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No. 112369

Didn't see a thread specifically for this kind of stuff so use this for discussion about things relating to bathroom stuff, advice, how to better your gut, how you personally maintain a healthy gut, general frustrations if you have an unhealthy gut (IBS, Crohns, etc) and/or how you manage it, asshole insecurities, etc.

No. 112370

I guess to start it off, does anyone have any good recommendations for fiber supplements? And/or do probiotics actually do anything? I've been (pretty irregularly) taking psyllium husk powder but I know it won't do help at all if I don't also drink enough water. I can drink anywhere from 8-32oz a day but its pretty erratic, is it worth it to set a reminder to drink more water or should I just buy one of those giant water bottles and make it a goal to drink all of it throughout the day?

No. 112371


I use a giant water bottle that holds 120 ounces of water and highly recommend this. Keep it filled at all times and near you so you can drink the whole day.

No. 112372

don't take probiotics, even if people say "they work for me" probiotics are pretty dangerous, they can change your gut biome in the opposite way you want and you can end up really sick.

No. 112373


So I used to think I had IBS. I mean I still might have it but I think I’m just sensitive to certain food triggers and going to a gastroenterologist helped me with that. What I’ve noticed makes a big difference is my stress level.

I never thought stress levels would be related to my past issues (ulcers, gastritis, extreme constipation) until I got diagnosed with CPTSD.

The doctors explained to me that my amygdala is larger/hyper active so I get into a fight or flight mode almost daily sometimes with even small stress triggers, and that this could possibly explain why I used to have more of these issues more when I lived with my shitty family vs now (alone).

So if you have similar anxiety/stress issues it may be making your GI issues much much worse. I’ve noticed now that when I feel stressed out I tense up and even with a healthy diet I will have issues but nothing compared to from before. Meditation, centering and grounding myself has really improved my gut Heath. Crazy thing how our bodies work.

No. 112375

Also I’d like to add some general things that have helped me

-cut out milk and dairy besides sometimes cheese. For some reason I tolerate the thick fresh style cheeses better than sliced cheese.

-cook only in light olive oil but I still avoid extra oil in general.

-air fryer has been awesome! I can eat fries and other types of food now that I would have had to previously avoid. You don’t even need to add any oil which is great.

-avoiding red things. So tomatoes, peppers, strawberries (occasional is fine). This is something my gastroenterologist told me to do. Avoiding certain fruits like lemons, limes, mandarins, oranges, pineapples. They just hurt long term so it’s not worth it for me. If you can keep them though then it’s cool.

-adding certain fruits like papaya, watermelon, and mango to my diet has really helped me feel more regular and healthy overall.

-no coffee ever pretty much. I get my caffeine from matcha if at all. Coffee messes up my stomach sometimes. No alcohol either. I don’t really drink anyways and it just makes me feel more dehydrated which is bad anyways.

No. 112377

That's so crazy to think about but I'm glad you finally figured out what it actually was. I don't really have an issue with anxiety but definite issues with stress just because of work, and I'm really bad at letting myself relax. I've had issues with bleeding (mostly super light bleeding) when I go to the bathroom for a few years and hemorrhoids as well and I'm barely 20 years old and its super frustrating and I know this stuff can happen at any age but it makes me feel old and gross, and now self conscious because its resulted in a pretty sizable skin tag that I'm not sure would even be a good idea to try to get removed in the first place. I'm about this close to buying a bidet just to help minimize any unnecessary irritation.

I've never really formally asked a doctor about it all though, only my gyno as a one off "hey what's that thing on my asshole and should I be worried about it". I know I need to get it checked out by someone who actually works with that part of the body, its just a matter of finding a doctor now.

No. 112378


Yeah it was honestly like a “wow this makes so much sense moment!” As silly as it sounds because , like you, I’m also young (early 20s) and my worst GI issues happened when I was younger than now.

Even weird things like straight up peeing myself even though I don’t have any incontinence Issues made sense! Due to anxiety, I would either pee either 24/7 or just go and not be able to hold it in. Since I’ve calmed down and gone to therapy this has stopped.

It sucks feeling old and gross like this, I really feel you. But you’re neither trust me. A lot of people struggle with these issues. I even have that skin tag like thing you mentioned due to a particularly bad case of constipation one time. I think the only way to fix it is a physician visit but I don’t really care to have a doctor look at my asshole right now unless something was seriously wrong. I asked my gyno about mine actually but she said it’s not an issue unless it’s causing pain (in my case) but it’s definitely removable but likely benign.

No. 112381

Wow, I feel like this advice would help me a lot. I have issues using the bathroom like some days I won't pee or poop and other days I'm like a race horse every other hour.
I still deal with stress and general anxiety despite having a healthy diet, little to no sugar and caffeine, and exercising and I also have CPTSD. The fight or flight mode thing is also daily for me as well so I think I'm gonna invest in an air fryer and avoid those certain foods you listed. Thank you anon!

No. 112386


I also am the same way! Some days I pee 24/7 and horrible diarrhea and others cannot go to the bathroom at all and other days I have normal urination. I think stress is a HUGE aspect of it. At least for me, definitely and it has been a game changer to try to relax. Something that has also helped me is sleeping regularly and also taking power naps as well if I have time. I use an app for this that wakes me up in a relaxing slow way and I feel so much more calm.

The air fryer is awesome because you can cook so many things in it and it’s super easy to use. Enjoying foods you can’t normally eat is really nice, since I love fries but the oil makes me sick so now I just cut up my own potatoes and stick them in there and they come out so yummy. I’ve also made chicken in here, super toasty . I got one for 40 bucks on amazon.

No. 112416

I wish that it was more normal to talk about this stuff, not necessarily talking about poop at the bus stop but just being more aware of how it's normal to have gastrointestinal issues or how they happen. I get really shy even talking to a doctor, but my Asian friends just talk about their poops daily. I wish my family was more like that because everyone knows old people need to "stay regular" but nobody teaches you anything about that, your own guts are a secret to yourself until something goes wrong and you need to go see a doctor.

During a really stressful time I was having so many bowel issues I thought that I had cancer or even an anal prolapse because I just didn't know what was happening so I just cried to myself in secret until I could see a doctor. It turns out it was just temporary symptoms, I didn't even know stress could do that to you.

No. 112419

Had anal bleeding this morning after trying taking a dump and it's something that happens every few months or so. I also have this weird lumpy skin growth on my anus that connects to my labia but i'm not so sure if it's a hemorrhoid or not. From what I've researched, it's likely something that's not medical and insurance wouldn't cover its removal but it's grown pretty large over the years. How badly should I be seeing a specialist about these things?

No. 112425


Are you sure the bleeding is just from fissures? If you have dark stool or any blood in your poo then definitely go see a doctor. If not and its a just a fleshy growth that is causing you to strain to the point of tearing then still definitely see if you can get a doctor's opinion on it. Straining will just continue to exascerbate the problem by actually causing hemheroids ontop of whatever you already have there.

No. 112429

You're probably right that this it's an issue due to straining. I keep putting it off because it's embarrassing to me and I keep considering it a low priority issue but it might just keep getting worse if I ignore it.

No. 112432

File: 1554329141469.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 238.78 KB, 1242x1168, 94BBF23B-B8E7-4930-BEA1-E223FB…)

I've had issues with anal fissures for a while, if it's bright red blood either in the toilet (just a small amount) or when you wipe along with a sharp splitting feeling when you go to the bathroom then that's most likely it. More fiber and water should help

Also if the skin lump just looks like a ridge of skin then that's normal, a good amount of women have that. NSFW image but if it looks like this then you have a perineal raphe and it's nothing to worry about, this happens during fetal development so it's normal for those who have it

No. 112433

That's almost exactly what I have except that the the part on my anus that connects to the raphe is way bigger than other pics I've seen online and often gets a bit inflamed and irritated. Part of the reason why I get discouraged by seeking treatment for it is because it's generally seen as a cosmetic issue and not something that insurance covers. I'm not sure if there's a connection between that and all the general straining problems I have. Anyways, more reason to just suck it up and finally go to the doctor about it.

No. 112436

You could also have a hemorrhoid where it connects to the anus as well but it can't hurt to ask a doc just to be sure. If you think it's a hemorrhoid pick up some prep H and up your fiber intake and that might help in the meantime, also don't spend more time on the toilet than you need to, straining and sitting too long can definitely contribute to hemorrhoids.

No. 114291

apologies for necro, but i suppose this relates to this thread as it's to do with assholes (insecurity i guess?). Do any anons wax/shave or generally move hair from their asses? I honestly never heard of this or thought about it until a friend of mine mentioned she shaves, and other people have mentioned getting it waxed. Is this common? Does anyone have any experience getting it done?

