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File: 1592646016401.jpeg (212.06 KB, 1228x1280, 107EB7E4-5292-47A1-964D-A0BE63…)

No. 142344

Why is it that every not so pretty girl at uni with rich parents has a really hot bf? Are men just massive golddiggers? Is there a boyfriend store that I’m not aware of? It feels fucking impossible to get a bf these days if you’re not really pretty or rich.

No. 142347

File: 1592652879644.jpg (18.35 KB, 720x550, 720full-edward-furlong.jpg)

Idk. Unfortunately, as a woman if you're average/ugly or broke you probably wont be getting a bf higher than a 6. Men have more options because most women look at least decent, attractive men are rare so they're going to be snatched up by all the rich or pretty girls. I'm 28 and I've finally accepted the cruel reality that I will never have a cute bf and since men age like shit that decreases my chances even more.

I tried really hard to get one when I was a young thang but it never worked out. I blame my parents for this cruel fate, not only did they give me 0 good Gene's but they also didnt raise me with wealth either.

No. 142348

Maybe thanks to being born rich they have more confidence or can afford better beauty care products and clothing. I think it would be weird for a men to be a gold digger since it's more common for men to pay for everything rather than women. I can't also imagine a rich girl not wanting to be pampered by their bf too.

>men age like milk
That's so true and sad. Honestly i am glad i am a woman, even if i am not pretty at least i won't get bald and fat by 25.

Honestly, most men are garbage nowadays. The only good ones are already married and have kids by 25 and we are only left with the unwashed hobbos that play videogames all day and want a mommy goth gf.

No. 142350

If you dont get to experience a qt bf or husband by 25 you might as well just hang in the towel, learn to care more about personality or get rich and buy a trophy husband when you're older.

No. 142354

It’s not hard to get a nice bf. It’s all about confidence.

I’m average pretty, smart and witty. Never had problems to hit on guys.
Men are not as complicate creatures as women. Yeah I might sound like a man hater but that’s true. If girl talks to single guy and is not butt ugly and takes care of her appearance, the guy is sold.

But I go for nerdy guys. Chads are painful to be around though some look good.


Get a Finnish boyfriend, guys. There’s too much decent single guys here.

No. 142359

I have only meet very dull men whose only hobby was playing video games. I would sacrifice a virgin to satan if it gets me cute bf that enjoys the same things as i do.

No. 142379

jennifer's body 2?

No. 142400

File: 1592691938613.png (167.63 KB, 500x500, B458B95E-1BE1-412D-B06F-7DF73E…)

>plenty of single Finnish men where you are
Um, where can I sign up? I remember years ago watching this video about there being a shortage of wives in the Faroe Islands, so they sent the men a bunch of women from the Philippines to marry or some shit, and I was like super heart broken because I didn’t get to go along with them to get paired with a Nordic fisherman husband.

No. 142409

>tfw I will never marry a kind and honest farmer/woodsman/fisherman/huntsman from scandinavia

I don't even know why bother living.

No. 142518

How do I get a Finn please respond
I’d happily give birth to half Finn children

No. 142534

Western men are trash. There are literally billions of Asian men out there, and a lot of them are good looking, diligent and hard working. Getting a bf is only a problem if you limit your options to western fuck boys

No. 142540

File: 1592826544613.jpg (55.58 KB, 1024x576, 13-1-50146901-1579523916926.jp…)

>Get a Finnish boyfriend, guys. There’s too much decent single guys here.
Nice try jonne. Most single Finnish guys are fat, autistic gamers or jobless alcoholics

No. 142547

Do you have enough recources and nerves to smuggle a strange finn into your country, feed him, buy him shit, be a mommy to a grown ass human, try to teach him how to speak basic english without horrific accent and make sure that he isn't staying with you in order to get a green card and after that escape from your dungeon?
Falling asleep to *~boifriend roleplay assmur~* is cheaper and sounds better than this.

