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No. 123029

Can we have a thread where we just talk about the nice things about our relationships & partners? We have several threads for negative things, a positive one might be nice.

Tell us about nice moments/dates, things you love about your partner, ways your partner makes you feel good… ect.

No. 123041

Early on in my pregnancy I woke up to my boyfriend cleaning my sweat soaked body with a cool wet towel. He was so worried that I was sick or that something was really wrong. Pregnancy just makes me sweat a lot in my sleep, so I thought this was very sweet and thoughtful of him. He does a lot of things like that and it makes me feel genuinely cared for especially since all past male partners had 0 concern for my well being.

No. 123052

Good idea!

I love that my partner and I are best friends and we actually have a language of our own with how dense our in-joke jargon got. We share pretty differing views on a lot of nuanced topics which is fun because we get to deiscuss them and change each others' minds when we make good points. We learn new things from each other constantly, since our interests and careers are pretty different as well. We have a lot of shit in common as well but for me it's the stuff we differ on that makes me appreciate our relationship. I love the amount of change my partner inspires in me.

No. 123059

I actually can't put into words how much I love my fiance. It truly is the deepest, calmest, most absolute feeling I've ever had. Thinking about it can bring me to tears. Even though our life together is mundane, I wouldn't have it any other way. He's so wonderful to me, and I love being with him. I can't wait to marry him next year!

No. 123063

I developed severe depression a few months into my relationship and my bf is currently doing everything he can for me. I feel so bad for putting him through my stupid cry fits but he always listens and tries to help me cheer up, god bless. He even offered to make a doctors appointment for me earlier so I could get some real help.

He’s also a real sweetheart when it comes to my body and face. I’m a little chubby and have a horribly asymmetrical face but he tells me I’m the prettiest human he’s ever seen every day.

He annoys me sometimes but I really really think he will be the man I will spend the rest of my life with and be happy

No. 123087

I’m dating such a sweetheart right now. He calls me his “Muse” and writes poetry and music for me and it all turns me into mush. He’s planning to write his magnum opus and is going to base a main character off me! Actually, he’s writing a bunch of books right now and usually the female lead is me in some form.

Not ultimate relationship goals, but I find it cute that a guy likes me so much he gets inspired and just has to let it all out in a creative medium. My type has always been the artsy types and I’ve hit the jackpot on this one!

No. 123089

It’s so refreshing to see that we’re not all damaged, bitter bitches on this site lol.

No. 123091

My boyfriend treasures me so much and it makes me so happy. At his desk he has a designated corner he jokingly calls his "anon shrine" and it has a bunch of stuff from our first date (we played mini-golf and he has the score-card framed and everything) as well as pictures of us together, and other little things that I gave him or remind him of me.

He's also really thoughtful and caring. In the morning he wakes me up and always makes me breakfast as soon as he gets home despite him being exhausted from working night shift. Whenever I try to clean or do chores he jumps out of his seat, rushes over, and asks to do it instead. He's always helping me and doing all the things I dislike. Every few months or so he gets me tiny gifts that always shows that he's thinking about me even when we're living together and seeing each other constantly. He also compliments me all the time, calls me a genius, great at everything, super model (I have a very healthy self-esteem but I am objectively not any of those things, I was a NEET until just recently)…

He brings so much joy to my life. I am truly lucky and blessed. Sorry if this is disjointed I got a bit excited typing it all up

No. 123092

It’s not disjointed anon! Your relationship sounds really sweet I’m happy for you two

No. 123093

No. 123098

I started dating my bf when I was severely depressed and a huge NEET, I don't know how he was able to overlook those things, but he did. With his kindness and patience I was able to slowly come out of this dark place and I now have a (kinda shitty) job and I'm living again. I never realized how having a steady schedules would help with depression, and he was always convinced I "wasn't originally supposed to be like that", he trusted me to make those huge changes in my life and let me live in his house, paid for my food, etc. He was never afraid I would become a leech or a dead weight, because he genuinely believes I'm smart and hardworking. I love him so much for seing those things in me.

