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No. 144581

is it possible to be attracted to girls?
I've been interested in compulsory heterosexuality lately because I was hoping that I might be bi or lesbian but I can't feel any attraction to females, I can't imagine what type of woman I would be into but I'm very open to dating women and I want to brainwash myself into being attracted to them or I will be single forever

No. 144582

Have you had bad experiences with men? I don't understand your motivation

No. 144583

yeah, had hope that not all men are the same but I now realise that all men at the same at core.

No. 144584

Get in therapy, sis. You cannot just convert your sexuality, otherwise no sane woman would fuck or date a man.

No. 144585

Don't try to conversion therapy yourself if you're straight, for fuck's sake. If you hate men, don't date and focus on female friendships or female separatism. If you're scared of never finding a good man to date you, have hope and improve yourself. Accept that you may never meet someone and being alone is fine. The dating pool for same-sex attracted women is small and plenty of lesbians also struggle to meet someone, they don't need to have their hopes dashed by a retarded straight woman.

No. 144588

>is it possible to be attracted to girls?
Yes if you're ACTUALLY les or bi.
Don't date one if you're not really into her, you'd be wasting her time.

No. 144596

Anon, it’s not okay to date anyone just because you’re lonely, also, if you can’t even think of yourself kissing a woman, I’m pretty sure a relationship won’t end up like how you expect it could go.

Think about this, just because you want to be Bi, doesn’t mean women won’t also reject you, sometimes having lots of options means receiving more rejections.

Plus, there’s the whole issue with the discrimination towards well, the whole LGBT community? So, just because you feel lonely, you might end up going through lots of hardships that can be avoided if you focus on yourself and think properly about what you need to do on your own to better your self-esteem.

Get some internet friends as a beginning if you feel like in real life friends are a chore or impossible. Get a hobby and a nice dildo if you’re feeling lonely. Maybe try one night stands?

Don’t try to “turn” yourself into a lesbian or a bisexual person just because you’re lonely, that will make you feel even more sad and it will make the person next to you also feel like they’re not enough when they’re just dealing with someone who is just lonely.

No. 144602

I mean you could get into an asexual relationship with a woman. Just be biromantic instead of bisexual. Of course you need to specify this before dating said woman.

No. 144607

go visit r/latebloomerlesbians

No. 144608

I tried to convince myself I was bi for a long time for similar reasons, OP. Finally accepted that thinking anime girls are hot does not necessarily transfer to irl women. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I'll never have a significant other (do not want to date men), it's hard. But I could never waste another woman's time with my bullshit, it would be cruel. This is something us intentionally celibate straight women have to figure out how to cope with alone, unfortunately.

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