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File: 1570959851891.jpeg (Spoiler Image,41.68 KB, 300x300, 886D6C62-DC30-4A66-890B-AA13AF…)

No. 125165

I want big hot chick tits. My current breasts are absolutely pathetic (miniscule and ugly) and it makes me massively insecure. These days, breast implants look p good and it seems pretty much every attractive girl has them.

How much should I expect to pay for good implants?

Does anyone here have breast implants? How did they affect your life? Do they hurt? Do they even feel like your own body? Has anyone here ever considered a boobjob?

Do most men consider fake breasts normal now? More and more young girls are getting them and male oriented media is dominated by women with implants. I’m pretty sure most men can’t tell the difference. Why do so many men claim they don’t like fake tits, but it’s always the fake tit stacies who get all the attention and are universally lusted after? Every popular girl (among men) is some thot with breast implants.

All plastic surgery discussion is welcome. Please stay reasonable and open minded, and don’t try to talk others into stuff they don’t want.

Source: Girl with black hair: https://www.instagram.com/kaylalaurenofficial/
Other girl is named Emily something

No. 125167

Men’s top 3 favorite things:
3. Extroverted hot girls
2. Big boobs
1. Lying to women

Now you understand scrots!

No. 125169

Its honestly all up to you, anon. However, I wouldnt reccommend doing it purely for attention from males you dont know. The things you've said sound very much like extreme amounts of internalized misogyny. You do you, though though I wouldnt recommend it.

Most men really dont know the difference, though. When it comes down to it, they really dont care unless theyve personally felt what real large tits are like in comparison to fake ones.

Trust me when I say this though: those "thots" that get all the attention? No decent guy will truly pursue one for anything else but sex. Hot girls tend to not be the nicest people due to being used to being able to pick and choose who they give their time to throughout their life, and easily able to just use people whenever they feel like it.

Personally I dont think anyone should envy those girls, especially ones that get plastic surgery for this kind of attention.

If it will make you enjoy being your own company more however, absolutely do not feel guilt about considering getting breast implants, anon.

No. 125170

There's also girls like Belle Delphine who have no tits and still lusted after.

I don't want to discourage you from getting implants if you want them, but there's plenty of guys that like and enjoy small breasts too. The "fake tit Stacie's" get attention because they tend to flaunt their goods with provocative poses and clothes. Of course they're going to get a bunch of horny dudes responding to that display.

I am not sure if this is true but you might have to get them replaced every ten years. Either way do what makes you happy, just research and find a great doctor

No. 125171

I second this anon.
All it really takes to get this kind of attention is act lewd or/and reveal more skin.

I personally love small breasts.
Massive ones easily get like.. an odor to the areas that get sweaty. Not to mention ingrown hair.

No. 125174

I'm considering getting implants as well because I'd like to able to fill out a dress or low cut top. I was recently reading about the cost and I believe the overall cost can be from 6k to 10k USD. Where you seek the procedure will also determine the price. There is a short recovery time of about a week, although you will most likely be advised to avoid strenuous activity for several weeks

No. 125176

Apparently breast implant illness is a thing, so do your research about that too.
I have small tits too but idk, it doesn't bother me that much. If there were a better and safer alternative to implants i would consider breast augmentation.

No. 125201

File: 1570986228315.jpg (131.98 KB, 1199x674, 1523302669841.jpg)

I know a girl with implants. She's had to have 3 more surgeries this year because of problems with them. One of them even flipped, and apparently that's really painful. She went to someone reputable, the actual breasts look all fine and good, she's just had a lot of issues that are a known risk you have to be willing to take to get them done. If you want this for yourself because you have severe body image problems, go for it, but never do this kind of serious shit for males. Honestly, some counseling may help you. Because you may not even need surgery unless your tits are seriously deformed.
Pic unrelated

No. 125202

There's actually fat transfer, but you have to have enough fat elsewhere on your body to take out and inject in your tits, which isn't the case for most truly small breasted women.

