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File: 1592659188216.jpeg (401.08 KB, 1024x683, 3CC77F34-B21F-4D38-AC94-291ACA…)

No. 142356

My boyfriend’s (female) boss keeps sending him stupid tiktok videos with messages like “reminded me of you ;)”. Keep in mind that she’s in her 30s (and uses tiktok…) and my boyfriend is in his early 20s (and DOESN’T use tiktok, she sends links and rips mp4s for him). He’ll open his work computer on monday and he’ll have received a bunch of clips over the weekend. They’re all “funny” (wildly unfunny) videos, but they seem EXTREMELY flirty to me. My bf says it means nothing and they just like to laugh together, but I’m not sure. Should I be worried? Could it be flirting?

No. 142358

>that pic
sir, go away

No. 142360

If not bait, you have to realize that if your bf is even slightly handsome he gets girls sending him nudes allthe time. This is nothing.

No. 142390

these are the stupid comments i come here for

No. 142395

Is this true?
I'm a 20-something virgin with no social skills, so I'm asking earnestly.

No. 142399

Unless he has no acquaintances whatsoever (highly doubtful if he’s handsome), he will 100% know other girls who are into him, and many of these girls are willing to flirt without restraint. Everyone on this site seems to think that when they meet a hot guy you’re the only one in his life. That’s completely wrong of course. There’s a ton of girls who want him and many of those are more extroverted than you.
Now keep in mind he might not be humoring these girls let alone asking them for pictures, but he’s getting them and he doesn’t want you to know.

Seriously OP ask yourself, why would your boss NOT want to be with your bf? Also hink about the reasons you like him. If you have reasons to want him it only makes sense that she could feel the same way.

No. 142401

Ok I sympathize with you, but why didn’t you post this in the relationship advice or vent thread?

No. 142422

Damn, this is pretty pinkpilled.
What level of handsome is the threshold? Would a cute turbomanlet be included? How about just an average joe? Obese guys with cute faces?

No. 142448

I wouldn't be unless your boyfriend has given you some reason(s) to not trust him in the past. Like other anons have mentioned, if he's even remotely handsome, there are going to be instances where he's going to be hit on/flirted with, some times more aggressively than others. Another reason he's trying to keep the peace here instead of telling her to stop is she's his boss. He's in a bit of a pickle here. In a perfect world, we'd never be flirted with by people who have authority over us and if it did happen, we'd be able to make it stop with zero repercussions, but that's not how it works.

No. 142541

OP here. This morning (we’re still working from home) she greeted him with bikini pictures of herself. He said she was just trying to show him pictures of a holiday she went on recently, but isn’t that already really weird? Wouldn’t it be weird if some guy-boss was sending a young girl who worked for him pictures of himself posing on the beach in his fucking speedo?

No. 142542

Yes it is weird and if he's defending her that's nagl for him

No. 142543

ask him how he’d feel if a decades-older male boss showed you pictures of himself shirtless and kept trying to get your attention going full “how do you do fellow kids” and sending you tiktoks

is his boss attractive? his deflection sounds dodgy

No. 142557

Your boyfriend playing everything down is super suspicious and he's probably into his boss and you are in big danger of being cheated on if it didn't happen already.

No. 142559

His boss’s behaviour is completely inappropriate and he should at the very least acknowledge that. It’s strange that he’s trying to play off this clearly flirtatious behaviour as something normal.

No. 142577

He's into her or he's playing along for job security. I've hidden my boss hitting on me before from a partner before and it was bc I didn't want to be pitied or protected, I just needed the job and didn't want my partner's feelings get mixed up in my own problem to boot.

But men are less likely to care about the nuances of how you'd feel and shit so, he's prob just into her.

No. 142617

He showed me the messages/pictures and most of the pictures were just nature shots, his boss was in a few of them on the beach. One of them had her boyfriend in them too (he looks about twice the age of my bf). My bf said she sits next to her boyfriend while working from home “so she couldn’t be flirting”. I’m not sure if it works that way. He says he’s not attracted to her, but he does really like talking to her and that “she’s just very extroverted). My bf is VERY bad at picking up on flirting, though to the point that it’s a meme among his friends.

