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File: 1577459115721.jpeg (75.12 KB, 564x846, 9DAA2E5C-1DBF-4EDD-BC3B-096E7F…)

No. 132014

Female Dating Strategy is a subreddit which was created in February 2019 as part of the larger arising of pp’d subreddits (such as r/vindicta, r/pinkpilledfeminism, r/trufemcels, etc.)

Female Dating Strategy is a female-only subreddit that was created in the interest of helping women to achieve their goals in dating, whether that be LTR, marriage or just FWB. It is centred entirely around maximising female benefit and minimising costs/risk. More saliently, due to its policy of being aggressively pro-female, FDS promotes a very unforgiving and cutthroat approach to interactions with males. In many respects, it is a response to the presence of the ‘manosphere’ and in particular TRP.

Important links:
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/ideology Ideology of FDS
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/dugj5t/fds_guide_nonmainstream_opinions_and_strategies/ Non-mainstream opinions and strategies held by the sub
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/deoi18/psa_femaledatingstrategy_doesnt_believe_in_asking/ PSA on asking men out
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/d22vzv/given_that_the_risks_of_sex_are_way_higher_and/ why sex shouldn’t be had easily
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/dblfg2/mythology_break_down_1_men_telling_you_youll_max/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf debunking the wall
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/dfeq1s/various_hacks_will_encourage_you_to_not_get/ on why career > dating for most women
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/e7m5m4/the_most_important_fds_message_you_are_not/ women are not responsible for male depravity
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/recommended_reading other links

No. 132015

I feel this might fit better in /g/

No. 132016

>It has been proven time and time again that asking men for their number, asking them out on dates, initiating texts with them, traveling to meet them instead of them coming to you, and splitting the bill – they don't work if you want a relationship with a man who's crazy about you, provides, and is proud to have you as their girlfriend.

Amen to this. Don't chase men, ladies. If there's one thing in current dating that really peeves me, it's this. Some women think they're being empowering by overperforming when all they're doing is attracting low-effort males who will only see these actions not as a signal of ambition, but of useful idiocy. They get the boost of ego without having to risk rejection because the woman is doing all the legwork. Don't give them this power over yourselves, you're making it too easy for them to use you.

No. 132017

I agree, it's more of a /g/ topic.

No. 132018

If the topic is pinkpilled/GC, putting it on /g/ means some whiny handmaidens will show up to cry about how they love penis or whatever, won't it?

No. 132019

I wonder how well this strategy would work in Scandinavian countries. Where I live it's not as many who think men should pay for dates - especially not more than the first one. It's considered old-fashioned and gold digger-ish. Is it more of a norm in the US?

No. 132020

its literally called Female ""Dating"" Strategy

No. 132021

same with my country, while some of the strategies might apply its clear somethings can't really translate to the culture we have here

No. 132022

This, the strategy is specifically for pinkpilled straight women, since most dating advice given to women is male-centred. Pick-mes would simply derail it.

Its ideology is radfem-adjacent and many of the mods/posters come from r/GC

No. 132023

How can I tell if a man is into me but trying to hide it because it would be inappropriate, due to the fact that we live or work together?

No. 132024

I found out about /fds/ in the reddit cringe thread and after browsing the sub for the last couple of days I don't understand why it got called cringy by several anons.
My relationship of 11 months just ended through mutual ghosting and I don't feel like dating at the moment but I plan to follow some fds advice if I start pursuing relationships again.

No. 132025

"While we believe in having your own career and making your own money, a man still has to add financial value to your life and make you feel like he can take care of you. This means not splitting the bill and not dating financially challenged men."

This is not radical.

No. 132026

yes tbh unhide the board and just ban the scrotes same as before

No. 132027

File: 1577471547231.jpeg (317.89 KB, 827x1200, 15AB1DF6-4538-4972-8DB5-DBA9F7…)

I’ve been browsing /FDS/ semi-regularly since around November. There are definitely some cringy aspects of the subreddit, namely certain posters and the ‘yas Queen’ twitter bullshit. Most of the ire generated by FDS I think proceeds from the fact that males have a vested interest in keeping women’s standards and self esteem low, so that they can remain competitive. The male sexual imperative involves copulating with as many fertile high value women, for the absolute lowest investment as possible. Since FDS advocates in gatekeeping access to sex until a certain degree of male investment is procured (a measure of self preservation since it’s meant to ensure you don’t get p ‘n’ d), the FDS philosophy is antagonistic towards the fulfilment of that sexual imperative. The very same people (particularly males) who whine about FDS will handwave the existence of TRP, despite it essentially being the male equivalent and just as Machiavellian.

No. 132028

It is nowadays

No. 132029

Agreed. Men are so desperate to convince women that the lowest of standards are unreasonable.
One time I told a group of male acquaintances that I wanted a partner that took care of himself, had common interests with me, showed me respect and didn't expect me to act like his mother and they acted like I had shot all of their pets in front of them.
FDS is just taking men at their word when they say who they are.

No. 132030

>Most of the ire generated by FDS I think proceeds from the fact that males have a vested interest in keeping women’s standards and self esteem low, so that they can remain competitive.
Yeah, FDS is nowhere as vitriolic as its male counterparts like the redpill or mgtow yet it's being branded as being "just as bad" by a lot of people.

No. 132031

What really bothers me about FDS and trufemcels and even the pinkpill sub is that a lot of the users are literally teenage girls who genuinely believe that they're doomed to a life of misery because their crush ignores them. I'm not trying to invalidate them because school was hell for me too but how can you seriously call yourself a femcel at 19 years old? These subs are just so juvenile to me. They're not as violently unhinged as the male counterparts but its just very cringe.

No. 132032

>males have a vested interest in keeping women’s standards and self esteem low

Truth. And patriarchy is an unnatural affair that enables subpar men to spread their genes. The world would look very different if women were not oppressed and discriminated against, had good self-confidence, as we would only pick the most suitable and good men. We can still remember our value and only choose the men that lives up to our standards.

Still wondering how much luck FDS anons have with making men pay for everything though. That seems to be one of the most important rules of that sub.

No. 132033

It's nowhere as prominently exhibited as with the bullshit discourse of "women's romance novels create unrealistic expectations just as porn does for men so it's equally harmful!". Expecting your partner to be attentive, caring and well-behaved is apparently the same as expecting them to be consenting to anal sex, ass to mouth and having gravity-defying large tits with a shaved, bleached innie vagina. Requiring the bare fucking minimum is considered too much for women.

No. 132034

Thats so funny to me because usually the male protagonists in romance novels are straight up rapists or apathetic assholes. The 50 shades boom produces many novels with abusive males leads and almost all classics from like the 70s are also problematic as fuck. Scrotes are sperging about shit they have no clue about as always.

No. 132035

>The world would look very different if women were not oppressed and discriminated against, had good self-confidence, as we would only pick the most suitable and good men
Definitely. The other part of their strategy is to ensure women are DESPERATE to be married and have children before a certain age. Men use scare and shame tactics incessantly against women who dare not to do either or wait until they are older, because a woman who refuses to play the game is a direct threat to male interests. The combination of low standards/self esteem + a time limit for when we are 'good enough' to find a partner ensures scrots get to marry women who are much younger and better looking than them. Then they treat their wives like garbage with no consequences, because men also revile single mothers to give them incentive to stay with shitty men no matter what.

Women have to become comfortable with the idea of being alone if we're ever going to change male behaviour for the better and keep ourselves safe.

No. 132036

This is why I left r/vindicta and the related discord. Several of the members there are very young and have a laundry list of surgeries to get. While they may be average, it really can't be healthy to keep making morphs of yourself with only the tiniest of changes.

No. 132037

I completely disagree with this. I did all of this at the beginning of my relationship with my husband. We've been together for 6 years, and he financially provides for me while I'm in school (including the cost of school).

No. 132038

In what respect did you ‘chase’ him? Because not chasing a man doesn’t mean not initiating conversations, but rather ensuring that you don’t ask him out on dates or actively court a man who clearly lacks interest.

No. 132039

If it's inappropriate and he's trying to hide it, don't chase him, anon. Have dignity and don't shit where you eat.
You all gotta stop talking to online weirdos (I mean we are too, but women aren't degenerates like moids) and talk to some normies with core values who understand that women also want to be attracted to their partner. If you have to date men, find one who plays sports and at least has a nice body and understands teamwork.

No. 132040

>1.Be a high value woman.

Everywhere we go, we are treated like fucking objects. Ffs, stop it. Women don't have a value, we aren't related to the Stock Market in any way. We are human, thanks.

>She has her own career, hobbies, and a great social life that fulfills her emotional needs.

"you have to be the perfect, flawless bussiness woman to start dating correctly"

Yikes. I understand some of the points they are trying to come across but the phrasing is wonky. I know it's trying to tell women to develop themselves without focusing on males, but at the same time it can be read as "be perfect or no quality man will look at you twice".

I'm going to tell you a secret, anons. Don't date. At all. Why suffer through all of this when you can just forget about dating and, as the first rule says, focus on your life?? Men are all the same, if you don't like their general behaviour (male socialization) you won't like any of them. There's no special-snowflake-prince-charming waiting for you out there, and sure as hell there's no (rad)feminist man who will understand you. The sooner you understand this, the better.

No. 132041

Never been on FDS but I've never had trouble with it.
Works best if you act willing to pay/split and then they'll insist on paying for you.
At least that's how it's always been with me when I dated.

No. 132042

i need romantic love anon…

No. 132043

Yeah, it's unreasonable to expect all straight women to give up on romantic love. I still help my het friends with their love lives even if I fucking hate men with every fibre of my being because I want them to be happy

No. 132044

He’s extremely hot, and I think he may want to at least fuck me. He acts awkward around me, sometimes finds lame excuses to talk to me, but always keeps it 100% flirt free. I won’t be living/working here forever and I really just want to fuck him, but I’m so shy and awkward around moids when they’re actually fuckable, as I’m used to settling for ugly betas due to ripping insecurity.

No. 132045

How do I entice a man into being my fuckbuddy without being desperate and chasing him?

No. 132046

File: 1577801132053.png (803.29 KB, 958x752, 1577505358936.png)

I have a problem with FDS because they all seem to chase the same type of man. For me, a high value man is emotionally stable, caring, patient, not hypersexual (ideally a virgin), good looking, youthful somewhat feminie, loyal, etc. I wouldn't want a guy who pays for anything and is a provider or an "alpha" male. I'm curious if any anons feel the same?

No. 132047

isn't this manga shotacon? what are you trying to imply here???

No. 132048

I got that pic from some imageboard. I am into guys who are the same age as me (mid 20s).

No. 132049

nta but I thought the author clarified that it wasn't shotacon…I haven't read it myself so I don't know

No. 132050

File: 1577838765672.png (85.78 KB, 760x304, Screenshot_20200101-013149.png)

I read it some time ago, but I remember being kind of uncomfortable with how the relationship between the 30 year old woman and the (14-15?) boy was developed. Like, the woman couldn't restrain herself from being attracted to him, so she ghosted the kid for years. Eh… Reminds me of some lolicon mangas where the teacher is OBVIOUSLY ATTRACTED to the 6 year old kid but he tries not to give in to his fantasies (yuck)…

Sorry for derailing.

No. 132051

There's actually been a couple timeskips and the kid is in high school now. She's never really admitted she loved him, but he confessed to her in a way. Still a chance he'll end up with a classmate.

No. 132052

can you shut the fuck up

No. 132053

This is what happens when you try to discuss dating on an imageboard, someone derails with underage manga shit instead.

No. 132054

This, a high value man to me is empathetic and virginal as well.

But I also think the philosophy behind FDS is that no naturally kind males exist so seeking these sorts out is pointless, and that only money and looks can be the benefits of engaging with men.

No. 132055

all I want is just a young cute virgin boy who doesn't watch porn :(

No. 132056

you sound pedo

No. 132057

I hope it's ok to ask for dating advice here, since it's FDS-centric.

I've been in a relationship with this guy for a few years. He's a gentle nerd type. However, I make $10k a year (student) and he makes $200k with $100k in savings. He insists on splitting the bill every time. He even keeps track of minor expenses from over a year ago, and the value of gifts - only brought it up once, but it made me feel awful.

How should I handle this? He grew up very poor, and hates spending money on himself, so I feel bad trying to force him.

No. 132058

Holy shit, dump him. I don't think bill splitting is the worst thing in the world later in a relationship and I think frugality is usually a good trait, but the disparity in income is too much to justify it. What a fucking scrooge.

No. 132059

Keeping track of the value of gifts sounds like a controlling fucking nightmare. Gifts are gifts. There's no obligation put on someone for accepting them and there isn't a scale you have to balance.

This seems like a pretty big red flag.

No. 132060

He isn't a poor boy anymore. He makes so much more money than you. Talk to him about it.

No. 132061

What I don't like about /FDS/ is the gold digger mentality. I don't have a problem with gold digging, that's the traditional normal role for a woman.

However some women forget that an "alpha" man who provides also means control. These birds chasing old rich dick often end up used for a Chanel bag. That's pathetic. They're so delusional thinking they will finesse old experienced men lol.
Not to mention that these strategies don't work for ugly women. The "man must provide" mentally often implies that a woman's value is first and foremost her body.

The reality is: best couples are those where the two partners are equal (looks, status, age).

No. 132062

it's just sugar baby rhetoric with a little more misandry sprinkled in.

No. 132063

I've literally never seen FDS say that women should be going after rich old farts or that women should be completely financially dependent on men. The point of having the man pay for dates and financially provide is because it weeds out the men who aren't willing to invest anything into a stable relationship. It makes sense in that context. Do you honestly believe the man who buys you a McChicken and expects to fuck on the first date is more willing to invest in a relationship than the man who actually puts in effort to impress you?

No. 132064

Actually I don't see too much of that on there. Its mainly taking care of yourself and building yourself up. Not looking for a man who will provide for you all the way.
Looking for man to pay for your date is not the same thing.

No. 132065

The problem with gold digging is not having your own money and therefore relying on a man for it. Another problem is lowering your standards in other areas in order to prioritize money. It's not the same as expecting a man to invest financially in you to prove he's actually interested and not just trying to get the easiest fuck possible out of your interactions, and I've never seen FDS encourage women to date or 'finesse' old men, the opposite is more common.

