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No. 103602

Why the heck are boys so attractive and girls (me) are little lumps of fat and mouse faced? How can any guy ever find us attractive, i understand big boobed tall model blondes cause they look like sculptures or whatever. but i look around at 90% of women and sometimes I think gay guys exist for the sole reason that we are disgusting. maybe im insecure (i am) but i seriously dont get why guys look so good and we dont.

No. 103604

Did this weird vent need its own thread on /g/? Really?

No. 103606

is it really weird? is it really a vent? or are you just placing far too much importance on your opinion?

food for thought.

No. 103607

did your post need to happen? im being serious cause its pretty useless lol

No. 103608

thread starter here, sorry if thread was bad. also didnt mean to start people arguing.

No. 103612

ur fine.. sometimes we have random creeps on this board show up and pretend they run the place before promptly embarrassing themselves :0

No. 103613

Maybe try losing weight?

I think there are just fewer ways for men to be ugly since their body shapes don't vary as much as women's do (hence why they have more standardized sizing)

No. 103614

thanks for reply, also im not actually fat. i was just referring to the feminine form, i just find it so unattractive. men can be perfect if they work for it, and women are either short soft blobs or skinny ugly stick things it seems.

No. 103615

No. 103616

ugh agreed. the slightest touch of masculinity is sooo beautiful but lolcow isn't the place for this discussion since it's infested with dykes and le epic man-hating radfems

No. 103617

and i dont think she is a loser i think she was probably right about my thread and it was dumb on second thought

No. 103618

yea, i know i shouldnt have made the thread now, i was just really bummed thinking about this earlier was all sigh

No. 103620

If you lose enough weight you stop looking as feminine

No. 103621

In my experience /g/ and /ot/ prefer to have things organized in general threads, which is what I was mainly criticizing. Sorry if I was wrong in my observation, and perhaps I was too mean to OP.
Also saw her opinion as "weird" since I thought it was commonly accepted in the society that the female form is quite pretty (as portrayed in visual art, etc), even if several anons here disagree.
Not to put down the male form of course. Men also look nice.

Regardless, nothing can change your mind if it's made, OP. You'll just have to accept that they very obviously are attracted to women.

No. 103622

this thread is fucking dumb tbqh

No. 103625

File: 1545287359461.jpeg (481.23 KB, 1125x853, FD89DDC8-474E-46DD-A3CB-E4928F…)

No. 103628

Can't relate

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