No. 114321

I shaved my asshole area a few times, I didn't like it. The area felt really moist and it got itchy after a while. The upkeep isn't worth it.

No. 114328

For me it‘s the complete opposite of what >>114321 said.

I used to ignore my butthole but ever since I found out I like when my bf does stuff to my butthole, shaving it together with everything else has become mandatory. I love the smooth feeling and it’s not an effort that’s worth mentioning to me.
I also never got a moist feeling or itching. I have to admit though that this area is a lot more prone to razor burn, so that can be a problem (but I can avoid it by using coconut oil and disinfecting my razor).

For the few ppl that I’ve talked to about it, it’s 50/50. Some do it, some think it’s unnecessary.

I personally only do it because I enjoy the soft feeling of it. Never felt insecure about it or anything. Insecurity or pressure from your boyfriend/friends/media should never be the reason for you to shave. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it.

No. 114339

Did it for years but now I don't bother. It's only a few hairs and it's not worth getting a potential ingrown down there in an area which comes into contact with poo.

No. 114340

I don't do too much to it since I use a safety razor (great shave everywhere except where you can't see), but I keep the area from looking like a rainforest

No. 114350

I'm surprised you've never heard of it. Its extremely common. I do it just because I like being shaven and so do all my friends.

No. 115746

So I'm pretty sure I have IBS (I've been exceptionally stressed lately and have alternated between mostly diarrhea or constipation the last few weeks, sometimes totally going from having diarrhea to being constipated within 24 hours, but even when not stressed I seem to do this at least a few times a month and have been having more frequent stomach pains/urgency issues than usual). Honestly I've had to sit with ice wrapped up in a towel stuck up between my ass cheeks because of how much pain going to the bathroom has caused me before, but I also now get to deal with hemorrhoids because of all of this (I'm only in my early 20s, yay me). I haven't talked to a doctor about it yet but my brother was just diagnosed with IBS so its not like it'd be unheard of in my family already.

I used to be vegan and had a really high fiber diet, I would go to the bathroom every single day at the same time like clockwork which was such a blessing, and they were normal shits too. But I also had horrible gas the whole time I was vegan, I had a steady regimen of 2 gas x every single day I had to be out for more than a few hours and had to leave school early a few times because the pain in my stomach was so bad (I didn't use the bathrooms at school).

I also have dealt with constant anal fissures (for years) that never seem to go away and seem to split open regardless of the size of the movement. Does anyone else with IBS relate to these symptoms and would a self DX be a horrible idea? Should I just switch back to a high fiber diet and see if that helps or just suck it up and go to the doctor. I just went for a throat issue a few days ago and I feel like I'd be perceived as a hypochondriac. Should I just go straight to a gastro doc?

No. 115751

Anon go to the doctor. This isn't tindr, the doctor doesn't care if you text him back too fast, but your health is on the line here.

No. 115766

I constantly have diarrhea (i have a healthy and balanced diet) and a lot of times it's like pooping water but it is yellow and really..bubbly? It's like a wad of spit coming out of me :( and sometimes i have what i call "ghost poops". The poops are a white color? The doctor called yesterday and said i had two liver functions that were abnormal. Today i have extreme swelling and pain in my abdomen. What does this sound like? Is this something i should be super concerned about?

No. 115772

Extreme swelling sounds kind of abnormal but the weird poop is probably mucous that lines the bowels. Some people poop it out when they are constipated or have issues like IBS, UC or Chron’s.

Are you having your period at all too? When I have my period I usually get constipated occasionally with gas/bloating and it hurts a lot. I found out recently that certain foods really set my stomach off, like coconut water. You might want to look into FODMAP or see what things could be triggering you.

But overall the best thing is to continue seeing a doctor if it is really affecting you.

No. 115776

Could also be low bile levels. Did the doc go into any detail about your liver function results? Sounds like something isn't letting bile flow the way it should. That can cause white and yellow feces. Bile is what gives poop its brown color, if your poop is pale, it could mean that there's an issue with bile levels which means it could be an issue with your liver, gallbladder and/or bile duct.

But it could also be food intolerances, or malabsorption, I'm not a doc. But the fact that you did have abnormal liver function tests tells me its more likely to be the former.

You need to see a gastroenterologist soon OR if the pain is getting worse OR you see your skin or eyes turning yellow, go to the ER immediately. Call a gastro soon (as in today) and make an appointment ASAP but if you notice any new symptoms, go to the hospital.

No. 115787


Yea the swelling is really squishy and makes me look like i have a fupa even tho I'm relatively thin.

I had my period two weeks ago. They've regulated (i never used to have periods..or at least barely) since i had an abortion last year, but they are also heavier, longer, and more painful. I'm seeing a nutritionist next month and I'm going to try and weed out some foods until then to see if anything is causing it.

Hmm i don't know about low bile levels. I have lately also had bile come up my throat and shit. But what I've noticed along with the pain and the poop stuff I've been nauseous every day, have trouble regulating my temp, and see dots and overall feel like shit. Always groggy and in pain. I'm a little worried. I have no insurance at the moment and the doctor i see is at the only place in town that sees people with no insurance. I still have about 20 days until my next appt and they can't move it up. I've called the nurses station two days in a row but they're so damn busy i always get sent to voicemail. Ugh i went septic before and ugh just UGH. Sadly i can't just waltz into a hospital because as i said, no insurance…and no money.

Thanks for the information though nonnies, i will see if the swelling goes down by tonight. The pain levels are ridiculous. And btw no they didn't specify what liver functions were abnormal, they gave me the results over the phone. I've also had my gallbladder removed so really idk at this point the google results that match this don't look optimistic so ehhh. I'll try calling the clinic for the second time in an hour. Thanks again!

No. 115796

Hmm, I don't know then anon. How long has this been going on?

No. 115800

About a month ago? Two months ago i got out of the psych ward after swallowing 180 pills so maybe i fucked my liver up and have some sort of induced hepatitis? But it also seems similar to the endometriosis pain i had laparoscopic surgery for almost 3 years ago. Can rhat come back?

No. 115811

I don't have endo but I think it can grow back sometimes after being removed, which could explain the pain and swelling and to some degree the diarrhea, I'm just kinda concerned about the color of it. Yellow (chronic) diarrhea alone could mean a gut issue like >>115772 said especially if it comes out greasy or mucousy, but white poops are puzzling. Also the liver is pretty resilient, one of the most resilient organs in the entire body (kinda has to be when its essentially one big filter), but I don't think a drug induced liver injury could be ruled out, at least not until you get more details on your liver function tests and see your doctor again. I really can't say.

I wish I had better answers but just make sure you're getting back all the fluids you're losing because of the diarrhea plus some and I know you don't have insurance/money but if the pain gets worse, you noticing any yellowing, or anything else concerning happens go to the hospital. Your health is way more important than any bill you might get in the future. Keep us posted anon!

No. 116717

Should I be embarrassed about leaking a bit and having a hemorrhoid? My doctor didn't remove the hemorrhoid so I guess that's just my thing now. And no it's not going away on it's own.

No. 116748

if it's bothering you, you should probably have it removed
I'm not sure I understood you correctly but don't be embarrassed in front of your doctor, they see this kind of stuff every day, it's their job

No. 116882

Every time I’m constipated and try to poop, I have this clear liquid jelly that hangs out of my butt hole. I don’t know if this is alarming? I asked my doctor and he said it’s perfectly normal and is a sign of constipation but it still freaks me out when I seee it.

No. 116884

It will just be the mucus your bowel produces in order to move things along, sometimes you can over produce it if you are constipated. Its totally fine

No. 116887

is there any connection to irregular bowel movements or issues and birth control? my diet isnt the best but i haven't had stomach issues so constantly before i started birth control. it's starting to get really annoying.

No. 116928

I'm a recovering anachan, 23 years old. I used to abuse laxatives in my early to mid teens and as a result (I assume?) have had severe distention since the age of 13-14. I've restricted up until recently. My stomach will literally swell to the point where I look pregnant. I also have pretty regular issues with constipation though fiber supplements have seemed to help that a bit. The distention, however, is still horrible and I was wondering if anyone shares this experience or would know how to alleviate it? I've been to doctors, but they seem to either brush it off (and say it will get better with time) or insist I take a bunch of tests I don't have the money for. Sometimes, I'll go to bed with a bloated stomach and wake up still bloated. It's incredibly frustrating.

No. 116992

Went to the doctor today and learned I've got my first hemorrhoid. I'm health-conscious and regular (never any straining) so I'm reeling from this a bit. I'm wondering how it happened. I did have an extremely stressful week, so do you guys think this was caused by stress? Aside from upping my fiber intake, using hydrocortisone, and taking hot sitting baths, can I do anything to ensure that it goes away and stays away?

