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File: 1528100455390.jpg (64.42 KB, 600x369, 634563463456.jpg)

No. 127114

How often do you poop? Serious question.

My digestive system is horribly fucked up since an eating disorder a few years back, and I only poop once every 2 weeks or so. It hurts, and I'm constantly bloated. Enemas and Laxatives work, but I try to avoid those because it'll slowly become my only option. Fiber supplements don't work either. Everyone just says "Eat more!" They don't understand that I physically CAN'T, because I'm in so much pain and discomfort from not pooping regularly.

And yes, I've tried coffee and smokes.

How about you?

No. 127115

I went through a long stage of something similar, what helped was a) a stool to raise my knees to about 90+ degrees and b) bringing my phone along to force myself to be patient. A lot of it was psychological, the worse constipation got the less I looked forward to going and I subconsciously held back. I did use laxatives occasionally, I don't think I was ever at risk of depending on them though. Once you get regular it's easier to keep it that way, and laxatives just help kick start the process.

No. 127116

what you eats matters too, anon. Do you eat enough fruit? Melon goes straight through me. And make sure you're hydrated. You can't properly digest if you're dehydrated. Drop the enemas and laxatives. Drink more, move more, add in smoothies. Don't eat hard to digest food, like sweetcorn, or any meats.




Also as >>127115 mentioned, the position you use matters too. You must squat to poo properly. That's just our anatomy and how our colon works.


>change position
>eat more veg, fruits, drop processed foods and meats
>drink drink drink
>move move move

I shit every single day. I don't feel clean unless I do (mental problems moving on). And I can't remember the last time I had diarrhea or constipation, and even then it was caused by a sickness.

going the route of unhealthy habits, like smoking or laxatives, is so counter productive and will cause worse problems down the road. The key to feeling good is to be healthy.

No. 127117

You should try and eat prunes or ask your doctor about what foods that can help encourage a bowl movement. Also drink plenty of water and don’t rely too much on laxatives or anything. It will also help to drink some hot tea with ginger and be mindful of what you eat. Certain foods can actually make your constipation worst. Finally, if you have a small stool, place that under your feet and that allows your body to be in a more natural position to excrete. I’m sorry to hear about this happening to you, I hope you get better soon!

No. 127118

holy shit anon, you should seriously stock up on fibers, are you eating enough veggies and fruits?

Also I suggest using Squatty potty or something like it, this goes for everyone. Humans are designed to poop squatting.
Check out the fun video for more info on that.

(Honestly I'm not a squatty potty salesperson because anything could work really, lika a stool or small table.)

I poop several times a day btw.

No. 127119

File: 1528104569911.jpg (346.35 KB, 1816x1187, PoopLikeRoyalty_TM_mP3.jpg)

Some more info

Is the person in your pic pooping in a washing machine?

No. 127120

i feel you, I poop twice a month and it always hurts and cloggs the toilet
I've tried these laxative teas once but I seem to be one of the small percentage of people who have really bad reactions to them, i thought I was about to die from pain and getting incredibly dizzy, I had to lie on the floor to not faint
embarassing as hell, I'm so fucking glad it was in the middle of the night where none of my roommates caught me crying on the bathroom floor
I think I eat healthy enough so I'm really not sure what to do against that… probably drink more water

No. 127121

3-5 times a day.
I have IBS. I hate my life!

No. 127122

Anybody know how to prevent flatulence? Especially via diet?

No. 127123

Same, I used to poop once a day but now it’s two or three times and I have to take fiber supplements and a probiotic. I miss being able to go at my house instead of figuring out a discreet time to use the toilet at work and school

No. 127124

I think I have this but I’m not sure, my probme is that before I have to go my lower abdomen are will cramp loudly and painfully for 5-10 minutes, then after I think I’m done I have to go back and poop again 4 minutes later, sometimes this happens 3 times. I don’t get it, no matter how long I sit there, if I get up and wash my hands I’ll usualy end up coming back very shortly. As for my diet I eat well, lots of veggies/fruit, grains and fish but not much red meat tbh.

No. 127125

I used to be super constipated all the time due to an eating disorder. Since I've recovered I poop at least once a day but it's so much freaking poop. I clog my toilet at home constantly so I prefer to poop at work since the toilets are more industrial. It's really embarrassing.

No. 127126

File: 1528124440560.jpg (63.8 KB, 522x640, spicy.jpg)

I poop pretty regular, at least a couple times a day depending on how much I eat.

The only time I ever have a poop problem is when I get old spicy bleeding butthole.
It's when I eat something incredibly spicy, and also get constipation/diarrhea at the same time. I wind up going to the toilet so much, pushing hard, and wiping that I develop an anal fissure. So then I've got a bleeding butthole and spicy shit sliding against the open wound. Holy fuck it's so painful and it takes a couple of days for it to heal!
Rarely happens though, maybe 2 times a year, max. Sometimes zero if I'm lucky.

No. 127127

I was in your shoes too, op. It took a long time but by sticking to recovery eating I was eventually able to go more often. I still only need to go between one to ~three times a week, so not totally regular, but it's better than before. Just keep up eating as well as you can manage, mint tea can help with the bloating. Try senna tea if you want a less potent lax sometimes. And drink lots of water, hydration helps a ton.

No. 127128

Take care of your pelvic floor and treat constipation before it becomes chronic and results in a rectocele.

Or you can join me in only being able to poop squatting and sometimes needing to manually remove poo.

No. 127129

I have diarrhea almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I assume it's due to how horribly I eat.

No. 127130

Is it accompanied by constant bowel pain? I have occasional diarrhea and most of the time it hurts. I think I may have some mild form of IBS. I don't think it's anything serious because I know someone who does and they poop several times a day and are in there for a long time.

No. 127131

OP are you me? I have the exact same problem. I'll have a week of gloriously normal poop habits and then I'm back to holding it in for at least a week and being physically crippled.

No. 127132

I tried this too and had the same reaction. It made me extremely hot, faint and nauseous. I couldn't stand up.

No. 127133


I am so, so terrified of getting a rectocele. My digestive system is every kind of fucked up (celiac). I just recently treated an H pylori infection and although it helped with some chronic pain and inflammation, I have been horribly constipated, bloated and gassy since like day 2 of the antibiotics, which I finished almost 4 weeks ago. I feel like my colon is going to collapse or rip open any day now :'( I'm seeing my gastro for a post-treatment follow up soon and he's prob going to recommend I get a colonoscopy.

No. 127134

File: 1528177141732.gif (730.51 KB, 300x225, bubs.gif)

You all are making me feel weird for shitting multiple times a day. What are your diets like? Like what do you eat in a typical day? Do you hydrate? On any medications that could cause weird constipation?

I remember I couldn't poop after surgery for like a week but the entire time my body knew it had to shit, but couldn't, so it was uncomfortable af. I can't imagine that being a daily routine.

No. 127135

I shit daily, I eat about once a day, I’m vegetarian. I think everyone is just different. How much do you eat? I can’t imagine going multiple times a day, they’d be so small!

No. 127136

Sorry to ask but are all of you people in here that have trouble pooping recovering ana's?