I can understand finding it uncomfortable. I've always liked to pay for myself for a few reasons… so he doesn't think I owe him anything, so he knows I'm not poor, and yes, in a pickme-esque fashion I didn't want to be seen as a gold digger. I just genuinely don't need a guy's money so it felt like selling myself short if I acted like I did, as if we aren't equal even in finances. But men have pretty much forced our hand, if we could assume they weren't trying to get low effort sex out of every date, if we could be equal without them taking advantage at every opportunity, we wouldn't need to vet them like this.

No. 132066


On reddit they're all obsess with providing and I've seen typical Sugar bb tweets like "dating young men is like an unpaid internship"….It's also very common in women's forums.

A rich guy taking you to fancy restaurants and buying you a bag, isn't doing more effort than the poor guy buying you McDonalds. Providing isn't a sign of respect or commitment. Young women are easily impress with money and they should not.

It's just about common sense. Of course, someone really interested in you will do efforts. Of course you should care about yourself first, especially when you're young.
Idk too much "YAASSS QUEEN" shit in FDS and when you see the posters history, you see women that have dated drug dealers or else. I mean…

No. 132067

This woman's videos were recommended in the FDS sub. Sure, she might have some good tips (I have only watched some of it) but I can't get over this adult woman says "sprinkle sprinkle" and talking about being "too pretty to work". Well, what happens when you get older? What if your rich husband decides he wants a younger woman to show off?

FDS has a good message about avoiding fuckboys and being confident but this shit is promoting oldfashioned gold digging.

No. 132068

I hope this doesn't come across of as racebait but there seems to be a disportionately large amount of black women that are into FDS

No. 132069

Shera is a whole ass mess as well. She is the worst person to take advice from, most of the good takes she has are common sense or regurgitated. Not to mention she didn't exactly follow her own advice. Waiting 7 years for some older man to divorce his wife while your in your 20s doesn't seem like a good goal at all, but that's what she did before promptly pushing out his babies. She's no boss or anything to aspire to, yet people flock to her. She just genuinely seems lazy, so that's why I guess she thinks being a housewife for some sloppy seconds is cute.

No. 132070

>A rich guy taking you to fancy restaurants and buying you a bag, isn't doing more effort than the poor guy buying you McDonalds. Providing isn't a sign of respect or commitment.
Lol you're incredibly naive if you think a broke man with no ambition is just as capable of a committed relationship than someone who has his shit together at least. My mom works two jobs and her ex bf literally called her a gold digger because she told him to get a fucking job while he was living with her and not paying any rent. The fuck…

No. 132071

I didn’t say that. What I said is that for a rich man, buying you a bag isn’t much and doesn’t mean shit. Some of these men have bitches in every city and a whole hidden family.

I don’t say that dating a fucking bum is better. The two partners should have the same vision of life and equivalent status.

No. 132072

I agree with your point. How can you be 18yo and expect men your age to provide for you?
They're telling those women to seek mid to late 20s men at best if they wanna be provided for.

No. 132073

Why would you post this here? no sense of coding jfc
No there isn't, It's just common with girls in the sugaring community

No. 132074

This I grew up with my mom doing th cleaning and working two physical jobs whilst her lard ass potato husband called me fat.

LVM are the worst

No. 132075

>literally teenage girls
Well, yes, but no need to be bitter about it. I skimmed through this thread and that board, and none of this talk has anything to do with my life as a middle aged woman. But us older people have no need for such things, we know what we want and how to get it (spoiler alert: It's different for everybody). It's natural that the younger someone is, the more they'll be drawn towards stuff like this as part of their learning experience and experimentation.

That's not "cringy", just common sense.

No. 132076

No. 132077

Who cares. Men deserve it if they’re going to be shallow and superficial and to have their own idiotic standards. Perhaps they should try and bring genuine depth to a relationship

No. 132078

This isn't about men's feelings or whatever, this is about how these 666 rule are almost set up to fail, the perecentage of men who are well off, are over 6 feet and are endowed must be rarer then 5% of the US and the chances are is those guys will already be married to some other well off woman

No. 132079

So what if one women has higher standards than average? You're just assuming that she doesn't have anything to offer herself. Hot girls can afford to have high standards.

Why are men allowed to go for women way above their league but said woman is shallow if she won't settle for his broke, ugly fatass?
If incels want to use that to fuel their defeatist mindset that's their fucking problem. They're going to cry either way.

No. 132080

I knew I had seen this phrase on /r9k/ before
I cant find an instance of it before the first posts date on there so they probably literally invented it as a misogynist meme

No. 132081

I’m sick of anons coming here like ~we’re just proving the incels right, we’re just as bad as them uwu~
Women who are highly attractive and accomplished really should have high standards. It’s not unusual for a man to have standards that surpass their own assets, the incels are very guilty of this.
I personally use FTS as a way to get a partner who is equal to myself. Insecurity has lead me to date guys who are far lesser than myself, thinking they’d appreciate and be nice to me, but I ended up being abused, and I left the relationship as a diminished person. I want a man who is good in bed, not ugly, not badly groomed and a good conversationalist, ambitious and creative. All of those are assets I know I have to offer myself. I deserve to expect a man that matches me in quality and status, and I’d rather be alone than settle for less. If men and handmaidens want to cry about it then tough shit.

No. 132082

File: 1579545758363.jpg (64.99 KB, 700x582, 1579511248833.jpg)

I was thinking about creating thread on /snow/ based on incels forum (much like the fun r/incels threads we had few years ago), so I've been "researching" and the standards they all have simply floored me. Out of around 200 active users, there are maybe a couple willing to "settle" for their "looksmatch" (of course, only if she is a young white virgin). There are literally only two users who'd be willing to date a non-virgin woman around their age who is just as (un)attractive as them. Two out of two hundred have somewhat realistic/reasonable standards. And yet, I don't see anyone making fun of that. Those men are the lowest value males you can think of - NEETs, horrible hygienie, extremely unattractive, they often have BPD/NPD, they are almost all pedos (as in, literal pedos - they want to date 11yos), violent, lazy, etc. And all of them have sky high standards.
Just think about those men every time you get angry at attractive women who want o date attractive men.

No. 132083

I have high standards but they don't come in the form of a set height, salary and dick size. To me she sounds like scrotes saying they will only be in a relationship with a woman who has D cups minimum. It's not having a preference for taller men, bigger dicks and large wallets that's weird, it's autistically fixing a minimum size and making it such a priority.

A man, no matter how attractive, smart and rich he is would immediately looks pathetic to me if he had a minimal bra size as a primary criteria when looking for a relationship.

No. 132084

I mean I agree to a certain extent, it just doesn’t bother me. I don’t have a set menu for what’s attractive, like being 6 ft with a 6 inch would make a man seem more attractive im not gonna lie, but I’d be far more attracted to a guy 5’8 with a smaller dick if I got along well with him, found him interesting and funny and he pleased me in bed, similar interests and values etc.
I don’t want a prize, the way some of these people do, I want a companion. I say 5’8 cos I’m fairly tall for a woman, I’m just barely shorter than that.

No. 132085

File: 1579666147106.jpg (111.51 KB, 506x640, mfw.jpg)

Well let me tell you ladies something: Ever since applying the FDS lens to dating, it's been very eye-opening. I'm in so much shock about how much disrespect I used to tolerate and was gaslit into believing was normal.
These men literally have nothing else to offer but the audacity!
Right now I'm relying on online dating (OLD) to meet new men. Can't say I had better luck meeting men through friends as they turned out to be monsters too. But I digress.

Anyway when I finally match with someone who seems compatible, they wind up being such low effort fucks. Because clearly they're spinning so many other women behind our backs. They want to get the most sex for the least effort and maximum convenience. So no offers to have a first date over dinner or something pricey to impress (date cheap, if not for free), attempt to manipulate the woman to take on the emotional load (make her chase, ask questions, and plan the dates), and to set the meetup location at their convenience (the woman is forced to be more invested by spending time and money to meet).

Matched with this dude who wasn't my type looks-wise but appeared to be put together due to his clean and stylish living conditions and hobbies. He reached out but I put him on the backburner for a few days. When I returned the message he wanted to meet up. I asked him what he was proposing. "Drinks," I was thinking sure–cheap. I hate having first dates in loud and crowded places.
I went along with it just to see where it went. Found myself asking the majority of the questions to drag his own date out of him. Pathetic right? If men ask women out they should already have an offer wtf.
When? And where? Saturday, okay. Time? "6pm." I laughed, I told him that's when people have dinner not drinks (he'd rather go cheap than spend for dinner). Instead of offering dinner, he wanted to push back the time. "8pm." Lol, sure dude. Okay, where for drinks? "[The nearest bar to where I live]." He didn't even bother to check where I was driving from to meet him at a venue that's literally 10 minutes from his place. And he didn't care, because his next statement? "Yeah we can get drinks and see where it goes from there. You can come back to my place and watch Netflix."
So basically this dude is expecting sex for less than the cost of a dinner date, with the added perk that I'd get gussied up and drive myself to him just for his dick.
I replied "Very convenient," then he responded "…okay?" Then he must have went back to my profile before I blocked him, because then he followed up with a "Oh you live in X?" Lmao, I guess he thought I'd throw myself at him.

These men are fucking creeps. What I hate most of all is that not even a month ago I would have agreed to this shitfest. Me expending all the effort just for an awkward and subpar fuck at the end of my night who I'd never speak to again.

No. 132086

Honestly unless your dating pool is mostly Hispanic guys for whatever reason, it's really not unreasonable to expect a guy to be above 5'10"
I hate that manlets make it out to be this huge deal.
Tbh the most abusive men Ive known have been manlets. They're insecure as fuck.

I don't think the rest of the 666 rule matters much though, depending on your age. If you're in your early/mid twenties it's more important to know a mans work ethic and his career plans than what his current salary is.

No. 132087

There is already one

No. 132088

No. 132089

I prefer short men. I’m a sexually dominant woman and I’m just more attracted to men who are shorter than me. 5’5”-5’7” is ideal. Literally every single time this has come up around a man, he’s immediately started trying to convince me that I’m mistaken, and that I ACTUALLY prefer tall men. It doesn’t matter whether the guy in question is tall or short. They immediately get really defensive and weird. Is it just the idea that women might have varied and unpredictable preferences? It’s really obnoxious.

No. 132090

No one cares if you like short men. Not the thread for it.

No. 132091

I think she's just saying that a "high quality male" isn't the same for everyone, which is one of the biggest issues with this imo. It's come up here a few times already.

No. 132092

Anyone else noticing an uptick in men expecting women to drive out to them?
Twice now through dating apps, I've had to turn down men who expect me to drive out where they live in order to have a dinner date or drink that they invited me on! They know where I live too so it's not like they mistook me for local. Also it's not like I wouldn't be weirded out if they offered to pick me up but they don't even bother with that anymore.

Good grief they just want convenience and sex on demand. I'm sure some women actually take them up on this too.

No. 132093

For anyone into FDS, I highly recommend The Rules Revisited blog. It's not very well-known but it's one of the greatest female dating blogs I've ever read. Better than the actual "Rules" book.
I recommend reading the Important Posts in the sidebar first; the other posts are just building on those ones.

Good for you anon. As soon as a guy gives me a lame response (short, no question to follow up) I unmatch them. If he was really interested, he would at least put in some effort

No. 132094

This blog is written by a man, it's redpill garbage. Pass.

No. 132095

So they want a free escort. Garbage men.

No. 132096

>cut off low effort men
>don't initiate contact with men you are interested in
>have strong personal boundaries
It's literally saying the same things as FDS. Sounds like you didn't bother reading.

No. 132097

Desperate women allowed this to happen

When I was still dating (a year ago) most of it involved
>Only being able to see them if you drove
>Dates involved you paying for shit or just having sex and leaving, after a few dates all you would be to him is to come over at 12 pm, give him a blowjob and have shitty sex and leave
>No affection, no compliments, no cuddling, no kissing and if there was it was gross/an excuse for him to judge your body

That's it. That's literally it. I was so used to being abused by men my boyfriend was getting a culture shock, I would cry anytime he cuddled me because I simply never got that before and he seemed so sad because I just assumed he wanted to have sex with me and had me leave. I wouldn't allow him to take off my clothes because most of the time when a man took my clothes off all I got was insulted, I was so use to being cold it hurt my current bf when we first started dating because I have a really fucked up idea of what relationships are.

No. 132098

>don't bother getting a degree because men only care about looks

FDS is about having the power to choose, not being some scrote's traditional wife. Respect yourself more.

No. 132099

I don’t drive and I live in a suburban area and dating was difficult for me. Guys hated that I couldn’t drive to their places for hookups and dates.

No. 132100

Men get handed everything in dating nowadays
Unless you're willing to be a mommy sex slave to every man that asks you're fucked

No. 132101

Nah you're fucked if you accept being treated like a free escort, better to stay single. If men get desperate maybe they'll start to make effort with women.

No. 132102

>If men get desperate maybe they'll start to make effort with women.
But how do we get rid of pickmes who allow this to happen? Men will get what they can get while putting in the lowest amount of effort possible, as long as if there is okay looking women willing to give themselves to low effort and bottom tier men, then men won't ever improve and the only people to reproduce is desperate pickmes who are going to be horrible influences on their daughters and mentally ill and selfish men who are going to be horrible influences on their sons

I'm honestly scared to see where the world will go, men will continue to deteriorate into greasy blobs who do nothing but cheat, fart, play video games and watch porn all day, women will be the ones who have to work hard on their careers to make money to support men, work out to keep their figure in check, all while doing the cleaning, cooking, child bearing, and so on. Men don't deserve women, mass suicide seems like a liable option at this point

No. 132103

Look for the guy who doesn't want a pick-me*

*not a femcel, take my words with a grain of salt

No. 132104

No offence anon, but as a survivor of abuse this post reads as porn to me kek someday…

No. 132105

Here's a great way to out filter men, that me and my friends have tried and has been proven accurate

I ask them what thier favorite book is. If it’s Atlas Shrugged, run. If it’s Catcher in the Rye or The Great Gatsby, then its likely he hasn’t read a book since high school. Maybe okay but he’s probably boring. If it’s anything by Margaret Atwood or Toni Morrison he’s lying to get into your pants. Any classic sci-fi or fantasy is acceptable but be very wary of men who are too enthusiastic about sci-fi and fantasy. Biographies are also acceptable but obviously it depends on who it’s about!

Anything by Franzen, Palahniuk, Pynchon or Chabon, run. Vonnegut? I mean, use caution. But generally okay. Dickens? Make sure he’s not lying but Dickens is a win.

