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File: 1594218091691.jpg (340.61 KB, 659x495, bryllupsfeiring-centerpieces-d…)

No. 143575

Discuss everything related to weddings! Post your what your dream wedding would be, plans for your upcoming wedding, rings, dresses, wedding inspo etc etc…

No. 143578

File: 1594218579316.png (860.33 KB, 640x800, 1594173961986.png)

Btw we have a wedding dress thread, but it hasn't been bumped in a while.

To get the thread started, here's a post I made in ot about my dream wedding. Pic related is a collage of my inspo.

Makeup and hair
>Nude makeup. Pretty boring, but I love it and it fits the look of the overall wedding.I have deep-set eyes, so it's gotta be light in color.
>Full coverage foundation, peach blush, light contour, a good amount of highlight but nothing that's "blinding".
>Nude peachish-pink lipstick with a brown lipliner and lipgloss on top.
>Fenty body lava for my chest and arms.
>For my hair, box braids styled into some kind of updo.

Dress This dress probably doesn't exist anywhere, but I plan on marrying rich so I'll just have it custom made lmao.

>Ballgown dress with transparent bishop sleeves and v neckline.

>White color
>Since the sleeves would be transparent, it feels right to have a layer of tulle on the skirt to tie it in.
>Maybe a lace bodice? idk.
>Really simple. No "bling" on the dress at all. Only simple pieces of jewelry.
>Lavender plants trailing down the dress like the bottom right photo.
>Really long. Shoes will not be visible so it doesn't matter what It looks like. No train tho.
>Open back
>Opal wedding ring. Opals are just so pretty.

>I want my wedding to have mystical vibe.
>Outside wedding. Somewhere really pretty, ideally near a waterfall.
>Whole lotta plants.
> Idk if this makes sense, but I would love a bunch of lavender (like the flower) and white veined fittonia hanging down from the ceiling to frame me, my husband, the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
>Wooden beams with vines wrapped around them.
>Fiddle-leaf fig trees around the venue
>Thats all I got cause I can't think of what else you would need for a ceremony.

No. 143580

File: 1594218773785.jpg (527.31 KB, 760x510, Feature-image1.jpg)

I love indian wedding dresses. They're always so gorgeous and the accessories are everything.

No. 143581

File: 1594218815899.jpg (165.74 KB, 602x752, main-qimg-75058ba6ce62c5da65eb…)

No. 143582

File: 1594218911033.jpg (68.88 KB, 400x500, indian-wedding-dress-guide-pea…)

No. 143583

File: 1594219002665.jpg (143.52 KB, 1080x1350, 670ee093eede6072dc2ae508d41361…)

No. 143589

File: 1594223035325.jpg (755.95 KB, 2117x2699, IMG_20161017_173459.jpg)

Bought these shoes four years ago when I was about to get married. He dumped me three months before it was set to happen.

The box (with shoes inside) is my computer stand now kek

No. 143648

I agree, I'm not Indian but I think they are gorgeous. The weddings look fun too.

No. 143675

File: 1594270501249.jpg (112.87 KB, 1282x1800, aa4fa3f852cd62bbaad59ee47a0f90…)

I want a dress that kinda looks like this except in white for my wedding.

No. 143681

This makes me miss my home town. The Indian women looked so graceful in their sari. I was always mesmerised by how beautiful they were.

No. 143693

God these are stunning. Whuch brand is it? Sorry4u anon.

No. 143732

File: 1594329760291.jpg (168.97 KB, 794x1193, il_794xN.1883345775_2fi9.jpg)

Saw this veil on pinterest and I'm in love with it. It's really extra but not overwhelming.

No. 143744

File: 1594339124957.jpg (121.46 KB, 570x855, marchesa2011.jpg)

Dream wedding dress

No. 143750

was never much into short wedding dresses but this is beautiful anon

No. 143758

File: 1594347268856.jpg (104.85 KB, 480x640, 1402651067271.jpg)

Ty, honestly glad I didn't cause we would've divorced very quickly! It's Liz Lisa, but full disclosure they didn't make it anymore so I just got a knockoff off Aliexpress.

Bonus dress inspo from my old wedding folder.

No. 143759

I was such a taffeta bitch when Say Yes to the Dress was popular but gauze/chiffon/organza is where it's at.

