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No. 114445

Everything keto and low carb!

Share recipes, videos, experiences, tips, science papers, whatnot.

Each body is different, so it's not for everyone. If this doesn't work for you, just simply ignore the thread.

No. 114449

Always a good explicative video.

No. 114450

Also, from SciShow.

The only thing that I dislike about this video is that they overlook the fact that you should be eating a lot of greens while doing keto for fiber, vitamins, etc etc. It's not purely meat and fat.

No. 114455

Keto cured my severe daily migraines that had persisted for years.

Literally a miracle diet.

No. 114459


It's amazing for my PCOS as well. It clears my skin like nothing else.
Almost one week of restarting it and my acne is less red and pronounced, lost a loooot of bloatedness and my clothes are fitting a tad bit better. Not to mention not having bad intestinal cramps everyday after eating.

My only problem with it is how socially unfriendly it is. Unless we go to like a steakhouse (and even so, considering the sauces can have a lot of sugar), there's not many options, at least where I live.

Wish the alternatives were cheaper too, but I can live.

No. 114475

Eh, I'll bite.
I lost 30 lbs in about 6 months doing lazy Keto. I eventually stopped after a year or so because my cholesterol levels were fucked.
I still keep several core principles from it like no added sugars and foods high in fiber/protein and have been maintaining my weight since. It's great for weight loss and kicking a sugar addiction but I would recommend serious caution when doing it strictly and long term.
Running while on Keto is also retardly hard and my 5k time improved immensely once I reintroduced carbs.

No. 114478

Have fun with ruined kidneys and liver.

No. 114484

Pretty sure keto is what gave me kidney stones. I monitored my water intake like a hawk too. Thankful for the quick weight loss and motivation boost to keep losing it gave me though.

No. 114500


Not to mention heart and colon issues with the continuous meat consumption.


Don't use it long term.

Sorry anons, I just hate seeing fad dieting being shilled like this.

No. 114504

My mom said this exact thing to me but I only wanted to do it for 4-5 days as part of an elimination diet. You think it’ll duck up my health in that short of period of time?

Also, re:Jordan and mikhaila Peterson, why arent they dead yet?

No. 114506

If you're doing it that little it might not have a problem. But my doctor strongly advised against keto, he knows at least 2 people who got kidney stones from it.

No. 114511


I was actually vegetarian and keto before having to go back to eating meat due to iron deficiency because of my pcos and thyroid issues.

Eating meat is convenient, but you can totally do it without overdoing the meat.

No. 114514


I understand your point, but low carb is nothing new, so I wouldn't call it a "fad diet".

No. 114517

File: 1557347850768.jpg (5.52 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20180813_104658.jpg)

I loved being on keto for diet reason, but fuck, it's hard to keep it up and trying to have a social life.

I do like to go out to lunch and dinner but being on keto and being a vegetarian, it's impossible.
I did keto for 4 weeks or so and I did lost some weight. But then my birthday came around and I ate everything from pizza to oreo's to chips and did not continue after that.

When I was on keto I basically ate a lot of peanuts, 90% dark chocolate (only 1 gram sugar per 25 gram, 2 gram fibre), lot and lots of vegetables especially cauliflower, avocado, eggs, all kinds of cheese, tofu and other vegetarian meat substitute that would fit keto.

My weird ass recipe: Celery sticks filled with full fat cream cheese and salted peanuts.

No. 114518

keto diet/any low carb diet is a meme because it's just another shit diet that relies on blaming ~something~ for people's weight. just look at the ""recipe"" >>114517 posted, that's not fucking healthy. it's like potato chip/oreo vegans. and she quit halfway through.

instead of following shitty fad diets, try working with your current diet in a way that is healthier.

keto and low carb are back in fashion so they're a fad. fads aren't new shit, just what's popular. keto is a shitty gen Z rehash of the atkins diet.

No. 114541

jeez girl, check your Clue app. You don't have to be so mean about what other people eat. So what if it's a fad diet? How is it hurting you?