No. 117035

I don't really have advice but I wanted to say that I think I've got a few external piles due to the general sudden lumpy and off color appearance of my butthole.

I'm also going wtf because there's nothing obvious that would have caused them for me either.

No. 117171

This doesn't seem to be totally appropriate for the skincare thread but sort of goes between vagina/bathroom talk…My gyno says it looks like I have eczema just in the whole sort of private area and it's really uncomfortable and itchy. I'm kind of embarrassed about going to see my bf like this because I know we'll have sex but it's not like I can help this either. He doesn't seem that bothered. My main question is dealing with anal itching and irritation. It's driving me insane. I'm pretty sure it has eczema too. The vulvar is bad but seems to be sort of improving with prescription hydrocortizone. What else can I do or use? Could it be more than eczema? I've never dealt with it being this uncomfortable. Help.

No. 117328

hydrocortisone is safe for use on the anal area, so use it there too. try witch hazel, it's anti-inflammatory and should help the itching calm down.

No. 117944

I‘m really sorry if this question is super weird but I just found out that apparently there are people that wipe their ass blindly a few times before checking if they’re actually clean and I’m genuinely baffled and feel … odd now? Because I look at the paper al throughout the wiping process? Is that weird/gross?

Like, obviously it’s not because I enjoy looking at my feces or anything. Like, I literally never thought about it at all or questioned it because it’s the way I’ve done it all my life. And now I’m like… wait, is this not normal?!

Besides, if you only check if you think you’re clean, isn’t there a chance to miss potential signs of illnesses that come with bowel movement irregularities?

I’m just so confused and it reminds me of when I found out that there are people standing up to wipe and oh lord.

No. 117946

It may seem odd but it helped me. Take a cotton round and saturate it with aloe gel and tuck it flush against your anus. Leave it there for 15 minutes and then you can throw it out, but don't wipe the remaining gel off. Just let it absorb. I did it after every time I used the bathroom, even peeing, and the pain and swelling went away almost immediately.

No. 117972

It's not weird, I look every time I wipe just to make sure.

But how do you wipe while still sitting down? You're supposed to go front to back, but how do you reach if you're still on the toilet?

No. 117981

Different anon but what exactly does front to back mean? I wipe my front first and then reach behind for my back. There is some room there to fit my hand if that makes sense

No. 117982

I don’t sit all the way back, so my crotch is almost at the front of the seat. If I bend forward a little, I can easily fit my hand behind me and ‘into the bowl’. (It’s not really inside the bowl, but slightly below seat-level.) Some people are entirely grossed out by the idea of their hand going that far down but tbh I never touched the bowl (or anything I didn’t intend to, really) in my life.
I’m also quite petite though so I can see how this would maybe not be an option for someone with a bigger bum. Just another thing I never really thought about prior to hearing about it.

No. 117988

that you start at your urethra/vag and push or pull towards your butthole. you're supposed to do that to keep feces particles off your vagina/urethra, so you should start from there first even if you didn't pee.

No. 117991

Anyone else stand when they wipe?

No. 117995

Wipe what? Male?

No. 118007

both areas. I always stand when I wipe cuz it’s easier for me. I have a very large bottom and my hand always touches the toilet bowl if I try to sit and wipe.

No. 118270

yes, and when inserting tampons. I refuse to have my hand close to toilet water

No. 118317

Does anyone have tips on having bowel movements in the morning before work? I get the urge to go right in the morning but because I’m so dehydrated when I wake up, nothing ever comes out and I’m constipated. I usually poop immediately after work because I hold it in all day. I have the urge to go throughout the day but I refuse to sit on a public toilet. This really aggravates my constipation problem because I’m never fully evacuated.

No. 118319

Coffee and a big glass of water in the morning always makes me go.
Also why not just flush the toilet, line the seat with toilet paper, then toss a layer of toilet paper into the toilet to prevent splash? That's my public toilet strategy.

No. 118347

I hate having IBS so much.
I have a very important exam coming up and I'm more worried about when/where to go to the toilet than I am about the actual test.
Today my friend drove me to uni, I got motion sickness and boom, got diarrhea. Last week it was hot, I was sweating and of course again diarrhea. On thursday I wore a skirt, meaning there was a tiny bit of pressure on my belly and it immediately triggered it again, I had to run out of class like 3 minutes after it started, so everybody probably think I'm a weirdo (and rude) now.
I get diarrhea because I am nervous and because I'm so nervous I get diarrhea, it's a vicious cicle. I wish I could leave the house without having to worry. I constantly panic and have to find a way to sneak away from friends, class, etc to find a toilet. Had it since 10 years already.
Recently I found some pills in my local drugstore, but it's so expensive, 10€ for just 1 week, I can't spend hundreds each year…
Do you think that birth control might make it worse?

No. 118430

Thank you for your poop hacks anon!

No. 119016

I went to the doctor and showed her my hemorrhoid, she said it's not a hemorrhoid anymore but a skintag and told me to put vaseline on it to make it go away but when I poop it seems to swell up and sometimes hurts so I think it IS a hemorrhoid? I just got a boyfriend and I'm worried he's gonna see it or is that unlikely?

No. 119018

I don't know what to say about the rest of it, but I do know my boyfriend has never noticed my hemorrhoid even when he's behind me during sex. I think on that front you'll most likely be okay.

No. 119020

I have an iron stomach and nothing makes me poop but laxitives and waffle house hashbrowns, why?

No. 119023

Thanks a lot that's a big relieve already.

No. 119036

For some reason I poop regularly every day only if I have a smoke in the morning. I literally finish my cigarette and run the fuck to the toilet.
Research is not really solid on that one so I don't even know if it's a common thing. I haven't smoked for a long while and I was constantly constipated and I honestly don't want to keep smoking now that I have quit for almost half a year since if I get something like colon cancer regular pooping wouldn't be my biggest problem at all!

No. 123308

I have a problem I already went to the doctor for but she didn't give me any advice other than the standard water fiber exercise stuff. My stool is basically always soft, a bit too soft, sometimes the first part is hard but the rest will be soft. Problem is when I poop the soft stool is hard to pass and often comes out in small parts and I usually leave the bathroom knowing there's still some left that I couldn't get out.. it takes so long to clean and takes so many wipes because it's soft so I don't want to attempt to poop a bit like 10 times a day, how do I get all of it out..?

No. 123312

I have a friend who only ever smokes if he's on a weekend away and it's a social thing, he told me he shits his brains out afterwards though. Was the first time I'd ever heard of a link between smoking and shitting

No. 123313

So I've been diagnosed with IBS by process of elimination, my bloods came back normal and nobody said anything about my stool sample. I've been getting really poorly on and off for the last couple of years (24 when it started, just turned 27). I'll have bouts where I'm unable to eat anything without losing it immediately, one way or another. It honestly feels like food poisoning when I get a flare up because of the insane nausea and retching. I used to get cramps and bloating really badly but they're secondary to the nausea and diarrhoea/occasional vomiting now. There's a loose correlation between stress and flares but sometimes it just kicks up for no reason. Raw onion makes me ill during a flare but otherwise FODMAP hasn't done much to ease my symptoms.
I guess I'm just asking for reassurance that this is standard fare for IBS and it's not something else. I can't see my doc for a while because the waiting times are insane and you can't make appointments in advance because they're so fully booked right now.

No. 123314

The vomiting is what stands out to me here. I had ibs flare ups from ages 20 to 30 and never experienced vomiting no matter how bad I was

Maybe other anons will have your experience but I would think the vomiting indicates a different problem

No. 123325

I have that only sometimes and it's dependent on what I ate, I get it if I ate really greasy stuff and lots of cheese

No. 123327

Thanks anon. I haven't been able to find out whether vomiting is a common IBS symptom but had a suspicion it probably wasn't.
Out of interest, you said you had IBS between 20 and 30, does this mean you stopped experiencing flare ups? Do you know why?

Also, I forgot to mention that I keep getting feverish when it's really bad. I don't know if that's normal either.

No. 123329

Well it can't be my diet.. Do you also get that problem of not being able to pass that soft stool or not..? I don't understand what that could be or how to fix it

No. 123336

I stopped having symptoms a year ago right after I got out of an abusive relationship and once I'd moved out of a big city and to a small town. I've had generalised and social anxiety forever so anxiety was the cause of mine and I needed a huge lifestyle change more than a diet change personally

The vomiting and fever are not ibs symptoms I've ever heard of, makes you think of an immune system reaction, some autoimmune disorders cause bouts of vomiting

No. 123377

File: 1568424310321.jpg (62.46 KB, 640x360, cwky6Qh.jpg)

Try propping your legs up. You don't need to buy a fancy stool since you probably have something already that you could use.

