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File: 1566382899592.jpg (646.82 KB, 3396x1423, gek.jpg)

No. 122000

What problems do you experience when you like a guy who is skinny or fit and you want to approach him and would like a relationship with him?

No. 122006

Eh- I feel like depending on how fat you are and how your fat is distributed, you can still get bag decently hot guys. I was genuinely shocked at how hot some of the guys at uni who were interested in me were because i am pretty about my weight. I think with the "thick" trend going on, if you have a bit of a tummy but bigger boobs, ass, thighs and good shape to you- a lot of fit/skinny guys would be into you. My bf is a really tall, broad shouldered slim guy that I thought I'd never be able to bag because of my weight, but a lot of guys like that have been interested in me!

No. 122009

most of the guys who have been interested in me have been really slender and fit and i'm both really tall and really fat (shapely fat tho).
people i've actively fancied and wanted to pursue haven't always liked me back, and likewise, a lot of the people i attract i don't fancy. but i think that's just human relationships in general.

my currently partner is taller and much much leaner and more active than i. he isn't a fat fetishist. likes my thick thighs and once called me a gladiatrix lol. he cares about my health but also knows that i was severely anorexic prior to getting fat and me being a bit heavy is the lesser of two evils to him, i think. he's never given me shit for my weight, he's never looked elsewhere, and he's never made me feel anything less than an attractive, respectable woman in the last seven years. i didn't think it was possible and i genuinely don't deserve him.

there is somebody out there for you too, op. just don't waste your time chasing people who clearly don't reciprocate your feelings. in dating - regardless of body type - nasty people exist, and they might be rude or dismissive of you for your weight. it's not a big deal - if anything it's an arsehole filter. also there are some people who are just mean or have intimacy issues or they're insecure - with those people, even if you weren't fat, they'd just be rude and reject you/make fun of you for something else.

No. 122028

If your flirting is subtle and not OTT and your face is pretty and you're fat as in overweight and not morbidely obese everything should be okay. I'm fat and literally 90% of the men I've been with were skinny/fit and not one of them comented on my weight (other than the general "i love your body" during dirty talk but even that wasnt about my weight per se)

No. 122037

I really think it comes down to if you carry your weight well. If you have a 'fat' face or a bigger stomach and don't have big boobs and butt you're not gonna have a good time of it. But if you look thicc you stand a decent chance of getting with someone you find attractive.

No. 122040

File: 1566480690483.png (711.34 KB, 974x1351, Screenshot_20190822-142242~2.p…)


Seconding this. Weight doesn't matter so much. These two women are at objectively obese weights (not being rude, these are literally my stats give or take) but the ways they carry their weight are so different.
Also presentation matters, you can't get away with looking scruffy in the same way a skinny girl. You have to learn to emphasise the right stuff and look clean + groomed.

No. 122041

File: 1566480721993.png (776.13 KB, 979x1383, Screenshot_20190822-142546~2.p…)

No. 122045

Man, I was hoping for a fatty hate thread.

No. 122055

Why can't fatties just date fatties?

Just accept it: you aren't going to be able to keep up with a fit active chad as a landwhale. Any hot guy that wants to date you is probably a fetishist, or he has very low self-esteem. If you're chubby or slightly overweight that's one thing but if you're genuinely a fatass you need to learn your league. It's hypocritical to expect to date attractive men that care about their appearances and healths when you clearly don't give a shit.

No. 122062

File: 1566506950646.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.61 KB, 500x500, 2f3.jpg)

Like other anons said it depends on your distribution and just how fat you actually are.
I'm 5 lbs overweight (but I do lift 6 days a week and have a healthy whr, unsure of bf% since I don't have calipers) and skellies seem to be okay with it seeing as they're the only ones who flirt with me. Although I do have trouble with short skellies, which is a bit sad. I assume my weight is just a bit too overwhelming for them on top of the height difference.

Honestly everyone should be at least willing to date their male counterpart. I think it's a good judge as to if you're on the right track with your looks/personality or not.
A guy who looks similar to me at the same BMI would be pretty cute ngl.
>tfw no self bf

No. 122063

What is this app anon? I'm curious as hell.
Anyway, I was quite a chubby girl. Around 70kg at 170cm when I first started dating my ex boyfriend. I never really thought he found me very physically attractive, never really complimented me or said anything nice. He was significantly skinnier than me but he didn't have any fetish. We eventually broke up because I didn't think he truly loved me for MULTIPLE reasons and I lost weight like crazy, my bmi went to the 16s. We bumped into each other accidentally on campus and he commented on my weight loss and immediately expressed lots of interest, texting me afterwards on how much he missed me etc. It's funny and feels good but man… yeah.

