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No. 114835

What are your thoughts on casual sex?

Personally, I am extremely against it. I think more bad comes from it than good. I don't judge people for doing it, I just think it's a bad idea. I'm not saying you should only be with one person your entire life or you fucked up, I'm just saying that sex with someone you don't know that well or are in a relationship with us a bad idea.

No. 114836

>sex with someone you don't know that well or aren't in a relationship with is a bad idea.

Sorry, I'm drunk.

No. 114837

I was extremely against casual sex then I went through a phase and I wanted to experiment, didn't do it often but I found that it's just not worth the trouble (in my opinion)

No. 114838

Opposed, not for any moral reasons but because we just don't win with it.

Men get
>an ego boost
>a status/reputation boost
>bragging rights

We get
>maybe pleasure if we're lucky but an orgasm is unlikely
>a drop in status/reputation
>a potential drop in self esteem depending on how shitty the guy treats you in and out of bed
>pregnancy risks

It's literally letting a man look down on us and think we're easy sluts (not necessarily fair or true but that's how they think), and making him feel good about himself/rewarding him for it with pussy. Unless he is so crazy hot that the dick is worth it, or he is an uncommonly kind guy who won't think less of you for it, it's not worth it. Some girls like the validation and attention but I really think, overall, it's a net loss to our self esteem and confidence.

No. 114839

Why are you posting porn and gay at that? This is not crystal cafe.

No. 114840

It has no appeal to me even with my high ass sex drive. Not only does it seem like a waste of time and too much effort, I'm a softie and like emotional connection. I'll flick the bean to strangers but want a level of intimacy before touching each others genitals.

I like it being acceptable by the mainstream though since it weeds out people who partake heavily in hookup culture from my dating pool. Not shaming them, I just want to date someone with similar values.

No. 114846

It's probably unpopular here but I think it's fine, for adults. Women have sexual needs just as much as men and it's a harmful meme to act like sex is a bargaining chip that determines our worth. I find that this is becoming an antiquated way of thinking anyway.
There are plenty of fuckable people who are not dateable, and I'm tired of seeing this scrutinized against women when the same applies for men.

Women should only fuck who they want to or not without feeling pressured into either direction. It ought to be that if a woman decides that she wants something casual that she physically protects herself from worst case scenarios like STDs and pregnancy. After that? Sex is what she makes of it and it's her responsibility to make sure emotions and expectations are in check.

No. 114847

I don't really care about other people, either, but casual sex goes completely against my personality. I don't care about sex without emotional intimacy, so to do something so vulnerable without a connection seems gross to me. I can't bare myself in front of a person who I don't know if I can trust with my sexual pleasure, as well. Guys have it easy. Not even my previous boyfriend helped me with pain during sex, so I now guard this experience even more.

Granted, casual sex between friends? IDK of how well that usually turns out, but it can turn out okay if both parties are 100% transparent about their feelings to each other and take care of each other afterwards. That's not my thing either, but I can see why others have FWBs.

No. 114857

>a potential drop in self esteem depending on how shitty the guy treats you in and out of bed

Maybe only engage in casual sex if the guy treats you right?

No. 114858

I've hooked up with a few guys as a drunk, spur of the moment thing. But sitting on tinder swiping for a guy while you're sober just seems depressing for me.

No. 114859

Only had casual sex once, it was pretty terrible, it didn't feel good and the dude made weird comments about my body, never did it again, it was clear to me he was getting a lot more out of it than me. I've only ever had good sex in long term relationship, so I stick to that now.

No. 114862

Only if I'm being given head and nothing else happens.

No. 114864

i have no real moral opposition to it but in general, casual sex is less fulfilling because part of what makes sex good is being with a partner who knows what you like. having to go through the awkward first time with someone you'll probably never see again just seems like a waste. that's why friends-with-benefits situations are far more appealing then like, one night stands.

No. 114865

Ah yes, I forgot women are psychic fortune tellers who can look into the future and predict just how a man will treat her at all points in time. Dumbass. You think men who act nice to get laid stay nice forever? The only way to 100% avoid it is to avoid casual sex… hence opposing casual sex.

