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File: 1586937145471.jpg (77.12 KB, 600x900, 59095e500dbd7cad2df5eacec9cf12…)

No. 136699

ITT: post characters/actors that you had a crush in your youth but may or may not have any feelings for now

mine was Trey Parker

No. 136700

File: 1586937519615.jpg (102.8 KB, 716x743, Drew_Roy_Images.jpg)

Drew roy from those two episodes of Icarly and those two episodes hannah montana lmao

No. 136701

File: 1586940862369.jpg (47.11 KB, 445x541, 3102484793_1_3_e5pB3Dls (1).jp…)

I was madly in love with Corbin Bleu circa HSM/Jump In

Shame he aged kinda poorly but this was his peak

No. 136704

just checked, he looks like he's about 40 now

No. 136706

Yesss, I didn’t care much for Troy cause Chad was my favourite

No. 136708

File: 1586947798944.jpg (2.06 MB, 625x326, sXNM4Lr.jpg)

Dad from Casper

No. 136709

File: 1586948272424.jpg (22.29 KB, 356x450, 4aaad4f1b92c3b7d3d04dd8d797873…)

Also Brandon Fraser in Mummy

No. 136713

File: 1586951249752.gif (16.32 MB, 640x360, ruki.gif)

In 2007, I was 12, a huge weeb, and had a crush on Ruki from The GazettE because of this music video.

No. 136717

Same, but Brandon Fraser from George of the Jungle, I still declare that he had the Ideal male physique in that film

No. 136718

File: 1586955815960.jpg (69.67 KB, 600x525, george-of-the-jungle.jpg)

90's Brendan was good stuff.

No. 136719


He looks like Pepe the frog tbh

No. 136730

Kek. I'm not seeing it though.

No. 136736

File: 1586968068003.jpg (10.76 KB, 355x236, a4d74a011fb2f4cf4522d17240153a…)

I carried his picture in my Sanrio Pekkle wallet. I watched him on Even Stevens too. I was 13 when Holes came out. He's still my only celebrity crush lol

No. 136737

File: 1586968156159.jpeg (10.8 KB, 197x256, images.jpeg)

No. 136739

File: 1586969301562.jpeg (212.88 KB, 600x480, 504B2A1D-FF92-4AC5-B4DB-E85D2A…)

parker lewis from that mediocre sitcom. could be worse.

No. 136740

File: 1586969327239.jpg (488.71 KB, 1832x2909, NINTCHDBPICT000058057150-e1541…)

My mom used to put on Happy Days for me as a like 6 year old, for whatever reason. I was obsessed with the Fonz.

No. 136749

So hot, George is bf goals. Though I didn't really appreciate him until I was an adult, it was a fav as a kid but I must have been a bit too young.

No. 136755

File: 1586988403654.png (433.03 KB, 629x1600, Flik.png)

i'm sorry

No. 136756

File: 1586989210061.jpg (2.23 MB, 3000x2504, loganlerman.jpg)

No. 136763

File: 1586992813872.gif (6.8 MB, 640x450, knd.gif)


No. 136770

File: 1586998633864.jpg (26.07 KB, 540x499, atreyu-noah-hathaway.jpg)

I was in love with Noah Hathaway when I was a little kid. Watched the Neverending Story every day. Probably a lot of the appeal was that he has a white horse in the movie. He was my first crush on an actor.

No. 136775

File: 1587002058397.jpg (94.86 KB, 1200x766, 21dceefed615522ccb1fcc0f3ee89c…)

taemin during lucifer era
y'know when he didn't look like a lesbian

No. 136776

File: 1587002418149.jpg (109.18 KB, 819x1024, gaara-naruto.jpg)

i don't care for him anymore

No. 136791

File: 1587022366583.jpeg (30.27 KB, 400x562, 4CD3ED6C-2EBE-474B-B1DF-95A573…)

Daddy issues

No. 136792

this but with sasuke

No. 136796

Where is it from?

No. 136797

File: 1587033417774.gif (1.75 MB, 300x250, 1A65DF8B-0370-4B15-95EF-AD50DA…)

Romualdo from the Princess Fantaghiro films

No. 136798

File: 1587033489537.png (219.39 KB, 340x298, 9F0664A1-DC1B-4538-BD74-A0CCD7…)

No. 136800

No. 136801

fantaghirò on lolcow is a dream come true lmao

No. 136809

File: 1587045780541.jpeg (18.12 KB, 204x254, C2B309B1-B3CA-4A01-99D1-40CC09…)

Whaaat? I still think he looks really nice. Maybe it’s just me though. I even prefer him to Zac Efron these days.

No. 136812

File: 1587047590512.jpg (71.18 KB, 625x941, gerardway.jpg)

gerard way from my chemical romance.

i look back and cringe. i loved the myspace scene guys with eyeliner, hair all up in their faces, and stick thin.
my how tastes change…

No. 136813

nta and off topic he looks like a completely different race from when he was young

No. 136814

what kind of eurofags you girls are?

No. 136815

File: 1587049765840.gif (497.62 KB, 412x219, 7F83B4DE-EC18-410E-A3FE-94763D…)

Don’t know why my mom let me watch Kevin Smith movies when I was a kid but I was so head over heels for him when I was like 8 years old lmao

No. 136817

kek, anon!

No. 136819

File: 1587050374604.jpg (34.48 KB, 381x500, BillKaulitz-Hairstyle-1.jpg)

I honestly thought I was a lesbian for a few years because of my flaming crush for this dude.

No. 136824

I thought boys looked gross, and he was like an irl version of a draw a girl call it a boy manga character, so he was safe to like lol

No. 136832

File: 1587054176664.png (770.53 KB, 822x1002, 8386177223e5dec588afa562f0906b…)

I thought he looked cute

No. 136833

File: 1587054302735.jpg (156.21 KB, 1080x1051, original.jpg)

i'm not a weeb i swear. even today i still wish to find a man like seiji amasawa. when he said 'i love you' in the movie was the first time i felt my heart flutter

No. 136834

yesssss tom and bill

No. 136835

yes anon!! one of my friends and i bonded over our childhood crush on him lol, the ending of that film is adorable

No. 136836

File: 1587058522719.jpg (50.31 KB, 538x538, DZR6EUdW0AE2gVV.jpg)


No. 136839

File: 1587059128052.jpg (18.09 KB, 300x378, 896e42237b64c28b9655455a22abac…)

my very first crush

No. 136844

File: 1587062855268.jpg (77.51 KB, 530x735, hawkeyemash-main2.jpg)

Hawkeye Pierce. My taste in men was always questionable, apparently.

No. 136849

Fuck, same here.

No. 136854

File: 1587077744516.jpeg (80.57 KB, 685x623, A6FD3EBC-8E3E-48E8-B222-751F33…)

there's a reason why my sexuality is so fucked up lmao

No. 136856

File: 1587082011803.jpg (722.64 KB, 2850x1950, zelda-ocarina-of-time-link-she…)

both, I thought Sheikh is male lmfao

No. 136868

you know i never really thought about it until just now but would zelda still have those muscles when she goes back to being zelda? because that's…… kinda hot

No. 136869

File: 1587092037622.jpg (54.13 KB, 800x559, 734b6f00-998e-11e9-b357-585fe8…)

MacGyver and a few other 80's boys were some of my first crushes and honestly still haven't gotten over that.

No. 136886

File: 1587123677115.jpeg (6.61 KB, 224x225, spadey.jpeg)

No shame at all. If he still looked the same now Id still bang but alas he looks super old now.

Dude Parker Lewis can't lose was hilarious as fuck

Big YES to Xena and also Kevin Smith (rip sweet god)

No. 136887

File: 1587123826886.jpg (17.29 KB, 480x360, ed.jpg)

Edward Furlong was beautiful. Dont know if the way he looks now is because of all the drugs and shit hes done, because of the disgusting pedo that he was with when he was underage, or because some people just age terribly

No. 136891

File: 1587129896624.jpg (35.08 KB, 800x450, thepretender.jpg)

I just remembered this show. I used to fancy Jarod when I was like, 12.

No. 136899

I have watched German tv since childhood and it comes on at Christmas

No. 136911

File: 1587151519872.jpeg (21.4 KB, 275x275, 1586727316394.jpeg)

God I was so in love with Brainscan-era Edward Furlong in high school…

No. 136948

File: 1587200429198.gif (815.96 KB, 245x281, indy.gif)

Mine is Indiana Jones. I think he was my first crush, I would binge watch all the movies and just be obsessed with the whole franchise. I was 10 and little did my parents know it was my sexual awakening lol.

Kinda weird considering he was in his late 30s/early 40s. Probably the only older guy I find attractive.

Oh my god yes, part of why I loved Terminator so much.

No. 136950

File: 1587203698391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.25 KB, 951x634, e9df6dac995c8e2c6ee0.jpg)


so sad

No. 136952

File: 1587213384159.gif (721.59 KB, 399x498, tenor.gif)

Wilbur from meet the meet the robinsons. I used to fight with my sister over him and say he was mine lol. I was about 9 years old i think

lmao oh my god anon

No. 136979

I watched this when I was eight and had a huge crush on Miss Parker. Rewatched the series a few years back and still crushed on her!

Also Jarod is so sweet.

No. 136980

File: 1587247281638.jpeg (132.23 KB, 1440x900, C491D5DE-F499-4500-8D35-A3F3A9…)

samefag. ngl anon, i was a spazzy weird kid, i had an asshole family who condemned me for being that way, and thus i felt kind of a weird kinship to an actor who was spazzy and weird because i wanted to feel like it wasn't a bad thing for me to be "different"

No. 137018

Hey, cool that someone else itt has watched the show. I remember Miss Parker as pretty but intimidating! I want to re-watch it now.

No. 137071

File: 1587327041668.jpg (409.7 KB, 1088x1600, MV5BYmVhNmFmOGYtZjgwNi00ZGQ0LT…)

lmao same! I used to love him in the ace ventura movies

No. 137074

File: 1587330928984.jpg (289.04 KB, 1920x1080, twin-peaks.jpg)

forever in love

No. 137083

File: 1587338168446.jpg (1.68 MB, 3818x2403, 223549.jpg)

You guys have good taste. Seiji is a top-tier cutie and Whisper of the Heart is criminally underappreciated.

I also have a Ghibli crush to share

No. 137086

File: 1587339900822.jpg (11.81 KB, 300x300, p-Holes-Sigourney.jpg)

holes anons rise up! i was obsessed with warden walker (Sigourney Weaver) when i was 12… still thirsting after her to this day

No. 137088

rewatching tp and I must say that's a damm fine taste in men

No. 137094

File: 1587350824747.gif (449.29 KB, 500x250, original.gif)

me and my friend loved him and his unique hairstyle. and the flying blob thing is so cute.

No. 137097

Sigourney Weaver is my forever waifu. She was so badass in the Alien movies and I didnt know how tall she was until the 4th one. Love it.

Blonde and brunette Howl ftw right? (nobody liked him ginger. Maybe bird-Howl for the furries)

No. 137098

File: 1587352129860.png (2.13 MB, 1104x1740, unnamed.png)

Too many Disney crushes

No. 137106

File: 1587357457725.gif (813.93 KB, 498x372, tenor.gif)

The reason why i have a thing for tsundere boys and thick eyebrows

No. 137119

File: 1587372009647.png (104.67 KB, 340x255, 747E5322-69B2-489F-8539-9D7563…)

My dream boy ever since I was a kid

No. 137122

Fuck yes to the yandere king

No. 137124

File: 1587378391535.jpg (80.82 KB, 640x480, Sam066.jpg)

He went fast.

No. 137125

File: 1587378703035.jpg (28.52 KB, 376x499, 51W7ATLAN9L._SX374_BO1,204,203…)

No. 137126

File: 1587378840161.png (648.44 KB, 959x717, SPEED.png)

Sonic X, what a fucking throwback

No. 137133

File: 1587387358721.gif (484.97 KB, 450x270, c5a2dccf3a0b18223e6b4226a0d4b1…)

No. 137150

haha same

No. 137235

File: 1587523815564.gif (685.58 KB, 480x272, tenor.gif)

No. 137249

File: 1587534319350.jpeg (21.99 KB, 360x450, 64B4CE67-2050-4FE3-98AF-B8A277…)

Does this mean i have daddy issues

No. 137257

File: 1587548943309.jpg (24.43 KB, 355x355, 81GBolTslsL._SY355_.jpg)

He's a lolcow right now. Aged horrifically, and everyone thinks he's a total loser. But when I was eight, I had two Aaron Carter CDs that I would put into my PC and listen to it on the Windows audio player everyday. I couldn't spell very well but I remember how I learned to spell Aaron's name from memory by how much I looked him up on limewire

i heard that he can barely get 300 views on his livestreams, so it's kind of surreal that if i wanted to, i could probably talk to him

No. 137258

File: 1587549337562.jpg (387.23 KB, 1202x1600, dc44d27736c004e66ab5101519586c…)

sorry for double post, but after Aaron came Jesse McCartney. He was the Justin Bieber of the early 2000's. I just looked him up and jfc…..he's only 33 and looks like an old man


No. 137260

I don't think he looks that bad now but why do these pretty guys always age so badly?