Is it odd for a boss to send vacation pics in general? One thing that does bother me is that they apparently like to sing songs together (she sings he plays guitar) during business calls (I’m not always around), which makes very uncomfortable, even though it’s not necessarily weird I think? Like if he did it with a guy I wouldn’t think he was gay.

No. 142618

Kek I'm getting flashbacks of my previous relationship's ending. It wasn't an identical situation though, it was kind of… exacerbated by some of the circumstances, some of our personal problems. We were in LDR. There was a lot of flirting coming from a female boss and my ex was ridiculously oblivious and naive, even though it was so obvious she was lusting after him. He seemed annoyed with her and was even rude to her at times, but they still communicated a lot, not just because of work. He'd retell me some of their weird interactions. She acted real inappropriate. Nothing like nudes and so on, it was just talking, pushing boundaries. He seemingly didn't like it but thought it was just her personality, nothing special, and acted very surprised when she admitted to like him. And then he began acting weird, unsuccessfully trying to hide that he talked with her a lot more than just at work, got angry with me when I said that it seemed like he was more interested in her than in me and I would appreciate it if he would be honest about it. Later it seemed like he was irritated with me or something, he would get defensive and so on. It was very tiresome. And then he just disappeared. He was offline for quite a long time, didn't return my calls. After a month or so HIS BOSS wrote to me and we spoke a little few times. She wrote to me because she got tired of him and hoped that I'd take him back or something. It turned out that while he was acting weird with me, he was planning to leave me for her (which wasn't surprising to me at all). She sent me some dialogues. Retold me some stuff he said about me. Some real weird stuff that partially didn't even correspond with reality. She actually admitted she was surprised that I turned out to be NORMAL, lol. Later she left him and fired him.
I'm confused to this day tbh.

No. 142619

Oh, and she had a boyfriend at that time too. Also she acted worried that he could misinterpret some of her actions and he believed her or tried to convince me it was innocuous, idk. After that story, well, this kind of things seem fishy to me. I think there is a way to politely fend these horny bosses off.

No. 142643

Maybe she’s just looking for a friend during quarantine?

No. 142671

I don't see a reason for someone to be that close with their boss for whom their sexual orientation allows attraction towards. She is clearly flirting with him. "She's like that with everyone" isn't a good defense either, one can be overly-familiar with multiple people, that doesn't really matter.

Also she can send things while he is temporarily away or on her phone or any number of things. He could be into her being a slut, cuckwise. Who the hell knows. What we do know is she sent him pictures that include her in a swimsuit, that's not normal shit.

No. 142682

I'm friendly with my boss - as in, sharing memes, cool art we find, chatting about outside work activities - but if he suddenly became too friendly, as in to message me a lot during weekends or send his private pictures I would be really creeped out.
My other, former boss is my real friend in private life but we've only gotten closer when we changed jobs and there was no more profesional relationship between us. That's the only way such thing could work on healthy terms in my opinion. OP bf's boss is definitely crossing the boundaries.

No. 142702

Totally agreed anon!

No. 142779

This bitch is officially out of line, today they were calling and she kept bringing up how much she loved to smoke hookah and told my bf (who very rarely drinks alcohol) that he should be drinking more alcohol and that she was going to “teach him how to drink”

No. 142783

Your boyfriend needs to establish some boundaries quickly and clearly. He should just say something like “yeah, maybe my girlfriend, me and you could go out for drinks or something” to make it clear he’s taken. But she’s out of line.

No. 142785

Tell your boyfriend to stop being an attention whore and lay a boundary down to his boss or go to HR. Cause guess what nonnie? If he keeps complaining to you about it but doesn't do anything, then he secretly likes that she's doing it. Obviously you're a cuckquean for wanting to stay with him if he doesn't do shit about it besides make you jealous.

Sick of seeing your stupid thread bumped.

No. 142814

Not OP, but how is he being an attention whore?

No. 142815

Not the person you asked but it sounds like he's acting all uwu idu!1! While it's pretty fucking obvious that his boss is into him. He sounds like he's secretly getting off or thriving off of the attention she's giving him.