He's always really sweet and tender with me, he genuinely thinks he's lucky to have me in his life and he believe other guys are jealous of him (lmao). It's just adorable how in love he is with me and the great thing is I'm head over heels for him to, so it works pretty well.

The thing I find the most adorable is how gently he handles me, he's always kissing my hands like they're the most precious things he's had to handle in his life. And if we have an our to kill he always just wants to cuddle with me and talk about nothing and everything.

No. 123109

that is so perfect and lovely. i wish you both great happiness and a wonderful future together.

No. 123118

File: 1568129331038.jpg (137.38 KB, 1080x2308, 07d0c54e97410ece53c6da67698821…)

I've been with my boyfriend for 8 years and he's such a sweetheart. He still regularly schedules date nights and romantic weekend trips abroad. He helps out with cooking/cleaning. All he ever wants to do at the weekend is spend time with me by having lazy mornings in bed cuddling and chatting or staying up to the early hours of the morning drinking alcohol and playing video games. He's just so perfect and I love him so much!

No. 123119

I'm glad you got one of the good ones, anon. Good for you!

No. 123122

(Sorry for cheesyness and confusion)

I met my boyfriend when I was at a very dark place in my life. I was in a toxic relationship with his ex best friend at the time. No one knew what it was like to live with him and be with him as I used to keep everything to myself and no one of his fiends knew what he was like at home and with me.
Everything started to change when I first met my current boyfriend in person. We already used to spend a lot of time together chatting via text apps, we shared a lot in common and was the first time in my life I could feel connected to a person.
When I first saw him in person, I saw his back and immediately thought "it's him" with a warmth in my heart I never felt before. I saw his smile and I kind of melted. I knew it was love at "first" sight.
Months passed and my ex and I went to his hometown, where my current boyfriend used to live. We spent all summer hanging out with him, and when we were together in group it was like the whole world vanished and we stood there, in our personal bubble with no worries in the world ever. Everyone thought I was his girlfriend and not his friend's.
As soon as I came back home, me and him confessed our feelings. That day my ex went throught my texts on my PC I left home since I was at work. I found him home covered in cuts and threatening suicide.
We broke up after that. I met again my boyfriend a month later and it was the most beautiful experience I have had in a long time. He helped me heal after years of wandering in the dark. We both went throught very hard experiences and related on every level or talked until we had clear everything in front of us.
Three years has passed and both became better versions of ourselves, we went through a lot and did it to stay strong to a point we don't need to talk to get what we're feeling. We share a lot together, he's very smart and honest and I wouldn't be so proud of myself if he weren't there to support me. I discovered so much, developted so much, learned to appreciate so much about life since I'm with him. I feel like I'm now having the dream relationship after struggling so much to find a little bit of love it is almost surreal. I'm really grateful to him and to life.
I am no longer lonely, and I now know what it's like to love and to be loved, to take care of each other, to have fun with someone, to be truly yourself. Each day is so much fun, even if we live together for a while now.
I feel like even if we'd part ways (and I hope not! I want to grow old with him and walk in parks smiling at dogs and kids playing there), I won't be lonely anymore and I'd finally know how to be a better person for anyone surrounding me.
I can finally say "I am home".

No. 123131

This is so sweet anon, I’m so happy for you even if the circumstances before you two got together weren’t great. I’m happy to hear you’re in a much better place now!

No. 123153

I was super hot nearly 3 years ago when my bf and I got together but then I found radical feminism, shaved my head, gained weight, stopped removing my body hair and stopped being submissive in bed, I thought our relationship would die but it's only gotten better. I guess it helps he was already antiporn and only had sex 5 times before we got together. I reckon I'm done for

No. 123157

I love this thread!

I started dating my boyfriend while I was in treatment for a eating disorder and was dealing with a lot of similar issues (self harming, a previous toxic relationship, alcohol abuse, etc.) and he was always the most kindest person ever who would listen to me and constantly encourage me to be a better person. I eventually started recovering completely (of everything!) and gained some weight so I'm not so underweight anymore and actually became okay with it.

