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No. 133215

can i die if i have too much water in my ears

No. 133216

i had no good pictures for my problem

No. 133218

you won't die. just try to shake them off with the ol "jumping on one foot with the head tilted" trick

No. 133220

No. 133223

You may get an infection if the water is in there too long.
Google is 100% your friend, but when I was younger my mum made a solution that contained vinegar and other things. Look it up. It works like a charm, even when shaking your head to one side won't.

No. 133228

love this thread

No. 133229

Yes, and it will be extremely painful.

No. 133245

I'm fighting a massive double ear infection from water being trapped. Tried two meds. Now my hearing is decreased a lot and I have an appt with a specialist, possibly for surgery to drain the water. It can't kill you but it can make you partially deaf if it becomes infected and damages your eardrums. Have a nice day.

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