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No. 139102

How do I become a Stacy? Is it really just genetic lottery?

No. 139103

A real stacy has a normal life and lots of friends. It's easy for her to socialize because she doesn't have "anxiety" and the likes. In short, she's confident. Physically, she's really gorgeous and has a nice body. Some of them, In addition to that, have a lot of followers on social media and don't like weeb related shit.

If you just want to be a stacy judging by the outer appearance, you'll have to wear makeup to amp up your appearance. Unless you're actually butt ugly, then get plastic surgery if you really want to achieve your goal. It really IS just genetic lottery for people like them. Work out if you're fat to get in good shape and eat healthy.

But if you want to be an ACTUAL stacy, Do the things above plus get your life together. Have IRL friends and socialize with a lot of people. Have self confidence just like they do. IDK if you want to have a large amount of followers, but you can try ig.

I know it's unfair how they can do all that without hesitation. But there's no harm in trying anon! Don't get your hopes down.

No. 139104

You're either born a Stacy to the right parents who also raise you to be a Stacy or you're not.

No. 139106

File: 1589471118573.jpg (30.07 KB, 600x314, 7c27G2v.jpg)

Genetic lottery or money.

No. 139114

To say Stacies are born is a bit misleading. You'd be surprised how many 'Stacies' you know are just plain Janes behind all that styling, fillers and cosmetics. Many of them put loads of effort into being Stacy. They however have the right base to have the Stacy look with all the add-ons. The only way you can determine this is to try this yourself.

No. 139116

Those are beckies

No. 139119

Go back to cc whore
There are literally 5 maxxing threads already

No. 139133

That's what I mean. It's either nature or nurture or both.

No. 139146

I wanna be a Stacey too! I got the blonde hair-part down kek

No. 139147


I think sticking to a healthy diet is a good place to start. Start a regular exercise regiment, learn what style/fit of clothing looks best on you, and have a good skincare routine. Makeup can be a game changer, too. Focus on accentuating your natural features and watch makeup tutorials online.

No. 139149

the difference between the final product is so vague who can even tell the difference anymore? selfcaremax the shit out of yourself. real natural-born stacies are what, one in ten thousand?!?

No. 139152

"becoming" a stacey is kind of a lost cause, either you have that extroverted personality or don't. The people I know who fit the bill have a good sense of humor and genuinely enjoy athletics, healthy eating, fashion/makeup, and social activities so all the "rewards" you seek come naturally. If you just want to be a fit blonde that's perfectly doable, but I feel like it's a waste of time to try and act like a different person or some ideal

No. 139394

Getting into healthy eating, sport and taking care of yourself isn't just for natural born stacies. If you don't do it, you're willingly letting yourself go and not living up to your potential

No. 139395

what the fuck is this gay ass thread


No. 139404

>blah blah stacy is extroverted blah blah
We're talking about looks. Btw, how can I look like Belle Delphine?

No. 139407


No. 139414


You need to have her type of eyes plus know what you're doing w/ makeup and filters. She used her natural features and pushed them, making herself into a living emoticon of sorts. I think she put a lot of thought into how she presented herself and also was able to assess what actually worked for her face while most people pursue the type of looks they have stuck in their head to their detriment since your features rarely match w/ what influenced you the most.

No. 139705

that is so deep anon. and i think youre spot on. however, i dont see how belle delphine is a stacy. she's reasonably attractive but a far cry from the genuine stacy OP posted.

No. 139715

Whichever incel keeps posting this crap about Stacies and shit needs to neck themselves. Go back to Reddit.

No. 139758

This thread is so low effort and cringe. I hate this stupid stacy/becky terminology. It really should fucking stop because it undermines us as a gender.

No. 139759

bitch really wants to look like belle delphine omg now i remember why i don't come to this cursed board

No. 139761

Dear God, I need these femcel threads to go away. Amen.

No. 139762

>>139102 honestly i don't think being a stacy has that much to do with looks. like as long as you're not ugly you're fine. it's something else, it's a vibe off you, people can tell that others treat you like a stacy and so they do it too. there's just a natural social hierarchy where you fall, largely due to your upbringing imo, and no amount of sperging about cheekbones and symmetry will change that
>>139715 it's not incelism. it's normal for women to obsess over where they are socially and how they are perceived. why mad

No. 139764

>it's not incelism
>uses terms like stacy, becky and genetic lottery
>nitpicks appearances
>dreams about being a stacy but thinks it's a lost cause
ok femcel

No. 139765

This incel terminology was created by men in the first place. I really wish everyone would stop sperging about it here.

No. 139766

so because men do it, it's fine for you to do it as well?

No. 139767

No I'm saying is this should never be allowed nor tolerated

No. 139768

File: 1590098697512.jpg (27.64 KB, 640x441, 1455675419621.jpg)

>there's just a natural social hierarchy where you fall, largely due to your upbringing imo

ok this is starting to sound like incel ideology, I knew this thread was a mistake

>it's normal for women to obsess over where they are socially and how they are perceived. why mad

not all of us are insecure femcels like you

No. 139769

And like that we've all turned on each other. Shut this fucking thread down

No. 139771

yeah, i'm insecure but not a femcel. i admit social hierarchy is a weird way to put it but you know what i mean, stop trying to be obtuse. somebody walks in the room and based on their demeanor, how they dress, present themselves and act you can tell roughly where they fall socially. how is that an incel thing to say? it's autistic not to be able to pick up on that kind of stuff. and it is normal for women to think about that kind of stuff, hence the glowup threads, magazines and beauty advice going back centuries.

No. 139774

PLEASE. There are MULTIPLE threads in /g/ for every area of looksmaxing you could need.

No. 139791

Like other anons have stated, we already have multiple threads for hair, makeup, skincare, or dating that can be used in place of this one. Please use the catalog in the future.

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