No. 137262

because of their baby faces, they don't have a strong bonestructure underneath

No. 137263

>because of their baby faces
Only applies to white men. Babyfaced blacks and asians age better.

No. 137278


his teeth too big for he gotdamn mouth

No. 137281

I thought they were horrible veneers at first, but no that was always the shape of his teeth. Idk why they look so bad now, I loved his smile before. Maybe his gums receded back and made them even bigger

No. 137286

File: 1587592335039.jpg (23.89 KB, 300x300, Billy_Crawford_(album).jpg)

No. 137296

Had to look him up to see what gender this is. First glance looked male, but then was convinced it was female before I searched

No. 137299

Same anon, I remember wanting to catch the episode where he guest starred on Zac and Cody…

No. 137315

File: 1587620838059.png (691.76 KB, 716x724, Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 1.46…)

This is the only childhood crush I ever remember having.

No. 137318

did you see Corbin Bleu >>136809 he looks like he's in his mid 40's

No. 137342

File: 1587652470225.jpeg (28.93 KB, 400x400, 36C35D26-B3B7-49DB-A696-65602A…)

No. 137344

File: 1587653406605.jpeg (59.3 KB, 1000x1000, 874bd3eb-b9c4-45e5-903f-c03dfa…)

I was too weeby as a teen to be into American pop boys but something about Jesse McCartney always drew me in, and I'm realizing now that he looked like an IRL jrpg Final Fantasy-type anime boy. Like, he looked exactly like how manga artists draw white boys. You know??

No. 137352

no wonder he got to voice act Roxas lol

No. 137409

File: 1587684953825.jpg (28.94 KB, 720x479, DwbiGpAUwAEsa8g.jpg)

Rodrick is the only guy worth simping for

No. 137412

File: 1587685811353.jpg (66.5 KB, 564x622, c13d34f5761a0ff8a9899551623bc5…)

Steven Strait was such a cutie in Sky High. I suppose he gets to be one of the few hotties from the 90/00s to make it to adult & keep hot

No. 137421

File: 1587697784426.jpg (47.73 KB, 500x375, unnamed.jpg)

The only blonde guy I've ever got a crush on as a kid

No. 137444

File: 1587723101330.jpeg (8.42 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)

>he looked exactly like how manga artists draw white boys
Damn you're right. This is basically him lol

No. 137445

File: 1587723407263.jpg (87.29 KB, 1106x1501, a8f29068f83cb37dd0a7cc21b1c33d…)

this character made my heart race from age 8-11

No. 137455

File: 1587732828241.jpg (46.59 KB, 305x410, seth-green-buffy-the-vampire-s…)

I liked Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even though I didn't even watch the series. Only occasionally. It was even more appealing to me that he was a werewolf. I also had a crush on Lupin after reading The prisoner of Azkaban, for the same reason I suppose. I think I liked that they had this dangerous side that they had to control.

No. 137470

File: 1587744709419.png (1.27 MB, 984x812, miguel and tulio.png)

well, shit, you're not alone, at least. Why did mom let me watch MASH at 8 years old?

This one's obvious but it's the only one i remember having an actual sexual awakening to, lmao. The things i've seen on deviantart about these two… Christ, my parents took quite a few liberties when it came to my internet access, leading me to unravel weird inflation porn with these two for myself, vis-a-vis.
Also, I vaguely remember liking Frollo from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. At this point, the shame is long gone tbh

No. 137472

File: 1587745109293.jpg (38.1 KB, 340x425, Robinhood_screen6.jpg)

I had a massive crush on Robin Hood as a kid. I'm not even a furry, he was just so charming and the movie itself is romantic.

No. 137491

only other oldys like moi will know this one but he was everything when i was 4

No. 137492

File: 1587756465711.jpg (159.95 KB, 736x999, jttlol.jpg)

dropped pic, sorry

No. 137493

File: 1587756814374.gif (32.56 KB, 242x445, clipmilomap.gif)

Milo Thatch was the only Disney bae for me. I also liked Daniel from Stargåte because they were pretty similar somehow.


wholesome af

No. 137494

File: 1587757692470.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.34 KB, 602x339, 81CB2BD8-5071-4D65-9EAA-375BBA…)

As a toddler…Bert from sesame street and then pic related in Kindergarten. pls no bully.
Also had a pillow with his face on it that was the size of my body which was surprisingly prophetic.

No. 137523

that's a löded statement

No. 137524

File: 1587781455318.gif (Spoiler Image, 461.01 KB, 300x169, 03EFD6BA-5D5B-4B70-8ECC-E9A214…)

Oh my GOD, Seth Greens mine too! I ruined my DVD of Scooby Doo 2 from watching it so much when I was a kid because all I wanted to do ever was stare at him.

No. 137525

I don’t know why that got spoiler’d oops

No. 137643

File: 1587930842096.jpeg (44.61 KB, 340x454, 2EF4C27C-3B5B-4CCF-BB0C-9F0F97…)

Tsubasa Masuwaka. When I think it now I can’t understand WHY because I wasn’t even that serious weeb and half of her looks is photoshop.

Lesbian/bi anons, I’d like to hear about your childhood crushes! I’m bi but never had a thing for a male celebrity or at least can’t remember any

No. 137685

File: 1587965135342.jpeg (55.83 KB, 340x500, EAB029E6-5DBF-49F2-9D28-BAE010…)

Incoming photo dump, anon.
Sarah from Labyrinth, especially in this dress. Couldn’t understand the fuss of Bowie in his tights.

No. 137686

File: 1587965236556.jpeg (35.53 KB, 559x312, BB7B6E9B-EDB9-4822-ACCB-9B3A84…)

Disney made her way too sexy

No. 137687

File: 1587965323796.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3025x4515, E11E06BF-E20F-4E43-85F6-9A1B0D…)

Watched this way too many times and it’s because there were pretty women in it. (Same reasoning for Mean Girls)

No. 137688

File: 1587965520257.jpeg (91.13 KB, 985x758, 1AA442BA-20DD-472C-8944-37D0F5…)

My family didn’t have tv but we had VHS/VCR, so I rewatched all the videos with pretty girls in it 50x. That’s when I knew I wasn’t exactly straight lmao.
Also Rose from Titanic

No. 137694

File: 1587972459280.gif (393.5 KB, 392x238, megaradfssfs.gif)

I always felt weird about her as a child and now I know why. She's one of my favourite Disney characters.

No. 137705

bruh I feel you. if i could marry young Jennifer Connelly i think i would ascend to a higher plane

No. 137706

These were mine.
I liked both male and female celebs growing up.

No. 137709

File: 1587983614530.jpg (159.49 KB, 900x1209, Xena - Dany A. (177).jpg)

…and I'm bi if it wasn't obvious. Have another Gabrielle. She is so underrated compared to Xena.

No. 137724

Damn, I was just about to post him, I was so fucking horny for him at 8 lol.

No. 137728

No. 137737

File: 1588003060331.jpg (64.02 KB, 829x600, lf.jpg)

Robin Hood. At least I didn't turn into a furry

No. 137753

File: 1588017282115.jpg (24.78 KB, 510x287, fran-perea-U30883446041TxD--51…)

Marcos Serrano/Fran Perea from Los Serrano (idk if anyone here has watched it, it was very popular in Finland when I was a kid)

No. 138972

File: 1589325325653.png (149.7 KB, 540x399, caeef8a04df8e4ccc4c541f07b8bb4…)

I had the biggest crush on him when I was in the 5th grade
He reminded me of my own crush I had in that same grade
Both had
Dark skin,hair
Both were sarcastic and funny
Both didn't really like sports
Both had a fat friend

No. 138975

File: 1589335640084.jpg (71.04 KB, 584x797, frank_iero.jpg)

same except i have absolutely no shame and i still love twinky brooding guys lol

also was in love with that entire band, had kerrang posters of revenge era mcr and frank iero that shaped my retarded taste in men

No. 138976

File: 1589336573456.jpg (21.78 KB, 360x450, Danny_phantom.jpg)


and seconding these, especially labyrinth bowie and milo thatch

also for some reason definitely had a huge crush on danny phantom??? and craig from degrassi? and lance from xmen: evolution if literally anyone else remembers that show existing lol

No. 138977

File: 1589336667035.gif (2.18 MB, 500x295, buffydance.gif)

samefag but speaking of xmen i blame this scene for being bi

No. 138978

Honestly, why was this one scene so memorable? Why was so much effort put into this?

No. 138981

File: 1589340612246.jpg (33.97 KB, 600x500, sid-hey-arnold.jpg)

I also had a crush on him lol I was just 12

No. 139010

File: 1589386627418.jpg (119.86 KB, 1024x1024, 527ff6a4bc1fdd9b73a8863ba98191…)

I remember crying my heart out in bed when I was around 10-11 because I found ship videos of him and Stella (from Winx Club) on YouTube and I was so heartbroken because I wanted to be his girlfriend so bad

No. 139011

I just looked the videos up and I want to die from the embarrassment

They're all also made by the same account who also spends a fuckton of time editing these two in pictures and videos which is so fucking weird

No. 139121

File: 1589481297583.jpg (11.58 KB, 273x364, Ron_Weasley_poster.jpg)

Rupert Grint being in the news recently for having a baby reminded me how much of a crush I had on him when I was a preteen. I also had a crush on Ron in the book in general and I think that's where it stemmed from. I always liked how sassy and insecure he was but deep down, he genuinely cared about his friends. The movies did him dirty.

No. 139128

File: 1589485871825.jpeg (9.91 KB, 250x189, images (54).jpeg)

No. 139129

File: 1589486005854.png (173.65 KB, 340x324, Cat.png)

I remember crushing on these two when i was 8 or 9. I was obsessed with cat's voice lol.

No. 139156

File: 1589506655817.jpg (11.93 KB, 400x291, 9f1f5ebb4c59ef0be67687a52b90d1…)

im the edgier version of ben 10 anon >>139010

but instead i projected on gwen super hard.

No. 139159

File: 1589515961943.jpg (53.16 KB, 960x640, fuck.jpg)

you cant put an emo elf in a crop top and expect 10 year old me not to fall for him like wtf

kisshu kickstarted puberty for me im pretty sure

No. 139164

that dude creeped me out as a kid, rapey vibes coming from him

No. 139170

File: 1589530389693.jpg (59.85 KB, 720x900, Xanatos.jpg)

I think this was like an homage to a dancing scene from Buffy the vampire slayer, which is why it's so specific and detailed lol. they did a similar thing in that one episode where all the girl mutants linked up and did rebellious girl gang shit together, I remember a slow motion walking down the hallway scene that I'm pretty sure was taken from either Jawbreaker or the Craft.

also I just remembered Gargoyles, Xanatos was kind of a xaddy

No. 139173

File: 1589530814488.jpg (9.62 KB, 340x255, Kevin_levin_1.jpg)

I had a huge crush on Kevin 11, he was so hot to me and I had so many fantasies in my head where we got married

No. 139226

File: 1589586472622.jpg (15.61 KB, 450x254, Jackpot.jpg)

My interests have since shifted to V.

No. 139233


I thought he was creepy too but for some reason I couldn't get enough of him.

No. 139267

File: 1589653662774.png (1.06 MB, 832x1080, NGB_Luke_Firepit.png)

Luke from Telltale The walking dead Season two

No. 139269

File: 1589653700279.png (1.16 MB, 834x1079, STC_Louis_5.png)

but also Louis from Telltale The walking dead season four

No. 139294

File: 1589670271140.jpg (88.88 KB, 1069x1374, q8u7gsxxnyn11.jpg)


Mine was Arvo from S2

No. 139343

File: 1589768930137.jpg (71.62 KB, 770x960, 65c3b8045a5a4d6fa051fb6e569a64…)

Can't decide if he didn't age well or if he's just always been ugly.

No. 139345

File: 1589769382161.jpg (61.91 KB, 468x600, 35391e35053adaf2c8642da553fd1b…)

~2012 emo phase

No. 139425

File: 1589923489177.jpg (14.52 KB, 320x240, Jay_season_5.jpg)

No. 139426

File: 1589924198433.jpeg (50.44 KB, 512x696, 3A78ABDE-3AB4-4954-8407-72EA1C…)

Considering he is/was an alcoholic and a heavy smoker…he came out looking better than expected. He was always a little ugly, that’s why I liked him.

No. 139441

File: 1589947663715.jpg (48.5 KB, 481x700, a8e035c54caeee3cb94df1d1176b45…)

somewhat related, pre-teen me used to be obsessed with bam margera. i loved his tattoos.

No. 139501

Omg if he broke a window to steal a ring for me….