No. 114867

I wouldn't ever do it, I think. I don't condemn it, I don't think it's bad. I'm not even ~emotional bond and intimacy of someone you know/who knows you is superior~ kind of person. I don't know, it's just something I wouldn't do, I don't need it and the trouble it potentially brings. Surprisingly hard to explain.
I've had a chance to kiss someone on a party - a very hot exchange student - and I rejected him and my drunk ass almost choked herself to death with laughter when I realized that's why he invited me to the less crowded area. I'm clueless, it's not for me.

Though I think I could use something like casual dating.

No. 114869

I have an irl friend who has casual sex often and brags about how she has a magical vagina and gives the best head.

She also was in a relationship for 2 months and then bragged about how she snatched a guy with her magical vagina. Then they broke up.

I think it really ruined her perception in relationships since verbatim she “wants someone to obsess over her” currently and doesn’t want a relationship right now.

I told her to focus on herself and implied not to sleep with random guys but she’s back at it again and complains about how guys obsess over her and she just wants sex from them.

So I’m kinda turned off by casual sex because I see how it changed my friend. All she cares about is validation from men and won’t focus on bettering herself.

No. 114870

I have tried casual sex once after leaving a long-term relationship and I regret it.

I did not want anything to do with the guy other than to try casual sex, so it was not an expectation problem. It really sucked. I am convinced that it's just a bad idea.

I'm not a conservative or anything like that but I have to agree with >>114838, it is just not worth it for women -

In the end, there's nothing, probably not even an orgasm, just bad and awkward sex. Also, some random guy had access to your body, probably thinks they're the shit because of it and will brag about it.

I have friends that fuck random guys all the time, they all have the lowest self-esteem and shitty reputations, and don't even enjoy the sex because men that engage in sex with a random woman that they perceive is "easy" will most times not make any effort to pleasure them and is just using them to satisfy their urges.

Sex outside of a long-term relationship is a bad idea for women, and I don't like how it is sold like it is so empowering and great since it's quite the opposite. That said, I think everybody should do whatever the fuck they want, anyway.

No. 114873

I have no moral opposition to it but to me sex is so much better when I'm in love. I had my phase of sleeping around and it felt like a bunch of empty encounters and 5 second orgasms. Sex to me is like a way to connect more deeply to a partner. I'd rather masturbate than have casual sex again.

No. 114878

I don’t see why I should have an opinion on other women’s sex life so idk whatever floats your boat.
Don’t want casual sex? Don’t have any and don’t let anything pressure you to having sex with someone you don’t actually want to have sex with.
You want casual sex? Go get some.

I personally like a random hookup every now and then. But only with guys that I can kind of play with, that won’t immediately say yes to everything. It usually makes the sex better, too. I don’t care if I cum, because as I said, for me the fun is getting him to the point of actually giving in. And as long as it isn’t bad, I’m having a good time. If I ever ended up with a guy that sucks in bed I’d probably just jerk him off or something and leave.

Since I can’t get pregnant anyways, there’s at least one thing I don’t have to worry about. And I also get tested regularly and always use a condom, so there’s that.

No. 114889

I used to have casual sex a lot and it really fucked me up. Honestly believe there is a correlation between someone's self-esteem and the amount of no-strings sex they have. Not judging people negatively for it, just makes me feel kinda sad when I hear people (mostly girls) bragging about some shitty sex they've had with someone who doesn't give a fuck about them. Even more so because I've been that person, and I was unhappy as fuck then.

No. 114890

I've had more long term sexual partners than flings and never a one night stand, came close to it but stopped it because I wasn't feeling it and didn't particularly like the guy. The flings were messy in that my feelings got hurt surprisingly! Lol…

I didn't like being treated casually by guys after being so intimate from my perspective. In a different situation I was about to have sex knowing I didn't want to see the guy again and just didn't like the idea of again him getting that close to me and then being a stranger felt gross. Definitely not for me.

