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No. 125185

What’s it like to take a boy’s virginity?
What’s it like to take a HOT boy’s virginity?

No. 125189

Mediocre, experience is a good thing

No. 125192

It depends on whether you appreciate femdom and your partner's sensibility. Some virgin might take extra effort and you could take the lead which would lead to a good thing.
If they guy is too young and cares only about losing the V-card you'd rather give up and find some other guy.

No. 125195

Lurking Virgin Anon here to offer my unsolicited view: I like the idea of someone with more experience guiding me and showing me what they like, when I think about it, I want to be able to please the other person and make them happy and get off, that would make me happy.

Ive thought about escorts but id rather lose it to someone that actually likes me, it is good to support sw but thats just my view.

Ive always been super super shy but I just need to be brave, I can be cocky and fake confident but when I get flirted back and it becomes legit I clam up.

Anyways back to lurking

>tfw no lolcow gf to protect eachothers smiles and gets off making on me cry

No. 125196

>What’s it like to take a boy’s virginity?

>What’s it like to take a HOT boy’s virginity?

No. 125205

It feels like sex and sex feels awesome

No. 125208

1. salty coins
2. saltless coins

No. 125209

Like a smell of freedom in the fresh morning breeze.

No. 125232

I definitely think it's easier if the guy is submissive.
I've only taken a guy's virginity once but it was a really good experience. I was friends with this guy and one night when we were at a party he admitted he was a virgin and had never actually kissed anyone. I offered to kiss him so we made out.
After that we were basically friends with benefits and I'd invite him over to my place and he'd ask me to teach him how to make me feel good. He was attractive in a cute nerdy guy way and he got over being awkward pretty fast. Way better than dudes who just assume they're good and don't even try to please you.

No. 125239

I only fuck virgins because men are too obsessed with comparing women's bodies to their past sexual partners, seems like the only safe way to fuck nowadays

No. 125241

I'm sure some incels will compare your body to porn stars so is that really safer?

No. 125244

Tfw I met a cute, slightly awkward guy who's a couple years older than me and still a virgin, but I have a bf so I can't go ravage him.
He's a nerd and I wouldn't want a relationship with him but he seems rather uninterested in intimacy and I can't help wondering how his first deep kisses, touches and sex would go, especially with me guiding him.
I don't think I'd want to take the virginity of a guy who's not submissive tho.

No. 125255

I mean, wouldn't any guy do that provided they watch enough porn
I don't think being a virgin means you are more addicted to porn–plenty of guys jerk to porn despite getting laid every now and then

No. 125259

They all watch porn, they are comparing you to that, to the cute girl they saw on the bus.. to a celeb etc. You can't really avoid it. Men who only sleep with virgins scream insecurity to me and reading your post doesn't sound much different

No. 125260

I wouldn’t touch a virgin with a stick

Fuck idealised sex

No. 125274

he sounds like he could be asexual

No. 125289

oh fuck off, asexuality is a meme. sick of this debate.

No. 125293

What's the point in saying stuff like this?

No. 125298

nta but asexuality is a meme and it's pretty annoying that everyone and their mom are asexual.

No. 125300

why is the word asexual so triggering to you lol. There are a lot of hormonal and medical issues that could make someone not want to or not be able to have sex. Why does it matter?

No. 125304

No I'm pretty sure he's pornsick just like most nerdy men are. Not interested in real people anymore.
I just got a bad case of 'I could fix him' I think. After all I used to be the same before I started having sex and stopped reading fucked up doujins too.

No. 125327

I have a friend who was sexually abused as a child and even after all her therapy over the years she does not want sex, attempting sex sends her mental state spiraling. She uses the term asexual as a handy way of saying 'not interested in sex' without having to disclose sexual abuse to people all the time

I think for many people that's why they use it, that it's not necessarily a permanent label but a way of expressing their feelings without sharing anything too personal

No. 125809

Currently dating a virgin (haven’t taken it yet but he’s done NOTHING sexual ever in his life and we’ve been slowly making our way up the ladder of lewd things), I’ll try to give my best explanation but it obviously varies based on the type of person. I think my biggest concern with virgins is they wouldn’t have good hygiene or bed manners tbh.

It’s quite nice!! We’re going into it knowing he has no experience, so it means from the get go we’ve had to have a lot of communication and be honest. We talk about what we like & what we don’t and give tips before hand, and so far it’s been really good. I think maybe because he has no experience, he’s trying what he’s been told because it’s all he knows? It also makes lewd things less awkward because we’ve already established we need to figure things out, so I don’t have to feel shy about giving him directions and we can laugh or have casual/semi serious (“don’t do that” convos during and after “sex” without it dampening the mood.