No. 127137

For me
>two servings of pistachios with shells on
>six chicken wings
>a piece of multigrain toast with a mashed avocado on top
>boiled beets for a snack

>lots of water to go with all meals

And usually midday I walk for about an hour.
I've shat like thrice today.

No. 127138

What the fuck kind of weird ass diet is that? Are you just eating random shit you like or is it supposed to be good for you?

No. 127139

Pistachios are pretty good for you. I like to have those for breakfast.
Beets are pretty good as well for a snack since they have lots of fiber and are not very high cal.

I will admit the chicken wing and avocado toast is pretty damn random. I think I was just slapping together whatever was in the fridge for a substantial meal.
I can name everything remaining in my fridge and tbh any two foods would seem like a weird combo.
I have frozen fish, an acorn squash, a yam, some onions, and like three korean frozen laver rolls left. I really need to go grocery shopping.

No. 127140

You shit two servings of pistachios?

You shit as often as you eat so surely you shits are tiny?

No. 127141

Could be residual shit from the day before though. It's not like I shit right after I eat. Maybe that's more like.

So how about you anon? What did you eat today and how much did you poo?

No. 127142

What the fuck my pooping schedule is weird, I honestly have a healthier diet than I used to and I still have problems.

I poop maybe once every 3 to 5 days, sometimes it'll go for a week. On the poop day, I'll poop about 2 times. The only other time I'll poop more than usual is during my period, then I'm pooping like 5 times a day for 2 or 3 days.

If funny because I went on vacation recently for a week where I was walking around a lot and I assumed I'd probably poop more if I kept my body in motion, I didn't poop for shit. It wasn't until the last 2 days I was pooping. AND when I got back from vacation I had a good week where I was pooping regularly, but not it's back to poop every 3 to 5 days.
I get really worried about my poop schedule from time to time, I can feel the bloating of my body when it's almost time. I've even bought fibery stuff and those didn't work much either. I drink like 3 or 4 bottles of water a day, too. I'll look into one of those foot stools, my boyfriend used to have one but his mom took it when she moved out.

No. 127144

Honestly thanks for making this thread anon.
I've had problems with pooping very rarely since I can remember. My mom told me that even as a baby I wouldn't poop regularly and always just tiny rock hard pebbles.
I shit about once a week now, sometimes with the help of laxatives. It sucks because as soon as I haven't pooped for two days on my stomach becomes crazy bloated and I feel too insecure about it to wear anything tight. Right after I've had my weekly shit my stomach becomes flat again.

I also have problems shitting anywhere that's not my home, and even there I can only go when nobody else is there.

No. 127145

You eat pistachios with shells on anon? That can't be good for digestion

No. 127146

Can we talk about flatulence as well?

I've switched to a mostly vegetarian diet and I noticed that my shits and farts are surprisingly non-stinky now. However, soy milk gives me gas like noone's business, my digestive tract is singing operas all day, it's really embarrassing. Tofu I seem to deal with fine.

Any suggestions for non-gassy milk alternatives? I hate how fast almond milk spoils, had a batch turn purple within one day ew.

Adding that when I went on a low carb, high protein diet with lots of meat and animal products my farts reeked like the sulphur pits of hell. My body was on point though.

No. 127147

I either have a sensitive stomach or a hyperactive digestive tract because I poop like 2-4 times a day, more if I'm on my period. I know it's not normal but I'm not sure what is causing it. I've tried to adjust my diet in various ways like leaving out dairy or ryebread, but nothing seems to help. But it doesn't really bother me enough to go to see a doctor or whatever.
Stomach issues seem to be on the rise lately anyway, it's almost like they've become the norm. So many of my friends have ibs and/or bloating issues.

No. 127148

Lol no anon.

No. 127149

I poop everyday, it must be horrible to only do it once in a while. It was my case when I was little, but now it's everyday, with no precise hour, once or twice a day.
I usually wait until I feel like I reaaally need to shit before going because I hate having to wait and push.

>I hate how fast almond milk spoils, had a batch turn purple within one day ew.
Uhh that's not normal. Most plant milks have ingredients for conservation in them so they don't spoil fast. Try another brand, also I recommand oat milk, not sure if it's less gassy but it tastes good lol. And to keep gas low on a plant based diet, remember to soak beans before cooking them.

Going vegetarian actually made me fart a lot and quite odorous but I'm pretty sure it's because I put raw cabbage in my salads…

No. 127150

Fellow vegetarian here and unless I've eaten something particular, any gas and poops I have are basically odorless. Means I don't have to feel terrified about gas in public at least.

No. 127151

I used to go once a day but after losing a lot of weight and starting lifting, I go after every meal when I'm at home. I don't know what changed it but maybe it's the food I eat now or the amount of protein I take in. I feel bad for the anons who don't go that often. Even holding it for one day scares me.

Now burping is what I have an issue with. Like I burp so much and my throat rumbles? (Don't know how else to describe it butI hold in my burps and they get stuck in my throat if that makes sense) all the fucking time. It's so embarrassing that I don't want to eat or drink in front of people.

No. 127152

For those who have problems pooping outside of their home: what helped me was being open about it. Because come on, everybody poops. I used to secretly sneak out to the bathroom while at my friends' house, couldn't poop because nerves, felt I needed another minute but couldn't stay on the toilet because what if they noticed I was gone for that long. All I got from it was intense bloating and pain. Now I loudly exclaim "Hold up that thought, gotta go and take a dump" and everyone is cool with that, my mind is at ease and the deed is done a lot quicker.

No. 127153

do you scarf down your food when you eat? you might be swallowing too much air. try to slow down when you eat and avoid swallowing too many huge solid chunks of food - it's gross but your digestion will be much smoother if you swallow your food when it's basically turned to liquid in your mouth.

it could also be a reflex problem. try popping a few tums before meals.

No. 127154


Pooping more after lifting is understandable. All that movement is going to get blood flowing and get your bowel working! It's like when you walk a dog and it poops, even though it's just pooped at home in the yard. The walking can stimulate them into needing to go, just like you and your exercise.

I shit like clockwork. Twice or three times a day. Once an hour after I get up, again around midday and another in the evening. It's never gross looking until I'm on my period then it's like playing russian roulette with the toilet bowl. I used to have severe IBS symptoms but cleared that up by fixing my diet and exercising consistently. I recently switched from being vegetarian back to eating meat again and I feel a lot less bloated and am no longer being crippled by farts.

But yeah… look after your shit, it can tell you a lot about what's going on inside of your body!


Maybe try taking a peppermint supplement. I find taking one of those or sipping peppermint tea settles any wind I have.

No. 127155

I poo 2, sometimes 3 times a day. I have a physical job and I drink a lot of water throughout the day so that's likely why it's so frequent.

No. 127156

that might be it. I'm so used to eating meals in 15 minute breaks because of work.
I'll try slowing down and hopefully that will help. Thank you

I'll try this as well! Thanks

No. 127157

anytime i wear anything that is tight around my waist in a band form (ie a skater style high waist skirt, or a belt around a loose dress) it makes me have to poop immediately.
Has been this way for like 6 years, now i just avoid wearing them. I have no idea why it happens and idk anyone else with the same problem…

No. 127158

Yes! I had this too, it would give me stomach aches and diarrhoea. I wear a lot of high-waisted skirts and pants with belts now and don't have the problem any more. I think it has to do with strengthening my abs and core a lot and just getting used to the belts.