No. 122068

One pic was dressed and one wasn’t though. They could be the same woman.

No. 122080

>Honestly everyone should be at least willing to date their male counterpart
Everyone sees me and my fiancée together think we're siblings. Our friends and relatives say we're similar in every other way, too. He's still thin and I'm kind of chub.
I'm 170cm at 70kg but I'm built strong and firm and I carry my weight good so it never was an issue past 18. Teens, back in my days, were all about skellies. Now that they're all grown up, most are lusting after me or thicker people. I guess it just depends on you and were you live.

No. 122087

I will probably hit a sensitive spot of some of you but: If your face is attractive, you'll still get the hot guys. I've always been a little chub-fat, and it's never been a problem for me.. I was even confident enough for JP guys.

No. 122091

You sound salty, has a fatty syolem your dream bf?
Maybe I'm biased, but fat looks so much better on women than men because women have softer bodies in general. Fat men are super unattractive to me while I've seen plenty of beautiful fat women (and I thought so even when I wasn't fat yet). If I were bisexual, I would gladly date a fat girl while I never felt attracted to a fat male (because it makes them look more masculine). I know that some women like the dad bod/lumberjack look though so how about people continue dating according to what they find attractive? It all works out in the end.

I became a fatty due to a lot of mental health issues, I've been slowly losing weight for the last year though. My bf is 77 inches tall and a skelly. He loves me and my body (though he gently supports my weight loss due to healty reasons). I've also seen plenty couples like that (fat and short girl plus tall skelly guy). You can do this, OP!

No. 122096

>is a fetishist
Lol, sorry but is a man being sexually attracted to a woman's body, especially one that's not conventionally favored, supposed to scare anybody?
Guess women might as well give up if they find out their men have preferences for any physical features lest they become objects of lust. We all know how horrible it is to be sexually desired in relationships, after all!
>or he has very low self-esteem
Why's that a fat woman's problem?
What ugly man ever complained about an attractive woman "dating down" to him?

You sound upset. What a joke.

No. 122101

the fat distribution is pretty blindingly different anon
can't hide a belly like no 1 under a shirt and have it look like no 2

No. 122105

Control top undies, those pants with slimming panels. Shapewear exists.

No. 122109

Women hitting on men and making the first move is ALWAYS embarrassing and cringeworthy. If a guy in real life likes a woman they will always let the girl know. Only rddit fags, 4chn cucks, and 14 yr olds are too shy to make the first the move. Why would you even want to date a pussy like that? If they aren’t asking you they don’t like you. Simple as that

No. 122115

is it really? im into femdom and like shy guys, thats my reason for dating one

No. 122118

I don't think it's embarrassing or cringeworthy, it's just stupid to serve yourself up on a silver platter with a gigantic neon sign saying I'M EASY, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME! If you give a man an opportunity for sex he will probably take it, but in no way does that mean he actually likes you as a person, finds you attractive, or genuinely wants a relationship with you. Letting a man pursue you is basic self preservation, because it proves he is at least somewhat invested in you and finds you appealing enough to make the effort.

No. 122122


i don't like being pursued, it makes me uncomfortable, especially if the pursuit is aggressive. i can't be arsed with playing games or being the gatekeeper or being the passive one in the act of courting. it's got nothing to do with 'being easy' unless you've got some hangups about 'women's virtue' or some shit.

No. 122123

No that's dumb. While chasing an uninterested man is also dumb, simply showing interest in someone you are interested in isn't. Waiting for a man to pursue sounds like some 1800s shit, I don't want to sit smiling behind a fan in a corner hoping sempai notices me.

No. 122125

Lmao I just follow the "if I want it, I take it" ideology. I'm no passive damsel in distress or have that low of a self confidence to be afraid of """looking cringe""" to someone who's too stuck up to realize that being chased after is not that big of a deal.

No. 122128

By this logic how is it any less embarrassing if a man is pursuing a woman? Not every man is vocal about their attractions and women should feel like they can make a move if the man isn’t , it’s in no way cringeworthy. Go back to the 50s anon.

No. 122729

Fat girl with skinny no-muscle guy is kind of a meme.

No. 122748

File: 1567598579424.jpg (76.63 KB, 937x1171, 3ea1c8f6b2569ab1ad77eda621e087…)

Hey, I'm new to this site so I don't know if this is appreciated but speaking as a 62kg, 177cm tall guy I do think what the posters talking about shape and distribution of fat is the most important part of whether I'll like these girls. Probably wouldn't ever date a girl with a huge gut but I would date this mamacita in a second.
Sorry for interrupting your girl talk(nobody cares cumbrain)

No. 122749

please do us all a favor and off yourself

No. 122750

>I won't date a fat girl but I'll date a fat girl who's had liposuction and a bunch of plastic surgery
Dumb scrote. The Moo thread might be for you though.

