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No. 142198

tfw (in regards to beauty) i was born with good genes considering that i was a cute kid and everyone else in my family is pretty as hell but years of crippling depression, anxiety and unhealthy lifestyles have made me look dead. i would describe my face as droopy. im only 18 so i have still time to stacymaxx if i change my ways… right???

No. 142199

source of the pic?

No. 142200

Did you mean to create a whole thread about yourself?

No. 142206

i found it on pinterest
sorry. i guess my question or the theme of this thread would be how much ones beauty depends on lifestyle and how much on genetics

No. 142208

Isn't there already a stacymaxxing thread too?

No. 142273

Anon, nearly everyone looks better as children. Kids have far less pronounced features so it's hard to interpret this in a bad way and there's much less to go wrong. People who were attractive as kids rarely transition to being attractive adults. There are rarely any attractive adults at all in terms of the general population. Go to your local walmart and enjoy the display… I don't mean to be a bitch about it but this just seems to be the case. And there's plenty of self-care/looksmaxing shit here. You can certainly improve on your looks but don't ever be misled to think you were destined to be significantly better looking

No. 142274

There are several threads about being/feeling ugly, self-improvement and even a stacy-maxing thread. lurk moar.

No. 142280

How narcissistic do you have to be to say the general population is ugly.
It's not the first time I see this kind of post and it still amazes me.

No. 142281

Get real. We all can't be supermodels, bitch.

No. 142283

Except for you, narc.

No. 142285

I never said the general population was ugly. Go get some reading comprehension, you misrepresentative narc.

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