He's my best friend, he's funny, goofy, constantly compliments me and makes me feel important and heard. I feel like he's only made me a better person and continues to inspire me to keep improving myself. He's helped me heal so much and given me so much fun in life. He's one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

No. 123191


I love my bf so much,
I didn't grow up in a emotionally healthy household so he's been very patient with my shortcomings

This year we took a flight to the US and visited Disneyland together which was my dream since I was 5.
He supported my career as a freelance artist and does anything he can to help me, even taking time to help me table at Artist Alley events without asking for anything in return.

A few months ago he had to move away to the big city to pursue his career in making games at a company, and offered for me to move there and he could support me financially and I can do art at home.

When he's not working he comes and visits me as often as he can.

I applied for a job opening at the company he works at last week (in a different department).

I hope I get it so we can spend our lunch breaks together getting bubble tea

No. 123442

My bf and I went on a two hour drive so he could pick up some furniture and were able to talk about our future and how comfortable we feel around each other. Sometimes I get emotional about how I can be 100% myself around him because I've never had that before, not even with friends and family. He never makes me feel bad about anything that I share with him and he's not only supportive but understanding. He knows some of the shit I've kept hidden for so long and it doesn't change how he treats me which I never thought would happen.

I used to think that I had to know someone for years and years before I'd ever feel safe enough to open up but, with him, it's all natural. I've never felt so loved and so in love. The idea of being in love used to be so terrifying to me but that's changed.

I spent so long trying to fix people and not work on myself. It's nice that I've finally gotten to a place where I'm happy with who I am and I'm with someone who has their shit together too. I know this probably makes no sense but I just needed to say something somewhere because today was really reaffirming for me.

I've never been more thankful for a breakup before because, if I'd spent another year trying to make things work with my ex, I never would've met such an amazing person

No. 123447

File: 1568515810191.jpg (385.2 KB, 540x540, IMG_20190702_224556.jpg)


Your post really hit close to home and it is seriously heartwarming to hear about such a treasure of a connection to someone that you have. The last part about you meeting him at the opportunity that you did instead of working it out with your ex makes me think about my own situation. Thanks for sharing with us… wishing you two the best!!!

No. 123458

My boyfriend and I have almost been together for 4 years now. The first 2.5 were really turbulent. Lots of huge fights and breaks during what I thought was supposed to be the honeymoon phase.

About a year ago we were on a trip with our friends at the beach. The two of us had gone on a walk by ourselves. We kept walking and walking until we and sat down by the water as the sun was starting to go down. We were just smiling back and forth without speaking and for some reason we were both tearing up a little. It’s hard to explain. I think we were just really happy.

I remember saying, “You know we’ve had some really rough times. But I’ve never loved anyone like this before. That’s why I’ve always tried so hard to make it work.”

And then he turned to me and said, “I’ve never loved anyone like this before either. I’m sorry if I’ve made you ever feel otherwise. I hope we never forget this moment.”

A friend caught a picture of us walking back because she said we were looking at each other in a cute way. I made a little watercolor of that photo for our 3 year anniversary, and he keeps it on his desk. I sometimes find it on his nightstand like he’s been looking at it.

We haven’t had a single fight since that day.

No. 123468

I would generally give anyone the advice that if things are that turbulent during the honeymoon phase to dip and not waste years, a relationship like that is -nearly always- doomed

Glad to hear you've been in the minority to turn that around though, that day almost sounds like an epiphany for you both

No. 125935

I feel so lucky to be in the relationship I'm in. 4 years ago, my husband and I met online and were long distance (usa and uk), we made trips to see each other and each visit got longer and longer until we decided not to separate again. We got married and moved to Europe and we've been the happiest. It took a lot of patience and commitment on both of our parts, but it was so incredibly worth it. I feel like a stronger person with him.

No. 125937

Anon how did you do it? I’m in LDR right now but we’re both too poor to see each other

No. 125940

partially luck because we met when we were both working full time jobs but didn't have too many expenses and were able to prioritize saving for the visits. I'm not sure what your situation is like financially, but if you could spare a bit to put away from each paycheck until you can afford it, it's worth it. Maybe you guys can split for like you to visit them for example and it could be faster to save. stay strong, anon! if you both really want this, it's worth the wait until you're financially able to come together.

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