No. 127159

I was kinda in the same situation as you, OP. Horribly abused stimulant laxatives as a teen and now I can't shit without taking an osmotic every other day and a coffee with me to the bathroom every morning.

It's a secret to everyone and it makes vacationing really uncomfortable. I don't want to explain why I'm taking a coffee and a jug of water to the bathroom every morning.

No. 127160

Anyone else gets total bowel wreckage when they're stressed?
I usually have nice and hard poops but fuck, today I had an important thing to do which I was pretty stressed about and when I came home it was like molten lava coming out. I hate it.

No. 127161

i never found out if it was actually IBS or just a nervous thing but i always get like that when i'm anxious. it makes presentations or interviews or any important event hell because i know i have to leave the house as late as possible because i have to shit until then

No. 127162

This is pretty common when you're stressed or anxious;during a fight or flight response your body is trying to act as efficient as possible for either outcome and vacating your bowels and bladder is part of it.

No. 127163

I’m lactose intolerant and I drink lactaid milk. It’s a bit more expensive, but I don’t like any milk substitutes, so it’s worth it. Most people develop slight amounts of lactose intolerance as they age and it may be contributing to dairy gassyness even if you’re not fully lactose intolerant, so maybe it’s worth a shot?

No. 127164

I have mucusy stools when I’m constipated. Get a fiber supplement - I buy psyllium husk and add it to a glass of water. It’s flavorless so I like it better than metimucil or whatever crap and it works better too. It helps with that feeling of incomplete evacuation and should help all of your stool make it out

No. 127165

anyone else finds that canned tuna helps you poop easily? I like that but i also don't want to die of mercury poisoning. other things i do like drinking tea, coffee, walking/running, eating fiber, drinking a fuckton of water etc just don't work for me anymore.

No. 127166

Coke makes me poop a lot. But only if I don't drink it often.

No. 127167

I'm so jealous of the anons that can poop more than once a day. I'm lucky if I can do it once every other day, and I don't know why. I eat prunes every day and most of my diet consists of mainly meat, vegetables, fruit, water, and tea. The only thing that I know for sure will help get things going is my ADHD meds. And even then, it doesn't work all the time.
I know a lot of people have said that coffee is a great kick-starter, but I can't drink it because I'm hyper-sensitive to caffeine (I can't even eat a square of dark chocolate at night or else I will stay up all night, that's how sensitive I am).

Also, does anyone else apply lube to their hole before they go?
I saw it mentioned in a Reddit thread like half a year ago, and it changed my life.
The poo literally just slides right out. Combine that with the Squatty Potty, and you'll have the smoothest shits ever.

No. 127168

i always had constipation tbh. i shit like once a week, and before my period it can last two weeks. once i get my period its shit fest. then the cycle repeats.

cigarrettes used to help me poop but i have been smoking less and i can totally see the difference.

anywho i do very rarely drink water at all and i'm trying really hard to drink more water, though its really difficult because i hate it.

No. 127169

my digestive system is fucked up due to an ED too- i regularly shit undigested food or shed intestinal lining.

didn't actually know that it was intestinal lining until I went down the jilly juice rabbithole, but tldr version is that these people claim to see "parasites" in their poop after drinking cabbage water with toxic amounts of salt but it's just intestinal lining being shed because of all the shit they're putting into their bodies.

anyone know how to stop/reverse this? ive tried eating more probiotics, yogurt, etc and it won't stop. i have a depressingly long list of foods that i cant eat any more because they go right through me and it fucks with my ED because if its going straight through me i dont know how to log the calories.

No. 127170

The best shits I've gotten were from when I was abusing benzodiazepines mostly lorazepam and alprazolam now I try to eat a diet rich in fiber and drink hella water and a fiber supplement in the morning to keep everything running nice and smooth but there's days where my shit is just pebbles, it sucks. I can never get a regular 7 day a week snake shit.

No. 127171

I poop every morning at the same time, sometimes in the evening too and it never causes me any problems. I can't ever remember being constipated. If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to shit properly.

No. 127172

Once or twice a week unless I'm on my period. Period poop is hellish.

Is there a way to, like, cheat at intolerances? I love cucumber, hut apparently I'm intolerant to it since even when I eat just a few slices it gives me some of the worst diarrhea I've ever had in my life :( Nothing else rips up my stomach like that

No. 127173

Me too, anon. This thread is making me depressed like no other.

No. 127174

Ever since I stared eating oatmeal for breakfast, I've been going every morning. I guess it gets things moving for me

No. 127175

>your body is trying to act as efficient as possible for either outcome and vacating your bowels and bladder is part of it.
That's hilarious. I learned something, thanks Anon.

No. 127176

I poop 2 to 3 times a day and I wish I pooped less, even though I shit like a bird, I'd like to not leave my mark everywhere I go like a fucking dog.

No. 127177

I hear up to about 4 times a day is normal.

No. 127178

I poop a couple of times a day. Today is pretty bad and my boyfriend is heading up and I hate pooping around him. I don't mind when I know it's going to be quick, but I feel like I'm sick today lol. He'll also want to smoke weed and that'll make me need to go.

No. 127179

Just do it. Relationships go easier once that barrier is out the way.

No. 127180

Anyone else suffering from flatal incontinence? Like, you feel the gas coming and clench all your muscles, but it comes out regardless? I have no problem holding back poo or pee, but when it comes to farts, I feel like I have barely any control over them. It caused me quite a few embarrassing social situations that I would love to erase from my memory

No. 127181

I poop everything out in the morning, every day. Now because of the habit, it's like clockwork. My body knows.

I've also never had a problem getting it out, no matter how bad my diet. When I was younger I had the bad habit of staying on the toilet for up to two hours because I was obsessed with finishing books. Those long sessions made me figure out how to squeeze shit out like an expert.

I really don't get how my ex-boyfriend thought poop just comes out when it's ready, like it just falls out of you… You gotta help it along. "But I might injure myself!" Don't squeeze THAT hard, you dumbass.

No. 127182

Dude so many men I know think that way, that’s why they take so fucking long on the toilet when they shit!

No. 127183

Wow, I had no idea other men thought this too. Do they think it's gay to think about how to work their buttholes or something? What the fuck is this shit.

No. 127184

if you cant hold it back there is definitely something wrong with your anus muscles.

No. 127185

File: 1529562148935.jpg (301.24 KB, 1280x1448, maxresdefault.jpg)

i love that since there is a company marketing a pooping device, this info is spread like wildfire.

nonetheless you dont even need a squatty potty, just lean forward a lot with your upper body. I was camping once and had to squat down in nature and it was hands down the best shit ive ever taken. since then I only ever poop like this at home too.
When I have my own home, I want to install an asian toilet where you can only squat down.

No. 127186

More like they don't get enough fiber in their diet; therefore it takes them longer to poop. Same goes for women.