No. 142549

take it from a finn, there's a reason most of these guys are single and it's bc they're boring incels.
sure they'll be nice enough to you, but they don't really do anything but sit at home, drink and play valorant with their neckbeard friends. they won't talk to you all day and aside from sex they won't be interested in anything but their autistic hobbies.
if they do end up having a gf, the gf will just go do whatever with her friends while he sits at home, you'll eventually just be roommates that fuck and you'll have to boss him around to do anything. most of these guys are too lazy to even approach girls, girls here usually make the first move.
also they often look super inbred unless they're part swedish or have immigrant parents

No. 142550

Go away koreaboo, i don't fetishize a race

No. 142551

Okay am I really defending men in lolcow?

It’s very common that former fat nerds start to work out in their late 20’s. Amd because they are nerds they will do their research and actually get results BUT they have their history of being lone uggos so they don’t get cocky. There is still a risk of their turning petty incels after glow up.

Most Finns do speak english BUT we all have horrific accent, so you are right. But you don’t have to teach them english if you are okay with the accent.

Visit Finland or seek out Finnish exchange students in your own country.
But the problem is that the finnish guys don’t know how to start a conversation. Or make a move. Or not to be extremely introverted.

I’m a natural domme so for me being the boss in the relationship is convenient.
It’s true that Finnish mens are very submissive by their nature.

No. 142554

>Finnish men are mostly introverted incel man children who can’t socialize with women and only care about gaming
Girl you just described a lot of American men though. Or at least the ones I’m surrounded by that are single.

No. 142556

that's just what most guys are like nowadays, you are right. their nationality doesn't matter, so why go through the trouble of chasing a man with a funny accent who speaks even less than an American man would.
this is clearly a man btw

No. 142563


> they don't really do anything but sit at home, drink and play valorant with their neckbeard friends.

fucking kek. Makes me glad to have never been into men in the first place. This is what I imagine 99.8% of men to be. Good men seem so fictional and extraordinarily rare. SO glad to have been born a cute lesbian.

No. 142564

>But the problem is that the finnish guys don’t know how to start a conversation. Or make a move. Or not to be extremely introverted
Do you know how to spot a Finnish Chad ?
When he's talking to you, he's looking at YOUR shoes

No. 142566

Finnish accent is fine (and the average Finn speaks an excellent English, even older demographics). In French, it's even pretty classy.

No. 142569

Naw asian men are shit too. The last time I fucked an asian man he was secretly recording us fucking and sharing it with his friends. Even white men are better than asian men lol

No. 142570

Damn. I'm sorry. Where was he from?

No. 142574

He was chinese and another chinese guy I was dating told me"you will have an easier time with men when you are 30 because young men want pretty girls" and I have curly hair and one time we were watching this movie with a cute half black girl and he said "your hair looks like hers except hers is cute and yours looks ugly". He would also call me fat all the time because being bigger than 110 is far for asians.

Anyone saying asian men are better have got to be delusional or asian men trying to promote asian men lol

No. 142604

I have to second this. I had a Chinese ex as well, he wanted me to be underweight (even though I was a normal BMI). He was also a huge manchild because he was the only son from a traditional asian family. Men of all races have flaws, there's no group you can date that doesn't.

No. 142625

As someone with a thing for Asian men (bit fetishistic I know) I can agree that (to some) yeah Asian are more attractive but no part of the world has magically hard working and considerate, wonderful men in its droves, it's always a matter of weeding through shitty men to find the good ones, across all races and cultures.

No. 142630

wow what an absolute asshole. I'm sorry anon

No. 142635

OT but OP pic made me horny af last night and I had sexy dreams 10/10

No. 142644

Yeah and there’s some rich girl dating sll 3 of them lol

No. 142647

We should team up and steal her chad-harem while she's distracted asking her parents to buy her a mansion!

No. 142649

Aw fuck me two, which guy is your favorite? Far right kinda reminds me of a very young Clint Eastwood, but the middle one has such a nice midriff too, unnnnffff

No. 142652

nta but middle one got me dying

No. 142656

Ayrt, middle. And their muscular legs hnnng

No. 142709

Incel tier thread and posts

No. 142717

File: 1593046788757.jpg (256.03 KB, 952x1198, 1283064.jpg)

must be because every article i read about caroline calloway talks about how men fall all over her when she's a 6 at best. she's so average.

