do?

No. 130845

you could try wet setting it overnight, with soft rollers. it takes some trial and error to place them so you get the style you want, but it's pretty effective.

slightly easier method, blow dry or curl a section, then immediately put the end around a velcro roller until it's completely cool.

No. 130850

No contribution but I just bought one too and find it incredibly underwhelming. What am I doing wrong? Everyone else loves it.
I have collarbone-length, bleached, fine, thick, barely wavy hair and it should be a recipe for cute flippy voluminous hair but it's a real let down.

No. 131105

i have really bad dandruff suddenly–what can i use BESIDES head and shoulders?

No. 131107


ginger shampoo has helped me in the past a lot. also i have dyed my hair lots of time and the chemicals got rid of that shit fast.

No. 131120

Nizoral or selsun blue, they're both more serious antifungals (the former moreso).
You may also request oral antifungals from your doctor.

No. 131131

My hair is dark brown naturally, and just pay shoulder length atm.
I bleached the bottom layer of it and it's grown out like an inch by now.
I want to get it all back to one color cause I didn't like how it looked as much as I thought it would.
Would it be better to just do dark brown dye on the bleached part or should I do my entire head?

No. 131263

tips for frizzy italian hair with bangs? for years I've always felt "scruffy", when I wash my hair it comes out amazingly but within a day or two it gets so temperemental. I wash it less, it gets greasy. I wash it more, it gets frizzy. What do?

No. 131388

File: 1579912139690.jpg (152.83 KB, 375x706, 20200125_131920.jpg)

hello my lovely fellow hags, i have come to asketh for some hair advice here since i'm too anxious to talk to a hairdresser yet.
my natural hair was golden blonde when i was younger, but i started dyeing my hair around the same time i hit puberty and all the way until my 20s. for the past 4 years i have been growing out my natural hair and have not used any products or heat styling or dyeing or anything really besides dry/straighten when i get it cut. the natural colour changed (obviously and i know that's normal) but i am wanting to go blonde again since this is probably the best condition i can get my hair in (i know it's still not great but it's summer where i live so bitch is frizzy).
would you anons have any idea what a good shade/level of blonde i could go without causing too much damage on my hair? i know about the 3 level rule but i'm not even sure what level my hair falls under in the first place ?
for reference my skin is peachy olive colour. >>131263

No. 131390

oops i have no idea how i replied to that, but since i did i will say something obvious in that dry shampoo helps with my hair texture, but i usually just do up-dos after the 1st or second day. i usually wash about every 3-4 days when i used to wash every day. pinning your bangs back seems to be in rn and it's a fun way to mix it up

No. 131411

i dont think your hair color is bad but the undertone is very ashy, while still being kind of red. kind of strange. i think you should literally one or 2 shades lighter while focusing primarily on your undertone. i dislike my ashy hair a lot and i find the biggest difference comes when i change the tone rather than the shade. the shade of yours is already nice, just dull.

No. 131434

File: 1580012256671.jpg (123.01 KB, 960x960, a37621e533874284649655be14e32d…)

My hairloss is pretty much like this, a giant balding spot on the entire crown. I don't know what to do. I don't want to leave my house. How can a woman be like this? How can I even exist? I just want to cry. I don't have any more goals or dreams or anything. Nothing else can matter if I can't even leave my house, be a normal person.

No. 131438

I’m so sorry anon, have you tried all the weird online hacks for hair growth? Or any sorta of medication that may help with hormones that inhibit growth? I know that since the scalp is all just capillaries that massaging your scalp with vitamin E oil and castor oil helps the blood flow and might help hair growth or do warm towel massages for your scalp that might help also

No. 131440

Holy shit anon my hair look is just like this. Do you happen to have PCOS? I found it to be super prominent after developing an anxiety disorder due to all the daily stress. Is your hair also extremely greased out after a day or two of not shampooing it? I was able to conceal it getting a layered pixie, but I didn't like the upkeep of my hair after a couple months.