No. 125215

File: 1571004082474.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.42 KB, 600x459, 11.jpg)

Depends on how bad your tits really are anon. Usually natural tits look better than implants imo

Belle has small tits, not "not tits", and you're forgetting they're round and perky, which is what a lot of men look for, not a fair comparison because the anon was most likely referring to her breast shape. Quality over quantity.

No. 125220

The two girls I know who got implants ended up JUSTed, one lost all sensation in her right breast and upper right arm so has mobility problems and the other had such severe chronic pain she had to have them taken out and probably has PTSD from it now because she cant talk about it without crying heavily.

Risking your health for what men find attractive is retarded since who cares if you're not dating them, you shouldn't date a man who wouldn't want you over your breast size anyway, most men are fucked in the brain from porn and will like whatever the latest meme is which could very well be le DFC if an logarithm decides it's time to push teen porn more and most breast implants look terrible anyway.

No. 125222

File: 1571007423169.png (116.45 KB, 739x402, drkavalicom_921436998.png)

I have really saggy boobs for someone in their 20s and i've read that small implants + a breast lift is the best solution for that.

Is it?

No. 125224


I would try weight lifting first! Developing my chest got my boobs looking really supple and perky.

Unless you roid, don't worry, it shouldn't tighten your chest up into something that looks manly.

No. 125225

No. 125226

Maybe anons try that OptiMSM? Some time ago one anon said that her breast grew bigger after taking this.
I just bought it so i can't really tell more about results for now.
Also, this anon >>125224 have right when it comes to lifting, it helped me a lot.

No. 125231

I've had mine for three years and I don't regret them at all. I paid 7k for them and imo they were worth it. I opted for silicone, under the muscle and they look pretty real.

One thing I will say is they looked terrible for the first month as they were settling. So, if you end up getting them keep that in mind.

No. 125236

>it seems pretty much every attractive girl has them
I'm gonna disagree with you there OP. Besides instathots, I feel like in general the peak of giant boob implants being considered desirable definitely peaked in the 90s with pamela anderson. Tons of celebrities like jennifer lawrence, emma stone, and even big porn stars like riley reid, tori black, etc. have pretty average tits. And people are getting tired of the instathot aesthetic too, everyone makes fun of how dumb they look.
I'm a girl so I can't give you a male perspective but I've dated girls with giant saggy tits and small ones and I think the sexiest thing is when a girl is confident about them and enjoys showing them off, accessorizing with cute bras and sending lots of pics and whatever. I don't have anything against implants but I wouldn't want my girlfriend to potentially risk losing sensitivity since that's an important erogenous zone.

No. 125312

The most fapped to woman on earth is Kim Kardashian and she’s made of plastic… the most fapped to musician is Cardi B and she’s made of plastic…
It’s over for flat white girls lol

No. 125313

How do they feel? Do you feel them sitting under your skin? Are people treating you differently now? How big are they and how big were you before?

No. 125315

LMAO what the fuck are you talking about, you sound mad bitter, you're literally delusional if you think skinny white girls are being left lonely

No. 125316

So, I was in the same position as you before.
I wanted big tits to impress men as I was an AA cup (literally flat)

Well I got them done and….I don't get more attention that I did before lol. I even receive the same amount of 'love' to my tits from my bf as I did before, literally my fake boobs haven't changed a thing.

As long as you got a decent face and dress nicely, I can assure you you will get attention from men.

No. 125317

I think I've seen a lot of fake boobs that look absolutely amazing in the sense that they don't immediately look or act in a fake way
I've never personally felt up another woman's boobs, but I have to assume if they bounce like normal they probably feel normal

But I don't think HUGE BOOBS are the most attractive thing ever to guys
Just look at most people in pop culture who are popular or e-girls, belle daphine has legions of dudes pining over her braces
You kinda just have to be cute and guys will flock to you

If you did get surgery, you might want to look into some sort of correction to your face because that seems to be way more important
You really don't see too many girls with really unattractive faces in popular culture–most actresses have conventionally beautiful faces

No. 125318

File: 1571128510839.png (1.94 MB, 2847x1412, 17c[1].png)

Nice unsubstantiated claims you've made there. I can't say I've personally met anybody who has expressed an attraction to either of those women, but lets pretend you've met enough to make that assumption. Who is most likely to talk about who they fap to. A normal person, or a degenerate? Degenerates gonna degenerate. Plastics are more than welcome to take as many of them as they please. They wont be missed.

