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File: 1553957253298.jpg (59.2 KB, 563x698, 17b525649c32fef8f489d03bdba81e…)

No. 112126

What are your favorite online stores for clothing and accessories? I'm trying to find a good site for soft aesthetic art hoe clothing after a long goth/emo phase.

That being said, for small things like socks/thigh highs and accessories I'm not trying to impress with (hello kitty bracelet and hair clips..) ebay and aliexpress work well.

For clothing that I don't want to look cheap in, dollskill and killstar are my favorite though.

No. 112132

>Not looking cheap
Literally half the shit is overpriced wholesale merch with a logo on it. Go to AliExpress and reverse image search Dollskill shit.

No. 112143

TBH I've given up hardly anything is good quality anymore

No. 112148

>(hello kitty bracelet and hair clips..)
You have to be 18 to post here

No. 112156

Lel you’d be better off buying the same items from eBay directly by looking up cheap goth shit. Those brands are nothing but even more expensive hot topic. Love yourself anon.

No. 112329


I know it's an H&M subbrand but I really love it and I've been buying 60% of my clothing here since ASOS became too huge and cluttered for my browsing tastes

No. 112631

thredup.com honestly it's just amazing, name brands, amazing second hand quality, the search system takes a second to get used to, just type in basic words of what you are looking for in this formation: "cropped top, red, floral" or "dress, square, mock" (square, and mock being the type of neckline) and so on and so forth. Really amazing selection and prices. 10/10 would recommend

No. 112637


anyone have a any places that ship worldwide/outside just the US?

No. 112654

File: 1554634351778.jpeg (1.26 MB, 750x1062, A49DC698-04A5-430C-991E-30302E…)

clothes: fashion nova, chuu, pretty little thing, missguided, wildfox.

jewelry: kitsch island. chuu has some adorable jewelry and accessories too.

bags: ted baker and love moschino

shoes: ted baker (high heels) along with pretty ballerinas (flats) and public desire (boots).

>>112637 all of these places do

No. 112656

Those dresses looks so awkward. You can see the lines of their underwear.

No. 112658

Asos & Asos marketplace, YesStyle (be careful with sizing tho), Bershka, Stradivarius, new look.

No. 112687

It’s cause they’re super cheap. Pretty little thing and fashion nova are basically the same clothes you get from wish. You’re lucky if they aren’t see through as well, and the gemming is always off.

No. 112689

I like chicwish a lot. Can be a bit pricey and things tend to run small but the quality of their items is always great.

No. 112701

All the brands listed itt so far are cheap, shit quality items that are made to be disposable and aren't for adults. Not to mention ugly (it is trendy shit for teens). I hope no one is 20+ wearing the shit posted here. Even 18 is a stretch.
Imagine wasting your money on this fast fashion junk instead of investing in quality items.

No. 112712

This. It's easier to spend the money on incredibly cheap pieces but they never last and usually look a bit shit. All these sites yhe past year have had the most gimmicky garish almost-2000s weird shaped shit that isn't made to last past a few wears at all because people will just buy whatever the next weird shit is, I dont get it.

No. 112715

I like eShakti for clothes that fit well. The selection is limited, though.

No. 112717

does anyone have any opinions of meshki?

No. 112752

does anyone have any recommendations for online clothing stores that don't charge duties to ship to canada?

No. 112753

I like Poshmark for buying Banana Republic, J. Crew and now I'm looking to buy a Kate Spade satchel. But not full price ofc.

Madewell and Asos have decent accessories.

My ultimate style is basically Aritzia and All Saints but I can't afford either so I just try to manage for now as a broke college student.

No. 112754

Anon, this board is full of weebs. Cheap Asian websites should be expected in this thread.

No. 112759

File: 1554764911489.jpg (39.71 KB, 382x500, d431f359da76f4155f6444f49958bb…)

Any stores with a sort of 'dreamy' /ethereal aesthetic?

No. 112764

the pajama area at goodwill or salvation army kek
but honestly, that look is usually limited to a 1 or 2 racks at most popular chains. i've seen a few at Forever 21, Old Navy, Rue 21, maurices, JC Penney…

No. 112787

I don't really do online shopping for clothes cause I'm tall and things always end up being too short. That being said, ASOS would be my #1 recommendation cause at least you can return stuff and you get free shipping for returns. When I do shop online I order from here cause I can easily find tops that fit me, I just prefer to try things on in a store cause it's just safer and you have less of a chance of being disappointed with your purchase.

Etsy is actually a really good place for jewelry, especially basic pieces. I have a nice little collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that I rotate out every few days. Affordable options are easy to find.

I like DSW for shoes because they have a wide range of styles, always have a great clearance section, and offer free shipping if you spend over like $30, which is basically the price of an averagely priced shoe. I'm thinking of trying out shoes from ASOS as well but I just haven't yet for some reason. I have browsed their shoe section before though and seen a lot of things that I liked.

No. 112804

It's online and ridiculously expensive but try shopgossamer

No. 112811

I'd hunt around at thrift/consignment stores, might be difficult at times but if you have the time you could come across a great find like a Gunne Sax dress and depending on the store/your area for pretty cheap too.

Or if you're handy you could try sewing your own clothes. There's a lot of patterns for that kind of vintagey/Gunne Sax-style dresses. But it's a lot easier said than done to make your own clothes lol

No. 112822


No. 112825

Flowing, feminine dresses are making a comeback this season. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, urban, AE, topshop, etc. all have similar dresses right now for about 1/3rd the price of these.

No. 112962

File: 1555066269102.jpeg (56.82 KB, 545x692, 299FC29D-8B4D-46F4-B01B-34CD35…)

Idk if this is the right thread for this but since I saw an anon asking where to find a certain style of clothing I’d figured I’d ask where else I could find this obnoxious outfit, I want it so bad and I fucking hate how much syndrome store overpriced their items

No. 113026

Try Free People or Anthropolgie. They lean more boho than "dreamy/ethereal" but you're more likely to find pieces you're looking for, imho

No. 113084

they are quite pricey, but the brand For Love and Lemons makes really cute stuff like this!

No. 113485

i have shopped on storedogdog a few times. Their prices are ok but their products smell awful most likely do to them being shipped from China

No. 113487

Saged for anachan.
Does anyone know of a US store that sells really small clothing sizes for tall girls? I’m in recovery but am still under a size zero in most stores.

No. 113488

off the top of my head i know bershka and banana republic carry 00
you might have some luck with amazon as i know a lot of their things can run more similar to asian sizing

No. 113514

I find that any store with a petite section works best for me - Anthropologie, Loft/Loft Outlet. LoveShackFancy runs small.

What sort of clothes do you like?

No. 113530

I know American Eagle jeans go down to a double zero and you can order a longer inseam instead of the standard length

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