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No. 106790

Hello everyone, i wanted to make a thread about NBE, i know you might think it's BS or wishful thinking, i did too, but recently stumbled on a site called breastnexus, its a forum where both women and transgender people have increased their bust sizes naturally with herbs!
I'm not talking about bs like "big bust cream" or something like that but herbs like: Saw palmetto, red clover and so on.
Does anyone have experience with this?
I myself am gonna try this method out in a few months:
It's a user who went from a size 32B to 32F with just roasted soy flour and grounded flax seeds.

I can post updates here when i start.

Anyhow, if anyone has something to contribute, please do so!

No. 106793

wow I've always made fun of men for their penis enlargement fantasies but somehow never thought I'd come across this

people will literally say they've cured their cancer by snorting oregano regardless of how many scientific studies debunk their quackery

I can't think of any evolutionary purpose for breast tissue growth from consumption of very specific herbs or spices.. of course i'm open to being proven wrong if you have any legitimate studies

No. 106794

I think the idea is tweaking your hormones with estrogenic and related herbs to mimic puberty, obviously its not gonna work for everyone but its cheaper than implants and worth a try.
As for studies, for breast growth specifically i'm not sure, but there are some that indicated that Spearmint tea significantly reduced androgens in women with pcos/elevated androgen levels: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19585478
And one about a man developing gynecomastia from soy consumption:

Point being, these substances HAVE the ability to alter ones hormones.

I'm not an expert or a scientists, but lots of women on the site have reported breast growth by altering their hormones from herbs, it's worth it to check out!

No. 106796

Hormones (and the endocrine system in general) are very sensitive and easily altered. Sure, you could fuck with your hormones if you want, but that seems counterproductive in the long run. Consuming whole milk for example (like OP of that thread was suggesting) is associated with increased risk of breast cancer, because you're literally consuming bovine hormones.

>vid related

And here's a study:
>Dietary fat in dairy is a source of estrogenic hormones and may be related to worse breast cancer survival. We evaluated associations between high- and low-fat dairy intake, recurrence, and mortality after breast cancer diagnosis.
>The researchers found that women who reported eating one or more servings per day of full-fat dairy products had a 64% higher risk of dying from any cause and a 49% higher risk of dying from breast cancer compared to women who ate fewer servings per day of full-fat dairy products or women who ate low-fat dairy products.

No. 106797

Phytoestrogens do not increase cancer risk, which is what these women consume.
Sure dairy might increase cancer risk, but i dont really care tbh, i consume dairy everyday, but because it makes healthy food taster better, not for boobs.

No. 106799

Okay but that woman from OP is telling others to drink half a litre of whole milk a day in order to increase their breast size.

Phytoestrogens (typically studied in soy products) are usually not bad at all, but there is conflicting evidence about over-consumption, and in general too much of anything (especially hormone disruptors) isn't good.

No. 106800

I really doubt she was growing a cup size per month, unless she put on weight as well. What I’m guessing happened is that she was sized wrongly at the start (too small) and grew from the pill. Two cupsizes of growth is normal from the pill.

No. 106802

She was on spiral, after she stopped growing she went on BC and gained an extra cup size (final size 32F)
I doubt someone who is obsessed with growing their breasts will measure them wrong, especially if they are the same band size after.

No. 106806

32B is a very rare size. Most women with a smaller cup size are actually a 28 or 30 band.

No. 106810

Her band was the same and she was losing weight at the time, atleast read her thread before you start dissecting.

No. 106814

Lol, do you really expect me to read through 19 pages of pseudoscience?If she lost weight her band would decrease.

But you know best anon. Start a diary here with photos and prove us all wrong.

No. 106815

You were implying that she just measured wrong a was suddenly bigger due that that, i was just saying that if that were the case her band would change from 32b to 28 something, which she didnt.
I'm not gonna try to convince you of anything, it's not psuedoscience or else hrt would be psuedoscience aswell.

No. 106818

>32B to 32F with soy powder and ground flax seeds
I’ve been eating soy and ground flax seeds daily for years with zero breast change. Phytoestrogens don’t work that way. Even HRT doesn’t cause breast tissue to change that drastically. Either very large breasts are in your genetics or they’re not.

No. 106819

i doubt you eat 60 grams of flaxseeds and 50 grams of roasted soy flour every day, the key is in the dosage and combinations of things and how they interact.
Hrt is different because its done on natal males which has more limitations but alot of men on hrt grow to a B cup.

No. 106823

The only way to do this is with estrogen (real estrogen) and HGH (human growth hormone) this other stuff is all fake shilling.

No. 106828

Never mind the fact that they’re b cups are just saggy fat

No. 106842

Why are you so desperate for this to be “impossible” ?? No one is selling any product??

No. 106844

Well breast are mostly fat….