No. 114892

I agree. More so on the fact that men are very hypocritical towards women regardless if they participate in it or not.

If a woman wants to wait for the right person/time/till marriage?
>"But what if you are not sexually compatible?"
>Guys don't like awkward sex/having sex with a virgin is awkward
>"No one likes a prude."
>Stuck up bitch
They always try to goad and pressure women into having sex with them by shaming them into thinking that no guy will want them unless they have sex.

Oh what about those who decide to participate in casual sex?
>whore/slut/any degrading comments about a woman's sexuality
>"You'll never find someone if you keep sleeping around with people"
>Madonna Whore complex is strong here
>roastie/loose vag meme
They get shamed for being open with their sexuality. "She will never find Mr.Right because she sleeps around!" bs is often spread around. What if the woman does not want to be in a relationship and is choosing a sexually liberated life? Nope always a whore.

No. 114895

The problem is that a lot of guys will act like a completely different person before they fuck you. I had a guy who was extremely sweet to me for almost a year and then after we had sex, suddenly a switch flipped and he was a huge dick. They know how to act to trick you into thinking they're not assholes, then when they get what they want there's no point in keeping up the facade.

No. 114896

I think a lot of women ignore the cons because they feel like they should be able to act like men without dealing with double standards, but just because men do it doesn't mean it's not a horrible idea. If anything, it's worse for men to be sluts. Sure, there's not nearly as much of a stigma for them, but when you actually look at the consequences they face compared to us, it's a terrible idea.

Men don't have any say in whether or not a woman they get pregnant carries it to term. So, a one night stand can end in forced fatherhood (which it does all the time, but no one really talks about that for some fucking reason). And some women will ocassionally take advantage of this and use it as a trap. Not to mention, you could end up with multiples. Also, when you play with someone's emotions to get them in bed like "player" types glorify, you can potentially end up messing with someone who is very unstable and potentially dangerous. Basically, you could end up with a stalker… which, is honestly much deserved karma if you intentionally manipulate someone's emotions to get them to sleep with you.

Also, people talk about how casual sex fucks up female pair bonding mechanism, but the same definitely applies to men too. I've seen first hand how incapable slutty men often are of having a healthy monogamous relationship.

No. 114898

>no one really talks about that for some fucking reason
oh there's a reason, and it's called "but muh dik want feel good NOW".

No. 114900

Assuming I actually cum, I actually really enjoy the idea of fucking a guy and never seeing him again. For whatever reason I become disgusted/bored with men whenever my arousal wears off. The problem is that they never fuck off if you fuck and ghost them. They'll fucking stalk you for months.

No. 114908

I understand why people have casual sex. I understand it in the same way I understand why some people are open books and overshare their feelings with strangers.

Personally, I would never have sex casually, because sex for me is enjoyable because of the emotional connection. I cannot enjoy sex if there is not an emotional foundation. I'm one of those people who lost their virginity in college to meaningless sex and regret it intensely, because it was so meaningless and unenjoyable. For some people, this does not matter and I could give a shit about what people do in the bedroom.

Do I judge them? Perhaps a little, in the same way I judge the oversharers and "cheap" friendships. People have casual sex for a variety of reasons though so it's not black-and-white for me.

No. 114911

>forced fatherhood happens all the time but we ignore it
>if you behave differently with someone to get into someone's pants you deserve a stalker
>casual sex will ruin your ability to love
These takes are not only hot, but kind of specific?

No. 114912

I feel like 'forced' fatherhood sort of ties into body autonomy for women. You shouldn't be forced to have an abortion nor should you be forced to give birth to a child. I don't really know how you would address that sort of issue.