No. 123378

How do you guys properly wash your asses? I feel like I'm not doing it right; I'm always worried I'm going to leak something into my vaginal area.

No. 123382

Wipe, bidet, and then pat dry.

No. 123384

Nta but there’s usually no bidets in North America which sucks

After wiping until there’s no brown stains left, I use non scented soap and wash front and back. Only the outer skin at the front (never put soap inside your vag). At the back, spread cheeks apart and get the crack/hole with soap and water using your hands. I use the bathtub faucet and squat to get the most water down there (I literally put my crack in the water stream) Showers are unfortunately undetachable where I’m from but if you have a detachable showerhead aim for the lower parts of your body after lathering with soap. Idek if this is the proper way or if it’s bad for but that was the way I was taught

No. 123385

you can buy a cool "portable bidet". i have one called the washlet by a japanese brand. it nice.

No. 123430

After a dry wipe I wipe some TP that's wet with a bit of warm water, then pat dry. I like the idea of wet wipes but they will clog and don't actually dissolve no matter what the package says. I saw someone on reddit say they spread their ass before they poo to minimise stickage but that only applies if your're thicc

Gonna have to get one of those. Why aren't bidets popular in North America? They make so much sense and they're not unpleasant to use

No. 123472

File: 1568559867042.png (148.08 KB, 371x353, eating.png)

Just curious, but how common is having diarrhea during your period? i know it's sort of normal, rarely see this being mentioned

No. 123473

I think it happens to almost everyone, all my friends and coworkers always complain about it while they’re on their periods and it happens to me aswell

No. 123482

It’s normal. A combination of hormones and uterine contractions makes it happen.

No. 123485

Very normal, it is caused by the same hormones that make period cramps a thing. Try getting your hands on Drotaverine-containing medicine if you want to alleviate it.

No. 123486

I think it's very common but a few friends were very surprised once when I mentioned that. Then again they have super heavy periods that can last for several weeks so thank god they don't also have diarrhea on top of that.

No. 123499

What's your experience with irritable bowel syndrome?

No. 123515

You can get a handheld one for around $10 online.

No. 123527

Doesn't work.

No. 124474

My poop smells yeasty, almost like beer, why?

No. 125111


I understand and relate so much. Everytime I must leave the house, the only thing I can think about is my ibs. Lately its been so bad I end up barely eating hoping that way I wont have a flare up.
Also lots of times I end up not going to class or coming back earlier. And it sucks because people dont know whats going on, and assume I'm lazy or dont care.
I believe birth control actually helps in a way. Without it felt worse for me at least.

No. 125230

Sorry if this isn't super relevant to anything, but would like a little squeeze bottle of a cleanser that you could sorta spread or spray onto toilet paper be a decent idea?

I was thinking about baby wipes and flushable wipes and how they don't really break down as easily as toilet paper–which can lead to clogs–and how useful it is to feel a lot fresher when I end up not as clean as I hope to be
Would this be a good idea or would I just be a weirdo?
Like, even if I'm just carrying it in a purse

No. 125257

Sorry for grossness but in the last year or so I've started using flushable wipes (though I know they're bad) cos cleaning after I poop has gone from a 2/3 wipe job to a 10 or more wipe job… and dry paper isn't sufficient. I don't even know what the cause could be cos while I have a history of IBS I've actually found my cramps have stopped and for the first time in a long time I have a once a day routine.. it's just the clean job that leaves me feeling gross. Anyone else dealt with this?

No. 125329

For travel, I just carry little Summer's Eve wipes (I can't find individual baby wipes) around and throw them in the trash.
Either don't flush them, or consider a handheld bidet. Wipe to remove bulk before using the bidet and then dry off with paper towels. A portable handheld bidet is around $10 on amazon and you can just fill it from your bathroom sink. It saves a lot of time and you'll feel so clean.

No. 125374

Is there a reason you prefer the wipes over some sort of alternative? In the sense there's some sort of benefit you don't find elsewhere?

No. 125410

They are individually wrapped and already wet, so I'm not stuck trying to wet paper towels in a public bathroom.

No. 125417

made the mistake of eatting too many sweets before bed. Never doing that again lmao

No. 125623

Sometimes I'll wipe (and I'll use up like 1/5 of a roll just making sure there's nothing left to wipe) and I'm all good but then like a few hours later my butt feels spicy to put it one way
I go to the bathroom to wipe again and there's still some stuff that needs to be wiped
Is that normal or is there some sort of sanitary product I missed out on that cleans deeper inside your butt?

No. 125625

Does anyone have any experience with enemas? Everything I’ve found from a cursory google search is fairly clinical and I’d like to hear something more anecdotal, if only to make me feel less weird about actually doing one.

No. 125633

I don't know of any specific educational anecdotes but I got an enema a week ago so I could try anal
It's pretty straightforward, you lie down (hopefully you have a clean rug so you're not on the cold floor), you insert the application device, and then squeeze away
The specific one I had was premixed, so there are probably cheaper ones that need a bit of work, but other than that, I would say get a pillow and bring your phone because it's not like an instant thing
I didn't actually feel the liquid going in until I was halfway done, but I'd definitely try to make sure the application device (sometimes it's just a bottle with slightly lubed tip) is inside just deep enough to where it won't spill out
But after a few minutes, and the enema you buy will probably be more specific about how long you have to wait, you should feel it coming back out
Then you just poop for 20 minutes–it's not like a constant stream, it's a lot at first and then a little bit at a time every few minutes
Stay as long as you feel comfortable, I ended up staying for 30 to 40 minutes until my body felt that I was completely empty, so definitely bring a magazine if you don't want to use your phone

Hope that was good enough

No. 125654

Eat fiber, use wetwipes/wet tp

Honestly, 99% of the shit in this thread is solved by eating more fiber, you'll get no wipe shits and its great. Just dump a spoonful of psyllium husk in a smoothie and enjoy not shitting and wiping yourself bloody guys, thank me later.

No. 125686

I'm so gassy I had to step away several times throughout cheer practice to fart and I feel like Beano or gas x would make me just bloat because farting helps me not bloat, it doesn't help that pressure from all the movement I so can cause loud farts

No. 125689

My main bit of advice would be to stay on the toilet for longer than you'd expect, getting all the water out can take a while and you don't want to discover you've left some in, set plenty of time aside

I don't know if you're doing it for sex related reasons? but I did it twice for that reason and felt so fed up and unsexy after the water-shitting session that it put me off enjoying it afterwards

The only couple times I've enjoyed anal were when I happened to be having a good stomach days and could be spontaneous. That rare though

No. 125691

I get this too anon, thank god I'm single!

No. 125701

No. 125735

I take gas ex regularly to stop bloating and it works for me. when I take it, I don't notice either bloating or gas. It doesn't cause bloating because it stops farts.

No. 126216

You're lying, everybody knows it's just rainbows and sparkles right there.

No. 126358

Found capsules but the description says it makes your stool softer, that only seems to make wiping worse? My issue with my stool is that even when it's soft it refuses to come out, usually I have to wait until I really have to poop and then a big part will come out but afterwards there will be some left and I can only get one really small part out every 10 minutes and with a lot of effort. I know pushing is not healthy but if I don't push I don't poop. Wiping is a pain because the stool is soft and there's still some left afterwards every time..

No. 126801

i'm scared anons
>overate last night, nothing extreme
>started getting intense abdominal pains
>assume it's gas
>went to the bathroom, sat on toilet, nothing's happening
>i realize that my vision is getting darker and i'm beginning to black out
>not straining or anything, just sitting on toilet
>have to lay on the floor for several minutes before i can see properly and get up

what the fuck happened to me? it still hurts today but no more passing out.

No. 126808

It makes it bigger, soft and in one piece. Honestly it fixes my poop issues no matter what, just remeber go drink lots of water.

No. 126817

Thank you.

No. 126851

It might have just been a one-off reflex syncope, but I really think you should see a doctor just in case since that combination of symptoms could definitely be something more serious.

No. 127480

I feel really embarrassed when I poop. Not every single time I poop, but some times (especially if I've been holding it in) when I poop I just get this intense rush of embarrassment and I feel like people are watching me or something

No. 127524

Woke up with a stomach ache this morning. Went to use the bathroom and just shat out clear mucus and this has been going on all morning should I be concerned

No. 129306

Try eating iron gears.

No. 129308

Yeah take some electrolyte solution and eat some plain rice. Call your doctor up.