No. 139634

File: 1590046926924.jpg (19.69 KB, 500x375, 118217a83fbf2bffcafa6c517523e2…)

Jeff Davis, I used to stay up late to watch Whose Line reruns to see him

No. 139642

Oh god young Bam Margera( First Jackass movie at his peak) was hot as hell, especially with long hair.

Now he looks like a mix of his dad and uncle Vito

No. 139710

File: 1590083364238.jpg (19.48 KB, 352x550, 53531512-352-k606301.jpg)

There were a lot .. but he was the first. I cringe at myself…

No. 139782


I'm still in love with Jeff. That smile.

No. 139827

File: 1590165758205.jpg (19.33 KB, 222x512, 10eb79fa8885c2e676cd828c65afa4…)

With shame in my heart I have to admit that L was probably my first and definitely my post persistent fictional childhood crush.
I was 12 when I watched/read Death Note and I spent hours upon hours watching youtube compilations of him and looking for kawaii chibi art of him on DA. I literally had a wall filled with shitty printout "posters" with L pictures that I found online. It was insane (and partially exacerbated by my friend who was the same way and would squee at L together with me).

Holy shit anon this was one of the first anime I ever watched and for some reason I thought he was super hot. They knew what they were doing.

No. 139832

Anon, same here. To this day as a grown adult I still am very much attracted to him. I do feel like every emo weeb had a massive crush on him in middle school.

No. 139845

File: 1590179934128.jpg (23.73 KB, 350x485, kuzutaka-muraki-4554.jpg)

Kazutaka Muraki fom Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness.
I blame him for kickstarting in me an almost 20-years-long attraction to certain types of fictional serial killers. My first and last anime attraction.

No. 139847

what are your other crushes, anon? I feel like this type is the most common in manga/anime, but maybe I'm wrong…

No. 139852

File: 1590197008402.jpg (139.15 KB, 1024x768, 559a6a81a0560e37b6d5d775197356…)

Until this day, mean men with white hair get an automatic pass to my pussy

I'm kekking. The fact that the video is age restricted lul

Based. He's fucking hot compared to Ichigo's bland ass crush

No. 139853

File: 1590197234759.jpeg (44.23 KB, 415x739, 033C4339-127E-4306-9024-B2B878…)

Same. Sesshomaru opened my heart (and legs ) to any hottie with long, white/silver hair .

No. 139855

File: 1590204071101.jpg (108.58 KB, 1079x1079, 821b7a457f19c13af4c9530a141720…)

Well, Hannibal Lecter (TV) of course!

No. 139943

File: 1590284217351.png (521.38 KB, 782x522, Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 6.36…)


I had a plushie I took everywhere as a kid.

No. 139957

File: 1590304992676.png (1.04 MB, 1061x800, doubleD.png)

He was my husband

No. 140031

File: 1590369691970.jpg (66.95 KB, 1280x704, anakin-skywalker-lightsaber-he…)

I was so ridiculously in love with him in my early teens.

No. 140036

File: 1590372620529.jpeg (85.51 KB, 701x1024, 0CDFDE18-4AFB-4374-BE26-83C315…)

I thought Rihanna was the most beautiful person ever in middle school. When everything with Chris Brown went down I vowed to my little middle school self that I would never listen to his music again and that’s something I’ve upheld. Thats not really hard to do but

No. 140038

File: 1590372824141.jpg (65.19 KB, 388x594, Omarion 2005 MTV VMA Hosted Di…)

i might end up spamming this thread but first up is Omarion. He was so fine to me as a kid i remember buying his first album and listening to it over and over. He honestly helped kpop lowkey (because they ripped off his style CONSTANTLY) which is probably why I was so obsessed with kpop in hindsight lol. but his eye smile always made my heart melt. Hes really short but he honestly still looks good…actually he looks better with age imo.

No. 140040

File: 1590373382424.png (199.5 KB, 360x450, JoeyWheelerDSOD-DULI.png)

Something about Joey and him wanting to win the duelist tournament to give his sister eye surgery to see again sent my heart in a tizzy because it was so pure and sweet. I also LOVED his toxic relationship with mai…..you know what let me see if mature mai and joey fanfic exists lol

No. 140041

File: 1590373577925.gif (2.96 MB, 435x250, myprecious.gif)

I will always love my first love.

No. 140046

File: 1590375078013.jpg (48.75 KB, 1280x720, Casper.jpg)

Devon Sawa though

No. 140047

Same. They were some of the first actors who made smirk and look away from the screen blushing along with Gene Wilder, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, and Bill Nye (yikes).

No. 140048

File: 1590375620123.jpg (17.91 KB, 309x463, fb1c1842dffe253e3e5db190673679…)

He was also the only Disney guy that did it for me (unless you count Robert Schwartzman as Michael from The Princess Diaries).

I think it's because Milo reminded me of young Thomas Dolby haha

No. 140050

File: 1590376252865.jpg (60.01 KB, 500x750, peakguylineraesthetics.jpg)

Hayden Christensen was the only reason I gave a fuck about the prequels. I had the hugest crush on him in 2005, along with Brandon Flowers from The Killers.

No. 140053

File: 1590378985674.jpeg (116.43 KB, 1024x557, 22D89026-0D30-4A74-92EB-CB9500…)

Alyson Stoner. She stole my heart as a kid when I first saw her dancing in those Missy Elliot music videos. I loved her so much in Cheaper by the Dozen & wanted her to be my cute little snarky tomboy girlfriend. It’s a shame I didn’t get to see her in much later on cause she’s gorgeous.

No. 140111

File: 1590420094078.png (357.05 KB, 1200x885, 2632680-46.png)

As a kid, I was enthralled by her androgyny

No. 140129

File: 1590426261893.jpg (80.65 KB, 806x715, scutfarkus.jpg)

scut farkus from a christmas story did it for me as a 9 year old

No. 140131

File: 1590428694215.gif (1.31 MB, 480x360, C13C898C-F9DC-4757-94ED-25DADD…)

Big Pete was the reason I’m into redheads

No. 140549

File: 1590716320037.jpg (13.17 KB, 340x255, bFneLc7.jpg)

The first guy I felt in love with, my taste hasn't change that much.

No. 140551

File: 1590716543245.png (390.69 KB, 512x384, unnamed.png)

~Oooh i really just like her character. I really like her. I really like her. Huge fan.~

No. 140588

File: 1590743661000.jpeg (202.5 KB, 1920x1300, 9C177B1A-7C4A-416B-B76A-C36F4C…)

Anne Hathaway and Lucy Liu were the two women who made me realize I was bi.

Although all three of the 00s Charlie's Angels (so also Cameron Diaz & Drew Barrymore) were kind of awakening to me tbh

No. 140617

File: 1590768450251.jpg (42.58 KB, 340x499, d0c7bdb2e65d5f892b525b5dee858a…)

Yep, he was my first crush too

No. 140628


Good ass taste, anon. Anne Hathaway is so classically beautiful. I've had a crush on her since childhood. Lucy Liu was badass and sexy as fuck in Kill Bill, too.

No. 140632

I think it was those very vibes that did it for me tbh. I forgot how hard I used to ship that..

No. 140790

File: 1590981863154.png (1.02 MB, 1020x765, Joey_wheeler.png)

The Brooklyn accent really did it for me.

No. 140849

File: 1591032050451.jpg (13.39 KB, 264x368, Arnold.jpg)

He was my imaginary friend, also my best friend AND my boyfriend when I was 4 o 5.

No. 140850

How did Helga make you feel?

No. 140856

as if I could remember anon hahaha

No. 140867

File: 1591042839121.jpg (190.31 KB, 659x1024, gettyimages-144613832-1024x102…)

My first crush was on the guy who sang I believe in a thing called Love. It was pretty popular in the UK when it came out. I can't have been older than 5 but I had 2 distinct thoughts: 1) I had never seen a man with long hair and I thought it looked nice, 2) I remember telling my little sister "I like it when men have stubbles"

No. 140875

justin hawkins! the legend from lowestoft. he was on the masked singer recently - really embarrassing as when he took off the mask nobody knew who he was.

No. 140878

this is wholesome. I was just listening to growing on me last night.
>really embarrassing as when he took off the mask nobody knew who he was.
fucking shameful.

No. 140885

File: 1591066945417.gif (999.67 KB, 500x462, original.gif)

Nathan from misfits, the fire to my loins

No. 140894

File: 1591079256763.png (155.18 KB, 528x384, annie and leo.png)

When I was 5 or 6, I walked outside my grandmother's house and wished upon a star that Leo from Little Einsteins was looking at the same one. I also projected upon Annie but I think I liked her, too. You know, his sister.

No. 140960

File: 1591168819760.png (189.97 KB, 1280x953, 67f7a120-993f-451d-9435-e8fbfd…)

Otori Kyoya.

No. 141042

File: 1591256559651.jpg (29.76 KB, 300x300, Jessemccartney_getyourshineon.…)

No. 141061

OT but this song still slaps and nobody can tell me otherwise

No. 141143

i remember having him as my phone lockscreen. he's so pretty

No. 141295

File: 1591470451545.jpg (97.74 KB, 800x944, CZaFLYyWAAA2j4j.jpg)

greek anons know..

No. 141358

File: 1591549406109.jpg (142.26 KB, 655x651, charlieissocoollike.jpg)

never had a crush on Sakis myself but I know kek

pic related my first youtuber crush

No. 141359

Oh my god, i miss him!! as far as i remember he turned his channel into science and then dissapeared off YT?

No. 141376

Last year he said he would stop youtube to do screenwriting instead.I miss him too especially his challenge Charlie videos

No. 141429

God I miss Eurovision Song Contest. Top Ten worst part of 2020 tbh

No. 141677

File: 1591884529186.jpg (32.83 KB, 600x480, seaweed_j__stubbs_by_grombolia…)

Seaweed from the 2007 version of Hairspray. I was around 9 when I first watched the movie and every scene with him made me blush and squeal internally lol. Remember that scene where he helps gets Penny out of the ropes her mum tied her in and he kisses her on the bed? Lord my little brain could not handle the awakening that gave me

Heck yes anon, he was the only thing that made the movies bearable

Lol why is it always this character that non-furries have a crush on?

No. 141678

File: 1591884639329.gif (893.46 KB, 499x212, tumblr_noh61ts11b1r7pxxqo10_r1…)

Lemme tell you I was so jealous of her lmao. they made such a cute couple

No. 141681

same with brandon but i actually think he's hotter now, such a dilf

No. 141700

File: 1591910230196.jpg (52.74 KB, 800x575, yououghtaknow.jpg)

No. 141756

File: 1591974486888.jpg (32.11 KB, 396x594, fernandotorres.jpg)

not a character/actor but definitely my biggest and hardest crush ever. i was obsessed with this man when i was like 9-12 years old, i imaginarily kissed him goodnight every day and had a tumblr dedicated to him. when my current boyfriend asked me about my childhood crushes he got all insecure, asking me "if you could meet him now would you still fuck him?" i said yes without batting an eyelash and my bf was mad for two days kek

No. 141892

File: 1592111320446.jpg (126.59 KB, 1080x1080, 4sm4oqZ.jpg)

No. 141896

File: 1592114259634.jpeg (27.74 KB, 696x390, gargoyles-goliath-1187017.jpeg)

No. 141897

File: 1592114282546.jpg (15.62 KB, 400x502, 400full-simon-camden.jpg)

No. 141901

File: 1592120138618.jpeg (37.08 KB, 566x714, D7985E5D-FD89-4112-8036-C4E1DC…)

Big time crush

No. 142082

File: 1592324594438.jpeg (106.31 KB, 736x920, 23061C8A-8D90-4F2A-9634-48B266…)

The hayders never changed my mind

No. 142083

Same plus that scene is peak Naruto

No. 142159

File: 1592444153159.jpeg (29.54 KB, 340x255, 0F4CE551-2800-48FC-8209-2B3723…)

ex loml

No. 142161

EX loml? it's okay I'll take him, this character is so cute I love him!

No. 142162

Holy shit! Someone else remembers this amazing show!

No. 142178

Damn, I had a crush on him too. I think it was partially the actor who voiced him in my native language though.

No. 142204

File: 1592510514962.jpg (231.75 KB, 1312x1792, kyos.jpg)


OH MY GOD I forgot about this show. Yes, Jack Spicer was the shit.

Also Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket. Especially in the early volumes, the art got weird and bland in the later books.

No. 142205

File: 1592511896020.png (30.48 KB, 540x300, tumblr_nw2aesLTN71qjba4uo1_540…)

This mf was my first love, for real. Until nowadays, he still makes my heart skip a beat and is a reference for my interest in men. Damn

No. 142308

File: 1592601488845.jpg (36.5 KB, 500x568, 4ab3f4db6e10ff071af3624325c59c…)

No. 142309

File: 1592601606293.png (235.95 KB, 640x448, edgy.png)

sorry for samefagging but i have to mention Lelouch. my absolute first love
so was my 4th grade teacher

No. 142335

File: 1592626223346.jpeg (29.1 KB, 218x364, B3C45355-1D6D-4CDC-88CF-12BE98…)

No. 142336

File: 1592626532179.jpeg (99.2 KB, 600x818, 62695C0D-3D9F-41E7-A3D2-D8D8BB…)

I won a stuffed doll of him when I was little and he was my boyfriend

No. 142353

Doesn't pamperchu have a doll of him too, and he talks to it in vids? Bitch he's pamperchus man now!