Be a little wary if it’s something by a female author. cayse he’s probably lying and trying to just fuck you. Unless it’s Frankenstein, then he’s an adorable weirdo if you're into that, if its Harry Potter then it mean's he’s too young/immature for you.

No. 132106

What's that even supposed to mean?
That would be lovely if they existed. What men want and what men say they want are two different things, men can talk shit all day about how desperate women who live for male attention are pathetic and unattractive but still fall for whatever pickme manipulates them. Men are practically monkey brained

No. 132107

i think you mean to say "literally anything by ayn rand" rather than just atlas shrugged

No. 132108

atlas shrugged is her only well known work, even normies know about it

No. 132109

What about guys who only read non-fiction? This one guy I know likes to read books about drawing, cooking, gardening, and zoology. I don't think he's read any fiction since high school.

No. 132110

not at all, anon. the fountainhead is very, very popular too

No. 132111

File: 1580127386960.jpg (45.79 KB, 339x499, 51HEsYbtvvL._SX337_BO1,204,203…)

If his favourite book is a fitness related book, then it's likely he has some self loathing issues to some degree, If a guy has a standard genetic exercise advice book then you should be okay but if his favourite book is Sun and Steel, RUN away and never look back. If he has art related books then make sure its works related to art fundamentals and or the old masters and not weeb shit, I don't know much about guys who are into gardening and zoology though

No. 132112

Men who only read non-fiction tend to lack imagination and are kinda boring in that normie sort of way. He sounds like he's into self-sufficiency and homesteading. Like how my brother has a lot of books on plants, chickens, and beekeeping.

No. 132113

Obviously avoid men who like books about global politics written from a conservative perspective or men who are overly-focused on WWII when it comes to history books.

No. 132114

avoid WW2 History buffs, If thier into world history its fine as long its not just WW2, as for philosophy avoid anyone into aristotle, nietzsche, and especially Derrida and Foucault. other philosophy like Stoicism, kant and Hegel is generally okay

No. 132115

The guy I like is in love with Russian Literature, especially the Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Never read it, don’t know what it’s about. Sounds very male-oriented though.

No. 132116

he's most likely a miserable misanthrope disillusioned by humanity

No. 132117

>as for philosophy avoid anyone into aristotle, nietzsche
Why? I'm curious

No. 132118

Stoicism is a huge red flag, though

No. 132119

nta but aristotle is misogynistic

No. 132120

Those are actually really well-written books but if you read them then there is a high chance you have depression.

No. 132121

Why avoid men who like WWII? And I don’t know who Mishima is. Is he some raging misogynist?

No. 132122

Not necessarily bad that he may be boring. Books on plants chickens and beekeeping sound nice. Maybe gardening and cooking too. Idk maybe it's just my vision to be more self sufficient with home keeping and food into the future and if some guy likes that too, it's a win

Oh God aristotle being anti woman isn't talked about enough. He considered women being treated well, like fellow human beings, as barbaric. Be cautious with men who praise him

No. 132123

>Men who only read non-fiction
That’s most men. They hardly ever read fiction after high school because fiction requires too much empathy, imagination, and a large attention span. The modern male is more lacking in these attributes because they hang around empathy-killing websites like 4chan and their only hobby is playing video games.

No. 132124

in my personal experience, the guys into wwii were the kind of people calling you a feminazi for not shaving your legs

No. 132125

I don’t know. My brother wants to go live in a cottage one day with a large vegetable garden away from everyone he knows which I think is really boring but I suppose it can be appealing to some people.

No. 132126

he told me he's read it twice. he then went into great detail of the book's themes like active love and something about God (wasn't really paying attention). it looks like he's really into literature so i think i got myself a catch if he reciprocates because he's the opposite of >>132123

No. 132127

Men who are interested in Imperial Japan and Japanese nationalism are the worst sort of weeaboos. They like to engage in Japanese war crime denialism or apologism, think of the Japanese as "honorary Aryans", and praise Japan as a "utopian ethnostate" that knows how to "put women in their place". The alt-right is filled with these types of men who love anime and worship Japan.

No. 132128

it's important to remember there's a difference between people who are just ignorant to japanese Imperialism and think that Japan was unfairly nuked and occupied by the US and people who suppport nationalism and Imperial Japan

No. 132129

Don't forget about how men watch porn all the time and masturbate at least once a day so when they start something like nofap they get shocked at how productive they become and call it "superpowers". Men truly are a disease.

No. 132130

what their reaction is when you remind them women used to not shave back then?

No. 132131

Ngl that sounds appealing to me. It's basic, simple and cute

not that anon, but I bet they'll be denial. And use the sex scenes in game of thrones as evidence that women were 100% shaven everywhere. Ive witnessed too many guys used GoT as a history lesson

No. 132132

>Ive witnessed too many guys used GoT as a history lesson
This sounds too dumb to be true, I don't want to believe it.

No. 132133

This is honestly preety fun, What about guys who only read religious history?

No. 132134

Most men obsessed with WWII or history won't be able to handle life back then

Calling women gold diggers for paying for dinner, back then they would have to support her financially if they even want to think about a wife
Calling women fat, ugly, out of shape, etc
Most women back then didn't look like porn stars, even Marilyn Monroe would be relentlessly mocked by men nowadays
Women not shaving but most women had bushes and hairy armpits
"Wife bad" jokes were mocked, you HAD to learn to be happy with your wife

No. 132135

Just avoid WW2 and Japanese history guys, as well anyone too obsessed with the Romans, but if their in to anything by Will and Ariel Durnat then you've find a keeper, the Durant's give a nuanced portrayal of history and always mention the status of women for every civilization they discuss in that time period

No. 132136

No. 132137

I find that guys who are the extreme opposite (like guys who constantly make nuke jokes and classic "they deserved it" comments whenever anything japanese is brought up) are also best to avoid.

No. 132138

This makes me so fucking mad. Why are women so accommodating? She's fucking 29 years old and she stays with a bum who rapes her.

No. 132139

I'm always suspicious at big posts with no history because it's a throwaway and no comments from the poster.

But really
>For about 3 years I slept on the floor instead so I wouldn't be bothered.
Paid for everything and yet sleeps like a dog. Well no, worse than. Dogs sleep on comfy beds. She's on the damn floor. And shes hesitant on leaving because he doesn't know how to care for himself… Christ.

No. 132140

That's the entire point of a throwaway… To make a big post you don't want connected to your other accounts and that's it

No. 133082

Women have only themselves to blame. They got their sexual freedom and started fucking random idiots when they should have been selecting their men thoroughly.

It's funny, if FDS and RP were to meet halfway and reach a compromise we'd all go back to a traditional society.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133101

nothing wrong with Sun and Steel

it's just ancient-themed self-improvement

muh empathy, imagination, attention… start recognizing areas that women lack in these areas if you really believe that. you might see past your biases and blindspots (e.g. maybe look at incel boards and appraise it for truth-value not your rationalizations). you are on a chan board too, so your whole statement is self-defeating

porn addiction is a big problem, start showing some empathy
https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/relevant-research-and-articles-about-the-studies/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 133103

oops, i'm like this. i guess i'm just too picky with fiction. fiction for adults often feels voyeuristic and neurotic to me. like the author is just making versions of people from their own lives and overanalyzing every little move they make and assuming they know what they must be feeling. it's not real empathy. it's just projecting your feelings and mistaking it for other people's feelings. ofc there's some fiction that i like but i don't have as much patience for it as i do for nonfiction

No. 133105

Stoicism in itself is not bad. The modern day followers of it tend to have a superiority complex and use stoicism as an excuse for lacking empathy and acting like a general narc. "I'm not emotional like you/women. I'm stoic/logical." Aka "I have the authority listen to me."

As for porn addiction, I have 0 empathy towards men. You rarely see women addicted to it, and it's from the perspective of being the sub (abused). Porn made by men for men is violent, exploits children as well due to demand. For scrotes having a love of quoting statistics and pulling up numbers for divorce cases, they sure like to ignore information on this. Front page of porn website is facials, abusing relatives, anal, etc. This is on the tame side. Stop boo hooing for men. They gaslight us our whole lives as unintellectual, but we're supposed to forgive that they just completely ignore obvious patterns of sexism in the content they watch. The problem is I see men as human and would check that behavior if porn addiction affected me. Most men who go nofap, don't do it because porn is bad for those involved, but just because he wants to "retain semen" or "boost testosterone." He thinks it makes him even more masculine and desirable, which seems fine and dandy, until he uses this newfound ego to be an ass, all while claiming to be an intellectual stoic, this was his notice to begin with. Everything is about making males feel better. The whole point of this thread is to stop coddling them.

No. 133107

>start showing some empathy for pornaddled psychos! uwu
lol, why are you in this thread? is fds about mollycoddling undesirables for you?

No. 133110

You'll find there's a large and growing movement of men against porn for scientific, cultural, political and religious reasons. These are men who got exposed to it at a young age before they can reflect critically on it. It really is addictive, it's a supernormal stimulus that keeps people hooked the way gambling, cocaine and video games do.

I've spent a good deal of time in those forums, and the reasons they want to quit aren't reducible just to ego-boosting. Many of them report one day how far down the hole they'd gone when they realise how niche and grotesque the stuff they need to watch to get off, compared to the vanilla stuff that used to satiate within seconds.

The superpowers are signs of returning to normality. For guys who've been going at it since a young age (and it gets younger each year), it's a very transformative experience. Especially given that so many are adolescent and trying to get their lives going. The porn has the dehumanising effect. So many reports I've read affirm how happy they are to be free from it's grip and in the company of real women. They all report marked improvements in their relationship with women. That YBOP site has plenty of studies aligned with that too.

The irony of r/femaledatingstrategy is it's a complete mirror image of the redpill/ manosphere / MRA / incel cluster, but women aren't being called out for it. I'm all for an even playing field, and the coddling/condemnation is clearly unevenly distributed by issue for either of the sexes.

No. 133112

>The irony of r/femaledatingstrategy is it's a complete mirror image of the redpill/ manosphere / MRA / incel cluster,
female dating strategy is kind of dumb but this comparison is so faulty that i feel you must be a scrote or just massively deluded

No. 133117

>The irony of r/femaledatingstrategy is it's a complete mirror image of the redpill/ manosphere / MRA / incel cluster
You can't be serious. Care to elaborate? Yeah, some aspects of fds can be pretty cringy and juvenile, however, it's not anywhere close to levels of malice and violence present in male circles. Top posts on fds are screenshots of lackluster guys saying embarrassing things, or girls' personal experiences with abusive men, while those male communities are filled with posts like "can't wait for female sex slaves!", "women above 20 are old hags", "here's a guide on how to emotionally manipulate, destroy and cheat on women far above your league". FDS is more about adjusting your standards (men should initiate and court) rather than manipulating and lying to potential male partners through "game". It's about having firm standards. Why does it offend you so much? Is it because you can't meet them?

No. 133118

obviously a scrote. who else would advocate having empathy for incels?

No. 133119

they didn't do that tho?

No. 133120

>e.g. maybe look at incel boards and appraise it for truth-value not your rationalizations
>porn addiction is a big problem, start showing some empathy
ok, anon, sure they didn't

No. 133123

I only see men complaining about porn once they reach the point where their dick doesn't work from it. When it takes a death grip to get them off and when they can't perform real life normal sex.. that's when they care.

Sure some of them will pretend to care about how porn affects women, but that's secondary to their dick not working anymore.

No. 133130

that's obviously a different poster tho and not >>133110

No. 133131

>Selective women are evil
>Unselective women are also evil
Just say you hate women for no logical reason

No. 133132

I feel like I'm moving in the right direction by unmatching anyone who doesn't respond after a few days–but I still end up holding onto matches I'm really attracted to (personality, hobby, or physically wise)
Sometimes I'll have a great conversation that drops off and I still want more–

what's the best way to keep a conversation going?
In my case, it's "the several that got away"

No. 133139

>Selective women are evil (because they don't select me)
>Unselective women are also evil (because they select men other than me)

This is how male """logic""" actually works.

No. 133143

im married now but back when i was still dating i would just straight up ask if they wanna hang out or whatever it is i wanted to do w them tbh. if theyre getting fuccboi-ish about it i'd just block and move on. just didn't wanna talk to someone that wants to play mind games and it has saved me a ton of headache.

don't get too blinded by some positive things you see in a stranger you don't actually know. there are many more like them out there!

No. 133154

File: 1582278045086.png (1.34 MB, 1242x2208, CD803974-DF0D-4F51-907D-D1B55A…)

Should I be uncomfortable about these sorts of interactions between my bf and his ex. Bf is blue ex is red. In the pic she’s wearing his underwear. I’m friends with her and we’re on good-ish terms but still i don’t know why he’d be okay with seeing this

I’m livid why can’t he have some self control and stop embarrassing me like this

No. 133156

Yikes, I'd be pretty livid too. That seems a bit too flirty and in public too. I'm sorry anon :( you should tell him that makes you uncomfortable. He definitely wouldn't like it if you did something similar

No. 133157

imo he's being flirty

No. 133159


Anons, am I a being jealous/insane? It's not the first time I've spoken to him about his register in their interactions. It really, really pisses me off, I'm actually foaming at the mouth over this shit.

She must think I'm such a pushover, I'm so, so embarrassed

No. 133160

no, it's not really acceptable, especially being that she is his ex. obviously he doesn't care enough about your relationship if he continually takes gambles like these.

No. 133161

He's keeping her sweet for later (or maybe for right now?)
I had a friend who was like this exactly, and he platonically dated and semi-romantically messaged a lot of girls on the side while having a main gf.
She's also an ass to be posting pics in your boyfriends underwear and house while he is very obviously taken. Hop off his dick, lady. They are both at fault here, it is disrespectful to you for him to be so obviously keeping the ex sweet like this.

No. 133163


This makes me want to die I just want it to stop. I feel humiliated

No. 133171

That's good because you realize you don't deserve this. I'd leave, there is no coming back from that.

No. 133188

how do I stop trying to rely on men to provide my future for me? I don't mean to whine, but my whole life I've failed at most things I've tried, and I'm nowhere near smart enough or cutthroat enough to have a successful career that will provide for me my whole life. How can I be a high value woman when I have no value?

No. 133194

If you don't have kids you don't need a successful, high paying career, just a steady full time job.

This isn't really a question for a dating thread, there's a career thread in /ot/.

