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No. 140636

I don't know about you anons but I can't stop thinking about how sad and fucked up the world is. I know it's dumb to keep thinking about but for me it's involuntary and just makes me feel worse and exacerbates my depression. How do I distance myself from these thoughts and stop focusing so much on bad things? I'm not saying I want to ignore all the problems, just want to enjoy my life sometimes and not be so perpetually sad.

No. 140637

I romanticise how bad it is. The best times in my life were at their most chaotic and wild. I seek out the suffering, it makes me feel in control. I can't control making my life better, I can only control fucking it up so I fuck it up to make it my choice. t. Effy

No. 140640

I try to distance myself from news and politics and focus on my own life/things that are under my control. Some people might think I'm close-minded but I saved myself a headache.

No. 140641

Only check the news, or news focused websites once a day, and not first thing in the morning.

Have a hobby which is cute and wholesome and otherwise removed from reality, like art or weebdom or fashion or collecting figurines. Anything that is timeless, and doesn't involve current affairs. Watching or reading older media <2010 is good too so you avoid the edgy social commentary.

Surround yourself with positive people, even if that means one person or just a friend online.
Anyone with a nihilistic attitude, or anyone who doesn't support you (snaps, backhanded compliments, etc) doesn't deserve your attention or company. Unfollow, mute, and don't hang out with them irl.

Prioritize your health, happiness and success in your work and hobbies, on your own terms and within your abilities, as well as boosting and encouraging whoever is left after the pruning in the previous paragraph.

Check in on yourself, pay attention to your own mood, hunger, body temperature etc so you can make minor changes immediately. Mood can be affected by tiredness, hunger, warmth, as well as your interactions and what media you consume.

No. 140668

don't watch the news and block what tags you need to, maybe have a friend keep you up to date on what's actually important. make sure to physically take care of yourself with good food and excercise, and good sleep schedule. if you feel like shit right now, it makes sense, these are rough times.

No. 140673

I feel like this thread was made by me. This whole quarantine has made my depression and anxiety flare up more than it has in forever. It doesn't help that I live with a toxic family member. I'd chance going out but I have a surgery coming up and I need to make sure I'm good for it since it's been rescheduled twice now. I have some social interaction through online games but it isn't the same. I haven't been able to see my boyfriend in person in forever (still discord and video chat and stuff) since I'm basically stuck at home and it feels like it's all my fault.

Recent events on the news have made me feel the way you do. And it feels stressful even though it has nothing to do with me at all. People I consider friends post things that make me annoyed but I don't want to say anything and have hurt feelings. People on my social media keep sharing posts about how "silence means you agree with oppression and racism" and shit like that so it subconsciously makes me feel like an awful and self centered person for just wanting to shut it out to help my mental health. I need to get my life together and try to find some sort of happiness again. I just don't know how since I end every day feeling like I accomplished nothing and went nowhere.

I just want to go to a cottage in the woods and grow a garden, craft, drink hot chocolate and watch the sunset.

No. 140675

Same anon as above. I've closed facebook and any other social media (besides messenger so I can talk to friends) and I'll try to stay off it for at least a week to see how it affects me. Try to make myself an actual schedule of what to do each day. Include some exercise and more self care. Clean up my whole room (living with a hoarder has made cleaning and organizing a solace to me), etc. That's some of my starting steps.

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