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File: 1571539198640.jpg (31.32 KB, 500x280, 25906b71ba63ffc15e2c3b22e8_YyA…)

No. 125641

>New study suggests psychopathic men have a personality style that makes them attractive to women
>findings indicate that psychopathy may include features that make men appear as more attractive romantic partners despite having a reduced interest in committed relationships.
>inmates with more psychopathic features tenaciously try (i.e., are preoccupied with sex) and often succeed (i.e., must offer some attractive qualities, even if faked) at seducing prison staff, including clinical staff supposedly equipped with the tools to not be subverted by manipulation and charm that psychopathic men deploy

Are psychopaths attractive?


No. 125642

psychopaths aren't specifically attractive, but they try to figure out how to get other people to like them which, if they succeed, means that people like them

it's not all psychopaths, it's just the ones that try to manipulate you by getting you to like them first

the study should say "people who figure out how to get people to like them, get people to like them"

If you showed someone a picture of someone who was diagnosed with psychopathy–no woman would be like, "huh, there's something odd about this person, but boy howdy do I want their number"

No. 125643

Didn't you post this on r9k earlier?

No. 125646

You're making a moot argument. They chose from a random sample of people and those who scored higher on psychopathic traits were rated as more attractive on a dating video. Every guy wants to be liked by girls but those with a higher psychopathic score do it better. They don't even use people who are clinically psychopaths, but just people who score higher on psychopathic traits.

>If you showed someone a picture of someone who was diagnosed with psychopathy–no woman would be like, "huh, there's something odd about this person, but boy howdy do I want their number"

This is similar to what happened in the study, yes. A dating video of the male subjects introducing themselves and being asked questions were made and shown to female subjects. Those males who scored higher on psychopathic traits were rated as more attractive.

No, why would you even go to r9k

No. 125647

Have you seen the shameful thirst and fetish threads? Jokes aside, no, some people may be attracted to the fake persona they can put forth, which is highly curated and always an imitation, not because psychopathy comes with charming personality lol
Even Hybristophiles, most of them only like psychos who are “cute/attractive” anyway.
It’s also worth mentioning that people who gravitate toward these scum are more than likely mentally emotionally unsound (ie prison staff). Just because a bunch of low iqs are attracted to each other doesn’t mean women are attracted to psychopaths, or whatever that “study” is trying to say.

No. 125648

File: 1571544430903.png (42.29 KB, 908x108, Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 11.0…)

Go back to your incel hug box. Using American Psycho for the thread pic? Posting an article that has an active thread currently on r9k? You're an incel.

No. 125649

Because psychopathic traits are correlated with attractive traits like confidence and charm, it's not directly causal to attraction or else men wouldn't need to lie about things like affairs and abuse.

No. 125655

What is it with all these stupid threads popping up on /g/ lately? Is there an influx of trolls?

No. 125657

>implying most of the women on lolcow aren't women from /r9k/

No. 125665

Considering the fact that a majority of men are fucking psychos basically made me gay, lol no. You're fucking nasty, go away.

No. 125667

retardcel thread

No. 125670

influx of males

>They are LITERALLY wired to be attracted to psychos and bad boys. There was no hope for robots to begin with

MY SIDES. The men on that board are completely devoid of empathy. The lack of self awareness in this post is astounding.

This is how we can tell you're a newfag, and probably also an attention whoring male. I found /r9k/ through them coming over here to troll us. Most farmers came from /cgl/ or /cgl/ offshoots, livejournal drama communities or other drama forums. I'm sure there have to be a few posters who posted on /r9k/ before they came here but it is not "most" of us. You are not that important.

No. 125671

>Using American Psycho for the thread pic?
Nobody loves psychopathic men more than other men. When are they gonna finance a study for the type of role models men have? Because chances are it will be someone who treats women like garbage. That's something men truly respect in one another.

No. 125672

Forgot to mention I greentexted the bit about American Psycho because 4chan adores Patrick Bateman.

No. 125673

for real, i see more incels talking about how sexy psycho men are than i see girls doing it. incels are just closeted faggots who can't accept their lust for the dark triad chad.

No. 125676

>all this f*male cope

>It has been suggested that the Dark Triad (DT) personality constellation is an evolved facilitator of men’s short-term mating strategies. However, previous studies have relied on self-report data to consider the sexual success of DT men. To explore the attractiveness of the DT personality to the other sex, 128 women rated created (male) characters designed to capture high DT facets of personality or a control personality. Physicality was held constant. Women rated the high DT character as significantly more attractive. Moreover, this greater attractiveness was not explained by correlated perceptions of Big 5 traits. These findings are considered in light of mating strategies, the evolutionary ‘arms race’ and individual differences.