No. 133197

Is there an app you ladies prefer? Bumble seems good but I don't feel like writing every single first message

No. 133204

I've found that on bumble I'm expected to carry the whole fucking conversation, maybe it attracts more passive males but they come just across as disinterested or socially inept

No. 133407

>Selective women are evil

That's the opposite of what I said lol. Women should have sex ONLY with good men. That way, women shape men as a group into being good – since being good is the only way to get sex. TRP as a movement exists only because women are being lax in their vetting. The less mysoginistic values of TRP – self-improvement and independence – are enforced by FDS vetting.

Women need to stop fucking men that aren't good for them. I've seen literally homeless men get steady sex from his girlfriends. Why the fuck would other men even try?

No. 133408

100% agreed. Video game addiction is also considered a red flag by FSD and it's not without merit. They're literally designed to be addictive these days. I feel sorry for the children exposed to the predatory mobile games I've seen. Many of them are no different than gambling.

No. 133412

>it's not anywhere close to levels of malice and violence present in male circles

Isn't it? It seems just as hateful as TRP. The top/sidebar posts by staff are pretty good and have a surprising clarity in them but the comments are becoming increasingly substance-less, radical and hateful. Early TRP used to be like this too until everything was drowned out by man children who never got past the anger phase. It remains to be seen whether FSD will suffer from a similar phemomenon as the userbase grows but generally the more users you have the worse the community.

Both communities are filled with people deeply disillusioned with the other sex and the hate is likely to only ever increase as members of the community reinforce each other. Both encourage members to adopt radical and uncompromising strategies towards the other sex. Both look down on people who betray the interests of their own sex (chumps marrying their oneitis vs. pickmes indulging LVMs).

FSD is totally fine with LVMs literally dying off or having their dicks rot from lack of use. They're also opposed to them getting any release via prostitution or even porn. Given that LVMs are the vast majority of men according to FSD, I question the stability of a society where FSD is a dominant ideology. Not that TRP is any better since it discourages marriage. A society where everyone is able to form families and raise children properly is most sensible.

No. 133413

Why should LVM be able to get married and form families? For the record, LVM doesn't mean low income, introverted, shy, unambitious, or whatever LVM think it means. These things alone do not make a man LV. By the very definition a LVM is a man who will mistreat their wife and be a poor life partner and father. This doesn't necessarily mean abuse either. It could be neglect, laziness, apathy, or whatever. Not everyone should be entitled to marriage and children. Sad fact is, most men are just not suited to be in a relationship, while most women tend to go above on beyond. That's why there's a need for them to be "picky"

The truth is when it comes to dating, the majority of men need to be weeded out. It's a woman's job to do so. It has nothing to do with hate or malice. It's a simple matter of self-preservation and preservation of her children (if the woman in question decides to have them). While with TRP, everything they do is out of anger and hate that they didn't get their dick wet.

No. 133414

>A society where everyone is able to form families and raise children properly is most sensible.

This is the world you live in right now. Do you see healthy and happy societies?
Why are you so opposed to the idea that some people are better than others, and that these people should be the ones breeding?
The truth of the matter is, the vast majority of the people born today are either from rape or an ambivalent pregnancy. Why should any of these people be born, and why should their parents have been born either?

No. 133422

>Why should LVM be able to get married and form families?

If most men are LVM, then HVM are rare and it stands to reason not every woman will be able to have one. Currently FDS has about 50k subscribers, meaning it represents an elite group of women. If applied on a wider scale, problems are likely to arise.

I'd like to believe there is some way to integrate these people into such a society. FDS doesn't give them any options: no relationships, no casual sex, no prostitution, not even porn. They aren't entitled to any of this but it doesn't change the fact the result will be a huge number of very unhappy men. One could say LVMs could become HVMs and therefore gain fair access to relationships and sex but I doubt anyone on FDS believes they are capable of improvement.

>It has nothing to do with hate or malice.

Doesn't feel that way. A lot of women on FDS talk about LVM like they're subhumans.

>While with TRP, everything they do is out of anger and hate that they didn't get their dick wet.

I don't dispute that. TRP nowadays is filled with people who get off on the anger and don't actually do anything to improve their own worth. The core of TRP has a salvageable message involving self-improvement and becoming someone women are actually attracted to but that takes hard work which many guys simply don't put in.

No. 133423

>Why are you so opposed to the idea that some people are better than others, and that these people should be the ones breeding?

Not sure if it's wise to accept this. Many atrocities have been justified through this line of reasoning. It implies certain people are subhuman.

>The truth of the matter is, the vast majority of the people born today are either from rape or an ambivalent pregnancy

I don't know if that's true.

No. 133424

>If most men are LVM, then HVM are rare and it stands to reason not every woman will be able to have one.
Is that not what's happening now? Most women can't find HVM so they settle for LVM. FDS is just telling you not to settle, to know your worth and to not give up. If you find a HVM, great. If not, being single is way better than even taking the chance of birthing a child to a man who would mistreat you and your children.

>They aren't entitled to any of this but it doesn't change the fact the result will be a huge number of very unhappy men.

They would be unhappy in a relationship too, though. A lot of them end up resenting their wives no matter how much she does for them. The ones without a relationship think their lives would change once they find the right woman, but that just doesn't happen. They're alone for a reason, and it's usually because of their bitter personalities.

>One could say LVMs could become HVMs

That's what should happen. What will probably happen very soon is, they'll get addicted to VR sex or sexbots and leave everyone else alone.

>Doesn't feel that way. A lot of women on FDS talk about LVM like they're subhumans.

Usually towards men who are violent and hurt women. And those men are indeed subhuman.

No. 133426

>FDS is just telling you not to settle

This is sensible advice when it comes to LVMs. Do perfect HVMs exist, though? They will no doubt have some problems. How much variance, if any, from their targets should women be prepared to accept? I've seen one thread where a woman rejected a fine HVM solely because of his dick size, a factor that in no way contributes to mistreatment of women or children.

Is it acceptable for women to be single forever if they don't find an HVM? Is it acceptable to go without sex in order to avoid indulging lesser men? From what I've read, FDS doesn't approve of casual sex or friends with benefits.

>They would be unhappy in a relationship too, though.

I'm inclined to agree. What LVMs want most is unconditional access to sex in order to validate their own self-worth. They want lovers who have sex with them despite their failings. Giving them sex keeps them happy but it obviously does nothing to cure them of their problems.

>What will probably happen very soon is, they'll get addicted to VR sex or sexbots and leave everyone else alone.

I was under the impression FDS opposed this kind of thing on principle, just like prostitution.

>Usually towards men who are violent and hurt women.

Not always, unfortunately.

No. 133427

>How much variance, if any, from their targets should women be prepared to accept? I've seen one thread where a woman rejected a fine HVM solely because of his dick size, a factor that in no way contributes to mistreatment of women or children.
If someone turns down a guy who is otherwise perfect simply because of his dick, then they are retarded.

>Is it acceptable to go without sex in order to avoid indulging lesser men? From what I've read, FDS doesn't approve of casual sex or friends with benefits.

I'll get shit for this, or get called misogynistic, but I think if you aren't prepared for the risk, no matter how small, to have a child with that man then you shouldn't have sex with him. Casual sex is risky in many ways and not to mention unsatisfying. Let's be real, LVMs don't try. Most women can get themselves off way better than any man can. The only reason to have sex with them is for validation and approval, so what's the point? He gets his orgasm and ego boost, while the woman benefits minimally, if at all.

>I was under the impression FDS opposed this kind of thing on principle, just like prostitution.

Not at all. If they are busy with VR and sexbots they aren't going to try to harass women for sex. It's a win-win.

No. 133429

>If applied on a wider scale, problems are likely to arise.
Like what, men actually stepping up to the plate and treating women well enough to be high value? LVM dying alone as they deserve?

I'm sure there would be violent pushback and maybe strikes or some shit from men and that's scary to think about, but it's sad that aside from an 'elite group', women would have to universally subject themselves to men who treat them like shit just to avoid the threat of further violence.

>If someone turns down a guy who is otherwise perfect simply because of his dick, then they are retarded.
Nope. If that's going to make her sincerely unattracted to him, neither of them deserve to be subjected to that relationship. He deserves a woman who'd love his dick, she deserves a man she actually wants to fuck. Physical attraction is NOT an unfair standard regardless of what body part it is about. I've dumped a guy down for it and no regrets, ever. I liked him enough to know he deserves a gf who is super into him.

No. 133430

No, you look at the whole man and just not the dick. Functionality-wise, PIV is overrated as hell anyway. Sorry, but if one body part is enough to make you lose all attraction to someone you are smooth-brained. Smooth-brained like men who can only have partners with huge tits, or innie vaginas.

No. 133431

You don't know what FDS is if you think subjecting yourself to bad sex with a man you aren't sexually attracted to is, in any way, a good thing.

I don't want small dicks in my body and men can die mad about it. I am perfectly happy with an average dick or dying alone if i can't have that bare minimun standard met.

No. 133432

>men actually stepping up to the plate and treating women well enough to be high value?

That'd be ideal but it's probably not gonna happen.

>LVM dying alone as they deserve?

Probably. Lots of women too since HVM are rare and it's better for them to be alone.

>I'm sure there would be violent pushback and maybe strikes or some shit from men and that's scary to think about, but it's sad that aside from an 'elite group', women would have to universally subject themselves to men who treat them like shit just to avoid the threat of further violence.

Yeah, it's an ugly situation. Like it or not, a huge number of undesirable men exist and many of them are important parts of the workforce. They can't simply be ignored. We already have disgruntled incels shooting up schools.

>He deserves a woman who'd love his dick, she deserves a man she actually wants to fuck.

I understand that. For the vast majority of women, a thick penis will be better due to the sensitivity of the vagina to expansion. Smaller pemises simply aren't going to expand the vagina as much. There's no denying this.

Still, it's demoralizing when factors that can't be changed ultimately destroy one's chances for a relationship even if everything else aligns. A lot of men don't even bother trying because they're short or have small or even average dicks. This nihilism is at the root of black pill and related ideas. FDS is right when it says penis size warps the psychology of men.

No. 133433

I didn't even say that. I'm saying you're a brainlet who overvalues PIV just like men do.

No. 133434

Seems to be pretty common though. Women on FDS describing their experiences with big penises will no doubt make some men kill themselves.

No. 133435

Because they know it's the one thing that hurts their egos. Big dicks are only good for the visuals.

No. 133438

>I don't want small dicks in my body

What do you consider small though? I remember reading a post from a FDS woman that thought anything below 6 inches was small, 7 inches was average, 8 inches was the gold standard and 9 inches was big. An average penis is just under 6 inches.

No. 133440

>Isn't it? It seems just as hateful as TRP. The top/sidebar posts by staff are pretty good and have a surprising clarity in them but the comments are becoming increasingly substance-less, radical and hateful
Okay. I dare you to show ONE comment or thread advocating for stealing from and raping men, turning them into sex slaves, raping little boys and brutally murdering them. ONE.
Those LVM discussed by most FDS posters are abusvie, neglectful menchildren. It has nothing to do with looks, height, shy personality, etc. It's about respecting your partner and being willing to commit. I'm perfectly fine with those men not having any outlets. It's the only way they can actually improve.

No. 133446

Under 5 inches and/or noticeably thin at any length. Most sex I've had was probably between 5-6 inches and that's fine by me.

9 is such a tiny minority of men that it's not even worth considering, it's too unlikely you will ever encounter a dick that big. 7+ is big to me. I think a lot of women overestimate sizes they see irl tbh.

No. 133469

7+ and especially 9+ sounds fucking awful. Many women can't take dicks that size without pain and I don't know why they would want to. Big dicks, actually, dicks in general, are fucking overrated especially when you can get dildos that are the exact size, shape, and angle you want.

No. 133552

I'm a shy introvert

Where do I go where it's socially acceptable to approach people that isn't super filled with people?

No. 133556

Also, I just made a post in r/foreveralonedating or whatever it's called
Was that a smart move or nah?

No. 133601

> Like what, men actually stepping up to the plate and treating women well enough to be high value?

That makes no sense - no man can 'step up' and become taller, or get a bigger dick, or not be balding, etc. All things that FDS consider to make a LVM.

All FDS does is make both men and women miserable. If you have most women chasing only 10% of men, then 90% of men will be miserable. The remaining 10% will have lots of choices, and so have no need to settle down, making 100% of the women unhappy.

No. 133605

Talking about red pill, not incel boards. I realize there's significant overlap these days but it wasn't always so. Red pill hate is disappointment that women can't live up to our expectations and fantasies, a "can't blame a dog for acting like a dog" sentiment towards women. There's plenty of that in FDS. The day I posted I saw one woman saying she'd never take men seriously ever again and that they're servants to her from now on. There's that undercurrent everywhere. The feeling that we're all beneath you.

What you describe is incel aggressiveness that slowly builds up in a man that doesn't get sex. It's a terrible frustration that consumes the man. Your "no" is offensive to them. It implies their genetic material, their very being is garbage. A woman judging the worth of a man is offensive – how can they be productive, respected members of society and still get rejected by a woman? Other men can value an incel but not a woman. So they replace your value system with theirs. So that men can have access to women according to their own value relative to each other instead of their value to the women. This ranges from "the father must choose an appropriate suitor for his daughter to marry" to "we should chain all women to walls spread eagle so that they're always available for us to fuck". This is the source of the violence and aggressiveness in porn.

>It has nothing to do with looks, height, shy personality, etc.

All it takes to find examples of women who take this stuff into account is searching FDS for "height" or "dick". One neat example is a woman's 666 criteria: 6 feet, 6 inches, 6 figures. Shy personality? FDS women will write you off as weak willed with no attitude if you don't approach them confidently. They call it "big dick energy".

>All FDS does is make both men and women miserable.

Red pill too to be honest. Everyone's angry and disappointed with each other and the hate is growing even stronger as time passes. I genuinely think traditional societies are a compromise between FDS and red pill. Men were socially conditioned by other men to be the best they could be and provide everything they could for their wives, but they also had the right to have sex with their wives.(male)

No. 133613

>All FDS does is make both men and women miserable.

It's almost as if exclusively pursuing individual desires and constantly thinking about pointless sex and relationships is wasting the talent and skills of actual people.
I can only imagine how skilled and talented proponents of FDS and their male equivalents would be if they devoted even half the time to strict devotion to a community based ideology (ie their local community, their family, their nation, their spirituality).

Why should everyone get to have sex? Why should everyone get to be in a relationship, based on purely individualistic desires?
Just because they were born? Is that really the only standard we're going to have for an act that literally produces the next generation?

