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No. 104123

I need advice/help.

My boyfriend has been into some really weird stuff. And I just go with it, i feel like its sometimes abusive but i never say not to.
I really like him but i dont like doing the kinda stuff he wants me to do.

Hwut do?

No. 104131

What is it that he's doing exactly? Not to be nosey but it would give us more insight about what is abusive about his behavior.

I would say communicate your feelings to him but if you can't imagine yourself communicating to him peacefully about it, you should seriously consider leaving him. Some guys are basically autistically obsessed with their weird fetish(es) and there's almost nothing you can do to change that.

No. 104134

Weird stuff, one time he made me fart on his food before he ate it. He's talked about a lot worse.

Some of it to embarrassing to say

No. 104135

Yikes. You really have to consider if you can live with that kind of stuff long-term. If those types of fetishes for him are strong, he may be unhappy if you ever ask him to give them up and may become resentful as a result.

No. 104140

use the relationship advice thread.

you're the one staying with him, and continuing to do this weird shit, so something is wrong with you too.

No. 104141

Or op just got brainwashed.

Op leave.

No. 104143

Like i said i really like him, but not this stuff he has me do.

It's just weird i didnt mind some stuff like being rough or anything. But he's obsessed with farting, and girls on tik tok.

No. 104145

then stop complaining. you can find someone else who doesn't want to involve you in this 50 smells of grey bs.

this thread is pathetic

"uwu my bf is like sooooo weeeeeird~ is he uuuuh abusing me? >w<."

fuck off.

No. 104146

Is it abusive if you've never communicated that you don't like doing it? Tell him you feel uncomfortable doing it or whatever it makes you feel, I know it can be hard with someone you like, because you're afraid he'll leave, but if he's a normal guy he'll actually respect you more for communicating your boundaries. If he gets angry about it then leave while you can. If you don't say anything you'll just become a doormat and he'll leave you anyway because doormats are boring.

No. 104147

it was never in the cards for being abusive in the first place. OP is probably just really into it and trying to play it off.

No. 104148

>obsessed with farting, and girls on tik tok.
sounds like a low-quality male

No. 104149

Perfect for OP then who is clearly a low-quality woman.

No. 104150

Anon I always want to support and help girls in shitty relationships but I'm kind of confused why you made thread instead of going into the relevant threads, but despite being desperate enough for help to make a thread to yourself your post was really vague, so it's hard to take you seriously

Say no to him, communicate your feelings about the things he does
If he doesn't stop when you say no, leave

No. 104152

it sounds like anon just thinks her bf has gross fetishes, which means she should leave because she's not sexually compatible with him. there's obviously no abuse going on. he's just asking her for weird sexual things and she doesn't like them but hasn't told him cause she's worried he'll break it off, which he should if they're not sexual compatible.

No. 104153

File: 1545964050627.jpg (56.18 KB, 556x500, 2pw9ng[1].jpg)

Literally this thread. Wtf is wrong with you OP? Are you over 18?

No. 104155

I fucking lost it

No. 104158

What even? How is it abuse to want something that you then agreed to provide. Like if your friend asks you for $10 then it’s not stealing. If he knows you aren’t into it and keeps asking then that’s kind of abusive. But he probably thinks you’re also into it if you don’t say otherwise…..I’ve had the same problem in my young relationships. I would try to be what I thought someone else wanted me to be. I can’t blame them for my own bad choices, though.

No. 104165

I mean it isn't like "abuse" but I figured if I said no to anything. He'd break up with me, or worse.

He wanted me to make a fart video and put it on tik tok. Like actually wanted me to do it, and I had to tell him I couldn't because I was with my family.

No. 104166

>He wanted me to make a fart video and put it on tik tok. Like actually wanted me to do it, and I had to tell him I couldn't because I was with my family.
fucking christ you really just need to leave this fart-obsessed tiktok-using faggot. there are seriously countless other guys out there who are better than that.

No. 104168

She sounds so young .. anyway.

https://youtu.be/tXlQBT_RDcY Maybe this video will help OP get out asap

No. 104170

OP, I was in an abusive relationship when I was 15-16 and reading your posts really brought me back to that time in my life (mind you I'm well into my 20's now.) My BF at the time was into extreme fetish stuff which I kept excusing as "oh whatever, it's just what he's into" but it did turn into legitimate physical and sexual abuse. I don't want to make assumptions about your relationship, but I do want to say that if these things make you uncomfortable and he's aware of that and doesn't stop, he doesn't really care about you. I hate to sound harsh but it's true. I know in my experience when I told my (now ex) BF that I didn't like the kind of things he was into he just hid that he was still involved in fetish communities online and when I found out it really hurt. I should have known then and there that our relationship wasn't healthy and I should have RAN in the opposite direction. I was very young and didn't feel comfortable talking to anyone about what was going on (and I get the vibe you're quite young too.)

I don't want to imply that your relationship could become an abusive one, but I do think that if a man prioritizes his sexual fetishes over your comfort it's a huge red flag. Just by the fact that you don't want to say no makes you come off as being very vulnerable. Please know that your safety and wellbeing should be your number one priority. There are tons of other guys out there who don't come with baggage like weird fart fetishes, trust me. You don't have to do stuff like that, honestly it's just gross and 99% of people out there would agree and never expect their partner to be subjected to that.

TL;DR- Leave. Unless you want to be dealing with his weirdness. It's on you to make that decision.

No. 104171

anon, she never said no to him. she didn't even imply she told him at all. he probably thinks she's into it which is 100% her fault.

she said several times she's scared he'll break up with her and she likes him. it's all of her fault.

No. 104172

>50 smells of grey
I lost it. Thanks for the laugh, anon.

No. 104178

File: 1545992089530.gif (1.19 MB, 300x226, 697534778.gif)

Ffs, you shouldn't force yourself to do shit you don't like just because you're scared that your bum ass boyfriend will leave you. A lot of women have been in a similar situation and it just isn't worth it. OP you seriously need to learn to respect yourself, the onus is on you to set boundaries and communicate your desires and if you fail to do that you are at least partially responsible for how this situation plays out. It would be different story, and more akin to abuse if you said no and he kept pressuring you.
There are plenty of other men out there, you shouldn't be wasting your time in an incompatible situation that makes you uncomfortable.

Ugh, I don't know how women keep putting up with these weird ass losers. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

No. 104182

Why are you retards responding to a bait thread who clearly sounds like a dude.

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