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No. 133345

A thread where we can discuss cheating and it's finer aspects without being put down by others.

Something to get us started.
>Where to find married men? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
>Do you ever take the initiative?
That's a stupid question, men will act out of line anyways aside the few unicorns.(male, b8)

No. 133348

Judgement will be upon you.

No. 133351

>Where to find married men?
SeekingArrangement and /r/adultery

No. 133353

File: 1582637448706.jpg (140.6 KB, 764x767, 11.jpg)

Weren't you just BTFO'd in /ot/? Go to /b/ instead with your nigger thread

No. 133355

homewreckers are retarded, but not this retarded and publicly insistent on making their dumbassery known. my bet is that op is a scrote.

No. 133356

Shit b8 thread started by a scrote

No. 133358

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