No. 125331

I'm 21 and I'am grade 3 thanks to my excessive yoyo dieting and exercise. imo it's over with or without surgery. Don't have surgery and be in physical pain for the rest of your life, mocked and forced to wear a bra during sex at all times or have the surgery and risk death from all the possible complications, scars, and whats gonna happen to the implants in 20 years? lol. it's truely over.

No. 125334

Nigga e-girls literally attract the lowest of low men. Autistic, unwashed, nerdy men. You should never use them as an example because they have simp and pedophiliac tendencies higher than any group of men. And that's pretty high because men tend to be simps and have pedophiliac tendencies way more than women do.
Even if you are a damn lolcow.farm lurker you are still better than those lame spazzes.

Here's my experience:

I have big breasts, really big breasts. In the US, I noticed young men aren't that excited about them but like them. Young black men notice them but they clearly prefer a fat ass over fat tits. Older black men like big tits more. Young latino and old latino men both like it, but older latino men are slightly more attracted. Asians seem more indifferent but some older asian men like it. I'm not really around whites here but as far as I remember the young ones were the most excited about it than any other group (slightly more than latino) and the older ones notice them very much.

In Europe, everyone of all groups notice it, a lot, way more than people in the US do, like notice it A LOT. A lot of the men can't keep their eyes off of them and look surprised because of it which is cringe. Much more uncomfortable attention imo. I'd imagine if I had a fat ass and a pinned in waist I'd get the same reaction in the States.

No. 125335

Nigga e-girls literally attract the lowest of low men. Autistic, unwashed, nerdy men. You should never use them as an example because they have simp and pedophiliac tendencies higher than any group of men. And that's pretty high because men tend to be simps and have pedophiliac tendencies way more than women do.
Even if you are a damn lolcow.farm lurker you are still better than those lame spazzes.

Here's my experience:

I have big breasts, really big breasts. In the US, I noticed young men aren't that excited about them but like them. Young black men notice them but they clearly prefer a fat ass over fat tits. Older black men like big tits more. Young latino and old latino men both like it, but older latino men are slightly more attracted. Asians seem more indifferent but some older asian men like it. I'm not really around whites here but as far as I remember the young ones were the most excited about it than any other group (slightly more than latino) and the older ones notice them very much.

In Europe, everyone of all groups notice it, a lot, way more than people in the US do, like notice it A LOT. A lot of the men can't keep their eyes off of them and look surprised because of it which is cringe. Much more uncomfortable attention imo. I'd imagine if I had a fat ass and a pinned in waist I'd get the same reaction in the States.

No. 125344


anon whoever is mocking you and forcing you to wear a bra during sex needs to fuck themselves literally

No. 125347

I have nice big perky tits and I love them. My now ex used too. However that fucker left me for a small titted girl that IMO is not even cute face wise (sorry if I come up kind of salty). Girl is that yes-girl doormat type that would do whatever it takes to please a guy, though. Which is the reason he left me for her. According to him he "needed someone who agreed with him and shared the same values". So guess what? A nice body won't get you the man.

A have a coworker with saggy breasts and she seems happy in her relationship, her bf cares a lot about her. She's a normal girl, not a stupid doormat like the chick my ex cheated me with. It may sound cliché but attitude is your game changer. Love yourself.

No. 125348

anon you sound insecure. you're harping about "love yourself" while hijacking a thread to rant about your ex and girls with small tits and complaining about her. move on.