Hell, same goes for most people.

No. 127187

Taking a fiber supplement and drinking enough water through the day makes a huge difference with pooping. I take two psyllium husk capsules before I go to bed, and after drinking a cup of coffee in the morning have a fast and decent sized poop. I used to worry about having to go at the gym (sorry but I hate the smell of shit in the locker room!) and this has made my mornings much easier.

No. 127188

Or just…eat more fiber. It's a whole lot cheaper, plus you get the other benefits from the food aswell.

No. 127189

> I was camping once and had to squat down in nature and it was hands down the best shit ive ever taken.
On the subject, I love camping in the wild but I hate taking shits outside. It stinks, there is no flush button to make the poop and toilet paper magically disappear, and wiping is a chore.

Anyone have tips and techniques?

No. 127190

I started putting ground flaxseed in my food and it's been helping me poop a bit better. I used to poop about every 3 to 5 days now it's about once a day.

The trick is not to put so much in your food or else you will have the worst stomach ache, diarrhea, and terrible smelling farts. It's recommended one tablespoon a day, but you can adjust to your liking.

My first time trying it, I probably had more than twice the dosage mostly because I didn't wanna waste any flaxseed powder from being washed out my blender. I had so bad of side effects, I developed a headache because my body couldn't handle the farting and diarrhea. I was scared to eat more flaxseed the next day, but I tried it again with the RIGHT amount this time and it works like a charm.

I originally wanted to start eating ground flaxseed because of the benefits for my skin and hair, but the pooping regulation is a big plus. I have a little bag of ground flaxseed in my fridge that'll last me at least a month. Definitely isn't costly.

No. 127191

anyone else have trouble with spicy food. it's fine going in but it's a bitch going out.

No. 127192

No I'm not white

No. 127193

These is the one race meme that actually gets to me. It seems so random and based on nothing.

No. 127194

it's just based on the fact that most cultures that aren't typically made of white people eat more spicy food, i.e. european influenced food usually isn't spicy, asian/african/south american foods are, so non white people are used to and build up a tolerance to spicy food just because they eat it way more often. it's pretty stupid and a generalisation but it isn't completely baseless

No. 127195

>european influenced food usually isn't spicy
Maybe if you're Scandinavian but there's plenty of European countries that eat spicy food and often at that.

No. 127197

I wish people stopped grouping non-Europeans cultures and peoples together as if we were a monolith. The same goes for Europeans to be honest, but seeing people talk as if Papuans, Japanese and Lebanese have a lot in common on the basis of being not white is ridiculous and annoying.

>asian/african/south american foods are

Do you realize how big Asia is, and how many different cultures and ethnic groups it has? Same goes for Africa and South America, but it's even more absurd regarding Asia.

sage for OT rant

No. 127198

>Same goes for Africa and South America, but it's even more absurd regarding Asia.

You can literally tell what part of S America someone is from by their opinion about pozole, tamales, tortillas, and empanadas. Get a Peruvian and Mexican in the same room and ask them how to make ceviche.

No. 127199

File: 1530057261941.jpg (15.19 KB, 385x307, 1526958377489.jpg)

i pretty much shit every night. i don't know why but it feels like a routine now

No. 127200

Lately I’ve been wanting to poop, like a lot more. LIKE A LOT. I’ve also been drinking a lot more fluids, maybe that has an effect? My anus has been hurting like yesterday, with my ovaries and stomach. I don’t know if it’s related to the story posted below, because that’s when the pain started.

Off topic, but someone clogged the bathroom here and I had to take a shit badly, so I took a shit on a bunch of paper towels, then rolled it up in a whole roll, put it in a plastic bag, and disposed of it.
I’m feeling really paranoid about the whole ordeal and feel like they’ll track my DNA through my poop.

No. 127201

You must be American, otherwise you'd know that this is completely false.

I agree. People who believe it are usually not very informed about our different cultures and believe europe consists of scandinavia, germany and france, kek.

No. 127202

When people group them, they do it in an American (or maybe western) context. Most of the people are just western in culture, but differentiate by how they look. So if you look vaguely Asian, then 'Asian' is a good enough label. It even goes in the other direction, you get people proud of being X but with no clue of what X actually is.

No. 127203

kek why didn't you just use the plunger?

No. 127204

>When people group them, they do it in an American (or maybe western) context.
Anon, grouping the US and Europe together under the term "western" is just as dumb…

No. 127205

People use an identity such as 'Asian' because they have no experience of different Asian cultures, but they can differentiate between someone who looks Asian or someone who doesn't. So you get identity forming around concepts such as being Asian, or white, or whatever else is noticeably different in people's appearance. This happens a lot in the west, where there are many people from immigrant families, but with no knowledge or experience of their original countries. Is that clearer?

No. 127206

i'm not american and i've never even made one of those jokes because, like i said, i think they're stupid and a generalisation. i was just explaining what the meme was about, not saying it was a concrete fact. i don't know how you can read someone saying something is too much of a generalisation and still smug adding 'um actually that's not always true!!'

No. 127207

File: 1530650695035.gif (1.82 MB, 300x300, He-is-very-shy.gif)

On Saturday I'm invited to a birthday party. I haven't see my friend for a year now, since she lives quite far away. This would be only the 3rd time I'd meet up with a friend this year, so I really feel like I should go (and I also miss her dearly…).
However, apart from her there's only one other girl I'm friends with going to be there - I don't know the others, so that makes me extra nervous.
My very first thought when she invited me was,"Oh god, on Saturday I have Uni all day long, that will already be a problem with my IBS. But then additionally driving for 1-2 hours and meeting strangers for several hours…" The worst thing is: whenever I don't eat for let's say more than 5 hours I will get diarrhea as soon as I eat again. So what if I don't find time to eat before - or if I still need to go even after though I ate…? When I'm at home I really go after nearly every single meal; I also always get up earlier just so that I have enough time before having to leave the house.

Any ideas about what to do? It's a goddamn circle: be nervous about doing something -> need to shit -> avoid going out/doing stuff because of that -> get even more anxious and less used to social situations, and so on…

No. 127208

When I was little I had a phobia of using new toilets. I just liked my toilet at home. I hated peeing and pooping in pubic even at school, and didn't like using the bathroom at other people's houses cause I thought the toilets were unfamiliar and sinister. It was a big problem whenever my family would move because the first time we did when I was 3 I didn't want to use our new toilet for days. I can't even remember how long I held it but eventually my parents got me to go. The phobia eventually went away when I was like 6 or 7.

When I was 9 and in Girl Scouts we went camping for a weekend. We didn't sleep in tents but like these cabins with a separate bathroom and shower in another building. As soon as we got to the campsite I had to drop off some logs really bad, but our only bathroom was filled with bugs. Like literally all the toilets had cobwebs around them teething with critters. That was my huge phobia at the time so instead of pooping I just held my shit the entire trip, like 3 days. It was miserable and I couldn't enjoy any of the fun going on around me, all because of some damn bugs. Didn't even want to squat in the forest cause I was afraid bugs would fly into my ass. As soon as we got back we went to this girls house for a bit till our parents came and picked us up. I finally got to take a dump in her clean bathroom, and when I did I clogged the toilet. Finally got picked up and left without telling anyone.