All women are thug-loving whores. That's why there has NEVER EVER been an advanced civilization that wasn't patriarchal. Advanced civilization requires stable, altruistic, K-selected men to breed and unstable, psychopathic r-selected men to not breed. But without social controls, thugs will breed and nerds will not. This absolutely DESTROYS feminism. You can delete this site now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125679

i mean it's quite obvious that all the chad and tyrone sperging is just a projection of their own sensitive gay feelings.

No. 125683

>muh sexy assholes
>incels are assholes
>incels are still incels

No. 125684

Most incels are pathologically shy/beta

No. 125685

incels are not attracted to women, that's why they do not actually understand it at all.

No. 125694

>survey with only 128 women

wow epic

in reality it's men with shit judge of character for mates since there's no biological cost or limit to male reproduction but if a woman selects a mate of poor character thats 9 months of investment to maybe starve to death because her man did a runner or chimped out on her himself

No. 125703

it's not a moot point, it has everything to do with why people, not just women, like psychopaths more

a video of male subjects interacting with others, expressing traits that are attractive to women (listening, expressing interest, mirroring) is different from a static image

No. 125715

they both look like molerats lmao

No. 125731


Sanity (can someone be held criminally responsible) and psychopathy are two diff constructs

No. 125740

Breivik sounds like a limp wristed faggot though, not really sexy.

No. 125761

Yeah, no one ever displayed interest in a confident, intelligent, pleasing and educated man.

No. 125786

Wrong. Psychopaths are likely to be successful in extracted resources in low-trust environments (and most of human evolution took place in low-trust environments,) which would make it a good strategy for women to attach themselves to men who display psychopathic/dark-triad traits. Though it's obviously true that most women would prefer to not be abused by their partner, on an instinctual level they prefer being abused to being in a relationship with a guy who is too beta/altruistic, because in low-trust societies "nice guys finish last" and thus their niceness/commitment counts for nothing. That's why all females have rape fantasies. That's also why every girl fantasizes about being ravished by a "bad boy with a heart of gold" (psychopathic to everyone else but nice to her).

The central problem is that female sexual instinct has not caught up with civilizational needs on this front. If it were up to females (as it is today) the males who make civilization run would not, on average, be the most sexually successful males. And so anti-civilizational traits slowly propagate through the gene pool while pro-civilizational traits like altruism and intelligence are slowly selected out.


No. 125789

well im fucked up so i think they are if they are also physically attractive to me

i like men that are messed up, i find it exciting and arousing

No. 125790

As far as criminal psychopaths go sexually driven bestial psychopaths like serial killers are more "sexy" than ones who are basically inceloid and pol-lite tier. Sorry but I find nazi shit boring and overrated

No. 125791

That Brenton guy is also pretty ugly and autistic and inceloid/pol-lite tier as well. I don't get the appeal of internet computer nerd tier psychopaths especially ones I can argue with right now on imageboards and who have clammy skin and uncharismatic unsexy faces and mannerisms. Long gone are the days of the mysterious and socially pleasing psychopath criminals, only gonna be boring nazi faggots and bullied incels from here on out. Big yawn.

No. 125793

Yeah, someone as autistic and cringe as them. Attractive women like Ted because he was attractive and tried to at least blend into society. Being autistic and socially awkward with an insane belief system is basically normal now because of the internet.

No. 125794

Breivik has gotten hundreds upon hundreds of letters from women so I guess I shouldn't be surprised but the guy looks like a fish by norwegian standards. He got a nosejob at 18 so he must've been aware of this himself kek. He's made it clear in his manifesto (I believe) and otherwise that women hold too much power over men in society today so he's basically an incel.

I can understand women finding ordinary, everyday psychos charming for sure. He's crazy, but you can delude yourself to think he's fixable. How anyone can be attracted to mass-murderers I do not understand. Maybe I'm too vanilla.

No. 125798


I'm talking strictly about sexual attraction. Is that a problem faggot? Yes Ted bundy is different from the Norwegian autist.

I don't "like" either but which one would I rather study about and interests me more? Ted bundy and his ilk. I can see Norwegian autist on 4chan

No. 125800

Nigga really think its about "beliefs I dont like" like it offends me. No I find Nazi shit boring and unsexy and don't get the hype. Even isis terrorist are more "exciting".

No. 125802

Hypocritical about what? Cause it's about a Nazi so you can project "oh it's because she hates nazis and wanna punch them" nonsense on me? Nah, I made it clear what I meant, and if you want even to be clear I can find other ideologies similar to Nazis in vein more appealing but just not Nazis. It has nothing to do with them being nazis but I honestly don't care about it. I also don't care about hoteps, weaboos, and koreaboos, or commiefags because they're literally everywhere on the internet and nothing mysterious for me to unravel. I also find the men anon posted about genuinely unattractive as well.

