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No. 110716

Has anyone ever seen yandere shit in real life? Or had an unhealthy obsession with someone that could be classified as such?

I had a friend talked all the time about wanting to kill her ex's new girlfriend. She would write extremely detailed rants on her tumblr about it and peaked when she attacked her in the hall one day and carved his name into her arm when she was sent home. Her parents ended up pulling her out of school and homeschooling her after that. I heard through the grape vine that she regularly attempted contact with him for several years after high school to the point where he had to delete all social media.

No. 110718

Anon, that's what we call "psychopaths".

No. 110722

Yeah, but I wanna hear specifically about the "psychotically obsessed with someone" branch of it.

No. 110728

No. 110730

That thread doesn't cover other people though, just yourself. Plus this thread is specifically romantic obsessions, that one is obsession across the board.

No. 110754

You have a flawed view of what yandere means.

No. 110762

What are you talking about, anon?

How is this story not consistent with this description?

No. 110763

your link literally has nothing to do with the story you told.

No. 110764

Just turn on the news, male yandere galore…

No. 110765

Anon, go home, you're drunk.
>The sick portion was added when a new layer of romantic obsession came about beyond normal tsundere (where cool emotions were warmed and nurtured towards awkward, romantic or sexualized tension) where seemingly normal displays of strong and deep romantic love and affection become mentally dilapidated (i.e. kidnapping crushes, poisoning food that is to be eaten by a romantic rival, or forcing the romantic love interest to commit shinju (心中))

No. 110766

fucking stop.

No. 110768

Says the one shitting up the thread with unsaged weeaboo gatekeeping that isn't even accurate.

No. 110777

go read the BPD subreddit followed by BPDlovedones. you're welcome

No. 110779

>>110754 is right tho.

>Yandere (ヤンデレ)

>A term for a person who is initially loving and caring to someone they like a lot until their romantic love, admiration and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either overprotectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined.

The girl you described is just straight psycho. In your story she never seemed to appear nice, loving or caring. Or anything positive for that matter.

No. 110783

I probably should have specified that she was sweet and showed no signs of crazy when they were dating, but that part didn't seem necessary to mention since it's not what makes the story interesting.

No. 110791

Oh don’t worry, neither of the parts makes the story interesting.

No. 110793

Then why bother coming in here at all? It's almost as if you have the option of ignoring things that don't interest you…

No. 111117

Lmfao sadly true! Underrated post.

No. 115104

I realize this thread is kinda old, but can anyone let me know if I'm a yandere?

>meet someone online like 2 years ago

>try my hardest to be with them despite being a depressed, fat, sack of shit
>still doesn't like me (makes sense), but I fell really hard and have never felt this way before and thought there was a real connection there
>a year passes and I move out of town following a psychotic/suicidal break (partially fueled by lack of progress/them getting into a relationship and saying marriage was on the way)
>another year passes, haven't talked to them since last november, but I still keep expecting them to call/text

Right now, I'm in the middle of learning how to crochet and learning how to 3D print so I can send them a bunch of gifts

I guess I'm not really looking for advice because I'm pretty sure that if I could move on, I'd just be jaded and go into any potential relationship just weird
I just wanted to know if I was yandere

I used to text everyday and rarely get a response so I just stopped because
1. it wasn't doing me any good
2. if a conversation was going to happen, it probably would happen more than once every 2-3 weeks for about 30 minutes
3. if I'm texting someone every day with no response, isn't that basically abuse/harm?

I got the "okay" because I obviously have low self esteem so I was constantly asking them to tell me if it was okay for me to text, there was even something mentioned about how seeing those text every day was something that made them happy but I just feel like if someone wanted to talk to me, they would make more of an effort and not just drop a conversation for a month or so
Because it's not like anyone besides me was starting a conversation and it's not like I've gotten any texts since November 2018

No. 115105

That’s not what yandere is but you definitely have a lot of issues.

No. 115106


No. 115148

I do have these kind of thoughts that I don't want anyone around my boyfriend and that if he would die while dating me he would be mine forever and not able to be with anyone else ever again.
Also the sweeter I am and not picking unnecessary fights, in case of breakup, will make him miss me so fast when new gf starts getting moody.

Then again I know I have issues and would rather be just sweet girlfriend who is not possessive or jealous. Or if i am a jealous i try to play it down little bit and seem cute about it.

