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No. 118189

to some people, yes. to other people, no. there's nothing more to it than that.

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No. 118221

They're cute when you're young. As you age, not so much as they're caused by sun exposure which ages skin.

No. 118223

They're certainly cuter than having too many facial moles.

t. anon with facial moles

No. 118224

I disagree with you anon, both are very cute, also pls be my gf?

No. 118227

I personally think they instantly add +10 cuteness points, even if you're not that attractive to begin with. They're seen as being really charismatic.

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File: 1562230449839.jpg (59.92 KB, 750x500, kh-composite-freckles6.jpg)

I think freckles are adorable, some people even get them tattooed on which is wild to me but I understand the appeal. some tattooed freckles look really bad though

No. 118236

Do you have any idea how cute you are? moles are just as nice!

Honestly tattooed freckles are ridiculous. They could never pass on as real freckles (just from what i've seen) and look tacky.

No. 118244

Natural freckles are super cute but painted on ones are disgusting and people are seriously fucking deluded if they think big blobs of black henna concentrated on their nose and cheeks looks anything like freckles. They look like blackheads.

No. 118248

Tattooed freckles are too evenly spaced and sized between each other it's obvious how fake they are. Also the color isn't natural.

No. 118499

I've got the things that morgan freeman has and it's a pain
it's probably better if they are actual freckles, but I think being absolutely covered in freckles is only really appealing if you fit some sort of irish aesthetic or it's some kind of freckles

I think a moderate amount of freckles is better, like, right across the ridge of your nose and cheeks
But honestly, I think if you really want to make it work you can

No. 118513

Do you also show up in random places whenever something needs to be explained, and a new freckle appears after every explanation?

No. 118558

Pretty sure this was some weird troll post, but I'll bite.
I fucking hate this shit, it looks so fake. I may have a complex as well because it's a "flaw" and you're told it means you have bad skin even if it looks cute, especially if you look at makeup stuff. I find it annoying and tacky, not cute.
I'm a bit freckly but not as much as OP pic, have dark hair and freckles. I live somewhere sunny but I wear sunscreen, still get freckles and some moles/freckles on my body. On the face they're almost all across the nose/cheeks so they're the "ideal" type to some, no one has ever said anything negative about mine. Bf adores them and he's not said it outright but I believe he prefers me sans foundation because it covers them.
I think freckles are cute on other people too, I like mine and always have. The biggest negative is just that if you're prone to freckles, you seem to need way more sun protection
I think you're right, gingers look pretty cute with a lot of freckles if they wear it right, and usually if they're going for a more Irish aesthetic. I think confidence makes things more attractive too.

No. 118590

I actually abhor them and if one gets too annoying I scratch it off

No. 118606

most of the time, i think freckles kinda contribute to the plain jane look which i’m not really a fan of. they can be cute on some girls though

No. 118657

I have a lot of freckles but I also have a lot of zit blemishes too so you can’t really see them. I wear heavy coverage foundation anyways so you can’t even see my freckles most of the time. I personally love light freckles. They’re too cute. Especially when they’re sprinkled on the nose.

No. 118673

My freckles are nice. I think I‘d look too plain without them.

No. 120093

Freckles (and redheads) are cute and sometimes I think about how much makeup my ginger classmates would wear to hide 100% of it, it must be so uncomfortable and expensive. Nobody should feel like they need to do that, freckles aren't flaws, at least not to me.

No. 120167

No, they begin to look like age spots when there is too many of them

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