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No. 128598

What’s it like to be a fashion model? I got scouted when I was 13, but I had already stopped growing, ended up being too short, and now I’m forever salty about never having that experience.

No. 128614

>”What’s it like to be GigaStacy?”
This may not be the right website for this question.

No. 128617

Unless you're a supermodel, you make jack. I've always thought it's funny how instamodels are viewed much lower than "real" models when instamodelling is where the $$$ are at.

No. 128620

“Giga Stacy” although the halo effect helps them models get treated like disposable napkins by everyone in the industry

Some do catalog and end up in China changing into 7000 outfits in a month for photos where they fuck up your hair

Creepy photographers

Harvey W type guys everywhere

If your family is already rich or you are “the it girl” your life is set otherwise you are sharing apartment with 90% of your competition

Debt to the company if you don’t land jobs

Getting constantly measured

Competing against perfect Ukrainian/scandi girls that are literally everywhere

70 different products in your skin that cause rash after an event

No one gives a shit if you are sick there’s 800. Girls that would kill for 1 job

People trying to pay you in shitty clothes instead of much needed money to pay the agency

Oh and if you fuck up and you are rude to 1 person you are blacklisted forever

And that’s the lucky ones

If you are from a shit country and you went to the wrong agency

Literal CP
Ghost contracts
Human trafficking
Forced “yatch girl” gigs or “club promoter”

No. 128624

Not worth it.
I got scouted when I was 16, started working at 18. I did my first big shows at 20- Fendi and Prada in the same season- and made jack shit. It was a cool flex but most of those girls only walk a handful of reputable shows and then they never get booked again. It's not like the old days of modeling where walking for Prada/etc=instant fame. I had to live in shitty model apartments with Russian models who would just leave food out on the table, girls would try to steal things from you, I wasn't 'allowed' to eat over 1000calories a day (and I worked out daily to keep my body lean and toned). Tbf I was always thin and naturally just consumed less food but this made me over analyze everything I consumed.
Nails, skin, and hair are ruined. Often times they won't unstyle your hair after a shoot or runway so you're stuck trying to 10 pounds of hairspray out. Constantly having nails put on and off. And when you see models 'crying' on the runway, they aren't emotional- it's just their eyes watering from being irritated from constant makeup application.
I made the choice to leave because if you're not in the top 5% of models you aren't making anything. You're working freelance basically while most of your money goes to an agency anyway. I was also tired of assuming that every guy I worked with was a creep (although this was usually the case, one dude is now under investigation for being a direct link to Epstein).

No. 128625

Oh yeah, so I also got a few Instagram followers from when I was a model. It's nothing hugely notable and I'm not worried about people finding out who I am because I have a modest 20k, but to put it into perspective, I now make more as a med school student 'influencer' than I did as a model. Sure Prada will pay you, but that money is going to your agency etc. Now I get paid directly for ads. I rent a home in Seattle and I completely pay for it with social media stuff. Companies value having an active following more than the status of being a model.

No. 128635

The job of the model is to be literally a human coat-hanger. That is why the models are chosen for their proportions, why they walk the catwalk with an unemotional face. You are literally a thing. And behind the scenes, misery and pervy men.

No. 128653

How much of a Stacy are you?

No. 128659

I have same thoughts. The job as a model sounds boring.

No. 128665


lmao, get out of here scrote.

No. 128670

anon how do you get more followers on instagram? it's so hard to gain them no matter how many hashtags I use. I just want to get free makeup and clothes and be a ~beauty influencer~

No. 128676

nta, but buying followers in the beginning actually works if you have good content. don't go crazy though and make sure to buy ones that comment.

No. 128699

Interestingly enough,m the girl in the OP, Rianne van Rompaey, apparently is considered the #1 runway model in the world, has a record amount of high tier covers EVERY MONTH, and yet she (relatively) has barely any instagram followers. The average amateur model has 10 times more followers than her.

No. 128701

That “m” was an accident.

No. 128713

Apparently before a show models starve themselves and don’t drink water to reduce bloat. Hydration is so good for your skin so I can’t imagine what dehydration does to you in the long term

No. 128725

I'm naturally really tall and skinny so the idea of being a model has struck me when I was younger. My mental health went to shit in my teens with self-harming and I live in a european country with no real fashion industry anyway though so wasn't meant to be. I did some amateur catwalking once for an acquaintance who did clothing design and I think I did fairly well to be honest. It was fun to casually try something like that once.

No. 128757

Nice blog newfag

No. 128771

File: 1575812737484.jpeg (159.99 KB, 750x277, 736DE9C7-140A-4CAF-8FCC-91BB09…)


No. 128772

how embarrassing

No. 128775

What the fuck is this?

No. 128808

What is a hesbian?

No. 128816

lesbians who go by he/him

No. 129293

I had a group of friends who were models from working in a related industry and all of them were anorexic since they were pre-teens, on illegal and legal drugs for the extreme stress the external and internal scrutiny on your looks and weight the job entails and/or were CSA victims which is why they end up in a career where you're an object for authority figures who resent you to manipulate into their desired sexual positions. It's amazing the average person looks at models like they're modern day demigods when they're all miserable and suicidal and it's pretty obvious just by looking at them if you tune out what the media wants to present them as.

No. 129476

how the fuck does that work

someone explain me the mental gymnastics behind this

No. 131080

Like how gay dudes use she/her for some feminine gay men but with butch lesbians

I have friends that model for little instagram clothing lines or the like and have done it myself a few times it’s chill, being a real model that walks or does fashion weeks and stuff seems really stressful tho ngl. I’d rather be a dj cause all the attractive and well connected djs end up being asked to shoot all the time anyways

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