No. 131442

there's very realistic wigs out there now and you can also consider getting extensions. don't lose hope anon there's solutions out there for you

No. 131451

File: 1580049172581.jpg (1.31 MB, 2336x3000, IMG_0376.JPG)

I feel for you so much. May I ask how old you are?
I feel exactly like you. It feels like I'm completely losing my myself, especially as a woman. And there's absolutely no hope for me; I just won the shitty genetics lottery by starting to lose hair at 17 and it gets worse day by day.
I have to shave my head soon I think and just the idea of doing that is horrifying since I used to have beautiful full hair (similar to pic). I know some women find it empowering to shave their head but I absolutely don't, and that's not a thing women do where I live.
I've become really paranoid and seeing how everyone makes fun of bald people (including my friends)makes me wanna die. I don't know how I'll survive college. I'm embarrassed to death.

I wish you the best, really…

Sorry for blogposting, I know you guys wanna discuss hair advice in peace ♥

No. 131453

Some call it a “shag” which is kind of embarrassing but hairdressers know what you mean. I got a haircut like this recently with 3 tiers of layers and choppy fringe and I love it, my hair is so low maintenance now and it helped my problems with flyaways and broken hairs.

No. 131471

File: 1580090603997.png (5.37 MB, 2699x1463, shaggy.png)

NTA but I love this shaggy mullety styles so much. It seems like it's getting really popular on the west coast I'm growing my hair out for a bob so I can have something like it but I'm kind of nervous the small town salons near me won't have any idea how to do this and I'll just get rekt.

No. 131476

I'm in my mid to late 20s and I learned to accept my hair and it doesn't make me feel like less than a woman anymore. I learned most people honestly don't really care. It took years, this started happening to me at around 16 and it's more prominent around the front of my head. I have practically tried it all; scalp massage, oils, hair fibers, shampoos that promote growth, flaxseed… nothing really helped. I think just going through all that trial and error helped me see that it's not worth the extra stress. I get haircuts with tons of layers to help the hair not feel so weighed down.

No. 131479

roadtrip to a nice salon!

No. 131484

Is it possible to tone natural blonde hair that's very warm yellow or does that only work on bleached hair? I used salon quality silver shampoo but it doesn't seem to do anything. I even coated my dry hair in it and let it sit for half an hour: nothing.

I just want my hair to be cooltoned without resorting to dying it, help!

No. 131486

There's loads of hairdressers on instagram doing this type of hair cut at the moment, so it's worth looking on there and seeing if any of them are in your state. I am currently growing my hair out from bald to get it cut into a shag. They are meant to be really low maintenance and grow out really nicely too. Good luck anon!

No. 131488

File: 1580143394992.jpeg (253.32 KB, 640x634, EFF26BF4-8106-4909-93B5-F3896A…)

That was gonna be my plan but the closest places I can find thru insta are in Tennessee which is an 11 hour drive. I’ll definitely travel out of my city for it but I might just take a gamble at a trendy youth-focused salon and hope they get it.

I just want to have this kind of vibe before it blows up and becomes played out. Miley got one recently and that concerns me it’s on its way to full mainstream soon.

No. 131490

They've been on the rise since about 2017, apparently, but so what if others get it? Yours will be unique to you if it's done right! Your own texture will give it it's own shape and make you look amazing, fuck the others!

No. 131491

File: 1580145456533.jpg (14.36 KB, 100x101, kot-wageslave.jpg)

im old and was a teen the last time this haircut was vaguely trendy and i could never pull it off cause of tragic face proportions and abundant babyfat

No. 131499

Use a clarifying shampoo and try again. it might be that your hair is too coated in resudue of shampoo/conditioner that there is nothing for the dye to stick too.

also, try overtone. its meant for undyed hair.

No. 131510

I did it myself when shitfaced at 3 AM. It's a forgiving haircut, especially if your hair is wavy/curly.

No. 131839

I recently dyed my hair with a permanent dye. Feria R48 so it's a deep Auburn, almost slightly purple but very red at the roots. I'm fine with it for now but planning on transitioning to a more caramely blonde balayage type look in a month or so when it starts fading. Is it possible to tone red hair into a blonde? How do you do it? Should I just let a professional handle it? Or would a warm blonde look okay with red tones

No. 131869

I box dyed my hair black and whilst it doesn't look bad I think I suit being brunette a lot more. I don't want to damage it, so is the only thing I can do to be brunette again with no damage is to grow it out?

