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No. 110713

Has anyone had laser tattoo removal? What was the cost? Why did you get it? How painful was it? Is it still visible at all?
I am considering getting it done myself as I stupidly got a visible tattoo as a kid and am worried about finding work in Japan

No. 110720

There's a lot of factors that impact it. How big a tattoo are we talking here and where is it? How old is it? What colors are used?

The older and lighter, the easier it's gonna be. It's quite expensive and painful, most say much more painful than getting a tattoo.

No. 110742

Op here, i have two, one on my finger that is small, and ones the size of my forearm practically but its a very simple line drawing, so no shading or anything. Just black ink. Hopefully it'll go well as its around 3 years old. Sucksss about the price

No. 110755


I got a groupon from a highly rated place in my city to get a terrible finger tattoo that unfortunately never faded over a course of ten years I'm on my second treatment and it's starting to fade a bit…i have 2 more with my groupon (which cost $60) and after will have her assess if I need more and get an estimate again!

The first time was HELLA painful…she onl.y put ice on it for about 15 seconds and just went at it…the procedure itself really only lasted about 20 seconds and I am not exaggerating…my finger was swollen for about 4 days…no ice to leave…no numbing cream for the day

Second time she left the ice on for about a minute and again about 20 seconds to treat the tattoo! She gave me an ice pack to go and its was only swollen for a few hours after that and was tender for one day.

I highly recommend to get it done. It does hurt like hell but if it will make you feel better and you no longer want the tattoo…do it!! I put off getting it done for months because I was scared.

Black is easier to take out than color though, and depending on the ink and way it was put on.

Maybe look for groupon for a good rated place in town mine was $60 for 4 sessions for a small 2x2 inch tattoo

No. 110760

A couple things from personal experience. Large tattoos are fucking painful, worse than getting the tattoo, but it only takes about 1 minute for a shin size tattoo. I'm guessing the small ones you describe would take 15 seconds (but they are the longest seconds I ever lived, lol). It can take quite a few sessions to completely get it removed, but it will be less noticeable after the first. You have to wait a certain amount of weeks/months between each treatment. Black ink is easier to get out than colour. I had more skin irritation afterwards when I used numbing creams than when I went without. Just go it without if you can.

No. 112056

I only have one regret tattoo that i'm looking into saving up to get removed. i got it done when i was 18 and it's the only one i hate because it's dead center in the middle of my chest and i cant hide it unless i wear high collar shirts.

thankfully this was more than 10 years ago and laser removal has gotten much better. I'm hoping it will only be 2-3 sessions tops.

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