No. 127209

Just tell them about the IBS, if they're adults I'm sure they'll understand if you need to peace out to poop more often than usual. I used to work with someone that had it and he was open about it, wasn't a problem.

No. 127210

Disagree, it's nobody's business and I for one don't want to know anything about someone's bathroom habits regardless of whether or not it's health related. I don't see why anon should have to justify going to the toilet after a meal, who cares? People probably won't even notice so there's no need to bring unnecessary attention to it.

No. 127211

If I don't poop as soon as the urge hits, I can't poop at all until I get another urge to poop. This can take 15 minutes if I'm lucky, or typically hours. Sometimes it's more than 24 hours. I also can't poop away from home, no matter how hard I try, unless I am in a hotel or something and have the whole room to myself.

I can't squeeze it out by force, either. I just wait for the urge and it comes out with little effort.

Dig a hole and use a portable bidet after the first few wipes.

I'm sorry you had that experience, that's rough. I remember when I visited my brother in college for three nights. Couldn't poop because none of the bathrooms nearby were private, and by the time I could reach the single occupancy bathrooms, the urge had passed. I was only supposed to stay two nights, but there was a delay with the train I was taking back. Agony.

No. 127212

Figured I could post this here.
Woke up in agony, sweating bullets, and sprint to the restroom. Live in a tiny apartment with a couple. They’re sitting out in the living room and very close. Turn the shower on, and the sink, have the shits from hell. Finally ends, and I’m mortified. Go to flush, embarrassed… toilet clogs. As if the smells, sounds, and obvious shits weren’t embarrassing enough.
And there was no plunger.
A nightmarish poo experience to be honest I wanted to kms

No. 127213

File: 1532627438978.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1531937675336.gif)

i feel for you anon.
last week on my day off, my boyfriend and i went out and had and super romantic fun day together. like literally nothing went wrong the entire day, until we got home.
i really needed to go #2. and when i did i not only clogged up the toilet, but the bathroom flooded.
my boyfriend decided to plunge the toilet and clean up, and the whole time he was getting grossed out and making this ashamed expression at me. (even though i offered to do it myself, he was adamant about doing it himself???)
but yeah it really ruined our perfect day.

No. 127214

Does anyone else just not feel the need to shit when they're outside of the house? I'm not shy about shitting in other people's toilets but if I'm at a friend's house or out camping or on holiday I just literally do not feel the need to shit whatsoever for up to like 4 days. Its not even uncomfortable I just don't need but as soon as I get back to my own house I'm suddenly desperate.

Is this normal?

No. 127215

this is fucked but one time I was having a party and I was super drunk and had to shit so I went to the toilet but it wouldn't flush and I knew others were waiting so I pushed it under with my hands. I was that drunk, I didn't even think twice about it.

No. 127216

you did what?

No. 127217

I'm laughing and gagging about this, is so gross. Dude just how drunk you were? Lmao

No. 127218

this, i've been black out drunk many many times but i've never done this. how much booze does one have to ingest???

No. 127219

Pushed it under what?

No. 127220

When I was in school (both general education and university) my body absolutely hated me. I could clog any toilet with my shit.
Seriously. I could literally shit bricks. I fucking hated it. I even, in an attempt to plunge the shit down, managed to make the toilet overflow in a university apartment. More than twice. In college, it got so bad that I did a minor >>127215 thing where I would break up my shits with a pair of disposable gloves on because I knew plunging wouldn't be enough/efficient. It fucking sucked and has induced a public pooping paranoia on me where, unless I am having some sort of explosive diarrhea, absolutely refuse to shit in public because I am afraid I will clog a toilet.

But however, now that I'm out of school, I have had absolutely zero issues and can poop successfully every morning before I go to work. And they're a good texture–not too hard, not too soft. I don't know what the hell is up with my body. Stress, I guess, caused it? Because my diet hasn't changed really since school, and I've been out of college for three years. I'm still scared to poop in public places, though.

No. 127221

Maybe the plumbing where you went to college was shit? Low flow toilets are awful.

No. 127222

I rip my asshole almost everytime I shit now even though i drink nothing but water, and do not experience any sort of constipation symptoms. Maybe its hemmeroids I dont know. But its super painful and yesterday there was more blood than usual. It stopped but still made me paranoid enough to not eat anything today. Not looking forward to the next time.

No. 127223

Holy shit anon you have roids or a fissure go see a doctor ffs don't you think shitting blood is enough of a wake up call?
In the mean time, lots of water, green vegetables and high Fibre every day. Don't strain and push on the toilet, if it's not coming then go drink lots of water and take a stool softener before coming back. Use a bidet or wet tissues when cleaning if you can.
If it's uncomfortable to sit, look into hemorrhoid creams and donut pillows

No. 127224

When I was a child, I only went to the bathroom once a week. I thought it was normal because nobody tells you how frequently you're supposed to poop? Only found out last year that that's not normal lol. Right now I only poop every few days. My last was 3 days ago. I didn't really think it was a problem until I noticed how often my bf goes (a few times a day which he says is normal but I also think is weird). He said it might be a sign that I have a slow metabolism. I do have problems binging and starving but neither change the frequency of how much I go, but could have contributed to slowing my metabolism.

How would I go about fixing that? Someone in the health shop recommended really expensive vitamins for my metabolism which I'm going to take for a while to see if they work but I'd rather not have to take them forever because of the price.

No. 127225

Same story here. What helped me was eating more fiber/diverse diet/eating enough, drinking more water and exercise. Maybe try that first before buying anything?

No. 127226

I drink 2l of water daily but I could definitely benefit from more exercise and a better diet. I do eat a lot of fruit/veg but I never write down what I've eaten so I might not be getting enough. Thanks anon, it's good to know that it worked for you!

No. 127227


No. 127228

Finally a thread where I can comment something useful. My digestive system completely went to shit from my late teens and into my twenties, getting progressively worse since I first started my period. I was constantly exhausted, with abdominal pain, and would always be in worse pain if I ate something. Got anorexic levels of skinny without being ana chan, and was on the toilet for at least two hours a day. I would have put a TV in there if I had the energy.

Turned out I have Crohn's diseases and the treatment options are shit. Can be drugs that either don't work or give you cancer, don't work and still give you cancer, can be surgery so you carry your poop in a bag attached to your body and fuck no, and you can die from it young if you're really unlucky.

Anyhow, treatment options terrified me as much as the disease, so I tried going vegetarian for a month, with a lot of soy milk, which made things even worse. Then found this retarded idea on the internet about a diet which was 70% fat. But I had nothing to lose. Gave keto a go and the pain was gone within a week, then the fatigue lifted. Gained weight back, now going to the gym and building muscle, living my best life and never going back. Fuck pastries, bread, rice, pasta and all processed shit, all of it, including the hippie dippy alternatives that idiots like Goop market. I'd rather eat meat now, and liver, fish, butter and coconut oil, heavy cream and eggs, stuff like that, with occasionally a little fruit, because fiber is a meme but fruit is nature's candy and a treat. Poops are fine and don't hurt anymore.

