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No. 114802

I don’t really have a sense of fashion or whatever but I kind of want to get into it and just make myself look good in general.
What tips do you guys recommend for finding a style or aesthetic that suits you.

No. 114803

I actually kinda already have an ideal of what I want, but going from having no style to a specific one is an odd transition and I need tips

No. 114804

I wish we could post faces and get recommendations but that’s kinda weird ig.
I just wanna know what style would suit me best….

No. 114806

Get a pinterest and pin looks that you like, or get a tumblr and reblog things that you like.

Start with general "fashion" tags, and then search for more specific things like articles of clothing.

Once you have done this for a week or a month or so, take a look at the board/page on a whole. Take note of the articles of clothing that show up in more than one picture, and come up with outfits on your own. You can note down hairstyles and accessories that are common within your pictures too.

Search for "ways to wear X with X body type" if you're unsure if you can pull something off.

Bing bang boom, done. You have a style that you like, articles of clothing that go together, and a details like dressing for your body type.

No. 114808

I would say if your main goal is to look really good you might have to let go of your favorite aesthetic, some people are just not fit for certain looks.

No. 114809

do you have any advice for figuring out what aesthetic suits your facial form the best?

No. 114810

Yeah I will try doing that. I already have a pinterest

No. 114821

The Kibbe face types are a bit of a meme but some people make really good recommendations based on it and have their own spin on the typing system. Check out Aly Art on YouTube, she talks about faces a lot and explains how to find a fitting aesthetic without calling any individual feature or type of look ugly or bad. Even though I've heard some anons saying this is sexist or whatever, I find it a really easy way to see what fits your features and it's up to you whether you follow it or not. The lady in question also talks about every type of look with a lot of admiration so I don't think it's coming from a bad place at all.

No. 114824

ugh the last time someone brought up kibbe here we got a dozen messages of "idk what my face type issss??" and others stunting on other face types that resulted in infighting. all over a meme. it was a mess.

No. 114856

I really like her YouTube channel because there is no judgment and she seems to be a sweetheart. Every body type is beautiful and can be even more unique if dressed the right way.

No. 114861

People shit on fridge waists in the kpop critical thread but I don’t complain as a “ruler” shaped woman.

Can’t mods just ban accordingly? I really want a Kibbe thread but not full of trad thot bullshit like r/femininenotfeminist.

No. 114884

Kibbe doesn't matter too much but looking at your face and body critically is important. Where does your body get fleshy, where is it slim, where is it wide, tapered, etc? You have to check your proportions and measure things. Both for the face and body, kibbe operates on a yin/yang thing which is basically how bony and angular your face is vs fleshy and rounded. Faces sometimes have masculine bone structure but lots of facial fat or lucky fat distribution to soften it. Likewise you can have very dainty bone structure but no fat to pad it so it looks sharp.

Seeing stuff like this can help you then look at outfits the same way, with your body in mind and not just how the outfit looks in isolation. Generally speaking you wanna accentuate features you like and counter the ones you don't like.

What anon upthread said about probably needing to ditch your favorite aesthetic is correct for most people. There's a slim chance that the insta influencer you follow the style of is the same body and face shape as you. Seek things that flatter you specifically by analyzing shapes and try to find a mid ground between what you like and what flatters you.

Colors based on the seasons system is ok as a starting off point too, though you'll run into the same issue of the horoscope not completely describing you. All these systems are there to get you a starting idea by giving you some theory. You need to put in the work to actually become able to see people's shapes.

No. 114887

I actually think most insta-fluencers look pretty bad. We only perceive them as looking good because they're presented well, not because their outfits actually really suit them or are particularly nice. Most of it is fast fashion crap that looks ridiculous on 99% of people, or is really generic.

I actually found Kibbe pretty helpful. A lot of styling tips focus on trying to make everyone look the same, but Kibbe encourages flattering the shape you actually are. Only annoying thing is actually trying to find clothes that suit you, because women's clothes shops only ever sell what's currently trendy.

No. 114888

On the topic of seasonal colours, I've found that Merriam Style's artistic license system can be a lot clearer than the twelve season system, since it's entirely focused on skin and only has four categories.

No. 115391

I like the idea of focusing on skin because you can totally change your hair color and clothes. Skin can't change and flattering it should be the #1 priority. I've seen so many people wearing colors that completely clash with their skintone. Warm vs cool isn't extremely relevant outside of makeup but the muted vs bright color thing is really important all around.

This YTer's voice is so calming

No. 118103

I’m seriously struggling to settle for a style.
I’ll mostly wear skinny jeans, tank tops, sneakers and a cardigan because I can’t be arsed but sometimes I’ll be super girly or super ~grungey/goth or straight up hippie.

I love tech-wear/postapocalyptic clothing but can’t help feeling like it looks just off on me. But then again I don’t feel like ANYTHING looks good on me.

I feel so lost, fashion wise and my taste being all over the place doesn’t help either. Like, I’ll love anything girly or dark but there are so many ways to execute these two themes.

I hate being so basic and just don’t know how to figure out what the hell looks best on me.

No. 120472

Sorry for necro-ing

Is there a way to easily tell what’s your complexion?
I’m extremely pale. I usually use foundation/concealer with yellow undertones, because I think they look best on me. However, when I had yellowish-blonde hair once by accident, my skin looked like it had very red undertones. All those summer/winter skin type stuff somehow doesn’t get me anywhere either because I always end up not really fitting into one category.

Anyone got an idea?
If it somehow helps:
As I said, I have very light skin. It’s quite thin, too so you can see my veins underneath and I have dark circles under my eyes 24/7/365. My hair is naturally dark blonde (extremely ashy) and I have blue/green eyes. I have very few freckles on my nose, they’re barely even visible though. I used to dye my hair in ‘crazy’ colors and always felt cool tones looked best on me.

No. 120494

If your veins are blue too, you have pink undertones and cool tones look best on you.

No. 121157

File: 1565282868067.jpg (84.2 KB, 736x736, 2742a33c0290f7d2d42a38ba066158…)

>finally lose weight
>realise I have a fucking disgraceful body shape

Broad shoulders, small boobs (the only thing I like tbh), undefined waist, straight hips with really bad hip dips, long thighs but shorter calves that make me look like a stump, flat ass.

Trying to work out etc but I still look awful and so I'm not comfortable in any clothes at all except like pic related. All skinny Jeans look retarded on me because of my hips because all the Jean's I can find have thin ass denim fabric and hug the dips so much. Just kill me lol

No. 121158

Most fast fashion is literally made for your boxy body type anon, it's not a curse. You can pull off things with long silhouettes and cool draped materials.

No. 121166

>undefined waist, straight hips with really bad hip dips
>flat ass

All of that you can solve by lifting weights, I really recommend it

No. 121167

>tfw green veins, but gold jewelry looks like ass
no tones for me I guess

No. 121168

Try rose gold. Yellow golds tend to make certain skin tones green but reddish golds are warm and give you a nice contrast

No. 121169

Thanks friend, I have no clue how to dress myself but it is nice to hear I'm not the cursed body. When I took my measurements I was like o fuk am I mickey moon without tits?

Thank you! I really want to get into it, I admire women who lift so much.

No. 121174

Are you me, Anon?
I end up changing three times in a row because I don't know how to dress and in which mood I am.
I suggest to arrange different outfits in different styles and try to fit them with your mood or how you'd like to feel said day, eventually you will learn how to bend those styles to your own personality and mood. Have fun in dressing up, you don't have to have "a single, narrow style".

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