No. 125350

Yes, I am. I used to believe I was fine and I was enough until the guy I was sharing my life cheated on me. Long story short: having nice breasts doesn't mean shit.

No. 125352

Maybe he left you because you're bitter and delusional

No. 125356

its one thing to show that a good body isnt the key to a good relationship, but you also seem to unnecessarily dish on the other girl. why do you care if she's ugly or a doormat? she didn't do anything to you. the guy left you, not the girl. as much as you may dislike her, she is dating literally the same man as you used to, so if she's a loser for her choice of a bf, then so are you. maybe you were a doormat yourself if you were with this guy. in fact you're a double loser anyway cause you can't get over this to the point of transferring your saltiness onto the other girl. take your big perky tits to therapy lol

No. 125365

You say that like small tits cant be nice… sorry you got memed into thinking they are the be all and end all when they are a pretty common preference

No. 125366

maybe he liked her nipples or breast shape better? maybe she had a feature he commonly prefers that anon did not? or maybe anons just a bitter hoe and he got tired of it

that being said. considering that egotistical women over-exaggerate their body features, you should really take "big perky tits" with a grain of salt

No. 125373

I think you overestimate men

And also, you're leaning super hard into this race-based viewpoint you've worked out based on your own perspective only, so maybe just agree to disagree

No. 125378

I think they feel pretty close to real boobs. I can feel them under my skin if I'm like trying to grab the implant but as far as day to day life, nothing has changed.

I was a 32A and now I'm a 32D which is a little bigger than I wanted (32D is also not as big as it sounds). I haven't noticed that I've been treated differently. I was really worried about getting judged for it and nobody has ever said anything.

No. 125383

I don't have any expectations of men at all but some men are worse than others

Also I'm bored of seeing race perspective from others and never me and I don't have a chance to say it ever

No. 125389

Idk why but IME dudes who are into big tits are always super rude to small titted chicks and have a higher chance of being misogynistic.

No. 125394

Anyway that's how most men are to women who don't fit their preference, guys who prefer small breasts are that way to big boobed women

No. 125397

I immediately felt like agreeing with this, but then thinking about it I came to the same thought >>125334 had, about how most men that are into e-girls or like, small titted girls in general, tend to be Nice Guy incels who will hate women, as well.
So, really, at the end of the day, you can’t win if you try to make it about men.

As other anons have said: Decent men generally won’t care about your breast size as much.
My bf generally prefers bigger boobs and when we met I was sporting a AA cup. I thought about getting a boob job (even before knowing him) and talking to him about it, he was mostly indifferent/cared more about me being happy and comfortable in my body than me having big tits.

Also basically repeating what others have said but: Don’t change anything about yourself solely for male attention! It’s not worth it, ever.
If you don’t feel comfortable about yourself regardless of how men like your body, I get it. Like >>125174 said there are reasons like thinking clothing would look better etc if you had bigger breasts. But don’t do it just because you want men to like you more.

No. 125402


Did you experience loss of sensation in the nipples? Or any other issues during recovery?

No. 125404

In my experience.

There are a few studies that shows men who are into big breast tend to be more sexist. Personally I think any men who have a strong preference for a body type (bordering on a fetish) will have a tendency to see women as objects which naturally leads to mysogynistic behaviors.
Healthy men imo are the one who can appreciate a wide range of healthy body types.

No. 125411

Men who are obsessed with asses are the worst imo. I don't know how they are so open about it either, I mean women don't go around talking about liking big dick in public, but men sure don't feel bad for oversharing their preferences

No. 125415

because a lot of men are brought up thinking it's completely okay to objectify women and their bodies

No. 125447

chances are if he cheated then
1. it wasn't just because of boobs
2. if it was just because of boobs, he never cared about her fully

No. 125509

File: 1571372681463.jpg (74.24 KB, 640x480, Reader Bra Metamorphosis 80E t…)

Men obsessed with asses are also obsessed with anal, big red flag.
My breasts are about the size of pic related and men find them very impressive, not gonna lie.