No. 142380

File: 1592681591135.jpeg (47.45 KB, 556x480, 1E1A2B12-0C20-4411-A22C-C3A53B…)

I was obsessed with Robin from Teen Titans when I was a kid and was always jealous of Starfire

No. 142384

File: 1592685452395.jpg (24.62 KB, 305x305, aCdw31lu_400x400.jpg)

This dude from the Bukugan anime and also the blue haired Kanker sister from Ed, Edd and Eddy.

No. 142385

File: 1592685624228.png (812.49 KB, 842x1186, 377E208F-7F85-4F12-95CD-D9A521…)

Don't judge me. My crushes were close to nemu tier sometimes.

No. 142386

File: 1592685677455.png (260 KB, 540x303, tumblr_98b6b77c23008de1cf24f4b…)

For all my brit/aus/eurofags, Matthew Baynton
Dick Turpin made 8 year old me feel things and solidified my love for guyliner and Charles II moustaches

No. 142388

File: 1592686571817.jpeg (105.51 KB, 1000x664, 1F7C1867-3F51-48D5-96E7-3B5D53…)

No. 142389

Watched this when I was far too old for him to be a childhood crush, but boy was I looking! This movie is eyecandy.

No. 142391

absolutely anon! i once made the mistake of referring to him as 'the good looking one' in front of my friends mum and never recovered

No. 142393

oh god yes anon he did it for me in the middle of the classroom

No. 142396

Never watched any of pamperchu’s vids before so I would no but ew lol

No. 142454

File: 1592717070322.gif (812.69 KB, 480x360, ulquiorra_cifer.gif)

No. 142457

File: 1592718028662.jpeg (47.41 KB, 750x500, E1E96CFD-3E3F-4F7E-946A-E727A5…)

Yes I know I don’t deserve rights but I was 11 and I really wanted to date these two.

No. 142475

File: 1592743867050.jpeg (33.9 KB, 500x364, 6F368ACE-B3D2-4F30-9028-9F6B22…)

Bro he’s so hot! Basic bitch but so hot.
Also Kid Flash. AND Jinx tbh, don’t know if I want to date her or be her.

No. 142480

File: 1592765025356.jpg (32.9 KB, 363x450, 77162.jpg)

i had two childhood crushes. one for MJF. lol

No. 142481

File: 1592765269794.jpg (16.11 KB, 236x314, b2dd32328256b2bb3ac9a22338c19e…)

then mike he from my chinese/ taiwanese drama phase

No. 142572

File: 1592854091962.png (698.76 KB, 1200x627, benny-the-jet-sandlot.png)

Benny Rodriguez from The Sandlot. He looks like an actual baby when I look at this picture but I had the biggest crush on him when I was a kid.

No. 142578

It’s crazy how much older these actors looked when we were little kids. Like 12 yr old boys looked so mature to me when I was five, now they look like fetuses.

No. 142903

File: 1593288702653.jpg (73.61 KB, 1280x720, IMG_8919.JPG)

No. 142970

File: 1593385722150.jpeg (225.35 KB, 1800x1012, DCDF73C0-21EC-4219-B8DB-9053E6…)

Exactly how I feel about these two. They’re 4 years older than me but seemed so unattainable back then lmfao. Now they look like kids who throw slices of cheese on cars for Tik Tok.

No. 143079

File: 1593519377590.jpg (15.98 KB, 235x344, goldsworthy.jpg)


No. 143085

File: 1593545267671.jpg (8.25 KB, 250x250, qvlla6maqz.jpg)

early teens but Marshall

No. 143087

File: 1593549838916.jpg (15.05 KB, 320x206, d931a7fb580c.jpg)

I was very obsessed with this guy, I now look at him and, what the fuck.

He's married to Heidi Klum though so I guess he is not that bad.

No. 143089

File: 1593550060857.jpg (33.18 KB, 333x500, fuck.jpg)

i went "WHAT" outloud. i lowkey had a crush on him and this other german band member (max from killerpilze, pic related).

No. 143091

I think a loud WHAT? Is everybody’s reaction when they find out. I still can’t believe it

No. 143104


Yesssss. He became a hundred times cuter when I found out Donald Glover voices him lol

No. 143114

File: 1593591727576.jpg (34.31 KB, 395x511, 20080630_tshirt.jpg)

Pete Wentz claimed my 12 year old emo heart.

No. 143117

File: 1593593078280.png (31.5 KB, 400x598, 5CB00508-23FF-48C3-A667-F164E6…)

When I was like 13-14,I was so fucking obsessed with this bear that I made two ocs to project onto and ship him with and got really jealous about a pretty popular ship that involved him and some other fan character called Cookie.I would make dirty drawings of him and my characters and kept them in a folder that I tried to hide from my mother like it was life or death.I woke in the middle of night hearing my mom trudge through my drawer where I kept the drawings.She hasn’t said anything about it and that’s when I decided to keep them in my school locker.I never came back for them. Im so lucky I couldn’t comprehend video editing because I had so many amvs in mind.I can’t rewatch Happy Tree Friends episodes involving him without wanting to gut myself.Im also now obsessed with 70’s pop culture because of this fuck,I wished I grew up with anime instead.

No. 143122

Anon this made me laugh, I love you. I also had a cringey Happy Tree Friends phase where I (like many others) made an OC to ship with Flippy. I made her a hippie panda because I was going through a sixties phase at the time and thought it would be edgy to ship a hippie with a veteran.

I also had a different OC that was like… an HTF-sona. She was just a rabbit with my haircut lmao. I had so many HTF OCs with elaborate backstories and shit. Same with Sonic X. I never played a single Sonic game (I had a PlayStation) but I watched Sonic X and made a bunch of OCs. I had like ten different OCs that were basically just colorswaps of Cream the Rabbit, and I shipped Cream with Tails. I actually got into a fight with a kid at school because he shipped Tails with Cosmo instead.

No. 143124

File: 1593596364166.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, S5e11_...It_is_wet.png)

Prince Gumball was the first character that I like… obsessed over. I read so many trashy fanfics where he and Marshall Lee bone lmao. Adventure Time fanart was all I drew for a whole year.

No. 143412

File: 1593980357736.gif (796.09 KB, 414x251, 56856E7E-3789-4DCC-ACBF-099B60…)

Omfg! I was on the opposite side of that. I was obsessed with Marshall Lee, the fanfiction for adventure time was sustaining 12 year old me. I recently bought adventure time on dvd, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s so nostalgic and it takes me back to a happier simpler time where the only boy in my life was fucking Marshall Lee

No. 143419

File: 1593996459248.png (267.2 KB, 412x329, 310f503f42ebf7a35a16ff6c12d3ce…)

2003 version of Raphael was my first bad boy crush that lasted embarrassingly long.

No. 143425

File: 1594001617673.jpg (73.95 KB, 728x631, he makes everyone moist.jpg)

Link, he was always my crush, even if i thought his name was zelda for some solid 2 weeks, then i got bitchslapped and accepted the truth.

No. 143426

File: 1594006642834.jpeg (320.14 KB, 1802x3064, 633D92D9-E7B3-42C2-93C3-859FA2…)

Twilight princess link was best link

No. 143427

File: 1594006842332.jpeg (75.3 KB, 1280x704, vegeta3-1092181-1280x0.jpeg)

HUGE crush growing up. FML.

No. 143431

File: 1594013166117.jpg (19.13 KB, 480x360, hijivege.jpg)

No. 143433

This is true. Wish they'd go back to this style.

No. 143535

He was my first true husbando, I was so obsessed with him when going through puberty, I was so confused with these new and unusual feelings lol. Even now everytime I see a pic of Vegeta I can't help but smile, he really was an important part of my formative years.

No. 143632

File: 1594248324933.png (61.81 KB, 220x203, D3089188-341F-4246-88CE-D0969F…)

alright mrs fritz imma boutta eat asbestos

No. 143639

File: 1594252097804.png (575.03 KB, 640x477, 13BE8833-0C5A-49ED-9A6B-531512…)

Pre-Puberty= Elijah Wood
Post-Puberty = King Aragorn
Now that I’m a dirty old woman I want to top the hobbit while Aragorn tops me tbh.

No. 143652

File: 1594259885016.jpeg (139.33 KB, 970x679, 28C9A1A5-F710-4242-8F01-EF17EA…)

Top tier, anon. I posted Elijah Wood earlier in the thread. He was my sexual awakening, and probably responsible for my early onset puberty.

I will always love Frodo, but my post-puberty preferences lean toward Faramir & Boromir. Literally the threesome of my dreams.

No. 143659

File: 1594262366753.png (252.28 KB, 500x288, B4185DB8-06E2-4D7A-A590-32F886…)

He really was a qt pie and definitely influenced my taste in soft / sweet looking men. I feel kinda bad for all that nasty RPS slash I read as a teenager though and he’s kind of weird looking now but I’d still give him the strap in a heartbeat.

No. 143660

File: 1594262601273.jpeg (41.01 KB, 600x543, DBFDCE25-F3C5-43C5-B846-56B0C7…)

Also, Faramir gives me a heart boner. Such a sweet gentle man. LOTR men are such top tier angels, why do IRL men idolize these movies but never emulate the characters?

No. 143687

Are you me anon? I was exactly the same, just that later into my 20s I moved on to Boromir because of how his story of a flawed human, not perfect hero, resonated with me much more.
Either way it was funny to watch how my taste in men developed throughout the years within the same movie cast

No. 143737

File: 1594330449844.jpeg (91.73 KB, 890x1200, 84738698-E41C-4A7D-B8AC-FCED7F…)

Man this thread is giving me so much bittersweet horny nostalgia right now. Just looking back on the days when these movies first came out and I fell in love with the characters, then reread/rewatched the series as a young adult and appreciated it even more… I wish we could all meet up somehow, and have a sleepover and binge watch the trilogy and admire our ringbandos together.

>and he’s kind of weird looking now

Nah girl, I’d still hit it. Aging hipster Elijah is life.

No. 143746

File: 1594340173871.jpeg (95.88 KB, 700x986, EB8BAD20-978A-4A0C-A494-D77170…)

I mean he is odd looking and kind of always was. But he’ll always be my princess regardless.

>I will never carry Elijah Wood on my back

No. 143753

Elijah Wood is the cutest thing ever. You guys need to watch the prank interview Dominic Monaghan did with him.

No. 143755

File: 1594343907678.jpeg (303.28 KB, 900x1200, FF17A8DA-069F-4729-820E-F3A8C2…)

Dude’s laugh is hilarious in itself. Love this gap toothed midge.

No. 143756

File: 1594346606937.jpeg (113 KB, 607x767, E57D3DDE-88C5-4BB8-BFB5-F671C6…)

He’s the reason I’ve always appreciated guys with unique looks, and he’s also the reason why I love shorter guys

>tfw I will never take an awkward prom pic with Elijah wood

No. 143757

File: 1594347242129.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x3072, F3F1BBB8-043E-4300-BA51-542932…)

No. 143760

File: 1594348845156.jpg (34.52 KB, 500x359, b898a3f2525f616d420a8ee6c81bce…)

Imagine having a crush on both Tommy and Kimberly lol… my little 6 year old bisexual brain was not disappointed. There's camcorder footage of me talking about the kiss scene for 5 minutes to my newborn sister.

No. 143762

File: 1594351923398.jpeg (77.87 KB, 800x600, D205078F-00FF-472F-A618-C63DB7…)

sound soldier era emo skye sweetnam

No. 143763

File: 1594352507090.jpeg (52.14 KB, 368x500, 1493FCA1-7773-4EAC-9407-07AB05…)

Made a server if you degenerates want to keep lewding Tolkien’s good Christian boys

No. 143778

File: 1594367562599.png (589.03 KB, 640x636, 151233681320341.png)

(Sorry I know this is an old post but I have very specific thoughts about this one). 'Murican here, I didn't see HH for the first time until I was in college studying abroad and it seemed to ALWAYS be rerun on TV. I remember seeing Matt and thinking to myself “Oh, girls must be obsessed with that one. That’s exactly the kind of dude I would have been obsessed with if I was watching this as a hormonal young girl". The consensus does seem to be that Dick Turpin was a sexual awakening for a lot of people lmao

(Also at least once a month I get Pachacuti stuck in my head)

No. 143779

File: 1594368169310.jpg (31.5 KB, 443x600, d5dd6f8bbf52a1c2761e5f19e7a5f3…)

(samefag) my actual childhood crush: Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries. Truly a creamdream for all us frizzy haired uggo girls out there.

No. 143783

Anon you have immaculate taste, I still sing Patchacuti in the shower. Also I totally self inserted watching princess diaries kek.