No. 122752

That girl has a huge gut underneath that bathingsuit.

No. 122755

It‘s also photoshopped to hell and back, as can be told from the suddenly soft contour of her body around her hips.

Do yourself a favor and fuck off before you embarrass yourself some more.

No. 122761

That picture is seriously embarrassing, no human being looks like that

No. 122772

Men are fucking stupid and have no idea how proportions work.

No. 123042

Oh cool. Except I've never ever experienced being pursued by a male and would be perpetually alone if not for my first moves.

No. 123043

Seconding this. Also, I believe that we should cut fat women some slack: losing weight is harder for a female because hormones, because we're naturally wired to carry some fat which is often considered too much by today's standarts, and we've been pressured into society's standarts for eternity.

No. 123044

Yeah but all that hardwiring doesn’t change the fact that every single human body can lose weight with calorie intake reduction. Hormones, pcos, “slow metabolism/damaged metabolism” so I HAVE to be 100 pounds overweight are memes. The difficulty feminine hormones or pcos cause add up to about 80 calories a day difference.

No. 123046

File: 1568021904069.jpg (133.49 KB, 1200x1052, D80WvCvWsAA13-M.jpg)

Looks horribly fake, jesus christ

What would y'all consider to be the ideal weight for a skelly bf? Assuming about 5'6ish for example

No. 123048

Yup but the bottom line is, why should they diet if they feel fine, and why should they settle for a fat dude if that's unattractive to them? Fat may be as easy to lose for a woman as for a man but it does look a lot nicer on a woman.

No. 123050

late but it's mybodygallery.com! a really cool project. it was v helpful when recovering from anorexia to put my self image into perspective
also it's a woman-centred space that hasn't been co-opted by trannies yet (touch wood) and that is worth its weight in gold

No. 123051

110 lbs

No. 123081

Not to mention our bodies are physically different; as to how slowly we metabolize food due to our lesser muscle mass than men, and also for the fact that we tend to be shorter on average.

I've said this before in a different thread but I once had to hold my tongue because some bitch male coworker was crying about how he had to eat 1800 calories to lose weight and cut out beer. Meanwhile most women I know are restricting at 800-1200 calorie a day diets with exercise and cannot even look at a carb without gaining weight.

Same. helped me gain perspective too and realize that people are way the fuck lying about their weight in media lmao.

No. 123096

Maybe it's where I live or i'm bad at judging weight, but I swear I can't remember the last time I saw a guy over the age of 16 who was that skinny.

No. 123099

File: 1568095669469.gif (2.46 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

im not fat but this is a good thread. almost as skelly as possible is my preference. styling is irrelevant but this is basically peak male body imo. only downside to dating guys so thin is that you feel like a fatass when you're normal or skinny, but not as skelly. there are a lot of guys that are natural skellies that don't realize how aesthetic it is to be a skelly male so they really appreciate you having thighs and stuff, but the ones that realize that skelly men obviously look the best are really vain and annoying

idk my last bf had a 17-something bmi naturally and he was much older than 16. problem is that guys get into working out really early now so all of them are trying not to be skelly.

No. 123103

Hmmm yeah, I don't know. Maybe I'm just horrible at picking them out of the crowd or something. Although my brother did have a friend once who said he was 100lbs. I wonder if he's gained much weight….

No. 123107

jeez, this is fucking unhealthy for basically anyone adult, and even for a short tiny girl this weight means she's skinny fat and should build some muscle.

No. 123117

File: 1568128610628.jpg (130.36 KB, 1000x834, 028_dillashaw[1].jpg)

This is a 5'6 125 lb guy. You'll have to go shorter if you have your heart set on 110.

No. 123123

I'll chime in to add that the guy in the pic is super cut for a fight and likely does not look like that in real life (and weights more too because his fat % goes up). So yeah you'll have to go shorter since average guys do not keep their body fat that low.

No. 123124

I'll chime in to add that the guy in the pic is super cut for a fight and likely does not look like that in real life (and weights more too because his fat % goes up). So yeah you'll have to go shorter since average guys do not keep their body fat that low.

No. 123130

Nah take off 10-13 lbs of muscle so he's actually skinny and not ripped and he'd be good, just really small

No. 123145

Ahh fck yes anon I agree!
I had always luck with getting the super skinny / skelly ones. Either they had a fetish for chubby girls or it was my face.. can't tell.