No. 114913

NTA, but I personally think that the government needs to step in and see things differently as far as support. I was a victim of forced motherhood and I still have to support the child (the bare minimum) because I left him with the father. It's fucked that the government lets that kind of thing happen and just views anything short of a convicted rape as "two irresponsible people"

No. 114929

Same. In hindsight, I know that I mostly did it because I longed for male attention and affirmation. I have self-esteem issues, never was popular and hooking up with random guys made me feel attractive and interesting. I tried to tell myself that I was some kind of hot femme fatale that doesn’t care and just wants to get off, but a) I never even had an orgasm on those "dates" and b) I obsessed over everyone that gave me attention, so it was not very casual for me. I also let men treat me in a bad way and pressure me into things I did not really want. The shame after this pretty long phase was bad and I feel sad for my old self because I was a mess. But I still have the issue that male attention means a lot to me and is one of the few things that can boost my self-esteem.

No. 114939

Personally, I think men should have the right to opt out of parental responsibility anywhere that women can abort. I think they should have a very limited window, though, so that the woman has time to abort if that impacts her decision. I feel this way not because I care about slutty irresponsible men, but because I've known women who use pregnancy to trap their significant others by poking holes in condoms and lying about being on BC. No man should have to have his life ruined because they trusted the wrong woman just like how no woman should be forced to give birth against her will.

No. 114946

Me too exactly. I actually get off easier then, too.
At this point when I just know a guy isn't into me that way, I just become so apathetic that I don't have fun with it anymore. Also, if it's longer term, they eventually aren't going to care if you orgasm or not. Like might as well just go home and use a toy or something, I can get off more times, don't have to feel insecure about what I look like/don't have to dress up or put makeup on, can chill comfy in my bed afterwards. As a bonus don't have to worry about how they're going to treat you.

I also hate how manipulative guys can be about it. For example, one guy seemed like he wanted me to like him, even though he didn't like me that way, just for an ego boost, and nothing else. Others have called it "friends with benefits" when in reality there is no friends. They don't want to be my friend, talk to me, or hang out with me. They don't care about me. They just want sex.
I don't mind hook ups with people that actually care about me, but it's so rare. It's extremely disrespectful to me if I let someone have me that way and then they treat me horribly.

No. 114996

Kek that’s my fetish. I pulled that shit twice, I just left after I got oral. I wanted to keep doing it but one guy got really angry so I wouldn’t do it again on fear of being raped or hit.

No. 115014

Parental responsibilities exist for the sake of the children, it's not up to the dad to decide he wants fuck all to do with a kid that's his, it's unfair that men don't get any choice once the woman they had sex with is pregnant, but reproduction is unfair.

No. 115025

I agree.

I don't do casual sex or sex outside of relationships. I think it's emotionally damaging.

Also literally what is the point in fucking males for free? Like some sort of unpaid prostitute? Yuck

No. 115026

What you wrote is literally my story, too. I don't think it's far-fetched to say many anons here went/are going through the same thing. We are socialised to want male attention, and when it's denied to us all through puberty dealing with adult sexual freedom can just end up being a trauma exercise. I still have that issue too anon, but I try to ignore it now by focusing on displaying my own core sense of beauty, instead of one I think most men will find attractive.

No. 115030

This was exactly my experience. I liked feeling as a "bad bitch" who fucks everyone, doesn't get attached and is free. But I wasn't even getting orgasms with the sex in most cases. No matter how much the guy tried I just couldn't cum because I wasn't that comfortable with him or had that special conection that makes it so much better. Thankfully this only went on for a few months and now I realized that casual sex isn't what I want in my life. I had one female partner too and it sucked as well it wasn't a male issue only.

I have a friend who's obese and has a lot of self steem issues but she's a metalhead too and dresses in that cool alternative style so she gets a lot of men in those circles. She behaves pretty much like I did but she's always complaining that she feels lonely and no one wants anything serious with her, then she says she thinks getting attached and pursuing a relationship is for stupid girls and shit like that, that she prefers to sleep around and fuck everybody but one hour later she's breaking down crying because no one sticks around after they cum.

No. 115032

In theory I don't think casual sex is bad it's just super fucking risky. That aside I'm also skeptical of the quality of sex. I mean, it's men. And you should be wary of getting anything for free in general. Tbh casual sex seems like a good argument for paid pros, they'd probably fuck better and wouldn't complain about condoms.

No. 115334

Don't have an issue with it.