No. 129312

happens to me very very rarely like once a year for no reason, if it's still happening after like 30 min or an hour definitely see a doctor but i'm sure you're fine. keep us updated, i'm curious. get well soon

No. 129324

Lmaooo I think I like her more now

No. 129335

I have struggled with gastroparesis for years. But I am afraid to bring it up online now because every munchie is claiming it. I don't want people to think I am faking. I don't have a feeding tube. I can eat solids. I just struggle with pain and reflux. My reflux was under control and now the omeprazole doesn't work that well anymore.

Back when I was diagnosed there was almost no info online about it that I could find. Now everyone is holding up tubes and crying gastroparesis and it feels like if I ask for advice I will just be seen as a faker who hasn't aquired precious toobz yet.

I also have diverticulitis now and am having a very hard time giving up seeds. I love them. I can only partially give them up and I think it's as far as I'll go. Plus it seems like not eating seeds barely made a dent. I still feel awful.

No. 129373

File: 1576691459680.jpg (6.54 KB, 204x247, download.jpg)

Years ago I got a hemorrhoid from stress and straining on the rim of the anus. Throughout the years it's swelled up and deflated depending on my lifestyle but it NEVER truly goes away. A normal anus usually has many tightly coiled folds but because of the hemorrhoid one is always slightly inflated. It doesn't hurt or give me problems but it's a very big insecurity of mine.

Everybody, even doctors tells me to leave it alone and that it doesn't matter but I hate it. I want to have a normal looking butthole. Does anyone else have this? Is there any way to make this pile just go away and have the anus look like it did before?

No. 129416

One time during a crazy episode i lacerated mine with a needle and shit and it still didn't go away idk

No. 129435

My stomach is fucked up.

No. 130002

File: 1577634909024.png (263.78 KB, 500x1050, ugh-arns-when-your-hemorrhoids…)

got a pretty bad hemorrhoid (small grape sized), literally want to kms, feeling like an old person and constantly thinking about my fucking anus. germolene works for a bit but it always goes back to it's full sized glory. it has been a good week and a half so am pretty sure it won't sort itself out. guess this is the push I needed to finally sign up to a gp (foreign student), just wish it would have happened in a non-holiday period as now I def need to live with this for good 3 days + however long it takes to get an appointment.

literally don't even know why, my diet has always been shit and I have always been stressed by my bowel was quite happy, missing those days dearly. is this aging? I'm only 22

No. 130014

I am trying out fasting. I'm on day 4 and ooh boy I have the weirdest diarrhea of my life - like an oily stream of poop colored water. I don't want advice, just needed to vent about my bowel movement somewhere.

No. 130017

Same, anon! I wish I had a normal looking butthole. It's there all the time, sometimes looking like a tiny flap of skin and other times it's more inflated, but thankfully I never have any pain from it.
However, it does make me self conscious in bed sometimes.
My current partner isn't into anal sex, but eventually I would like to have it and I'm nervous it's gonna hurt or swell as a result, or turn my partner off from having anal to begin with.

I brought some Preparation H, but I haven't started applying it 3 times a day yet.
If that doesn't work to get rid of it all together/keep the swelling down forever, I was considering treating myself to hemorrhoid banding, however I'm terrified of doctors and not sure I could justify a medical procedure because I don't like how my butthole looks…

No. 130046


>Came here to vent about my perma-hemmorhoids including the worst one I've ever gotten that sprung up a few days ago

>Was worried everyone would be like ew wtf
>Turns out we are all the same <3

No. 130057

foreign student whose brain is the same size as her hemorrhoid here again with a retard update, can't print out gp application forms pr bank statement as proof of address because uni library us closed until 6th! kms time! current plan is to wait until 10am when the bank opens and print my statement there and then go get the forms in person, really want to get signed up today so I can get an appointment as soon as possible after new years. after work it seems to have inflated some more but am not sure whether that's my paranoia and expectations of anal prolapse or actual reality. fucking otc cream is doing fuckall tho besides temp numbing. it's painful to walk even but nhs website says to go to the hospital only if you have fever/are leaking pus/birthing tier pain and my ass buddy doesn't quite quality so suffering it is.

keeping all y'all hemorhoid sisters in my thots and prayers!

No. 130058

Ayrt and please update us butt buddies. I have a gp here and everything and I'm just too weird and nervous to bare my unshaven roidy ass to my doctor. I have prescribed cream from mentioning it to them but it's doing nothing at all. Having an ass is futile. I've been tempted to just fucking stab the thing but I know how retarded that is

No. 130188

Absolutely same. I feel the pain.
I got my first in hs which was years ago, it was like a red almond took over my asshole. That one went away, thankfully. Then, not sure what the cause was, but like 2 years ago another one has returned, tho smaller. An irl friend has the same issue & tells me she can push hers back in. Tried it out & it works a bit until the next shit or whatever. I always find myself fingering my asshole real quick before sex with my bf because I’m insecure. I’m almost positive he’s aware of it due to the fact that we’re into ass stuff, but he hasn’t commented on the issue.
Lately it’s been deflated & less of an issue due to watching my diet, straining less & treating the hemmy with witch hazel.
One tip given to me by a gay friend (gay guys have the best advice on this issue I swear) is to soak a cotton ball or wipe in witch hazel & tuck in in your ass cheeks right up on the anus & let that chill for a bit. It actually has helped reduce!

No. 130459

Does the witch hazel sting, Anon? I'm greentext hemmanon and my worst one ever is FINALLY calming the fuck down but Ill def do this when it inevitably flares up again.

I'm thinking of going to get them banded or treated because now it's like a ton of almost skin-tags permanently around my ass that flare up like a lizards fucking neck defense mechanism every few days

No. 130697

on the days that the flare ups were particularly bad the witch hazel press kinda feels a little sensitive but not like a stinging sensation at all. I recommend it fa sho
I actually haven’t looked in to banding but if the hemms don’t eventually go away I’d be more than happy to have an operation to rid of them.

No. 131101

I don't want to take a shit at my boyfriends place because I literally take half an hour and need 50 wet wipes to clean my gross hemorrhoid included ass.
Help. Yes I did see a doctor no she did not have advice for me.

No. 131102

Also; I have to poop basically every day so when I stay for a day or 2 I can't avoid doing that. Anyone have advice or kind words for me?

No. 131103

I'm so sorry, anon. Try a travel bidet. Brondell makes a good one, and it's around $10 online. Elevating your feet a bit might help speed the elimination part up a bit. You don't need a squatty potty; if you have two wrapped rolls of toilet paper, put one under each foot.

No. 131108

I don't think I can find wrapped tp rolls at my bfs place.. I'm also not sure that would fix my particular problem, I don't even really understand why it won't come out. Also uhm the hand bidet doesn't seem very practical..? I'm pretty unhandy and clumsy and I'm worried I would achieve being messy with that tbh
But I haven't thought of the bidet thing before so I guess I can try to find one and try it at home first..

No. 131125

>travel bidet
>when you can just use a plain ol' bottle of water

No. 131126

Oh I should have mentioned you need to wipe first to get most of it. The bidet is just to clean up at the end instead of spending forever with baby wipes, further irritating your hemorrhoids. Another thing that helps is getting enough water. Fiber is important, but without water it leave you with cement.
The travel bidet has a special way of spraying out at an angle.

No. 131127

My problem is that my stool is soft already, if I drink even more it will turn into water.. So I don't know what exactly is my problem. My doctor didn't know anything either.

No. 131132

Have you tried taking metamucil? If your shits are super watery that should help you have cleaner easier shits.

No. 131133

So fiber basically?
I do have fiber supplements but I keep forgetting I have them and I only used them for a few days so far.. Didn't notice a change when I did use them but maybe it takes longer to work?

No. 131134

…yes girl it does. You need to take things for at least a week if not 2 to notice a difference.
Metamucil isn't just fiber iirc it has some other things but just take something to harden your shits please. And stick to it.
Also what's your diet like?

No. 131138

Okay super fucking gross, but is it normal to have a bout of constipation every 6 or so months? My shits are non-existent for a day or two and I'm just pushing out mucus, farts, and probably a single rabbit poop. I only drink water and I rarely eat fast food so it just confuses me why I would be having it. Could hormones also affect your poops?

No. 131158

File: 1579428043091.png (10.46 KB, 103x54, Screenshot_4.png)

>tfw only times i'm not constipated is when i'm having diarrhea
it's not like i just can't shit, but i can never do it fully,most of the times feels like i only got half of it out and it just wont move
tried loads to little fiber,more water,stuff like prune juice and laxatives don't even do anything. Always feel in pain and/or bloated. Can't shit at all when i'm in a hurry or other people are staying over. No motivation to go anywhere while feeling bloated.
This really is messing with the little of a life that i have. Often have breakdowns over how not fair this feels

No. 131267

I clogged our toilet with toilet paper and I feel so stupid and embarrassed ugh

No. 131275

Tip if you down own a bidet is to slightly dampen your toilet paper so you don't need to use as much.