No. 133635

>but they also had the right to have sex with their wives.

they still have that right now. unless youre talking about spousal rape

shera's a mess, but she's one of the few people under the fds umbrella pushing things to the ideological limit and i appreciate it. trp has no qualms about lying to women, cheating on them, benefiting off them or generally acting in bad faith. i like to see a similar perspective from the fds side.

No. 133643

Fds actually taught me one thing I didnt even realize until now and I'm 28.

Men will make time for women they want to be with. If a guy is texting slow as shit, always busy anytime you ask to hang out(unless hes horny and needs a quick booty call) etc he really doesnt want you. If a guy really wants you hes going to be quick as fuck responding to your texts, he will be the one who makes the plans and If he knows hes going to be MIA for a while he will inform you before hand because he doesnt want to lose you lol

As soon as a guy starts going on with his "I'm busy" bs it's time to block his ass and move on.

No. 133644

And I'd like to add anyone who claims fds is just promoting dating advice on how to get rich men clearly havent been in there…they're pretty much telling women to have self love and stop being a pick me

No. 133655

>Why should everyone get to have sex? Why should everyone get to be in a relationship, based on purely individualistic desires?

Because it's part of being human. We have a natural desire to have sex, without it we'd have died as a species. People who want sex but can't have it are marginalized, subhuman. They're literally lacking part of their humanity.

>they still have that right now. unless youre talking about spousal rape

I'm talking about the idea that having sex with one's spouse is a duty that applies to both men and women.

No. 133662

>People who want sex but can't have it are marginalized, subhuman

Wow now that sounded nihilistic and bleak asf, are you an incel yourself?, stop projecting, if people want sex and can't have it that makes them virgins, not literal human scum, don't you have any other skills or goals?, you sound like a cumbrain robot straigth from the basement, acting like sex is the only shit that matters, and no, don't say you meant it as ~only a part of being human~ when you clearly go around telling people to die for not acting like babymachines.

No. 133663

>All FDS does is make both men and women miserable.
Except if you've ever been on FDS, you'd notice endless posts about how much happier the women are, and how much better their self esteem is. If you actually internalize the principles, you're going to be perfectly happy even if you're single, because you don't live for male approval or settling just to tick off the marriage and kid boxes on the life script.

And you'd also notice that looks are not the defining factor in what makes a man high value or low value. Short, balding pindicks most likely don't meet most of the girls standards, but value is defined by how he treats a woman. If you're attracted to a manlet who commits and treats you well, he's high value.

>without it we'd have died as a species
But we could easily keep reproducing with a majority of men not getting sex, the idea that everyone needs to be paired up is an artificial social construct that has nothing to do with the species surviving. There's nothing natural about the nuclear family or women being dependent on one man for her/her kids survival. Sucks to be the failed men who never pass on their genes but maybe they should be less repulsive and evil.

I'm honestly thinking you're a scrot at this point. Boo hoo, poor men not getting sex, roasties are gonna get btfo when they end up alone for having standards, people have a 'duty' to be sexually accessible solely because they're married… lmao fuck off with that shit.

No. 133666

Never said it was the only thing that matters. It's wrong to simply dismiss relationships and sex as "pointless individual pursuits" though. Lots of people want this and feel as if they are lesser for not having it. Not subhuman in the literal ape gorilla sense but in the incomplete lacking the full human experience sense.

>the idea that everyone needs to be paired up is an artificial social construct that has nothing to do with the species surviving
>There's nothing natural about the nuclear family or women being dependent on one man for her/her kids survival.

Well, so is marriage, momogamous relationships. Societies that lack these elements have existed in the past but FDS isn't keen on returning to them. FDS women don't seem to think much of men who refuse to commit, marry or are polyamorous. It's not strictly necessary for everyone to be paired up, yet FDS clearly exists to help women get paired up with the best man possible.

>roasties are gonna get btfo when they end up alone for having standards

HVMs are a minority and therefore not every woman will get one. Never said they're gonna get "btfo" or anything. FDS says that being alone is good compared to being with an LVM, not that being alone is good in general.

>people have a 'duty' to be sexually accessible solely because they're married…

They don't, not anymore. That's a traditional/religious concept. I'm not arguing for this shit. It's interesting because it seemed like a compromise between what FDS and RP want.

No. 133670

> Men will make time for women they want to be with. If a guy is texting slow as shit, always busy anytime you ask to hang out(unless hes horny and needs a quick booty call) etc he really doesnt want you.

You needed an online community to teach you that? Wow, no wonder you girls keep getting played.

No. 133671

Seeming busy is the red pill strategy though even with women you do want. It's also the FDS strategy. This is basic negotiation/power games really. The less you need the other person, the more powerful you are.

No. 133674

Redpill is retarded bullshit that doesn't work and ruins it's adherets lives. Stop trying to emulate it. Seeing the stupid shit that men do that makes them miserable, buying their copes that it is actually empowering and then trying to copy it is one of the dumbest things modern women do. Like having lots of casual sex, becoming consumed with advancing your career, heavy drinking, joining the military, ect.

In real life if you pretend to be busy with an actual high value person they'll think you're not interested or clock you're trying to manipulate them and leave you alone. So you're left with people who are insecure and needy enough to put up with it or have low emotional intelligence which don't make for very good relationships.

No. 133677

This reads like an actual LVM wrote this post. You're not fooling anyone. Inb4 "but I'm a woman!" Yeah right.

No. 133678

It's LVM that think redpill autism works but ok.

No. 133680

The autism in TRP is in the forums. The reference material is pretty sane. It's about becoming an HVM actually. The self-improvement message from TRP aims to teach men how to become something women actually want. Basic stuff like getting off your ass and working out, working on your career/finances, improving your confidence, getting life experiences like travels to stop being boring, learning how to talk to people, being better in bed, etc.

The 'autism' comes from a combination of two factors: the amorality of TRP which enables aggressive men and the fact most men don't actually do anything to improve themselves because it's too hard.

No. 133683

That's generic self-improvement stuff you could get anywhere but it's mostly the sad counter productive relationship stuff that's being copied. "It's the female version of redpill" is a worse diss than any detractor has come up with since they're the bottom of the shit barrel that is the manosphere. It's like wanting to be on the sex offender register because lots of men do that too.

No. 133690

FDS isn't a female red pill. There used to be a red pill women board but I didn't lurk much there. Generally these female-oriented boards don't encourage casual sex. They do encourage careers as a way to reduce dependency on men.

No. 133704

you sure wrote a lot just to say you don't understand the basic idea behind fds, which is that women should aim to become as HV as possible, and if they dont find a partner who's also HV they will be just fine being single
i'm sure loneliness happens from time to time but it beats the loneliness of being screwed over by LVM. sex isn't everything, after a nice wank there are friends and family to spend time with, hobbies to work on and jobs to be done

No. 133715

>Red pill hate is disappointment that women can't live up to our expectations and fantasies
I don't understand, why is this male not banned? Mods, c'mon.

No. 133729

That subreddit really made me notice how most men don't actually ask you out they just go "so when are we meeting". Dude if YOU want to ask me out how about you think of something and tell me? Like decide a place or something, I had enough with my ex where I had to plan everything and he only wanted to go where I wanted to go. They are so low effort and I've just now realized it. I don't care about fancy dinners like the rest in there, but at least you plan something don't wait for me to do it. I refuse.

I've also noticed guys on my area in Tinder all say the same dumb shit on their profiles. It's either "looking for chill people" which is so code for "sex only" and something about "beer". Like they all think liking beer is part of their personality. If they even mention soccer I just swipe left, ugh Argentina…

No. 133808

File: 1583434278792.jpg (56.73 KB, 540x960, jpg.jpg)


Update on this: she posted this to his TIMELINE, as in all our friends will see. I asked him to please remove his tag and he told me I was baselessly jealous/suspicious and asked me not to talk to him for 24 hours.

Some context: she posts and comments on his statuses constantly. If he posts it, she's there, even when she has nothing to say.

She's supposedly friendly to me and me and her comment on each others' posts from time to time. I'm aware that this is kindof pathetic on her part, but it has a really bad look as me and him are dating, and the post she shared from 2016 is specifically referring to him as her boyfriend, which hasn't been the case for years.

From what I can tell, she is very clearly still in love with him and I get the feeling that she's trying to encourage us to break up.

I think I might have to break up with him, but giving her what she wants feels to me like rewarding bad behaviour which I'm stubborn about. I love him a lot, so it's hard but I don't know how much more I can take.

should i just ignore it?

No. 133818

You set boundaries after his behavior upset you and he freaked out and stonewalled you? Anon :(

I wouldn't say break up just yet. You're right in thinking she's laying bait. Idk what kind of communication you have w/ your bf, is it worth having a serious talk with him about this? In person, not online or over the phone.

Does he have a history of cheating? Why did they break up?

No. 133824

this is flirting and he clearly has no respect for you. who gives a fuck if she gets him back and 'wins' because what kind of prize is a pathetic male living in the past who can't appreciate his current girlfriend. you're better than the both of them anon- love yourself.

No. 133834

Initial reaction: Wow, what a fucking retard. Literally no one asked or cared that in the pic she's wearing his underwear. Why's he scoping out her photos like that?

Okay yeah now I've looked at this >>133808 and what he did in response to you and it's sketchy as hell. This is super inappropriate and embarrassing, flirtacious to the max. Oh he's gonna ignore you, big man.
You know what he's doing? Bitching to her about you and how awful and controlling you are for demanding some respect.
>giving her what she wants feels to me like rewarding bad behavior
Sis, you're the one who wins by ditching this trash heap! Shake her hand for taking this cheating-time-bomb-waiting-to-explode off your hands. A man who eyeballs other women while he's in a relationship is NOT a catch, and no less for an ex. He must be a special brand of sorry cuck to want the ex back. He's either gonna cheat on her or they're gonna break up for similar reasons that they did before. Sounds like they deserve each other.

No. 133836

lol gross, this relationship is dead in the water sis

No. 133839

He’s never cheated on me and I think they broke up because SHE couldn’t stop cheating and not long ago he was talking shit about her on a mutual friends post about how much she cheated

No. 133867

I'd ask him outright:
"Why are you entertaining her behaviour when it hurts me?"
If he tells you you're being ridiculous (you're not) and tries to dismiss you, I'd leave. I'm sure you do love him, and I'm sure you treat him well and this seems furiously unfair. Unfortunately, it's common for guys to get bored in comfortable relationships and it's especially common for them to reminisce about past relationships. You deserve a man who doesn't look back, and only looks forward to a future with you. You DESERVE that. And you are NOT responsible for his actions - you have not caused this, he knows what he is doing. Don't push your feelings of hurt aside to please a guy who (might) not even acknowledge them. That is a relationship that will never bring you contentment and fulfilment.

No. 133880

The owner of FDS doesn't practice what she preaches. Her boyfriend made an account on an arranged marriages website. Instead of dumping his ass, she's asking for advice on how to get him back under her control. It's been constant drama. People even heard her have an argument with him in voicechat. Just for everyone to hear.
It doesn't take much for anyone to get banned. Several split off subs have been created by people who got banned. Mainly for calling out femcel behaviour. Wouldn't recommend joining those subs either. The whole community is a dumpster fire. You're better off sticking with pink pill or general feminism stuff.

No. 133881

FDS has a tendency to only make women more insecure. They sell this idea of a high value this or high value that. So they get mistreated, they start to wonder whether they are low value themselves. Fast forward a couple of weeks and they are crying on r/Vindicta. Their boobs are too small, their nose is too big, too black, too white. All reasons why they think they haven't found the mythical high value man yet. It could not possibly be that he doesn't exist. It could not possibly be that he isn't a good man if he wouldn't have dated her before she turned herself into a sex doll. Nevermind the more extreme version of FDS. It is pro sexwork and encourages women who just got out of abusive relationships to get into it. Yeah let's show men who is boss by objectifying ourselves and make servicing men our career. That's what's private.
Don't get me wrong, they have a point sometimes. The problem is that the good things are all common sense to any rad fem or pink pilled woman.

No. 133956

Is this milk recent? Crazy if so, jfc.
Just looked up r/Vindicta and found it repulsive. Are they really trying to relate this to feminism? They’re objectifying themselves even more than women who are oblivious to pink pill/feminist ideology. Moral issues aside, true “stacies” don't have to obsess over their status like this. As you said, it’s just a huge breeding ground for BDD and insecurity.

No. 133974

Yeah it's fairly recent. FDSdiscussions is one of the split off subs. When it comes to the owner being milky, that is mostly noticeable in the discord servers.

No. 133978

>he wouldn't have dated her before she turned herself into a sex doll
Where do you draw the line, though? You obviously have to become and show the best "version" of yourself. The harder you try, the better.

No. 133980

File: 1583753846917.jpeg (158.62 KB, 750x969, D49190FC-3B43-4877-B363-D98E62…)

Me simply telling my boyfriend that I'm done talking to him for the night after he lied about going home and actually went to the bar to hang with our friends. I wish I could go back and tell past me that the best way to get guys attention is to ignore them, but then you really are left with scrotes that act like dirtbags. Considering ending this, kids four and a half years my junior and I can't handle the maturity difference. Like he's a bus boy with no plans for college and starting a band. Like I want kids or a marriage and he just bought a new keyboard synth kek somebody kill me.

No. 133982

Girl, I feel you. I dumped my shitty ex-boyfriend a couple of months ago, he was six years younger than me, fucking yikes… No idea what was going on in my head when we started dating. Never again getting involved with someone that immature.

We were constantly fighting over him not respecting my boundaries, space, wants, needs,.. and I just tealised I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t give a shit. You deserve better!

No. 133984

This. I also noticed that the members were the dumbest bitches ever, getting fooled by the worst men.

I think dating strategies are dumb anyway, even if they might work. Just take care of yourself and enjoy yourself.

No. 133987

Sure looks matter in a sense, but a lot of these women think they need to bleach their skin, get major plastic surgery, etc. to find love. They think that it is the only thing stopping them from finding a ''high value'' man. I have seen some pictures of them, they really don't look as horrendous as they describe themselves.
Their main problems usually are low self esteem, lack of social skills, being a NEET, etc. There is nothing wrong with 'leveling up' in a reasonable way, by getting a new haircut, skin routine, or something else that isn't too invasive or requires you to dislike a fundamental part of yourself. There is a problem when girls can say they need to change their ethnic nose and bleach their skin or they cannot find a high value man, and nobody bats an eye. Why would a high value man be so racist that he'd require them to bleach their skin?!