No. 114542

I don't understand why >>114517 's recipe is unhealthy, it's nothing like potato chips or oreos. Do you think it's unhealthy because of the fat content? You know most fats aren't considered unhealthy anymore as research quality has improved since the 70s/80s

what do you consider a healthy diet or what parts of a diet do you think can be improved?

No. 115583

this celery peanut thing sounds so good right now! I think I'll use greek yoghurt or some sort of cheese instead of heavy cream but thanks for the idea!

I truly understand your sentiment but for many people (me included), sugar (or carbs in general) are the problems in our diet. I eat extremly healthy and low cal once you take out all the sugar I have and its extremly addictive. If I have a tiny bit of it in the morning you can sure as hell bet I'll be bingeing on cookies later.
I do agree the whole "the more fat the better!" shit is stupid. You loose weight when you take out calories. Although not all diets are weight-related.

No. 115602

I wish it was more common knowledge or to give a warning out there that there is such a thing as a Keto-Rash.
Anyways it's what made me give up on the diet so uh, would like to hear if anyone has found any remedies for it if they experienced it.

No. 115603


Funny you mentioned it, because every keto group I am in talks about it, but I never ever have experienced it. Not even the Keto Flu. The only thing that happened to me once was diarrhea on the first day, but that was it.
Don't know if that counts either, but also felt a little tired in the legs and crampy like two weeks in, but then I realised i was lack of electrolytes and as soon as I started drinking sugar free gatorade for a couple of days, it got better.

I guess it really boils down to how each body responds differently?

But I am sure there are articles on the matter, I remember it being shared almost weekly in those groups.

No. 115604

Ah, never been in keto groups so maybe that's why I didn't know about it. It was just simply hearing about this diet, learning what you can and can't eat, and then following it without being on forums/groups/discussions for me so basically I was just on my own.
But thanks, will look into these groups now.

No. 115676

I completely quit sugar cold turkey on saturday and have been having max 30gr of (non sugar) carbs per day since then. It was going ok but last night I had huge cravings (I didnt give in) and now I feel kinda deppressed. I don't even crave carbs that bad but I feel really low and deppressed and I know eating chocolate would help…

No. 115835


Eat 70% chocolate!
The one I buy only has 5g net carbs per 8 squares. And I usually eat only four.

If it's too bitter for you, try mixing it with a bit of hot heavy cream with a taad bit of sweetener.
You could eat it hot, but I like putting it in the fridge for a while. It gets super creamy and nice.

Sorry I don't have the exact measures, but usually for one choco bar I use one 200ml of heavy cream and one tbsp of sweetener.

No. 116102

Sharing one of my go to salad recipes for the summer. I like to make a big bowl of it in the morning, then eat it as a side with meals and as a snack during the day. It's also popular at barbecues with non-keto eaters, they like putting in burgers with mayo.

>50g spinach

>50g romaine lettuce
>30g rocket
>50g watercress
>80g cucumber
>25g red onion
>80g pancetta cubes
>125g mozarella
>30g Parmigiano Reggiano grated
>20ml olive oil
>5ml balsamic vinegar
>salt and pepper

Calories 784.95
Fat 60.335
Carbs 10.25
Protein 45.605

Fry off the pancetta in some light olive oil. Chop up the lettuce, cucumber onion and mozarella. Put it all in a large bowl, adding the pancetta and cheese last. Drizzle over the olive oil and balsamic vineger. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Stir it with a big spoon and it's ready to eat.

No. 117415

I know Keto is shit for you physically but it actually helped me so much with my depression and anxiety. I wish there was something that didn't fuck up your kidneys and eventually give you high cholesterol and heart disease but at the same time helped you manage mental illness as well. Anybody have good experiences with vegan/plant-based keto?

No. 123363

if you want to get rid of depression just stop eating refined sugars and exercise more.
no need to try wacky diets.

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