Unless you're english and your toilet paper is flaky shit and disintegrates in your hand.

No. 131286

I'm Dutch and we have the same problem. But we don't have a sink in our bathroom so that's not convenient for me either way.

No. 131300

>greasy and sugary foods make me vomit and get migraines
>Especially processed sugar
>Acidic foods give me massive acid reflux and chest pains
>Sodas and highly sugared drinks make me shakey and nauseous

What is a good diet to go on for this? Keto makes me want to die, my boyfriend suggested Mediterranean and Paleo but idk it sucks to not be able to enjoy food I like. Does anyone else have issues similar to me?

No. 131307


Do you eat a lot of meat, anon? I didn't know even eat that much but going meat/dairy free 6 days out of the week is the only thing that freed my bowels.

No. 131311

Do you mean you got the keto flu? You just need to get through that, after that you'll feel fine.

No. 131312

i'll try,i eat it pretty often but not in big amounts
sofar eating a big portion of fruits in one sitting has been helping

No. 131316

That's why you're shitting - fruit is full of sugar which will cause it to run straight through you. Eat more leafy green vegetables and cut back on the fruit.

No. 131318

Any advice on pooping less often and no I don't want to eat less
Or making it harder so I don't need a full box of wet wipes and don't have soft stool stuck left behind each time I take a shit for literally an hour

No. 131322

I never did keto or anything, just eating unhealthy foods makes me shit and vomit. Which is good diet encouragement but sucks if you're a typical college student like me

No. 131324

>That's why you're shitting
thats my goal

No. 131338

go to a doctor and stop eating fucking garbage

No. 131340

Don't make stupid assumptions you dumb fucking cunt, I probably eat better than most people in general. And I've already been to my doctor and she had no idea what to say to me.

No. 131343

do you eat a lot of vegetables? because those can cause you to have a loose stool due to the high fiber content.

as for the left behind stool, really the only thing that could help with that is washing after every time you go to the toilet.

No. 131350

oh oops, I misunderstood what you meant by Keto makes me wanna die

No. 131364

try a low FODMAP diet- it cuts out common irritants for IBS. didn't realize pooping all the time wasnt normal until my gf brought up I might have IBS and it's helped a ton.

No. 131429

Isn't fiber also being used to make it more firm..? I read it can help with both problems
And I just started using fiber supplements again and my shits were better but I don't know if that was a coincidence or not. Today it was messy again but the only thing I ate today was stuff from burger King so maybe that's why, I barely drank anything and took my fiber supplement tho

No. 131441

Heartburn poops are literally the worst. Farting is also atrocious after having heartburn. I sometimes feel like I accidentally sharted myself and every time it's a false alarm.

No. 131458

when i get heartburn i dont stop being gassy until i go to sleep and wake up

No. 131482

I seem to be constipated almost all the time (except for when I’m ovulating and on my period; those days always give me painful diarrhea) but I don’t mind, tbh? Is that bad?
I only poop every 2-3 days, it’s usually very firm and therefore I barely have to wipe.

The only downside is that I tend to get hemorrhoids, even tough I don’t even press hard and bowel movements take me about 2 minutes tops.

Now the solution to that seems to be not to constipated, duh. But the thing is that whenever I get looser stool it becomes a (literal) pain in the ass. It always feels like acidic diarrhea and I’ll need just as much paper as the other anons itt. I always read about how fiber makes your poops so easy to clean, apparently, but I just can’t relate.
I also get the same feeling >>131158 described about feeling they’re not getting everything out. Whenever my stool is a bit softer it will always feel like I’m not really done.

I don’t know how to feel about all of this.

No. 132340

Poop was green and bloody. Hella constipated, what the heck!

No. 132342

this is gross, but… anyone else get a weird satisfaction when they eat super clean and healthy, then take the biggest, easiest shit? like, hell yeah, clearly i'm doing something right.

No. 132343

There's something super satisfying about taking the kind of shit where even the first wipe is clean

No. 132391

Yeeesss omg. So much.

No. 132403

Merry Christmas anon!

No. 133004

File: 1582044544861.jpg (45.37 KB, 1100x734, woman-with-black-specks-in-sto…)

I sympathise with anons talking about their hemorrhoids. I have them and I hate them. it's been down to my ibs and straining on the toilet and now I have these two external hemms. I know people talk about them hurting but mine never did, they just looked fucking ugly. I'm glad I have no bf because I know I'd be so ashamed of him seeing them.

I'm only really posting this because recently one of them has been bleeding. ugh it's awful. It sucks because I'll use the toilet and whatever healing the 'cut' has done since my last time is just ruined cause it's stretches the lil scab/healing open again. this is so gross, I'm sorry.

I'm going to try and up my fibre and stay away from foods I know give me ibs flareups. in the past when I've eaten well the hemms have 'deflated' so hopefully I can get there again.

also, I read that witch hazel can help to shrink em. has anyone tried this?

No. 133013

That's called a ghost poop

No. 133014

the only thing that's worked for me is using hemorrhoid cream and cleaning with non-scented soap daily. after a week or so of doing that, it shrunk completely.
I've never tried using witch hazel though

No. 133035

I've never ever EVER had a hemorrhoid, and I'm not even super clean or anything.

My vagina does smell nasty though, I've tried doing normie hygiene for weeks but I wake up with a smelly pussy, I go to bed with a smelly pussy, I go to the shower with a smelly pussy aaannnnddd after the shower I have a smelly pussy. It comes to the point where every time I sit I can tell myself that I fucking hate my vagina. My vagina never smelt good, like ever.

No. 133052

i too have a smelly pussy anon. it is the bane of my life, but you are not alone. it's definitely not BV, or any other kind of infection, i've just got a smelly pussy.
my hygiene is good, too - i've tried a load of different stuff (though no douches because UK anon and I think they genuinely are pretty bad for you).
the only thing i've had moderate success with is this - keep my pubes short, wash vulva thoroughly with femfresh active wash and a fresh flannel (not just hands), blowdry area after shower on cool setting, follow up with deodorant designed for intimate areas afterwards.
i wash all my clothes and bedding with antibacterial cleaning agents on a hot wash so it's not my clothes either.
this is the only combo of things that gives me a remotely inoffensive pussy after years of trial and error - i've tried washing with mild soap and water, tried shaving/not shaving, i always wear natural fibres, i've tried changing my diet, i've been to the doctor.
my pussy just smells bad. i can smell it through my clothes after a particularly exerting day. i've never smelt anybody else's pussy though so maybe it's more about being hypersensitive? i don't know.
i DO know that i'm tired of trite advice that's like "it's a pussy, we've all got unique smells, it's not supposed to smell like a tropical paradise" - bitch i know! i just want it to stop smelling like metallic trash! thanks!

No. 133057

Have you considered that it might be your diet? Foods can alter the way sweat smells and change the PH balance of the vagina.

No. 133063

literally wrote in my post that i've already tried that

No. 133174

smelly pussy anon here, I have no longer a pussy that I want to get rid of ever since i wash my urine off my pussy, I think I should wax my vegene hairs though. Thanks for the tip. Also, I did not know deodorant for genitals existed, thanks a lot for that tip as well. I hope the washing my genitals with water after every trip to the bathroom will help you. I was thinking, maybe we should take a test for fish odor syndrome.

No. 133178

>fish odor syndrome
Kek anon that's called bacterial vaginosis, anon already said she doesn't have it but you should get checked out. It's really common, unprotected sex can cause it

No. 133214

Sorry I wasn't clear, I mean eating a diet with more acidic foods. What you eat can influence the PH levels of your urine and vagina. A vagina should be slightly acidic, if it isn't too much bacteria grows and this can cause it to have a strong smell without being a full on infection.

No. 136226

I took like 3 types of laxitives and did two enemas within the past week and only have been able to poop rabbit turds like 10 times a day

Am I becoming a rabbit?

No. 136229

This shit's fucking nasty. I know your ass is a dude and why is this allowed to be up?

No. 136262

My stomach was hurting so I woke up and took a big giant shit, the entire bowl was green like a swamp.

No. 136335


Trichomonas vaginalis. An STD usually asymptomatic in men. This thing makes putrescine and cadaverine, responsible for the smell. Gotta go to the gynecologist, primary care or general practicioner and get some antibiotics.

