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File: 1589977980612.jpg (59.16 KB, 474x758, OIP.jpg)

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No. 139478

It wwould also be a good idea to specify what they found ugly about them.

I can perfectly see why OP girl could be considered ugly, she would look much bettter without the layers of makeup

No. 139485

>I can perfectly see why OP girl could be considered ugly
what do you think is 'ugly' about her? Sure she might look better with less make up, but I can't see how anyone can call her ugly sincerely.

No. 139486

her forehead

No. 139488

Yeah, the 5head. It's kind of bulbous and that ruins the whole vibe of her look. If you lower her hairline she would look great. Genetics can be cruel.

No. 139493

Her forehead for sure. It makes the rest of her face look weirdly proportioned. At first glance I thought this was that thread about people with deformities that 'look beautiful in their own way'

No. 139496

her forehead is a bit distracting but she's still beautiful imo

I'd gladly take her face and just get bangs or something

No. 139503

Let's be honest, men - especially online - would call any woman average / ugly. I could post a photo of any celebrity or model here.

No. 139504

No. 139505

File: 1590004695919.jpg (38.95 KB, 1000x562, KristenStewartextra061119.jpg)

I recall people complaining about Kristen Stewart being ugly, while I was always baffled why would they cast a woman this stunning for a role of an average / forgettable teenager (Bella in Twilight). I suppose it's about her somewhat sharp features, it might be not to everyone's liking?

No. 139506

Ah ofc, women are totally cruel too, I was just referring directly to the thread's title

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