No. 131928

Red is a resistant color, usually, meaning you are not gonna get a caramel color in a month without damaging your hair.
Learn to love the red until it fades out, when you can proceed with the caramel blonde you want.

No. 131954

I got a pixie cut for the first time in my life and i don't think i will ever go back to long hair. holy fug.

No. 131959

Uh, I'm jelly, if I didn't have a huge forehead and thin hair (but lots of it) I'd do it too in a heartbeat

No. 131978

As another fellow thin hair/big forehead, I also just got my first pixie cut. It's all brushed forward so hides my forehead, and a little spritz of dry shampoo gives it a great texture. I freaking love it and don't know why I waited so long.

No. 132580

Anyone had any luck with hair growth vitamins? I had hair down to my boobs then shaved my head to a 2. It's now in that awkward inbetween stage and I look like a middle-aged primary school teacher. Help!

No. 132581

god I'm so fucking upset. I decided to get bangs for the first time n worth noting I already had pretty short hair (below chin level/neck level in the back)

My hairdresser gave me bangs that were to my eyebrows, ok fine. But she also cut my hair ABOVE my chin so it looks almost like a bowl cut. The layers in the back is also so choppy and I have pretty naturally bouncy hair so the layers are so obvious. I don't know what to do it looks so bad

No. 132582

File: 1581163254018.jpg (150.13 KB, 996x996, wsi-imageoptim-Short-Soft-Blac…)

I can't even style it this way because my hair wont lay flat cuz she cut off too much and it looks choppy af

No. 132584

don't know about vitamins but increasing your protein and iron intake might be a good idea

No. 132617

I've had two major hair losses over years and Revalid worked spectacularly both times, lots of baby hair growth and better hair quality in general.

No. 132729

I was recently looking through childhood pictures and holy shit, my hair used to be so light. I used to be strawberry blonde as a kid and I'm a dark brunette now.
Why does this happen? I want my old hair back. There's no way to activate back my childhood genes is there? I really liked the color, why did it turn into this poop shade? This is some fucking bullshit.

No. 132733

I absolutely hate my hair and don't know what to do with it. it's super fine and pin straight. It's a few inches over shoulder length now and it's just so flat and lank and I basically wear a beanie or tie it up 90% of the time. I want to go shorter again but I'm tired of bobs? any ideas for something that'll give me more volume and bounce? I don't want to go shorter than chin length cause it really doesn't suit me

No. 132734

hair just darkens as you age, no way of going back sorry anon. maybe you could get it dyed back to your earlier colour

No. 132743

Yeah that's normal. I went from white blond to dark blonde. Sucks but you can't reverse it!

No. 132754


Will your hair react well to layers? I'd try them, you can always grow them out.
If you want something more immediate try a wide-barrel curler (either an iron or leave-ins)
Have you experimented with product or different shampoos/conditioners?

No. 132787

File: 1581558657133.jpg (79.59 KB, 509x599, messy-bob-creativeartacademy.j…)

to be honest I never do anything to my hair other than wash and dry it. I don't have a hair routine and I can't be bothered with any kind of curler (though thanks for the advice!). I've tried lots of different kinds of shampoos and conditioners they all seem to do more or less the same thing.

thanks for the advice on layers though, I'm having my hair cut soon so maybe I'll ask for layers. I'd love to achieve something like this

No. 132789

ot but is that Cathy from the Flowers in the Attic remake?