No. 143890

File: 1594569004740.gif (661.67 KB, 170x170, 1510FC59-E91F-486C-8C43-542A8F…)

I love that I barely had to search to find this specific gif, cuz we all know this was the exact moment it happened

No. 143892

File: 1594570803581.gif (215.78 KB, 220x162, A93F8E97-B3BE-4495-A64F-5FC4B2…)

damn, you right tho. all I can think of is the internet scandal where there were rumors he was going to play live-action zuko. we had no idea what true horrors awaited us…..

I respect you anon

>tfw no kissin kate or sam in this thread

No. 143932

File: 1594590478839.jpeg (30.74 KB, 236x317, 1BCD8D88-DA3F-4ED8-9680-BCE28C…)

>tfw no seth cohen to celebrate chrismukkah with
why live.

No. 143936

pirates keira is the best keira, she's great in everything else too though

No. 143939

File: 1594597587942.jpeg (763.04 KB, 2451x2560, 7CEF85D9-1FF4-4D28-9CA2-1491E4…)

Both of them. Everyone in this show was pretty hot except Earl’s fat brother

No. 143940

File: 1594597729152.jpeg (25.09 KB, 266x400, D7F77449-E0C4-4E64-A49E-8E497F…)

I know he’s trashy and cringe as hell but he was (& lowkey still is) very physically attractive

No. 143941

His jowls tho

No. 143942

I loved this show, it was really underrated tbh

No. 143943

It’s still pretty fucking funny too, I rewatched some of it during the lockdown and found that I enjoy it more as an adult

No. 143947

File: 1594601476645.gif (1017.4 KB, 306x230, F1488C8A-8525-4E86-9ED4-D21115…)

first crush, he was like the kid tv version of JD from Heathers, similar voice, trenchcoat, bad boy aesthetic. Older sister had a huge thing for Christian Slater so I’m sure that had a bit of an influence on me.

No. 143948

What is this from? I definitely get the same vibe.

No. 143949

File: 1594605139584.png (213.92 KB, 559x559, 138963-57-200131-nsw-animal-cr…)

This is so specific but when I was like 6 and played ac on the GameCube I pretended Hornsby was my bf.

No. 143950

File: 1594607782964.png (81.25 KB, 272x237, 4BAA2930-1F2F-42C0-884E-F3265D…)

When I was 9 I made Nergal Jr from Billy and Mandy my self insert’s boyfriend in a comic series my friends and I drew. I made my character leave him for Murdoc from the Gorillaz eventually.

No. 143951

File: 1594607892959.jpeg (48.49 KB, 458x413, C2E8BB2B-4847-4CFD-8214-024FF1…)

I’m just now noticing the ways that they are physically similar kek

No. 143967

eerie indiana

No. 143969

kinda wholesome?

No. 144009

This is amazing anon. I wish I could see your childhood comic if you still have it.

No. 144037

File: 1594709811521.jpeg (31.75 KB, 480x360, C1130B2C-AFD7-429C-9732-892B53…)

Did any other anons have weird fixations on certain female characters only to realize later on that it was because you’re probably not straight?

No. 144059

File: 1594738112336.jpg (120.13 KB, 800x1228, tifa_lockhart_colorised_by_art…)

No. 144065

File: 1594741363391.jpeg (39.57 KB, 512x384, BDED04BA-677F-4623-AEFE-13B4B2…)

No. 144076

Is this the official "seduce nerd girls in the closet" haircut then?

No. 144085

god tier taste
any era skye is god tier

No. 144088

File: 1594754090831.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.72 KB, 1080x1350, BD5F2A61-80D7-4669-933B-E4FA30…)

she's still hot af as sever tbf
also I like that she's not bone skinny

No. 144093

She made me realize I was into girls when I was 8 or so lol

No. 144347

File: 1594978957975.png (117.01 KB, 229x275, 1594976887197.png)

Someone posted this pic in another thread and it instantly reminded me that I had a massive, confused crush on him when I was a kid

No. 144348

You and me both, friend.

No. 144503

File: 1595124666464.jpeg (153.3 KB, 615x974, 18F42B0A-A50C-4608-9F67-408386…)

My first waifu

No. 144528

File: 1595149592641.jpeg (200.55 KB, 1778x997, 5cd6889a2400003100742a59.jpeg)

Sugar from YTV

No. 144530

oh my god i miss coming home from school and turning on ytv so bad

No. 144531

File: 1595150150968.jpg (64.82 KB, 770x494, 2862551-DBDKPVVV-7.jpg)

too bad he's a manlet

No. 144651

I love sugar. She's so cute but it's unforgivable she made that Eminem cover.

No. 144654

Wait you mean this song? But this is a fucking bop.

No. 144905

File: 1595566652199.jpg (116.98 KB, 771x1024, 2004 Billboard Music Awards Ar…)

I was really obsessed with Amy Lee from the band Evanescence when I was 13.

No. 144920

File: 1595579021003.jpg (107.42 KB, 800x1200, Yami.Bakura.full.2348098.jpg)

mine is better
>hholy shit those strong arms and bony hands

(also just kidding with the better part)

No. 144930

File: 1595587580443.jpeg (62.91 KB, 1440x750, the-indian-in-the-cupboard.jpe…)

Omri (aka the Indian in the Cupboard lol) You know what? I am glad this didn't promote some weird life long fetish with all the degeneracy I see out there god damn

No. 144972

File: 1595613598987.gif (3.81 MB, 498x498, F454747F-8E55-450B-8B4F-658491…)

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, I did the same with Punchy. I cried when he left my town kek

No. 144984

File: 1595622884490.jpg (30.9 KB, 600x509, a8b6cc156ce912999a31426dc3c10e…)

Regina George. I used to feel a little shameful for this one, because I hated her character.
Yeah! When I first watched Game of Thrones, I used to obsess over Daenerys' looks. Now, I know it's because I had a crush on her.

No. 144985

File: 1595626184797.jpg (14.58 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

I had a huge crush on Cody from Total drama when I was 16

No. 145005

File: 1595639271129.gif (795.15 KB, 500x281, d975e06fc22530c17d2edb39080072…)

Hmmmm… Funny… I had a crush on Janis

Are we… rivals?

Fuck, she was so hot to me. I instantly became a goth sapphic.

No. 145013

anon of culture. Bakura is fuckin sexy

No. 145017

File: 1595647043281.jpg (90.1 KB, 1080x608, hwn4d-T5GAXKRJWJC-Full-Image_G…)

All of them, holy shit. Especially the blonde guy and the girl with purple hair.

No. 145018

File: 1595650275941.jpg (6.43 KB, 182x268, nikki.jpg)

You reminded me of the crush I also had on Nikki, damn.

No. 145026

I am ashamed to like boys like Jonesy

No. 145036

File: 1595674827562.jpg (14.51 KB, 225x300, 34acabcb76e7be56f57ef579164a37…)


These two and pic related gave me a lifelong thing for alt girls.

No. 145068

I remember watching this show when I was little and wanting to be like Mel when I grew up, but I just ended up becoming a grown up version of Lucy instead.

No. 145089

File: 1595714524795.jpg (117.95 KB, 1024x768, 756763465345.jpg)

I liked Zidane too but for some reason this fat middle-aged knight stole my heart

No. 145091

File: 1595716725118.jpg (11.73 KB, 236x356, 904f156b868bbb3551ef6f11604087…)

Sarah Jessica Parker as the slutty witch from hocus pocus was my first female crush. Call me crazy but she looks fucking amazing in this movie.

No. 145101

File: 1595733791961.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, Velma_Dinkley_(Linda_Cardellin…)

Velma from the only good Scooby Doo movie. It's kinda funny/weird watching it now, when you get all of the adult jokes.

Lol no, I was definitely more of a Janis in school. We'd be outcast buddies.

No. 145103

I recently replayed FFIX and I still crushed hard on Steiner after all this time. His loyalty and passion does things to me.

No. 145104

File: 1595738620867.jpeg (86.73 KB, 986x1200, 0011428C-D884-4533-9809-3FF1D2…)

I had a lot of feelings about this scene as a kid.

No. 145106

File: 1595742221975.png (546.83 KB, 234x350, Phil1.png)

This crush makes me kek because I remember thinking he was the most physically appealing person on earth and remember thinking he had such a good and wholesome personality and how I wished more boys were like him.

No. 145113


Anon.. same. I literally daydreamed about her as a kid.

No. 145619

File: 1596093197136.jpg (51.32 KB, 451x640, 3866a79333e3f4133872435e2442bc…)

When I was like 3 I had a lil crush on the Sunbeam bread girl. I always asked to buy that bread at the store but my mom would never let me have it because it wasn't healthy (we only ever bought wheat bread).

No. 145622

File: 1596093654232.jpg (126.77 KB, 1152x761, edward-furlong-maxw-1152.jpg)

I loved him so…
It breaks my heart his life and carreer went down the shitter and he is now a fat junkie.

No. 145631

This is adorable anon.

No. 145643

Awww, you're cute

No. 145728

TBH I'm thinking I just buy a loaf of the bread now as an adult, just to try. It's just basic cheap bread and probably isn't that great, but I gotta try it at least one time.

No. 145798

File: 1596172352937.jpg (112.49 KB, 694x500, bam1.jpg)

I used to think Bam Margera was hot but now he's washed up from booze and drugs crying on Dr Phil.

No. 145801

File: 1596173596229.gif (2.97 MB, 470x450, 234243.gif)

Leon from resident evil 4 was 10 year old me heartthrob

No. 145811

As a teen I thought he was cute but styled wrong. The weird beard, the greasy hair at an awkward length and middle part, etc. Baaaad.

No. 145879

File: 1596223940249.jpg (58.7 KB, 457x700, MV5BMTMzMDQxNzQ5Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I used to watch George of the jungle religiously as a kid. Even had a tucan plush I named Tookie Tookie. Brendan Fraser is amazing.

No. 145880

I understand crushing on Leon, but did you really play RE4 at age 10?

No. 145896

Right? It seems like it would be such a hard game for a ten year old. I played it when I was a bit older than her and maybe I just suck at games but I thought it was hard.

No. 145903

File: 1596235338562.jpg (41.86 KB, 438x636, 4388564bdde88d928089275b207eb6…)

Chris Dakota. He wasn't that famous but for a bit in like 2008-2011ish? He was known for his super crazy spiked black hair but I really loved his soft boy phase with lighter hair and less edgy clothes (pic related). He was what originally made me want snake bite piercings so bad when I was like 13, I'm really glad my parents said fuck no because those surely didn't age out of that decade whatsoever.

No. 145934

File: 1596250730054.jpg (22.99 KB, 288x384, a3.jpg)

Holy, seeing that scene style reminded me of Alex Evans, a dude my friends and I would occasionally gush over in middle school

No. 145945

File: 1596254244194.jpg (12.87 KB, 426x626, 77b6969066f8e8657744f04b76954f…)

Im sorry, but he was my bf in my dreams when I was like 8 or 9.

No. 145949

File: 1596254889585.png (1.06 MB, 1200x2065, 1200px-Rosalina-MPTop100-Trans…)

I would of only been like 6-8 when I first saw Rosalina in Mario Galaxy but I had such a crush. Same with princess Peach. Would go on google images and scroll endlessly looking at all the pretty anime art of them

No. 146018

File: 1596309942253.jpg (48.72 KB, 283x320, unnamed.jpg)

I wondered what happened to him and sam? last time I checked sam is a flight attendant and Chris still uploads vids semi-regularly.

No. 146019

what's the channel? I searched for it but couldn't find it

No. 146020

Holy shit I remember him! Used to watch their hair style videos lmao
He reminds me of that other dude who faked his death? I think their name was wolf or some shit. Hard to keep track of all the scene twinks

No. 146021

I'm sorry anon but it seems like he kinda deletes most of his social media…even the channel i mentioned before because the last time i checked on him was almost 5 years ago. He kept changing/deleting his instagram handle so its even harder to keep up with him, i think his most recent handle was @casps1 (deleted insta, linked to his Onlyfans )

No. 146022

File: 1596315696376.jpg (24.05 KB, 474x303, peterpan.jpg)

Ok I cant be alone in my childhood infatuation with Jeremy Sumpter who played Peter Pan in the 2003 live action adaption… and btw he grew up to be a dreamy dreamboat hello

No. 146024

File: 1596315814409.jpg (37.15 KB, 474x711, hottieboombalottie.jpg)

here he is lol couldn't help myself

No. 146229

File: 1596454730399.jpg (265.9 KB, 1280x916, Vegeta.jpg)

Yes daddy

No. 146878

File: 1596900642477.jpg (168.23 KB, 1920x1080, d40d6a85-c327-4dd7-ac02-c38514…)

Chris Hansen when I was 14 lmao

No. 146880


Lmao I've been laughing at this for 3 minutes now. God bless you anon

No. 146881


No. 146908

File: 1596915515765.jpeg (56.49 KB, 500x667, 94792C8E-9EA7-45CF-94AC-E2AC0D…)

Crushed over a lot of nu metal bands tbh, especially Slipknot, Korn, Kittie, Coal Chamber, etc.