No. 136352

Girls, multiple stds can smell like fish, multiple stds can cause green discharge,, regular infections can act the same as stds, Google some experiences from women and you will find that you can never actually tell which infection you have unless you get tested

No. 136353

r/iameverysmart anons like coming in here and acting like complete experts of human anatomy, I've seen people attempt to fully diagnose random cows with specific STDs because of irritated pubic and thigh skin. Like if you are that good where you're easily able to tell the exact disorder just from a picture or hearing a few symptoms then you're either a world renowned doctor and shouldn't even be on here or doctors wouldn't even have various forms of testing

No. 138471

JESUS CHRIST!! You know quarantine is getting to you when you're spending the night reading the shitting thread on lolcow.

No. 140600

Oh no.

No. 147172

Real talk here

No. 147776

How do you hide using a lot of tp and wipes when you visit someone else?
I've had bowel issues for the past 5 or 6 years and I hate completely filling the trashbin at my SO's after just one visit.. I don't want it to be so obvious that I have gross bowel issues and I don't want to be an embarrassing dirty burden :(

No. 147863

I keep a travel pack of wipes in my purse! You could bring a little bit of TP in a ziploc or something too. This might not work if you are somewhere that you can't flush wipes/tp though.

No. 147877

I've clogged our toilet with tp before.. My problem is that I need too much tp and wipes for a toilet to handle but I also don't want to not be clean lol

No. 147897

Maybe look into a portable bidet then, like a squirty bottle kind of thing. Wipe the initial mess away then wash yourself clean. Surely you're not blasting that much shit everywhere that you need to block the toilet. Or do multiple flushes instead of cramming it down in one go.

No. 147912

Maybe carry a washcloth and a ziplock bag for it. Just rinse as necessary with the tap. Has nobody noticed you filling up the bin lol?

No. 147913

If it's happening at your significant others place I would think that you could be open about the issue.

My last ex used alot of toilet paper so he would stay in the bathroom for a while so he could flush a second time. Some might be embarrassed by that but I'd rather that than deal with a toilet clog.

No. 147917

I've also had stomach issues (IBS) throughout my life and I can tell you, multiple flushes is a lifesaver when it comes to not clogging toilets. I don't know why I didn't think of until a few years ago but basically, just flush as frequently as you can. It may be embarrassing if someone is listening at the door, I guess, but far less embarrassing than clogging a toilet with TP.

Also I bet a portable bidet would be helpful, but I've never used one myself so I don't know.

No. 147932

Multi flush saves my life around my period or if my IBS isn't too good. I flush after I poop and initial wipe, then clean up properly and flush again. I'd rather someone knew I took care not to flood their house with a backlog of shit and paper than feel embarrassed about them hearing me flush. Give a bidet a go, they are pretty refreshing!

No. 148112

Ok, so I have diarrhea every morning. Maybe not severe diarrhea - it's not very painful or completely liquid - but it's definitely not healthy stool. Does… anybody else have this problem? It gets better during the day, although I assume I use the toilet far more often than other people. I ALWAYS have to make sure that I'm close to a toilet the first 2 hours after I wake up.

I haven't been to the doctor because I honestly have no idea what could cause this, although I should probably go.

No. 148114

Please go to a doctor, this could be a GI disorder or something more sinister, not trying to scare you but this is something you really should go see a doctor for.

No. 148119

How is your diet?
This happens to me when I don't eat all day then binge unhealthy food at night.

Make sure you're balancing out your eating throughout the day and eat things with fiber.

No. 148120

I hope yall own a squatty potty

No. 148145

i think i have ibs-c or something and was previously taking senna laxatives almost every day to help me go. this went on for a month with some breaks in between. i'm a dumbass and thought that ~natural gentle relief~ meant it was just like metamucil. realized the error of my ways and stopped taking them immediately. i never gained a tolerance to them so i didn't really feel the need to slowly decrease the amount i was taking or anything like that.
now it's been almost a month since i stopped and i'm extremely fucking constipated. i'm doing everything right though. i get enough fibre, drink a fuckton of water, cardio, eat yogurt yknow shit like that. i've even tried prune juice. (and lots of coffee. and sugar free candy. etc) but none of the 'natural' methods seem to work for me.
and yes, i know i should perhaps go to a doctor in case i have some serious fuckery going on but i am absolutely not going to my doctor in the middle of a pandemic to be like yes hello i can't shit.
do u guys have any miracle cures? i don't wanna go back to any kind of laxative but i'm really tempted to.

No. 148198

Hate saying this but if you're desperate to unleash a shit, sugar free multivitamin gummies had a shocking fucking effect on my normally ultra constipated bowels

Other than that I have always been insanely constipated, like could go weeks at a time without anything happening if I left it. My doctor prescribes me a ton of macrogol very regularly otherwise I'd never shit a day in my life. They're fine with me taking it long term bc shit sexual experiences make me extremely hesitant to get my ass poked by a doc to see what's going on. (It's sure as fuck not good though and I desperately need to move forward on that.) You don't want to let this go on too long anon because some day soon your stomach will go nuts like mine occasionally does and the pain for 24hours is unbearable, on par with childbirth. If you call a doctor maybe they will be happy to discuss this over the phone given the pandemic, not sure how it is in your country but my gp is offering that. Just make sure you emphasize exactly how bad it is

No. 148199

Sorry samefag but just wanted to add that my diet, lifestyle situation is the very same as yours so this shitting thing makes no sense. Sugar free haribos and candy doesn't do anything for me either but one time I shamefully chugged a lot of those super tasty sugar free multivitamins for CHILDREN bc they're so nice and Jesus Christ himself nearly appeared out my ass that night

No. 148204

File: 1597847230044.jpg (64.36 KB, 540x540, vitamin.jpg)

thanks for the response! honestly not above eating a fuckton of gummies, do you remember the brand?

No. 148206

Thank you anon, I need the push. Will book an appointment!
Thanks for good advice anon. I tend to eat a couple of small meals throughout the day and then I eat a lot for dinner before I go to bed, not necessarily unhealthy food but I definitely don't balance out my eating. I eat a lot of fiber as well. Probiotics actually helped, but after using it regularily it gave me semi-painful cramps

No. 148216

They were from Aldi; not sure where you're from but I guess they're just generic non-name brand vitamin gummies. They were strawberry shaped tho lmao. One time I swallowed a ton of sugar free starburst chewing gum from there like a dumb fuck and had a similar effect. I wish you luck with it, it's such a dumb stressful issue when your body can't even regulate your damn shits

No. 148221

What probiotics etc do you all take? After a lifetime of not giving a fuck about my gut health, because it's terrible no matter what I try, I really want to try to put some effort in again

No. 148262

Carnivore stopped my ibs

Gummies are expensive, gelatine powder works the same and is way cheaper. Magnesium will also make you go.

No. 148370

I eat yoghurt every day and eat kimchi, miso soup and bone broth every now and then, these supposed to be great for your gut. You should cut out anything with sweeteners in them, they have been proved to destroy the good bacteria in the gut

No. 149067

Girls with a really, really hairy ass crack, how do you deal with it?

On one hand I don't really care because I can keep my ass clean without shitstains and dingleberries or wtv. On the other hand I know I have too much hair for a normal woman (even for my ethnicity) and I think I should get rid of it because it's perceived as gross.

I don't want to shave because I don't want stubble in my ass crack, but I'm ashamed of showing my butthole in order to get it lasered off. I thought of waxing myself, but I'm prone to ingrows and don't want them so near the poop chute. What to do?

No. 149069

I view it the same way I view armpit hair..if it is totally acceptable for men to have hair there without having their hygiene constantly questioned then we should be no different. If you're keeping yourself clean I don't see the issue.

But if you want to, shaving does seem to be the only option that isn't stupidly painful. I don't even know if asshole lasering exists? I imagine the area is too senstive for lasering. But IME the issue of shaving/stubble irritation goes away after a while. Your skin becomes less sensitive after the first few shaves.

No. 149073

Just leave it anon. As long as you are clean and hygienic, what does it matter? I used to shave there then I realised I was doing it to please someone else and thinking about what they might think of it. Then I stopped caring. I also read that it can be risky shaving around your arse area because of ingrowns and the potential for shit bacteria to get into them/any grazes through wiping/general toilet activity. It can cause infections and a friend of mine ended up with an ingrown cyst growing inside of her skin and it ruptured, leaving her with a nearly 1 inch deep scar where they had to take the tissue out. It just isn't worth it. Carry on being hairy and keep clean.

