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No. 112257

In your adult years? This thread is for support and tips for girls who can't talk to guys. How did you over come it?

No. 112270

I they are really into you, it honestly won't matter if you're awkward. Once you get to know one another well enough, you'll feel more comfortable.

No. 112271

File: 1554132266614.jpeg (12.91 KB, 183x190, 16DF9ED9-A50F-43D5-8D1A-746516…)

never really had trouble after i developed the habit of channeling my bleak understanding of the male psychology into a game when socializing — the aim of which is to trip them up, but only indirectly. basically 90% of my interactions with men are me trying to get them to ask themselves the question: “is she making fun of me?” it turns off the weaklings and can weed out the woman-haters early on, leaving only the arrogant and the brave. boss battles, and if you’re lucky potential allies.

No. 112272

This basically. If a guy thinks you're hot than anything you do or say is considered flirting

No. 112273

But what if your not hot? What if them just saying hello to you in the morning triggers you?

No. 112274

Be blunt and to the point because men are bad at picking up on things.
Work on being a good listener because men like to talk. Ask questions about their interests.
Laugh at their jokes, but not too much. Make your own jokes, feel free to be a tiny bit mean.

Overcoming any fears you have of them is really the hardest part. But otherwise men are just simple most of the time.

No. 112278

online you declare your gender and they will come to you. irl you just exist.

No. 112302

What's the point. Just flirt with them and lightly make fun of them like >>112271 said. Weeds out the retards.

No. 112362

perfectly true. my boyfriend is a very masculine type, football, beer, blue collar etc., and he and all his friends basically just "banter" for hours on end. to be honest I roll my eyes a bit because sometimes it gets a little exhausting, and maybe your kind of advice only works for the brazen types like you touch on, so if you don't want a rough around the edges guy it might be different, but all in all just play the banter game with them and they will love it.

No. 112551

I agree that they're just simple.
I'd even say that they're mostly just naive or dumb with one-track minds. There's no reason to be afraid of them. When it comes to general conversation you will always be smarter than they are.
They won't know if you're being awkward. They don't even get obvious body language when you're not into them. They don't get any kind of "hints" towards anything, you have to be straight up with them or they won't understand.

No. 112557

nta as a former extremely shy around males person to the point of just straight up ignoring them, this is sorta what i've noticed as well, is being a man just being autistic by default kek

No. 112571

Agree with you. A little natural banter every now and then is fine but I don't care for the men who try to incorporate it into every conversation. It quickly becomes tedious and boring, not fun at all. Imo its kind of childish and indicates they can't hold a genuine, interesting conversation with a personality of their own.
I have had guys tell me they liked talking to me because it was different from their guy friends. "More personal and serious." And another said he felt like he could talk with me about anything from the dumbest stuff to intimate. Men will like you either way if you just be yourself.

No. 112600

This is really bad advice for social idiots. The kind of nuanced ballbusting that endears smart men and turns away the morons isn't something every girl has a good grasp on.

I can only imagine some shy gal responding to everything with a half-hearted putdown before wondering why people start thinking she's an awkward bitch when she just wanted to do things right.

No. 112601

I'd also say I think it's more complex than this. It's not that they're simple, or unable to pick up on subtext (obviously some really are that dumb.). It's just when it's a first impression and they don't know what they're dealing with, they aren't picking up on your singular, obvious intent or mood, they're picking up a thousand separate possible intentions and failing to be confident about any single one.

"Hi" gets turned into a long internal process of (Who put her up to this? Does she need gas money? Do I have something on my face?) and so on. Being kinda sexy and sly is just as easily comes off as bait as does an invitation.

Point is, they're not being simple, just very anxious. Being straight with them is your best chance at dissolving that anxiety and letting the two of you have a legitimate back and forth conversation.

No. 112627

File: 1554591574025.jpg (11.01 KB, 242x208, download (3).jpg)

>I have had guys tell me they liked talking to me because it was different from their guy friends. "More personal and serious." And another said he felt like he could talk with me about anything from the dumbest stuff to intimate. Men will like you either way if you just be yourself.

This is the most important thing stated hitherto in this thread. In my experience, when a guy and a girl first meet and really get along, they're mostly just telling stories about their lives. Childhood stories, funny things that happen at work, embarrassing memories, etc. When a woman is especially into a guy, she'll push this further and further and try to unravel even the most trivial things about his life. Men can't really have these sorts of conversations with other men because their friendships are activity based, they can for the most part only bond over things that they do together. Many male friends don't even know basic things about their other friends, such as their age or their last name.

No. 112635

90% of the people on this site are guys larping as girls so you're already talking to them

No. 112636

I think a good chunk of this site are actually Russian trolls

No. 112639

Are you just exaggerating? Maybe on cow boards but it's too TERF-y and manhate-y otherwise.

It would be funny to learn I've been interacting with mostly male NEETs with nothing better to do for almost 2 years though.

No. 112646

File: 1554609414387.png (79.84 KB, 272x199, 1433688077563.png)

First cc, now lolcow? It'd be naive to believe this board is 100% female but fuck off with your 90% male paranoia.

No. 113197

context matters, doing this can get you ostracized as an autismo in certain circles

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