No. 132811

File: 1581624532350.jpg (64.95 KB, 480x720, 8857e894201140dc3968c92ad962f3…)

my hair is a shitshow right now. due to being an irresponsible idiot, I messed up my natural dirty blonde color by using multiple different brands of blonde box dye in an attempt to go lighter. I somehow always failed to dye the underside and backs of my hair, so the top layers are a very light golden blonde and the underside and back is a mix of golden blonde and mousy dirty blonde. I've been trying to stop dying it but now my roots are growing in and is a clearly different shade than the other parts of my hair. I'm also a super broke college student, so I haven't been able to afford color correction at a salon. BUT im so excited now because a very high end salon in the city near me needed color correction models for a new trainee, and it's only going to be 15 dollars for what would usually be like at least 500+ at this salon. I'm gonna ask for a root fade so I don't have to keep dying it, and they're going to blend the colors all together so it's not a patchy mess. I'm so excited!!!! I'm also getting my hair cut after months, I'm gonna go with a side swept bangs, and but try to keep the length a couple inches longer than this photo.

I'll let you guys know how the color correction goes!!

No. 132822

File: 1581645759172.jpg (24 KB, 191x419, hair.JPG)

i'm thinking of growing my hair out again (its a bit above shoulder length now) but my hair always looks like pic related when its longer. i know the pic is of bad extensions but that's what my actual hair looks like when i grow it. throughout the day, it separates into big chunks and pieces likes that. i don't know how to get it to look cohesive and sleek without brushing it 5 times per day. would have fine (not thin) hair have anything to do with it? are there are products that stop hair from getting separated and chunky looking?

No. 132824

I just typed layered bob into google, it's just from allthingshair.com without credit

No. 132932

Anons it takes me like 5 to 10 min just to do any basic updo. I have looked at many YouTube videos but I can't do it so effortlessly I always mess up and have to start over again. I didnt do any cute stuff with my hair growing up and now I struggle. I usually try to gather my hair use a smoothing brush to not allow any bumps but it takes forever to do it. How do you do easy cute things with your hair? Please share stylish pics too.

No. 132967

File: 1581963836858.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.23 KB, 400x500, hair1.jpg)

What hairstyle do you guys think would fit a long, narrow face with a fivehead? I'm thinking about getting full bangs or maybe curtain bangs but I'm not sure…I hate my big forehead, but it's also the widest part of my face and I'm afraid that covering it up would emphasize the narrowness of the lower part of my face. In the pic it's a frizzy wavy mess but I usually wear it straightened

No. 132978

Shag with bangs cut into a shape to suit your face. I recently got one and I feel amazing. My wavy hair actually dries naturally into the style with little need for me to do anything to it but wash and go!

No. 132984

Pretty sure bangs are the standard fix for both fiveheads and long/narrow faces. They make it look shorter and rounder.

It's not like your face shape is particularly extreme to begin with though, I'm sure most hairstyles would be pretty flattering.

No. 132987

thank you kind anons!!

No. 132998

I have the same hair and face shape as you. If you don't wanna do bangs, look at liv Tyler for inspo. I tried bangs for years but they just don't work for me because I have cow licks in my hairline. (As far as I can tell, so do you)

Also, fill in your eyebrows properly, they make a huge difference.

No. 133001

File: 1582037292780.jpg (106.91 KB, 736x1069, 01550e9f0c7de5152b4dff074d7d60…)

I have the same faceshape and I was thinking about getting bangs like this

No. 133003

Mine does the same thing and I think it might just be the hair type :/

No. 133037

getting layers and thinning it out might help. you could ask a stylist if they agree.

No. 133084

Anybody got curler/roller layout diagrams? Trying them out and aiming for long, soft curls almost more like waves. I know using larger rollers will give looser curls, but not sure how much the layout/pattern of the rollers will contribute. And all the same direction? Horizontal and rolling down over the roller?

No. 133346

What purple shampoo do you guys recommend?

My hair is bleach blonde, level 10 and pretty uniform in color, it is still a little bit yellow and I'd like it to be as white/silver as possible. It should be a fairly simple task, but I'd like a good product.

No. 133475

I'm this anon >>124706 and I just wanted to thank the anons who suggested I should try the curly girl method!! It has seriously transformed my hair! My hair is shiny now and it doesn't look dry af anymore. The waves have become much more defined too, it's very wavy/borderline curly now as opposed to the large waves it was before. I've lost a lot of volume too (in a good way) it isn't as big and "exploded" as it looked before.

