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No. 125416

>my dad is dating the girl who bullied me in high school

No. 125418

Gross. If you need to interact with her make sure you come across as feeling sorry for her for dating the creepy old fuck that is your dad. What are the ages of everyone involved anyway?

No. 125419

I’m 24, my dad is 49. I’m not sure how old she is, but she was in my year, so probably 24/25 too.

This is going to sound really creepy coming from me, but my dad is kind of really good and young looking. I’d say he looks around 30 and he’s very handsome (both of my parents were fashion models). My mom passed away 4 years ago and my dad seems completely uninterested in women his own age, but I think my bully is the youngest he’s gone. He’s very used to young women/girls hitting on him and people usually think he’s my bf or brother.

No. 125420

Have you told your dad she bullied you at school? My step mum is a decade younger than my dad and has been a fucking wedge between us. He doesn't care tho he's got his trophy. What's she like with you? If she can be civil maybe just be civil back if you like your dad. I've always tried to be the bigger person with my step mum but she's such a bitch and it's a lost cause for me I hope it's not for you.

No. 125426

What does he think of the fact she's your bully?

No. 125437

oh my god kill them

No. 125438

I already insult and hit my dad just for yelling at me and treating me cruelly sometimes but I couldn't imagine if i had a dad like a lot of women seem to have.

I think I would be beating my dad and his girlfriend every day and torturing their existence for being disgusting and disrespectful

No. 125439

honestly i would probably already have stopped talking to my father for the mere fact of dating someone my age (that shit is creepy as fuck even if he's "handsome" and "young looking") but if he's dating straight up your former bully classmate, tell him its either her or you and if he chooses her, never talk to him again. Unless he's loaded with money and planning on leaving you a hefty inheritance, you have nothing bt a creepy bad father to loose.

No. 125441

File: 1571262951573.jpg (47.64 KB, 275x234, 1454830296808.jpg)

>literally kill him/delete him from your life instead of addressing the problem maturely
lol classic lolcow responses

they're fucking right tho I got deepweb connects anon send me his address I got you bb

No. 125452

Wow, what a psycho.

No. 125453

deleting him from OP's life (going no contact) is the most mature thing to do here. There's no possible redeeming quality this man could have. he's a shit father, so he shouldn't get to be a father at all.

No. 125465

Why the fuck does this have its own thread? put it in the advice thread or something ffs

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