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No. 115009

When's the last time you cried? Was it over something stupid/serious?

I cried at a funeral today, not neceissarily over the death, but over my having to deal with being around my family's emotions & drama and not being able to leave.

No. 115010

Last time I cried was in the toilets at work because I'm pretty fucking depressed

No. 115011

I almost cried yesterday about being lonely and anxious.
But proper tears? Looking at pictures of frogs last week.

Sorry anons are actually going through sad times.

No. 115036

Cried yesterday when I somehow got reminded dad my dog will die someday, like it to 2 seconds when I realized it. It’s hard just typing this out. It fucking sucks man.

No. 115043

Yesterday, from pain, because my stupid and fat cat jumped right on my face when I was sleeping and cut it

No. 115099

Yesterday after I Failed my driving test for the second time, £240 down the drain. An old friend I no longer associate with happened to pass the same day on their first attempt. Why do I have to be so inept?

No. 115101

Yesterday thinking about my older brother who committed suicide due to trauma caused by years of sexual abuse by our own uncle and constant bullying at school

No. 115110

I cried walking through a park today, but I cry almost every day these days.

No. 115111

yesterday thinking about my grandmother. she was such a difficult person and an alcoholic but I have come to appreciate what a headstrong and confident woman she was. I used to be upset she wasn't one of the sweet, meek grandmas that would make you biscuits and kiss your booboos but now I'm honestly glad she wasn't. yes, she was an absolute lunatic but she wasn't sorry for it and didn't bow to no one and always pushed me and mom to work and study hard. honestly a ~woke feminist queen~ in a wiry Easter European lady kind of way.

No. 115113

I cry over everything, but today it was because of anxiety about a travel thing and it made the pain in my stomach so intense I cried, and I'm unable to get my meds till Monday. Shit sucks.

No. 115115

This morning, in my half asleep/half awake stage because I had a dream about my grandma. She died last year and I've cried every day since for her.

No. 115116

File: 1558207029788.png (74.87 KB, 344x355, 1.png)

Probably 2 weeks ago. Reading this thread made me realize I don't really cry too often.
I was breaking off from my boyfriend.

No. 115132

Last time I cried was almost a week ago. I was coming down from coke and was thinking I would be better off if I was just dead.

I’m feeling better now but man, I cry way too often. Especially since I’m almost 30. I need to get a hold of it.

No. 115151

I only cry when watching sad animal videos on youtube or animations with emotional piano music.

I never cry in real situations anymore. My grandfather passed away a few months ago, and even though I was with him the night before he died when he was in horrible condition, I never felt the urge to cry about it. I don't know why.

No. 115152

File: 1558254160246.jpg (65.93 KB, 504x754, thelastunicorn.JPG)

The last time I cried was when my last guinea pig died, which was the 25th August 2018. It died out of sudden which made everything worse because I do care a lot about animals and I still wonder if I missed any signs that something wasn't all right. It was just a very old piggy but still ugh. I miss her a damn lot.

I usually don't really cry or barely because there is nothing that really gets me. Just watching "The last unicorn" makes me bawl my eyes every time because I feel the movie gets sadder the older I get. I've never watched the movie without crying EVER. But I haven't seen this movie in a long time, for a reason.

No. 115154


Grave of the fireflies does it for me, such an emotionally messed up movie. Amazing movie but could only watch it complete only once.

No. 115157

God, Grave of the Fireflies is fucking devastating. This scene where this song plays ruined me. Such a beautiful but harrowing movie.

No. 115176

I can't remember ever crying due to negative emotion even as a kid. I can fake-cry easily and if I really focus on the feelings during a very happy moment I can sometimes get some tears. Only time I cried without meaning to was from laughing the hardest I ever laughed.

No. 115244

Crying right now. I don't know if leaving my husband is the right thing to do and I'm scared that I'll ruin , not only my life, but my kids' as well. I'm also running out of time to finish my schoolwork so I'm considering pounding back a few drinks, smoking a bowl and then locking myself in the closet outside and lighting some charcoal.

No. 115247

I don't understand the charcoal thing but it sounds bad. Please stay safe. Your problems can be solved without harming yourself

(sorry if I'm misreading the post)

No. 115258

It's a suicide method.

No. 115275

Killing yourself will ruin your kids life worse than leaving your partner will.
Get help,reach out to an emergency suicide prevention line now if you don't have any close friends. Then speak to your school about your home life and mental health issues to see if you can extend or resit.

No. 115278

Last time I cried was 2 hours ago over my granddad — who's like a father to me — possibly having to go into hospice soon. I feel like I jinxed everything somehow by asking him in December if he'd be around for my 21st birthday (which is next month) and since then he's rapidly gone downhill. I've been helping take care of him since I was 17 and it'll be the first major loss in my life.

No. 115286

Last time I cried was a few weeks ago, when my narc mom threatened me with law enforcement, because I didn't answer her texts as I was trying to get ready to go to work. I called her screaming to leave me alone. I went no contact a couple days after that.

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