No. 127229

Fiber can make constipation worse and rip up your bowel, resulting in pain. Drink more water and add coconut oil to green tea to make shit slide out smoothly.

Sauce: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3435786/
>Stopping or reducing dietary fiber intake reduces constipation and its associated symptoms
>Patients who stopped or reduced dietary fiber had significant improvement in their symptoms while those who continued on a high fiber diet had no change. Of those who stopped fiber completely, the bowel frequency increased from one motion in 3.75 d (± 1.59 d) to one motion in 1.0 d (± 0.0 d) (P < 0.001)

No. 127230

>soy milk gives me gas like noone's business, my digestive tract is singing operas all day, it's really embarrassing
Soy milk is the devil's juice.

No. 127231

Wtf everything I've been taught has been a lie. I'm over here stocking up on fiber bars because I can't poop every day and it's because I'm eating too much fiber?

No. 127232

The article seems a bit… dodgy. Absolutely no mention of the crucial distinction between insoluble and soluble (for me insoluble: useless, soluble: miracle) and the weirdest thing - no description or discussion of what the zero fibre diet entailed. Just oh they stopped all fibre. What, how? What did they eat? It's a suspicious omission that suggests they were on liquid diet and the one movement a day is some liquid one. Article has very few legit citations.

There may be something to it but… be cautious

No. 127233

>been married 3 yrs
>still can't poop while husband's around
>as soon as he starts getting ready for work my digestive systems revs up
>like clockwork, 30 seconds after I see the car pull out of the driveway I'm on the toilet
>pray he hasn't left anything behind so I can shit in peace
>almost fucking died when he was out of work for a couple weeks

What do anons? I've got some weird pavlovian poop routine going. I'm not embarrassed about it, but I can feel myself full of poop but just none of it will come out if he's here. Fucking weird.

No. 127234

White noise helps. Maybe try listening to the radio when you’re in the bathroom? But not just when you’re making bears, so he can’t tell. Helped me!

No. 127235

If you're constipated, drink kombucha. It's probiotic and will make you shit. I'm surprised nobody has suggested this yet.

No. 127236

I usually shit like clockwork every morning at like 10am. The last few days I haven't shit at all though. I haven't felt the need to either. Don't know if it's because I've been eating more dairy lately or my schedule being thrown out of wack by moving house recently.

No. 127237

get out, pervert

No. 127238

Is it normal to shit after waking up every morning?

I also wonder why I have diarrhea lasting a couple of weeks, has anyone encountered that problem?

No. 127239

Oh yeah and sometimes I shit blood. More like rarely, this past month

No. 127240

Go see a doctor anon, shitting blood is never normal.

No. 127241

Depends, is it fresh, red blood, or black/dark old blood? Fresh blood is probably hemorrhoids, or a cut or something, old blood is serious, and could be internal bleeding and you need to go to the hospital ASAP

No. 127242

It was bright red and it only lasted for two days. Maybe I was just getting done with my period or something idk, but I no longer have that problem…yet.

No. 127243


No. 127244

IBS is destroying my life.

I truly believe it's the main source of my terrible anxiety. When an important event is coming up, either an exam or a journey, then the thing that makes me the most nervous and scared is, "Will I be able to go to the toilet in the morning???" Because if I don't and my anxiety gets too much, then I will get diarrhea.
I panic if I don't manage to go to the toilet before leaving the house, because I dread having to go while in class or during work.
I usually shit multiple times a day, it's as if I am addicted to it. If my intestines are not empty, then something bad could happen.

Thinking back I've had this problem for ages already. Even back then as a young teen I was worried during sleepovers, about going to the toilet. When is the best time? Is everybody asleep already, can I secretely go to shit? So being somewhere for more than half a day, makes me feel awful. I was to the doctor so often, thought I'm allergic to dairy, and so on, he never found what causes it, but now through internet research I'm quite sure that it's just a mental problem. Cutting out certain type of food would have been easier.

In 3 weeks I have a christmas party from my workplace: work from 2 to 8 and then immediately head to the restaurant… I especially get diarrhea often if I haven't eaten for a long time and then eat a big/hot/greasy meal. Such as it will be in this case. Great.

No. 127245

it hurts and i bleed every time. more blood as time goes by.

No. 127246

Why are you telling us and not your doctor?

No. 127247

after i stopped eating meat and dairy i poop 1-2x a day and it's great lol. i have been drinking more than usual lately and beer shits are messing up my lovely schedule.

No. 127248

No. 127249

File: 1543588326761.jpg (154.11 KB, 1200x900, 1200px-A_small_cup_of_coffee.J…)

Anyone else improve pooping by starting to drink coffee?

I've never had horrible issues with BMs but usually my stool would be harder and I'd poop once ever 2-3 days. I got into coffee about a year ago. It wasnt my intention that itd improve my BMs but it's an accidental bonus. Now I've been pooping about once a day and it isnt strenuous. I'm in and out of the bathroom pretty quickly

Side note I dont drink an absurd amount of coffee. Average 1-2 cups a day

No. 127250

same here!!! I drink 1-2 cups everyday as well and it has seriously improved my movements. now I can go to the bathroom once or twice a day, and it's always quick!

if I don't drink coffee I can go 2-4 days without pooping, but if I do poop it can be painful, difficult, or take forever..

No. 127251

I wish my body liked coffee still! I get really bad anxiety even after one cup now. Coffee was my miracle juice. I used to poop at least once a day, now since I can't drink coffee anymore, I can only poop once or twice a week.

No. 127252

Do you take any medication with your IBS? A lot of my cramping and shits are from anxiety driven, but also not going daily. I went back to a new gastro doctor last month who told me to stop taking my hyosycamine and docustat, and start taking 2 doses of basically Metamucil. If that didn't help they would introduce a fiber supplement, except the issue after trying the Metamucil for a week and the fiber supplement is I started to get the shits way more. Took one fiber pill and boom, next day on the toilet for several hours with tons of pain, 3 times in one week. I went back to taking my docustat but the past few days I've been going normal.

My doctor say if there was still cramping he would start me on a low dosage antidepressant but I still think the anxiety should be addressed as well. I have IBS-M(mixed, constipation and diarrhea. I've been trying to phone him all week to discuss what to try next but no luck.. I can't get a job with this up and down randomness of never be able to have a proper routine and the stress/anxiety of the cramping prevents me from holding a full time job. I got fired from my one job for calling off too much.

Someone once told me they do this experimental test where you basically swallow a pill that is someone else's shit, and your bowel system takes on that persons bowel movements but it's only used in extreme cases like celiac or chrons disease.

No. 127253

shit thread

No. 127254


No. 127255

She's really hot. Does she have any poop vids?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127256

Just to know, does opiate/opioid get you constipated ? My doctor gave me painkiller with codeine in it, I'm often constipated but after taking those I pooped something looking like aglomered cat food it was awful

No. 127257

Just to know, does opiate/opioid get you constipated ? My doctor gave me painkiller with codeine in it, I'm often constipated but after taking those I pooped something looking like aglomered cat food it was awful

No. 127258

Just to know, does opiate/opioid get you constipated ? My doctor gave me painkiller with codeine in it, I'm often constipated but after taking those I pooped something looking like aglomered cat food it was awful

No. 127259

Yes 100%, my mom always harps on me if I'm prescribed T3s or something similar. Try to compensate with your diet if you can, and hopefully it can help

No. 127260

Yes, daily stool softener pills qnd coffee clear it right up. I also drink 4l water a day.