No. 142843

Secretly? Blatantly! If a man was so uncomfortable by these advances he'd have no problem telling this broad to piss off. Or get her into serious trouble with human resources. Men don't tolerate women they don't want hitting on them.

No. 142867

Let her seduce him and then sue the company. Are you cuck enough to become rich?

No. 142880

I mean there's the meme of work wives. People flirt all the time it's dickheads and attention seekers that have to take it to the next level. I met my ex's "work wife" on a corporate night out and the bitch spent the night elbowing me every chance she got. It was ridiculous lol. My ex got butthhurt because apparently this coworker saw him out at a concert with me and when she saw him at work gave off about how "out of control" I was that she darent approach us. I was dancing in a pit at a punk show, and it put her off him lol.

The boss sounds like an attention seeker. Maybe she's menopausal.

No. 143086

What does it mean when people call someone “colorful” (I’m ESL). She keeps calling my bf “colorful” in messages.

She’s a little young for that.

No. 143094

When are you going to dump this cocksucker and get some self esteem instead of bumping this stupid ass thread? Stop being a doormat.

No. 143118

Means “guy who doesn’t mind cheating”

No. 143121

It doesn't mean that but damn, OP, when will you stand up for yourself and draw a line?

No. 143150

Stop wasting your time obsessing over the contents of your bfs inbox and dump him already. That is not healthy.

No. 143161

Why dump him? He hasn’t done anything yet.

No. 143163

It isn't about him doing anything wrong. OP has been quoting this womans messages for weeks on here, that's the territory where you either need couples counselling or you're doomed. I wish more women would understand that leaving a relationship because it's unhealthy and it's sending you obsessive..is a good enough reason to leave.

You don't have to wait around miserable and wanting to see what his messages say. You don't have to spend weeks asking people to interpret what these messages to your bf meant. It's not about him, it's about where her head is at during all this.

No. 143192

She needs to sit him down and get him to drop this weird flirty relationship w his boss or let him the fuck go if their relationship is so bad that she can't have that conversation and have him care about it. Either way, spending weeks trying to divine what messages mean, hoping to have someone say "it's nothing" is beyond sad. She knows the truth deep down.

No. 143299

your bf is playing you for a fool. all good men know that men and women cannot just be friends. there is always one who wants something more. Your bf is demonstrating that he has zero respect for you by continuing to entertain this woman. My husband and I do not associate with those of the opposite sex outside of work because this sort of thing always happens to both of us. Your boyfriend is putting you in an uncomfortable situation and he damn well knows that he is doing it too. Stop being a doormat.

No. 143305

That's a sad outlook and bordering on the kind of controlling who you can be friends with shit from an abusive relationship but maybe most people really can't handle opposite sex friendships so whatever.

No. 143320

> My husband and I do not associate with those of the opposite sex outside of work because this sort of thing always happens to both of us
Girl worry about your own marriage before you give out bad advice to others, seriously

No. 143863

File: 1594511554678.jpeg (525.23 KB, 1242x1126, 61F1277D-1ADD-4E0C-B18B-1C44F8…)

Not OP, but my bf also has a female boss in her 30s, and ths happened: I was looking over his shoulder, and he sent her something like “you made me who I am”, to which she replied “you are my project”, and he then sent her a heart emoji.
What the FUCK does that mean?

No. 143865

Well, do you think two men in a normal employer-employee situation would be sending each other messages like this? I'm sorry anon.

No. 143873

She’s making him go trans!

No. 143874

Totally normal behavior!

No. 143875

is this ironic

No. 143878

nta but obviously

No. 143886

She gave him a blowjob in the photocopier room

No. 143887

Why the FUCK did you not confront him and ask him the moment you saw that happen.

No. 143912

If he works in an office based job then chances are they've had sex.
Offices are like a hotspots for hook ups nowadays

No. 143913

Ah, yes. The "I'm being cucked by my bf and I won't anything about it" thread

No. 143917

I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at all the dumb women in these threads being cucked by older career woman then being mad at the woman.

Dump your bfs they're not into you. You're their "for now" girl until they meet the woman they want to actually be with and settle down with. Men that are into you don't act like this. You guys should be thanking these cougars for showing you the light.