But I have thoughts. It's despicable how people (mostly ones with penises) become whiny little bitches when asked, during casual sex, to wear a condom. The only thing protecting both participants from STDs. Because to them sex doesn't feel as good with it.

Honestly. They've gotten a stranger take their panties off for them, willingly, and they've got the nerve to try and dictate how it'll go down, pushing the responsibility of taking morning after pill to you and forcing you to trust them as they claim they're clean of any diseases.
Favourite one, "I'll pull out before I finish" bitch your peen is leaking precum don't underestimate female fertility.
This is especially shitty if local laws prevent from getting an abortion. Just nasty and selfish.

No. 115338

i get that condoms are important, but why would a guy want to have sex if it doesn't feel good, especially casual sex? this is actually why i don't understand casual sex. condoms don't feel good, at all. i can't imagine how they feel for guys either. so i just don't get the point of having sex casually.

No. 115342


True, pleasure seeking is the whole point. I guess I just feel sorry for all the unwanted babies that get conceived and people who get their lives ruined because of those. For what, ten minutes of pleasure at best?
Personally I've found guys last longer wearing them. A plus as a woman.

No. 115344

between super gonerrhea, the rise of syphilis, etc; the sheer majority of men who cannot have an adult discussion about safety and protection; the chance that the guy you're hooking up with turns into an asshole at best/rapist or something at worst; and that you're not even guaranteed an orgasm (or even a pleasurable experience at all!!) at the end of all of this

what is the point of casual sex for women?

the STD rates and people whining about protection/condoms alone make me avoid it tbh.

No. 115355

i just really hate the texture. it feels like i'm fucking myself with a balloon.

No. 115359


Have you tried super thin "skin" types? I can't notice the difference, and my boyfriend also prefers it.

No. 115387

The only women I know who engage in casual sex are only doing it to try to boost their ego just like men do. They want to feel cool and like they can just fuck and not care and they’re such a bad bitch. Unfortunately, that’s not how women’s bodies work. They can’t just get rammed by a dick for 1 minute and orgasm like a man.

Pretty unfair. I’d love to engage in casual sex but I realize that I can’t get off with just PIV and I don’t feel like asking every stranger I meet to do specific things to my clit to get me off. Pointless.

No. 115389

Same. I can actually come from penetration alone but it's not as easy as it is for a man and I def don't feel comfortable having my pussy eaten by a "stranger". It makes me feel vulnerable as fuck and I can't relax enough to enjoy it. Most women I know don't always cum in casual sex so what's the point?

No. 115438

my best friend recently told me that only two men out of 30 gave her an orgasm, and that one of the times was an accident. She is 21 years old so that is a lot of casual sex in a short amount of time. She also said that the sex is usually bad and at best ok. I asked her why she seeks out men to sleep with if the experience is usually bad and she said she didn't even know the reason herself. I also have a super high sex drive that rivals hers, but I don't have casual sex. Can anyone here help me understand the appeal of casual sex if men are usually bad/selfish in bed? Is it worth it for some other reason other than pleasure?

No. 115443

My best guess is alcohol makes it seem like a good idea at the time, combined with boredom, loneliness, etc

No. 115501


musn't forget low self esteem and desire to be validated on looks

No. 115511

is casual sex even that satisfying for men? I know they can at least cum, but you can have disappointing orgasms.

No. 115513

When I lived that lifestyle it was obviously part self esteem affirmation and drunken arousal, but I also just enjoyed the stuff that goes alongside one night stands like fake deep conversations in dark empty places and just spending unexpected moments with a stranger. I liked those first minutes of arriving in someone's room and finding that, when you thought they were one kind of person, the things that they had said otherwise. Maybe that is just more self esteem bullshit but I kind of enjoyed the competitive aspect of getting someone you find hot to admit they're interested in you before you say it. I found one night stands much more enjoyable once I learned to confidently say no when I didn't feel it, and leave immediately or kick them out if the guy wasn't respecting that.
Now I'm older I hate people that are trying to manipulate me into sex so I don't think it's something I'll do again, but it fitted into that hipster kid time in my life.