No. 127261

thank you, I wanted to be sure, gotta drink some water

No. 127262

No one in this thread has suggested chia seeds for constipation. They must be soaked and in their gel state. Dry chia seeds will absorb the moisture in the digestive tract and have the opposite effect.

No. 127263

It would be my dream to choke to death on this beautiful braphogs sweet gas.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127264

File: 1548034999922.jpeg (5.96 KB, 248x204, EGGICIDE.jpeg)

My butthole is always dry so I have to moisturize it with vaseline. Why does it get so dry

No. 127265

have you tried using olive or fish oil? the proctologist recommended it to me after my surgery. they said i should use it regularly and i do it sometimes, it's quite nice. just get some on a cotton pad and gently wipe your a-

No. 127266

I know a woman who swears on drinking warm water in the morning just for overall health. No tea, just warm water. I wanna try that out, too.

No. 127267

What did you get surgery for

No. 127268

i've heard cold water was good, never warm water, but it sounds comforting.

No. 127269

a small thrombosed hemorrhoid :( i don't ussually have digestive or any kind of similar problems, but i get one of those once every couple of years and it sucks

No. 127270

Holy shit I'm so fucking constipated right now, I had two big slices of pizza today because I haven't eaten a full meal in weeks. I just need my nutrients. I also have been forgetting to drink enough water, I've only had a water bottle a day and I don't drink anything else. RIP my asshole, every time I sit down, I can just feel it sitting there, but it doesn't want to come out. I'm gonna drink a shit ton of water in a few minutes anons.

No. 127271

you dont know how good you've had it until it's gone. the last week or two i've had painful shits because of stress eating, which means carbs ontop of carbs stuffing my stomach until i feel like throwing up. the shits are what i imagine anal sex without lube would feel like, while being shy and fucking going right back up.

I used to wonder why people take their phones to the toilet. When I was good about my weight loss, poops just slid right out like a lozenge, super satisfying, i'd get up and think, "man that was a good shit." And even be a little proud of it. A long soft round turd tapered at the end naturally lubed and firm but springy. It'd take under a minute, so I didn't understand people who say, "Saw this on the toilet." I'd go once a day or eod, never even thought about it. Now, I go every other day or so and I'm scared that it'll hurt. Damn I'm scared for you guys who go once a week!! I already have strained shits (cause of carb stress eating) and I worry I'm going to pop my intestines or something. I can't imagine people who take 30m or 1hr shits. One time it took me 10min and I started crying worried I'll never shit again (tfw hypochondriac)
When I was dieting I have a serving of vegetables everyday bc that's one of the only things worth the calories lmao. For example vegetable medley's, a serving of salad, or 10 brussel sprouts daily, sometimes with oatmeal and probiotics. I'm sensitive to caffeine so I still take a cup of coffee decaf cut with half-and-half. And those were the days I had splendid shits I took for granted. I feel honestly sad for people who abuse laxatives. In my ana-chan days I did use them but it was limited so I'm glad it didn't do any lasting damage. One time I used s much I ended up at the ER thinking the pain will end me… (hypochondriac) I can't imagine what crapping once every 10 days would be like when I get scared if I go less than once every 2 days. I guess I'm saying I'm proud of my shits at least LOL. when I was good about my diets I felt like I had just won the guinesses world record for long and beautiful shits each time. Eating a packet of vegetable medley right now as I type. It's been getting better. But I had a whole pizza today too from stress.

No. 127272

I finally was able to poop. Thank the Lord. That was painful for a bit. Drinking a bottle of water helped immensely.

No. 127273


No. 127274

File: 1549032829558.gif (1.77 MB, 480x270, parksandrecandy.gif)

how do i deal with this? i nearly end up using a whole roll every time i go

No. 127275

Uh lol, do you wipe half standing up? If not that could help. Or get a bidet

No. 127276

I could be mistaken, but doesn't this mean you need more fiber in your diet?

No. 127277

File: 1549036843818.jpg (Spoiler Image,391.6 KB, 900x900, 892512002005.jpg)

yes, i do lol
had to google what a "bidet" was but i do have something like pic attached

ah, i'll keep that in mind and start eating more fiber!

Thank you for the advice anons

No. 127278

Maybe invest in a squatty potty? I think it'll help you open your cheeks better.

No. 127279

I always read people saying "you need to eat more fiber" but I don't get it. Fiber is supposed to make your poop more mushy and easier to come out, it's good to add more fiber if you're frequently constipated but how is it going to make you need to wipe less? On the contrary, more solid poops are the ones that are easier to wipe.

No. 127280

Insoluble fiber doesn't make your poops softer, is bulks them up and gives the less solid parts of your bowel movement something to adhere to so as to facilitate a larger, more productive bowel movement. Your bowels are smooth involuntary muscle and they need something solid to work with to operate optimally. If you don't drink enough water while increasing your fiber intake you will experience constipation. Think of insoluble fiber like saw dust, if you don't hydrate it will just dry everything out and stop you up.

No. 127281

>i had to google what a "bidet"
oh my god

No. 127282

File: 1549062788378.jpg (196.57 KB, 1500x1500, 81TaXhvZYRL._SL1500_.jpg)

Wipe like twice, and then blast with a handheld bidet. Pic related is $10 on amazon. Pat dry with more tp. A built in thing like you mentioned here >>127277 is probably nicer, but a travel one is really just fine, too.

No. 127283

what's wrong with googling a word you're not familiar with?

No. 127284

nta but it's probably just shocking she didn't know it because pretty much all 1st world countries other than america are pretty familiar with them.

No. 127285


Bidets are becoming more popular in some parts of the States surprisingly! My family considered adding bidets to the bathrooms in another home we have but only one could fit them unfortunately. I’d love to even have the handshower type since they keep you cleaner.

No. 127286

I would love to eat all of your beautiful poop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127287

No. 127288

File: 1549529060811.jpg (12.01 KB, 400x400, SOMEBODY.jpg)

I ate a bunch of homemade tacos loaded with red onions for lunch.

I've been trying to go to bed since midnight but I felt really bloated. Like I had the sensation of wanting to crap but nothing was coming out. Suddenly, twenty minutes ago, the hellish anal dam finally ruptured.

The bathroom…it just reeks like someone cut a rotten onion. I had no idea my body was capable of this reek. You know when you go into an apartment building and you smell other people's cooking on each floor and you go "What are they cookin'?" It's that, plus crap.

No. 127289

File: 1549600655628.jpeg (212.69 KB, 611x564, 8C6FAE3E-B60F-4F4F-8DE8-D3A202…)

Not shit-related yet still ass-related:

I found this huge lump on my right ass-cheek and I’m not sure if it’s super srs business. I remember a bug biting me (probably an ant) but idr if it was on my top bunker (bed) or the couch where I currently sleep on, and that bite was a few days ago.