No. 146915

File: 1596919069514.jpg (10.57 KB, 300x300, p-South-Park-Matt-Kyle-Broflov…)

Can't believe I'm positing this but when I was 12/13 I had a crush on Kyle from South park yikes

No. 146925

>>146915 me too anon kek

No. 146926

God I crushed on Joey so hard when I was a young teen lmao. Then I forgot about it and years later learned that he would piss himself before every show

No. 146932

File: 1596929283833.png (2.05 KB, 225x225, download.png)

im so embarassed but i used to have a huge crush on bloo from foster's home for imaginary friends when i was like 7. i would fantasize about him saving me from falling off a cliff and would draw myself as a pink version of him with eyelashes. i wish i was joking

No. 146940

File: 1596935162780.jpeg (28.38 KB, 540x720, FD7CF340-D627-4FEA-A232-D8651E…)

I was slightly attracted to Wilt. I have a vague memory of someone submitting fan mail professing their love for him to the hosts of cartoon cartoon fridays and it was super awkward. That’s when I reeled my feelings in

No. 146941

I hate how many hours of my life were dedicated to StanxKyle shit

No. 146955

File: 1596946625154.jpg (65.5 KB, 925x698, 4u3j5wyg35e23gwe5a7gipmw2m.jpg)

When I was 7 or 8 I think iCarly just came out and I was obsessed with this dude, and I vaguely remember liking Sam at the same time.

I love how the these are all literally just basic shapes haha

No. 146973

This was my childhood crush as well but I hate how he looks now.

No. 146990

File: 1596977829219.png (493.23 KB, 540x535, 1DA10E88-8607-47FC-94FC-D49071…)

Haha, same. I was an edgy and weird girl (I hid it well tho) so when I would learn facts like that I would think it was really cool.. Same with the crow in a jar thing or the fact that they wear the same mask until its literally unusable from rot or whatnot.

No. 147126

File: 1597086794300.jpg (22.67 KB, 350x298, bc21500f-713f-47c3-911e-0c29d1…)

zuko codified my taste in men

No. 147150

I guess I was too young to be awakened yet when I first watched ATLA as a child, but on my current rewatch? Fuck.
Ngl I think it's also the voice, his VA has a really distinct one. I was watching a live action movie that his VA was in, and despite it being over a decade since I had last seen avatar, as soon the dude opened his mouth I was like "THAT'S ZUKO!"

No. 147182

Yeah, it was the voice for me too. When he grew out his hair in book 2 it awakened something inside me, lol. However, damaged but cute guys always turn out to be bad news.

No. 147198

File: 1597164652188.png (12.38 KB, 200x297, goofster.png)

I was 6 years old

No. 147308

I can't with his gross eye thing

No. 148316

I was attracted to Mike Shinoda, especially in this video. Still find him cute (only in those years with this kind of haircut)

No. 148663

File: 1598214939823.jpg (54.52 KB, 600x400, 07006d0e-0f10-4aa7-b788-29679e…)

Especially with the mullet.

No. 148784

File: 1598295772898.png (1.18 KB, 38x47, Masked_Man.png)

His death hit me so hard as a kid.

No. 148789

I wasn't even a kid and honestly same (except I did not have crush on him, but he is such a tragic and sad character)

No. 148833

File: 1598335969064.png (198.11 KB, 434x500, 4aca575029c369d03dc3c662cab261…)

I was obsessed with him when I was 10

No. 148856

File: 1598368313787.jpg (22.09 KB, 640x480, Paul-de-nuevo.jpg)

literally wrote shitty fanfic about me and this character when i was 11. not a redeeming quality about him.

No. 148860

File: 1598371586253.jpeg (142.07 KB, 960x720, 782990DC-35FD-45F9-8213-9232F3…)


No. 148861

File: 1598373720196.jpg (37.25 KB, 577x538, Ikuto.jpg)

No. 148864

File: 1598376002475.jpg (20.62 KB, 400x400, _MacmsO6_400x400.jpg)

No. 148922

File: 1598391972509.png (27.36 KB, 910x986, E571B766-F49A-4273-9710-ABA6E3…)

Only the real can relate

No. 148926

File: 1598393358920.gif (68.01 KB, 628x660, 6B0E495F-5F84-4375-8015-E11242…)

Pls no bully

No. 148930

It’s not weird because we were little kids! At least I hope you were a little kid for this anon kek

No. 148931

File: 1598394892446.png (4.23 MB, 1920x2716, jOmi0Cg.png)

i regret nothing

No. 148935

the original himbo

No. 148942

there is absolutely nothing wrong with this

No. 148945


Honestly Johnny a cute

No. 148953

File: 1598408340760.gif (528.75 KB, 387x400, unnamed.gif)

hello fellow canadafag kek i love it
i feel guilty about this but same. in grade 6 i called him my bf and would watch his anime shower scene quite a bit lol

i have so many to post so ill probably post a lot overtime but for now i will say chad dylan cooper from sunny with a chance lol rude pretty boy, right up my alley

No. 148957

The only valid himbo.

No. 148960

Best lion.

No. 149276

File: 1598582855298.jpg (41.96 KB, 640x360, bigtoppeewee03.jpg)

No. 149277

a-anon, peewee Herman?? I've seen so much weird shit in this thread yet this is what baffles me the most! Let me guess, you think reviewbrah is cute too?

No. 149280

File: 1598585624464.png (87.07 KB, 399x263, doki.png)

This greasy green bean owned my little baby heart. My sister used to make fun of me for rewatching this scene so often.

a woman of taste

No. 149303

File: 1598600987123.jpg (75.85 KB, 900x474, 1241510.jpg)

How did you feel when he was added to Gorillaz?

No. 149320

Aww I love Pee-wee!
I find him super endearing

No. 149351

File: 1598629212248.jpeg (171.04 KB, 750x1125, 99467DBE-63B9-480F-A897-AFFBC3…)

No. 149352

File: 1598629799581.jpg (278.09 KB, 600x900, 15b.jpg)

>tfw he'll never order you to clean his leech tank

No. 149358

I thought it was the funniest shit because of how unexpected it was. Loved it, even though with age comes more grease and a receding hairline.

No. 149364

File: 1598633554891.jpg (274.45 KB, 1920x1080, jasmine.jpg)

jasmine (slave outfit specifically for some reason) was probably my first girl crush as a little kid

No. 149365

File: 1598634226980.png (1.38 MB, 2067x3364, 3D52683B-8A5F-40C8-83DD-92D048…)

omg same. I thought Snake was the hottest of the group, but Ace was a close second.
& I, too, was a fan of that scene.

They made him a total sailor faggot in the anime adaptation for some reason

No. 149366

He reminds me of lurch tho kek

No. 149380

File: 1598641979950.jpg (34.32 KB, 500x624, e27e7770a82ac618aa099d8f418319…)

I was so obsessed with her voice in the 90s Batman cartoon.

No. 149480

Fucking based anon. I'm not even into Batman but I've just always been infatuated with her lol

No. 149490

Same. I was also into Batman and that kind of made me recognise my bisexuality lol

No. 150548

File: 1599536261594.jpg (94.21 KB, 1200x600, hrmgmnnhhhh.jpg)

holy shit you explained one of my recent fictional character crushes who is also a silhouette at first
she made me feel weird things!
omg was so embarrassed for liking kisshu
fuck hahaha same.

anons you all had/have such great taste.

Anyway. surprised no one mentioned Tarzan lol now im looking up george of the jungle

No. 150683

File: 1599607581220.jpg (129.3 KB, 640x480, 1535160644928.jpg)

huldra from troll tales. she's still adorable

No. 150700

File: 1599615440266.png (145.29 KB, 340x242, Tack.png)

I still think he is really cute. I didn't know he was human when I was a kid, I thought he was a puppet

No. 150702

File: 1599616798201.jpg (54.56 KB, 717x717, smug bastard.jpg)

i got red converse in the 6th grade cause i wanted to be him so badly, also rage quit the first season when he got booted out
besides him: shaggy, bam margera and benicio del toro in excess baggage

No. 150703

I… I… I completely forgot how in love I was and it really warms my heart that someone else felt the same way

No. 150704

File: 1599619277299.jpeg (70.06 KB, 500x597, C847AE62-0488-40D1-A9D1-448370…)

Mmm, anons talking about Bam reminds me of my crush on Ville Valo. My best friend of the time introduced me to HIM and I only liked one song but DAMN at the time I still felt like he was one of the most attractive dudes I ever saw.

No. 150705

he’s the reason my family started accusing me of being a lesbian

No. 150706

File: 1599619934419.png (129.39 KB, 300x240, around-the-world-in-80-days-di…)

it's kind of embarrassing that my main kid crush was an anthropomorphic dog with horrible anger issues, but hey, i don't think i'm a furry because of it. i think it was because he got his ass kicked multiple times in the show and i felt bad for him lmao

i made so much art of him with my self-insert, you don't even know.

i don't know who he is but if i did, i def would have simped, he looks cute

No. 150714

File: 1599627428669.gif (186.82 KB, 500x250, tumblr_msj7fhgXIW1shr2ugo1_500…)

It's Tack from The Thief and the Cobbler. Aside from him being adorable, the movie is beautifully animated, I'd recommend it if you like hand drawn animation

No. 150720

File: 1599631559134.jpeg (100.26 KB, 634x1024, D35C9344-6E68-4A16-92D3-2D4FDB…)

Dylan Sprouse. I was obsessed. When I was 8-9 I had a notebook where I would write "Dylan" over and over and over with little hearts on every single page that I never let anyone see. Until one day my babysitter found it and asked me who Dylan was….I wanted to drop dead right then and there lmao, she laughed at me and made fun of me. Pain.

No. 150778

File: 1599672759210.jpeg (32.96 KB, 495x619, E7D21E12-8B14-4DA5-9D98-164B40…)

…..yeah I don’t get it either. I think it was his voice lol.

No. 150790

Literally me. I kept the Burger King toy with me like a totem.

No. 150816

I am fucking cackling, but I sort of understand this one.

No. 150825

File: 1599691578566.png (98.62 KB, 298x169, FEFB318D-4223-4F51-B566-843BEC…)

Amber from The Tribe

No. 150826

He was the original bad boy. The blue print.

No. 150829

File: 1599694880075.jpg (16.17 KB, 210x295, 168580.jpg)

No way, my sinister bitch Ebony for life.

No. 150990

File: 1599783063131.png (72.43 KB, 305x394, klogg.PNG)

This encourages me to share one of my biggest childhood crushes, Klogg from The Neverhood game. I think it's the general "pretentious, theatrical villain" vibe that was so irresistible; found more fanarts of him than I've expected so at least I think I'm not alone.

No. 151002

File: 1599785982941.png (259.67 KB, 840x859, B530E0EA-F42F-46BB-8EE1-80C42C…)

No. 151072

File: 1599844857293.png (357.56 KB, 512x284, 7016ACC2-4C25-44B1-A1FB-6FC630…)

was obsessed with CATS when I was like ten, rewatched it recently and had one of those realizations people are always talking about

No. 151097

based. i didn't play neverhood as a kid, but watched a playthrough recently and dumb theatrical villains are so cute!

No. 151457

File: 1600183615340.png (48.83 KB, 200x357, bob.png)

what the fuck was wrong with me

No. 151502

Oh, a lot for sure.

No. 151508

File: 1600212343172.png (6.46 MB, 1428x2121, Shadow-The-Hedgehog-PNG-Image.…)

Black-hearted evil
Brave-hearted hero

No. 151510

File: 1600213045055.jpeg (30.34 KB, 336x450, C0B49D87-8F10-4ED4-B35D-A98986…)

One of many. Had a crush on him when I was like 8.

No. 151874

File: 1600453820275.png (11.8 KB, 186x400, F01DDF6B-3265-47D9-9B17-AC431D…)

Me too anon, plus this one

No. 151875

File: 1600453869859.png (208.54 KB, 720x900, B8901FDD-5EF5-40AF-A85C-89E1F3…)

I don’t understand why

No. 151904

File: 1600482557247.jpg (76.61 KB, 750x571, CLPYkPL.jpg)

Was in love with him as a kid. Honestly still kinda attracted to him. Not even into tentacle porn or hentai or whatever.

No. 151928

File: 1600512136836.jpg (763.44 KB, 1536x2048, bMHYebP.jpg)

No. 152024

File: 1600580966236.png (89.98 KB, 360x450, Remeberthisshow.png)

No. 152025

File: 1600581278151.jpg (73.72 KB, 800x1175, Kai_Hiwatari_(G-Revolution).jp…)

Used to write self insert fics with him

No. 152139

File: 1600678796941.png (4.01 MB, 2071x2598, 08111E40-9EFC-4189-A35A-8C695A…)

Mama, there’s a ‘gator!