No. 133989

File: 1583767128455.png (375.04 KB, 562x612, clownpeepo.png)

It aren't even just the newbies. The mods and the women in the secret FDS affiliated subreddit are oblivious too. They think they are so careful and know everything, but not much later they are going ''not my Nigel''! They won't dump men who blatantly disrespect them and their boundaries. Despite advising everyone else to dump their partners for far less. If you even dare to call anyone out for being a clown, you can expect a ban.
Yeah there's no real point to following the FDS handbook.tm . It even has a specific timeline to follow, there is barely any room for flexibility. Which is somewhat understandable considering the naivety of the average poster.

No. 133996

How are you supposed to fuck according to FDS? Been on a dry spell for four months and that's making me desperate for some dick. It seems like FDS is only for women with a very low sex drive.

No. 133999

Someone in the gold-digger thread commented “men and people in general are not shitty rpg characters” and I’d keep that advice closer than any dating rule or handbook.
I’m sure there are more good men that would get bored with the waiting than there are good men who still hold onto the Madonna-whore complex. Especially in cities. Denying it once or twice to seem classy might work but I can totally see the 3 month rule backfiring.

No. 134001

File: 1583784068705.png (165.61 KB, 636x377, 1583317693344.png)

What a pathetic display.
Dump now to avoid any future retardation.

No. 134002

Maybe a park. Just make sure you don't go to one that's not too isolated though as safety is a concern. Also, a library. Or a dogpark if you like dogs!

Better than not trying. Just be sure to look into the people who contact you and make sure you're doing some proper vetting before divulging too much private information about yourself.

No. 134003

Oops, I mean
>make sure you don't go to one that's TOO isolated though as safety is a concern

No. 134004

If you find a dude with a decent dick and willing to please then go for it. FDS is retarded when it comes to casual sex, they have a really bad doublethink about sex on that subreddit.
>our number of past sexual partners is irrelevant and doesn't make us unworthy of love or lower our value
They like to pretend that waiting three months or whatever arbitrary standard makes sex with the man better somehow. I've had terrible sex with men I was committed to and awesome sex with guys I never got into a relationship with.
Having sex either lowers your value or it doesn't. There is no special magic circumstance that takes away the fact that a penis went into your vagina. No one cares that a woman waited three months, or one night.
I feel like it's their underhanded way to neg women who don't have the same hangups about commitment and sex as they do.

No. 134006

Agree but I also see too many women so desperate for affection and attention that they accept netflix&chill dates and don't even cum. They get nothing out of this except self-esteem issues "Am I only good for sex? Why don't any guy cares about me?…etc".

No. 134007

Any woman with self esteem issues shouldn't be looking for sex, or really even be dating, if she's one fuckboy away from decimating her own worth. Super sad.

No. 134010

Six years is a big yikes. I'm 29 and he's 25, didn't seem so horrible in the beginning but now our maturity gap is beginning to show. Also like a dirtbag he told me he's going to California at the end of the month to play a show with his old band and spend a week with his old friends. He's been planning this for who knows how long without me. I'm out of work rn but it's not like I don't have savings and a credit card. Gonna see how I feel after getting space for a week and probably end it.

Imagine planning a while vacation without your SO and expecting them not to be upset. People surprise me every fucking day.

No. 134011

You can have low self-esteem and be detached+ horny enough to have casual sex. The problem is having sex just to get attention and validation.

No. 134015

shera's advice on this was pretty good, basically compartmentalize your men.

No. 134019

It's so fucking sad seeing women talking about men's dicks like they're actually good for anything… just get a dildo that's the proper angle and shape. If that doesn't satisfy you then just admit you want the validation from some rando fucking you.

No. 134023

Girl no. Fucking isn’t just about shoving something into your vagina. There are the looks, the touches, the kisses… So many things you can’t do with a piece of plastic.

No. 134025

>There are the looks, the touches, the kisses
If any of the romantic, sensual, intimate things you're imagining were actually likely to occur during casual sex, we wouldn't need to have this conversation. Obviously good sex is better than a dildo, but random men who don't give a single fuck about you and actively look down on you for deigning to fuck them are more likely to make it traumatic and degrading than even remotely good.

No. 134027

What's wrong with liking validation?

No. 134028

I think most people go through a phase of seeking validation externally in their teens and twenties but then you reach a point of needing to get that validation internally.

No. 134030

Which you won't get from a hook-up. When people talk about this shit it's always "bloo hoo I want dick" instead of saying they want an intimate experience. Always makes me think they're a weirdo who worships dick and wants to be dommed by randos, which is why dildos don't do it for them.

It's not healthy to get validation from getting fucked by random men.

No. 134034

Sleeping around casually may work for some people, however it could make relationships later more tricky if there's ever trust issues etc. It sounds dumb but jealousy between partners can become very real even if it is irrational. Its probably also a good idea not to correlate having sex as an achievement. People overlook the sketchy situations they put themselves in for sex all the time when it isn't worth it. Idk

No. 134038

I don’t know with what kind of people you have casual sex but kisses and touches are just the basics. It’s so sad that it’s considered for some people as « romantic ». There are always disrespectful bastards but you can recognize them with a little coffee date before fucking.

No. 134039

i have literally never had a casual encounter that didn't have some kind of other intimacy. in fact men are usually super eager to show off their "amazing kissing skills".

No. 134043

Nta but depends on personal preference, I used to tell casual fucks not to kiss me, just never been a fan of it in those circumstances.

No. 134044

yea, do what you want, to me it sounds like it makes foreplay weird, but claiming it never ever happens is just stupid.

No. 134045

Being penetrated is ok but kisses are too intimate? lmaaooo

No. 134048

That's how you know someone hates themselves. People who have casual sex already inherently do, but that takes it to new levels

No. 134049

Which post is this even in response to?

No. 134053

Yeah I've had a pretty mixed reaction to not kissing hook ups. I'm lesbian though, just realised this is probably an exclusively straight dating thread, oops

No. 134055

I mean, of course sex will almost always involve kissing and touching, even casual sex. But I said
>things you're imagining
Because I wasn't taking anon 100% literally, I assumed she was thinking of interactions far more ~romantic~ than just kissing and touching alone. That is the bare minimum and hardly makes sex good or worthwhile in itself, and it doesn't mean a guy isn't treating you like a fleshlight. That part is what makes casual sex bad.

No. 134058

What’s wrong with Pynchon lol

No. 134059

nta and i don't think penetration is anything to write home about, but kisses are kind of weird, being up to someone's face so close, i don't know, it's not that enjoyable. i don't mind intimacy at all, i just think it's a little weird.

No. 134067

Same, not a huge fan of kissing even when the sex is otherwise quite passionate.

So if you have casual sex you must hate yourself? And if you opt out of kissing you somehow hate yourself even more.. does accepting oral count as hating yourself more? Or less? Would love to have you work that out according to your beliefs

No. 134083

Vindicta is "feminist" in as much as it acknowledges that lookism against women is a thing, not more not less. Vindicta refers to itself as "weaponized beauty". I don't think anyone there, including myself, deludes themselves into thinking that making yourself hotter by attaining patriarchal standards of beauty is feminist.

No. 134639

What is the dating app with the most attractive men? I don't know if I want a relationship, probably not. I just want to spend time with attractive guys, whatever it leads to.

The quality on Tinder is really low here in London.

No. 134657

…you're using tinder in London during the corona outbreak?

No. 134666

can't I ask a question without someone mentioning corona?

No. 134677

Are you though?

No. 134686

Anon has a death wish.

>Why not arrange personal meetings with many strangers in public places where they'll have plenty of time to breathe on me and touch me (at a minimum)

I've seen evidence of people dating as normal and taking the current conditions as an additional novelty to add into the mix. Now is the time to have an online-only romance, if anything.

No. 134688

Using it but probably won't meet up. Even if it's just to chat (and then meet when this is all over)

No. 135423

File: 1585777357374.png (5.05 KB, 193x200, IMG_6063.PNG)

I'd rather not have sex with a guy unless I was in a long term relationship with him. How many men are actually willing to do that? I feel like there would be guys that expect me to break my values and 'put out' too soon or I'll end up attracting virgin-chasers and radically conservative guys looking for a tradwife (I would like to get married one day though)

Should I just wait for marriage? (that's the advice I've got from /adv/) I'm still a virgin

No. 135435

I wish I was a virgin wait till ur engaged fr

No. 135450

If he really cares about you, he’ll wait until you’re comfortable with having sex. Personally, I recommend waiting a few weeks and going on a few dates in the meantime so that YOU KNOW EACH OTHER REASONABLY WELL AS PEOPLE. Lol sorry for caps but it’s gross how pervasive and normalized hookup culture is even in serious dating.

You can say something like this: “I’m attracted to you, but I’d like to get to know you a little better. Is it okay if we wait?” Be flirty and teasing about it so that he’s encouraged to pursue you. And if he gives you shit about it, then you know to drop him.

No. 135466

Is it best for me to say I'll only have sex with guys I'm efianced to upfront? I feel like that sort of communication is necessary.

No. 135470

File: 1585821280817.jpg (58.34 KB, 750x750, n7e5v80fjpp41.jpg)

anyone have this weird almost uncanny valley like feeling when browsing FDS, I assumed it would be a space for women who are a little odd or GNC to find good high quality men and spot out redflags but actually going to thesespaces it just feel like spaces it feels idk very basic, like a space the mean girl who bullied me in highschool would hangout in

No. 135474

Well FDS prioritizes having high self esteem and confidence, I'm sure most high school mean girls projected those traits. And it consistently recommends self improvement and having high standards for yourself (looks, social skills, career etc), so that you can feel entitled a man of equal value.

I never expected anything but normies, lots of FDS strategies and language seem ripped straight off Lipstick Alley then given a feminist angle. I like it, I'm more comforted by the idea of basic girls wising up to male bullshit than another femcel community feeling sorry for themselves.

No. 135478

>Well FDS prioritizes having high self esteem and confidence, I'm sure most high school mean girls projected those traits. And it consistently recommends self improvement and having high standards for yourself (looks, social skills, career etc), so that you can feel entitled a man of equal value.
I have a decent enough job and I'm fine with that, not really into makeup and fashion for a number of reason, around men Im confident enough that they listen to me

>I never expected anything but normies, lots of FDS strategies and language seem ripped straight off Lipstick Alley then given a feminist angle. I like it, I'm more comforted by the idea of basic girls wising up to male bullshit than another femcel community feeling sorry for themselves.

but shouldn't they try to appeal to the women who need this strategy the most. like I have spoken to some online female friends who said they were turned away by the "boss bitch" memes and the flashy mean girl style

No. 135573

I’ve used FDS tactics in the past. At the end of the day, some of it is helpful and some of it is not important.

I do think getting emotionally attached to a guy too soon is a problem many women have. They’re like a project, you sink all this time and effort into getting close to this guy and you become attached to him. You feel like you have to make it work! And he becomes lazy and bored with you because he can tell you’ve already selected your wedding dress, so he makes no real effort. Or he gets scared off. You have to wait until he’s actually invested in you to allow yourself to become invested in him.
I think it’s nice when men pay for dates and I do prefer when they pay for the first few. Depending on whether he has money or not, tho. If he’s kinda broke (or has a job that I know doesn’t earn much), I’ll split after the first date. But if a guy who has money doesn’t want to pay for the first few dates, I wouldn’t continue with him. Within the context of our current society, paying for the first few dates means something. I have a great career, I can afford anything I want on my own, so if you’re going out of your way to make me feel special by treating me to dinner I would consider that generous.

so I don't think the advice itself is bad or crazy "most" of the time, that "yasss queen slayy" type of empowerment to is really really not that appealing.

No. 135598

Not really

No. 136017

What do you guys think about the FDS "get married within a year" thing? It claims a man isn't serious if he doesn't wife you within a year of dating.

I really, really don't want to get married that fast but I do want a LTR. I prefer dating for many years before marriage, and I don't want kids. I also don't want to wait 90 days before sex or some other stuff FDS claims.

No. 136018

> wife you within a year of dating

Imagine the divorce rates though

No. 136020

I think their point is that two high value people will stay together if they're serious, and two idiot normies who get carried away with puppy love and don't notice their incompatibility will get divorced.

But I still think getting married so fast is retarded. I'm fucking 22, I don't want that shit but I do want a serious boyfriend.

No. 136241

I feel like FDS makes some good points but is all too much like the red pill shit. Things aren't so black and white.

No. 136336

FDS women don't like being the 'forever girlfriend'.

No. 138123

What ever happened to being respectful, having healthy relationships! What's with all the crazy manipulation??

Also most of them sound like wishful fanfictions

No. 138127

I honestly don't know wtf kind of site anons are reading, because 99% of advice and posts on FDS are literally just 'STOP LETTING MEN TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT'. Like, respect and having healthy relationships is exactly what they're advocating? Expecting men to put in effort and pay for the first date isn't manipulation. It's the bare minimum they can do to show they take you seriously as a human being and aren't just trying to get the easiest pussy possible.

No. 138131

You wanna know what happened? Men, hookup culture, and online dating. FDS just draws from "traditional" dating advice like in The Rules and for the most part is for women looking for marriage.

No. 138147

Fuckboys happened and ruined dating with their sociopathic pump-n-dump bullshit. So now women have to be suspicious and guarded af at all times.

No. 138148

I think a lot of stuff from the FDS handbook were written by complete boomers. Like stuff about wearing tight fitting clothes and high heels being the standard of "polished" or wanting to get married withing one year.

In my opinion FDS has good posts about uplifting women, avoiding terrible scrotes and remembering how awful men can be, but the handbook is a bit "too much" at times. It holds good principles as a whole but some small rules should definitely be overlooked if you're not living in 1950.

No. 138177

>lie about partner count
>have sex within two months
I'd say wait one year of exclusive dating minimum if purity is something you want to project.

No. 138250

this is your brain on drugs

No. 138643

I thought LC's for laughing at this kind of shit, not being part of it.

No. 138648

Then how about you lurk more you retard?
What is there to even make fun of. Are you one of those 'FDS is female redpill!' reading comprehension lacking idiot?

No. 138649

Am I the only one who thinks: But I don't want to get married within one year? And I am very much serious when I date. I just don't think you can know the other person well enough after only one year. I'm not super set on a specific timeframe but 3ish years dating before getting married sounds ideal to me.