No. 149074


I used to very carefully trim in the shower with nail scissors until I decided that if I did that for several decades I was guaranteed to end up in hospital with scissors up my ass eventually. Now I just have an electric razor set to a super low guard, works fine. For me it's only a few hairs but they get really long if ignored, so trimming them down even to 2mm makes it as if there's basically no hair at all. I wouldn't laser or wax it.

No. 150202

I don't understand why but I love holding my poop in. I try not to do it (almost shit myself a few times) but it's like an instinct at this time. Idk if it has something to do with nerves or something.

No. 150362


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anal_retentiveness ? I will say it's really nice to poop when you're already 75% of the way towards shitting yourself.

No. 150365

I’m the exact opposite… I try to poo every time I use the restroom because I hate the idea of having it inside me. I have a high fiber diet and quick metabolism so I empty my bowels 3-4 times a day kek. It disturbs my bf a bit

No. 150400

Don't do it for someone else. It shouldn't matter to people. But trust me you don't feel the stubble there if you're worried about it being itchy or something, I only shave with a razor sometimes and I've never felt the stubble.

No. 150403

I’ve been thinking about getting a portable bidet but I have questions…
I’ve never used any sort of bidet before, so please don’t judge.

So, basically, how would I use it? I’ve seen a couple of videos but all they ever say is ‘just point it at your bits and squirt and you’ll be clean!’ which … idk, I don’t feel like lightly splashing water at my asshole will really clean it all the way? Do I wipe first? But then again I’ve seen a couple of people on YT/IG who use it without any toilet paper.

I’m also kinda worried about having the water run over my vag? How would I prevent that?

No. 150404

It depends, some people clean themselves with paper before and after. I personally go straight to the bidet and yes, it does clean everything. I don't know how portable bidets work, in my country we have bidets in every single bathroom and it's literally a tap, the water just goes up, and you can regulate how high/strong it can go and the temperature.
And to prevent the water running over your vag you have to stick your butt just a little bit, go over the tap subtly, and not go hard on the water stream (by regulating it). After that I just dry myself with paper
I hope I was able to explain myself

No. 150408

Was bored enough to finally read the poop thread lord be with me

No. 150428

My personal recommendation is just to get over your embarrassment and laser it if you have the funds. Keep in mind, being especially hairy, you’ll probably have to get it done anywhere from 8-10 times to get it mostly gone forever. Also, if your hair and skin doesn’t have high contrast (light skin and dark hair), it will not be as effective.

I’ve gotten a full Brazilian laser about 6x at this point. I’m not super consistent with it, so it’s been over the course of a few years. If I let everything grow out now, it takes about 4 months to reach less than a cm in length, the hair is baby fine, and I have 1/6th of the hair I started out with. Not sure if the regrowing still happens because of my inconsistency or because of my hair color (medium-dark brown). My husband has also done the same amount of laser in the same spots, but his hair (black) literally never grows back now.

By the way, if showing the nurse your hairy butthole is the source of your embarrassment, know that you’re usually asked to shave everything as well as possible beforehand. If you miss a spot, they can usually touch it up, but they can’t laser with hair in the way.

No. 150432

To add one other piece of advice, I would probably recommend trying to find a place that has a more medical setting vs a casual/spa setting. They may not be as trained in checking the state of your skin, and their laser machines may be weaker.

The country I live in is fairly homogenous and I generally hear good reviews about laser overall. I’m not sure if the bad reviews I see from English speaking countries are due to wider variations in skin/hair color or shittier machines. Just something to keep in mind before you drop money on it.

No. 150701

I have IBS and the two things that have been huge livesavers for me was cutting out dairy and eggs out of my life, and taking a prebiotic (inulin specifically) whenever my gut biome gets out a whack. The brand I use is NUE co, it's pricey but cheaper versions that actually make your IBS worst. Also I've hear if you a very high sugar/simple carb diet any Inulin will make your IBS worst because it acts as food for bacteria; it can feed your good bacteria but it will also feed your bad bacteria if you have too much.

No. 150781

File: 1599674489990.jpg (69.88 KB, 604x603, 1551235832410.jpg)

So I've had chronic constipation all my life, literally since I was in diapers. It sucks so bad to walk around with a bloated feeling 80% of the time. My stomach is naturally pretty flat but that's only visible the first two or three days after my last bowel movement. I can't plan outfits in advance because whether or not I feel pretty in a tight dress depends on the last time I was able to shit.
Last month I went to a sauna with a friend and I was so stressed out about whether I'd be bloated there or not, since I'd have to be naked all day. It seriously fucks with my life. Very occasionally if it's a day where I absolutely want to look and feel good I'll take laxatives the night before, but those give me stomachaches from hell for about three hours before working so that's not an ideal solution either.
It sounds stupid but my bf (and most other people apparently) can just decide to go take a shit whenever the fuck they want, even outside of when it's urgent, and I'm so jealous.

No. 150844

Wait what, is it normal to be able to take a dump whenever? That doesn't sound right. As far as I know it's just common to take a dump around the same times you're used to (morning, evening, whatever). The frequency can be quite naturally varied as well.

No. 150846

We're in the same boat, for as long as I remembered, I'd never have a "daily" shit. Everyone around me can shit at least once a day, but I go like weeks without shitting, and I was once told that it's normal by an emergency doctor @ the hospital but, I'm not quite sure. Started taking a lot of Fiber to help, which helped me reduced it to at least once a week, but still no improvement.

Speak with a doctor if you're afraid, but from what I'm told, it's pretty normal.

No. 150849

i've been getting constipated a lot lately for some reason. Have you tried giving yourself a gentle enema with a detachable shower head? its pretty rank picking up the poopoo pieces (or you could just go back and forth to the toilet) but it works for me.

No. 150921

Take magnesium supplements. I had the same problem and magnesium resolved it.

No. 151130

I recently started doing CICO and I’ve been pretty much eating the same shit I always would just in smaller portions. It’s been going fine for 3 weeks but now I’m SUPER bloated?? I’ve also been constipated for a whole week ugh I’ve tried some natural laxatives like coffee and prunes and still no dice. How retarded would it be to resort to laxatives? I’m getting desperate I’m so bloated that it’s painful

No. 151207

not at all retarded, its actually sensible if you are in discomfort. although I personally would do a self enema given how much i couldnt stand laxative cramps, also very unpleasant shits to do. cant trust a fart either

No. 151695

File: 1600354039188.png (337.44 KB, 628x454, 1.png)


No. 152388

My diet hasn't changed at all lately but I've gone from being someone who doesn't leave much of a smell behind to it being pretty bad. Wondering what causes that if it's not diet?

I've lived with enough partners and housemates before and I've noticed some just consistantly leave a worse smell behind but I was never like that til quite recently. Hoping it doesn't last

No. 152391

I was like this, I have IBS that was greatly helped by giving up gluten and taking a fiber supplement (psyllium husk).
May be worth systematically going through your diet and checking to see if you have a intolerance for anything (gluten/dairy/FODMAPs etc)

No. 152394

File: 1600881431984.jpeg (65.89 KB, 933x693, 1597559478880.jpeg)

I'm so sick of having IC and IBS. I feel like I'm literally spending just most of my life on the toliet. I can't go 40 minutes without needing to either piss or shit my guts out but mainly it's piss. I'm having a flare up as of late with both issues along with my GERD and I feel like I'm in hell. I just want a new body and I just want to be able to have a full night's rest without waking up to go to the potty every hour.

No. 152402

I rarely see IC brought up on here, feel free to ignore me if this is too personal but you find any relation between being sexually active and your IC flaring up?

I used to think any sort of penetrative play was leading to me getting UTIs but after a while my doc actually started testing me (he used to just give out antibiotics based on symptoms before that) turned out I would have UTI symptoms but no actual infection so IC I guess. Doc was never very helpful or concerned after that. I've learned that any type of penetrative play is a massive trigger for it and that by avoiding that for prolonged periods of time my symptoms almost go away completely. Although sometimes just using tampons will give me a slight overactive bladder again (ffs lol) It's so long since I've had bad symptoms that I basically forgot about it being so bad..I got a toy lately and omg I'm suffering for it. One use and I want to throw out again, it's not worth this.

No. 152406

I wish my symptoms would go away but they're constantly present. I dont notice sex making it worse. I think it's flaring up even worse lately because I have a lot of stress happening and I've not been keeping myself as hydrated lately due to having a lot of stuff going on.

No. 152409

YES. Although it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, I just have to be dehydrated and it will come back. It also seems linked to my vulvodynia when it flares up.
Maybe it's a physical thing and penetration irritates your bladder/urethra. I think recurrent infections can give you scar tissue and hypersensitive nerves.
I also get thrush/ BV really regularly even when I'm single but it gets worse if I don't use a condom/ have bad dry sex.
Why are my genitals broken??

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