No. 125805

File: 1571703805363.png (16.4 KB, 546x585, Antisocial-Personality-Disorde…)

Psychopath isn't even a "real real" thing. Its been replaced by anti social disorder and ASPD is not sexy. Saying you're a psychopath/sociopath is saying you're a diagnosed incel. It doesn't exist putside of edgy webforms and no real doctor takes it serously.

No. 125807

Well I guess people can have any kind of attractions. Yet, I doubt all the majority of women find psychopahts attractive.

No. 125808

Based ASPD metamorphizing after the 20th century to really mean inceldom. Wow a lot of things went downhill after Y2K didn't it?

No. 125812

>most of human evolution took place in low-trust environments

ya wot? for 97% of human existence you only knew the few familys you lived with 24/7 in your small tribe and if you got caught fucking over the group you were done for, a far higher trust environment than civilization with bigger communities and more contact with strangers

the idea of going to a psychopath to give you resources is retarded, they don't give a fuck about their mates or children and will abandon you when times get a little tough if they even stay with you at all, the polar opposite of what human females need since our gestation, births and maturity periods are so extremely long

you're also on the retarded incel shit that it's so hard for "the males who make civilization run" now adays when in reality they've got careers and money and psychopaths are usually welfare scammers, drug addicts and prison inmates at the bottom of society since impulse control problems dont do well in the 21st century

>traits like altruism and intelligence are slowly selected out.

weird that donations to charity and intelligence increase with each generation then, almost like all this shit is not based on reality but evospych bullshit you can interpet anything you want from to justify your biases and copes

No. 125813

>all females have rape fantasies

this is one of those things retards say constantly so I looked it up and it's 28.9% of women fantasize about being raped… but for men its 30.7% lmao, guess its just natural for men to like psychopaths huh


No. 125819

>male-dominated society encourages men to be shitty people and women to accept shitty behavior or else they're "difficult", "bitchy", "too demanding", etc
>men who are naturally shitty people often find success in said society
>instead of taking a closer look at how society is set up, we blame the women
Hmm. It's either the above, or "normal" men are naturally so socially retarded and incompetent that even full-blown psychopaths do a better job at pretending to be decent people than them. But women are still the problem, I guess. Funny, that.

No. 125822

>False and bigoted. You are going with the female version of "all women are sluts", you know that right?
So, three choices here:
A. You're saying psychopaths aren't naturally shitty people
B. You're saying all men are naturally psychopaths (therefore, it's wrong to call psychopaths shitty people because that'd be attacking the whole gender)
C. You have little to no reading comprehension
Select one. All of these would really make you far too dumb to converse with. I'm just curious about which one it is, because they'd all be funny.

No. 125826

>"men are naturally shitty people"
I never said that, so I guess it's safe to say it was C, maybe with a side of blindness. I'm truly sorry for your loss, it'd absolutely suck to see/read things that aren't really there.

No. 125828

Your own illiteracy is a diversion? Nah.

No. 125830

I don't think you know what the word "projection" means.

No. 125834

File: 1571742007149.jpg (16.52 KB, 307x300, 1571705630272.jpg)

You didn't read my post correctly, doubled down even after realizing your mistake, and are now insisting on what you thought in your own post to prove I said something I really didn't, while linking to what I actually said. This is great.
Had to delete/doublepost to correct myself. Seems like a low IQ is contagious.

No. 125837

File: 1571742647288.jpg (41.89 KB, 564x562, a2d4cea0ed347938e8b96ea31fbe57…)

So, you don't know what the words "projection" or "literally" mean, on top of being low on the reading comprehension scale, but you're still ambitious enough to try and get into internet arguments about sexism? Inspiring and powerful.
We've got some big dreamers in here. I'd like to title this thread "Special Ed General".

No. 125839

File: 1571745101793.jpg (151.46 KB, 1200x1178, EAP9d8GVAAAZLZI.jpg)

>is literally (read: "literally", not "figuratively") barely capable of understanding imageboard posts
>calls others brainlets
From the sight of this post, you may be well on your way to figuring out the meaning of the "P" word next, considering how well you're demonstrating it.
Keep it up. Your ambition may take you places one day, like a remedial English class for adults.

No. 125845

>implying internet hasn't been making people more retarded

If you were on the internet in 2003 and on it now in 2019 and also aware/engaged in people of 2003 and 2019 it's obvious to know people got more retarded.

No. 125846

>balding and already wrinkling
Worst aging genetics ever


>north european autism+coldness mixed in with actual psychopathic coldness and autism


No. 125847

File: 1571751286524.gif (680.13 KB, 500x281, babe.gif)

>that nigga's lego head

LMAO here's an actual attractive psychopath

No. 125850

Couldn't he basically kill by opening his mouth?

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