No. 138654


Looks like there's a bunch of older women who want to tick boxes before the clock runs out and don't care if any of the supposedly important life choices they make will work out. Its just so they don't feel like they missed out or look weird/unwanted to the world. IMO many will get one kid and then divorce the dude they probably never were all that into, he just fit the bill. There's no joy in all of this.

No. 138661

I think you can just ignore the parts that don't apply to you? Even if you hate marriage and just want a respectful relationship, the parts about self-confidence and not letting men waste your time would still be good advice. You don't have to buy into the entire philosophy to find it useful.

No. 138676

they get that though, they just have standards about the man attached to the dick

No. 138681

That is literally the complete opposite of what anyone says or does on FDS and goes against everything they promote. Settling to just to get married is the worst possible outcome, being single always is better than being with a low value man just to have anyone at all.

The 'get married in 1 year' thing is something I never see anyone mention either, maybe it's somewhere in the wiki and has been forgotten by the userbase. But the justification behind that idea is that
>men know if they want to marry a woman very, very quickly
>if he doesn't want to marry you, he'll still waste your time and you're at risk of being a forever girlfriend
>men will enjoy wifey benefits without making you a wife if you let them

1 year is a ridiculously short time period for getting married, but a time limit is not so illogical in itself.

No. 138751

>wifey benefits
Honestly if a man is getting more out of a relationship than he puts in, marriage won't settle that balance. Don't waste your wifey benefits on someone who doesn't give you husbandy benefits.

No. 138753

Depends on age tbh. For women 30+, that makes perfect sense. There's no reason a guy around that age wouldn't be ready to settle down soon unless he's a fuckboy.

No. 138762

yeah absolutely, you're right! However I was replying to an anon that asked what anons specifically think about that one rule, so that's why I replied that way.

No. 138795

File: 1589142904594.jpg (76.58 KB, 600x522, Heroine.(AMNESIA).600.2500595.…)

Honestly I know this is going to be slightly unpopular but i was active on both FDS and Vindicta for a while and tbh both of their philosophies ended up being really unhealthy and putting me in a bad place emotionally wise regarding relationships, in the end all of this mindset just makes you unable to form real emotional connections with your partner .
Also most of these women are just plain nutjobs, visit their discords, interact for a little while and you will its just a bunch of BPD and Narcissistic freaks roleplaying as uwu hot sucessful take no shit seductressess while being completely off the rails.

No. 138799

Yup, I’ve ventured into those subreddits and circles and got the exact same vibe. It’s silly women who want to LARP as seductive vixens who get their pick of the litter, when in reality it’s mostly insecure women who have probably never had a meaningful relationship with a man. They peach that a man only cares about looks, but in my experience, personality does play a role. Yes, to attract a good, attractive man you have to be cute- but you also have to be a good person. Also these chicks source all their self esteem from how men treat them and their relationships, it seems a vapid way to live life.

No. 138802

Where you in the Vindicta discord? Most of the people there were pretty and focused on the tiniest of flaws, or were planning to get $100k worth of surgery at age 16/18. I had to leave too, it was just too much lol.

No. 138803

Yess, honestly the discord is such a hostile place and they made me believe i was a lowly 5/10 worm, and they are straight up like those Botched BDD freaks who want to get 3 ml of fillers and lipo and then a BBL.

No. 139856

What's the best way to find a normal, even sorta boring guy?

Like idk if it's common for young guys to solely be into drugs, drinking, sex and adventures but it sure as hell feels like it being in uni and going on a dating app like Tinder.

As someone who's pretty much a homebody, I really don't want to be with a guy who's super extroverted and never wants to rest…just a guy whose sorta averageish, doesn't watch porn, doesn't care much about internet culture and watches the office

No. 139857

most people on dating sites are actually boring
the number of people with references to the office, sports, and coffee is staggering

No. 139863

r/femaledatingstrategy offers terrible advice. While it's rooted in come evolutionary psychology that makes sense (keyword: some), the problem with these subs (r/theredpill included) is that everyone on them really and truly believes they're at the top of the hierarchy and deserves the sort of partner that realistically only genuinely beautiful/handsome and highly intelligent people can obtain.

Just like redpillers think Mary Elizabeth Winstead is their looksmatch, FDSers believe they deserve an IBer making $400,000 a year who also looks like Christian Bale in his prime. In other words, it's a recipe for holding out for men sociopathic enough to use you over a long term period, or holding out for nothing at all. The only good advice they offer is to hold back on giving sex until he has proven himself a viable long-term partner, and really you could just ask your grandma to tell you that, you don't need damaged redditors on SSRIs to tell you.

I've noticed there's also this weird-as-fuck overlap between pinkpill communities and kpop fangroups. You'll often be reading a thread and some random no-value comment about how Asian/Korean "scrotes" are actually really great and everyone should be dating them instead because they're so much better than White/Black/Hispanic/etc ones. That or they're just Asian incels sockpuppeting. If it's the former I think the blind spot over how many women in the Korean entertainment have been killing themselves due to industrial-scale rape and abuse is kind of bizarre.

Finally, I'm tired of people who made bad decisions with prior partners (I swear half of the "ex boyfriend stories" here and on FDS are from people who dated random men they met on online games, interpals, 4chan or worse) projecting this onto others. Not everyone was dumb enough to date some disgusting /soc/ BDSM fetishist they met on a "kink thread".

tl;dr, don't take advice from damaged people online.

No. 139864

Yeah, if only they could appreciate higher artforms. Like Venus Angelic's early work, ranting about some skank in Japan on PULL, ironically watching generic moe anime and playing scooby doo games like Persona.

No. 139865

didn't you already post this before

No. 139866

Yeah, didn't know we had an FDS thread already on /g/.

No. 139867

The good advice on FDS about marriage is mostly concerning stuff like making sure he's serious, not being stuck with him for ten years without a ring etc. That all makes sense. It's also something you could ask your grandmother for, you don't need to engage with people of very questionable mental health on reddit about it.

The problem is that it goes beyond that. There are plenty of heavily upvoted posts about how its important to get a very expensive ring (it isn't, my partner makes decent money and I told him to spend a fifth of what he planned to and to put the rest in a savings account). There's this whole gold-digging undercurrent on FDS that I find impossible to reconcile with actual, good dating advice because the simple fact is there aren't enough good looking, wealthy men to go around, certainly not if you're talking about for women on places like 4chan and FDS.

They've also got this weird obsession of assuming if you like any sort of male aesthetic beyond kpop boys you're a "pick me". For example, I find dad bods cute. Not huge, obese men, but a tiny bit of pudge is something I've always liked. FDS would call me a pickme, say I like "LVM" etc if I ever posted something along those lines on there, just because I don't think jungkook is peak male aesthetics.

No. 139868

It's because it attracts a lot of people from chan culture/imageboards. Damaged people in other words. Remember how the cosplay scene at anime cons essentially just became a place for gossip, hookups, he-said/she-said, drama etc? It was the same thing: people who never experienced that at school found another space to recreate it.

FDS has a few different groups on there. The good content generally comes from the "involved with men" r/gendercritical types who still want to date and marry, but want to avoid the sociopathic hellscape that men (predominantly) have made of modern dating. You've also got a lot of girls who obviously were raised on imageboards on there, made bad choices in their youth and now feel angry and vengeful about it. These are the types who make posts about aborting male children and saying that any man who doesn't have a seven inch penis is inferior. It's almost like the latter group took what incels said about women and decided to internalize it and become it.

Yeah you're 100% correct but the right response is simply to disengage from this modern culture in its entirety. Not create something equally bad out of spite.

No. 139870

File: 1590215922722.png (198.64 KB, 1838x418, plagiarized from r9k in part b…)

>For the record, LVM doesn't mean low income, introverted, shy, unambitious, or whatever LVM think it means.
This is nonsense and you know it. When called out FDS backtracks and tries to claim they aren't gold-diggers, but there's literally thousands of comments that suggest otherwise.

Another anon put it best. FDS's generic advice is actually quite good. It's about being a little skeptical of men, in an age where too many women have become too eager to believe their weasel words and take them on trust, because we assume they have the same levels of empathy we do (they don't). The sidebar and so on also provide good, working advice. But that generic boilerplate advice (that any older female relative worth her salt would give you) isn't the userbase of the site. And the userbase of the site are largely damaged people from imageboards who use the platform as a way to cope with past mistakes and plan out what will be forever unexecuted and fundamentally delusional stratagems of obtaining a wealthy, attractive k-pop lookalike. You can clearly see this if you've ever joined the discord, by the way. The userbase is insane and has constant doublethink.

Case in point: a few days ago they were cooing over some older male youtuber who created a channel for people who never had father's to tell them how to do stuff like unblock drains. Saying what an amazing man he was and how they wish they had a dad like him and how HV he was, when physically I could really easily see his picture being used to illustrate "LVM looks", e.g. receding hairline and so on.

More broadly, the more I interact with people from here, the chans and elsewhere in the weebverse the more convinced I am that none of you have ever interacted with normal people in your entire lives. No exaggeration. The men you all talk about either sound like they were pulled straight from /r9k/ or an incel board, or like on of the more sociopathic, sexually successful 4channers like Sam Hyde. And the men are exactly the same. Men from 4chan and other similar websites really do believe in their heart of hearts that every girl is some e-thot with an onlyfans who has a partner count in the double digits precisely because those are the only women they interact with in the first place.

God damn it people, go out into the real world. Meet people at dinner parties, through family friends, even at bars. People on imageboards, at anime cons, in online gaming communities, on the "twitter anisphere" etc. These aren't normal people. They're not exceptional people either. They embody the worst qualities of both men and women imaginable. They're going to continue to make you miserable. And if you're meeting people on the basis of "shared kinks", then God help you.

No. 139874

they exist. but most of these guys are their 30's, I'm looking for someone like whose in his early 20's

No. 139875

> Case in point: a few days ago they were cooing over some older male youtuber who created a channel for people who never had father's to tell them how to do stuff like unblock drains

sage for off topic but you can link to that specif channel so I can a) Judge for myself and b) learn some things

No. 139876

nta but I think it's "Dad, How Do I?"

No. 139877

Too many mentally ill nutjobs there. Look at the moderation team, TheOGJammies is a complete man hater, I don't even get why she'd be part of a dating sub if she doesn't date anybody. Greenteaapplepie69 is a femcel who never dated any man either.

No. 139880

How do I get over the guilt of having "a type"? I just feel shallow and I'm not even pretty and im dark skin. I just find it hard to be attracted to anyone who isnt a tall, skinny, pretty boy with nice hair and clothes who is also emotionally mature. I know I wont get this BUT I have a hard time getting over the guilt of being so shallow becuz I low key think I'm trash. Idk why I feel bad. There are plenty of men who arent that great who have a type and they never stfu about it even if their ideal is put of their league.

No. 139901

lol this vagina valley hideout. "patriarchy," literal talk of eugenics against men who won't subsidize your life. you femcels are going to die alone and nobody cares.

No. 139902

eugenics are pretty neat dude

No. 139903

there's no conspiracy against women to ensnare them as early as possible, you lobotomized fembrain. females have a literal expiration date on their womb and by thirty most of your eggs are toast rendering procreation with you too much of a risk when there are swaths of younger women with less mileage to choose from, not to mention your looks begin to deteriorate rapidly from late twenties on. men choose young women because young women are fertile and aren't as embittered and insane as the oldies on this board from so many failed relationships.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 139904

File: 1590260427338.gif (538.97 KB, 625x626, Ohy3vO7.gif)

at least you saged

No. 139906

No. 139907

do you think this board doesn't corroborate exactly what the incel perception of a woman is like? it's almost a universal trait among holes to have zero self awareness, really quite remarkable.

No. 139908

so you willingly chose to fish for casual hookups multiple times on a dating app like a whore but took personal slight at the fact that someone expected you to transport yourself to the location of the date rather than offer to do so himself and this was an affront to your existence as a woman.

alright, i'm done here. enjoy dying alone, fellas.

No. 139915

I've never joined the FDS discord but still seeing these attitudes on the subreddit is bizarre. I don't understand the man-haters who post on FDS because what does the subreddit have to offer them, isn't there the femalelevelupstrategy? Like I understand man-haters but wish they would look into separatist ideology instead of devoting so much energy and thought into manhating. Putting that energy into the main sub when it's about women who still want to navigate dating is strange.

No. 140079

>How do I get over the guilt of having "a type"?
Don't. You're entitled to have preferences.
>I just find it hard to be attracted to anyone who isnt a tall, skinny, pretty boy with nice hair and clothes who is also emotionally mature.
You don't have control over who your body physically reacts to, with the exception you have an unhealthy mindset towards those who are the opposite of your preferences (ie feeling disdain for short men that have no control over this). That would suggest you like what you do over hatred of the opposite and what ideas/stereotypes you associate with it. Pretty is subjective, as is nice hair. Emotionally mature should be everyone's standard. Nothing here is unreasonable. You weren't even specific.

You are entitled to love and respect regardless of where you are in life, including how you perceive yourself. You are a woman, there is a man out there who finds you pretty (not that your worth should be based off of that). You are or you aren't pretty is how you perceive, and as consequence, carry yourself. Whoever finds you attractive is going to, regardless of how you feel. You might as well see yourself positively. Skin tone is irrelevant. Those that make you feel bad about it aren't worth your time. Easier said than done; our culture has a long way to go. There's underlying psychological causes here; therapy might help.

Sorry for sperg.
TL;DR Love yo' self sis

No. 140271

Your generalizations about men are laughable. A breach of rationality is needed in all your conspiracy theories. Often in the same vein as those about Jews. This is cynical and not in response to any reality but to a collective nightmare. Your thoughts are lowered in an utter act of cowardice where you must be the most vile as to never be caught as the more genuine and emotionally vulnerable. The "value" of a person huh? Great response to something ugly. Emulation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 140424

so grateful to have discovered FDS recently. ignoring men and being busy (or seeming that way at least) really does work. we're all gonna make it.

No. 143110

File: 1593578657156.jpeg (92.83 KB, 716x485, B1863A4A-B7F1-4E5E-8FC1-5CB124…)


Farmers, how do you feel about the new site and the glossary specifically?

No. 143131

verification is pretty tedious and the glossary is pretty cringe but they’re on the right lines with it i guess

No. 143868

Have any anons got into the DTW subreddit? I want to check it out but I'm wary the verification process could be used to try to dox. Is it worth it at all?