No. 143803

File: 1594416551223.jpg (75.79 KB, 564x752, Turban-Kalgi.jpg)

What would you want your groom to wear to match these extravagant dresses?
Indian men are the only ones who get fab enough imo

No. 143820

File: 1594444981143.jpg (67.73 KB, 800x530, indian-traditional-shoes-men-m…)

I'm South Asian and my male cousins have worn this style shoe at their weddings, I love them.

No. 144600

This dress is absolutely lovely!! I hope it still exists by the time I want to try it on. ;o; Also this dress made me change my mind on having a traditional pure white dress… I would love to have a blush wedding dress!

No. 144652

I despise sleeveless and strapless dresses. To me they don't look good on a lot of people but they're so easy for companies to make. It's sad.
My dream wedding would be by the lake where my grandparents live or at a national park or somethin. I'd want a dark blue gown same colour as snape's outfit in Harry Potter lol. It would have long sleeves and be off shoulder. Not sure how I'd style my hair and makeup though. The dinner would be a bbq and dessert is ice cream.

My other dream wedding is in Las Vegas and keeping it super small.

No. 300865

File: 1669326755226.jpeg (113.25 KB, 1500x1500, QuirkyFairytaleWeddingsq-64ad6…)

Any anons know good wedding shoe places that are relatively affordable? I am dreaming of getting shoes that are reminiscent of a ballerina's flats - I just really like the ribbon wrapping around the ankle and then a bowtie behind the ankle. I hate how most fancy footwear have pointed toes or open toe - I have long gangly feet and toes so it just doesn't look good. makes my feet look freakishly long.
Name me brands or anything! I might look towards etsy.

No. 300872

I got some Musshoe flats from amazon that I liked a lot. They were lacy blue and pretty cheap (I'm a poorfag), but they still held up nice. I also hate pointy tip shoes, so I got some rounded ones.
Target also used to have nice ballerina flats, but I feel like they don't have good ones anymore. You might check them out. IDK what your budget is like.

No. 300887

Where can i buy this veil?

No. 301001

I've come across the brand Kailee P, they do a lot of bridal and formal shoes with many very pretty options that aren't just pointy toed, and they also have heels with the ballerina ribbon effect and no pointy toe! I've never purchased from them myself, but they seem very nice. Their shoes seem to be about between $80-$150 depending on the intricacy of the design.

No. 301006

I got some plain pink ballet ribbon slippers from etsy for $140. Hand-made, made with real leather - seemed pretty and exactly what I was looking for. Before that, I was looking at Bella Belle wedding shoes which are basically Kailee P. Pretty and dainty, but SUPER expensive. Kailee P is better for the same dainty bridal shoes look (intricate lace, ribbons, pearls, other fancy details).
Thanks for your suggestion anon. Wish I had known that sooner before I bought my simple ballet slippers off etsy (I panicked bought because Black Friday sales). I'm still happy with my purchase and besides my dress is so long, no one would see my shoes anyways. But wow! Kailee P is my go-to recommendation now if anyone asks me where to get wedding shoes lol.

No. 301136

File: 1669515109095.jpeg (60.17 KB, 800x534, 2022-Flowers-in-the-Attic-the-…)

I'm in love with this dress. I love the fabric and especially the pink flowers along the neckline and on the skirt going down the dress. I always wanted a blush wedding dress but the pink flowers paired with the silky white fabric goes so well, it really gives it life. Shes sitting down in the pic but if she were standing the dress has an A-line silhouette. It's just perfect nonnies.

No. 301348

oh my lord anon this dress is so lovely though I wouldn't have viewed this as a wedding dress. It looks more like a vintage late 1890s type of dress you'd see in a hollywood production.
10/10 great taste, love it.

No. 301505

Funny you say that nonny, this dress is from Flowers in the Attic: The Origin and it takes place in the early half of the 1900s. This dress in particular was the grandmother's dress so that indeed would have been somwhere around the 1890s.

You're also right this dress wasn't a wedding dress, it was for a debutante ball. But I see so many wedding dresses nowadays that don't even feel or look bridal but this one looks like it can genuinely be a wedding dress despite the style.