No. 152142

File: 1600681844590.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

This smug fucker

No. 152143

File: 1600682574276.jpg (45.3 KB, 719x310, preed_titan_ae.JPG)

i feel that i should explain: i am aware this character looks like a big ugly bat, is a slimy piece of shit AND a creep, and yet, to this day looking at him makes me kinda horny.

i have no shame, for i do not fear god.

No. 152144

File: 1600683322918.jpg (12.5 KB, 300x300, Zak_Looking_Up.jpg)

Zak from Ferngully

No. 152164

I see your Zak and raise you Sexxus.

No. 152171


No. 152176

Looks like he would be a nasty fuck, like the guys who suck your toes or smthng, but somehow make it hot.

No. 152178

File: 1600708689191.jpeg (39.42 KB, 832x624, 89743982754.jpeg)

I was going to say he has a hot voice, but do you know who his VA is? Nathan Lane, aka the voice of Timon in Lion King haha. Talk about some range, never would have guessed.

Yeah, this was my crush too. Pretty much any character Tim Curry did. How can anyone not be Currysexual when he has that voice? Also pic rel, when he was a giant devil man and seduces Lili. Girl you chose wrong, you coulda' had this but went with baby Tom Cruise??

No. 152184

File: 1600711939158.jpg (50.52 KB, 604x725, 04ed70a31c23de661d1e7d1d8658b5…)

I had a massive crush on him, it's embarrassing.

I also remembering having a crush on Sora originally but then backed down because my friend liked him, lol.

No. 152186

File: 1600713001135.jpg (13.68 KB, 474x355, 1.jpg)

This dude form the mummy. Honestly I think it was because of the slinky clothing, freaking gold loincloths.

No. 152190

Oh yeah, Arnold Vosloo was fine. In an interview he once described that costume as a "postage stamp" kek.

No. 152196

File: 1600718175352.jpg (38.42 KB, 339x550, duckula.jpg)

I blame this lil shit for kickstarting my obsession with vampires as a kid

No. 152207

File: 1600729263977.jpeg (73.06 KB, 256x384, A563EC12-5094-4351-882D-83FEC2…)

no one will ever compare to sho minamimoto, teenage me was absolutely crazy for him

No. 152212

File: 1600734774355.jpg (6.68 KB, 183x275, mantis.jpg)

don't ask me why but i was obsessed with him when i was about 12. i still think he's hot

No. 152215

Lol I'm watching the episode of modern family where he's the butler in it. He's tall I'll give you that

No. 152223

This awoke something in me that I had suppressed

No. 152224

File: 1600745338022.jpeg (20.08 KB, 340x255, DD543E32-DA0F-4766-A4EA-26DDAB…)

& most guys I’ve dated have looked similar to him

No. 152228

I used to find him, Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington all attractive when I used to listen to their radio show clips/cartoon show

No. 152494

File: 1600970352652.jpg (46.06 KB, 544x533, julvok.jpg)

It's a shame she messed about with her face because she was insanely beautiful. I had a crush on Lena too but Julia had the extra edge.

No. 152496

File: 1600971167196.jpg (437.27 KB, 2400x1350, 5FJJTH2SteOcIrQlJxdE0sJUrygpwQ…)

Westley from Princess Bride

No. 152508

File: 1600975352034.jpg (21.32 KB, 480x300, 7598437043.jpg)

Cary Elwes used to be so cute and handsome. Shame he hasn't aged very well.

No. 152512

Isn't she like… 14 in this pic

No. 152516

Nta but I’m pretty sure this picture is from when they performed on wettan das in 2004 which would have made Julia 19 at the time

No. 152517

you realize this is the childhood crushes thread, right?
>I HAD a crush

No. 152534

File: 1600994397437.png (201.1 KB, 263x379, disastersexuality.png)

yugi. i dig the sometimes innocent sometimes badass thing, innocent yugi gave me the weirdest goddamn mommy fantasy as a 5 year old

No. 152538

File: 1600996792039.png (245.27 KB, 1280x720, sesshomaru.png)

back when i was a weeb, I was slightly obsessed with inuyasha's brother

No. 152604

File: 1601052055077.jpg (23.44 KB, 360x248, stickinAround.jpg)

Childhood crush on
Bradley and wanted Stacey to be my best friend. Feels weird saying that about literal stick figures lol

No. 152609


No. 152618

Aw man I totally forgot about this show!

No. 152651

File: 1601070660815.jpg (25.36 KB, 498x360, BIPlTw3CQAAnbdA.jpg)

Dom from" Dick and Dom in da bungalow" (Right) anyone here from the uk??? lol I used to wake up early on a Saturday to watch them

No. 152653

Kek, me AND my mum had a crush on him too and one day I cried because she told me she was closer to his age and had a bigger chance of marrying him. Good times.

No. 152660

Fuck! I've been trying to remember what this show was for ages.
Tysm anon.

No. 152672

This is an important post

No. 152683


No. 152812

File: 1601178743013.jpg (28.28 KB, 450x450, Starmon_b (1).jpg)

I was only 10/11 years old
I even had that digimon savers digivice toy where I took care of him lol

No. 152813

File: 1601180029374.png (106.82 KB, 316x316, pitto.png)

When I was nine or something, I used to daydream about me dying and Pit cradling my head and using his powers to save me.

No. 153208

File: 1601365286043.png (58.5 KB, 435x912, d7y3piy-6071e757-8414-497f-aa1…)

Putting another one here. I don't understand why.

No. 153456

His voice in smash bros still
gives me goosebumps

No. 153509

File: 1601573693445.jpg (191.67 KB, 761x750, 67693575_p0.jpg)

i was like ten

No. 153512

File: 1601574563885.jpg (6.5 KB, 150x335, this motherfucker.jpg)

This bozo. I hated his ex Kalel so much I went as far as having daily "exorcising" rituals because 10 year old me convinced myself that she was satan for taking my husband away from me.

No. 153533

holy shit lol i forgot him and kalel were a thing, this is hilarious. i always thought they were a weird couple tbh, i don't know what either of them even do these days

No. 153541

File: 1601589142912.png (662.23 KB, 1200x1200, 2C622C53-B70D-4930-BBFE-F5A26E…)

Who doesn't want a cute nightmare husbando with fluffy arms?

No. 153545

Holy shit, same.

No. 153554

oh no i forgot about her, she used to be a fun cow. wonder what she's up to now, she hasn't been posting for months. maybe she regrets her plastic surgery, she was starting to look a bit wildenstein-y

No. 153748

File: 1601723411349.jpg (39.79 KB, 320x240, pop the perp.jpg)

7 year old me was weirdly obsessed with this blood cell. The first thing I did when I was left alone on the internet for the first time (in retrospect, what the hell were my parents thinking?) was looking up pictures of him.

No. 153749

File: 1601724101142.jpg (403.68 KB, 1400x1050, Wes-Borland-Live-Credit-DavidW…)


Limp Bizkit are cringe, but 11 year old me used to crush on Wes Borland, but only when he was in costume/facepaint

No. 153855

File: 1601792735193.jpeg (362.26 KB, 2007x1536, 8C5B521F-816B-4568-B11C-60A3FE…)

No. 153857

just imagine his mouth on your pussy. mmm

No. 153858

I’ve been

No. 153860

he could fit the whole thing, top to bottom.

No. 153861

File: 1601799190849.jpeg (148.26 KB, 1326x1124, 25788415-8137-4FD7-8C93-8338A5…)


thanks you made me remember how much i loved the songs in ferngully

No. 153863

i understand this

No. 153865

I also understand.
im not a furry and they disturb me, but remembering childhood crushes on anthro characters makes me understand a little better. Its still weird to go full head-on into it and everything they do. I feel like this threads topic is how they all began but are genuinely autistic or something

No. 153929

File: 1601869975454.png (115.43 KB, 1200x1631, Walden.png)

Forgive me, Father. For I have sinned.

No. 153965

File: 1601908160964.jpg (18.1 KB, 210x240, james-pokemon-the-movie-volcan…)

I spent so many hours reading fanfiction of him and from time to time I indulge.

No. 154034

File: 1601939937634.jpg (64.79 KB, 547x600, Portal.(Game).600.851192.jpg)

I realised I was a lesbian through GLaDOS art…. Literally had an e-reader full of nothing but Chell/GlaDOS fic, ran DeviantART groups about GLaDOS, had everything themed after her and had many puberty fits thinking about mommydom robot.

No. 154060

File: 1601949613858.jpg (21.09 KB, 300x400, billymartin.jpg)

Can't believe I blocked my borderline unhealthy crush with this guy from my memory. I had a MASSIVE crush on Billy Martin but I had folders of SOOOO much Good Charlotte shit; pictures, edits, slash fics, interviews, MTV and MuchMusic appearances. Even had a short lived fan page on MSN Groups. Lost the love sometime before the Good Morning Revival album and haven't really thought about them since.

No. 154071

File: 1601955529087.gif (662.29 KB, 280x201, 981172b09d5ee379c161a3008a1c16…)

cemented my taste in whiny, batshit insane men with a thirst for power. his TF animated and prime versions (esp the heels hnggg) are hot too. i legit remember no transformers lore so don't ask me about it !

No. 155580

File: 1602988826095.jpg (62.52 KB, 625x891, Judge_Frollo.jpg)

Don't ask,I was only in the 7th grade when I had a crush on this maniac

No. 155599

I actually met him IRL once and he was super nice

No. 155612

File: 1603016733674.jpeg (125.62 KB, 1007x1029, 9D4E564A-9AAE-4D92-AC61-5423B1…)

Lmao omg anon, I had an intense crush on Quasimodo. He was actually probably my very first crush? I was a preschooler and watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame over and over again and I even made this weird miniature clay figure of him that is still somewhere in my house.
I think it affected me, especially the scene at the beginning where everyone is throwing tomatos at him and Esmerelda comes to comfort and save him. I have a weird thing now for comforting men. It’s not a fetish, but just whenever I see a guy who looks vulnerable or sad, I really want to comfort him, give him a big hug and make him feel loved. Not that this makes me unique, but it’s just this urge I get sometimes. I don’t know, lol.

No. 155613

File: 1603022227521.jpg (48.67 KB, 447x720, a6563eec5cf86cfea03dca248d628a…)

should we form a gang anons?

No. 155628

I used to simp for this idiot hard as a kid and I'm not even sure why. I guess because he had the most personality out of all the Decepticons tbh.

No. 155630

File: 1603038356534.jpeg (119.4 KB, 870x720, B5CCFDF8-5C0F-45C8-803A-630E15…)

i've had weirder crushes but i just don't quite understand this one

also i've made more posts itt then in any other thread, it seems i was an extremely romantically preoccupied kid lol, i hope that's normal

that's one hot mf

No. 155693

File: 1603083435501.jpg (7.42 KB, 195x259, ilikeike.jpg)

i used to lie to my friends and say i liked zac but i secretly liked ike the best. especially his solo bit in where's the love.

No. 155701

I’m DOWN anon

No. 155710

Oom bop

No. 157165

File: 1603936777201.png (433.71 KB, 948x978, Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 8.58…)

Since it's Halloween, I remember crushing on both Max and Binx when I was a kid. Still like the 90's hair

No. 157170

File: 1603945665568.jpg (58.73 KB, 960x720, IMG_20201029_052733_299.jpg)

No. 157171

Omri Katz was my shit for the longest time.
Did you see the Hocus Pocus event they had on Hulu a couple of years ago? It was so fucking weird to see them all as old as they are.

No. 157229

Yes! When I was looking up the pictures I saw what the cast looks like now. Both of them seem like they peaked when they were younger but it might just be the shock of seeing them in their 30s/40s

No. 157231

File: 1603980774475.jpg (43.14 KB, 480x366, Hocus-Pocus-2-e67d.jpg)

He's still attractive for his age, but maybe it really was that fucking 90s hair that did it.
I'm pretty sure that Vinessa Shaw is an energy vampire. She doesn't really look different.

No. 159374

File: 1605120543262.jpg (34.35 KB, 433x650, 366db287b58649dce7b76d63526d8a…)

Chad Michael Murray in anything but ESPECIALLY in A Cinderella Story… a real chad

No. 159391

File: 1605125548103.jpg (39.89 KB, 1280x721, flynn-rider-tangled-1179015-12…)

He influenced my taste in men unironically

No. 159395

>tangled was released 10 years ago
tf was it really that long ago?

No. 159396

yes, you are now entitled to a senior meal card

No. 159404

post an example of an IRL eugene pls

No. 159412

I'd rather not to post a photo of my ex oof

No. 159829

File: 1605415150774.png (275.77 KB, 572x834, Screenshot_20201114-213349~2.p…)

No. 159842

I hate that I'm internet poisoned enough that I inspected the image for a fuckhole.

No. 159993

File: 1605500808404.jpg (202.76 KB, 1791x1065, FFXV.jpg)

Noctis and now unironically like dark hair and pale skin on guys the most. Oh man

No. 160007

>childhood crush
The game is only 4 years old underagebait

No. 160020

Yikes someone doesn't know what they are talking about. His games as him as the main character were released four years ago but he has been around before 2012 in other parts of that series through other games. You can legit do a basic google search. I get you're not a fan but don't talk out of your ass.