Forgot to mention that puss is leaking out of that bump

No. 127290

I'm laughing so much.

No. 127291

Looks like a pustule to me, not a bite. But I don't know where you live so I wouldn't be able to tell you if there's a nasty bug capable of such a thing. It's just that bug bites tend not to leak pus, the fact that it's doing it means it's infected.

Best drain, sanitize, and bandage it.

No. 127292

I had something similar happen to me. Except it was on my foot. After a day of looking OK, like it was getting better, my foot turned green in the span of two hours. I high tailed it over to the ER and they put me on strong antibiotic pills. Yes, just a bug bite. But sometimes you're unlucky and they get infected, especially if its on a spot where a lot of friction is generation that can aggravate the sore and prevent it from healing properly.

Keep an eye on it anon, it could get serious.

No. 127293

I live in Texas in an area of my city that’s prone to have spiders, cockroaches, etc..

Now I remember something bit me from behind while at my bunker trying to get something. I no longer sleep there because there are spiders on the ceiling so I’m forced to sleep in the living room (along with other fam issues to why). I do hope it’s not a spider bite…

About 6 months ago, my mom got bit by a spider at her job and went to the emergency room a week after because she could no longer stand the pain on her ankle where it bit her after so many failed home remedies. Surgery was a success and she had full use of her leg again. I just hope it’s not that serious for me

No. 127294

Forgot to mention that it hurts a lot and if I scratch it, it becomes more painful

No. 127295

If it’s really painful, it could be staph.

No. 127296

Just go to the ER anon, they'll give you antibiotics.

No. 127297

I don’t have medical insurance

Can you get staph from a bug-bite?

No. 127298

you can get a staph infection from a bug bite, if the bacterial gets I to the bite. it's how I got it as a kid. and tbh your bite looks like the early stages. go to urgent care, they're cheaper than the ER and offer payment plans.

No. 127299

File: 1549735970625.jpeg (Spoiler Image,16.62 KB, 231x249, A2D49FE6-6264-4EEE-B24A-1E16C5…)

Update: I feel like it’s getting smaller and hurt less but idk if this is looks like it’s healing? It’s been two days since I’ve posted the previous >>127289

No. 127300

File: 1549736745878.png (122.67 KB, 300x278, clippy-300x278.png)

Hey! It looks like you forgot to spoiler that picture of your weird ass lump you just posted. Can I help with that?

No. 127301

Yeah looks like it’s getting better. If it’s not hurting or anything just keep it clean. I’d get an antibacterial wash, something with triclosan or similar, and use it like twice a week. If you use it more than that it’s a bit harsh on your skin.

No. 127302

Best anon itt

No. 127303

Like hydrogen peroxide?

No. 127304

I typically poo once a day.

No. 127305


Not what I would use. Even iodine or something. With a wash you can soap up a bigger area and kill more germies

No. 127306

No. 127307

Periodic reminder that Americans typically don't have bidets

No. 127308

you need to explain the shells

No. 127309

Nta but the best part of nuts are the salted shells

No. 127310

I've been able to poop daily (sometimes twice) from what would be once every week/biweekly ever since I've been using an ikea waste pale as a stool(pun intended) and my god it helps, how come no one talks about stools to put your feet on more often?

No. 127311

I used to drink a lot of soy milk(vegan) I had the same problem, but really what can you expect when you're drinking literal bean water.I just stopped drinking milks.Coconut/Soy/Almond are the most accessible but if money is not a problem cashew/oat/hemp/rice are other options + consider getting milks with preservatives.
some are really oily..
oatmeal is under-rated also how you cook + how much water to oatmeal you use is important.
Yes I'm not sure if it's something I've always had or a result of some risky sexual behavior.Either way it's been getting better lately, but I'm still worried.
sometimes you have to force it but I don't think it should be considered safe: https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/for-women#1
>inb4 webmd is 怖い

I realized sort of late how old this thread is but maybe someone can find this useful.Also I don't study shit.. I just know shit

No. 127312

Just wash your ass in the shower if you're taking that disgusting and messy of a shit.

No. 127313

I fucking HATE the gender constructions that seem to come with going to the fucking bathroom even though everyone does it??? When I was little my parents always told me that farting and shitting wasn’t ladylike and that it was disgusting

so here I am at 18 years old completely aware that it was all bs but still incapable to disregard what I was told growing up. My chronic constipation is 100% psychological. Having guy roommates makes it even worse. Thanks mom and dad. Very ladylike now.

No. 127314

i'm so glad i grew up in a household that was open to EVERYONE farting and talking about their bathroom issues. my mom has IBS so it was definitely normalized for me, i can't believe how many households tell women farting and pooping is just a man thing.
my best friend used to get severely anxious using public restrooms because she feared knowing other people heard her going to the restroom. she told me i helped her get rid of that fear when i would invite her to come into single stall restrooms with me when we both had to go because i'd just be like "it'll be faster if we go in together"
tbh, i used to be the same way with pooping, but i got over it when i would sit in bathrooms for long periods of times, either due to diarrhea or just sitting with my phone for a while, and hear other women poop and fart and then realize "they won't remember me or who was in that stall if i stayed here long enough" over time i just went "fuck it, i have things to do" and that anxiety pretty much left me.

No. 127315

Why do we fart before pissing?

No. 127316

Weird, I do a lot of opiates and I still manage to poop at least every other day. I drink a ton of water though and make sure to eat lots of vegetables and greens as well as taking probiotics. You need to see a doctor because you could die for real. Pooping once every two weeks means you could die from a blockage.

No. 127317

Because when you sit down on the toilet it aligns the muscles to release farts

Also why do we have this thread when there's a bathroom thread on /g/ lol

No. 127318

It's not because of sitting down, men also fart before peeing when standing up.

To pee we have to relax our pelvic floor muscles and these muscles also control our rectal area.

No. 127319

Can relate 100%. Although my parents never called it gross or anything but my mom NEVER farted. Ever. And I kinda just grew up thinking that was correct? Idk. I'm with my bf of 4 years currently and I can count on my hand how many times I've (accidentally) farted in front of him and it makes me so embarrassed thinking about it.

No. 127320

I can't shit no matter how much I try.

No. 127321

>men also fart before peeing when standing up

I have to wonder how you know this

It must be at least in part due to sitting down though, as it's harder to hold in a fart when you bend over

No. 127322

NTA but every time my boyfriend wakes up and has to pee he lets a big one rip. It's VERY loud.

No. 127323

I had terrible diarrhea this morning. I was putting chicken tendies the oven and suddenly my stomach was in immense pain for like 2 seconds. Then like 10 seconds later as I'm setting the timer on my oven, the need to poop comes quick. It came out like liquid. I hadn't had diarrhea that liquidy in a long time, I think in over a year. IDK what caused it, but it was bad. My boyfriend came into the hallway and said it smelled terrible and it was so strong it hurt his throat. Honestly what the fuck did I eat? The only thing I could think of is a chicken torta I ate the other night. Everything else has been homemade.

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