No. 125514

I find the two are distinct, I think people who are into anal really only like anal because it's anal
I haven't found a lot of support for big butts because of the pleasure involved during anal–but this is only observing people online, I don't talk to a lot of guys IRL about anal

No. 125515

File: 1571377814855.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.83 KB, 640x640, 983J83D803.jpeg)

Men obsessed with tits are also obsessed with their mommy and getting milk out of those tits, big red flag.
My ass is about the size of pic related and men find it very impressive, not gonna lie.

No. 125519

File: 1571379047491.jpg (28.72 KB, 350x390, 1568262211164.jpg)

>mfw anons have assets but youre stuck with no boobs or ass, just fat limbs that normally would accompany a body with a donk at least

anyways implants are a huge commitment, a continued cost, and can be really dangerous. i almost got them but am so glad i called it off. plus my surgeon (dr roudner, he's truly amazing, but kind of a dick) refused to listen to the fact that 450 ccs is huge for a 5 ft person and i'm positive he would've put in 450 ccs or bigger in me. you can get very sick and it's not worth destroying your breasts and body over.

i have read that they are injecting hyaluronic acid into breasts and there are literally like no problems with it except maybe resorption but i don't think it'll be so costly to where that's a real problem

No. 125521

Ass is so in these days it would be dumb to say every guy who prefers that is into anal lol

Correct me if I'm wrong but big perky boobs were an even bigger deal back in the 00's. Meanwhile asses that were celebrated in some videos back then would be ridiculed as flat today. It's just how these trends go.

I used to be so insecure back in middle school with my two barely growing boobs lol. Later I realized most guys worth spending time on don't care much about size when it comes to the women they are intimate with irl. There's also qualities about smaller boobs that many women with naturally bigger boobs would like for example. So I decided to love them for what they are. Do I sometimes wish I could fill out a low-cut top more? Getting a few extra glances? Yeah sure, but it's not worth all the money and risks anyway. I think it's best to showcase whatever you like and be confident.

No. 125529

Stop fighting each other about what piece of meat men prefer best as if you are better for having ~speshul titty or booty~

Men smell the insecurity and use that against every woman

Sit the fuck down

No. 125530


This ^


By 2018, there were more than 50,000 women reporting a range of symptoms they refer to as “breast implant illness” on two Facebook pages: Breast Implant Illness and Healing and Breast Implant Victim Advocacy. More than a dozen Administrators and patient advocates from these two Facebook pages met with FDA officials in September 2018 to discuss their health issues and to urge the FDA to do more to require the completion of large, long-term scientific studies and to better inform women of the health problems experienced by many women as a result of their breast implants.

No. 125531

File: 1571389551383.jpeg (140.31 KB, 640x640, 16CD3D8B-46B4-47D8-B03F-5D99D3…)

No. 125542

Men are crazy for anal these days, what are you talking about lol
Blame porn.

No. 125549

I feel like the big ass trend and the trend where half of all pornos include anal started at roughly the same time

In the 90's we thought that wearing a push up bra or fully shaving our pubes was so naughty, nobody was doing anal, eating ass or wanting a bigger ass

Sounding old here but I miss those days lol

No. 125551

I only know of one girl who got implants (I think a A to a C cup but unsure) and within a year they were completely lopsided, a huge downgrade in her appearance imo, she also had basically no body fat so she had that Victoria Beckham implant outline. Like she was pretty flat chested before but I feel like looking like cheap stripper is so much worst, and a few guys that were interested in her before told me straight up they no longer found her attractive.

No. 125553

I love how quickly this thread devolved into arguing about what men prefer… If this isn't proof that any woman touting plastic surgery as empowering and "her choice" is delusional af

No. 125555

Is it weird if I consider anal different from eating ass
Like, it's closer to oral sex in my mind, even though you're literally playing with an anus

No. 125556

Do people really say plastic surgery is just ~for them~?
Makeup I can understand if it's the artsy type, but for ps…it doesn't work.