No. 160023

File: 1605521148092.png (1.14 MB, 1200x900, AE970071-4586-420F-B3A3-9F23FB…)


No. 161738

File: 1606758551814.jpg (126.25 KB, 1280x720, ratchet.JPG)

i don't deserve rights

No. 161741

File: 1606761596816.jpeg (37.58 KB, 700x298, 26B9CE2B-7880-4AEE-9BB2-B0974B…)

His soft voice made me feel weird

No. 161885

File: 1606879680716.png (590.15 KB, 965x1033, F0A4237A-239E-4B20-8564-E277F7…)

I had to be like five or six years old watching this show and my taste in men (fictional and otherwise) never recovered

No. 162061

File: 1607034015401.jpg (7.65 KB, 240x210, images.jpg)

Used to like Visual novels alot back then when i was 15-16, i played this game called BTD or Boyfriend to death, it was very NSFW but i still played it anyway, my parents didnt care to check on what i was doing on the internet.

Had a huge crush on Ren Hana, and even made art of him and made a fan character. I still like him but not as much, sad that the game doesnt work on my computer would have loved to replay it.

No. 162079

File: 1607050001353.png (64.4 KB, 310x376, Strade_neutral.png)

me too anon! i got a little too into strade…

No. 162797

File: 1607592463488.gif (761.04 KB, 245x220, B9rKVXS.gif)

Gohan when he was young adult, he was so awkward and damm wholesome, I loved him
shame Toriyma ruined his character and puts 99% focus on Goku or Vegeta now

No. 162823

why is he a fox-person? i was somewhat interested in this game but it seemed all over the place with its premise. why are there weird animal-people with normal human people

No. 162845

File: 1607621353323.jpeg (39.44 KB, 480x720, tucker-2000-tv-series-69ff36ae…)

god it took me ages to remember what this show was called but did anyone watch tucker? I used to have a huge crush on him when I was 10/11

No. 162851

File: 1607622399311.jpg (13.66 KB, 360x360, 100_beautiful_arwen.jpg)

No. 162854

I approve.

No. 162905

File: 1607661473267.jpg (223.59 KB, 960x1440, images.jpg)

Ian Archer(the tall one) from Tower Prep, I remember being obsessed with him and loved when ever he had a fight scene that would show his biceps and forearms

No. 163032

File: 1607756266770.png (227.47 KB, 360x360, Legolas_-_in_Two_Towers.PNG.pn…)

you just reminded me….

No. 163044

File: 1607774170234.jpeg (228.93 KB, 1000x1509, 41EC1A95-FEBF-492F-AB5D-F98375…)

He's older than my parents but I had a crush on him at age 11-14.

No. 163045

I can't decide if he's handsome or ugly. Maybe he's only handsome in the context of a fantasy world.

No. 163053

File: 1607782251036.png (606.39 KB, 346x436, NaotoAlt2.png)

First Crush and Comfort Character

No. 163056

File: 1607785419337.jpg (61.43 KB, 504x720, Naowoto.jpg)

I love her story so much, she even gotten her own manga and light novel about her future cases!

Fucking hate Twitter for trying to claim that she is a trannie now, when her story is the complete opposite.

No. 163088

I've never found him attractive outside of LOTR . I think his face is not that handsome by celebrity standards but the long blonde hair and elf ears are what make Legolas hot, it gives him an ethereal look.

No. 163091

File: 1607813695837.jpg (31.62 KB, 299x400, The_Phantom.jpg)

The Phantom (Erik) from Phantom of the Opera. I guess I wasn't a kid, more like a teenager, but whatever.

same, I remember when I was a yearning 12 year old and basically in love with him, then I watched the special features and saw him IRL and it ruined it for me

No. 163107

File: 1607830706480.jpg (127.37 KB, 1600x979, sUbyKRy.jpg)

mulleted kid from Terminate 2, when I was 12 years old I had a massive crush on hi, I think retained my crush on him till I was 16

No. 163118

File: 1607840868434.jpg (48.05 KB, 344x512, unnamed.jpg)

Kevin Zegers. I thought he was hot in air bud as a 5 year old or whatever and call me cringe but I still find him hot now.

No. 163119

File: 1607841551647.jpg (27.8 KB, 530x400, k3.jpg)

I was like 4, I should've known earlier that I'm a lesbian.

No. 163120

File: 1607841808312.jpg (93.5 KB, 702x701, chipz_is_very_cringey_pls_no_b…)

sage for samefagging

No. 163121

File: 1607841941985.jpg (168.81 KB, 900x1200, She's_so_fucking_gorgeous.jpg)

No. 163122

File: 1607841979150.jpg (125.76 KB, 1548x1024, britney-spears-baby-one-more-t…)

She was my first human crush, every other other crush was cartoon boys.

No. 163123

File: 1607842113791.jpg (121.24 KB, 1280x720, she_could_get_it_too_and_still…)

idk whether this needs to be spoilered? Sorry if it should've been

No. 163125

File: 1607842310792.gif (1.95 MB, 360x202, Kate_as_a_vampire_specifically…)

No. 163126

File: 1607842797278.jpg (16.99 KB, 300x300, Brigitte_Nielsen_from_Rocky_IV…)

She's tall too swoons

No. 163127

File: 1607843413504.jpg (316.37 KB, 1537x699, Keira_Knightley_in_practically…)

No. 163129

File: 1607843821273.jpg (86.92 KB, 556x768, Brunhilde_Kristanna_Loken.jpg)

No. 163130

File: 1607843908884.jpg (233.88 KB, 949x1356, not_anymore_though_she_got_too…)

Okay this is the last one

No. 163132

No. 163136

Same anon, same.

No. 163138

women in period dress make me weak

No. 163143

It's funny though how they beautified this character in that movie. He could live among people wearing this little mask without any problem. While the original character is hideous, so his tragic story and hiding in that place makes total sense.

No. 163147

File: 1607870712813.jpg (26.89 KB, 576x613, melc3i932iroew.jpg)

Mel B was hot but I always loved Mel C. Even with her short hair 'butch' style, and especially with her gold tooth. I think she is so beautiful even now. Long live my scouse queen.

No. 163166

She's lovely. Mel C was the most talented too, by far. She's my fave now, but when I was younger Mel B and Geri were tied for top spot. Was Posh spice anyone's fave? lol. No one ever seems to talk about her unless they're trying to remember her name, "oh you know, that stuck up one" lol.

No. 163242

File: 1607940171208.jpg (166.46 KB, 865x1390, wait_I_just_realized_that_I_lo…)

The Britney Spears one wasn't me, can't take credit for that. Also I've not had crushes on cartoon boys like that anon

I could keep posting all day, I had so many crushes. Though I just realized something regarding Mel C…

No. 163781

File: 1608477030840.jpg (109.5 KB, 500x500, artworks-000186390094-2iu4cc-t…)

not gonna lie, that pepsi ad awakened something in me

No. 163784

Anon, if you look like her, plz be my gf! She sent me into overdrive with that look and is why I have a gold tooth now. She is easily the most attractive spice girl, in my opinion. I loved the short hair and more masc style on her.

No. 163785

File: 1608477698867.jpg (120.87 KB, 768x1024, 174285cfa2888817628d0e0ec7f049…)

RIP Aaliyah, she was so gorgeous in this movie :'(

Also have to agree with >>163125

No. 163786

File: 1608477777957.jpg (993.79 KB, 3056x3056, 40b2c86d267ec7182891e62b125596…)


samefagging but her too

Why did may parents even allow me to watch these movies at such a young age?

No. 163795

File: 1608489417434.png (120.22 KB, 632x310, Cole.png)

When I was 11 or 12 I didn't even have this game, I only had the demo and I played it five thousand times probably because I had a crush on him… I don't know why, he's so boring, but he's bald and has a deep voice and controls lightning. I also had a crush on Raiden of course and I played the MGRR demo a million times. Maybe I have a type

No. 164858

File: 1609183273317.jpg (19.89 KB, 400x302, f094ea0026033b6a52bd6e67d6ca12…)

Both of them tbh, but I just remembered Sheldon specifically.
My taste in men remains the same which is unfortunate because they're always either disappointing or decide they're too good for me.
Nobody told child me that qt weak beta geek boys don't exist irl……

No. 164861

they do: but they ALL want stacy, no exceptions

No. 164864

That's the truth, yeah.
The guys who show interest in my dorky ass have been spot-on-normal normfags. I think nerd men just want to escape who they are/gain status by dating someone who is socially successful. Weird.

Thank goodness I'm also into women. Heterosexual dating is bleak.

No. 165493

File: 1609670472457.jpg (51.63 KB, 675x987, 61qp86oQSmL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

i used to think he was a girl at first. i was still crushing even when i realized he was actually a boy. bicon

No. 165573

Both of these for me as well.

No. 165638

File: 1609770941786.jpeg (162.39 KB, 960x1440, FC4E7316-A098-4BFF-9F4B-04AA01…)

qt robot himbo

i was trying to remember the name of the show for like a week just to post it here.

No. 165663

same. i wish guys irl like this weren't total assholes. but they always are.

No. 167513

File: 1610884959271.jpg (49.97 KB, 587x721, b1e0ffce303000e08efc0b2bd491c4…)

my first crush. my tastes weren't very normal [spoiler]and they still aren't.[spoiler]

No. 167594

File: 1610924261321.gif (2.9 MB, 600x250, 7269532C-9008-44F9-AC39-5C40F3…)


No. 167933

File: 1611076450010.jpeg (64.2 KB, 539x1500, 88B7D212-BF64-4F88-BC24-E5264C…)

I won him at a carnival and he was my boyfriend

No. 167948

Did you make out with him?

I always had alot of soft toys and there definitely came an age where I got a bit weird with them. Luckily I didn't turn into a furry fetishist

No. 167957

Thats so cute anon
Did he have a name? Kek

No. 168710

File: 1611535091112.png (469.39 KB, 800x450, ben.png)

I revisited the series because of the Mr douchebag memes and realized that the series was shit and I only enjoyed it because of its juvenile humor, that, and the fact that I liked this guy. I think it's because he was meek and blond. I didn't realise until now how many girls were horny for him in the past

No. 169030

The book version or the movies version anon?

No. 169035

File: 1611674590387.jpg (31.76 KB, 350x499, 51jCVt9jrpL._AC_.jpg)

This brings me great shame. I still don't understand why his bulge was so prominent in that movie.

No. 169087

File: 1611691181933.png (645.77 KB, 620x378, 6849032740932844.png)

Idk why you're ashamed anon, I know tons of women (myself included) who had a bit of a sexual awakening due to this movie. That was literally one of the main themes with Sarah being both tempted and disgusted by the Goblin King's offer. Their interactions are very erotic without being blatantly sexual. And yeah his character is a bit goofy with the tights and big hair and sparkles, but all those things make him less threatening than the typical brojock and more unusual/intriguing.

No. 169090

File: 1611693199555.jpg (1.43 MB, 1338x1752, B142A26A-EE85-4D55-A701-019B7D…)

Holy fuck am I old…

No. 169360

Yes and we’d go on a “honeymoon” in my pillow fort every weekend

His name was Ronnie

No. 169370

Fuck you for posting this anon. But same. He's so ugly, what the hell.

No. 169392


No. 169399

David Bowie had a masssssssive dick it could not be kept down

No. 169411

File: 1611892644964.jpg (91.62 KB, 513x750, 29e7badac4871f4367474b08bf5701…)

I was 13 or 14
Other girls had crushes on Ace while I had a HUGE crush on him
What the hell,now he's more uglier than I thought.

No. 169415

File: 1611895503859.gif (22.34 KB, 500x281, 94103F80-8938-40AD-AEFD-73C684…)

The bad little boy episode was literally my sexual awakening. 11 year old me was ready to risk it all for a fictional vampire boy

No. 169435

File: 1611911912588.png (352.74 KB, 800x450, 1973490E-CFE9-4562-B5B7-34A922…)

>>168710 i remember being obsessed with the band and also liking Benatar but had it bad for Axel

No. 169462

File: 1611932932564.gif (899.3 KB, 500x500, 0fbd58aa5a7357a324dda068b839bf…)

No. 169468

literally my gateway into BL fanfic.

No. 169822

File: 1612201926266.png (285.32 KB, 420x607, Screenshot_2021-02-01 MMasquer…)

I remember thinking he was so badass and cool

No. 170296

File: 1612452366559.gif (1001.7 KB, 500x269, J15R.gif)

No explanation needed.

No. 170360

File: 1612484566782.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x2400, d11promo26.jpg)

LMAO … Same. I also loved Drew (Luke Bilyk)

No. 170361

omg, I was very into Destery Smith of Desandnate, and there was a period of time where he was very flirty with Kalel and I was also jealous of her.

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