No. 302117

File: 1670089016842.jpeg (73.25 KB, 512x1024, floral-wedding-dresses-white-a…)

Thanks nonnie. I'm going to watch that mini-series now.
and you are completely right. there is a big oncoming trend of white bride dresses with floral accents, like Marie Antoinette or other historical inspired clothing. Picrel reminds me of 1900s garden party dresses. Looks more modern with the hair down but just imagine her with Gibson Girl hair or something!

No. 302502

File: 1670273798301.jpeg (61.36 KB, 396x583, 1900-marie-gabrielle-of_med.jp…)

I hope you like the show nonna! I loved the fashion they showcased in it, it was surprisingly very good for a lifetime series.

Yeah, the Gibson Girll hair would totally add the 1900s flair to the dress and I can definitely see what you mean.

I really hope these kinds of dresses can make a comeback. Some of these old trends feel very timeless.

No. 303019

I have been lurking on bridal shops websites(just for fun I'm not engaged yet) and while a lot of the dresses are beautiful it's not something I can imagine myself wearing. I think it all comes down to that I actually don't like wearing white and I think it washes out all the details of the dress. So I started looking at the bridemaids section to see if I could find some more colourful dresses but bridemaids dresses are so simple and lack details. Stores dedicated to ball gowns just seems so rare and I haven't found any close to me. I know it will be a while before I get married but I hope that colourful dresses becomes fashionable until then

No. 303137

File: 1670556090501.jpeg (83.7 KB, 640x856, Famous Beauties in Wedding Dre…)

> Some of these old trends feel very timeless.
You seem very knowledgeable in vintage fashions. I have a request for image dump of vintage wedding dresses. Here's one with a beautiful blusher veil. I wish these types of veils will come back in style but people are really into cathedral length now.

No. 358826

File: 1700011093598.jpg (314.58 KB, 1175x1200, brudepar-8.jpg)

Resurrecting this thread to say me and my fiancé are planning on eloping in a foreign country within a year or two. We might have a wedding celebration with family and friends at a later date, but we want to have a stress-free intimate and romantic wedding for just the two of us. We haven't even told anyone we have been engaged for 6 months. We are also thinking of me wearing a black dress with a long black veil, and him in a white suit, bc he looks better in light colours and I in dark. Plus its different and fun. And I get to embellish him with lipstick kisses on the collar.

If we have a wedding celebration later, I would love to dress in my country's national attire and have a country side wedding with historical traditions, locally sourced foods and lots of outdoor games for everyone to play.

No. 365873

Is it worth it to get a wedding dress taken in? I fell in love with a second hand dress, but it is about a size too big. Its also a style I havent really seen much if before, its a vintage one, so its not like I can get a sinilar one easily. It doesnt have beading.

No. 365894

Those flower patterns are so beautiful, I really like the blue and red combination.

No. 365900

Almost all wedding dresses get taken in, alterations are standard

No. 366057

Then I thinn I'll get it if its still there. I've lost a lot of weight due to illness so I'm hoping that when I gain it back it will fit better too, at least be less to take in

No. 366298

As if anyone here is getting married Heh

No. 366304

I got married in September

No. 366493

As if anyone other than this anonymous person (congratz) is getting married heh

No. 376568

File: 1706676995669.jpeg (46.27 KB, 480x640, 18acea07-28db-5c49-a51f-b58032…)

I know I'm getting proposed to soon so probably time for me to make a wedding pinterest board kek. I have vague ideas of what I want so far-
>only immediate family and closest friends
>in a cathedral with stained glass, gothic architecture
>ceremony then reception dinner at nice restaurant, and/or huge house party with all our friends
>some flowers or something idk
I've always wanted to get married in a huge BTSSB wedding dresses if I can ever get my hands on one, if not I'm still definitely getting married in lolita even if it's a little cringe. Will probably get something more manageable like a gunne sax dress for the reception.
I have no idea what a realistic budget would be yet tbh. If any married anons want to drop some tips on how you went through planning, budgeting, etc it would help me a lot because I'm totally lost kek. My ultimate goal is to save where I can on the actual wedding so we have more funds for a nice honeymoon

No. 376573

Congrats on the upcoming proposal! Firstly make a list of everything and quadruple check it afterwards. I also Read a while back that you NEVER mention the word wedding when booking things. Things Like food/bands/venue companies will upcharge you when they hear wedding. If you want to do tastings just order the foods or flavors normally and try them with your partner. Also for keeping flowers fresh and pretty I’ve heard you refrigerate them the night before.

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