No. 106845

Anyway, can a mod delete this? No one is open to the idea and its the same retard being outraged by MILK and personally offended that anyone would grow their boobs and saying im a shill even though no one is selling any product. So lame.

No. 106850

lol i'm this anon >>106796 but I haven't posted in this thread in 13 hours, so it looks like you're the only one samefagging then

Why would you ask for opinions, only to respond defensively to every single reply and then cry to the mods about how no one is pandering to you? You really didn't predict this is how it would go down when you started the thread? You sound underage or you just have body dysmorphia issues, maybe seek out therapy or a nutritionist before you end up hurting your health based on a random woman's recommendations.

No. 106853

nta but sometimes seeing dumb beliefs paraded as possibly true just gets frustrating you know? especially when you know for a fact they are absolutely bogus such as phytoestrogens having oestrogen like effects

No. 106854

*estrogen, autocorrect being weird

No. 106860

I’m this anon. I was trying to explain what the most likely explanation is. Women in Asia are not known for being particulrly busty yet eat the largest amount of soy.

Someone tries the homonal approach here (along with suction) and it just doesn’t work:

Don’t you think that if this stuff actually did work companies would be all over it and selling it in every pharmacy? Breast implants are expensive, dangerous, and look (unintentionally) fake a lot of the time.

No. 106862

All of these natural methods work by messing with your hormone levels which can be dangerous. Better off just going on the pill under doctor supervision or paying for implants. As a matter of liability I'd be surprised if this thread didn't get deleted.

If you wonder how some of those Japanese chicks were able to get big boobies without implants keep in mind japan has non surgical breast enhancing procedures not available in the West. Like chiyo milk or whatever her name, they're hawking herbs when they're just getting titty injections.

No. 106872

They actually have implants. The trend in Japan is to underfill the implant so it looks more natural. Some are natural but they tend to be heavier set.


No. 106878

Look, i dread this thread now because "boom science!" even though it has never been tested so it hasnt been proven NOR disproven.
I just wanted a nice thread here since the forum is so clunky, not because of the pure pwnage of "science" and cancer risk from drinking fucking milk lol.
And its fine if you guys dont belive over 100+ women who have increased their bust size naturally, not selling any brand of herbs, done hormone testing, been on the forum for years and have photo evidence, i dont really care, the example i used was extreme sure, but thats exactly why i used it, most women increase max 1-2 bust sizes.

No. 106882

Oh not denying implants just mentioning that Japan has approved other non surgical procedures too.

No. 106902

ot but browsed that forum some and boy is it absolutely miserable! also greatly reminded me of bodybuilding forums female version kek but at least those I can find funny (tbt to that thread where a guy didn't know how many days in a week there were) and they are sorta improving their health I guess? the numerous male members commenting on progress photos was so creepy too

No. 106918

I hear of Penis enlargement pills.

But I've never heard of Penis reduction pills.

However I see people wanting both reduction and expansion surgery for breasts.

No. 106919

It makes me slightly sad that NBE is bullcrap. I don't dare to get implants because of the potential complications, the down time, and breast implant illness. Most of the women in that forum either just gained weight or went on birth control pills. Tbh I'd be willing to pin HGH or estrogen if that actually worked, but eh.

No. 106926

increased estrogen from giving birth or taking hormones can increase breast size, but it purely depends on your genetics.

For some it does absolutely nothing. While another girl I knew grew 3 cup sizes and started lactating.

No. 106938

File: 1548843257908.jpg (44.64 KB, 443x550, flat,550x550,075,f.u3.jpg)

Women's breasts grow naturally until the age of 25, anon. There are multiple other reasons that affect breasts.

weight loss can make breasts appear larger as mammary gland is not affected by weight loss. Mammary gland has adipose tissue over it , but it's not normal fat tissue.

Japan also does collection of Nasopharyngeal Specimens, aka sticking a q-tip up someones nose to swab and check for a flu. Japan also doesn't use anesthesia for giving birth. Japanese medicine and medical system is bizarre in general.

No. 106941

>Japan also does collection of Nasopharyngeal Specimens, aka sticking a q-tip up someones nose to swab and check for a flu.

Uh, what is so weird about it? That they don't collect these samples from the throat or what?

Also, weight loss can affect breast size. It's not like lowering your body fat percentage doesn't have any effect on your breasts. Of course, it depends on how extensive the weight loss is.

No. 106982

No. 107050

Well when I say up the nose, I really mean up the nose. It's extremely uncomfortable and painful to have a q tip all the way up next to your eyes. As for comparison the non painless throat swab is much preferable and they do the q tip up the nose just because.

Their medical system has a lot of nonsense, so them approving non surgical breast enhancement is not really meaning it actually works. They allow a lot of nonsensical and useless procedures in general.

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