No. 124576

Oh hey. Did you perchance browse the yandere threads on r9k around 2014?

Those were amusing.

It will fade. I've had obsessions last longer than that.

No. 124585

I had this boy in my class, who I was extremely in love with. Like trembling and not able to speak first love.
My friends told me I was a maniac, because I smelled his chair, wore his gim clothes he left in class, followed him home. I even put away a hair from him.(he used my hair brush)Ofc I hated his girlfriends so much that I wanted to stab them. So I carried a pocket knife with me. For obvious reasons.
He was an ass btw. Played with my feelings for 2 years,told me that he loves me but: we can't be together,because we are class mates!
I cried trough so many nights,but I did not hate him. Just his girlfriends. I despised them with passion.
Fun fact: He is a drug addict now.
I am in a happy, healthy relationship since 2017. No more maniac impulses.
I wouldn't call myself a Yandere tbh. But that was a weird part of my life for sure.

No. 124595

>It will fade
I've kinda been waiting for more people to talk about obsessive stuff

I'd love for it to fade sooner because its affecting all aspects of my life
I was depressed before I met them, but now it's really hard to try to will myself to do anything positive because "If this person who I gave my heart and everything to doesn't want me, who will?"
And I know that a relationship wouldn't fix everything, but it would probably make me less likely to obsess over one person if I could internalize the notion that anyone could love me romantically

but of course, it gets hard to do that if you're stuck on one person

[spoiler]as far as yandere notions, I do sometimes wish that something bad would happen to their SO and they would run crying to me, but I think about how sad that might make them feel (and how unlikely it is they would come to me) so I only end up feeling bad about it all

No. 125903

> friends with circle of girls from uni course
> close to a few of them
> one of them I'm less close to has always seemed a little competetive with me
> her bf moves to same uni because living one hour away is too long distance for her
> she made him cut off female friend for smoking with him once
> he's cheating on me
> bitches about him betraying her and constantly seems to have arguments
> fast forward to last year
> her bf is casual friends with me
> we nerd out but we aren't close, just message about anime and he looks up to me like a big sister
> one day they invite me to dinner
> she's being really talkative and hyper
> bf mentions we talk about anime on fb
> she slams the table and storms to the toilet
> bf looks uncomfortable, says she "gets funny about female friends"
> when she comes back she's stabbing the plate at me and being really quiet and aggressive
> spend entire night trying to comfort her
> bf walks me home after and vents and she sounds absolutely nuts and posessive, he's tired of it but loves her and wants to make it work
> controlling as shit
> she messages me fake uwuing about it and I gently tell her I'm not after her bf but I point out that it's not trusting of him and that it made me uncomfortable
> she proceeds to tell ENTIRE friendship circle I'm an evil bitch trying to break them up, makes bf block me, probably using same threats she used with his other female friends
> fast forward a year and some of this circle talk with me about it
> turns out she went around saying I messaged her out the blue and never told anyone about the dinner incident, tried to make me out to be the psycho
> shouts "why don't you go fuck anon" at bf in arguments
> meanwhile seems to be skinwalking me
> still pretends I'm a massive bitch psycho to cover up
> made her bf cut me off and never reveal her true colors or else he'd be in more trouble

No. 125920

Yandare, atleast as I understand it, is extreme affection to the point of acting and behaving psychotic. That's not yandare, that's just a possessive psycho. The key difference is in how they didn't just lash out from jealousy, but they created their own world where they were the victim and tried to convince everyone of it. And some very skilled manipulation to boot.

People like that exist as men or women and they don't just do it with partners, it can also be siblings, children, anyone they can exert total control over. Interesting story though, thanks for sharing.

No. 125924


bitch you crazy lmao

No. 125927

My ex-bf was a "yandere" I guess. Thankfully, we only "dated" for a very short period of time, I broke it off quickly, but he would exhibit extreme stalkerish behaviour. Sending me thousands of texts in a day, showing up at my work, calling all my close family members, my best friend, harassing me, and some other shit. I used to be very resentful towards him, and he made me pretty scared of men in general, but now I understand a little better that it was because he was mentally ill (BPD).

No. 311686

I used to be part of a yandere social network many years ago. It was 90% scrotes, 9% female larpers and 1% genuinely unhinged women.

No. 311695

why did you necro this thread?

No. 311698

And which group were you a part of?

No. 312648

Where you the 1%?

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