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No. 124333

lately ive been feeling quite sad and lonely abt people irl and online seeming not to show interest in me, i feel like a waste of space

>ive started to browse 4chan, made a few post and even they dont like me

>if the lowest of the low dont care for me then clearly its a sign that im nothing

anyone else feel like this any tips on how to cope ?

No. 124345

Allow me to be the first to point out that many people on this planet don't get validation points just for existing and posting nebulously on imageboards. You've got to be perceived as a person who possesses positive attributes for people to pay attention to you.
Sidenote: People on 4chan will often ignore female posters out of spite, esp if you come off as a tryhard. So there's that.

Why not cope by learning to entertain yourself without other people? Develop a hobby and share that on the internet, and maybe that will generate some people who'd want to discuss things with you and validate your passion for something.

No. 124351

I said the same thing in a different thread you posted in, but you have to take the initiative. Don't wait for people to show interest in you, that probably won't happen.

Instead of browsing lolcow and 4chan you could be spending that time and energy going out making new social connections or doing, learning new stuff. Occupy your time with something more useful than this.

Also if you genuinely feel like "a waste of space" and "nothing" you should probably consider seeking help.

No. 124356

For most of 4chan's history female posters would get the tits or gtfo treatment but you just get ignored now adays since I think it just turns out so often to be troons that regular users don't even bother engaging anymore lmao.

No. 124358

4chan is full of mentally ill idiots. Be glad they don't like you. I feel lonely irl and online too and I guess you should know that people don't just magically attract each other.. some effort needs to be put in. Focus on real life situations, as in change things in your real life. If that's too hard, just keep trying to find something you enjoy socially online. That is highly doable for anyone. Even just playing an online game with others, just start there.

No. 124364

Hey again.
As I said in the other thread, the best advice is to look inwards to what makes you feel this way. If it's your situation, maybe it's best to find someone to have an honest discussion with. Alot of people have trouble making friends. Me included. Don't be afraid to talk to people and I hope to see you posting confidently in the future. Good luck.

No. 124373

Please don't seek out attention on 4chan of all places. It's a dangerous game.

Most people are concerned with themselves, not other people. I wouldn't take lack of online attention too personally. And those who do get attention also get a ton of hate.

No. 124381

Validate yourself, stop waiting on trash males to do it for you because that is a surefire way to ruin your self esteem.

Self improvement, goal setting, hobbies, establishing good habits, cultivating an environment that makes you happy - these are the best way to kill the fucks you have to give about what cumbrains think of you. Work on being the person you want to be instead of what you think othets want you to be.

No. 124382

Similar feel here, I just really miss getting compliments and having people believe in me for things I do(like my teachers at school used to do).. I'm trying to cope with it by learning to create things other people might enjoy so I'm not a complete waste of space, energy and resources.

No. 124388

Annon I'm on the same boat but I'm currently in the process of learning that it's me who's doing isolating.
Best advice is to step back and look at yourself and the way you interact with others, are you really alone IRL or are you pushing people away because you feel that they/you are unworthy? Are you actually putting in an effort to contribute to conversations or are you trying to bring attention to yourself?
also like many annons above said, get a hobby it's the easiest way to socialize especially if it's art related. You can go to your local community center (if you're American IDK if other countries have something similar) and join a club or activity they provide.
There's also charity work like soup kitchens if you want that quick short term boost of serotonin for feeling like your doing something good for society.

No. 124416

Wanting validation is fine and all but 4chan anon really? Maybe you lowkey know you'll be treated like that and do it on purpose so it confirms how shit you feel. If you want sexual validation, go on tinder. Or go on those woe is me subreddits, maybe even make up a crazy story, it's pretty easy to bait redditors lol

No. 124588

I got a piece of advice: "people can tell when others are asking for validation, and it's a huge turn-off." I stopped (why continue if it's having the opposite effect of what I want, right?). It was difficult. Now I feel a lot better. I get validated just as often, and it actually means something to me. 10/10 would recommend. Godspeed, anon.

No. 124601

Validation and attention is all about ego. Humans are social animals. If you try and feed the ego, you'll find it's never enough. This is why I disagree with anons who say the right path is looking inwards and validating yourself. In fact, what your ego is trying to compensate for is lack of connection to the world, belonging.

Here's my advice: pull your head put of your ass. Stop being so self-centred. Go help at a homeless kitchen. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Waltz into your local firefighter department and offer to answer the phone or do paperwork. Ask your elderly neighbour do they need help with something.

If you spend your entire time gazing up your navel, no wonder everything will seem dark and stinky. There is a whole beautiful wide world out there that NEEDS YOU. Be the force of light. Help others. It takes so little, it means so much. It changes lives. It changes you. People who do that are the ones that make this world worth living in. Go make this world worth living in.

No. 124885

Hey anon, I'm feeling a similar way. If you were to drop an email or discord I'd be happy to chat (unless youre a scrote).

No. 131023

This is a very sad, infuriating and pathetic thread.

No. 137748

Why do you want to be validated? What's in it for you?

No. 137756


NTA but this is actually really good advice! Thanks, anon.

No. 137951

Everyone in this thread is my girlfriend now

No. 137952

posting for the first time in this thread so i can be your gf as well

No. 137959

Now it’s a party

No. 137962

your greentext is such flawed logic anon please think about it. 4chan browsers intentionally ignore each other and disrespect each other as part of their board culture. you could post something that would be reasonable irl but get mocked on 4chan because you didn't integrate. it's even true here. a stacy who has a lot of friends irl could come here and namefag and blogpost and be laughed off the site immediately.

No. 138002

i like this. humble yourself and it'll shift your perspective. simple, doable.
thank you anon. now is the perfect time too with this corona pandemic and so many people needing help.
it's altruism time baybeeeee lets do this

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