No. 115520

I don't do it but, unlike some anons, I can understand the reasons. I wouldn't say it's only to feel like a bad bitch or to act like men.
After all, orgasm or not, it's a form of intimacy.
I've learnt people need a lot of it. I'm coming from a loving home, but we would rarely express it verbally or physically. So I feel like maybe that's why I don't need intimacy, as long as I know I have loving people in my life and can feel their love in the way of acts etc. But observing some girls I know, they need intimacy to live. They need touch, closeness, they feel miserable without a boyfriend, when they're single they get really touchy-feely with friends, some can't even be alone in a day… So I can somehow understand it. It's just a human need that has to be satisfied. If they can't get a long-time partner, what can they do?
Maybe that's soppy, but I can imagine that some people just want to be held, even for one night

No. 115525

Like any other self-medicating behavior it'll probably just make you feel worse since you'll realize it's just a simulacrum of real affection.
Men can just lie to themselves/others that it's for muh physical pleasure easier for biological/sociological reasons. Interestingly I've noticed that casual sex doesn't really "damage" women like society would have you believe (they are usually already dysfunctional going into it) but I have seen it significantly worsen men by making them more sexist, paranoid about cheating and giving them sexual insecurities. Probably because it's easier for the average men to convince himself it's a good idea and then he'd be even more confused when it makes him feel worse due to social stereotypes. But they have to put on a show that it makes them feel empowered and then women see that facade and believe it and want that for themselves.

No. 115533

I understand where you are coming from, I really do. I have posted here about how I have engaged in casual sex too and realized it wasn't that good and stopped. But this kind of intimacy we crave can't be satisfied with casual sex. It's like putting a band-aid on a broken bone.

No. 117602

this was exactly me, wasnt popular at all, the weird girl in school, then i start hooking up with random guys from tinder and i feel so special getting so much attention from guys, then they all ghost me after sex and i feel miserbale

No. 128140

I guess I just consider casual sex differently. Cause I feel like have like fuck buddies and shit counts as casual sex. Like I would never fuck a random person, but I have friends that if we’re both single at the time, we’ll fuck and hang out, but we’re not dating, and sometimes we only meet up just to fuck and then leave afterwards. it’s literally more of a “itch to scratch” situation.

No. 128143

I actually wish this was more accepted, or maybe it's just the place where I live

No. 128148

The amount of fuck buddies I had in my twenties and I never had a single orgasm from most of them. I can get myself off in 3/4 mins of rubbing so it's not even like I'm hard work

Older guys were slightly better lays but still not enough to get there most of the time. Younger guys always had a 'list of things to try' in their mind. As they were sleeping with you they were ticking things off a list rather than actually doing them well or providing pleasure

No. 128157

Maybe it's just me and I'm getting very lucky, but I feel like things have definitely improved in that area with dudes lately? I'm 21 and currently sleeping around with guys on tinder: so far all but one have eaten me out without me asking, and all but one gave me multiple orgasms. (These were different guys as well.)

In terms of men I've actually dated, none of them gave a shit about giving me a good time. My casual fucks however have cared far more about my pleasure than theirs.

No. 128186

The best fuck buddy I had in terms of pleasure was one that I eventually started to suspect might be married. That and he'd go quiet on messenger for extended periods leaving me wanting more. Im in my thirties now and even the good sex didn't seem worth it looking back. Kind of wish I'd just stuck to buying the odd sex toy to keep myself satisfied

Things like trying to arrange meeting times, having guys not communicate back or catching feelings made it all too much work. Every guy seemed to have some weird fetish they'd bring up at some point too. I own strap-ons as a bisexual woman but have no interest in pegging guys. I love how they would spontaneously bring up wanting that but they had no concept of prep to be clean before play. Never had a woman spontaneously suggest anal and then be like 'dunno if I'm clean but let's just try it anyway'

No. 128204

men are not mind readers. why not try and teach them? they can be insecure you know

No. 128212

Cos I have a long term female partner now, as I said in my post that was back in my twenties