No. 142730

she's objectively very cute. stop being jealous

No. 142733

File: 1593062630291.jpg (128.84 KB, 1200x800, GettyImages_946673918.0.jpg)

are you joking? she's below average

No. 142741

I think she looks cute, especially in the first pic, but Caroline is the definition of Rich-girl-buys-friends

No. 142744

the delusional reddit scale seeped into lolcow. she's nothing extraordinary but she is quite pretty, wtf. she does look a bit pudgy in the cheeks, that's her flaw, but she has harmonious, soft features and nice teeth and skin.

No. 142774


Why does everyone in lolcow think that men are super picky? Only ones who believe in that rating bullshit are incels. There is small group of handsome males who mate with beautiful women. But the average men are very happy with well kept average looking girls with nice personality.

I can’t stretch this enough: confidence is everything. If you didn’t win the gene lottery: take care of your hygiene, maintain normal weight, practice your social skills and don’t be a fucking doormat.

No. 142787

File: 1593123899239.png (825.62 KB, 622x731, Screenshot_2020-06-25 caroline…)

She's average-cute and seems to be blessed with good skin, but there's a marked difference between her selfies and 3rd party pics of her. Girl knows her angles and is also very obviously someone who makes certain expressions to make her selfies look better. Regardless of how attractive you think she is her OnlyFans content is tragic and imo is Momokun levels of lack of sensuality/knowledge of how to look sexy. And her sense of style is terrible for how much money she seems to spend on clothes.

No. 143347

Yup, below average. Pudgy face and nothing special.

No. 150541

Men have emotional needs. Try to understand.

No. 150543

I'll simp for her i think she is really pretty even if I don't like her/don't care wtf she is up to

No. 150711


CC's personality sucks, it's not even that deep. Your average urban yuppie hipster simply approaches woman like her the most because while she is cute enough to fuck, she is not actually attractive and beautiful in any way and therefore they feel reasonable sure they will not be rejected. I am sure she get approached all the time on the street and such, but it is also by lame, boring dudes who's hobbies are netflix, "traveling" and smoking weed; only slightly better then a vidya neckbread imo

No. 150859

God, if I could redo life again. I'd go back to high school and be a total Stacey. I look great, I just had no confidence or sense of fashion back then.

No. 150900

Jumping on this, you need thick skin to be a Stacey ime. I had two awful girls ruin my last two years of high school over perceived hotness. My social standing was utterly ruined when I was left crying in front of my locked in between class. Ruthless bitches lol

No. 311330

is this the femcel thread? the takes in here are so bad and don't apply to most normal people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 319527

File: 1680372481664.jpg (98.89 KB, 749x599, male.jpg)

Yep, I think this is the point. It's sad that women have been convinced that attractiveness is just physical appearence, it literally is your attitude, if you look average you got everything you need to attract any male. If you are on the same wavelenght, are nice and overall have a pleasant and positive attitude it's all you need. Women are literal goddesses, males are the ones having to perform and look appealing cause we are the ones doing magic and choosing. Our culture has it upside down, but nature is stronger. Insecure women don't know the power they actually have, just be chill, love yourself and be kind.

picrel is a male next to a female bird

No. 319530

Imagine having relationship with a hot guy. It will never happen to me

No. 319532

Why not? Though I kind of agree with the threads premise. I'm in med school and girls who are in med get a lot of guys interested in us because those men think we'll be rich when we graduate since doctors earn the most out of all professions in my country.

No. 319534

That's why I have a husbando

No. 319535

Who the fuck bumped this crystal cafe ass thread

No. 319541

It's not really your fault men hate to look qttractive about 80% of the time. It's no big surprise. Especially n8w. Men have gotten supremely ugly.

No. 319549

Me being the most vanilla-average looks wise didn't stay in a way of having a long-term relationship with conventionally attractive man(we are married).
You know, there are qualities other than looks that a hot guy will appreciate, such as not having a femcel personality, or a being a source of negativity.
As long as you have this attitude it will keep manifesting in your life, get better.

No. 319557

>As long as you have this attitude it will keep manifesting in your life, get better.
So if you think hard enough about hot guys one will appear. Wow

No. 319600

You answered it yourself, probably a newfag from. Crystal cafe.

No. 319608

Congrats anon, you just bumped it again.

No. 319612

Kek it's always the women who are already in a relationship with attractive men who say this shit.

No. 319615

I wanted to say attractive personality will multiply your general attractivity.
Trying to work on yourself won't make things worse.

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