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No. 114987

Do it! Positive-self affirmation thread.

No. 114989

I'm a good friend

No. 114994

My mom says I'm very unique.

No. 114995

I'm quite funny in person (doesn't translate that well in text lmao)
My eyebrows are naturally even and nicely shaped

No. 114997

I'm very creative and talented, I also pick skills up really quickly!

No. 114998

I'm wild n chill at the same time

No. 115004

Despite all I've been through, I managed to come out a genuinely empathic person.

No. 115005

same, anon. i feel like the shit has just made me kinder somehow.

No. 115008

I'm a good listener and I've been able to overcome explosive anger issues without therapy. I still have problems but haven't let myself break things in two years.

No. 115023

I'm good at coming up with stories and ideas.

No. 115024

I will be dead soon.

No. 115027

I'll never be perfect, but I'm a better mum than I dared hope I would be.

No. 115206

I'm determined to become better and better in my field (2D artist, illustrator), and hopefuly reach my dreams one day.
I may be distant, but I really do care about people and I'm just bad at expressing it.

No. 115209

I've been through a lot and have trouble trusting a lot of people, but it makes me a stronger person who knows how to keep herself safe and see true genuineness in others..

No. 115242

Despite my problems, I'm smart and well-liked. I'm pretty even if sometimes I can't stop nit-picking my face or my body. I'm a better and more healed person than what the people who still blame me and think I could never change. Someday I will do something great, I don't know what, but something.
>>115209 I feel this. I'm glad you've found genuine people, anon, and stay strong.

No. 115300

I'm finally getting help for bpd after years of refusing and lashing out with really toxic behaviour. It's only been a month and already I can feel everything improving, and this wouldn't be happening right now if I hadn't been disciplined enough to recognise that I need medical treatment. Sometimes I chastise myself and convince myself that I'm making it up and that I'm just damaged and worthless, but in moments of clarity like this I'm really proud of myself for taking the first steps towards improving myself. At the core, I did this because I care about myself and don't want to give up. I'm proud of me.

No. 115315

I have slowly managed to undo my emotional numbness towards myself and others around me over the last seven years. Though it was painful to realise I had been unpleasant to socialise with- i.e friendships remaining surface level cause I never asked or told about personal stuff- I put in effort to change myself. Feels nice.

No. 387848

I'm good at bumping threads

No. 387851

I am learning to be better and will not make the same mistakes I did last time.

No. 387853

I'm fiercely protective of my friends and love to show them love

No. 387875

I spent most of my life wanting to die but lately it seems like I only find reasons why life is worth living. It's a wonderfully rewarding feeling because the only thing that kept me hanging on back then was being told "you just have to keep trying to see what's around the corner". And I did. And I look forward to it now. I love the me that endured the emptiness and the hurt so I could feel such joy today.

No. 387879

I can make a mean tablecloth

No. 387886

I have cool and very detailed dreams.

No. 388257

i can move my lower left eyelid sideways

No. 388265

I have fun hobbies and appreciate the smaller things

No. 388275

My art may not technically be that good but my concepts are really interesting (I’ve heard)

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