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No. 132583

I find bras pretty uncomfortable, even well fitted or sports. It's not something I'd like to wear all day and apparently it's not good to wear them for long either.

So I wonder if there's a thing like short or long sleeved shirts with padding that you can wear without a bra and not have your nipples show? lol. Pic related is all I could find, but what I imagine is more like a normal cotton shirt with a rectangular layer of thicker fabric sewn into the chest area.

No. 132586

I think wearing bralettes would be a better idea

No. 132587

File: 1581173210230.jpg (213 KB, 1500x1500, Capture.JPG)

I wear padded camisoles, they are really comfortable and they don't show lines like a bra does if you wear something tight over them

No. 132597

Usually only dresses have this, I'd recommend bralettes or pasties even.

No. 132661

It's called a shelf bra I think! I have a few tank tops and things that have them, never seen a longsleeve but it's a good idea!

No. 132697

File: 1581384960786.jpg (124.53 KB, 1148x684, Screenshot 2020-02-11 at 01.36…)

uniqlo do these bra tops that are camis with built soft bras. they also sometimes make dresses with built in support. might be what you're after

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