No. 144089

Here's the easiest solution: realise that men are trash and spend time on yourself

No. 144095

based. just enjoy your lives man free, what’s the point in searching through piles of garbage for some slightly less stinky garbage.

No. 144103

a partner?

jfc straight people are a thing you know

No. 144513

Play online switch games maybe? Normal guys that don't go out are probably gamers.

No. 144515

Brainwashed into wanting to breed, like literally give birth to a babby
Personally I don't think Cronenberg could have come up with worse body horror than childbearing

No. 144520

do men who don't play video games even exist at this point?

No. 144521

I completely agree. The narcisstic and "unbothered high quality elegant woman" way of behaving in order to attract a man is in itself self-defeating. in my experience it has only been insecure simps who fall for this facade, and quality men can see right through it. On top of that, they advocate being a high value woman and yet a woman of that status would feel no need to roleplay as a seductress or stoop to playing mind games in order to keep a man. It's unhealthy but easy to get addicted to if you derive self-esteem from men chasing after you.

No. 144909

Any dating strategy ideas for female/female dating? I'm just lost and don't know where to start! I've tried dating apps with little success. I'm 26 and I've never really had a relationship. I know there's a lesbian female dating strategy sub but it's not super active and I'm not a lesbian, I'm bi in theory but no interest in dating a male.

No. 144943

If you’re looking for women unfortunately apps are gonna be your best bet, it’s hard to meet other lesbian and bi women irl depending on where you live.

No. 144979

This, tbh. If you spend enough time around them you'll realize they're mostly as successful as community college graduates working at a Starbucks part-time. Most of the pictures I've seen are mediocre, if not blatantly unattractive. It's amusing in the same way as TRP how ridiculously inflated their self-worth is.

Not racebaiting here, but I've noticed that a lot of them are black women, has anyone else noticed this too?

No. 144982

they have a lot of good points (wait at least a few months until having sex if you want commitment, avoid casual sex, weed out cheap/exploitative men, call out pornsick and abusive behaviour, theres also some good advice on looking out for red flags, etc.), but sometimes they just come off as insane to me. there are so many obviously fake posts. it doesnt help how american-centric a lot of the discussions and advice are. recently ive been seeing a lot more "pick-me" posts and comments too, maybe over the last month or so, which has gotten me questioning it.

im a part of the sub, but only because they do occasionally give good advice, as opposed to most of the other relationship advice places which are very biased in favour of men, and it's also one of the last places on reddit to freely bitch about men as well kek. dont take it too seriously.

No. 147360


tbh i think women who go into dating solely with the goal of marriage are pathetic. it's hard to explain because it's like why else do people date? but it's a very specific type i'm talking about. like, marriage is the only thing on the brain and they just want a husband and it doesn't really matter who is standing in for that role, they just need to get married.

No. 149452

This. FDS and Vindicta are just a bunch of insecure, bitter women who LARP as some succesful women. It kinda makes me sad that there are people who fuel their own BDD and want to become botched plastic surgery bimbos

No. 152135

So I've been having some dating woes, and my mom gave me this old book she bought when she was young called Mars and Venus on a Date. It's by a dude called John Gray, who is a famous author in the relationship category. The book itself is obviously a bit dated since it was published in 1997, but it's actually incredible how so much of the book preaches what FDS seems to. I mean, here are some snippets that stood out to me (these are specific to dating with the goal of a relationship of course, not causal sex):

>When a man comes on strong in stage one (attraction) and then pulls back in stage two (uncertainty), a woman sometimes feels pressure to give back sexually. She has received so much that she feels obligated to return the favor. She hopes that by responding in a sexual manner and fulfilling his desires, she will regain his interest. By giving more of herself than she is ready to give, however, she can actually sabotage a relationship. More is not always better.

>A woman needs to understand that by receiving and responding in a warm and friendly way to a man's romantic gestures she is already giving back to him. This basic understanding is crucial, and women today are missing it. Quite often a woman feels that she is not giving enough in return, and then she feels obligated to give more.

>If a woman's reaction to uncertainty is to pursue a man, it can actually prevent him from moving through his uncertainty to discover whether he wants to invest in a relationship or not. This is why, traditionally, woman don't call men. The wise woman waits for him to pursue her.

>Young women, particularly, feel a pressure not to let a man pay on a date so that they don't feel obligated to have sex. This is the woman's way of saying that he should not get his hopes up. The problem with this approach is that he will get the idea that she is not receptive at all and lose interest. Just because a woman enjoys a man's gifts does not in any way obligate her to give more than a smile or a thank you.

Now I haven't tried FDS (or any kind of dating strategy really), but I've heard of it and the premise, and it just really stood out to me that this book written over 20 years ago by an 'expert' in the dating field - and a man - also emphasises so much that woman should allow themselves to be pursued. That the role of impressing falls on the man. Something I do think a lot of young girls who are starved of attention forget, like I did.

No. 152204

File: 1600726281155.png (Spoiler Image, 233.2 KB, 1344x984, Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 6.04…)

I think the fundamental ideology of FDS is (or started out) pretty damn good. Is there really anything better? Most of the [female] critics of FDS are libfem handmaidens that get played over and over again. FDS personally helped me to respect myself a lot as I used to be a woman who would date down severely. A lot of women like myself partook in FemaleLifeStrategy as opposed to dating, which I found to be more helpful. I think FDS is also inspiring in that it encourages women to create their own lives so that they are less dependent on men for sources of happiness. What you do with FDS's advice is your choice. While I was active in FDS I was immersing myself in hobbies, working out, getting my education, working with the goal of bettering myself for myself. I swore off of online dating and men because FDS had shown me how much better off I was improving myself instead of sitting around and swiping on dating apps, hoping to find a diamond in a mound of shit. On the other hand, there are women who are constantly on dating apps, talking about their revolving door of men, which isn't productive in my opinion but still isn't nearly as bad as TRP. TRP, MGTOW, MRAs, and incels are responsible for terror attacks, rapes, and murders so I have to lol when r/purplepilldebate tries to compare the two.
I can confirm as a former mod that some women on FDS are insane, a few are even cow tier. That much should be obvious–people who are among the more active accounts on Reddit, regardless of ideology, are insane. The woman here >>138795 who said that the women are ugly or below average is wrong. Yes there are a few that are not good looking and need a lot of help in the fashion/aesthetics department. But I've seen many women and I'd say that it falls all over the scale of attractiveness. We certainly had more than a few women who were really pretty. The distribution of attractiveness was far higher skewed than all of the men I've seen while lurking the manosphere.
I think FDS ideology is best off if it goes mainstream and reaches normie women and men to change the dating game for women. Men have said that they will only step it up if women require them to. Occasionally we had men (who lurked) that messaged the mods thanking the sub and saying that they want to become HVMs–that bit gave me some hope. One of my biggest issues as a former mod was that the sub went in a completely different direction from advice to memes. And the memes can be kind of cringe at times but on the bright side I have appreciated the gradual pinkpilling of the subreddit.
Ultimately the women who complain about FDS are more pathetic than the women of FDS. I'd rather see a woman who has too much self-confidence than some lowly pickme that wants head pats from MRAs for her "I'm a woman and I hate FDS!" I'm not affiliated with FDS at all whatsoever anymore and I have personal issues with some of the current mods so I have nothing to gain from talking positively of them.
Alright this became very long, I've attached proof of my removal at least but can provide more in case someone accuses me of LARPing as a former mod.
Vindicta's server was full of women with BDD who were obsessed with 'grading' their faces and scoring other women. I find that to be very unhealthy and contrary to the philosophy of FDS which was imo moreso about building your confidence. But technically Vindicta and FDS are not affiliated. One of the mods of that server was a RPW that was trying to spread tradthot ideology and recruit younger girls to RPW.

No. 152441

File: 1600919347520.jpeg (366 KB, 750x917, 158FE91A-DE65-4F88-9283-AAEB83…)

FDS post with advice to make a dummy and real account to weed out men.

No. 153030

I’m not trying to argue and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a lot of FDS advice irrelevant if the person really likes you for who you are?

Maybe this is impossible to know if you exclusively use dating apps or other means of dating in which you’re connecting with strangers. I’ve always dated people who I’m friends with first and have never worried about what people on FDS fear.

Like idk, do you really think someone who genuinely likes you and likes to spend time with you is going to care if you call or plan a date first? I think relationships where people are just allowed to express how they feel without worrying about “tactics” are much healthier.

And I feel like FDS’ cynical nature is causing people to not just let go and enjoy dating, just seeing where it takes you. Is it even fun if you’re constantly thinking about whether or not you’re being played or girlfriend material or whatever?

Idk, these are just my thoughts. I would love FDS users to give me their thoughts too, because it’s something I’m curious about even if I don’t follow.

No. 153107

> use dating apps
> cynical nature
Just aswering as another outsider but yeah I think FDS comes off as very defensive, then again when you look at the reality of dating apps you do need to play it safe and be cynical.

>just let go and enjoy dating, just seeing where it takes you. Is it even fun if you’re constantly thinking about whether or not you’re being played

A few years ago my long term relationship ended. I'm not the type to rebound. I spent the following 8 weeks stuck in a lease so living with my ex still. For those few weekends I went out for coffee with my friends and stayed out all day to try and pass the awkward time left living there. So fucking glad I never went on tinder because at that exact time in my exact town a man managed to meet and rape/torture 3 women over the span of 3/4 days. It was so close to home that I never want to touch one of those apps. He held one of the women hostage in her own home and the ordeal lasted hours.

No. 153123

This post isn't meant to bash you, I want to try providing a genuine answer. Different women have different mindsets and priorities is what it comes down to.

> isn’t a lot of FDS advice irrelevant if the person really likes you for who you are

In most cases I don't think these women have many male friends or acquintances, and are dating men they don't know well. Women on FDS are dating for a specific man who is compatible with them, who often plays a provider role (assuming this is because most want children). A man may care for you but if he doesn't want to settle down and play this role he's wasting their time, these women usually want to get married. You seem somewhat of a romantic, not a bad thing, in history and plenty of cultures marriage is less about that. People change and life stress (like child dying, etc.) can kill love and end relationships. These women value the meaning of men paying for dates, etc. because unless you spend more time with someone there's not much to go off of for a man's character for a while.

> causing people to not just let go and enjoy dating, just seeing where it takes you

Women can't date and engage in this "free love" kind of thought because of patriarchy. In most cases it's men who benefit from relationships more than women, so women don't want to waste their time, energy, and money when they can find a man who is what they want. When women face abuse, it often comes from their male partner. Radical acceptance of dating men (I feel like the subreddit is somewhat pinkpilled) means being aware of male violence and that most men have been raised to take advantage of women's labor.

> Is it even fun if you’re constantly thinking about whether or not you’re being played or girlfriend material or whatever?

No, but it's not fun to not keep it in mind and let yourself get played. A lot of these women come in with dating horror stories or trauma, and cringe at their past selves for a reason.

No. 153128

ntayrt, but I did post in the dumbass questions thread and this helped me to answer the questions I had. Those are some great points for people who follow FDS, but ultimately I have a different pov and want different things than these ladies. Thanks, anon, for the helpful answer!

No. 153135

Wow that’s awful. I’m glad you’re safe anon, and I agree about dating apps.
ITAYRT and it’s true I’m more of a free spirit when it comes to romance because idc about marriage and kids lol (while still not the 100% PPed “IDFW men” type.) I definitely don’t see your post as bashing because this is pretty much the answer I was looking for. I now totally agree with anon >>153128 that the usefulness of FDS depends on what you want in a relationship.

Also I feel like I’ve lived in a bubble or something because both of your posts mention dating violence and… wow, I should stay conscious of how dangerous men can be.

No. 155312

File: 1602785269720.jpeg (481.05 KB, 750x1302, 51AF8F3A-F3C9-4E0E-BB5A-E87DBD…)

this image makes me laugh so much and i don't know why. also, apparently the mods plan on cutting down the amount of low-effort posts and memes so that'll improve the subreddit.

No. 155550

File: 1602970779049.png (13.3 KB, 546x170, sdfgfgyhujii98u78y67t56r.PNG)

FDS is a nice subreddit and i really really think women (esp straight) can benefit from it but they should just leave lesbians alone and stop being homophobic pos. users constantly talk about how much they want to be lesbian, how easy it would be if they were a lesbian (lol), how easily they would find a female partner (LOL), there are even women who straight up say that they are researching ways on how to become homosexual (conversion therapy much?) or sharing polilez manifestos between each other so they can weasel they way into lesbian spaces. just fucking stay celibate, no lesbian wants someone who only dates other women because "men are traaaash". their shit is so tonedeaf for fucks sake. and before you come for me - i am aware that threads like these are not daily occurrence there.

No. 155652

I've checked out this subreddit back when r/gendercritical was shilling it (RIP), but I honestly just can't be bothered. If online and blind dating (which they seem to be mainly focusing on) takes this fucking much effort to do, then why even bother? Like someone posting about making a fishing account just to sort out if your date is also into casual flings, all that mental effort could be going into literally anything else.

Internet dating just sucks in general. There's a saying in my country that "a man coming from far lands can say whatever", for the best translation I can suddenly do, it basically just means that there's no one to call out the lies of a new guy traveling through your village or whatever. Word of mouth and tribalism helped a lot to know what kind of man you were marrying, that's why even today it's just so much safer to date friends of your friends, since there's at least a person who can vouch for them not being a serial killer or socially retarded. Online dating just seems to be a way for guys to get easy one-night stands and then even put the blame of women ('if you were more "____", he'd date you').

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not some tradwife type longing for village life, I just kept thinking about how unsafe and shitty 'tinder' as a cultural phenomenon is. I either meet someone IRL or I'm just staying alone.

No. 155657

Yes. Internet dating gives a lot of guys a clean slate that don't deserve it. I wish there were a respectable, vetted bulletin board where women could post warnings about awful men.

No. 155659

>"a man coming from far lands can say whatever"
Interesting. In my country we have a saying which conveys the same idea, loosely translated it's "if you want good produce pick it from your own garden". "Produce" being men, and "your own garden" being your society. By this saying grandmothers warned young women that stranger men can turn out to be rotten. This entire tribal system that fostered trust has disappeared. And we're left with Tinder.

No. 155678

Nayrt but I guess the problem with sayings like those is that they don't fit every situation. It's better if you can have trustworthy friends vouch for a guy but when I lived in a small bumblefuck shit hole any stranger would seem like a safer bet than the small minded men around me who expected me to date them just because I was their sister's friend

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