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No. 112923

What is your favorite look and what physical traits do you find most beautiful? Hard mode: don't shit on each other's preferences or put down other looks, just post what you enjoy.

I love thin waists with high quality butts/thighs/tits of pretty much any size (as long as they're actually there). Big giant eyes, plump lips, pretty colored hair like blue or pink. Covered in high quality tattoos is a bonus. Maybe a single facial piercing.

No. 112924

No tattoos and no piercings.

No. 112928

File: 1555026947484.gif (986.64 KB, 540x250, tumblr_oudpxt6ZHB1rpafedo1_540…)

I do believe that I have a wide range of preferences, and I think that somethings work for some people while others don't. But I guess the absolute perfect would be something like

>Nana's face (pic related)

>Small waist, big hips, legs not too thin, but thigh gap
>B, at most C cup tear shaped boobs
>Long hair, preferrably dark or caramel colored. But shoulder lenght hair is also pretty cute
>Some tattoos, but not completely covered

I guess I am just describing how I wish I was lmao

No. 112935

File: 1555029755448.jpeg (200.92 KB, 538x799, 53f78a08a93e4.jpeg)

>long, slim legs
>small butt
>slim waist + flat stomach, but no visible abs
>smallish, but not completely non-existent boobs (a european B cup)
>slim, toned arms
>angular shoulders
>not short neck
>not long face
>perfect skin
>not too full lips
>pretty nose
>big eyes
>"natural" brows (groomed, but neither too thin nor bushy like caterpillars)
>straight to wavy, shiny and long hair
I find all hair colours beautiful and also can't really decide whether I prefer pale or tan skin. I absolutely hate the trend of big butts and also don't like big mouths. Tattoos and piercings (especially facial ones) are a big no, too.
Fashionwise I'm not too fond of dressing up too elegantly, like all those posh girls with pumps, dresses or blouses, neatly styled hair, red lipstick and too many accessories (like pearls). On the other hand I also don't like alternative styles and oddly dyed hair. Just normal-cute makeup and clothes.

No. 112936

Nice average sized boobs, tiny waist, big ass and thick thighs. Dimples, big eyes (I prefer dark colours like brown/super dark brown) long eyelashes, button nose, plump lips, dark hair. I also prefer tan to dark skin, pale girls don't really do it for me.

No tattoos, natural makeup, feminine clothes.

Ugh I just made my dream gf

No. 112938

>ITT: narcissistic mentally ill bitches describing themselves or weebs focused on one look

No. 112940

>within healthy BMI
>well proportioned body wrt leg:torso and hip:shoulder ratio
>rectangle bodies can be saved by cute legs
>if about girls i want to fuck, then on the taller side
>natural tits and ass of whatever size as long as on the perky side
>legs that are more on the soft/slender rather than muscular side
>symmetrical face
>a couple of "odd" facial features otherwise it looks boring
>thick hair of whatever colour (short is hottest tho)
>brown eyes or with prominent limbal ring if light
>no ugly tattoos, smaller b&w ones are cool

I really like noses with bumps and freckles but like it isn't a must. also sorta weird teeth/smiles are really cute to me

No. 112941

Hate to say it but yeah.. this. It's just going to be anons describing themselves lol.

No. 112943

>narcissistic mentally ill bitches describing themselves
Or maybe it's just people typing out what they wish they looked like, the goals they try to achieveā€¦?
>weebs focused on one look
There's not one weeby post so far, anon.

No. 112944

File: 1555036968111.jpg (44.6 KB, 660x660, iskra.jpg)

I mean…yeah, if it's your standard for women it's sort of a given you're going to work towards it kek. Also weird to ignore anons posting girls they want to fugg.

Anyway, not to sound "uwu" but I like a variety when it comes to ~aesthetics~.

Type 1:
>soft but sturdy, broad but with a proportionally smaller waist (basically Iskra's body (pic related))
>rounded face and features
>big eyes
>short or long hair, doesn't matter
>classically feminine styling

Type 2:
>short, plump, and very curvy+busty
>cute baby face with big lips and eyes
>thick, curly or wavy hair
>dramatic makeup
>styled in form fitting but still cute clothes OR in a lot of black, maybe even edgy, clothes

Type 3:
>short and petite, either somewhat pear shaped or banana
>interesting and somewhat pointy facial features (like big-ish nose)
>big round eyes
>light natural makeup
>short and/or curly hair
>oversized sweaters/artsy clothes
>I actually think these types look cute with acne…how do they pull it off?!

Type 4:
>tall and clearly athletic
>nice curves but also with strong, broad shoulders
>short hair
>angular features, but cute round features also look interesting tbh
>dark hair and eyes
>wears a lot of athleisure

Misc. cute features:
>somewhat wide set eyes
>sad eyes
>big eyebrows
>gap between teeth

There are definitely more types/feature combos I like but these are top fave.
(For the record Type 1 is ideal for myself and 2 and 3 I'm attracted to)

No. 112975

Tatoos and piercngs. Everyone else is ugly.

No. 113264

Honestly I can admire any feature or trait, as long as it is balanced or proportional and complimented by everything else. Size 6 and size 16, in hourglass/top/bottom heavy can all be stunning. Small almond eyes are fine, on a small face with small nose and small rosebud lips and pixie-cut hair. I feel like most people are only not gorgeous because of one feature being off (eg nose too big) and it disrupting their personal balance. However, if I were to build my own perfect face and body:

>slim, not prone to fat

>about 5'7"
>small bone structure (jaw, nose, shoulders, hands and feet, ribcage, etc)
>large almond blue eyes, with long dark lashes
>face wider rather than longer
>full lips, not wide
>clear flawless skin
>rounded hips, no dip, noticeably larger than waist
>small-average boobs and ass
>long baby blonde hair
>light tan, probably like my own skin in summer

Undecided about tattoos. I have a lot and don't like how it looks now, but wouldn't definitely rule it out on others.

No. 113272

>slender legs that still have some shape
>tiny waists
>small chest/butt area
>dark hair
>light brown skin
>small noses

I have all of these but one.

No. 113378

File: 1555569408768.jpg (192.12 KB, 1045x685, nocupid.jpg)

>what physical traits do you find most beautiful?

Lips without cupid's bows! They're so cute imo. Probably a "want what I can't have" type of situation though, since mine is very defined and I have deep ridges under my nose, so even if I were to soften it with fillers it'd probably look odd.

So pretty though!

No. 113425

you must be retarded or something because all these women do have cupids bows, they just put foundation over the cupid's bow to soften the skin tones or overline their lips.

No. 113426

no way anon, I think shaped lips are the prettiest. I'm considering getting surgery to get more shape, I don't feel elegant with my lips

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