I think he finds it rewarding as well. I think it helps his self esteem and he seems genuinely happy when I tell him he did good. I’ve never dated a virgin before but all my ex’s were kind of selfish in sex, but this guy is very caring and makes sure I’m happy too. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a virgin or it’s just the kinda guy he is.

Also I think seeing how they react is cute. Overall it’s a nice experience. I think it makes me value sex a lot more, and it makes me wish I was still a virgin too. I’ve only ever been with one other person but I can see now why some more conservative people think you should wait a long time before having sex. It seems worth it to me so far.

No. 125810

I took my boyfriends virginity

he lasted about 2 seconds.

No. 125855

My only experience was with a hot virgin, but it was pretty good, he lasted a pretty fair amount of time and was attentive and considerate, plus the idea of it is hot overall imo. 10/10, I'd say "would do again" but we're still together and I'm happy.

No. 125857

i took a guy's virginity once. never again. we were friends for two years and i haven't spoken to him since, everything about the situation was just so terrible. it is hands down the worst sex you will ever have, if it even qualifies for sex…

No. 125858

What was so horrible?

No. 125867

My first boyfriend was a virgin when we got together. I think he'd be deemed kinda hot but depends on your type I guess. Obviously he was a bit of a noob at understanding some stuff in the beginning but he learned really quick. Didn't have any trouble with him lasting shortly. All the guys I've been with cared more about my pleasure luckily enough lol.

No. 126420

Ahhhh my friend got wind that I wanted to take his virginity and he IMMEDIATELY broke up with his girlfriend (of only a few weeks) so it wouldn’t cheating. Literally the day they broke up we boned and he was actually the best dick I’ve ever gotten?!

He took really good care of me during and after cause he’s a hardcore women respecter and the entire time he was very adamant about having consent and stuff. Weirdly enough, it was the most romantic and intimate sex I had ever had. He lasted like 10 seconds but I still really enjoyed it. We still hook up regularly and it’s just gotten better .

Ngl I know it’s kind of bad but him dumping his gf just to sleep with me was a fatass confidence booster

No. 126426

why did he not just have sex with his gf

No. 126427


because he was a worthless coombrain who probably thinks he would be an alpha chad for fucking a friend. funny that anon thinks he's some "woman respecter" when he treated his own real gf like shit. he will drop anon like a hot potato the moment any other woman even looks at him. coolidge effect

No. 126428

so let me get this straight, your wahman respecting friend dumped his gf that he obviously cared sooo much about as a person and def wasn't together just for the down the line pussy as soon as he found out that there is another woman (you) willing to fuck him straight out the gate?
>respect: 100

I mean congrats on the good sex but using this as a confidence boost? wew lad

No. 126454

Not great. My first boyfriend and I lost it to each other and it was "that's it…?" He had a really small dick though. I cried during sex once or twice after that because he liked me on top and I couldn't feel anything in that position. He was pretty chub so that didn't help matters much. It was super disappointing.

The next guy whose virginity I took was a little better. I wouldn't have done it if I knew he was a virgin though. He was a sophomore in college and partied a shit ton so I assume he already would have fucked someone…nope.
We were banging with me on top and instead of using just his butt muscles for quick thrusts he was kinda like lifting his whole torso. I can't describe it well but it reminded me of a wooden board that was moving up and down. I couldn't imagine anyone having sex like that if they actually know what they are doing. I was really tempted to ask him during the act but I decided it would have been a lose/lose situation. If he said he was a virgin I would have stopped immediately/it would have been weird for me and if he wasn't a virgin that would have been super insulting to him.
I found out a few months later I did in fact take his virginity.

No. 126476

Well she was kind of manipulative but your points are valid. He’s going to the military so he wanted something cas and probs saw it as a good excuse. Idgaf if he leaves me cause like…we ARE just using each other for our bodies. Either he he has to leave me or I gotta leave him, can’t last forever

No. 126494

I unknowingly took a guy's virginity. After we slept together one of this friends told me. He ended up being super clingy, wanting to hang out 24/7, told me he loved me, etc. It sucked and was annoying af

No. 126501

HE TOLD YOU HE LOVED YOU???!!!!! I am so sorry

No. 126507

How truly awful, what a fucking creep, he should have just pump and dumped you.

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