No. 125557

If I had to defend plastic surgery, I wouldn't say that it's a choice someone is making because they feel it's best for them
there's always the context that society overlooks/dislikes them because of this one specific thing that apparently doesn't have to be an issue

Even when I hear about mothers who are letting their daughters get implants, it always has to do with bullying or not fitting in

so yeah, of course it's about what dudes like

No. 125558

>Do people really say plastic surgery is just ~for them~?
It's harder to justify for male-gaze type shit (like bigger tits and ass), but I can totally see how touching up certain body parts would greatly improve someone's quality of life. if not just on the basis of halo effect, and not being judged as harshly for possessing flaws as society sees them.

It's not a discussion that was destined to happen in a thread like this. I don't know what you expected.

No. 125621

dunno, but when I wear pretty clothes, do my hair and wear make-up, it's because I wanna look good because ultimately it makes //me// more confident and I just feel better. Of course that's because I think others will find me nice to look at, but ultimately it's still all about me. Why would it be any different with PS?

No. 125732

Your actions are still motivated by your need for others to perceive you as fitting into beauty standards set by society and not your own. Vanity isn't confidence and definitely isn't //just for you// lol

No. 126220

Sorry anon, I keep forgetting about this thread. For the first 9 months or so I had numb spots in areas of my breasts. not really my nipples though.

TBH the main reason I got them was to balance out my proportions. I'm 5'2 and I have wide hips. For a long time I felt like if I weighed more than 110ish,I looked large because even if I had a little bit of a belly, it was more obvious because I had no boobs. The rest of my figure looks better around 120ish. Having them has really helped me be less critical about my weight.

I will say that there are times that I miss having small boobs. I used to really like dresses that didn't have a defined waist or oversized sweaters. I can't really wear those types of things anymore without looking like I'm wearing a mumu. Additionally, shirts and dresses that I would previously wear with no issue, became borderline obscene. If you go through with the surgery be prepared to make some changes in your wardrobe.

No. 126224

Depends on what it is, there's weirdos out there who get all sorts of things done to look like an elf or Genghis Khan or skinwalk a particular celebrity so yeah, it can absolutely be for them. Some people do genuinely have a deformity and they get surgery to get rid of it.

No. 126225

Nta but that's not accurate either, i've never met a man that hasn't told me to not wear makeup, that they prefer a natural looking girl, etc, but i still wear bold red lipstick everyday because that's what i like.
Most things girls do to look pretty are things men don't even like/notice/care about.
And girls themselves have many different aesthetics, i might think breast implants look tacky and gross and cheap but that's not going to stop anyone to go get them…
Ultimately people try to convey their own aesthetics and their own idea of beauty to others. And yeah personal aesthetics are influenced by outside factors but i still think they're unique to each person.

No. 126242

fake tits are hard and disgusting. i've seen many girls with them in person, touched, etc. not a single one of them looked good, no matter how much the good doctor charged.

No. 126335

File: 1572392678567.jpg (Spoiler Image,251.32 KB, 800x800, breast-reduction-Brisbane-and-…)

Big boobs aren't the be all end all. I come across Women with gigantic boobs who've hated them all their lives who get reductions to almost nothing. And then at the other end of the spectrum girls with almost nothing that have hated being flatchested all their lives who get huge boobs asap.

The grass always seems to be greener for everyone. And theres always a guys out there who have a thing for certain bodytypes.

I'd work on self esteem issues before any surgery on your body. The fact people just run to the surgeon as soon as they feel insecure or hateful about anything to do with their bodies is pretty shocking to me in modern society.

I found out majority of Women who get reductions are around the D-E cup range which shocked me completely since I thought the only time most Women went to surgeons was for stuff that might make finding bras or activities they want to do difficult like H+ cups.

But it seems they just go get it done because they don't feel their boobs look "ideal"? What is the "ideal"?

No. 126341

Nope, sounds like you just came in contact with shitty implants, some girls can get fat transfers and it looks and feel just as natural

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