I must admit it's quite a lot of work but I'm no longer ashamed of my hair and don't hide it in buns and braids anymore, so I'm very happy!

No. 133506

Is anyone else following the whole devacurl situation? Brad Mondo made a video on it and he suggested that it's not the formula. That instead build-up is causing hair loss for some and age/hormone changes are affecting peoples curl.

Interested in what others think.

No. 133514

File: 1582905728747.jpg (5.7 MB, 3088x2505, 7d66464-1.jpg)

I have a similar forehead to girl in pic related except my face is more heart shaped, thin hair but I have a lot. I'm pretty desperate for hairstyle suggestions and looking like a balding old dude :(

No. 133525

sideswept bangs and layers will help!

No. 133532

Are bangs the only option?

No. 133533

nta, ask a hairdresser if you wanna be sure

No. 133597

I have this same forehead/hairline and I've just committed to a life of bangs.

No. 133771

I have very thick type 2B hair that's about butt length. I really don't like not washing my hair more than once a week a la the curly girl method. Has anyone with similar hair had luck with anything else? What products do you like?

No. 133773

You could wash your hair at a more comfortable frequency and try co-wash for every other wash?

No. 133790

Does anyone else here have to wash their hair daily? I see so many people saying they only wash once or twice a week but I rarely get to even skip a day because it gets greasy.

I have short hair which is maybe why the oils in my hair are so obvious? I've tried to wash less to train my hair but no luck, my moms hair was the same way so maybe that's a factor?

No. 133795

yep - even if I wash my hair at night there will be visible grease already there in the morning. my mum and my sister both have very oily hair too so I think it's genetic/hormonal

No. 133801

I've got very thick and long 2B hair with bangs.
My hair does fine only being washed once every two-three days, except for the bangs which get greasy much more easily. So is it okay to wash my bangs more often and just try and leave the rest dry?
Related question, but it also seems like my hair needs a lot of conditioner to not get too dry/frizzy. Is it ok to use conditioner on the ends of my hair using the sink every day? My hair is about 60cm and the part receiving extra conditioning would be the bottom 20-30cm I guess.

No. 133804

I think that's normal. When i had bangs I had to wash them every single day. I'd like to get bangs again because of my massive fivehead but the weather where I live is always hot and humid so on top of washing them every day I have to straighten them every day too otherwise they get frizzy with humidity. Back then I felt like I was frying my hair.
If anyone has any secrets on how to maintain your bangs in a healthier way I'd be happy to know!

No. 133814

Any anons on here have knowledge about jumping between having curly hair and straightening? What's a safe way to go about it? Are silicones necessary when straightening?

No. 133832

File: 1583458622653.png (3.73 MB, 2412x984, Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 8.28…)

update post! (I'm this anon)
I got the corrective color done yesterday and I couldn't be happier. The salon I went to was AMAZING (it was a high street salon in the city), and my stylist was so sweet and worked so hard. She did dozens of foils and toned it. It took over 4 hours! because I did the trainee modeling thing, it was only 15 dollars for the actual service (but I gave the stylist a HUGE tip). Here is my before and after! I still need to get my hair actually cut, and I have another trainee modeling appointment for that in a couple of weeks. I want to post the website I've found all the hair modeling for trainees listings at but I'm not sure if that's against the rules or will make it look like this is fake spam for it or something lmao. Just google hair trainee modeling and you'll find it.

No. 133846

Beautiful hair anon! Do you know what kind of cut you are going yo get?

No. 133941

File: 1583686488740.jpeg (930.13 KB, 2217x1491, 2B9E1C69-0CFB-4B1E-B517-5A1C4D…)

I've come to realize that long-ass hair just doesn't suit me after 3 years of growing out a Lord Farquaad bob. Left is the last day I had a great hair day — no product, just washed it and woke up with it like that. Right is just the other day — no product, weighed-down, frizzy.