No. 143962

this, men can't be stolen away, they willingly leave. It's 2020, can we please hold men accountable for their decisions? Fuuuck

No. 144069

How do I prevent my bf to leave me for a hypothetical boss?
>just get a bf who isn’t a piece of shit who will fuck anything
doesn’t exist, sadly

No. 144072

Sooo OP, how are things?
if it was a post in relationships thread i'd probably forget already but since you've made a separate thread I really feel intrigued by the story's development, gotta know if the bf slept with the boss yet or no. Please don't leave us hanging here

No. 144083

They do, you just have to get some self-esteem. No decent male is going to date a woman with no confidence and who lets herself be shit on. Unpopular opinion I know, but being a doormat is an unattractive trait that people outside your abusive partner will pick up on. So many young women focus all their energy on looking good but put nothing into themselves meaning all you're going to attract are men that don't look deeper than that. And then yeah, you're gonna be dumped when someone better looking comes along.

Dump the loser, get some self-esteem, stand up for yourself. Maybe you'll meet no one, you'll definitely meet a lot of losers, but most of all be ok being alone. Also get the fuck off of dating apps. The neediness is so evident from some of these posts, do you not think moids pick up on that and know they can abuse it? It's not about finding a man that won't abuse it, it's about not having that glaring insecurity painted on your like a fucking bullseye.

Also honestly, get some hobbies. So many young women wrap their entire life up in their boyfriends because it's expected of them. Do something for you and under no circumstance ever cancel or change them plans for a moid. A decent male will accept that and won't give you shit.

If I was dating a dude and sending hearts to my boss in full view of him and he was just QQing about it on 4chan I would be laughing tbh. How do you respect someone like that? It's not about the fact I shouldn't do it because if that's the kind of person I am nothing is going to change that. It's about having some fucking respect for yourself.

No. 144166

Wanna know how I know you’ve never kissed a boy?

No. 144167

I agree with the anon you’ve replied to and been in a happy relationship for years, but do tell us how you know anon is an unkissed virgin?

No. 144171

Same, in no way anon gives off kissless v vibes lol. She must have struck a chord.
I don't agree with the "no decent man is going to date woman with no confidence" though, and it's not very healthy to tell yourself that if you're struggling. I'm tired of this whole "love yourself first to be lovable" shit. It's hindering and depressing. A good partner will help you become confident. You should grow in relationships

No. 144188

that nerve got hit hard, huh anon?

I think it's about working on yourself and not expecting a man to fix you (not directing this at you, just in general). If you go looking for a man that will help build up your confidence you're probably only going to find men that will take advantage of that. I think you have to build yourself up a lot of the way so you're more resistant to that, then grow with your partner the rest of the way.

No. 144191

She's right, why would anyone date, well, your typical image board user if they have better options unless they have issues themselves? If you hope a relationship will fix your insecurities that'll probably just earn you resentment since it ain't gonna happen and will most likely just make them worse.

Of course it's a spectrum from zero confidence to fully confident and not a binary thing where if you're not fully confident at all times you're completely out of luck. But try not to be a sad case if you don't want your relationship to be a sad case.

No. 144238


No. 144240

>relying on someone else to become a better person
uh no. dating unconfident people will only bring you down.

No. 144241

You've got to be kidding me. A guy would have to be extremely handsome for any women in his actual life to just send him unsolicited nudes.

Even coomer scrotes don't usually just send their hot coworkers their nudes out of the blue.

No. 144263

I'm not too sure about nudes either but selfies and other thirst traps? absolutely.

No. 144308

minor flirting is enough

No. 144319

File: 1594940674559.jpg (47.37 KB, 640x560, xf2k6m63orx41.jpg)

OP stop stressing over this and find someone else. He clearly doesn't care about your feelings, otherwise he'd ignore his bosses advancements rather than "laugh together." A man who respects you and treats you as the first priority wouldn't have you feeling this worried in the first place.

No. 144336

Faggot robot desirability fantasy; dr

No. 144338

If there's a chance that you're an actual Becky: the only reason why he's doing this is because you're too available/secured. When your game is on point, a man is too busy worrying about whether you're cucking him to entertain other women.

No. 144576

They want to fuck him in order to prove they are better than the official gf

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