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No. 105272

Lmao you're definitely a man, but yes, Sabaton makes decent music! Fell in love when I heard them on the metal radio station one year when I was aimlessly driving around late at night through the back roads of my town. Something about listening to cheesy power metal under the stars and moon made me feel comfy as hell.

No. 105303

ha what >>105272 said but I'm just gonna reply because I do love Sabaton.
Have you ever seen them live? They're really funny as they run around the podium all wearing the same army pants. The singer has this permanent happy face while singing about war and death.

No. 105397

I actually got to see one of their first ever performances in North America. They were the opening act for Iron Maiden. I've been listening to them ever since.

No. 105419

i liked their nazgul song

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