I can't 'teach the insecure men' anymore lol

No. 128237

I've always had sex in a relationship except for once.
I don't judge the girls I know who have casual sex but when I hear from most of them that they never had an orgasm until x amount of guys or cum once in a blue moon I'm a bit amazed.
I have a close friend who has a fair amount of casual sex but has never been in a relationship. I think due to trauma with the loss of her father in her teens she's sort of limited guys to a physical connection but she doesn't feel comfortable letting them in emotionally so she always goes on to the next eventually. I've nudged her once to maybe try to connect on a deeper level and potentially become romantic with someone but there's clearly some block there.
We've both bonded over losing our dads except I was a lot younger than her. I have had trouble letting boyfriends in emotionally as well but actually struggled even more with being physically intimate at times maybe because I hardly got to know my dad at any level. So casual sex isn't really something I actively care about even being single.
Not saying "daddy issues" are always a reason of course, but that can be a factor for sexual behaviour in women in a lot of different ways sometimes.

No. 128288

yaaa absolutely! that's the reason everybody in this thread can't cum lmao, one night stands are not gonna be great sex but like just fuck people who you know are good in bed it's that easy

No. 128289

i thought i would hate casual sex for so so long, but i'm realizing now that i was scared of putting myself out there. i'm a kinkfag and i've been dipping my toes into seeing people with other partners; i hated on and laughed at polyamory for so damn long but now i feel less and less averse to it, at least from the standpoint of seeing people who are poly.

the whole culture of poly/kink , in my city at least, is really chill and i haven't been having the reactions to casual sex that i thought i would. we're not discarding each other after sex; there's a degree of connection beyond the sex which is nice. seeing older men (30+), specifically, has been nice in that they last longer and are more focused on my pleasure than guys in their early 20s. experience is sexy compared to fucking a 20 something who cums instantly and has no idea how to find the clit.

above everything, i want to have sex, but i absolutely do not want to be in a committed relationship atm so i feel comfortable right now. i guess it boils down to a fwb type thing.

No. 128292

I had issues around a lack of orgasms with fuck buddies. I could fuck older men and usually come but then I wasn't all that attracted to those guys. I had a phase of really wanting young and slim guys but my god they were usually awful.

I needed to guide them through everything to stand any chance of them stimulating well but giving that much guidance really makes it hard to get in the zone to come

I figured if I wasn't even that attracted to the older/decent fucks I might as well stay home with a couple of sex toys, my interest in fuck buddies died out after purchasing some nicer toys

No. 131448

File: 1580039508859.jpg (87.52 KB, 1280x720, o5vrsu3egh911.jpg)

i tried it once and it was terrible, no intimacy it was just bad. not even drunk me could be attracted to someone i'm not in love with. and his dick was skinny and it was just terrible, honestly 2/10

No. 131450

> his dick was skinny

One of the first guys I met up with for casual sex had a skinny lil dick and looking back I almost think that he should warn women about that before meeting them. Waste of my time meeting him. Even my inexperienced younger self could barely feel it

No. 131456

Ot but my bf used to make casual jokes about his small dick. It's 6 inches and has good girth so it isn't even that small, but he's really tall and has huge hands and feet so people tend to asume that he has a huge dick.
And most people still think he has a big dick because he drops these jokes at just the right moment and it's hilarious, so people think he's just kidding.
But he confessed to me that he used to do this so girls would know that his dick is not big, to spare them an unpleasant surprise (if they were mutually interested the girl would always ask if the jokes were true).
Sorry for the blog post but I found it really thoughtful of him, and definitely agree it's the right thing to do.
Being honest about dick size doesn't mean the guy will never get laid, it just means he won't waste the time of girls that are not interested.

No. 131460

That's BDE

No. 131463

Men with small dicks should go for girls significantly less attractive than them to compensate. There's no way to know before actually getting sexual with each other, so it pre-empts his decreased appeal and puts them on the same level even if he does have a small dick.

No. 131464

Volunteers for making ugly girls feel good?

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