No. 123154

my husband used to be 95lbs at 5'8" but that was from only eating one meal a day so probably shouldn't be recomended kek

No. 123158

Damn! Yeah that's super skinny. How old was he when he weighed that much? It must have been difficult for him to adapt to eating so much more.

No. 123159

anyone have that reddit post of that nurse who admitted to fucking fat girls boyfriends and said how easy it was to get them to cheat?

No. 123160

to be fair, it's probably pretty easy to get most men to cheat.

No. 123161

Hmm was it this one? https://www.removeddit.com/r/confession/comments/b5thck/i_purposely_find_boyfriends_of_fat_girls_and_have/ The original one was deleted but thankfully this thing worked.

No. 123165

what a shocker.

No. 123167

Sorry if this is the wrong place, I don't wanna highjack your thread, but what do I do if it's the reverse? I'm a sticc and I really like men on the pudgy side. I can't bring myself to tell a guy I'm interested in I like him, because they always flirt with other women and generally seem uninterested in me. It's like they glow and giggle around other women, but they're completely stoic around me. I actually had more luck when I was overweight; I attracted a lot of average or skinny-fit tall guys… now I'm not noticed at all.

No. 123179

>what do I do if it's the reverse?
Love yourself and get some standards. Don't give any confidence to those lazy weak minded lumbering piles of disease. They will go on to pester other women with their advances. The only task nature asked of men was to be strong and fit. If they can't even manage that then they're just wasting oxygen.

No. 123226

No. 123227

only if they're unsatisified

No. 123229

patently false. there are plenty of examples of men who have very active sex lives with their partner and STILL cheat. see: people like projared. scumbags will always take the opportunity to be scumbags.

No. 123231

There's men who cheat on their beautiful wives and wreck their own families just to get some puss. A man will take his shots if he believes there will be no consequence to cheating, it's not just a fat girl thing.
In case any of you thought looking a certain way will protect you from a selfish man and his infidelity.

No. 123234

absolutely. women who think their appearance will save them from terrible fates at the hands of their husbands because they're preferable to women they look down on for being "less attractive" have another thing coming. men could be with their perfect 10 and can still cheat. they have no impulse control. that's why insurance rates for literally everything for them are so high, lol. in every part of their lives, collectively they show themselves to be incapable of controlling themselves or even caring about consequences

No. 123246

No matter how good looking a woman is, some men just get bored sleeping with the same person for years. Hell some assholes get bored while they're still in the 'honeymoon period', no stopping them guys from cheating

I was slim and 12 years younger than my last bf, he always bashed big women but then cheated with a larger, mentally ill mother of 5. Still more exciting than me cos she was something 'new' to play with. It all comes down to boredom and no loyalty

No. 123261

>tfw some tiny skelly I was checking out just straight up walked up to me at uni and started flirting with me today
I'm not proper fat anymore, just high end healthy BMI…but there's hope out there gals.

No. 123266


Sandra bullock got cheated and the other woman was a nazi prostitute covered in tattoos actors would fuck a raw chicken breast

No. 123366

about 20? he didn't eat that much more, although gained 20lbs from exercise/change in diet

No. 124264

File: 1569618107378.jpg (62.65 KB, 600x484, cap_0.jpg)

How does everyone feel about twiggy captain america?

No. 124265

Hot, that's about the size of a guy I'm into atm. 10/10 perfect hugging size.

No. 124266

Right? I still remember loving him back in 2011 or whenever it first came out. I'd settle for something like 5'6 though, just more realistic

No. 124466

Honestly, to this day I‘d rather fuck small Steve Rogers than buff Captain America.

No. 125149

all my exes have been twigs but it's more apparent with my current boyfriend because he's the same height as me at 5'6 whereas my exes were both over 6'. we look really weird together because he's tiny and i'm a couple stone overweight. it makes me feel bad about myself but he's very reassuring without being weird.

i broke up with one of my exes when i started losing weight because he began to lose interest, and then i found out he was a fat fetishist (i was a UK 22 before losing weight.) most if not all of the guys who have shown interest have been slim/skinnyfat so i must carry my weight well now.

No. 126151

File: 1572176955220.jpg (Spoiler Image, 399.17 KB, 1912x786, pic.jpg)


No. 126162

No. 126179

His head, face doesn't fit the body. It is a very bad shoop.

No. 126211

Let's see her without the Snapchat filter, mega lift bra, shitty camera, back breaking positions and yeast infection giving panties

No. 132439

I'm constantly wondering if they are lying about wanting to be intimate.let alone liking me

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