No. 133942

File: 1583686687973.jpeg (562.08 KB, 1125x2000, 45D56E64-B088-4419-A5A9-17E70D…)

This is the back of my hair, on what are my my "new good hair days." Excuse the shit quality and my gf's dirty mirror. For this reason — along with the fact that I have minor trich and pull my hair out if it gets honestly any longer than my collarbone, and it makes me scratch at my scalp that's not even dry — I'm considering a big chop. Will post inspo pics.

No. 133944

File: 1583687308397.jpeg (463.74 KB, 1054x1741, 25D6020F-D33C-4E42-86F6-5CC1E9…)

My hair on a wash n go day about a year and a half ago — I'm hoping to go a couple inches longer than this.

No. 133945

File: 1583687436006.jpeg (1.86 MB, 3464x3464, 2094E205-B4F9-417C-B6B6-2F92BA…)

Inspo pics, as promised. Unfortunately nymphet/ddlg-bitch-turned-wannabe-curly-hair-influencer Johanna Deutschman is included because we have similar curl patterns.

No. 133948

You sound like you have pretty similar hair to mine, anon! I wash my hair once or twice a week and shampoo just my bangs in between washings to keep them looking fresh. My hair is really dry so it's important that I don't wash it too frequently. I'd say try to condition the ends too and see if it cuts down on the frizz.
Don't worry about frying your bangs because you have to trim them so frequently anyway, like once a month. You could try clip on bangs but they are significantly heavier than real bangs and make you sweat more. Sweep the bangs to the side and use a hand fan on your forehead when it gets too hot.

No. 133951

File: 1583694737789.jpeg (201.86 KB, 853x1280, photo_2020-03-08 15.11.36.jpeg)

thank you!! I'm thinking something like this! I have a heart shaped face with a pretty pronounced forehead, so I'm thinking wispy french girl bangs will be enough to hide it while also not making my face look too round or short.

No. 133953

The top Looks dry anon,maybe it's hormonal? Seems like the new hair that is growing is more frizzy. Also you look like you don't have too much hair/volume, and that's why the longer your hair the weight pulls it down and makes the curls looser.

No. 133954

I think you're right. I started getting fungal acne when I got the Kyleena IUD about a year and a half ago, which is around the same time my scalp became drier, too. I've actually been considering getting it taken out.

The way I see it is: I'm never going to have a lot of volume, so I might as well aim for curl definition.

No. 134100

I want to get extensions to add length to my shoulder length hair. I would prefer to just cut and dye the extensions myself, but I am having trouble finding hair extension reviews that aren’t complete bullshit.
I dye my hair bright red and have been for years so I’d have to purchase extensions that can be dyed.
Does anyone have any ideas or should I just bite the bullet and make an appointment with a salon?

No. 134124

she looks really pretty with her hair like this

No. 134238

I need a haircut, but for obvious reasons I don't want a strangers hands so near my face for any length of time. My ends are split and getting tangled a lot, so I want to do it before it causes anymore damage.

Does anyone know of a good Youtube video or tutorial to help me trim my own hair until I can make an appointment? I know I could just look it up myself, but I've tried that in the past and fucked my hair up pretty bad because the tutorial wasn't good. I have the most basic straight, fine hair so it shouldn't be too hard, right?

No. 134289

Most tutorials are gonna be pretty similar for giving yourself a trim, just make sure you start with a good, sharp pair of hair shears.

No. 134307

I haven't trimmed my hair in 8 months. How fucked am I?

No. 134312

Sorry anon, your hair is fucked beyond repair. Better shave it all off and hope it grows back okay.
Nah, jk, but seriously, you should be fine. People have gone longer without trims and survived. If you feel like your ends are split and gross and need a trim, do it, but if your hair looks and feels fine, who cares how long it's been? Everyone's hair is different anyway, and especially if you don't bleach and/or use heat, you could probably go longer without trims.

No. 134525

so my hair comes half-way down to mid-bicep now. i want to grow it out to my tailbone. does anyone have any advice to make it grow healthy and faster? i have very fine hair but it tangles easily because there's a lot of strands which causes breakage.

No. 134537

File: 1584666038523.jpeg (743.17 KB, 2048x1463, 3C1DB375-E0A2-4812-9D1E-EFEC56…)

Alright, be straight with me fam. For approx 10 years I’ve dyed my hair black and then very dark brown for the last years. On and off I’ve attempted to achieve this cool lighter brown but every time i do this has been the outcome: use color remover > turn orangey brown red > bleach it > yellow > color with desired cool brown dye > it turns way too dark OR the color fades into shitty dark red brown mess after a week.

Idk, I’ve asked several hairdressers and they either say it’s impossible or they can lighten it but it will remain in the reddish brown family. Should I give up?

No. 134541

Have you tried using a blue toner? It can get rid of brassy tones in brown hair.

No. 134542

Why would that be impossible? Wtf. I swear to god, so many hairdressers are retarded.

No. 134560

Why would you want this shade?
I have it, it's so damn boring I used to add semi perm shades to give some depth to it.

No. 134572

Thanks anon, I’ll give it a go.
No idea lol, mind you it was one of my cities more expensive abs reputable salons so I was very confused.
Haha opposites attract I guess! I love the ashy grey tones

No. 134578

it's a beautiful color if it matches with your skin.

I have golden warm blonde hair with natural highlights that girls sometimes tell me they wish they had, but it actually looks bad on my cool skin. I wouldn't mind a beautiful ashy "bland" color like that.

No. 134614

What kind of hairstyles look good if you've got a a flat face, small forehead and chin, and round cheeks? I've always just stuck with growing my hair out because I felt that bangs would make me look like a child and that shorter hair would make my face look fat. Sometimes I think about switching things up but I'm afraid that long hair is the only thing that suits me. My hair is straight and pretty thick, so long hair has always seemed the lowest maintenance option.

No. 134647

anon if you're sick of long hair you could probably pull off a bob/lob! i also have no chin/thick hair and i can guarantee from experience that most bangs will make your face feel unbalanced, but you can definitely go shorter. one of my favorite cuts was a blunt bob just past my chin - i could just let it grow out but it also looked somewhat trendy

No. 134681

File: 1584890478023.jpg (109.79 KB, 650x975, ye22.jpg)

what are bangs like this called?

No. 134682

No. 134684

thx for being so helpful

No. 134685


Curtain bangs

No. 134692

i'm totally lost on what to do with my hair. ive dyed it every colour under the sun with colours like pink or dark green looking the best (too light washes me out, my hair is naturally an extremely ashy light brown). its pretty much all one length and quite damaged but not fried. i have quite a long face and prominent nose but don't have a big forehead. what could i do to give myself a more cohesive look? currently it's super drab and about a million shades of brown/silver/pink/yellow/blue and has zero shape

No. 134694

that was the term I was looking for! thanksss anon

No. 134792

File: 1585044540969.png (198.44 KB, 480x314, penguin.png)

So I have a problem with having very thin hair, especially on the front and I'm convinced that one of the reasons for that is the fact that I'm washing my hair every single day and I've been doing it for years. I can't even grow out my hair too much, because then I have way less longer hairs than shorter ones and it obviously looks ridiculous.
Does anyone know whether washing my hair less frequently would help eventually?

No. 134809

This sounds like something more serious than overwashing. Are your hormones off?

No. 134820

I don't really think so. My mom has a similar problem, we both had very long and somewhat thick hair when we were young and we started dying it very early, so now we both have quite a normal amount of hair on the back of our heads and not so much on the front.
And I've been washing, blow-drying and straightening my hair daily for almost 10 years, so I wonder if doing it less would really help

No. 134842

just try it, you've got nothing to lose

No. 134868

File: 1585111114184.jpg (42.18 KB, 500x494, P_2020-03-23.jpg)

Hey girlies! I wanted a short haircut but as you can see, it looks like a mess. How could I fix it?

No. 134870

File: 1585111926594.jpg (345.04 KB, 800x800, example.jpg)

curl the sides, keep the straight bangs. As it is now, it makes me think of pixyteri lol

here's an example, makes it look a lot less flat/dull

No. 134878

The fact that both you and your mother have the same patte